As mentioned above, the blind date said to the introducer that he was very satisfied with me. On the other hand, what he did to me did not make me feel like me. Not taking the initiative is the biggest criticism.

As a senior player who has organized thousands of single parties in Chengdu, he is still qualified to speak. First of all, the subject said: “On the one hand, the blind date told the introducer that he was very satisfied with me. On the other hand, what he did to me did not make me feel like me.” This is inherently contradictory. Since it is a blind date, there is a high probability in the blind date market that if you are not satisfied with the blind date, you will directly or euphemistically express [not seen] to the introducer, and then indirectly inform the blind date [inappropriate]. This situation is reasonable. Now the other person’s attitude towards the referrer is [very satisfied with you], that should be true for you, but when he treats you, he doesn’t know [how to express my feelings to you], or [the other party The way of expressing liking is not the liking in your eyes. 】 1. 【How to express my feelings to you】There are two situations: 1. The other party doesn’t know how to express at all, stupidly thinking that as long as you keep in touch with you, you can be together naturally, but you don’t know what you want It is not until [Love] and [Special] to determine whether to enter a relationship. Then you might as well use the introducer to convey this message to the other party. If the other party really likes you, this issue is for him to consider, not for you to entangle. 2. The other party is not sure about your attitude and dare not actively express love. Blind date is a two-way choice. Both know that they are willing to take the initiative when they can vaguely feel mutual favor. After all, no one wants to do things that are uncertain and have a low chance of winning. 2. [His likes are not the likes in your eyes] Everyone has different definitions of likes, and everyone has different understanding of behavior. Let’s give an example of a successful single-off member in Tuxiaocao: A and B met at a single-off party, and they were not embarrassed to take the initiative to ask for WeChat in person. After the party ended that day, the boy asked the matchmaker for the girl’s WeChat. After chatting for a week or so, the girl’s family was sick, and she went to work in the hospital again. She had been busy looking for relationships to arrange hospitalization to take care of her family. There was not much time to chat with the boys every day like before. At that time, the boy felt that the girl did not want to continue chatting with him, so he straightforwardly sent a message to ask the girl what her attitude was. The original sentence was like this: “Is there no more information? I don’t want to continue talking?” The speech was straightforward. , The girl saw the news when she was free, and replied: “Recently busy, family members are sick, didn’t look at the mobile phone much, and she was still accompanying her in the hospital.” The boy greeted a few words and said: “If you are busy now, stop talking and take a break.” In the next few days, there is no contact with each other. Usually, if you don’t take the initiative to each other, it will be fate here. ended. But there is still a turning point between them. There was a matchmaker who cared about the progress of the two girls. The girl said that the boy suddenly stopped contacting herself and didn’t take the initiative to find herself. She should have no good impressions. Then ask about the boys. The boys’ attitude is that they know that she has had an accident at home recently. They are very busy and upset, so they are afraid to disturb the girls and dare not blindly contact them, but they always pay attention to her movements. Boy’s perspective: Consider girls, don’t dare to disturb at will, can only care silently. Girl’s perspective: Waiting for the boy to take the initiative to contact himself as before. Later, when I came to the club to participate in activities, I met again (of course there was a deliberate arrangement~) and the two people chatted and solved the misunderstanding. Each person expresses his likes in different ways, and considers different points for the other person. The other person may not be able to satisfy you when they first contact. (I don’t need to add one point, the opposite sex is perfect, not deliberately, or the queen of the sea. ~) After all, no one is perfect. Two people being together depends on attracting each other. How long two people can stay together depends on whether the other person is treating you in the way you like, but what we need to do in this process is: teach each other how to like yourself in the way you like. Therefore, instead of guessing and complaining by yourself, it’s better to spread the words out, or use others to try. The above is only for the blind date [falsely hanging]. If you encounter a true sea king who is in a hurry, you must run quickly or kill it back. Above, get out of class is over! I am Ultraman who guards single dogs in Chengdu-classmates Ba Xiaocao. I don’t want to talk about long-distance relationships when I am in love, and I am not confused when I get out of my singles!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The blind date tells the introducer that if they are very satisfied with you, the overtone is that for the time being it feels okay and is willing to give you a chance. Then you need to behave well; then the other party will enter the wait-and-see period;………… Then you say that what the other person did to you did not make you feel that the other person liked you, that is to say, during this period, you did nothing and you were always watching each other; then the two waited and looked at each other, and there was nothing. What will happen to people who do? Both people are thinking about the same thing in their hearts, both want to occupy the commanding heights in their hearts, and both are waiting for the other to show their favor, and then both feel that they are hanging by the other;

6 months ago

I don’t know since when, girls have already assumed that if boys are interested in me, they must take the initiative. If they don’t take the initiative, they don’t like me. Of course, in the advancement of the relationship between men and women, boys have always held an active state, but the “active” here has always been It’s not a unilateral act of picking up children. In love, you still need to see the availability of girls. What’s more, in the blind date market, the composition of love is low. It is more the result of the multi-faceted measurement of the background conditions of both parties. There are quite a few blind date partners. One is not active, and the feeling conveyed to the other party is that you don’t like me. After the other party recognizes this meaning, they will not spend much time on you. So during the blind date process, Girls should pay attention, don’t hold the one in love anymore, wait for a man to lick you, beg you to upgrade your relationship, even if there is any special thing you can tell, you won’t have a blind date until now. At the same time, for some male compatriots, it is necessary to clarify some of the thinking differences between men and women, and help to close the relationship with girls as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings caused by differences in thinking, causing both parties to miss a good partner. Next, start from psychology. I would like to share with you a few differences between men’s and women’s thinking from the perspective of 1. Girls are sensual, and boys are rational. For example, the first time you date with a girl, you are very happy to have fun, so you planned the second meeting and just met and had a meal together. , I talked about traveling during the chat. The girl suggested that I want to go to Yunnan together on May 1st. I want to invite you together. I hope to increase mutual understanding. When the girl says this, you are instantly clever, happy, and again. Sad and happy is the girl’s request for your invitation. What’s sad is that your company is currently catching up with the project. You must work overtime on May 1st. If you say: No, no, we still have tasks on May 1st. We can’t go. Let’s make an appointment again. Yes (male thinking, 50 points deducted) If you say: Let’s change place, travel on holidays, crowded people, it’s not fun at all, you can go to the neighboring city, just in time I will have time to come (male thinking, 0 points ) You just have to say: Of course it’s great. I wanted to go to Dali last year, but I suddenly remembered that our unit has recently rushed to the project and it must be handed over to Party A before June 1st. The original plan was to work overtime today. I took a day off in order to accompany you (female thinking, full score). Girls will not look at what you say is right or not in the interaction, but just look at your attitude. But the boys are straightforward in the interaction. What to say and do not modify And screening is also a point of conflict that men and women often have in interaction. Girls will ignore some logical and logical arguments that boys talk about, and directly judge the right or wrong of boys through attitudes. Then when interacting with girls, you only need to think about your male thinking. Pack it up, and you can solve this conflict perfectly. The summary is: expressing thoughts + suddenly remembering + stating the reason + having changed the plan for her because we perfectly expressed our attitude that we want to hang out with girls next time and It becomes very easy for girls to reschedule their trip. 2. When they encounter problems, girls complain, and boys solve. When girls say “work is tired”, boys reply “distressed” , Hug, change to a lighter job. “When the girl said, “I’m coming to my aunt, my stomach hurts”, the boy replied “Distressed, hug, drink more hot water.” When the girl said “It’s cold today”, the boy replied “Distressed, hug, and wear more tomorrow.” When the girl said “I’m sorry, I have always regarded you as a friend”, the boy replied “Distressed, hug me.” “Girls don’t go all over the street and complain to boys, “Wow! The perverted boss asked me to work overtime again today! what! Today’s aunt hurts so much! “A girl who complains to boys is actually an interest in and recognition of boys. For girls complaining, we can not provide unconstructive solutions. If we can’t help her solve the problem directly, use the following formula : I understand you + unanimously external + transfer attention, disperse negative emotions 3, girls have rich associations, boys habitually summarize and speak. Two girls chat: Female 1: I bought MAC’s little pepper today, wow, beautiful in color 2: Quickly let it go I’ll try, and I’m also going to start with her other color number, female 1: Haha, yes, and Dior’s 999 is also good. Then I won’t write any more, you also know that girls just stop chatting together Girls and boys do not come down to chat: Female: I bought a new lipstick today. Male: Good-looking \how much\what brand (end of topic) Female: I just watched Shen Teng’s “Crazy Alien” Shen Tengye It’s so funny. Male: Yes, I also watched that. It’s pretty good. (End of topic) Boys are used to summarizing, but when communicating with girls, they will find that after summarizing the topic, the girl can’t get along with the girl. Be careful at the time, we are not at work, don’t bring the old cadre style to the girl, or the girl will be cool after a few talks with you. We can add an open question to the girl after summing up, to solve this problem perfectly, for example. Say: “Which one of your lipsticks do you like best? “Or “Haha, you also like this kind of funny movies” above, I hope to inspire you

6 months ago

I was once used by my blind date partner as a shield to deal with his parents’ request for a blind date. It’s a pity that I haven’t noticed it for a long time. The other party does not refuse or take the initiative. If I make an appointment, he will come out, and he will never take the initiative to make an appointment with me. The other’s father said he was very satisfied with me. I thought we were dating. Until one meal, I asked him “What do you think is our relationship now?” He said “ordinary friends”. I was shocked. But here must thank him for his frankness at this moment. If he says a “boyfriend and girlfriend”, I think he can spend at least half a year.

6 months ago

Through the blind date, I found a girl who looked bright in the eyes of the other party~ I also met about ten girls, should be qualified to answer ha~ First, the most important thing is to meet on a blind date! The most taboo is to chat on WeChat. No one has ever seen anything embarrassing. The mystery and enthusiasm of both sides are gone for a few days. Just go straight to gg. So after adding WeChat, chat less, and after a simple self-introduction, make an appointment directly. The girls refused to make an appointment in a few days when something happened, and gave up without coming out for three invitations. Second, after meeting, you can start online chat based on the information obtained by chatting under the antenna. Online chat pays attention to having contacts. The one-sided questioning of the hukou-style chat will just give up, the next one. But at the beginning, as long as the girls are willing to chat with you, we boys can take the initiative to initiate a chat a few days ago, don’t wait for girls to come to us, after all, it’s not everyone Yanzu Wu. Third, after meeting several times, you should see if the girl will take the initiative to bear some dating expenses. Needless to say, large amounts of money for meals, these we boys should also take the initiative to check out. Usually some small expenses, such as asking us to have a cup of milk tea, we buy movie tickets, and girls take the initiative to buy cola popcorn and so on. Will take the initiative to pay some fees to make the three views of girls generally more reliable. Fourth, we must seize the opportunity to get in the relationship. After a few dates, we find that girls are more active in chatting and attending appointments, so you can consider taking further action. For example, take a walk together to find opportunities to hold hands. Cross the road to help the girl block the car while supporting her shoulder or waist. Only bring an umbrella for appointments on rainy days and try to create physical contact. As long as the girls are not disgusted with these small contacts, the general problem is not big, and you can do it step by step! Blind date, I have seen each other four or five times, even if it doesn’t work if you hold hands, it can’t be spent. It’s been a month to get a little ambiguous. Fifth, continue with the fourth one, don’t be too greasy while creating some physical contact! Don’t hug or even kiss when you’re not sure about it. Asking will not work! Sixth, take the initiative to take the initiative during the holidays, and it is necessary to give small gifts. When chatting, keep a small book of girls’ hobbies! As for gifts, don’t give cosmetics when you’re not familiar with it. Do you know what type of girl’s skin is? Blind chickens don’t dare to use them as gifts. But to be clear, the premise of giving a gift is that you think the girl has a good impression of you! After contact, the reaction is relatively cold, no need, save money and give it to the girl who sees stars in our eyes~ Seventh, don’t believe in any nonsense like slow heat, the girl is interested in you and all fools will see Come out, there are stars in your eyes! Meeting three or four times is still tepid and respectful, so let’s look for the next blind date! Today I’ll write so much, and I’m free to write about some of my own experiences~

6 months ago

Good fellow, you are still young. Ahem, blind date is a fast-paced, and it is based on meeting, you just chat and did not say that you have met, in my opinion, you have been doing useless work. Moreover, according to my experience, the other party’s statement is most likely to be polite, and I am not embarrassed to refuse, just waiting for you to give up (to be honest, I have done this too, sin and sin, I’m really embarrassed to say it), so Just ask directly. The other party admits that it really feels inappropriate and shoots them apart. If the argument is still the same but the attitude remains the same, then you can just give up. Besides, always let one party take the initiative, no matter whether it is a man or a woman, it is not a problem, you say yes.

6 months ago

How long have you been together? How many times have you met? If you just get along for a week, you can still observe it. It may be that kind of personality. If she is not salty or indifferent for a long time for more than two or three weeks or even a month to give up directly, regardless of whether she intends or not, but this is too tired, no What’s the point. Generally, when I meet someone I don’t like on a blind date and I’ve already met and I’m sure I’m not interested, I’ll try to make it clear in one week or two weeks. Sometimes due to the face of the introducer, I will talk more or less and walk the basics. Process, if I feel that the other person has a good impression, I will also take the initiative to talk, if I don’t have a good impression, I may not take the initiative, wait for the opportunity to explain it clearly. Anyway, I feel that if one party is not proactive enough, and you feel that this makes yourself very tired, and this lasts for more than one or two weeks, in fact, it is good to just give up, unless you like her very much (it is not very common for blind dates. ), you don’t have to be accustomed to making yourself uncomfortable, men and women are the same.

6 months ago

Being hung…It’s really uncomfortable…I will get more and more angry afterwards…I have a single client who went on a blind date before. She was hung up and chatted well on WeChat. It was normal frequency, but she didn’t take the initiative to date. Every time, she made an appointment, and only met four times in four months. Yesterday she told him that if it’s not appropriate, then bye bye. There is no need to drag on the blind date. That’s it. It’s solved… No matter men or women, blind dates are invited. Don’t raise fish…it’s really scumbag. I have a small suggestion, don’t make any tentative gestures of holding your arms around your waist, and just ask if we have been in contact for a while, can we formally fall in love. There are really slow people… If you meet 3-5 times a month, isn’t this a stranger? So there is a suggestion, try to meet as many as possible 2-3 times a week. Now adult blind date is a game of conditions. For example, you look good. But the other person will think, your income is not enough! For example, you have a Lamborghini. But the other party will feel that your age is really not good enough. Both parties list their needs, height, income, appearance, and family background, and tick one if they meet one. Collect ten. Congratulations, for getting the qualification to join the marriage together; but as long as one party doesn’t get together, then “I’m sorry, next one.” My colleague, Luo Maizi, who just joined the company last week, had kissed 106 times under the pressure of my mother. The following is her blind date story No. 1 Blind date. “The boy of 157, I think the boy of 164 is too short.” Blind date is a task and expectation at the beginning. My first blind date was 25 years old, and it was the son of a colleague of my mother’s younger sister. When my mother introduced him, he said that he was very honest and had good conditions in all aspects: he graduated from a prestigious university and an orthopedic surgeon in a tertiary hospital. No smoking, no drinking, no playing cards, no bad habits. Height 175 cm. Doesn’t it look a little exciting? I think so too, so although I was forced to meet, I still had a bit of longing in my heart. Dressed up very seriously. But when I walked into Starbucks, I didn’t realize something was wrong until I met. He stood up, half a head shorter than me, 157. But he came up and asked, “How tall are you?” I replied, 164. Then he asked righteously, how tall are you? I hope he can realize the fact that he is not high. As a result, he opened his eyes and said nonsense: I’m one meter seven. Then he actually started a personal attack: “I’m sorry, let me just say it, I think you are too short, you may affect the next generation.” This is probably the worst time 164 was hacked. Blind date man No. 2 “When you meet me, let me send him a resume.” 29-year-old, a central enterprise employee, 173 cm tall, has a fixed routine for blind dates: add WeChat, chat for a few days, and meet for dinner. If you think it’s okay, eat dessert and watch a movie after dinner. If you don’t think it works, you have to finish your meal and stop watching movies. Everything is going through the process, very efficient. But then I met a man. On the basis of this process, he figured out a shorter and faster way of communication. Five minutes after applying through a friend, he sent a 600-word personal introduction. “Hello, I am Zeng XX, 29 years old this year, and I am currently working in the State Grid. I am 173 cm tall and weigh 70 kg. My usual hobby is reading and watching movies…” I also knew a lot of details instantly: He likes Food, colors, seasons; various positions held in primary school, middle school and university; my career development plan for the next three years. There is also a sentence at the end: “Please follow this template and reply to a personal profile, so that you can quickly understand each other.” Too concise and too fast. It reminds me of my job and my boss for a moment during the happy hours on the weekend. Because of this conflict, we have no follow-up. But after that, I also met someone more anxious than him. On the first day of meeting, the other person will say “I really love you”. After eating, I will ask if I should go to your house or mine. So that when I think of the boy who sent the resume later, I feel a little guilty, and it is no big deal to send the resume. Blind date No. 3 “Ask me for a supper, but I became a driver for him and another girl.” 27 years old, programmer, height 180 cm, two years after going on a blind date, to be honest, when I saw the photo of this blind date, I felt moved. His appearance is my ideal type, and his profile looks a bit like Hu Ge. He offered to invite me to supper and asked if I would mind picking him up. I drove the car directly downstairs to his house. But he asked me again: “Can you drop by to pick up my friend?” Although he was a little puzzled, he still said “It’s okay”. But when I got there, it turned out to be a girl. It feels like a basin of cold water poured from head to toe. In the late-night snack shop, the two of them were drinking and chatting while I was eating food in silence. The topic cannot be inserted. When they were almost talking, I sent them home one by one. On this day, I felt that I had been a full-time driver once, and I still had no salary. They should like each other, or just come to play a scene. But it is amazing that I am not very angry. As the number of blind dates increases, I have become more tolerant of my blind date. They may be urged by their parents, it doesn’t matter, so am I. Then we will go through a cutscene. They asked frowning questions, as long as they were not malicious, they could be forgiven. When I was on a blind date, it became a role I played regularly. Treating blind dates as a way to meet people is much more fun. Blind date No. 4 This is the only successful blind date story. The blind date is in the park near my home. I met his mother, his aunts, and his teddy. He silently watched me being asked various questions by my elders, and after returning home, he sent a voice: “My mother and them think you are very good. Let’s start dating officially.” I asked him, “What do you think? He replied: “I think you are okay, you are a suitable person for marriage.” I compromised. I said to myself, love may not be a necessary condition for marriage. But none of these seem to be able to offset the lack of heartbeat. All communication is like a friend, not a lover. After 7 days, we reached a consensus and chose to separate. “I think love can fill life’s regrets. However, it is love that creates more regrets.” Over the years, I have met 106 boys. He even has inertia, and he can see it through a few sentences, oh, he is of this type. But the failure of the blind date made me more determined with what kind of person I want to spend my life with. I will not limit the search for true love to blind dates. Instead, think of blind dates as a way of contacting people. There is a lyric in “Late Marriage” that once particularly touched me: “I never want to be single, but I have a hunch to get married late. I’m waiting, the only thing in the world that fits the soul, lets me wipe off the powder on my face.” But now I feel that I can’t meet it. For the right person, I can also have a good time. There is no need to wait. We never know what kind of blind date we will meet. But we can always decide what is love.

6 months ago

Dale Carnegie, in “The Weakness of Human Nature,” said that in order to make others like you, a basic idea is to be interested in others first. Therefore, when we look at some people who are popular and popular, they tend to instinctively pay attention to others and want to know others. I have students who often ask the question “I have met someone I am attracted to, but he is not interested in me, how do I get to know him”. For me, I often encounter a person who can naturally communicate with each other and understand each other’s situation, because this is what I am doing in the process of dealing with many people, and the end result is almost instinct. Ability. However, the students are often “I don’t want to know other people, I just want to know how he is”. Well, when you were in middle school, was it “I don’t want to do daily questions, I just want to do college entrance examination questions” If you fail like this, who can you blame? I think one of the problems that girls often have is their black-and-white relationship thinking. The guys I meet are not interested in those who don’t feel it. If they feel it, they want to be together with what they like. The other person must also firmly like himself, otherwise the other person just doesn’t love it, and it’s not worth getting along with to have a spare tire. Buying a piece of clothing, such a simple thing, you will not simply think of “buy” and “not buy” two kinds of psychology, you also have to see how, try it, regret buying and so on. When you look for a job, you will also interview different companies, and the company will interview different people, so you can choose both ways. This article of Dao Chai Xue Tang was written too deeply, and it pointed to the depths of my heart.

6 months ago

Obviously, this kind of mentality is neither wanting to give up but also wanting to meet a more satisfied person. Meeting someone who is more satisfied than you will kick you away. Saying “not suitable” will easily dismiss you. If you don’t meet someone more satisfied, you will always hang you. Giving up for fear of not meeting something better, promised that you are afraid of missing something better, typically eating in the bowl and watching the pot. Character issues. In fact, hanging or hanging is mutual, and you don’t have to hang on a tree. Either let the other party have a clear attitude and do it, or if it doesn’t, give a happy message, leave decisively, and don’t procrastinate. Either you can continue to choose, this is also your right. How the other person treats you, you can treat the other person in the same way. Such a person depends on you and is satisfied with the other person. They feel that they have found value and think how great they are. In fact, I don’t know myself. When you don’t take her seriously, she will take you seriously.

6 months ago

A blind date is equivalent to entering a job fair or a hypermarket. The blind date is also being screened, and you are also screening, screening rather than identifying, so there is no such thing as hanging around. However, it also reflects from the side that the subject is very worried about the blind date, and they should be lukewarm. If you like it, continue, and if you don’t like it so much, give up. Sometimes it is a blessing to meet someone who makes people feel that they are inevitable, and gives birth to the idea that “she must be mine in this life”.

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