Famine for 500 hours and hypoxia for 300 hours. I think the threshold of hypoxia is really higher than that of famine. The high threshold means that the player has a higher probability of encountering setbacks at the beginning of playing, and it is difficult to solve the problems encountered without learning. And often this problem is solved and the next problem arises immediately. As a result, the player does not watch the strategy to play by himself, and feels that the endless problems cannot be solved in the lack of oxygen, and the game experience is super poor, and then directly abandons the game. Of course, famine also has this problem, but famine is easy to get started. I think as long as you solve the three problems of how to spend the night, how to find food and control body temperature, the game can be played. As for fighting monsters, stand and walk. Any bit is fine, so there is no big problem. A day in the Famine game is 8 minutes of real life. It is 120 minutes after the 15 days after the first fall of the first year. Novices can explore three or four times by themselves, or just watch an introductory video. It is still very easy to live through these 120 minutes. It’s also fun. But hypoxia is different. One cycle of hypoxia is 6 minutes (not accelerated), and 120 minutes is 20 cycles. During these 20 cycles, novices have to deal with including but not limited to: going to the toilet, dealing with contaminated soil, and dealing with contaminated oxygen. , Food poisoning, insufficient oxygen, food planting, food decay, insufficient food, work schedule, work type arrangement, silt lungs, insufficient power, circuit overload, technology research and development selection, copying skills selection, room system, excessive temperature or excessive temperature Low, copy pressure, etc. And many problems happen in a chain, which means that if you take a wrong step in the early stage, the disaster will be gradually magnified. Many times, after two hours of tinkering and playing for two hours, one mistake was blown up. What’s the feeling in the player’s heart? If it were me, I would just delete the game. For example, before I played Emerald Planet for the first time, I had played with Earth-like planets and ocean planets several times. I didn’t see any resources or resources on Emerald Planet and I just played it. According to the original rhythm, I was hiring a villain crazily. About ten cycles or so, I found that there was insufficient oxygen. When the oxygen was insufficient, the algae produced oxygen. As a result, the planet did not have algae to produce oxygen. The electrolytic water technology has not been studied yet. About hours (three times the speed) is wasted like that, so everyone feels unhappy. Before I played hypoxia, I probably watched about 3 or 4 videos about hypoxia series at station B. There are some Xiaomi and others. After watching it, it happened that all the Cray games on Steam were discounted and I went directly to the Cray University. Bao started playing hypoxia. The first file is no longer found. At that time, the archives can only be stored locally and then change the computer. However, I still remember it clearly. It took me about 250 cycles to build the hyperbaric oxygen and space suit system modules. I also watched it. The video is learning to build, because there is no farm module, and I live by eating rice lice throughout the whole process. In other words, I am a person who is very slow to play games. After watching 3 or 4 series of videos, I can build two basic modules in 250 cycles. According to the 3 times speed, 250 cycles will also have 500 Minutes, it’s been more than 60 days in the game in Famine. This year, I have experienced about 60% to 70% of the content of the game in Famine. In the absence of oxygen, I didn’t go to the sky or go to the ground. , Can only learn to build basic modules at home and live hard. It is really a luxury to build automated animal and plant breeding, cracking systems, and rocket systems. For those who want to study, hypoxia is indeed a good game. Many interesting modules can be researched out, and the sense of accomplishment is full. But for those who don’t want to study, they can only play while taking physical chemistry classes. How many people can persist. Compared with the famine, you can play a variety of fun as long as you get started. Multiplayer online also strengthens various uncertainties and increases the fun. However, the hypoxia single machine is too hard in the early stage, too little content in the later stage, and molding time. It’s also longer than Famine, so there must be a lot less players. This is my tenth latest archive. (Don’t spray, Caiji is only at this level) The layout has been slightly changed. At present, after the cracking is built, I have not played it. There are still a lot of things in the house that have not been built. The rocket system has not been tried yet. If I play here, I don’t want to play it anymore, because I feel that there is no interesting content worthy of my time to play. There is no shortage of food at all in automated farming. The huge spring output does not lack water, which means that there is no lack of oxygen. After the cracking system is completed, there is no shortage of oil, which means there is no shortage of electricity. If I want to play, I might as well open a debug and plan a new layout. Now I’m playing Don’t Starve. I go online to collect a box every day. If I’m energetic, I’ll walk around the map to kill spiders. When I’m tired, I’ll change Wendy into beautiful clothes and catch the fish. Are you telling me about hypoxia? It really hurts my liver to bother me.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I played both famine and hypoxia for about 10 hours, and I am currently a novice. I think some people don’t play hypoxia, it’s not that hypoxia is not good, it is too professional. Really, for the first time I watched the video guide, teaching for novices, and felt like preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. I am a person who has not passed the postgraduate entrance examination! How can I stand it? I originally thought this was a relaxed and happy game of using a capitalist form to squeeze duplicators to mine and engage in industry. Who knows to play, I have to master electrical engineering knowledge, then chemistry knowledge, and then plumber knowledge. After that, how to do decoration and planning? I turned over the back, MD, and aerospace… Other games are, you find enough materials, after assembly, you put things in there, it will work, lack of oxygen No. First of all, it needs electricity. You need to lay the wires here, and pull them all together. You need to calculate the load. Overload will cause a big blackout. Then you have to learn how to divide the circuit, how to arrange the generator and battery, and how to distribute the wires. Secondly, some equipment needs to be connected to the water pipe. You don’t need to put the pipe in the water pipe. Because the water level will drop, you have to find a way to dig through the pool and pump it for use. Some of the water is waste water, so you have to clean water. This thing also includes air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, chlorine, etc. How do you distribute and extract them, how to separate them, how to arrange the ventilation pipe, how to release the air, and how to store the gas tank. After playing here, I have already planned to go back and re-study science at university. My university studies economics… The names of these games are very misleading. As we all know, famine is not famine, and lack of oxygen is not hypoxia. Really, this game lacks everything except oxygen, but it does not lack oxygen.

6 months ago

Because hypoxia is a very hard-core scientific game, it contains many profound and real scientific principles: the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen will not explode. (I recalled the fear in my heart when I first saw the hydrogen floating in the base) Water is an unstable substance, and electrolyzed water generates more electricity than it consumes. Sewage and purified water will not mix, water and alcohol will not mix, oxygen and carbon dioxide will not mix…pressure will not be transmitted. There is a layer of petroleum under the water, and tens of thousands of tons of water will not crush the bricks. Chlorine can only disinfect the water in the jar, but it is useless to pass the chlorine into the pool. Four hundred kilograms of tin cans can hold five tons of molten tungsten. The melting point of the former is only a thousand degrees… Coal-fired power generation does not consume oxygen. The same goes for hydrogen and petroleum. Matter above 100 degrees Celsius can generate electricity against the second law of thermodynamics. No low temperature heat source is required. Black technology super cold liquid, liquid helium grade low temperature easily obtained. Golden brick paving is a daily operation. A few kilograms of eggs hatch out hundreds of kilograms of small animals. There is nothing about the people and animals who fell hundreds of meters. The vacuum cleaner can be used in a vacuum. In order to simplify the game, Klei officially created a lot of convenience: the steam engine needs 125 degrees Celsius to start. So you need to use your ingenuity to heat up the steam spring. Mining is halved. The phase change from solid to solid will inevitably agglomerate, so many automated assembly lines (automatically refined carbon, clay, ceramics) cannot be completed. A heating rod that can only be heated to 85 degrees. I can twist a wire battery at home to heat a few hundred degrees. Your klei company even has a perpetual motion machine and can’t make a reliable heating rod? The compost bucket requires manual stirring. You can even make a vacuum cleaner and can’t use an electric motor for the compost bucket? I recognize 10,000 watts! The products of the electrolysis gas are automatically discharged into the environment. The coal-burning stoves in our rural areas will be equipped with iron chimneys.

6 months ago

The biggest difference between famine and hypoxia is probably. Famine, when there is a crisis, I can hide, and I can use the environment. Here comes the dog, I lead to the herd. Come to the boss, I ran to the swamp. The home was destroyed, I don’t want it, I ran away. It is not a problem as long as it is enough in all seasons. But what about hypoxia? I am repairing natural gas power generation here. The sewage treatment in the toilet over there exploded. I have to clean up the virus carefully. The toilet problem has just been dealt with here. It was discovered that because the contaminated ones were dealt with, there was another food crisis. Then the food processor (Guanyin soil) has just been set up. Found that the metal is not enough, just refined the new metal. The discovery point is not enough. Hypoxia is and will always have new problems to deal with. Can’t stop for a moment. Stopped the gear and jumped. However, famine is not the same except for Hamlet, there is basically no sense of crisis when you should do what. But this sense of crisis is not handled well by everyone. If you don’t handle it well, you will just abandon it.

6 months ago

Two games have 200+ hours to answer your own feelings. First of all, I think the most important point is that Hunger can be online but lack of oxygen. High-quality games that can be online cooperation or mutual pits are really easy to refresh. When I was exposed to Famine, my friends played together. The second is the difficulty. The difficulty of hypoxic games is really not low. If you don’t read other people’s guides, you may have to play for dozens of hours before getting started. After the automation system is released in the game, the game limit is even higher. It takes hundreds of hours to play and understand this game. For many people, the cost of learning is too high, and it is tiring to play. Many of my friends did not get into the pit because of this reason. On the other hand, if you join in the famine, you can play, and you can start an infinite resurrection and just wave, and novices can quickly get started and experience the fun. Online is more fun, I am basically not online now, I am not going to starvation. Although these two games look similar, they are essentially two very different games. Famine is a survival risk, and the core of hypoxia is the planning and operation of the production line. Hypoxia was destined to be more niche than famine at the beginning of its positioning. As for how to think about it, this game is originally the happiness of a few people. People who like it have fun, and those who can’t play don’t have to force it. Anyway, this game is definitely profitable. The production team will update it, and the players who bought it will have fun. There is no need to be too pity or uneven.

6 months ago

Both games are ranked second and third in my steam (referring to the online version of Don’t Starve and Hypoxia). When I bought Don’t Starve, I saw that Klei had so many games at a discount, so I bought all the games on the developer’s main page, and then Play around to find a sandbox, that is, the more you play, the more you play, the more you play, it’s this “Oxygen Not Included” hypoxia. Why I am fascinated by this game is because it has many points that touch me. The main content of this game is that you have come to an unfamiliar space planet, you need to build your colony on it, then develop technology, build rockets, fly into space to find a time wormhole, and return to your hometown through the wormhole. At the beginning of the game, the portal will refresh you with three villains. You can command the villains to dig and build, but at the same time you have to maintain the survival of the villains. The villain needs to breathe oxygen, eat, sleep, and go to the toilet. The villain has its own set of pressure system. If the villain has a good rest, eats well, and works in a good environment, then the villain will have very little pressure, high morale, and efficient work. But if the villain is too stressed, fatigue, vomiting, crying and other adverse reactions will occur. Once the oxygen is insufficient, there is no food, or the temperature is extreme, the villain will get sick or even die. If all the villains die, then the game will fail. The important thing I like about this game is because of these villains. Because in a sense, each of us is not a villain. We also eat, sleep, work, and play every day. By directing their work and taking charge of their lives, I also have different feelings and understandings about some things in my life. Secondly, the task of the game is to develop your own colony, unlock technology, and build rockets. There are many strategies and methods involved. I found that although you have a lot of gameplay strategies, the core problem is always the same. Continue to develop, maintain the long-term operation of your base, maintain basic oxygen, food needs, and maintain a suitable temperature for survival. Only on this basis can we talk about the construction of some large-scale projects and build rockets to fly into space. And through several failed constructions, my view of our country, the construction of some historical projects, such as the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canal of the Sui Dynasty, the two bombs and one star in modern times, and the need to build roads in the early stages of reform and opening up. Gave another insight and enlightenment. It turns out that this is the national perspective. Regarding the current demolition, planning, and water conservancy projects, it is no longer the original attitude of silently looking at it. I also have some peculiar concerns. Furthermore, I found that the death of the villain in the game can be repeated, but in reality, we only have one earth and we have only one life, so we have become more aware of the meaning of cherishing life and protecting the environment. Having said so much, let’s talk about the game Don’t Starve. It was first run on the XP system, and it’s all displayed. (Now I know it was caused by resource collection.) Later, a lot of dlc., a lot of mod., and an online version attracted many people from all over the world to play. This is its advantage, and it is deeply rooted in the game mechanism.

6 months ago

If you really get started with hypoxia, you will find that this game is not only anti-hardcore but also counter-intuitive in the survival simulation category. And what makes this game different from other similar games is that these counter-intuitive settings (limitations of program computing power) make a small number of hard-core players always feel that they are almost something; they are not too hard-core or because they are difficult to get started. Those who quit have little patience to stick to it. At the beginning of the game, it was actually more focused on survival + management. In the middle and late stages, it became a bit of RPG. Slowly, players need to use the hidden rules and system mechanisms of the game to explore and develop their bases. Generally speaking, the early start is mainly based on hot springs as the core; in the mid-term, it needs to be transferred to the detection of temperature and humidity, but these exploration nodes that determine the rhythm of the game may be difficult if no one takes you or guides from the side. Master the trick at once; because it really doesn’t conform to the physical rules of the real world as a reference. To give a few examples: the heat in the game needs to follow the law of conservation in a fixed grid, and it will disappear directly beyond the grid; it seems that the movement of gas in space needs to follow the principle of high pressure to low pressure for directional movement, and once After the Jiugongge, it is no longer applicable. Slowly when you are more real, the more you will find that in the end it becomes a game of finding “BUG” according to reality. The most important thing is that you have to plan the land reclamation and design base according to the development rules that the predecessors have explored. The name is an engineer, and it is actually working online, which is really miserable! In short, this game you say that he has not been tepid until now, there is no famine and alien factories out of the circle, there is definitely its truth. The design flaws make players not only tired to death at work in reality, but also tortured by the so-called rules and regulations when they enter the game. Playing a game is like doing scientific research. In one sentence, you participated and studied, but you may not be able to do well anyway. You are still a thief. Who can stand this!

6 months ago

I bought it for a month and played for 150+h. When writing a little bit of feeling about the early villain (<5), it is best to take a single trait or a double trait. The opening researcher must take it, at least +3, 1-2 miners, or Replenishing a builder, there are many bad traits, it is not recommended, like any muscle weakness, irregular sleep, allergies, breathe and eat Dora slow. Cycle 1-3: Open the toilet first, then go out for research, and build a bed by the way. The technology first orders first-level food, then produces coal and electricity, and then clicks on super-calculation. 4-10 cycle: dig up and down to build the public toilets and barracks of the room system by the way to increase morale. The second-level unearthed bricks at the food point were first planted with rice lice wood. It is not cost-effective to eat the mud to reduce morale. By the way, look for the location of the reeds. If you can steal it, you can steal it. 11-30 cycle: I have played a few stalls at this time. It is this time that the high-end restaurants, parks (techniques), brute force refining, smart batteries, medical treatment and gas are not in a hurry, but remember to click on the air purification and put the toilet Inside, remove the contaminated oxygen. When the electricity is almost enough, change the public toilet. Use a water purifier to change a self-circulating toilet. Then the water will increase. Remember to build a circulating water reservoir. Don’t put natural water in the reservoir. There are bacteria in the circulating water. Cycle 31-60: At this time, if you steal the reed, you will be ready to seal your home and go out as a spacesuit. If you see Miss Mi’s video, she generally recommends not digging natural plants and receiving the goods, but there are many places where there is no way to dig, so I recommend putting plantations and farms next to the base. It is convenient to cool down and eat. It’s not too much effort. Find the relics, and then open the gas spring. Electricity is the most important. Then build an industrial area far away from home. Put the plastic machine, refiner and generator together, and then connect the cord to the home. I also look for water springs. At this time, the natural water might be gone, and there is not enough water to eat, but I must use enough. It is estimated that the villain will be able to pee out of a circulating water reservoir after 60 cycles. Shuiquan get some water at home, the remaining high-pressure oxygen production, hydrogen can be used to raise geckos, or save more hydrogen to open a small power station for oxygen production. The latter hasn’t played much yet. ps:1: Generally, 18 bricks are laid, and two are used as walls. 16×4 is just the largest room system. 2: Remember to keep four wild plants at home, don’t dig them all, or there will be no parks. 3: Leave two grids between the rooms, one grid for ladders and one grid for sliding poles. 4: Pay attention to the construction materials in the later stage, some need to be insulated, and some need to transfer heat. 5: In the early stage, CO₂ can be used to preserve food. 6: Remember to separate the bed and dining table for the newcomer, and separate the snoring ones. 7: I am also a cute new person. So don’t ask me if you can’t, just watch Xiaomi’s video, which is available on station b. I will go back to the bedroom to see if I can make up the video. I opened a new gear, 120 cycles have passed, and the hyperbaric oxygen generator is stuck. After I have passed this hurdle, I will send a summary. The big guys on the Internet don’t do this much anymore. It seems too simple. The electricity at home is also not enough, mainly because the wires are always broken, I will also think about it.

6 months ago

The lower the threshold, the more positive feedback and the simpler the layout (meaning the energy investment in continuous operation), the more people will play. The threshold of hypoxia is higher than that of famine. The threshold of hypoxia lies not only in the understanding of the game mechanism, but also in the balance of various things. If the difficulty of killing the four-season boss in the famine is converted to hypoxia, it may only be electrolyzed water. It’s down, temperature control, food control, villain’s morale, these contents are more difficult than famine, and my hands are disabled in famine, it’s always okay if I don’t go to the cave or go to the sea, I am rampant on land, full of It’s okay to fight while standing up. But you have no choice for hypoxia. If you want to play, you have to leave the novice zone, and you have to face various problems such as disease, temperature, and lack of supplies. Hypoxia positive feedback is less than famine. For a game, the more positive feedback, the more motivated people are, and the higher they are. Every monster killed by the famine is a real positive feedback. The harvest is intuitive and there is no burden afterwards. What about hypoxia? Creating a planting module is a sense of accomplishment, but it needs continuous maintenance in the later stage. There are few sources of accomplishment, and there are many negative feedbacks that are pulling these. I played hypoxia for the first time. There was a natural gas spring next to my home. The eruption cycle was very long. The natural gas spring was developed in the early stage and there was no shortage of electricity. So I built a very unreasonable circuit in series. As a result, I almost vomited blood when the natural gas was dormant. In the end, the temperature was still out of control, and there were very few such troubles during the famine. The layout of hypoxia is more difficult than famine because many things of lack of oxygen are continuous, and famine is one-time, so the layout of hypoxia is much more difficult than famine. In famine, the most difficult planning for building a home is nothing more than fire extinguishers and lightning rods. In hypoxia, water, electricity, food, various resources, animal breeding, etc., each item needs to be planned, and each item is related to each other. In addition, the villain is really not running fast. I even want to stay in the industrial area. Planning a barracks so that the villain can eat and live directly on the spot, but the toilet, food, and oxygen are a very troublesome set. If they are collected at home, then they really feel tired. Therefore, hypoxia will definitely play fewer people than famine, but people who play well must also be very top. This is completely a game of two different meanings. If you want to compare it, it’s like eating chicken and eating chicken. King, hypoxia is like eating chicken, and famine is more like a king.

6 months ago

In fact, many people born after 8090 have not experienced the joy of knowledge. That’s it for exam-oriented education. I saw a statistics before hypoxia. The most user age group is people over 30 years old. Taking into account the living environment abroad-they are expensive artificially. Therefore, home appliance repairs, toilets and toilet repairs are mostly done by themselves. Therefore, it is relatively easy to understand and drive interest in this game. And we, especially young people, are afraid that we don’t even know how to clean the dishes, let alone install a plumbing job in the home circuit. And workers who understand this often don’t have the money to buy a computer to experience this game. It can be said that we are actually quite fragmented in the use of knowledge in real life.

6 months ago

After 600 hours of hypoxia, I passed by after a week of famine and never touched it again. Perhaps hypoxia is more difficult? Although both games are not difficult. If hypoxia has a persuasive point compared to famine, it must not be really “difficult”. The persuasive point of hypoxia is: at a loss as to what to do-I will show you 3 villains, a large building, and a huge technology tree, and then tell you not to know what to do. Most people are absolutely dumbfounded, not to mention that they were all in English in the early days. This kind of persuasion is generally due to the lack of guidance in the game, so that players do not know how to start. Generally speaking, the so-called “hard core game” will have this situation if there is no guide, such as the EA version of KSP, a previous 100% simulation of flying a plane game.

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