We can understand the role of Lelouch from three identities: the emperor of Britain, the CEO of the Black Knights, the prince in trouble & ordinary students. The Emperor of Britain represents Lelouch’s political identity, and Lelouch did not raise the anti-flag in order to be the emperor of Britain. In this question, I made some analysis of Lelouch’s righteousness. In short, Lelouch had thoughts about the individual and the world because of his personal tragedy, and eventually established his own worldview (or Lelouch’s philosophy). This world view is: if under the existing world system, human beings will inevitably create the same tragedy repeatedly, so someone needs to rewrite the current world order. For Lelouch, what represents the existing world order is the British empire that continues to enslave the world with militarism and elitism as the main guiding ideology. Then destroying the British Empire is the first priority. Lelouch was actually a painful revolutionary, because he actually only imagined the way of revolution under the existing world system and political model, that is, becoming an emperor, ruling the world by himself, and then changing it. In this sense, Lelouch is no different from Suzaku, it’s nothing more than that Lelouch wants to be higher than Suzaku. Lelouch’s pain lies in the fact that with his genius IQ he knew that a radical, rapid and effective revolution does not exist. To change the world, a long revolution is needed. In many people’s eyes, Lelouch is a “childish” second madman shaped by a “political” Japanese, but this is not the case. From the point of view of hindsight, the cry of CC in the Zero Soul Song is not crying for Lelouch’s death or becoming the evil of the world, but crying and moving for the destiny that Lelouch bears, that is, In the theater version of Lelouch, he accepted the CODE fraud and then swept the mysterious side of the power with CC, becoming the guardian of the world’s shadows. In the theater version, many people think that it is only a dog-tailed mink who is valuable for making sugar, but in fact I think it is particularly true, because it tells us that Lelouch never takes it for granted that the world becomes peaceful immediately after he is dead. The beautiful ideal depends on Lulu. The unremitting efforts of Xiu, CC, Suzaku, Karen and others who truly love the world and yearn for peace (in fact, the second brother is also). In this sense, Lelouch, as the British emperor and revolutionary, is a romantic and realistic young man of literature and art. He will not be autistic because of the bumpy road ahead (although he has been autistic), but constantly supervise him. Realize your own righteousness by yourself. As for whether this pattern is small or large, it is up to you to decide (laughs). The identity of the CEO of the Black Knights represents Lelouch’s military capabilities. The military is an important part of the CG. Although many military fans can be seen as cerebral hemorrhage, to be honest, so many years have passed. In the original animation, the causes and results of almost every battle can be found in the original animation. The main tactics and tactics of the military chiefs of both sides The card description is relatively clear and the rhythm is so fun that the work really depends on the CG. Judging from the story line of the establishment of the black knight, the development, and the anti-water, Lelouch turned his home into the emperor, Lelouch is actually a genius and unscrupulous tactician. Although we all like to scold Lelouch Nima to lift the floor, but to be honest, when did you lift the floor look uncomfortable? In fact, there is nothing more suitable for Lelouch, who always has fewer enemies and more enemies, and needs to take care of the visual effects and the rhythm of the plot. From the portrayal of the original work, Lelouch’s leadership ability is very strong. Even if the second brother used the truth of the death of a chicken and duck to instigate the black rider against the water, it is simply that the concept of controlling people’s thoughts is too strong. In fact, The black knights believe in Lelouch in general. As a ZERO, Lulu Xiuwen can draw big cakes to talk about ideals and play politics, and Wu Neng plans battles and arranges logistics. This is in sharp contrast to Lelouch’s age and identity, and strengthens his charm. (You see, although Cornelia is fierce, it is only in combat ability, not a real handsome talent. Even the strongest character in this game, Suzaku, will be a bit different in front of Lelouch’s various playful tactics. Foolish) The combination of identities as revolutionaries and tacticians directly exploded Lelouch’s charm. Because revolution requires violence, leadership, planning and organization. Otherwise, others will think that your revolution or reform is just empty talk (no one thinks that reform does not require violence, right? No, no, right?). So why is it that many people at Lelouch think he is in second grade at most, but many people in Suzaku think he is naive. Because Suzaku does not emphasize his worldview and political ideals in this work except for being able to fight, Suzaku said that he wants to be the first knight and then directly govern Japan, so that the Japanese can get a status, but what will happen next? ? (After all, this idea is not Yu Fei’s ideal, you can see the answer above for details) After all, can Suzaku as an anti-bone king really become the first knight directly under the jurisdiction of Japan under normal circumstances? There is no portrayal in these original works, but as far as the original portrayal of Suzaku is concerned, I think it hangs. In the final analysis, Suzaku is just taking one step at a time. He has a strong adaptability and tactical imagination and execution power that exceeds Lelouch’s, but he does not have a convincing righteousness and ideal. And Lelouch can take one step and see a hundred steps (just to talk about the feeling created by the work, in fact, the political portrayal of CG looks decent on the whole, and the details are indeed about the same). Finally, let me talk about the personal charm of Lelouch’s daily life. Compared to Lelouch’s political ideals and professional ability, this is indeed a relatively simple thing, but as a work that also needs to sell skin and flesh, Lelouch has nothing to say. First of all, the troubled prince, a slender and handsome man, knows everything very elegant. First of all, this is very Mary Su but it is really useful. In addition, after Lelouch’s difficulties, although he was able to be arrogant and full in the second grade, he was also very down-to-earth in his daily life, and he was also a person who cared about his friends. On the surface, I feel that many people around me are just pawns and can be discarded at any time. In the end, I will be moved by those who really treat him well. Although many people criticize a devastating campus plot that is too small, it makes me think that the layout is too small, but I think that every academy drama makes all the characters fuller, which contrasts with Lelouch, Suzaku, Karen and even Mi Lei. The fate of Nina and others. If you were born in the peaceful world of Lelouch’s ideals, everyone should enjoy all kinds of high-tech conveniences, spend a leisurely life in the college and use high-tech to benefit the world-Lelouch fills out reports and plays computers, Suzaku Karen is responsible for bombing mountains and repairing roads, while Nina studies controllable nuclear fusion. Is this uncomfortable? In particular, the appearance of Lelouch, who is weak in disease control, and the appearance of the noble son is actually an honest person, which in turn reflects the cruel destiny of his tragic revolutionary and military strategist. Finally, I also said that CG is really good, but it is really good, especially the character image. I also told us that you don’t need to care about pulling too much, as long as your good places are good enough, no one will know your pulling. CG is the end of the broadcast. After a few years, people who once thought it was good began to discuss its pull (those who felt that the format was small from the beginning, we will not discuss it), don’t you think it is an original animation Is it really too fierce? The network manager insists that there is no CG pull in the place, but the biggest problem with the network manager is that the roles of Kaji and Roucun are indeed inferior to Lelouch and Brother Kao. Kaji and Roucun are definitely not inferior to Yunyun and Kao in terms of expressiveness. They are also working hard in the network management, but the role tension just can’t rise, essentially the upper limit is locked. Lulu Xiu alone is better than these two. What’s more, there is also a three-surnamed domestic slave Red Bird who has been able to talk about it for a long time, and other big-ticket dramas that are not too informative but not a small supporting role. To put it bluntly, the charm of CG is the same as Lelouch’s personal charm—extreme, but elegant, and not just mere talk, but it’s particularly cool in a place that should be grounded and cool. Although I did a lot of silly things and stupid decision-making, it was harmless and made the whole work (characters) more complete and real.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

“When people shout heroes, they don’t know that the real hero has fallen.” All Hail Lelouch. After fifteen years, I’ve been mature enough to see Lelouch for the first time. Its plot unfolds wonderfully (there is no such a strong impression for the current animation), the fast-talking mechanical battle terminology and the circuitous and euphemistic lines make people really a bit laborious and hard to think, but it is undeniable that it has brought a series of ups and downs. . By the end of the finale, I didn’t cry out (perhaps because I had already known the result). The death of Yuffi is the most shocking part of the whole story and it is also the turning point of the story, which corresponds to the ending of Lulu. When you finish watching or even watching the second time, you really have to sigh that it is a work of God, no matter from the perspective of brilliance, shocking point, humanity, charm value of characters, painting style and aesthetics, Lu Luxiu will never fall the curtain of the times. From now on, I will always cheer for Lelouch. Although I still couldn’t empathize with Suzaku until the end, even though the mechas on the battlefield and the sand sculptures on the campus were not the main points that made me scream, it cannot be denied that Lelouch is a very well-completed animation, especially It is the tragic writing that sublimated the theme in an instant. To die surrounded by thousands of people, to die under the blade of a confidant, to die as a martyr without regrets, to die with all grudges, to die with a smile, is the most beautiful death ceremony, it is cruel, romantic and lonely. I really like the role of Lelouch. I opened this animation a few years ago, and maybe I will love him like Ye Shenyue.

6 months ago

What I like the most about L.L. is mainly in resourcefulness. He is different from other general protagonists in that he is an intellectual player. They don’t have much combat power but they can win with excellent resourcefulness. Regarding the end of the second part. The wishes of L.L. and Suzaku are not simple, and it is difficult for Brutania to truly accept District 11. But if a common enemy appears at this time, they have to go hand in hand. The situation is different. L.L. has become this common enemy and has promoted the unity of the people. With the joint efforts of everyone, the devil is defeated by the hero. There is no more beautiful script than this. As long as you sacrifice one L.L., you can exchange for the finale of the other people’s family fun, which is too profitable. Concentrate all the contradictions on one dead person. This hand is so wonderful, it may even have such a plan from the very beginning by agreeing to Suzaku. I personally think that L.L. is not a good ruler. He does have the talent of a good ruler, but he does not have the heart to become a ruler. If it wasn’t for protecting what he loved, he would rather be a bad student in school and stay with Nanaly forever. In addition, there are some views that do not agree with others. In order to save Nanali, he gave up the victory, because Nanali is LL. It is all his hope and motivation to live. The loss of squareness in this place is forgiven. More real. (I just lick it hard) I don’t think it was L.L. who incited the people and asked them to die. Sacrifice on the road of revolution is inevitable. He is guiding the resistance and maximizing the use of power. He is leading the person who wants to resist, not involving the unrelated. L.L. did not betray his relatives, and people like Suzaku Karen still loved him. There are some people who don’t know the truth of the matter at all, so they hate L.L., they don’t know the sacrifice he made to the world. Finally, the whole article uses L.L. instead of Lelouch. This is the name given to himself by the resurrected L.L.. She blushed a little after he told C.C. Here is the biggest hint given by the director. If L.L. says that I love you, it would be too plain and dull (though it seems very exciting to think about it) and it does not fit his personality. Juehuang’s over-interpretation series [I unify the format of my name with you, I am willing to put aside the identity of the first half of my life, give up my past, and the future will only be with you.

6 months ago

Lelouch is an extremely real image, the second in high school, the ideal is great. In other dramas, the male protagonist is often omnipotent, or extremely useless but everyone likes it, or relatively useless but high in luck. Lelouch is just a smarter but weaker person. Lulu Xiu is a high school student. Although he is relatively thick and dark, he also has the brilliance and innocence of high school students. Compared with the inexplicable obsession of the male protagonist in many dramas, all his actions are acceptable and recognized that he is zero, and he is also Lelouch. He kills people like hemp, but he reaches out to the poor people who are being bullied on the street. He is naturally intelligent and resourceful and unparalleled in the world. He is so sporty, he may only be able to beat a cat. He hates Bretania and vowed to destroy the country. But he has also been confused, even molested Karen and got a slap in the face. He readily accepted Yuffi’s request for the founding of a nation, and hoped to create a new era together. But after Geass got out of control, he used Yufi to massacre Wu hundreds and shot and killed his first love. He thinks everyone is just his pawn, but he is not willing to hurt Suzaku, and the school must be protected when attacking Tokyo. He has no love, but he was heartbroken when Xiali was killed. He wanted to use a strategy to kill Lolo, but he would protect Lolo when there was a real danger, because “Brother (Lelouch) always lied” he hated His own father, but after killing his mother and killing his father, he discovered that the world was wrong, and he could only correct this world as an atonement. He loves his sister deeply, and he said at the end of the first season, “If there is no Nanaly, then what is the point of changing the world”. But in the end he chose to betray Nanali, detonated a new type of weapon, and carried out an indiscriminate mass killing. The biggest advantage of “Lelouch of the Rebellion” is the contrast/reversal, and these contrasts/reversals are reasonable. Former teammates and partners—Karen, Nanali, and the Black Knights finally came to their own opposites. Former enemy Dr. Lloyd, Nina who loves Yuffi, and Suzaku, his best friend, went to his side when he was in high school. With family, friendship, love, everyone trusted and trusted him to become the emperor, he has nothing. He betrayed everyone and turned away from the world. He used to be gentle on Nanali, Xiali, Karen, the president, and Suzaku. Now, he will be gentle to the world. Nanali, this is my gift to you. I hope you like it. May there be no disputes in the world. All hail lelouch!

6 months ago

I remembered a sentence: “It’s easy to succeed in drawing, but it’s hard to succeed, it’s easy to keep it, and it’s hard to keep it.” Lulu Xiu destroyed the world and recreated the world, but he used deception against the Black Knights, and blood flowed in the resistance (Lulu, who had just become king, was completely in the image of the dark monarch), so he , To get the world, but he is not suitable to govern it. It is not lack of this talent, but the resistance of the people, the undercurrents of forced obedience, and the overly tough political methods. Lulu Xiu was born the one who lays down the world, and he played this role. Cut off all the thorns on the road to fight for the crown, and send him an ideal future for his sister and the people of the world.

6 months ago

Capitalist society can only imagine a superhero to solve fundamental problems that cannot be solved by its values ​​through the concept of hero history. This is true from Bruce Wayne to Clark Kent, not to mention Lelouch. You can see that in the face of major historical crises, the Japanese always selectively use “war deterrence” as an insurance for the development of peace. Basically, it is a routine of Japan’s post-war peaceful development route. They all seek development while avoiding history. This is the ceiling of Japanese thinking. They can’t think of other ways to avoid wars that go to extremes. But if history is not a commandment to face the future, then it will inevitably repeat the same mistakes. Many works such as Gundam define this as: “human stupidity”. Actually not at all. It is the stupidity of elitism. They take it for granted that the common people are stupid, but they don’t educate them. Many idealists do not follow the mass line and are scammed, believing that human beings are stupid, and then use extreme starters to solve problems or destroy the world. If you die, you have implemented your own correctness. If you don’t die, it’s a naive idea of ​​”Teaching humans a profound lesson about PTSD, you won’t do it again.” The logic behind it is based on the set of liberal values ​​under Western-style private capitalism-the emergence of free competition inevitably makes it impossible for competitors to help each other. Help them lose their dominance. Without help, the profit of a few will inevitably bring harm to the interests of the majority. Therefore, we see that their stupid methodology is actually the “least worst” method they can do. Mature Chinese never think about problems in this way. An atheist cannot expect an existence beyond human beings to place hope in it. The first kind of detachment focused on the individual is idealistic and wishful thinking. Second, if a powerful existence is separated from the masses, it is impossible to represent the interests of the masses-from ancient emperors to capitalists to dictators. It is outdated and unreliable to pin one’s own personal interests and happy life on Xianjun politics. Not to mention the agency politics under capitalism. Back to Lelouch. Lelouch’s superb performance of his personal mind is also superficial, and it is impossible to think about it. The audience only needs to have the vague concept of “he is super strategic” to measure. And without the death of chickens and ducks, it is basically impossible to promote. And the “power” of the death of chickens and ducks is the bridge that the Japanese are used to-always relying on special power to gamble. Then power is always uncontrollable-the naive greed and irresponsible use of power by the Japanese is of course uncontrollable. Then he thought he could control fate but promoted the Olympian fatalism of fate. The half-knowledge about power either ran away or got out of control, which eventually led to Yuffi’s death and the break of his friends. So Lulu Xiu’s tragedy is, on the one hand, “the world’s fault” and on the other hand, it is also his own tragedy. He doesn’t believe in the people, so he can only use the zero totem to fool the people. The performance of the mask). In essence, although he sympathized with the proletariat, neither he nor Schneizel escaped class limitations. So he can only promote peace in a way that gives the dog a hard time to remember. The sacrifice in this way is himself. As a result, there is no use for eggs. In the end, I thought that if the chickens and ducks control Schnezer’s own hands, everything will be fine or naive-Schnezer became a puppet like the emperor of Japan, Lelouch was executed for playing Tojo Hideki, and militarism disappeared. Up? Do you believe it? The Gundam series of Risheng has been shown to you. If you don’t face the lessons of history and solve the problem fundamentally, then the war will recur. Because war is a continuation of politics. Most of the protagonists of Risheng Animation can only be the fire captain. Become Sisyphus in the practice of the old democratic revolution. It can be said that the real tragedy of Lulu Xiu is super-dimensional. In Japanese animation, a slightly deeper topic of discussion will eventually make the character tragedy due to the limitations of the real world and the author. From the tooth of the sun to the legendary giant to the z-Gundam. Even Eva and Giant are the best proof. It is precisely because this kind of discussion gradually becomes more and more meaningless with the loss of the Japanese economy. If it is meaningless, it can’t move people’s hearts, so you can’t be too serious. “The people are the masters of the country” and the development of productive forces are the inevitable path of history. Watching Lelouch under this premise is simply watching the fatalism of Olimpus. can watch. But be aware of his limitations and entertainment.

6 months ago

I personally think that what Lelouch is very valuable is that he created a new era and finally chose to delegate power. He did not choose an enlightened monarch or force deterrence. Instead, he let the super-United States with democratic factors inherit his legacy, even the theater. After the resurrection in the version, it no longer interferes in secular politics. This is to “entrust the future to the people”, which is much better than managing everything “the king will bear the whole world”. Why do we have to expect a god or king to rule the people? Can’t the people pursue their own future and happiness by themselves? Lelouch gave the name of zero to Suzaku. He was definitely not asking him to be a unique talent. Lelouch concentrated his hatred on himself to let the world negotiate, reconcile and unite. The world is the world of ordinary people, and the future is They were created by ordinary people one by one, and Lelouch himself did not regard himself as a superior “god” or a natural “king” in charge of everything. He could be an enlightened emperor like the emperor, but he did not. He gave the future of the world to the people, and he was willing to be a martyr who ended hatred and contradictions and created the future. He has all the abilities needed to be a good “king”, but he will reflect on and rebel against this world where only the “king” can decide everything. Because “imposed goodwill is no different from maliciousness.”

6 months ago

Lelouch started out as a demon king. For revenge and for Nanali, he created the Black Knights and put on a mask. He did a lot of deeds against the people, but on the way to revenge, he also lost A lot of important people, after the loss of Xia Li, Rollo, was denied by the Black Knights, and mistakenly thought that he had lost Nanaly, he was desperate. But after understanding the truth of his father, his reason for fighting was already for the future of the world. He chose to be the enemy of the world and bear all the crimes, even for this reason, to Nanaly, just for the future of the world and the hope of people. With the pursuit of happiness, he died under the sword of Zero. Wearing a mask, Zero became a hero and was remembered by people, while Lelouch was recorded in history as a sinner, but he was not miserable. He completed the transformation of his mood. , Finally realized his ideals and established a world with a future. He is great, not miserable. Some people say that the second-and-second young man controlled by sisters, but Nanali was once the driving force for his survival, moving forward. The reason for this, Nanali is of course more important to him than everything, and this is also more able to set off his determination to abandon his personal affair with Nanali in the end and fight for the world. Regardless of whether the process is correct or not, he is a great hero in the result.

6 months ago

There are two perspectives on this question. From the eyes of anime fans, Master Lu is a complete human with superpowers, but in the people’s one-sided understanding, he is more like a god who can bring miracles. I think the best leaders in the hearts of the people should be close to the people and for the sake of the people. Unfortunately, as mysterious as Lulu Xiu, it is estimated that they can only be hated by the people. Judging from the results, Lulu will be a great leader. But the process is very yellow and violent… the people will not like it…

6 months ago

The ending is really to turn the tide, from a severe secondary patient directly upgraded to a heroic ending. At the end of the anime, CC said after Lelouch’s death: “This is not a tragedy.” There is really a feeling that the dust has settled, and the dawn of hope is ushered in. The suspense of the “carman” is also very wonderful, but it is a pity that I borrowed it later. The derivative work of Code Gease, the IP, is in short supply, and there is no higher intention.

6 months ago

The role of Lelouch does embody leftist values, but it is too naive. The essence is street politics. Why is he naive? Because his roots of human inequality are still the “vertical” division of society in the context of capitalism such as race and identity. So he was not destined to be a revolutionary, and at the same time, he also decided that the ending would still end in the ugliest way of “class oppression”. This is also the fundamental reason why there are so many speculators in Lelouch’s team, and at the same time, why they can’t be attracted to the “running dog” like Suzaku. Speculators want to make a profit, which is the so-called “gm achievement”; Suzaku also follows the “bureaucratic system”, and you can only promise to give you what you have now in the future, and I will become a “horse man”, you What can you give me. In other words, they are all available under the current system, but it is only a question of whether they can be obtained. Can’t give “new things”. As long as these things remain in Lelouch’s eyes, no matter how much power he can unite in the end, the essence is to “divide the spoils.” The promises are things that are now available but not available. If we use the analogy of reality, we think that the opposition in capitalist countries, Suzaku, will go through parliamentary struggles, or reform within the system. Lulu Xiu just went to the streets to fight, pulling up the “Huangshan Army” and “Black Shirt Army” to pick things up. In the end, the ruling party collapsed, and the street powers like Lelouch came to power to form a ruling coalition. They found that these people were even less influential and immediately divided. They had no choice but to engage in “cold officials” to carry out a “rule of terror” and return to the old form of oppression. No problem can be solved at all. It can only be said that the screenwriter’s vision is not enough, or that he is just writing “The Prince’s Revenge”.

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