Let me make a conclusion first. When Hotta Studio was developing “Magic Tower”, compared with Zelda, it might be more reference to “Bangbai 3rd”, and even used the latter material directly in the temporary material in the early test. But in fact, the game’s initial project standard was not a parallel competition with Mihayou. When Hotta Studio’s “Phantom Tower” project was established, “The Original God” seems to have not been made public. In fact, from the game design and final product, although there is a lot of overlap between the project and the reference, the position of “Phantom Tower” is instead because of the policy. South Korean ACT game where the elements have been cut off but the demand is still there. Rather than competing with Mihayou for the position of the two-dimensional emperor, it is more of a market occupation behavior after the Korean game was approved by the card. And the large number of vehicles and construction content it has added is actually more in line with the development model of a large-scale mobile game produced by nexon during that time than the “Original God” project. The first thing I saw more emphasized “light science fiction, vehicles and construction.” Of course, because of the sudden explosion of “Original God” and platform traffic and the final processing method, “Fantasy Tower” used the “light science fiction open world” for the second packaging in the public beta last October. And he didn’t mind the act of being regarded as the object of fire. The reason is very simple, because the product line of “Perfect World” is unusually large, and on the whole it will not give this water test project a particularly large amount of purchase resources. People really want to test the two-dimensional market, and they all give the “two-dimensional first emperor” Pull it up. As for what is considered to be a product of Tencent, it is even more nonsense-Hotta Studio does not hold Tencent. Not at all. In fact, in the end, it was funny in the industry that Tencent thought the booth was behind the booth because of Tencent Animation’s sentence…because no company would invest so much for “others occupy a category that I don’t even have a stand.” Promote resources to discredit. The business logic does not allow the existence of the weird “I feel distressed when others make money”. From a standpoint, Tencent and Mihayou are highly consistent in confronting mobile game channel providers and even cooperate in the later period… In other words, it is In fact, if the degree of interest relevance is used, the probability of each channel operator’s hands-on is much higher than that of Tencent. Compared with this, Mihayou’s biggest impact on Dachang is very obvious-it makes him wonder if he has made any mistakes in the art and UI design framework of the two-dimensional classification… and even conducted public research. In fact, the manufacturers later sent people to the sharing meeting of Mihayou. It is possible that major factories will have similar product positions in the future. Of course, as far as I know, compared to the subdivision of the two-dimensional Category, FPS open world world competition may be more intense. As for why gamers don’t rush to the perfect world, I think it’s the wrong link that will cause someone to rush to the perfect world. Please use your brain to think about the following questions: Did Mihayou use his own material to make a sound in the “temporary material” of “Beng Huai 3” in “Phantom Tower”? When dota2 and LOL were in power in the early days, LOL was considered to be the chief culprit of children’s addiction on the Internet, while dota2 was able to get positive reports on the c station (CCTV)? Or earlier, why was “World of Warcraft” being used as a “net monster” to fight for major professors, they dare not put a fart to “Perfect World”? Even the “Perfect World” game theme song can still be on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Why is it perfect for 17 years, few big companies can have even any rhythm with him? Or why, STEAMCN is such a big piece of cake for Perfection instead of Tencent, and how did Perfect World have Sohu Changyou cooperation in the front, and Tencent Netease won Jin Yong’s IP without too much money? I really want to rush to the “Phantom Tower”, then I really don’t know what tower I rushed to.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I still have the same view as in the darkest day. Plagiarism is still for reference. No one is qualified to draw this line. Only qualified by law. Whether to initiate or not to prosecute, and whether the prosecution can win is the question. After Yu Li finished speaking, Yu Qing, I hope that the magic tower can be different from the original god, and don’t just stay in the comfort zone of the predecessors. At least to be a pioneer in one aspect, so that the entire market is vigorous and promising.

6 months ago

The player is only responsible for playing the game. At most, give the company feedback on this issue. Intellectual copyright is the company’s business, and players don’t need to worry about it.
Many players are very enthusiastic about resisting plagiarism, but copying is a professional work, and it is easy to do bad things without a certain amount of knowledge. Professional matters are left to professionals. Is it not good for players to play games at ease?

6 months ago

First of all, the game style and action certainly do not constitute plagiarism, and secondly, I don’t think this is much similar to a certain game. I’m in a wait-and-see state for the time being, and I didn’t plan to play it as soon as I came out. There are three main reasons. 1. There may be high-intensity pvp, complex recharge system, large number of guidance, automatic wayfinding, unions and other compulsory social interactions. If there are three of the above five, I should give up trying. The original god’s low-difficulty pension is very comfortable, and I am no longer the high-intensity player who has been on the gun king in the afternoon, the king has won ten consecutive victories, and collapsed with one button. Seeing that there are so many skills, I am a little worried that I can’t keep up. . 2. This game used several other game art materials to make promotional pv, but the source was changed later. If you do not continue to use the model, the problem is not big, but you have to wait for the game to officially come out before making a judgment. Not to be very offensive, Bengsan’s weapons are blurred, and the monsters in Dragon Valley have also changed colors. The first time I saw it, it felt similar to this picture. 3. The picture performance, the character art is not very attractive. I have watched the internal test PC video before, and there is no problem with the fluency, but the characters have no outstanding points. The performance of pe is unknown, which is also a worrying and anticipated point. Oh, on the second point, in order to spray me less, I have to pretend to be a Chinese guest, and the black history is not very good. I will make a supplement from station b. The extra evaluation can be regarded as a complaint. Perfect as an old factory, the response speed of public relations is very fast, which is completely incomparable to Mihayou. The level of public relations is also an important part of the game experience. Whether it was a video source change or the malicious deletion of comments and citations some time ago, they were quickly resolved, and they did not commit any more. After that, the comment area was also very peaceful. And Mihayou just stand upright and let you fight. I will not fight back or fight back, but I will not change it. I will dare next time. After playing his game for several years, the company has seen it once in a panic. Infinite Abyss and the first few players on the battlefield collectively changed their names to boycott it. The Zhongli incident also looked like it was easy to do. Even if the comment area was so disgusting to get the pass, it didn’t respond and just pretended to die. To paraphrase their words, we did this by ourselves, then they were right, why should we refute it? We didn’t do it, why should we care about him? It’s an autistic company. Don’t expect too much user feedback, unless you really krypton a lot.

6 months ago

It’s okay. Similar painting styles can’t be regarded as “chaoxi”. If so, wouldn’t the original god’s plagiarism of a picnic be a stone hammer? The core of the magic tower gameplay is impossible to copy the original god, otherwise it is to smash yourself in the foot. Rather than saying that the original god is the carnival of autistic players, the magic tower is the treasure of social players. Originally, these two games serve different groups of people. Yuanshen is a game that tends to be autistic. The online game can be said to be sloppy. Many players can choose a single player on a stand-alone basis. The online game is also to pick up materials from other people’s worlds. Phantom Tower knows that the same player who competes with the original god can’t grab the original god (the quality is there), so it will try to widen the gap with the original god (in terms of gameplay), and make it different from the original god in terms of gameplay. For example, Phantom Tower has a combat power system (PVP), which can meet the needs of competitive players; the online system Phantom Tower is estimated to be developed with a lot of money. Phantom Tower wants to compete with the original god, it must snatch those players who find the original god “single-player mode” boring. In fact, both delusional Shanhai and Tiandao did this.

6 months ago

Seeing this question, I just want to say long live for the new origin of all things in the gaming circle! I will recite a poem from a few years ago, from the age of the origin of all things, first there was Hongjun and then the sky, and Jiansan was still before Hongjun. The blue edge of Tai Chi imitates pure Yang, and the dark blue with bare chest copy Tang Men. Do you dare to take a pen and move thousands of flowers, now take a shield and shine on Cangyun. The powder is the seven show yellow sword, the universe originated from me. The appearance of the pendant is not a pit, fifteen dollars can be played for three years. The cloak is boundless, I am a local tyrant and I have money. The service crash was my fault, and hostile online games attacked me. Half the sky in domestic online games, whoever shoots the sword will be the traitor.

6 months ago

But in essence, there are many differences. There are games and leaderboards in Magic Tower! I don’t know what the leaderboards are at the moment. It is known that Krypton Golden Road has: skins (characters + vehicles, and possibly weapons), the number of backpack grids, and the channel propaganda. To put it bluntly, it is an open world version of the science and technology wasteland version of the dragon fantasy.

6 months ago

In China, the success of competing mobile games has never been the focus of similarity rates. Rather, to imitate the mechanism of a successful game, try to restore the bones as much as possible when the technology is possible. It is definitely the best policy of Zhongzheng. (See the goose, but the peculiarity of the outer skin of the skeleton must be large, super large, and infinite. If there are two completely small world structures, completely different story lines, completely different art designs. Otherwise, facing a mature operation I really don’t have the motivation to make a similar, different-dimensional two-week program. A good example is the Locke Kingdom and the Purcell from ten years ago. The Locke Kingdom has a broad mass base, a good world structure, and copywriting. A mature predecessor with a good narrative. Is it the penguin quack that knocks down another half of the wall? No, the two are the robot community, the furry community, and the sci-fi narrative of the interstellar adventure catching elves. One is the magical narrative of the world exploring Yuqi Beast. The former focuses on the main line of courage and passion, and the latter focuses on the warm and friendly daily life (and the farm system). And the latter is not bad in terms of technology, ui, and art. . Not to mention that they have eaten two groups of people who only eat works on specific themes. To the general public, Shuangxiu does not feel that labor and capital are playing different dimensions. It is better to say that the Lord of the Rock Kingdom is happy to play the Purcell. We also serve very well in Lockey. So the problem with the magic tower is that he can always win a group of people when walking along the science fiction theme. But can he also serve the joyful ladies of the original god? My The answer is: It’s difficult. Mihayou’s art and character design are too good. Although I lost Keqing, Noel, Ningguang, Beidou, and Qin. Maybe it’s the one on the bed right away. The hall master of Wang Shengtang also has to lose. But your magic tower is not enough (crossed out), really not enough to have evenly divided fur……..

6 months ago

I and I admire Zhihu about this kind of controversy caused by the previous encounters with the porcelain gods and the wilderness. After attracting to click on the answer, then immediately change the topic for a short time to make the following answerers seem excessive. This kind of operation against the sky is really the official end of the game. Only after the goose intestines are held, I know that there will never be such an anti-human operation. I will hold this wave. You know the old boy when the golden body waits for death. The following is the original The answer is good, let me express some simple opinions. In fact, it has nothing to do with the wilderness from the beginning to the end. It has nothing to do with the original god. When the initial phantom tower project was set up, the target was the collapse of the three. It was obvious that the copy mode was used and the atmosphere was abandoned. The metal texture phantom tower wanted to hit Bang 3, or at least it was benchmarked with Bang 3 and then opened for a test. It appeared with the original god. The result was brutally suppressed. It can almost be said that it was beaten and then reworked and reworked for the second test. The direct pictures, characters, and the landscape are all leaning toward the original god, and even an Amber skill stitching monster appeared. This is the magic tower, a project to benchmark collapse 3, but I didn’t expect to be able to adapt to the iteration of the benchmark product, and then was forced to return to the factory. This game is very likely to be dead or dead because Mihayou has begun to formulate the rules of the game. From the Beng 3 of brushing a copy, to the original god of the great world exploration, they have begun to lead the change of the times and follow the trend of the magic tower doomed Will become the background and tears of the times. I have almost seen that the end of this game is not that the magic tower is too spicy, but that he has no self from the beginning. The game is just the victim of the internal struggle of the company. It is also the funeral of the changing times.

6 months ago

The original style of Phantom Tower is not like the original god, and is similar to the traditional MMORPG mobile game, with various task boxes and full screens. As for why it is now changed like the original god? It is not so much that it resembles the original god, it is better to say that the aesthetics are improved. (The improvement of aesthetics sometimes induces the reduction of consumption) In recent years, if you find a learning object, you can’t ignore Zelda. It is always a good thing to learn to progress, and it is always worse than bad. There may be some key driving forces: the success of Yuanshen broke the previous stagnant pool of domestic mobile game circles, and the game of simply changing skins to make quick money is becoming more and more unpopular. The high-quality games made with great effort can lead the world in popularity, and Mihayou is dying. Phantom Tower can see that it is also ambitious, and the production team has a certain degree of strength. The success of Yuanshen will probably push these equally ambitious companies so that they may wish to take a step forward. In fact, you can imagine that without the original god, the magic tower probably does not need a second plastic surgery, and the public beta has already begun. Innovation and risk exist at the same time. If we absorb the successful market experience, we can reduce the risk. Why not? A good game is in the bones but not in the skin. The gameplay of Phantom Tower and Primordial God is completely different, and strictly speaking, it cannot be regarded as a direct competition product. Whether its gameplay can make a breakthrough is more worthy of attention. If like traditional mobile games, all kinds of PVE/PVP crazily in-roll selling value, don’t mention challenging the original god, first of all, you will not be up and down, not embarrassed or embarrassed.

6 months ago

If just plagiarism can make a game popular, then it must be a problem in this world. When plagiarism is used, it will bring huge traffic from other fields. When plagiarism is used, it will occupy a blank platform, and when plagiarism will squeeze the original game away. , Plagiarism can only hang the original work, no matter what the original work is, whether the original work is plagiarized or not, of course, there are also good plagiarisms, such as adding original gameplay to the plagiarism work, such as squeezing the player’s wallet with art and painting The wind strengthens the pride of the Chinese people, and uses the plot and personal settings to trigger discussions among netizens. However, whether the above is a good plagiarism or a bad plagiarism, it is to be determined whether the Phantom Tower copied the original god, copied Zelda, or no one copied it himself. , Don’t get rid of it, it’s fun, it’s fun, able to turn the original god, trouble hurry up, don’t let the original god dominate the family, don’t even have a competing product, let the plan be improper, Zhong Li is so handsome, so handsome, Valkyrie, TM Yi Assist? One assist? One assist? Is it because the iron strikes the auxiliary flow c so that all the seven gods are assisted? The Phantom Tower is fun. I copied the original God/Zelda/other games. Some people still play the Phantom Tower trash. Let alone learn from it. Even if it is all original, the cool gentleman still does not see the first in the mobile game Krypton Gold List? Don’t you still attract money?

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