At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 7, Spokesperson Zhao Lijian announced: At 16:45 on April 12, in the Blue Hall of the South Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the theme “Heroic Hubei: Rebirth from the Fire and Renew Glory” will be held. “The Hubei Global Special Promotion Event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Let the world see the real Hubei and boost the development of Hubei’s cultural tourism industry. In the documentary “Long Time No See, Wuhan” released in June last year, it portrayed the living conditions of ten ordinary families in Wuhan during the epidemic, and let us see a Wuhan that is closer to life. At the end of this documentary, director Ryo Takeuchi made a wish in his heart: “I still want to go to Wuhan again!” Director Ryo Takeuchi’s wish was successfully fulfilled on April 10th this year, and the WeChat video account invited Ryo Takeuchi to do it on the video account. The live broadcast took us to appreciate the unique style of Wuhan in the post-epidemic era. Introduce the city of Wuhan through live video. In this live broadcast, director Ryo Takeuchi went to the streets and alleys of Wuhan to communicate and interact with the locals in Wuhan. During the live broadcast in Hubu Alley, he also showed a wave of his WeChat balance of 1,500 yuan, and experienced using WeChat to pay for the bill, and bought a bowl of rice wine for four yuan. Perhaps for the people living in this city, being able to eat hot and dry noodles freely in Wuhan is a gratifying change. On the Yangtze River Bridge, Takeuchi recalled that when he first came to China to shoot a documentary ten years ago, communication with the Japanese team was still very inconvenient and it was difficult to find a place to make international calls, but now the development of the Internet , Make communication more convenient. The Yangtze River Bridge when the epidemic just broke out gave people a sense of the end of the day. Except for the occasional trucks that drove on the bridge, it was empty. This year, when the “Return to Wuhan” video was broadcast live, the Yangtze River Bridge resumed its former prosperity, with surging traffic, and grandparents who danced square dances gathered under the Yangtze River Bridge. In addition to the documentary director Ryo Takeuchi’s departure, this live broadcast also interviewed medical staff from the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. As an important force in the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan, they let us see the heroic spirit of the city of Wuhan; and the musician Feng Xiang of Wuhan. , He composed songs in the local dialect of Wuhan, recording the epidemic and the development of the city, and even participated in the recording of the global anti-epidemic song “toghter”; the video number blogger Frozen recorded and witnessed Wuhan through video. Resumption of work and prosperous reappearance. On the streets of Wuhan where the cherry blossoms are now in full bloom, you can no longer see the haze of the past. Wuhan has also ushered in a new opportunity for the revival of cultural tourism. With the support of national promotion meetings and policies, Wuhan has shown itself to the world. Opportunity. Let the world see the real Wuhan and feel the heroic spirit of the city.


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6 months ago

In addition to showing the achievements of Hubei and Wuhan in fighting the epidemic, this promotion event will also present a new look for the all-round economic and social development of Hubei and Wuhan after the epidemic has been overcome. Promoting Wuhan at global conferences, on the one hand, can realize the good performance of my country’s basic people’s livelihood construction, and also help more foreign friends to see such a heroic city. Perhaps it can bring more investment to Wuhan. And development opportunities, there will definitely be a lot of benefits~

6 months ago

This is the first provincial promotion event held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the epidemic. In addition to showing the achievements of Hubei and Wuhan in fighting the epidemic, this promotion event will also present a new outlook on the all-round economic and social development of Hubei and Wuhan after the epidemic. It will introduce Hubei to implement new development concepts and promote new prospects for high-quality development. The new measures of opening to the outside world have built a new bridge for countries and Hubei to strengthen exchanges and cooperation. I believe that after this event is over, the development of Hubei will be vigorously promoted.

6 months ago

Wuhan was unblocked on April 8 last year. Together we witnessed the “hot dry noodles” getting better. Nowadays, Wuhan has been “reborn from the ashes”, and in 2020, the total economic output will return to the top ten cities in the country. Behind this is the “disobedience” of the heroic people, as well as the “hands” of the whole country. On the first anniversary of Wuhan’s restart, I wish Wuhan and the people of Wuhan, and I hope you will get better and better! Today is April 8, 2021, and a full year has passed since Wuhan “restarted”. In 2020, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic swept Wuhan. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading further, on January 23, this city, which enjoys the reputation of “the thoroughfare of nine provinces”, closed all the passages from Han to Han. After 76 days of fighting the epidemic, Wuhan has survived. At 0:00 on April 8, 2020, the Lihan Channel control measures were officially lifted. Now that one year has passed, this “City of Heroes” has not only restored its former prosperity, but also developed at an astonishing speed. Looking back together, Wuhan’s road to recovery this year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will specially promote Hubei to the world on April 12, and hold a special promotion event for Hubei with the theme of “Heroic Hubei: Rebirth from Fire and Rejuvenation”. This will provide Hubei cities with a better promotion of urbanization development, and a better display of the city’s elegance and culture, and together create greater brilliance, so that people around the world will have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of Wuhan and the characteristics of scenic spots and cuisines. Good to share with everyone! This can also promote feelings for Wuhan, which is indeed a good opportunity!

6 months ago

Counting this time, Hubei is the first province that has been promoted twice and is the first province to be promoted twice. On July 12, 2018, with the theme of “China in the New Era: Hubei, From the Yangtze River to the World”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hubei The global promotion event was held in Beijing. At that time, it attracted more than 500 people including diplomatic envoys from more than 140 countries, representatives of international organizations in China, representatives of the business community, Chinese and foreign experts, scholars, and media reporters. On April 12, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will once again hold a special promotion event for Hubei worldwide. This time, the whole world will see Hubei rebirth from the ashes and the phoenix nirvana. Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the global promotion activities of provinces, regions and cities, 21 events have been held so far. Hubei is the only province that has been promoted twice so far, which shows its “speciality”. Explain the direction that the country attaches importance to and the direction of support. This promotion will not only boost the development of Hubei after the epidemic, but will also create more opportunities for Hubei to restart international exchanges and expand foreign cooperation!

6 months ago

After reading everyone’s answers, they are very in-depth and thorough, so let me talk about my feelings from a perceptual level. After the epidemic, Wuhan got a chance to rebirth from the ashes. Let me talk about my own story. Before the epidemic, I left a fairly well-known Internet company in China and returned to Wuhan to start a business with my friends. Two or three years of tepidity have passed. Fans and trust have been established. Gradually, the company has begun to make a profit. When the epidemic came, everything went back to its original shape, and the partners also proposed to quit… But who would have thought that this was a turning point. You no longer need to be controlled by other people’s opinions, and you can work more hard on the content. I’ve changed now. It’s getting better and better, and I’m more and more aware of the way I’m going in the future, and then I’ll tell my friend’s story. Before the epidemic, his restaurant was on the verge of closing down. During the epidemic, his store started to take out for the first time, and he was very considerate. Some tips for each customer. After the epidemic was over, his shop was full of popularity… So when the epidemic came, Wuhan suffered an unprecedented blow, but this is also an opportunity now is a good opportunity for rebirth~

6 months ago

1. The rapid development of the tertiary industry (the tertiary industry includes: transportation, storage and postal industry, information output, computer service and software industry, wholesale and retail industry, accommodation and catering industry, financial industry, real estate industry, leasing and business services Industry, scientific research, technical service and geological prospecting industry, water conservancy, environment and public facility management industry, resident service and other service industry, education, health, social security and social welfare industry, culture, sports and entertainment industry, public management and society Organizations, international organizations and other industries.) Take tourism and catering industry as examples, Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge, Chu River Han Street, Gude Temple, Provincial Museum, Jianghan Street, Wudang Mountain, Enshi Grand Canyon, Shennongjia Shennongding, Mulan Mountain , Guifeng Mountain, … and other resources will attract more people’s attention and favor. After the epidemic, I feel that people’s feelings for Hubei have rapidly increased. I once saw a scene on Chuhe Han Street suddenly. I was stunned. I clearly remember that I saw this place in the news at home during the epidemic, but there was no one there at that time. For a moment , With infinite emotion in my heart. Culture, Hubei’s culture is actually very heavy, but not well-known. I think the Jingchu civilization, canal culture, wharf culture…the promotion of the General Foreign Affairs Office is bound to promote the rapid development of the tertiary industry in Wuhan. 2. Increase employment opportunities. The development of the tertiary industry will promote employment and improve the economic level. 3. Wuhan’s automobile industry, new material industry, chip industry (Optics Valley), bridge companies, industrial heritage, artificial intelligence, big data, big health, electromagnetic energy, hydrogen energy, high-end equipment, etc. have the opportunity to move to a higher stage. Attracting the eyes of all parts of the world is conducive to attracting investment and developing the economy.

6 months ago

“Heroic Hubei: Rebirth from the ashes and renewed glory” The development of a region has a lot to do with its popularity. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a special global promotion conference for Hubei, which is conducive to enhancing Hubei’s global reputation and conducive to Hubei’s economic construction and development. This is also an important measure of city marketing. This event is conducive to enhancing Hubei’s reputation in the international community. It can also bring in foreign businessmen, foreign investment and construction needs, etc., which will greatly enhance Hubei’s reputation, make Hubei more deeply involved in international economic development and trade, and promote Hubei’s economic construction and development. In addition, it has a great impact on the social construction of Hubei and the increase in the income level of residents. Living standards and quality will also be greatly affected. It can attract many good resources to Hubei, reshape the international impression of Hubei, and expand opening to the outside world. In addition, during the epidemic, there were many incorrect and misleading reports about Wuhan and Hubei. This event can also show the rebirth of the ashes and the nirvana of the phoenix Hubei and Wuhan to other countries in the world. It also allows the people of the world to understand Hubei and support Wuhan. , Change the previous impression. Hubei has made a great contribution to the containment of the epidemic, and even the world. Zhao Lijian said that in addition to demonstrating the achievements of Hubei and Wuhan in fighting the epidemic, they will also present a new look of the all-round economic and social development of Hubei and Wuhan after the epidemic has been overcome, introducing Hubei’s new development concepts and promoting new prospects for high-quality development. The new measures of opening up will build a new bridge for the strengthening of exchanges and cooperation between all countries and Hubei, rest assured for the people of Hubei, help Hubei’s further development and construction, and show Hubei’s international style

6 months ago

Opportunity to go to the world. For a long time, China has stood still, refused to communicate with the outside world, and even rejected all this with a nearly arrogant attitude. Everyone has seen the consequences of this. Our country is slowly opening up, and its national strength is gradually becoming stronger, but the opening up of a country must not only stop at the verbal level, it naturally needs the support of practical actions. China has many frontier cities and frontier provinces that have international names, such as first-class metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, and coastal cities such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which naturally have advantages in terms of geographic location and economy. In contrast, Hubei, which is located in central China, naturally does not have that much attention. Therefore, taking this opportunity to vigorously promote a wave will surely bring more opportunities to communicate with the outside world. If used properly, it may not be impossible to cultivate a frontier area like Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Moreover, although Hubei is located in the hinterland, it naturally assumes the responsibility of a transportation hub because of its special location. When we shop online, attentive students often find that express delivery always passes through the Wuhan transit station. Hubei’s role in transportation is self-evident. Don’t underestimate this. The Silk Road was prosperous in the past, and the border towns on the way were also borrowed a lot of light, and a prosperous area developed during the Tang Dynasty. Even when Zheng He’s voyages to the West, the berthing points for boats gradually became prosperous because of their special geographical location. Sometimes unintentional actions can even make a shadow, not to mention deliberate support. As long as it is diligent and conscientious, Hubei will definitely be able to glow with its own splendor. Throughout the ages, the battle has changed, and there are many things that cannot be pursued for temporary benefits. For long-term planning, it is natural to look forward. Hubei is at a turning point in its development, so it is natural to seize the opportunity to move forward faster and better.

6 months ago

I have been following Wuhan for a long time. The deepest impression belongs to the first bridge on the Yangtze River: Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. The completion of the Yangtze River Bridge showed the world the strength of China’s civil engineering construction. Among them, the bridgehead was designed by Mr. Tang Huancheng. He has many books on bridges, which are worth reading. Mr. Mao Yisheng said that bridges cross obstacles. Then, the 2020 epidemic is undoubtedly an obstacle to Wuhan, Hubei, China, and the world. With more than a year of hard work, the epidemic has basically been brought under control, and we have basically built a bridge to protect human life. “Heroic Hubei: Rebirth from Ashes and Renew Glory” Hubei’s special global promotion by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is undoubtedly the opening ceremony of this “bridge”. Wuhan and even Hubei have experienced the test of the epidemic and have also proved to the world the governing ability of the Hubei government and the perseverance and struggle of the people of Hubei. There is nothing wrong with investing in Hubei! There is nothing wrong with studying in Hubei! There is nothing wrong with traveling to Hubei! I look forward to one day when I can meet my friends in Hubei and Wuhan! Post a small advertisement at the end, friends who are interested can take a look.

6 months ago

The epidemic has made people all over the world know Wuhan-this heroic city, as a Wuhan university student who has witnessed the development of Wuhan in 2021, I have reason to believe that 2021 is the year of the rise of Wuhan. Why do you say that? Let me listen carefully. Road come. First of all, Wuhan made great sacrifices for the Chinese people and even the people of the world in 2020. Wuhan’s economy will be reduced by 40% in 2020. This is a huge loss for Wuhan and even China. Now the epidemic is gone. , Brought hope of rejuvenation to Jiangcheng, and new hope was born under this cold land after the epidemic raged. Moreover, the country attaches great importance to the economic development of Wuhan, because this will not only set up a typical city after the epidemic, but also an excellent example for the world, and allow the world to learn advanced experience in reconstruction after the epidemic in Wuhan, and promote In the future, the whole country and even the world will be rebuilt in the future. Secondly, the press conference promoting Hubei by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will definitely further enhance Wuhan’s global reputation and further promote the vigorous development of Wuhan’s economy. After the epidemic, the people’s travel enthusiasm across the country increased. my country’s domestic tourism increased significantly in the first quarter, and the May Day holiday is approaching, and there will be another climax of travel. At this time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Quan Quan. The promotion of Wuhan in the world is enough to show the central government’s determination to develop Wuhan’s economy and Wuhan’s tourism. Wuhan, a national central city, has high-quality tourism resources, a complete transportation network system, and beautiful and spectacular natural scenes. It is the most beautiful university in the country— Wuhan University, East Lake, the largest city lake in the country, has good tourism promotion and tourism services. All in all, in my humble opinion, the promotion of Hubei by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will definitely bring greater vigor and vitality to Wuhan.

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