Our physics teacher is a special grade teacher, and also serves as the head of the grade department. Every time I see an unerased blackboard, he will kindly ask, “Which classmate is responsible for erasing the blackboard?” After the classmate in charge of erasing the blackboard stands up a little shame. He would smile and hand over the blackboard eraser, and add, “Thanks for your hard work today!” The English teacher is the head teacher, and the few clever ghosts sitting in the front row will get up the moment she enters the classroom. Wipe the blackboard clean. A Chinese teacher can understand what it means just as a representative of the eye class. The biology teacher is a bit menopausal, as long as there are other teachers’ handwriting on the blackboard, he immediately droops his face down: “No class today, you do your own questions, come and ask if you don’t understand.” Then he turned and walked back to the biology office next door to the classroom. The chemistry teacher likes to read: “You talk about the blackboard in your class, but no one wipes it. I don’t know if it is for me or every class. The blackboard in Class 15 is bright and bright, your pearl class Students are not as good as others in the experimental class.” When a classmate vigorously wiped off the marks left by the previous class, she still did not forget to pinch her nose and vomit: “If you wipe it slowly, I won’t eat you. Look. Look at the end of the chalk on this podium. If I have bronchitis, you have to pay to treat me!” The math teacher is young and handsome, witty and kind. He won’t even wrinkle his brows when he sees the messy blackboard. He is very knowledgeable and not only does he wipe the blackboard clean himself, he always talks to us about the content of the previous lecture on the blackboard. The humorous words often make us laugh. The students like math teachers the most.

I usually first ask whether the things on the blackboard are used up. Sometimes the homework left by the head teacher, the sample questions copied by the students have not been copied, and they are left there on purpose. If you wipe the child, you have to borrow other students. You will be criticized if you can’t borrow it. It is not a good feeling for me to be a subject teacher to go to a class and let the child be scolded. In this case, I only use the whiteboard. If the student on duty really forgets to wipe it, I usually wipe it by myself. After all, the bell is ringing. The children wipe it so slowly that it is impossible for everyone to wait for him to wipe the blackboard. He may need to wipe it for five minutes. Teachers have different ways to deal with this kind of thing. Old teachers usually ask students to wipe it directly. Sometimes it’s not because of being up high, but because of frozen shoulder, which makes it difficult to lift the arm.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

This is completely a trivial question that no one cares about. Isn’t it all about “Who wipes the blackboard today, come and wipe it?” Or point to a classmate next to him and say, “Will you help wipe the blackboard?” Or just pick up the blackboard eraser yourself. rub.

The above three methods appear randomly, none of which is good or which is not good, and wiping a blackboard is not a problem for students or teachers at all.

8 months ago

In fact, in the handling of this matter, the difference in the age of the teachers can be clearly seen. Teachers over 40 must say: “You wiped the blackboard.” Younger teachers will silently pick up the blackboard eraser and wipe the blackboard clean. This also reflects some subtle changes between teachers and students in the school. I remember when I was in school, whoever was assigned by the teacher to wipe the blackboard would be unable to pull it: only I can move this blackboard eraser, and I will yell at anyone who dares to move it. The first thing after class is to wipe the blackboard. I was the most anxious for the teacher to delay the class because it delayed me from work. I can’t wait to drag the teacher down and tell him to shut up quickly. I’m going to wipe the blackboard, lest the teacher comes in and finds that I’m incompetent in the next class, so I’ll be replaced. Now the students are different. If you assign him to work for a week, he may forget about it for four and a half days, and you remind him of that half day. The specific reason: the bigger one is because the status of teachers and students is equal. The teacher gives the students the arrangement order, the students can choose by themselves, and the classroom and needs are student-centered. What I said when I was small is that the teacher’s control of the students has been changed to the big principle. I don’t know if you have noticed some activities that belong to parents and students, unless they are forced to let parents and students do it. The big difference, I think this is a manifestation of the professionalization of teachers.

8 months ago

It depends on the situation and the specific problems are analyzed in detail. If the teacher who was in the previous class dragged the class, just wipe it after the get out of class, and let the students go to the bathroom. Before erasing, please confirm whether the content on the blackboard can be erased, and whether most of the students have already written them down. If so, it is recommended that the remaining small group of students can borrow them from the students who have already written down all of them. , Or take a photo with your phone. If the last class ends on time, or this is the first class, ask the students on duty to come up and wipe the blackboard, and when the students on duty are erasing the blackboard, randomly order a student to recite the ancient semester that they have learned in this semester. Poetry or classical Chinese (also randomly checked), if not able to recite, continue to randomly order the next student to get up and recite, and finally penalize all students who cannot recite to copy 10 times.

8 months ago

This question reminds me of junior high school, real people and real things. Let me talk about a few features: 80s, Shandong, junior high school classrooms, bungalows. Teacher M, a Chinese language teacher, found that the blackboard was not cleaned after entering the classroom. He was very angry and asked who was on duty and why he didn’t clean the blackboard. V, a student on duty that day, said that when he met a teacher, he asked to hand out homework (or test papers, because I couldn’t remember the specifics because of too long time), which delayed erasing the blackboard. So when Mr. M was angrily cleaning the blackboard by himself, the class was very noisy and everyone was talking. When he turned around, he suddenly made L stand up and said that he heard L scold him. Student L was sitting in the middle of the classroom, four or five rows of desks from the podium. In such a noisy environment, only L was the only one scolding him. At that time, everyone was in a very confused state. In fact, L didn’t scold him at the time, and everyone around him could prove it. It was even a question of whether to speak at the time. Teacher M let L go out angrily, but L naturally refused. He didn’t say a word or scolded you. Why should he go out? (For this teacher M, the classmates in the class have a very ordinary impression, according to the current words, it is called pretend 13. This teacher M once had a similar incident, a classmate A offended him, because nothing can be remembered now At that time, A was also asked to stand at the door, and he said in front of the class that he would not allow A in his class in the future. Student A wrote a review and sent it to his office and apologized. The whole class knew this. It happened.) It was around 2000. At that time, the students were afraid of the teacher, so classmate L went to the door and punished him. Since it was the last class in the morning, it was very sunny near noon. Before, a male student in the class was punished to stand at the door of the classroom. It was summer when he fainted and knocked his head due to sunstroke. Student L stood for a long time, but didn’t see Teacher M coming out. The more he thought about it, the more angry he got and he left. On the second day, there were two Chinese lessons in a row. Teacher M, the Chinese teacher, let L go out as soon as he enters the door. L stood up and asked Ms. M angrily, why let him go out. Teacher M said that he would not let L in his class in the future. Of course, L did not agree and stood still and did not go out. The classmates also felt very angry, but no one dared to speak. There was a stalemate for a while. Teacher M said that if L did not go out, the class would not go to class, and when to go out and class. With this sentence, some students in the class have changed, especially those who have studied well. They are saying that they shouldn’t go out first, so as not to delay everyone’s time. The classmate sitting behind L quietly wrote a note and passed it over: Forbearance for a while, calm down and take a step back. L had no choice but to stand outside the classroom again. Within a few minutes, another classmate Z came out. L asked him why he also came out. Z smiled and said nothing. Then classmate V also came out, and now L understood. The three of them stood outside the classroom, basking in the sun and chatting, and almost got melon seeds and mineral water. After a while, another classmate came out and said that Teacher M asked him to buy bread, mineral water, and ham. Said that Teacher M was trembling with anger and asked him to buy food for himself. Note that this is class time. Teacher M sat in front of the podium if there were no other people to eat. He didn’t remember that there were three people standing outside to bask in the sun, and the class was not going to go. With the company of classmate Z and classmate V, L felt that time flies too fast and left the first class before talking. During the break between classes, the class next door has a better relationship, and the friends who love to watch the excitement come to eat melon under the heat. Because the classroom at that time was a row of bungalows, with an open space in the middle, with bicycles, and a row of classrooms next to it. Whatever the class is, the nearby class can eat melon while sitting in the room. Teacher M is an acting personality. When there are too many people, he feels confident enough to eat and drink. He has to bring three people to the office of Vice Principal Y. The three of them didn’t go anyway, they had to wait for the class teacher to come. So, some students in the class went to the teacher’s office to invite the head teacher. The teacher S, the head teacher, was late in wearing a small black leather skirt. At this time, many classmates had gathered. The hobby of eating melons has been cultivated since childhood. It is the first time that Teacher S has been a class teacher, and his children are also very small. To be honest, I really don’t know how to manage this group of students. After listening to the interpreter of the classmate Chigua for a long time, the head teacher said to the three people a life-long memorable sentence: In this case, you can follow Ms. M to the principal’s office. The three of them were extremely disappointed, and their original hopes were directly extinguished by those words. I didn’t go to the office before because no other teacher knew about it. I called the head teacher because I wanted to have a testimony. At this time the class bell had rang, and Teacher S dismissed many other students who had eaten melons and moved small benches to maintain order in the class, and stopped following the three to go to the principal’s office. In this way, Mr. M arrogantly escorted three helpless little quails to the deputy principal’s office. Principal Y is the older vice principal in the school. He takes care of all sorts of things, and the students are more afraid of him. After entering the door, Ms. M felt that his home court advantage became more obvious. He sat down on a chair and told Principal Y that such students must be expelled, ah, ah, a lot. Aside from excitement, he patted the table and said that the louder the sound, as if this could show his anger and ability. Principal Y has been on the battlefield for a long time, absolutely old world, no matter how old he is here, he has lived for most of his life, what hasn’t happened? Principal Y interrupted Teacher M: Teacher M, please go back first. At this time, Mr. M didn’t notice the slightest disgust of the principal, and he was still teaching the principal what to do with selflessness. Principal Y felt 10,000 horses galloping past, so he almost said that you are teaching me to do things? Ms. M was not given a chance to continue performing, and he stifled a performance dream that might win an Oscar for best actor. Principal Y was a little unhappy, and the consequence was that Mr. M was driven away. The three little friends have now become comrades in a trench, standing together in the office shivering. Principal Y was still angry after sending him away. He completely forgot about Teacher M who should be standing on the podium at this time. He turned around and said to the three people another unforgettable sentence: I probably understand what happened, and the person who needs to tie the bell is necessary to untie the bell. . The meaning is summarized in one sentence, that is, you still have to go to class and study hard. Don’t have any conflicts with Teacher M. Write a review to Teacher M and send it to you. That’s how it passed. In this way, Principal Y asked three people to return to the classroom to study. The three of them filed out from the office. When passing by with a teacher, he heard the teacher say something to Principal Y: The Education Bureau called several people. Report teacher M to corporal punishment of students. As soon as Principal Y heard it, it was okay. The three of you stopped for me and came back. Who made the call, didn’t you make the call? L bravely stood up and admitted that President Y was the one who called, and I also asked several friends to call. Principal Y said helplessly to explain to the Education Bureau, you should go back first, study hard, and stop calling. It turned out that after school the previous afternoon, L returned home and did not tell his parents. Instead, he quietly made a few phone calls to good friends of the same grade and asked several people to report Teacher M to corporal punishment of students. In fact, after only two or three phone calls, the operator said impatiently that he knew, no more calls. After the three people came back from the office, the classmates in the classroom were studying on their own, without a teacher. Later, teacher S, the head teacher, called the three people together and asked Principal Y about the result. Tell the three people to write the review carefully and hand it over to Ms. Classmates L and Z naturally refused to write. Only classmate V wrote a few lines eloquently. The troublesome class representative passed it to Teacher M. According to the class representative, Mr. M was very angry and tore it to the trash without seeing it. Up. L and Z are thankful that they did not write that false so-called review book. At this time, L also knew the reason why Z and V were also driven out of the classroom by Teacher M: Z because he couldn’t stand it, stood up and asked Teacher M why he was doing this, as a teacher, why he treated the students like this. Teacher M asked Z: Did you make you speak? Who made you stand up? In this way, Z also stood outside. Classmate V felt that this matter was caused by him. Naturally, he had to stand up and compete with Teacher M. So not long after Z came out, V also came out. The first sentence that came out was: I will come out to accompany you. . Since then, this incident ended with Teacher M tearing up the review book. The three of them were strangers to Teacher M. In his class, those students who did not study well in the back, why did they love to do, no one resembled him anymore. I was so scared of Teacher M before. No one needs to write a review letter or a guarantee letter in exchange for the opportunity to attend class because of the continuous penalty. In the same way, it also makes them tired of learning, which shows how important a good teacher is, and how a teacher with a personality different from ordinary people will have an impact on students. One night after many years, L passed by the school gate and saw my teacher M. The one who walked with his family in front was a child about three years old. Teacher M saw L and quickly walked forward and picked up the child and walked in. School gate. L pulled out a sneer at the corner of L’s mouth, without speaking. It is the teacher who should be grateful. Fortunately, the students at the time were more honest. Now, what happens if something like this happens? The impact of this incident on the three people is still quite large. Their academic performance has been declining. V went to an ordinary high school, and gradually less contact; Z went to the city No. 1 middle school; the L of the partial liberal arts was the most affected. Yes, I went to a new high school that was only two years old. The harvest is that L and Z have become very close friends until now. This is a series of things that happen when the teacher enters the classroom and finds that the blackboard is not erased. After reading other answers, some turned around and left, some eased embarrassment, and some were humorous. In life, there are all kinds of teachers, and not all teachers can be good examples. I don’t want every teacher to be a good teacher, but I hope every teacher is worthy of his career.

8 months ago

The first section is the class teacher’s Chinese class. The always serious head teacher came in and saw the drawing on the blackboard. He actually smiled and ignored it… Even when he wrote on the blackboard, he deliberately avoided the one I drew. Picture. During class, the student on duty went up to wipe the blackboard. I thought it would be wiped off, but he only wiped off the writing on the blackboard of the Chinese teacher, and the picture still stayed in the upper left corner of the blackboard… the second English class , The English teacher also retained it. Strangely, during this process, the two teachers didn’t even make a joke, as if the painting didn’t exist. Until the third math class. The math teacher’s blackboard script avoided the painting at first, but when the entire blackboard was filled with writing, he said, “I erased this painting” before erasing the painting. The embarrassment that I was about to explode in place was finally over. I have never told anyone about this, even after I was finally with the girl, I never told her. I remembered it again today, and I wrote it out and sighed about my lost first love and youth.

8 months ago

Don’t panic when you encounter everything, first ask politely and kindly remind (who is the student on duty today?) the student will understand in seconds, then the student on duty rushes to the podium, holding the blackboard eraser, and the operation is as fierce as a tiger, leaving me in front of the podium. , Watching the chalk dust falling in the sky sometimes, I also ask, who would help the teacher to wipe the blackboard clean? At this time, there are always enthusiastic and kind students who stand up and bravely take on this important task. I got a satisfactory solution. Of course, sometimes, I will also set up a small administrator in the class to arrange special classmates to manage the big and small affairs of the class. The monitor is the general manager, a good helper of the teacher, and a good partner in the hearts of the students. Play a leading role in the class and belong to the core device. The remaining class cadres belong to the auxiliary device to assist the monitor in managing the class affairs. Therefore, I have set up a library corner administrator, morning and afternoon meter check administrator, and sanitary corner administrator in the class. , Blackboard administrator, podium administrator, disinfection record administrator, sanitary area administrator, plantation administrator, dining order administrator and other positions through the setting of these positions to allow more students to participate in class management to form themselves The sense of ownership of the class and the setting of administrators can also give many students who have not very good academic performance the opportunity to exercise. To be honest, the number of class cadres in each class is relatively small, especially for elementary school students. It is a student who has a poor learning foundation. He may not have the opportunity to manage others from the first to sixth grade. Therefore, the identity of the administrator can let them feel the importance of themselves to the class and also let them know that no matter what they do, they need to pay. Time and energy, patience and perseverance. Another thing that I am more disgusted with is the dragging behavior of many teachers, which has affected the teaching work of the next class and the old mathematics teacher (retire next year) that I set up in the class. Almost every class is dragged for this reason. The classmates with poor kidneys also conveyed their parents’ opinions to me, and hoped that I would persuade the math teacher to dismiss class early (the math teacher is my leader, and I can only let the students talk about the situation to the math teacher). Of course, the math teacher is still The boy in the past had no change. This deeply affected me who took over. As a result, the class bell rang, and the math teacher opened the closed classroom door and slowly packed things to prepare for the end of class. So, I had to say a word. On the blackboard, students who want to go to the toilet hurry to go to the toilet. In this regard, I want to say that as long as the teacher who drags the hall shows a little love, the world will become a beautiful world. So for the blackboard that was not wiped because of the drag, of course, I chose to forgive them, otherwise, what else? In addition, I reviewed my own teaching work. It seems that there are not many blackboard writings nowadays, because nowadays, the classes, free speech, seewo and other software are very convenient. Various resources are also abundant. For my language, As far as the subject is concerned, it is enough to guide students to extract the key parts of the PPT that I gave, so there are not many opportunities for me to write by hand. Of course, some subjects do have a lot of notes, then I will ask the students that the copy on the blackboard is finished. The classmates who haven’t finished copying raise their hands and take a look. I will ask the students to wipe the blackboard. Those who haven’t finished copying will ask the students with amazing writing speed to borrow the excerpts if most of them are not copied. After that, I have to erase the beginning part of the blackboard or the stitches, because I don’t take a lot of notes, so generally these tricks will work. Finally, I want to say that if the blackboard eraser is not erased, it’s not worth our anger. After all, There will be a lot of hot topics in the future. For example, Little A who loves to talk, Little B who loves to make small movements, Little C who loves to draw on books, Little D who loves to give up himself, Little E who loves to eat snacks, and That little F who fell in love with the toilet in class, in contrast, you will find that if the blackboard is not wiped, six words floating in the sky are all trivial!

8 months ago

The steel teacher entered the classroom and found that the blackboard was not cleaned, and asked the students on duty that day to go to the penalty station outside the classroom.

The Maize Master came in and found that the blackboard was still not cleaned, so the students on duty at the penalty station returned to their seats, saying that they had been wronged.

The medal teacher entered the classroom and found that the blackboard was still not cleaned. He picked up the chalk and started writing on the blackboard. The students below began to take notes seriously, pretending that the blackboard had been cleaned.

8 months ago

Nowadays, the multimedia blackboard eraser is generally used in class. It has little effect. When I encounter the content of the book, I will wipe out an area by myself. If you really care about erasing the blackboard, then make a list. Before every class, a student will help you wipe the blackboard clean. You will not affect the mood of giving students a lesson because of a small matter. As a teacher, you should never put yourself on the glass heart, let alone put yourself on the altar. Your purpose is to preach and teach the students to solve puzzles, not to be worshipped. Students respect the teachers who can teach them knowledge by precept and deeds.

8 months ago

I usually ask~ which one is on duty today~ hurry up and wipe the blackboard~ but I still remind one thing, remember to wipe the blackboard after class. Because we use water-soluble chalk to write on the blackboard, we must wipe it off with a wet kerchief. It will take a few minutes for the blackboard to dry after wiping. It will delay everyone’s time if we wipe it every class~ But it’s okay to forget. Wait for the blackboard. During the working time, everyone reads the text, or memorizes something, or just talk about the completion of the homework yesterday. It turned out that when the old-fashioned blackboard was used, I wiped it by myself. I never thought it would be a problem…

8 months ago

The first thing to distinguish is whether you want to start your class and it’s still in between classes: What are you doing so much that interferes with your class? No matter how messy the writing is, and no matter how ugly the characters are, it has nothing to do with you… It’s already a class bell: of course it’s a reminder to wipe the blackboard on duty! If you think it doesn’t matter if you keep it, just don’t care. If the student says it is an unfinished note, take a photo with the phone and copy it later. (Who came to ask this kind of question so magically…)

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