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The significance is that it may be the only appearance in recent Olympic Games. It can be seen from the naked eye that the free fall of women’s football is declining, and the progress of other opponents in the Asian region, the decline of the talent base, and the weak reserve force directly lead to less and less opportunities for blooming in the competition. Do you say how many people will be able to top the next year after 00? I am not optimistic, and pessimistic predictions are hard to see the Chinese women’s football in the World Championships in the next few games. I really want to save Chinese football. My views are: 1. Guarantee and improve the income and treatment of grassroots youth training workers, and provide enough quality and quantity of business training every year, which can provide multi-channel transformation and promotion space. 2 Can create a perfect football ( Including men’s and women’s football) talent discovery from kindergarten to university, promotion channels, popularization of football interest classes, intramural class-to-class confrontation and football carnival activities. Expanding the number of sports special students can ensure that football special students have the opportunity to enter a good school and ensure that both academics and football are not missed. Increase the number of competitions and establish a complete competition mechanism, including confrontation between schools, confrontations between clubs, district and city elite teams, national leagues, etc., and effectively integrate talent resources among schools, clubs, and sports schools. Of course, campus football is still fundamental. 3 Effectively improve the treatment of women’s football, not to mention the same as men’s football, but at least it can ensure basic living needs, which can also attract more people to engage in women’s football, and ensure the future career development of echelon, club, national team retired or unsuccessful players 4 Vigorously develop local grassroots coaches, u11 can use a large number of local coaches, and up to 11 years old can gradually introduce reliable high-level foreign teachers. Facts have proved that the concept of football in developed countries is still much higher than that of local coaches, at least in youth teams and adults. The team is vividly reflected. In this, men’s and women’s footballs don’t need to save money, not to mention celebrity coaches, pragmatism, and foreign teachers familiar with Asian football should still be invited. These are just my tiny suggestions and opinions. I believe these cowhides are blown. Leaders and professionals who are much better than me must have thought of it a long time ago, and there must be many difficulties and obstacles in actual operation. But for Chinese football, absurd things can be seen daily to the naked eye. As long as we can improve a little each time, we are very happy. After all, our fans are still very satisfied.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all congratulations to the women’s football, but the reality may not be as good as you think. Entering the Olympics is just a very normal and reasonable requirement for women’s football. There are 3 places in the Asian region, and there are five professional women’s football teams in the Asian region. They are all half-amateur and half-professional boys. North Korea withdrew from the Olympic preliminaries due to special reasons. Japan was the host and directly advanced. So Australia, China and South Korea competed for two places. Fortunately, the powerful Australia and the women’s football team got the same score Group, the knockout stage will not meet. All in all, the women’s football team to enter the Tokyo Olympics only needs to beat South Korea, which is ranked last among the professional teams. So it is not of great significance, but it reflects the further decline in the level of Chinese women’s football, the first game 2:1, the second game 2:2, playing the weakest opponent in the Asian professional women’s football. And judging from the performance on the field, South Korea’s technical and tactical coordination is much better than that of the women’s football. The cooperation of the women’s women’s football girls can only be described as sparse, and it is narrowly defeated by a combination of hard work + Wang Shuang’s brilliant star ability.

7 months ago

It is of little significance to Chinese football (the significance of not being able to enter the Olympics is great, which means that the historical decline of women’s football has been officially confirmed. If women’s football is at the current level of the Olympics, there is a high probability that the results will be ugly. In fact, the history of women’s football Recession has long been a consensus, but it was not finally broken because of the fig leaf of Wang Shuang. In fact, it is more conducive to restarting.) It means a lot to the women’s football players, which means that long-term training is not in vain, and it can achieve greater The stage went to compete, happy for the women’s football players. Continue to be pessimistic about the Chinese women’s football

7 months ago

It’s not that it’s meaningful, but it’s not easy. In fact, when we look at the current women’s football, the gap between the actual and neighboring countries is still very large. South Korea is also making progress. North Korea and Japan have always been strong teams in technology. Against world-class teams such as Sweden, the United States, and teams such as the Netherlands, China’s confrontation ability is completely at a disadvantage. Therefore, before the Chinese women’s football team relied on very good stars and this kind of technology, Sun Wen, Ma Xiaoxu, Han Duan, Xu Yuan, generation after generation of women’s football, in fact, really fell, and now even though there are like Wang Shuang Players, but it does not mean that the Chinese women’s football is moving fast, but slow, because the support given is not very much, but the attention to women’s football is relatively low, so we say that we are just to go. Raising the attention of women’s football comes to say that the Chinese women’s football team is also a very resilient team. Therefore, I think it is very obvious to use this to see the gap between Chinese football and the world, or the high-end level of the world.

7 months ago

Said a veteran fan who started watching football at the age of 6 and has been more than 20 years now. There’s no point. What was the former women’s football? Clang Mei ashamed. It is a team that can crush Asia and the world’s super class. What now? You must be excited to enter the Olympics. Is our women’s football girl regressing? No, no, women’s football in other countries has improved. No way, we work hard, but others also work hard. People have better conditions and richer resources. Of course, they are better than you. It’s too natural. Expanding to the entire football field, although women can hold up half the sky, the influence of women’s football can basically be described as nothing compared to men’s football. And the Chinese men’s football, emmmmm, is indeed a step backwards. The talent pool is low, the teaching mode is low, the games are few, and the top players fall into the gold dollar trap. Just like Wang Gang’s performance in the top twelve matches, people who don’t know the ball throw the pot to Zhang Linpeng who scored own goals. It’s worse than Li Ming, who had transformed the avant-garde to the all-around position, disgusting! This doesn’t even count the set ball. With this kind of national team’s main full-backs really regressing, the degeneration of men’s football can be imagined. Not to mention the gap in the forward position for the main headache. There is a peak difference between Yang Chen and Wu Lei. As for Sun Jihai, Li Tie, and Fan Zhiyi, the emoji boss. Except for Zheng Zhi in modern times, there are no people close to the reputation, let alone strength. Most importantly, none of the Chinese kids play football. The main reason is the retreat of men’s football, and no one plays the ball, which leads to a talent gap, and men’s football is even more regressive. (Li Ming originally used Baidu to make up the National Youth Team.) So, just the results of the women’s football are useless.

7 months ago

Congratulations to the women’s football team, women’s basketball team, and women’s volleyball team for entering the Tokyo Olympics! ! ! It’s really not easy. In addition to the unique strength of the women’s volleyball team, the women’s football and women’s basketball team are all struggling to get back results. It is very difficult. Congratulations! Here, I sincerely mention that when you go to Tokyo to compete, remember to bring Chinese water to drink~~ In itself, the meaning of entering the Olympics is a recognition of this kind of sports in our country, let alone being able to compete in the Olympics. What kind of results have been achieved in big ball sports is a good result in itself, especially when compared with men’s football, men’s basketball, and men’s volleyball. They really can’t show good results to our people. If there is a comparison, there will be harm. It may be disappointment with the men’s team. Let us all turn our attention to the women’s team to seek a bit of psychological comfort. Helplessly, look at the men’s basketball team’s desperate advancement to the qualifying tournament, and then look at this year. Chinese football is a feather, do we still expect them to perform miracles? Once upon a time, as a fan, I wanted to use the low gold content of the Tokyo Olympics due to the epidemic to paralyze myself, trying to convince myself not to pay too much attention to the Olympics. But this time the women’s football promotion brings us expectations again, maybe this is the meaning it brings to us! Come on, girls, it’s up to you~

7 months ago

Apart from defeating the most unsportsmanlike country in the world, it is basically meaningless. What was the previous Chinese women’s football team? World-class strong team! I am not afraid of anyone, you are the boss of the United States all year round, I am not afraid of you, and I still kick you and me. What about the current Chinese women’s football? It’s the best in Asia, and it’s always scary. Take a look at the Olympic women’s football team, the first stage: Japan, the United States, the Netherlands. What about China? Third gear…In my opinion, the Chinese women’s football team has achieved some results before because no one else in the world plays, and now other countries are starting to play, and it will be back to its original form immediately. When the women’s football professional league, which is a traditional European football power, is in full swing, it is hard to say whether the women’s football can catch up with the men’s football. Fortunately, I have seen the most beautiful time when the sonorous rose.

7 months ago

The national football team is also a serious professional football. The fans who have been selected one by one also have a certain base. Any university football field is often full of people and divide the field into several parts. In women’s football, I have seen girls playing games on the field, and there are a few times when they are not as good as high school students who are not good at them because even if they are not men, there will be so many good physical players who can play with momentum. Most of the sports for women, the participation rate is very low, such as badminton, is also a supermarket shoot casually find an open space to play, mostly boys in the arena. I won’t talk about the level gap. However, the strongest person in the school at the moment may be a woman, because she was a former world champion. There is also the world’s No. 1 mixed doubles group that has never appeared in school. Just report the name of the school. Pull far away, say goodbye.

7 months ago

Emotionally, unconditionally support. But refuse any sensationalism. Intellectually, this is a team. It’s more like an aunt’s team. There is a pass and no one knows to catch the ball. There is no organization or cooperation. Even winning is very lucky, except for Wang Shuang to carry it alone. The whole team, I don’t know what the other people are doing. Do you really consider yourself to be a meat shield? Sorry, my words are not good, I am harsh and vicious. But seeing the referee who pulled the frame, what you have to fight against is malice on the entire court. You have to control the tempo, everyone has to run, you have to take care of the pinch teammates, and you have to make up for him, you have to run to catch the ball, you have to be like a whole. Although blocking the gun eye is very heroic, you should unite, find out the weakness of the other party, find the gap, and rely on unity and cooperation to defeat the opponent. Sorry, there may be problems with our system and system. But when you are on the field, you should play with your own dignity, the dignity of the team. Win or lose is not important. Even if we won the Olympic gold medal, what can we do? There will be the next, the next, the next. Compared with this boring gold medal, football, there are many, many more meaningful things.

7 months ago

The continuity of participating in the competition is very valuable to a team, which allows a group of players to grow through continuous experience. After Hao Wei led the women’s football team to third in the Asian Cup and returned to the World Cup in 2014, Jia Xiuquan led the women’s football team to qualify for the Olympics as another local coach. During this period, the women’s football has continuously honed in the qualifiers for the Canada World Cup, Rio Olympics, France World Cup and Tokyo Olympics, allowing a group of players such as Wu Haiyan, Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan, Ma Jun, Tang Jiali, Peng Shimeng, and Ren Guixin, who retired not long ago. , In the two Olympic cycles, he has grown from a rookie to an experienced main force in the competition.

7 months ago

Don’t think too much. 22 years ago, I wrote “The Significance of Women’s Football Winning the World Cup Runner-up to Chinese Football.” 20 years ago, I wrote “The Significance of Chinese Men’s Football Entering the World Cup Finals for the First Time for Chinese Football.” I have never experienced the top ten in 2001, and I also mocked that it was purely drawn by lottery. These topics are not open here, but there is a picture I believe many fans have seen on the Internet, that is, a certain player was interviewed after the game. (Or is it a fan? Forgot), and said excitedly: Chinese football has since stood up! (By the way, come to think of it, it was the football association ZX that was later caught in? Haha). then. . Well, my face is so swollen. SO, don’t overly blow women’s football, because with the true strength of women’s football, it is possible to lose streak in the Olympics. I hope you don’t spray too much by then. Be merciful, it’s not easy for the women’s football girls to do their best.

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