Talk about the standard before writing. Although the word “difficulty” was added after the word “ceiling” in the question, I think it would be better to get the answer without adding it. Because the difficulty of evaluating hardcore scripts is one of the most important factors, pay attention! It is by no means the only factor. For example, if it is purely based on the volume of the pile, or a lot of cases that are not closely connected, it may be more difficult than reducing one case/a certain volume. But when it comes to playability, it might be better to cut some of it. To say this is to criticize many hard-core reduction scripts that don’t know how to “do subtraction”. On the one hand, in order to be able to write a few more, on the other hand, because the top-level inflection and the top-level beneficiation difficulty are the former’s dimensionality reduction blow to the latter, I separate the inflection and the benevolence and write each one I’ve played. The top three in this book. Changing the ceiling TOP1 “the past” first talk about the background: I have played 200+ books, mainly playing hard-core reasoning, and generally go to the famous books to play, so far no hard-core script can match. All players who have played the past also put it in the hardcore first echelon, most of them ranked first. Let’s talk about the content (no spoilers): 6-8 hours or so, 6 hours should be enough for a tighter rhythm. The link includes ice-breaking exchanges, multiple murder cases with tactics, narrative and trick restoration and reversal story restoration. The whole script is well-designed and the difficulty increases exponentially with the links to fullness. The only point of deduction is that some characters in certain links are marginal, others are perfect. Final advice: Players who do not have a perfect restoration or a basic restoration of “Annual Rings” should be cautious in entering the game. TOP2 “Archive-Glass House” first talk about the background: the boxed hard core ceiling, even if the city limit and exclusiveness are included, I can rank second here. Except for a few players who were forcibly disgusted by the suspected plagiarism in the first two murder cases with tactics, the players who played around basically ranked it in the top of the box. There is also one who thinks it is the ceiling. My personal opinion on plagiarism is this. First of all, I read the original work. It is actually not the same. It has been revised to a certain extent. Even if I read it, I might not think it was this. Secondly, 99% of players I think they have never read the original, so playing does not affect the experience. In the end, when our car was playing, there was no way at all. The timeline alone caught the killer. In a sense, the place that represents the “suspected plagiarism” is actually not that important. You can rest assured to try it. Let’s talk about the content: 4-5 hours, perfect script structure (more than the past, the hard core I have played so far is the most perfect structure, can use such a short time to achieve the ultimate difficulty + reversal, although the sparrow is small and complete), the core trick Part of it is extremely difficult, not like the restoration of the piecemeal story, but a very compact and large timeline. The first two benign dishes and the final story restoration are also very exciting. Final recommendation: the same thing as in the past. TOP3 “Zhou Gong’s Travel Notes” first talk about the background: in fact, when facing the word “hardcore ceiling”, I think of “The Past” in the limited school and the “Glass House” in the box, and my brain is blank. There are many that I think are good. If you look closely, they are all in the original style, and it is impossible to head-on with the change list in terms of difficulty. In the end, Zhou Gong, who has a higher voice among the old players around me, came into my eyes. I often heard them rank “The Past” and “Zhou Gong” as well as the “Sage’s Stone” I haven’t played yet in the top three, but I Personally, I think it’s still difficult to tie in with “Once Upon a Time”, and the difficulty is one level worse. But it is true that there is no other person who is qualified to grab it, so put it here. Let’s talk about the content: 6-8 hours, it can be solved within 6 hours. It is very different from the first two top ceilings. The difficulty of the first four cases of Zhou Gong is decreasing, and in the end there is a climax part that should be very difficult. Due to the simple method and the fact that there will be such a long time ago. Because of the link, the difficulty is not so big, so you will feel that this book is easier to play, and in the end, you thought it was very difficult, but you also quickly found the answer. There is a feeling of fist hitting cotton. I think the structural design is above average. The first four cases make people feel a little stitched and there are only two suspects in each case, which makes it difficult for you to make a mistake. However, the first two tricks are still good, but unfortunately it is too much of a player’s configuration. If he can’t work, it is likely that everyone will not work. Final advice: As long as you are a hardcore enthusiast, you can try to play, even if you don’t understand the disc, you can fool the murderer, which is very experience (no). Codewords are tired. When I finish playing with Axe Off tomorrow, I will send out the top three in this case. Many other answers mentioned the prestigious Off and 713. I happen to be playing this week and next weekend. I will take a look at this when the time comes. Can the two squeeze into the top three of my book, hardcore, there are more books with good book than with change, and the competition is still fierce.


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6 months ago

Many inferences are of different types and cannot be compared in general terms. The hard box reasoning book mainly has the following modes. Narrative and deductive mode: “Holding Axe Off”, the core design of reasoning is time and place narrative. Enhance the suspenseful tense atmosphere through the deductive link, and reach the suspenseful tense experience felt by the reasoning player. Manipulative puzzle mode: “Seven Secret Chambers”, the core of the reasoning is a logical chain of manipulative puzzles, and the truth of the story is restored through layered methods of decryption, reflecting the suspenseful exploration experience. Immersive story mode: “Yuxiang”, the core of the reasoning is the reasoning of the relationship between the case and the characters (that is, the confession meeting of the script killing). The suspenseful characteristics of reasoning are presented through the immersion of the story and the reversal of reasoning. Logical thinking mode: “The Fourth Wall”, the core of reasoning is to achieve a reasoning experience of finding reasoning bugs by reasoning and restoring through continuous cases or thinking modes.

6 months ago

For the hard-core ceiling, let’s talk about a few big nuclear tricks. The most commonly used technique for a drama in a nuclear trick. What is deceit? When you enter the house, the moment you enter the house, a companion The huge scam of the game is quietly born. When you resume the game, you think about the feeling of extreme fear. I think it is the feeling that every hard-core book dm likes to see. “Sun, Moon, Starlight and Shadow” Here is a big nuclear trick series Xi Under the Lost Flame Moon, Shali Ye Qianwan Star, Death Light Haunts Yuxing Ghost Shadow, the five-part nuclear trick is that there is no problem at first glance, carefully recalling that it is all the unknown special killing methods that will no longer be awarded the special merits. Is it a dream or a real monastery? We have been chasing the truth and never stopped. This series will never get the truth, but the beginning is a hard core book of nuclear sly riding faces. “Retrospect” on the understanding of time and space travel and the correct way of thinking. What this book talks about time and space travel is incisive and incisive. It is difficult to draw the line. It is a hard core book that is difficult and difficult to calculate. “Hua Zhaobi” is a big exclusive. I really remember this book. The depiction of details is really subtle to the extreme. Auditory, visual and tactile. Put these things in the script in the form of words, will you still notice that “Scarecrow” is a hardcore book under the name of emotion, an old DM who has been working for two years, advises that it is completely closed when six days are in progress There are few clues in the script. The four deceased’s extremely complicated killing tactics are worth you. 6-10h+ “Budapest Hotel” Song Ge, not many people are ruthless, the ceiling of the European-style script, the writing style, and the delicate characterization , Vivid, in terms of the difficulty of reasoning, it is medium and upper. It is not boring and motivated. The final interpretation is the finishing touch. I personally think that the three methods are medium and high-end, and it is also a pretty good European-style script. I opened a hard-core notebook every time I drive a car, there will be one or two, come back and tell me about the dream and murder in real life hahaha, brain-burning +reasoning method, it is worth playing for players with a higher number of books, good notebooks

6 months ago

Just talk about the first five no5. The sci-fi restoration of Zhougong’s Travels is ingeniously set to restore the murder and the murder is pushed and restored at the same time. Very hearty game experience no4. A relatively heavy drama of “Axe Oufu” is not a lot of nuclear tricks. It’s great, but I have three dolls in my car, plus a regular problem of learning photography plus a perverted problem. I took the replay and finished it in four hours and 20 minutes. It feels a bit worth the fare no3. “713” 》I don’t like Lolet’s secret room, but I really like Lolet’s original. The story is very smooth and comfortable to play. The difficulty is within a reasonable range, but it’s a bit similar to Ove. I played 713 first. The husband thinks Off is a bit worthless no2. “The Past” took six hours to restore the world view, but the experience of this id is really bad because it is too boring to create a bug and then round it back is the original I can no longer find bugs anymore. After playing, I just want to say the author nb. The author of the past is very greedy and wants to squeeze every player no1. Please look forward to a mountain higher than a mountain

6 months ago

The ceiling also has to be divided into people. For example, myself, there are no more than a hundred scripts, but 70 or 80 scripts. But in terms of hard-core reasoning, the summary is: whether it can be launched has nothing to do with how many scripts have been played. Some people can easily launch after playing two or three, and some people have played almost a hundred and should not be able to push it out. Still can’t push it out. The ceiling is really hard to say, but some classic hard-core reasoning scripts can be recommended. For example, “Annual Rings”, “Wood Xi Monk’s Play”, “Archives: Glass House”, “The Chamber of Bliss” and so on.

6 months ago

NO1. Crime House 2-Axe Ove is called the “ceiling” in the current Bengue reasoning script by industry insiders. It’s no exaggeration to think about it. All-IN Studio’s production must be a boutique. Their crime house 1, the challenge order issued that year, has driven crazy friends who love reasoning, and everyone who has played it that year knows. And this newly released Axe Ov, it deserves to kill all hardcore reasoning scripts on the market now, with a degree of difficulty far exceeding seven secret rooms. A typical narrative trick-type script, with layers of nested puzzles, is bald and enjoyable, and the large number of details in the process of writing makes people get goosebumps. Ofe is a script that broke the fourth wall. There is no direct shock during the game, but the blending of reality and the script and the psychological pressure make people think about it, and it will be memorable for several months after the game is over. The kind of amazing! It is recommended that hardcore players all come to challenge! NO2. The seventh suspect’s super classic hardcore reasoning script is very difficult. There cannot be a hang-up in a car of players, otherwise there will be nothing at all-that is, there is no soy sauce. Moreover, the plot is reversed and then reversed, which will make the little friends who like reasoning climax in an instant… NO3. Seven secret rooms In fact, I think that the seven secret rooms are not hard-core reasoning books, but hard-core brain hole books. However, many players who like hardcore books regard the Seven Chambers of Secrets as masterpieces, and this script is indeed quite difficult. So it is in the top three, and there is nothing wrong with it. NO4. The more popular hardcore reasoning script of Mu Xi Seng’s drama, although it is not a narrative trick writing technique, the core trick is indeed hard enough, the technique is hard to think of, it is extremely friendly to the murderer, and there is no real hammer evidence. It is necessary to carry out the common thinking of “numerous small antecedents and consequences” leading to the last “big antecedents and consequences” in order to find the real technique and the real culprit. Moreover, Mu Xiseng is one of the few hard-core reasoning scripts with a mechanism, which is really good! Highly recommended! NO5. The House of Crime 1 His Royal Highness Coffee Cat is indeed one of the few outstanding authors who insist on the reasoning of this case, so it is reasonable for the two crime house series to be on the list. The crime room 1 also has certain narrative tricks, and the core tricks and tactics really blow up the sky. At that time, it was hailed as “the strongest basic reasoning book in history.” Although with the development of the script-killing industry, Crime House 1 is no longer the strongest existence, but it is still one of the must-play scripts for players who like hard-core reasoning. NO6. Fog Crow Hall is a relatively popular hard-core reasoning script. Micro-terror + secret room + narrative trick + core trick, the four major hardcore scripts should have all the elements included. The script does not have a marginal soy sauce role, so you can choose the script at random, because the murderer himself does not know that he is the murderer and has to play with other players. It is indeed very good, the price of the boxed book, the quality of the city limited book! The public account “Ju Feel”, from time to time, promotes various city board games, script kills, escape rooms and other strategies. Gather Feel-“the young people’s social life circle in the same city”! Come here to do things with half a million young people! There are many humorous friends who love life waiting for you! There are fun activities organized by various party masters and trendy event parties waiting for you to participate! Here are young people’s exclusive eating, drinking, and fun stores waiting for you to explore! You can also post various fun activities and organize your own interest team circle here! Have fun with interesting people~

6 months ago

Chi Ao Fu is really a good product in the hardcore book. The process of uncovering the author’s tricks step by step is really cool. It feels beyond the script to kill, and the complexity of the brain burn is more like a movie, step by step. I think it is “Miracle of Wine”. As for the reason.

If in this original mechanism mode, you can restore the story soberly and win the victory. Those who listen to the host’s replay. Whether it is IQ, EQ, or courage. Must be a first-class capable person in life.

6 months ago

“The Ring” in the Great Detective is absolutely hard-core brain-burning! Generally, it may take 20-30 hours to play continuously. Fortunately, the online book can be archived and finished in several times~ The plot is also very touching, the experience is particularly good, and there is a feeling of intent after playing!

6 months ago

2021 hardcore script killing personal ranking (purely personal preference, subjective evaluation based on personal experience): Seven Secret Rooms 2026 Glass House, Briar, Abyss, Sky, Moon, Sally Leaf, Wishing Xi and Lost Flame, One Hundred Craftsman, 1 Hundred Craftsman, 2Die Away Annual Ring, Virtual Game, Sky House, Welcome to Firs Street, Zhou Gong’s Travels, Promised Land, Suspect No. 7 Double Body-Jung Line Arkham Syndrome Muxi Monk Play

6 months ago

As a cute newcomer, I want to ask whether the running team is harder or the script kills harder, and then I am going to play softer ones like “Liz Bolton Picking Up the Axe”, “Axe Ove”, and “Seven” The Chamber of Secrets, the Seventh Suspect, and the Museum of Tricks are all very hardcore

6 months ago

Zhougong’s Travels. . It can only be said that Ben’s structural frame is very clever and cannot be considered a ceiling
The Sun Moon Star series has a lot to do with Tarot cards. Knowing how to play will make people want to touch the next book. If you don’t know how to play, you can only use it as a normal book experience
Off is also a very cleverly conceived book. As long as the book is solved in the first few points, it will become more and more energetic in the back. Six hours is not too long.
When can you try Yueluowa, the structural frame inside is also very ingenious, which will surprise you when you resume

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