Now that it is a fact that teeth turn yellow, and white teeth are a long-cherished wish, how can we make teeth white? So many people try their best to whiten their teeth. Let’s chat one by one. 1. Teeth cleaning means that doctors use ultrasonic scaler and sandblast scaler to remove tartar, plaque and part of the pigmentation on the tooth surface. Scaling is different from ordinary brushing. It can not only clean the dirt on the superficial surface of the teeth, but also completely remove the plaque, stones and pigments that cannot be removed by brushing. It can reduce gum inflammation and improve gum health. Scaling can improve mild tooth discoloration. The downside is that washing the teeth only reveals the original color of the teeth as much as possible without whitening. After washing the teeth, a small number of people will have the phenomenon of softness of the teeth that are more sensitive to cold and heat. Frequent washing of teeth will cause loss and damage to the enamel on the tooth surface. 2. Tooth powder Tooth powder appeared earlier than toothpaste in the history of tooth cleaning, especially between brushing with salt and brushing with toothpaste. The main component of tooth powder is a large particle friction agent-calcium carbonate, hydrated silica, calcium hydrogen phosphate and so on. By increasing the coefficient of friction, the ability to remove tartar is enhanced. But low-quality tooth powder can even cause great damage to tooth enamel, and the surface of the tooth may become pitted or even broken. It is not recommended for everyone. Because the above two types of teeth whitening are not efficient enough, they are more to achieve a cleansing effect and restore the true color of the teeth, so some people start to look for remedies, thinking that food can maintain health, can they also whiten teeth? So it is said that strawberries, lemons, and vinegar can whiten teeth. Don’t believe it credulously. Acidic substances will cause calcium and phosphorus to fall off the surface of tooth enamel. This process is called demineralization. Demineralization can lead to changes in the color of teeth, and even the formation of depressions or rills; using strawberry, vinegar and lemon juice to remove tartar is equivalent to brushing your teeth immediately after the acid corrodes the enamel to remove the fragile part of the enamel surface. This can theoretically remove some of the pigment deposited on the tooth surface, but it will cause enamel demineralization and enamel damage, which is not worth the loss. If you want to achieve the effect of whitening teeth more efficiently, it is not enough to clean your teeth. Scientific methods must be used. In fact, the main methods of tooth whitening currently include bleaching, micro grinding, and veneer restoration [3]. Nowadays, a well-known bleaching treatment technique in the clinic is called cold light whitening, which is also a popular method for whitening teeth. This so-called fast and safe tooth whitening technology uses a high concentration of peroxide as an oxidant. Under the action of a high-intensity blue light source between 480-520nm, the pigment molecules inside the teeth are reduced and decomposed into colorless small ones. Molecular process [4], and hydrogen peroxide is finally decomposed into water and oxygen during the bleaching process. Therefore, in essence, the whitening principle of cold light whitening and whitening tooth paste is the same, both of which use hydrogen peroxide to decompose the deposited pigment. The difference is that the cold light whitening effect is faster than the whitening paste, and the peroxide concentration is higher. At the same time, it needs an instrument that can emit light in a special band, that is, blue light is required as a catalyst to accelerate the pigment decomposition process [5]. Although the effect of cold light whitening teeth is more durable, it has higher requirements for operation. It needs to be operated by a professional dentist in a professional dental hospital or dental clinic. If the operation is improper, it is easy to backfire, and the price control is not in place, and the price is cost-effective. It is low, and there are even tens of thousands of price packages on the market. In addition, when using peroxide gel, cold light whitening can especially cause teeth and gum sensitivity. In contrast, if you consider price and convenience, you can also choose a tooth whitening paste with the same principle of cold light whitening. The working principle of the whitening paste is to use the bleaching effect of low concentration peroxide (hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, etc.) to decompose the pigment macromolecules into colorless small molecules. With the decomposition of pigment molecules, teeth will naturally turn white, but it takes longer than cold light whitening, but it is also more convenient. The operation of tooth whitening paste is more convenient. Individuals can follow the whitening steps and precautions at home. But it should be noted that, generally speaking, products with high hydrogen peroxide content will play a faster and more effective role, but will also increase the chance of causing damage to the gums and oral cavity in the short term. Internationally, the EU limits the 6%, and my country limits it. 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration [6]. Therefore, choosing a good whitening patch is very important. Some of the poor quality not only does not have enough adhesion to the teeth, but the most critical problem is that the concentration is not matched well, which leads to irritation to the dental nerve. I chose a half-and-half tooth whitening patch. This whitening patch has a patented active oxygen non-destructive formula technology. Not only does the whitening active oxygen release the largest in the world, but it also reduces the concentration of hydrogen peroxide compared to the same type on the market. The control is moderate to meet the requirements of the national standard, which is both effective and not excessively stimulating.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

After brushing your teeth, you can use the tip of your tongue to lick the inner surface of the teeth. The entire tooth surface should be smooth and smooth. If there is a rough, sticky or uneven feeling at the root of the tooth, most of it still has not been brushed clean. Soft dirt. On the outer surface of the teeth, you can use your nails to lightly scrape the surface of the teeth. The cleaned tooth surface should not be able to scrape anything off. If there are yellow-white things on the nails, it is not brushed clean. You can go online to buy a little “plaque display agent”, which can dye the originally not obvious plaque soft dirt into purple, which is clear at a glance, but it is best to try it in your leisure time on the weekend. After using it once, you will know that you want to put it in your mouth. Cleaning the plaque is not as simple as originally imagined. The location at the junction of teeth and gums is the key point when brushing your teeth. Because the area near the teeth near the gums is the most likely to accumulate plaque. The plaque here will release toxins and trigger the inflammation of the gums. It is the culprit causing gum inflammation and gum atrophy. It is recommended to go to the dental clinic to check your teeth regularly!

8 months ago

Don’t stop brushing your gums because your gums bleed. The reason why your gums are inflamed is because this area is not cleaned and there are dirt that irritates the gums. If you don’t brush it all the time, the inflammation will be more serious and you will bleed more easily. , Caught in a vicious circle. People who love bleeding gums may feel that they are bleeding more than before after adjusting the brushing method. That’s because they rarely touch the gums when brushing their teeth. It usually takes about a week to break the vicious circle. After cleaning, the inflammation of the gums will naturally disappear. Healthy gums are not afraid of brushing and will not bleed. If there is still significant bleeding after brushing your gums for a week, it is time to see the dentist.

8 months ago

Dental floss will not enlarge the gap between the teeth. If you use dental floss to remove the plaque attached to the adjacent surface of the tooth, it will not damage the gums. Before I flossed my teeth, my gums would inevitably swell. After getting into the habit, the gaps between my teeth are cleaned and my gums are swollen. It will look like the gaps are larger than before. This transparency is the original appearance of teeth and gums. As long as we persevere in paying attention to oral hygiene, this is a stable state that we need to maintain.

8 months ago

Tobacco-stained teeth Smoking will make your teeth yellow because the smoke contains tar, nicotine and other chemicals. These substances can penetrate into the pores of tooth enamel and destroy the natural color of tooth enamel. Twenty-eight percent of smokers have moderate to severe teeth discoloration, compared to 15% of non-smokers. Smokers are usually not satisfied with the condition of their teeth. E-cigarettes may not discolor the teeth to the same degree, but they still contain nicotine, which turns yellow when mixed with oxygen. There are other oral health issues related to smoking. For example, nicotine can cause receding gums, leading to gingivitis and periodontitis.

8 months ago

Some antibiotics, such as amoxicillin and tetracycline, can cause tooth discoloration, especially in young children. Certain diseases, especially those that affect the liver, can cause tooth discoloration. Cancer patients who have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also find their teeth appear brown. For yellowing caused by any external factors on the teeth, it is recommended that you see a dentist for thorough cleaning and polishing. As for internal factors, your dentist can use a variety of different whitening methods to deal with.

8 months ago

Uninvited, as a dentist, although his main focus is orthodontics, many patients will worry about whether their teeth will turn yellow before orthodontics. Is there any special toothpaste? Regarding this question, I think your requirements for toothpaste and toothbrushes are too high, right? ? ? The main function of toothpaste and toothbrush is to clean teeth and prevent tooth decay. Why do you need a small brush to clean up the teeth that you don’t understand? Although toothpaste can really whiten everything except teeth. Back to the main question: First of all, our teeth are beige in color, not ceramic white. If you don’t believe me, look at the baby’s newly grown teeth, it’s not the ceramic white we want.

8 months ago

If your teeth are hyperpigmented and your teeth are yellow, grayish yellow or dark brown, you must first understand which layer of the teeth the pigment is located on: If it is exogenous pigmentation, the pigment is only on the surface of the hard tissue of the tooth. If it is the enamel layer, it can be treated by bleaching. By bleaching the surface layer of the teeth, the purpose of removing the surface pigments and whitening the teeth can be achieved. It is a more traditional method, and now it basically uses cold light or laser whitening. Because drug bleaching is more irritating, it is easy to cause irritation to dental nerves. If the more serious pigment is located in the nerve layer of the hard tissue of the tooth, it is generally recommended to perform the corresponding treatment first, and then use the porcelain veneer or the porcelain crown for whitening restoration.

8 months ago

At present, for teeth whitening, cold light and laser whitening are more commonly done. To put it simply, the difference between the two should be the difference in whitening and irritation to teeth. First of all, the principle of laser whitening is mainly heating by laser, because the laser is more easily absorbed by water, so it can better excite the bleaching agent rich in water molecules, and because the penetration depth is relatively large, deep pigments can be removed. So as to achieve the effect of teeth whitening. The process of laser whitening teeth is very short. It can increase the whiteness of teeth by 3-4, and the whitening effect can be maintained for 3-5 years.

8 months ago

Cold light whitening is one of the more choices. Basically, when you talk about teeth whitening, you think of cold light whitening. This kind of teeth whitening method mainly uses the principle of redox to make teeth white. The whitening treatment process will apply acid-containing bleaching agent to the teeth, and then use special high-intensity blue light irradiation, so that the bleaching agent can pass through the dentin tubules in a relatively short time, and deposits on the surface and deep layers of the teeth Produce redox effect and restore teeth to a white state without pigmentation. Generally, it can make teeth white by 8 degrees, but the whitening effect can only be maintained for about two years.

8 months ago

What’s wrong with bad breath? What does it have to do with tooth yellow? ! Generally speaking, 90% of the causes of bad breath are physiological reasons. After the tooth yellow time is long, the phosphate in the cells ages, allowing certain substances to be hydrolyzed, and the resulting phosphorus sticks to the surface of the teeth, or carbon dioxide is in the saliva. Decrease, the formation of tartar is still inevitable. The production of tartar can also lead to the production of a large number of harmful bacteria, which exudes an unpleasant odor.

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