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Don’t listen to their hot chicken answers. Most of them are agency accounts. Just read a press release and you will mislead others. I don’t understand the actual situation of the industry at all. Just listen to me. First of all, this assumption. If you can’t enter Tencent and NetEase, then you may not be able to choose from other homes, so you can’t make this assumption. In the game industry, we default to planning, because if it is a program and art, there is no need to make a game. 1. Tencent’s four core studio groups, Tianmei, Photon, Rubik’s Cube, and Northern Lights. Let me briefly introduce it. Tianmei’s revenue exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars last year. It is the most profitable studio in the world. Recommend J1, J3, L1, L2. J5 is on the sidelines. Photon, only recommends the studio that eats chicken, and also does not recommend the League of Legends mobile game. Rubik’s cube, only recommended Hokage’s studio. Northern Lights, not recommended. There is also a release line, which is too big for newcomers to good projects. btw, the above items, except for the Naruto intensity, they are all very tiring. 10106 is very common. However, Tencent has a big pot of rice, which I will introduce later. 2. NetEase NetEase can basically be divided into: mutual entertainment and thunder fire. The relationship between the two is not so harmonious, so thunder fire is thunder fire, mutual entertainment is mutual entertainment, and data is not connected. Go to NetEase for planning. If you go to a new project, you only have a basic salary before the project makes money (unless the studio has other projects in operation). If the project goes online and makes money, then you will be divided as a planner (human master). To a respectable monthly award. Then some people will ask, can I just go directly to the project that has already made money? Naive, a considerable part of the coefficient of the monthly award is historical contribution. The old planners are mostly because they came at the beginning of the project. The historical contribution is very high. For example, the fantasy mobile game product is recruited by your school. The old planner A monthly bonus of 50,000 to 80,000 yuan a month, and you have to start with 1,000 yuan and work for 2-3 years before you have the opportunity to touch 10,000 to 10,000 yuan. So, either go to a new project to do a good job, or go to the old project to gild and learn experience. 3. Miha Tour planning requires high academic qualifications, not lower than Tencent NetEase. It is best to have overseas study experience, and there are few pits. The advantage of Mihayou is that apart from the days when the version is released, overtime is generally not used, which is relatively rare in the Chinese game industry, and the company atmosphere is also very good. If you can go, give priority, and now the gold content is relatively high. As for bringing projects, just think about it, there are not a few projects in total. 4. Lilith’s signature works, Awakening of Nations, AFK, warpath. Xiaobingbing is a legendary company that has made a lot of money overseas. The intensity of overtime work is low, and planning is still required to work overtime, which is not as easy as stated on the Internet. But the money is not generous (only for social recruitment, school recruitment is not clear), I like to cultivate people by myself instead of digging people, and management is basically cultivated internally. If you can go, give priority. However, Lilith’s outsourcing team is more valuable than the planning team, but the money must not be as high as the planning team. Please measure by yourself. In addition, don’t be fooled by AFK’s 1.9 billion dividends. This number, as long as it is a successful project, many companies can be assigned this number, it is not an exaggeration, it is just a good publicity. 5. There is no expectation for the year-end awards of Youzu.com, please listen clearly, there is no expectation! As far as I know, the year-end bonus is more than 10 months, only once! And there is a high probability of big changes. Signboard works, less than three. 6. Xindong.com mainly started as a publishing company in Japan and South Korea. I used to be stingy about giving money. Since the CEO said it, it is indeed more generous. Most of them can be opened and no competition agreement is signed, so it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But Xingdong has the problem of opening people during the trial period! You can think about it if you want to go. 7. A masterpiece of stacking paper, love and producer, warm and warm. For husband and wife companies, overtime is not serious because of non-project construction period. The mouth is generous, so why are the people in Lian and He Nuan Nuan almost dug out? It’s just an idea, everyone can observe for yourself. 8.37 Mutual Entertainment Guangzhou’s leading game manufacturer had a poor reputation in the past, but it has indeed improved in recent years, and the money has been more generous. The work rhythm seems to leave early on Wednesday and Friday, and there is a high probability of weekends. Overall, it’s not bad in Guangzhou. 9.4399 memories of childhood. Big and small weeks, management is chaotic. Everyone joked that the year-end award was less than 4399. Suitable for people who don’t have a better choice. 10. Tap4fun Huayang Jobs is famous. If you are interested, you can inquire about it. Signature works: the era of barbarism, the day of victory. Coordinates in Chengdu, income is regarded as half a person in Chengdu. The real master in Chengdu is Tianmei L. There is a serious brain drain, so recruitment is more active and prices can be negotiated, but the projects are more embarrassing, and the ones that are still making money are old projects, and new projects are difficult to determine. 11. TOEIC is a company whose boss is more famous than the company. Signature work: Shenwu. Mr. Xu was born in a dream and was a half-talented system planner, but from time to time he would make some show operations to shock the industry. The company’s culture is weird and money is not small, but the room for newcomers to grow is relatively narrow. One of the four kings of Guangzhou. 12. Fun plus SS, KOA, GOG three King Kong, one of the overlords overseas. Generous, very generous, good at people, and a double mouth, a problem that can’t be solved without money. However, the recruitment of schools has only started in the past two years, and it is still based on high-paying talents from other companies. Only recommend kings studio. 13, Mutong Southeast Asia overlord, mobile legend bangbang, everyone knows. It is speculated that the revenue is also an excellent product with a monthly income of 100 million US dollars. It was acquired by byte 5 billion dollars (including options), and now it is going to expand each track. Newcomers can consider joining for their dreams. 14. Perfect veteran powerhouse, coordinated in Beijing. Addicted to buying volume, long-term operation can be said to be one of the best in China. See you, Zhu Xian has been around for so many years, the best-selling list is still not low, this is not just the role of ip. Just after the press conference, I took a lot of IP, and wanted to recruit people on a fast track. Considering that the perfect stock has fallen for half a year, is it time to buy bottoms? Newcomers are more recommended,


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7 months ago

After graduating from NetEase in 2009, he returned to his hometown in the next 12 years and entered Xishanju. Talking about my experience, I can give some advice to the younger students who want to enter the game industry. Tencent and NetEase are not as difficult to enter as you think, but it is difficult to sign Tencent and NetEase. I got the NetEase offer at that time, but the first time I signed a labor dispatch contract with a foreign service company, and then re-signed Hangzhou Langhe Technology Co., Ltd. Most of the big factories have signed dispatch agreements. The so-called equal pay for equal work, the salary is similar, and the salary is different. For example, if you can’t get the stock, you can’t get the year-end bonus equal to the company. The first thing I thought about was the perfect world when I came back. I had never heard of Xishanju before. After Perfect World still signed a dispatch with me, it gave up. Xishanju and Jinshan directly signed the contract, and later transferred to Xishanju Shiyou, which is regarded as an employee of Jinshan. During the period, he got the stock gift package distributed by Mr. Lei. You can also enter the head office’s annual meeting list, such as the Jinshan 30th Anniversary Lottery (the grand prize was for 30 Xiaopeng cars) 3. The big factory helped gilding. After 3 years in NetEase, the job search was very smooth after returning. After that, there were still many small headhunters who came to add me to WeChat, even if I haven’t updated my resume in N years. The most pleasant surprise during the period was that when I was stimulating the battlefield project, Tencent contacted me, but finally gave up because of my work location. 4. The work intensity of the second and third tier companies is not as high as expected. Xishanju is a good company. Although the salary is not as high as T1, the hourly salary is definitely not low. Why? Our department generally does not work overtime. Overtime is paid according to the labor law. There is no so-called blessing. 5. The relevance of work place and salary is greater than the relevance of position. After returning to his hometown, it was not until 15 years that Sheng Management returned to the salary that he received in NetEase. But the comfort of life is definitely more comfortable in the hometown.

7 months ago

I don’t know if the subject of the title has already been hired, please add and edit it, I hope it helps! Personally, don’t spray if you don’t like it. Welcome to communicate. If you don’t know what topic or occupation, I will start with the game planning perspective! Because planning is different from the positions of art, program, and operation, the needs are actually completely different. The only core pursuit of the following dry goods planning is the experience of large projects. The monthly flow is basically broken! But products with a monthly flow of more than tens of millions will keep you cool for a long time! ! The better the project, the more the planning value can be doubled. And those who can provide this level of product experience and are willing to give fresh graduates a chance, to be honest, there is no chance, and even the opportunity can be auctioned! The following is the company recommendation, because Tencent NetEase is not considered, so it is not included in the recommendation. Bytedance ohayoo’s main business: leisure products, mainly buying items, because ohayoo is similar to voodoo, helping cp buying volume to issue intermodal transportation, but there should be self-developed internally! ! You can look for opportunities in this area. As for why Byte is put at the top, it is mainly as a challenger. Byte does have capital. Or you can find a developer cooperating with ohayoo, I think this is very reliable! Skip if you don’t like it. Mihayou’s big sales this year has directly pushed the Mihayou brand to several levels. If you can join the job, it is also very good! Before the rise of Lilith Mihayou, the new nobles who attracted a lot of attention, the legend of the blade tower, the sword and the expedition, and the awakening of the nations are all in their hands. You know that Sanqi Mutual Entertainment’s domestic revenue is second only to Goose Factory Pig Factory. Maybe the project strength is not easy to say, but the company is very strong. Why does station B push station B? Because the insight of station B is really strong, and the quality requirements are not low, if you enter the development, you will definitely get good project power. The final summary: the nature of the game industry is still the content industry. Just looking at the company and not looking at the project is just playing around! ! Good project ability can become the endorsement of your ability. Therefore, both the project and the company have to weigh. Tucao: Next time you have this kind of problem, I suggest you state your position and position. And now I’m considering bringing the project, it’s a bit early. After all, the main strategy does not have 3-5 years of experience and no chance, and the producer requires successful project experience. The stronger the project, the more popular the producer position.

7 months ago

Now is 2020, dare to rank the gold content of offers from major domestic game companies. The ranking is mainly based on the difficulty of entry and the degree of recognition after exit. Ranking mainly from a program perspective. (Although the other answerers are right, the project team is indeed very important in the game industry, but in most cases, fresh graduates have a P bargaining power over the project team) Some comments mentioned using IP to produce It is not reasonable to distinguish between companies. I thought about it and it is really not reasonable. Let me put it another way: In general, for the following companies, T0 is the bookmaker, T1 is the challenger, T2 is the enclave, and T3 is temporarily unavailable. Those who have a clear direction to break the situation, or downstream industries. T0: (Super big factory) Tencent (the best comprehensive gaming company, and if you want to jump to the Internet in the future, Tencent’s endorsement is also full) NetEase (the only domestic company that dares to play self-developed engines on a large scale, the actual technical strength may be Above TX, but most freshmen may not be able to accept it) T1: (First-line offer, after coming out of this, most companies in the industry are willing to give you an interview opportunity.) Ubisoft (although the level is uneven However, due to the extremely high ceiling, most companies are still willing to take a high look.) Perfect World (complete business line, not low ceiling, wins in the basic market stability. Although it may not be as good as ZJTD, MHY, etc. in isolation, you If you go to other big factories of the same level, the product may fail after a few years, and Perfect can still maintain its status as a big manufacturer in the foreseeable future) Mihayou (regardless of market and prospects, selection criteria and accessible technologies Absolutely first-line) Lilith (mainly in foreign markets, not well-known outside the circle, but the scale and quality of personnel are considerable) Byte Beat (the same as Miha Tour, although the prospect is unknown, but the selection criteria are very high) T2: ( The members of Dachang Club, although there is a significant gap with TXWY, it is equivalent to stepping into the threshold of chatting and laughing with them. If fresh graduates can enter the following companies, they will basically get the minimum pass to all companies, and then jump to TXWY. Will not be dismissed) Shengqu (Shangda that continues to decline, but has a tendency to rebound after renamed and reorganized. Recently, it entered the cloud game and the overall technical accumulation is still deep. It is expected to return to T1 and return to the peak is basically hopeless, but it can go to perfect benchmarking PS: The difficulty of entry is not too high, and the price/performance ratio is ok) (When I write this answer, Shengqu is facing the industry’s red sea to achieve amazing growth, and also has “Dragon Valley 2” and “Qing Yu Nian” in hand. The trump card did not play, and the first-line and second-line projects, I did not expect to cool down so quickly, and embarrassed to the point of deciding freshmen. The original description will not be revised, and it can be regarded as a testimony to history. In my personal opinion, a company should not dare to have two consecutive games. The job of abolishing fresh graduates in 2009, unless it really doesn’t want to be on the road in the future; therefore, students who have already got an offer don’t have to worry too much about another wave of layoffs this year, but I personally don’t think much about the future development of Shengqu, but Don’t look bad, you may become a vassal of Tencent, live a small life in your own ecological position, and withdraw from the world competition. Of course, no one can say this, you can judge for yourself) Xishanju (because of the earliest game studio in China) Special status, even if the revenue is cut in half, Xishanju is still considered a big factory, and its feelings and recognition are MAX. PS: If you need an internship, you can consider Xishanju’s SEED, the difficulty is not high, and the dry goods are full) EA (EA and Ubisoft itself) It should be the benchmark, but the Chinese branch is too stretched) Candle Dragon (the ceiling of a domestic stand-alone machine, because there is no other talent in the category of stand-alone machines, there can be a sweeping monk in the Candle Dragon) Chuang Meng Tian Di (the reputation is relatively ordinary) , But the treatment and selection standards are not low, students who are willing to learn can go in to seek growth) Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (although there are black materials, but they have been sitting in the third position in the country for a long time, and they will always give the bottom employees a few It’s dripping with soup. No Looking at it so far, I still recommend going to several other companies at the same level, which have a higher degree of recognition) (remind! ! ! This is not a popular question. A wave of people came to Amway 37 about 7.15. You asked me if I was a navy army? I don’t dare to take this responsibility. I just think that it happened to answer this question together in those two days. For a company in Amway, the probability of this being a mere coincidence is too low. I don’t know much about the specific situation of Sanqi. I suggest that friends who are looking for a job are cautious and wait and see.) FunPlus (a big family with a big business and a strong foundation, but I heard that the political environment is not good, and I’m tired of fighting in-house. At present, it is suitable to brush a wave of resumes. Leaving) Suzhou Folding Paper (According to the comment section, the treatment and technical ability of folding paper are indeed okay, but the game type is not very mainstream, so it is not recommended to be born in this year, and the reputation is relatively general) Lingxi Mutual Entertainment (a relatively special company) , Fengwei Department, and because Jack once said that he would not engage in games, the company’s sentiments are simply negative. But anyhow Ali endorsed, other than that, there are no other highlights. Students who come to the game faith do not recommend it. I heard that there is The boss looks down on the game from the bottom of his heart. Those who want to make money can go (but if you just want to make money, why not go to the Internet?)) T3: (Most of them are middle factories and declining nobles. With the work experience of these companies, fresh graduates have enough to go up. Possibly, but it also needs more personal strength and hard work) Gigabit (it is said that the selection criteria and remuneration have been very high in the past two years. In recent years, it has suddenly begun to exert strength in the old game factory. A family-owned company with a relatively generous owner, and a family-owned company. All the advantages, high welfare, high execution, good atmosphere, but also all the shortcomings of family style, middle-level bloated inaction, feudal paternalism. These advantages and disadvantages seem contradictory, but they are not. The specific performance depends on the stage of the company. And the life stage of the core decision-making level) 4399 (remuneration and standards are relatively general, but the company’s overall revenue and prospects are expected to be among the major manufacturers; at the same time, the popularity of 4399 outside the circle may surpass many of the above major manufacturers, which can be used as a springboard) game snail ( The technology and product quality are good, but it seems a little weak in recent years? You can wait and see. Giant Network (Although the decline has been shown, but the overall management and culture of Giant still has the possibility of launching some fine products and new products. If there are more explosions, or There is hope for a comeback) Youzu Sohu Changyou (continues to decline, it’s okay to go in and scan a wave of resumes before you breathe, it is not recommended to stay for a long time. Now Sohu, the market value of the entire group business plus one piece is not comparable. Forget it, it’s not black. He is) Xindong.com Zilong Virtuos (as an outsourcing company, the lower limit is actually quite low, but as a French gangster company headquartered in Shanghai, the upper limit is actually not bad) winger (although it has almost completely declined, but The reputation in the arena is still there, and the price/performance ratio is also good springboard) tap4fun (the selection criteria and treatment are still high enough, but the influence is too small) IGG

7 months ago

Don’t go to Shengqu! Don’t go to Shengqu! Don’t go to Shengqu! The lesson of blood! Last fall, I successfully got the offer, and when I graduated and started this year, I was told that I was laid off. There was no reason and no compensation. How can I find a new job after losing my status as a fresh graduate? Niuke.com like me searched a lot. This company is destined to end, and one or two can be glimpsed from the recent stock price.

7 months ago

Personally recommend Mihayu and Lilith. Apart from Tencent and NetEase, they are the game companies that students consulted the most. The game company depends on the project team. The more powerful the company, the more cost-effective the work. According to the latest data, in the ranking of China’s mobile game publishers by revenue in February, Mi and Li ranked third and fourth respectively. Players vote with their feet on the strength of game development. 1. Miha Tour. Since the popularity of “Original God”, Mihayou’s revenue has exceeded 5 billion yuan, and its revenue has doubled year-on-year. It has become the world’s fastest-growing mobile game manufacturer and its future is unlimited. But as of March 5, Mihayou has not announced his spring recruitment plan, and it is estimated that he will have to wait for some time. 2. Lilith. Masterpiece “Sword and Expedition” and so on. At present, Lilith Games has opened 2021 school recruitment supplementary enrollment and 2022 spring recruitment internship, covering dozens of positions in the fields of art, distribution, product, and technology. According to official sources, interviews will start in mid-to-late March, offers will be issued from April to June, and there will be opportunities for regular summer internships. Regardless of growth space, corporate culture or treatment, these two are highly recommended!

7 months ago

Shanghai Miha Tour Miha Tour was established in 2012 by three students from Shanghai Jiaotong University, mainly producing animation games. The collapse series is Mihuyou’s main product, contributing more than 90% of the company’s revenue. In addition, “Yuan Shen” is also creating new revenue for Mi Ha You. 30 days after its listing on September 28, the “Yuan Shen” “God” has become the world’s highest-paid mobile game, attracting US$245 million in 30 days, or approximately RMB 1.6 billion. Mihayou Dachang’s position is stabilized. Lilith Lilith was established by IDG Capital in March 2013. CEO Wang Xinwen graduated from Nanjing University and was originally a planner of Tencent Northern Lights Studio. Just one year after its establishment, Lilith released the mobile game “Legend of Little Ice Bing” (formerly known as “Legend of Dota”) with the highest running record in 15 years, shocking the industry. Because of the lawsuit with Blizzard, Lilith dormant for a while. In 2016, Lilith launched “Sword and Homeland” and was once again touted to the altar. Since then, Lilith has also established a research and development strategy specializing in overseas markets. Later, “Sword and Crusade” and “Awakening of Nations” were successfully launched in the European and American markets. Lilith has also become a leading global manufacturer. In January of this year, Lilith surpassed FunPlus and NetEase and once again topped the overseas revenue list. Lilith’s main games include “Sword and Expedition”, “Legend of Little Soldiers”, “Awakening of Nations”, “Sword and Homeland”, “Abi”, “Lost Island” and so on. Sanqi Mutual Entertainment Sanqi Mutual Entertainment started as a web game agency. After that, it quickly surpassed Shanda, Giant, Changyou and other mobile gaming giants through research and transportation integration + traffic operation (buy volume), and an earlier overseas layout. Game companies second only to Tencent and NetEase. The industry’s favorite to promote that they are third is probably Sanqi Mutual Entertainment. Bilibili Station B established a game center in 2013 and began to get involved in the game business. In 13 years, it was the agent of E’s “Diffusion Million King Arthur”, and in 14 years, it was the initial success of Mi Huyou’s “Benghuai 2”. After that, it was the exclusive agent. After the two-dimensional mobile game “FGO”, and the follow-up “Azur Lane”, the name of the game company gradually stabilized. Folding paper game Folding paper game is a game company that mainly produces female-oriented mobile games. It has two main product lines, the “Nan Nuan Series” and the “Love Series”. According to the gamma data “Report on the Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises in the Global Mobile Game Market in 2019”, the paper folding game ranks 20th. More than 80% of the revenue of the paper-stacking game is concentrated in the two games “Sparkling Warmth” and “Love and Producer”, and the total turnover of the two games exceeds 1 billion yuan. Giant Network Giant Network Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Zhengtu Network Co., Ltd.) was established on November 18, 2004. It is a comprehensive interactive entertainment enterprise integrating R&D, operation and sales with online games as the starting point for development. One of the Seventh Factory Tour, the Journey Series, Ball Battle, etc. are its mainstay products. In addition, the Pascal contract issued on the iOS terminal earlier this year also won a lot of praise for the giant. Zilong Games, a subsidiary of Shanghai Zihao Information Technology Co., Ltd., is the Zilong Shanghai R&D Center established in April 2016 by Shen Lihang, the general manager of Sohu Changyou Southern R&D Center, before the investment by Zilong Games. Its Black Jack Studio has launched “Dream Simulation Warfare” and “Second Galaxy”. Xindong Xindong founder Huang Yimeng, after selling VeryCD, transformed into online game development. In 2011, Xingdong agency released “Shenxiandao Page Tour” and achieved a huge amount of sales. After that, it transformed into a mobile game and released “Shenxiandao Mobile Game” in 2012. TapTap was launched in 2016. According to the prospectus, as of May 31, 2019, the cumulative number of registered users of the TapTap platform has exceeded 45 million, with an average monthly life of over 16 million. The existence of this “mobile game Douban” has greatly strengthened the heartbeat. The right to speak in the game industry. TapTap’s domestic agents distribute products such as “Said Sword”, “Aish”, “Going to the Moon”, etc., which are independent games that have both reputation and money. Therefore, Xingdong has become one of the leaders of domestic independent games. Youzu Youzu was founded in 2009, the founder is Lynch, and the company is positioned as a “light entertainment supplier”. Developed a number of games with revenues of more than 100 million including “Juvenile Three Kingdoms”, “Angel Era”, “The Emperor”, “Goddess League” and “Pirate X Pen X”. Beijing Ohayoo (Beijing Bit Walk) is the flagship casual game publishing platform of Bytedance. It was established in January 2019 against France’s Voodoo. It has released more than 60 casual mobile games, many of which have more than 100 million products, and have already entered the market. overseas market. The main games “My Throwing Knife Plays Thief 6”, “Eliminate the Virus”, “National Drift”, “My Little Home”, “Little America Fighting the Landlords”, “Brain Hole Master”, “My Kung Fu Special Cow”, ” It’s a special agent to go up to a hundred floors” etc. Changyou Changyou is one of the seven old-fashioned terminal tour factories. The game division of Sohu Group began operations in 2002. In 2004, Wang Tao joined Sohu and led the game division. In 2007, he launched “Tianlong Babu”, and in December of that year he split the game division into an independent operating company and named Changyou. After that, the initial public offering was completed on April 7, 2009, and it was listed in the United States. “Dragon Babu” is Changyou’s representative work. In 2009, Sohu relied on this game to be listed on the Nasdaq. Today, Tianlong Babu still plays the main role of the company’s revenue. However, with the exception of Tianlong Babu, Changyou has not yet found a successor work, and the popularity of Tianlong IP itself has also declined. Zilong Games was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Beijing, with branches in Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul, and R&D centers in Beijing and Shanghai. Founder Wang Yi. Although Zilong has not been established for a long time, the games produced are very successful. Products released include “Yujian Qingyuan” (developed by Zulong), “Summoner of the God” (developed by the Age of Miracles), “Mainland of the Wind” (developed by Guangzhou Jianyue), and “The Legend of the Heroes” (developed by Guangzhou Jianyue) , Two-dimensional MMO “Fantasy Domain” (developed by Taiwan Legend Network), self-developed products include “Fantasy Simulated Warfare”. Palm Fun Technology Beijing Palm Fun was established in Beijing in 2004. Its founder Yao Wenbin. The main business includes mobile games and web games R&D, distribution, and operation and maintenance. Currently, it has more than 1,000 employees. There are many well-known IPs under Palm Fun, such as “The King of Fighters”, “Hatsune Miku”, “Street Basketball” and “Miracle MU”. Playcrab Technology was acquired by Palm Fun in 2013 for 1.739 billion yuan. It has two subsidiaries, Beijing Funwan Tiancheng and Tianjin Yiqu. The main products are “The King of Fighters”, “The Great Sovereign”, “Heroes of Might and Magic: Age of War”, and “One Punch Man: The Strongest Man”. Zhixingtong Beijing Zhixingtong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. The founder Tang Binsen (the controlling shareholder of Yuanqi Forest) graduated from Beihang University. In 2014, Zhixingxingtong was acquired by Chinese World Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. (actual controller Jiangxi Provincial Government). Zhixingxingtong has been based in overseas markets since its establishment, and its overseas game publishing revenue ranks among the top five in the domestic industry, and its leading position is solid. The company independently developed and operated a series of globally-released mobile games such as “Happy Farm”, “Imperial War”, “Clash of Kings”, “Clash of Queens”, etc., and operated “Magic Heroes” and “Miracle” as agents overseas. Games such as “Nuan Nuan”, “Love and the Producer”. Wenmai Interactive was established in 2014 and was acquired by China Mobile Games in 2018. Focus on the development of strong PK MMOARPG page games, mobile games and H5 games. The core members come from established game companies in the industry such as Tencent, Changyou, and Xishanju. Their team has developed the “Dragon Pulse Engine” for its own product development. The main products include “Blood Drink Legend”, “Hot Blood War Hymn”, “Slaying the Dragon”, “Thunder Overlord” and many other strong PK MMOARPG games. According to the prospectus, Beijing Wenmai will develop “Legendary World”, “Devil” and “Dragon Race” games in the future (authorized IP). Beijing Softstar originally belonged to Daewoo Information. In 2018, China Mobile Games invested 213 million yuan in shares, holding 51% of the shares. Equity, and obtained all the IP copyrights of Softstar, including famous IP such as “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, “Xuanyuan Sword”, “Monopoly”, “Star Volunteer” and “Angel Empire”. According to the prospectus, Beijing Softstar will launch “Monopoly 10”, “Legend of Sword and Fairyman 7”, “Legend of Sword and Fairyman: Nine Wilds” and “Xuanyuan Jiancang Zhi Yao” games. Le Element Le Element is a head manufacturer of match-3 games in China. It was established in 2009 by the founder Wang Haining. The original predecessor of Le Element was Pisces Interactive, which mainly developed social games (Facebook games). In 2012, it acquired Beijing Lefeng Creator and began to enter the mobile game market. In 16 years, Lefeng Creative was renamed the current Le Element. Since the launch of “Happy Elimination Fun” in 2014, Le Element has always occupied more than 70% of the domestic elimination game market. In addition to the local market, Le Element is also an early game company to deploy overseas markets. In 2010, Happy Elements Co., Ltd. was established in Tokyo to develop and operate game products for the Japanese market. The idol-growing game “Ensemble Stars!” Won the top of the Japanese iOS bestseller list many times. In addition, Le Element has also established a dedicated IP business team to develop related peripheral products, animations, music, offline performances and IP linkage based on the existing game IP. FunPlus FunPlus is a gaming company whose main market is overseas, headquartered in Beijing, founded by Zhong Yingwu in Silicon Valley in 2010, and currently has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. FunPlus is relatively low-key in China. After all, its main market is not in the country, but no one dares to ignore its status in the arena. It has been firmly on the top of the sea for three consecutive years. With the three games of “King of Avalon”, “Musker Age” and “State of Survival”, FunPlus has dominated the list of overseas income for 10 months in 19 years, and NetEase can only rely on “Operation Wilderness” and “Fifth Personality” to barely win Go back a month. Perfect World Perfect World was established in 2004. It is one of the seven factories in the era of mobile games, and it is also an established company that deployed the mobile game market and overseas markets earlier. In 2016, after the structural adjustment and capital changes were basically completed, Perfect started to launch a large-scale and intensive heavy mobile game adaptation of the ace IP, and achieved good results. Zulong Entertainment Zulong Entertainment’s predecessor was the “Zulong Studio” established in 1997. It has developed “Perfect World”, “Zhu Xian”, “Wulin Gaiden”, “Shen and Demon Continent”, “Swordsman”, etc., under its umbrella Owns the right to adapt many IPs of Perfect World, such as “Perfect World”, “Perfect World International Edition”, “Zhu Xian”, “Fantasy Zhu Xian” and other end game masterpieces. Reorganized from Perfect and Independent in 2015, focusing on mobile game R&D and global distribution. The main games are “Legend of Qingqiu Fox”, “Sword Love”, “Dragon Fantasy”, “King of Kings 3D”, “Kyushu Sky” “City 3D”, “Langya Bang: The Wind Rises the Forest”, etc.

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Shenzhen China Mobile Games is a major IP player in the industry. China Mobile Games was founded in 2009 by Xiao Jian, the founder. China Mobile Games is the only company among major domestic companies that takes IP as its core. According to the prospectus, as of the end of 2019, China Mobile Games has more than 31 IP authorizations and 68 own IPs, including “One Piece”, “Naruto”, “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, “Xuanyuan Sword” “, “Monopoly” and other well-known head IPs. Chuangmeng Tiandi was founded in 2011 by Chen Xiangyu, its founder. At the beginning, it was founded mainly as an agent of casual games, through the introduction of global casual games (such as “Angry Birds”, “Fruit Ninja”, etc.) into China , To form a large user base, and then expand the company’s distribution network, until now it has developed into a game company that integrates research and operation in parallel publishing and self-research, building online and offline user service systems. Dreamland’s self-developed games include MMO “Magic Baby Mobile Edition”, sports “National Championship Football”, and parkour “DreamWorks Adventure”, all of which have achieved good results. In 2019, Chuangmeng Tiandi’s self-research revenue accounted for nearly half of the total revenue of the game business. Ledou Games Ledou Games is an independent mobile game publishing company that creates Dreamland. It has successfully launched “Metro Parkour”, “Temple Escape 2”, “Monument Valley”, “Saint Seiya-Assembly”, “Dream Garden” And other well-known boutique mobile games. Ledu Games is good at refined operations and has accumulated a large number of users. Compared with the parent company, the subsidiary Ledu Games is far more popular than Chuangmeng Tiandi. The media mentions Chuangmeng Tiandi and most of them are named after the parent company of Ledu Games. Cool House Game Cool House Game was established in 2015. The founder Li Zeyang did some outsourcing of match-3 games at the beginning of its establishment, and later decided to make independent boutique games. After that, several successful products such as “Vitality Knight”, “Running the Bricks”, and “Everyone Hungry Restaurant”, which everyone knows, came out one after another, making the cool house game famous in the independent game circle. Among them, the ace product “Vitality Knight” has over 40 million downloads worldwide and has been loved by countless loyal fans. Guangzhou Duoyi Networks Xu Bo was funded by Jinshan in 2006 and founded Jinshan Duoyi. In 2007, it launched its first product “Dream World OL”. In 2010, it launched the turn-based online game “Shenwu” with the theme of Westward Journey. The Shenwu ip is still Duoyi today. Absolute core source of income. In 2011, TOEIC repurchased equity with eight times PE, separated from Jinshan, and was completely privately owned. TOEIC hit the market twice in 2016 and 2018, but both ended in failure. Being plagiarized from “Fantasy Westward Journey” by NetEase’s core product “Shenwu” and losing the lawsuit was an important reason for the failure to go public in 16 years. The company’s excessive reliance on Shenwu’s single IP is also a reason why the capital market is not optimistic. However, TOEIC is also developing new products, such as the sandbox game “Portal Knight”, SLG games “Dream King”, and “Nine States Tribulation”, and has already achieved certain benefits. Ali Games (Jiuyou) “I would rather starve to death than do games” Ali started the game in the most beautiful 2014. First announced the establishment of a mobile game platform, which was divided into 3:7 with developers, and then quickly released “Crazy Toys” and “Sonic Sprint”. Although they used Taobao to drain traffic, they all went online and died suddenly. In July 2014, Alibaba’s game agency “Warm Around the World” received a good response, and Alibaba therefore established a much-maligned e-commerce distribution model–that is, games serve e-commerce. In June 2014, Ali acquired UC and won Jiuyou, a mobile game distribution channel. In November of that year, Ali handed the mobile game business to Jiuyou. In 2016, UC Jiuyou officially changed its name to Alibaba Games to conduct corporate operations. In the same year, it acquired pea pods, continued to increase its mobile game distribution channels, and aimed to go overseas. In September 2017, Ali Games acquired Guangzhou Jianyue, and Ali finally started to make games. In 2018, with the help of Jianyue team, Alibaba Games distributed and participated in the development of a variety of games, including the strategic cooperation with Gaia Interactive Entertainment to release “Freedom War 2” and the “Martial Universe” hand developed jointly with Snail. Games, as well as the mobile game “Fire as a Song” developed by the agency, the game industry is finally on the right track. In 2019, the Alibaba Interactive Entertainment Division was formally established and launched the Lingxi Interactive Entertainment brand. Lingxi Interactive Entertainment is a brand used in self-developed and self-developed products of Alibaba Interactive Entertainment. In 2019, it released the SLG mobile game “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”. In the first month, the total platform turnover exceeded 60 million US dollars, which successfully opened up the Ali game that has been broken many times. situation. Thanks to the success of the game, Lingxi Interactive Entertainment entered the top 10 global mobile game publisher revenue list for the first time. Guangzhou Jianyue On September 26, 2017, Alibaba Entertainment announced the wholly-owned acquisition of Guangzhou Jianyue to establish a game business group. Guangzhou Jianyue was established in 2011 by former NetEase COO Zhan Zhonghui (Dingdong), Wu Yunyang (Yunfeng), the main developer of “Western Journey 2” and “Fantasy Westward Journey”, and Chen Weian, the product operation manager of “World of Warcraft” and “StarCraft 2” Founded. The main games are “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, “The Continent of Wind”, “The Legend of Heroes of the People”, “Momo Struggle for Hegemony” and so on. Yinhan Games Guangzhou Yinhan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. Guangdong veteran game research and transportation company has launched “Time and Space Hunter”, “God and Demon”, “Time and Space Summon”, “Illusory City”, “King of Fighters Destiny”, “Rachel” and other products. It can be said that it monopolizes the existence of domestic fighting mobile games.

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Growth space and learning opportunities: Excluding some established manufacturers that cannot produce first-line high-quality goods for a long time, this shows that the internal mechanism has been rigid, and the upward channel has basically been consolidated. Urban culture and corporate culture: private enterprises try to look south as far as possible, the hukou policy excludes Beijing, and the corporate culture chooses the company whose head is from the front line. Salary: Choose a company that has successful projects in operation, with long-lasting project vitality, relatively high income rankings, and continuous expansion of new projects. Personal development: If the first few external factors have been satisfied, this is mainly up to you. In summary, the recommended companies are as follows: (updated from time to time) Beijing: In principle, it is not recommended because of the household registration policy, public resource allocation, and it is not friendly to private enterprises and non-Beijing nationals. If you must choose, it depends on your favorite game category. And the technical route. For example, 3Dmmo chooses ancestor dragon, traditional SLG chooses funplus, match-3 music elements and space-time fantasy, small game chooses crazy game (Haotengjiake) Shanghai: Mihayou, Lilith

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When I see it, I will answer it. The same as fresh graduates, I have met almost ten game companies of all sizes. In view of the current industry red sea, monopoly by giants, and small companies struggling, choosing the right company is mainly to do several tasks: browse vertical media news, and choose a company that is active and vigorous and develops instead of relying on its laurels. Browse the public financial report and see the revenue. Check if there are any comments from old employees on the Internet, such as if anyone complains about 233333 on Zhihu. But the most important point is genes. Every game company has its own genes. I interviewed many game companies and the question repetition rate is relatively high, but each time I feel different. Looking for a job is like a blind date. Only by matching each other can you succeed in holding hands. Since the respondent also has work experience, I believe it is relatively easy to find a job. It mainly depends on what project you are going to do. It is better to be a chicken head than a phoenix tail.

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In fact, you can see where you are from. If you are in a first-tier city, every place has something good, such as Beijing Perfect, Shanghai Shengqu, Shenzhen Tencent, and Guangzhou Sanqi Mutual Entertainment. Of course, in addition to the first-tier cities, Hangzhou NetEase is also great. I am from Guangzhou, so I chose the local game one brother 37. I have been working for two years now. The overall feeling is really good. Salary and benefits, annual meeting star Wait, there are only things you can’t think of. No company doesn’t have it, but it’s really tiring. This should be a common feature of the game industry, but those who are willing to choose the game industry should be mentally prepared for this hard work.

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