I prefer games with light plots, and games with a little control but not too difficult. (Already in Zelda, Mario Odyssey is on the buying list)
In the drama category, I have played Detroit Becoming Human, and in the small operation I have played the Combination of Isaac and Ori and the Dark Forest (the two stories are also good). Although I don’t play much, it makes me fall in love with console games (or stand-alone games) (I don’t know the name very much. If you say it is wrong, you will ignore it automatically when you see it. It’s okay to kick me a kick. Funny. ), I like all these games!
I joined the Switch because I can’t bear the endless recharge of online games (suggesting that XX is ugly recently). I think it’s better to buy console games and spend all the money at one time. At most, I can buy a dlc and open a membership online, but I just didn’t want to join. Online, maybe in the future~ I bought PS4PS5 but didn’t put it on the student party, so I bought the Switch
I like the games of the Mario series very much. I have already done a lot of understanding before. If you have an idea to buy, you don’t have to Amway. Thank you!
thank you all! Love you guys!
Today, I borrowed a classmate’s cassette. I don’t know how to play Xenoblade. I like Dongsen, but I still feel boring. I bought Zelda and didn’t play it because I lent Zelda to that classmate. In addition, I changed the original question from “a long time” to “a long time”. I will keep answering these days, thank you!

Where is the time?—Civilization 6’s disastrous world—the hollow knight’s malicious bug destroys the world—The Elder Scrolls 5 Human defeated teammates fighting each other—Nine parchments to enjoy the bungee hall lights + the board game of me and my summons —The games on the alien chain are okay except Old Roll 5, which is not very recommended. Although Old Roll 5 enjoys the PC and all the dlcs when transplanting, it is simply a work of conscience, but what comes with it is the original all A bug that hasn’t been fixed. It’s recommended to be cautious in the Hollow Knight. Basically, I don’t have much to say on Good Friday, but in the independent game, it has a special style of painting and the collection of nine parchment elements can make the game time. It’s quite long and there are many levels in itself. And local multiplayer teammates can injure each other. This game is not a traditional pve. It may become pvp while walking, or even pvp when playing while playing pve. If you don’t have enough skills to fly everything, your pig teammates will also lengthen the game time… But this game is really interesting… Alien Chain is probably the milestone level of the ultimate game quality that you can play on the ns game console, but this product is good. The light effect is too disgusting. Basically, you can lower the pollution level by 4 according to the warframe. Although you can play, it feels very discotheque. Besides, there is no need to prepare a lot of games to play together. The probability is to eat dust together… Personally, I recommend buying first. Play the second-hand cassette carefully if you can’t do 100% full collection, you can clear the story 100% so that it’s interesting. Civilization 6 I really don’t recommend playing ns handheld mode to play the time killer. I won’t say much. I’m afraid you don’t have enough life to plug in the electricity Probably you can play to the level of the world mode… In fact, Minecraft or Minecraft games can be played for a long time… For example, Portal World Warriors Dragon Quest creator, etc. By the way, there is also a Fenix ​​Ubisoft category. Zelda game can try furi, this game is also great… the theme song my only chance is a song I often listen to


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7 months ago

The brother upstairs listed a lot of games, but I said a few that I didn’t mention. First of all, the Pokémon series. This series of stand-alone players are playing egg incubation and training. The goal is 5V pairing or 5V10 or 6V flashing (more severely, you can use cube flashing) so that a single Pokémon can consume dozens of It’s a little bit, but very boring. Then the Star Soul Chain produced by Platinum Studio has a relatively kingly plot, strong operation, and very good upper and lower limits. Rhythm Dungeon, Gun Prison, Isaac, these are all small games that can kill time. By the way, Rhythm Dungeon has also produced a Zelda linkage version, Rhythm Hailaru. Then there is no two-way, Warring States Warriors, Three Kingdoms Warriors, Great Snake Warriors, Pirate Warriors, Zelda Warriors, all, if you brush it up, it’s not a big problem for 100 hours. I probably thought of so much

7 months ago

Just like Death Cell, Hollow Knight, Persona 5, Hades, Flame Emblem, Rise of the Monster Hunter (you can also choose to be a lonely old hunter). Like the Witcher III, Diablo 3 is also good, but it is better to play on other platforms. Most of the stand-alone games are slow, and sometimes a game can be played for hundreds of hours to experience the fun. As an office worker, I feel that it is not easy to play 3 or 4 masterpieces a year, and the fact of liking a game itself is very subjective, so I should try more to find the genre I like and then open the liver.

7 months ago

1. One of the most fragrant third-party transplant games on Diablo 3·Eternal Collection ns! People in the arena are called big pineapples. It’s a fried rice game of the previous generation, but the quality of the game itself is so good that a few hours passed by accidentally opening the game. There are a series of professions such as witcher, magician, necromancer and so on in the game. Each profession has six exclusive equipment sets. Equipment-driven monster spawning and explosive equipment games can attract players to invest more time in the game. The portability of ns gives Diablo III greater possibilities. After all, who can refuse the pleasure of flashing at any time. 2. The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is so fun, so fun that it can’t be stopped. Whether it’s the sense of picture, the way of two-handed operation, or the world view and plot of the game, it can be called a classic. The game has a strong sense of substitution, allowing you to immerse in it unconsciously. In the beginning, you were just a prisoner who didn’t even know why you were caught. You don’t know what you are called, or even who you are. You don’t know the relationship between the forces, what magic, what dragon, what ancient scrolls, you just Starting from zero, accompany the protagonist to grow up, and in one task after another, one book after another, he has a deeper and deeper understanding of the world. The most important thing is that you recognize yourself during the game, know the self inside and outside the game. At the same time, the details of the game are so heinous, and the number of tasks is extremely large. In the world of the Elder Scrolls, you compose your own epic and accomplish things you never dreamed of before. In the world of Skyrim, you can become anyone, a thief, an assassin, an archer, a wizard, a warrior, and countless intricate professional combinations and novel gameplay waiting for you to explore. 3. Persona 5: Chaos The Phantom Strider is on ps4, and Persona 5 (p5) has been well received once it was launched. At that time, I imagined that one day I could play this excellent game on switch, and now the sequel to p5, p5s, is really coming! Half a year after the game’s story line was launched on p5, the thief group gathered again to travel and conduct a series of activities across the country. Traveling with my best friends has always been my wish. This game tells a good story about traveling with friends and killing monsters by the way. The restoration of the scenery all the way is very high, and the gameplay is also very high! That is, the disk is read too frequently, and the screen is a little bit dog-like. It is still a very fun game! 4. Luigi’s Mansion 3 “Luigi’s Mansion 3” Luigi’s Mansion 3 is my most surprising first-party game in 2019. I still admire Nintendo’s ability to make box games. Mario Odyssey, Dream Island, Captain Toad, etc. are all excellent works, but Luigi really surprised me this time: very rich puzzle elements, no The ubiquitous easter eggs and hidden levels, you need to slowly explore the physics engine. This is particularly good (although there are still some small bugs in some places, but it does not affect the game experience. And this time, the two-player mode experience is great, I won’t give it People have a sense of redundancy like the two-player mode in the Odyssey, and the scene this time is in a skyscraper. According to different floors, there are 18 completely different scenes, each with its own corresponding theme, the movie theater. Cinema, Desert Museum, Supermarket, etc.. There are many different levels and boss battles based on different themes. In short, every minute will make you feel very new and motivated to play! 5. Dragon Quest 11s· Looking for the lost time plot should be the biggest highlight of this work. Although it is very kingly, but king and way are very comfortable, and some plots are very touching. The game system and plot are combined very well. As the plot progresses, The partners, skills, and equipment around you are also changing. The rewards and processes of the side missions are very interesting. There are many funny stories, but the side missions do not have specific instructions on the map. Some of the descriptions are very clear but there are. You will have to bother to find it. And each partner has his own story, everyone has something to bear on his body, and he has a distinct personality, and he is very attentive in the plot and character creation. Fighting is a traditional turn-based system. , It’s very important to match the team reasonably. The single output group output plus the buff to regenerate the blood, each role performs its own duties. Players who are not on the field can also get experience, so don’t worry about people like Firemark not being on the field for a long time and “being left behind.” “Everyone basically has two growth paths to follow, but sometimes there is obviously a higher profit. In addition to the main line battle, some side line battles are to achieve certain conditions, as well as leveling, trial, and collection. Clothes, small badges, etc. The plot guarantees the motivation to advance the game, and the rich combat system guarantees the playability. Like many games on ns., it is difficult to describe which point is very prominent, but Overall, it makes people feel fun and can’t stop. The disadvantage is that Mrs. bgm is brainwashed, and there are only two songs in the wild with the download package, and the melody is super brainwashed. Every time you turn off ns, you have to circulate in the brain. For a long time. Ps: I didn’t realize the meaning of the game title until I played the second week eye. It turned out that the first week eye is called Dragon Quest, and the second week eye is called Xun Mi’s lost time! Finally, I will always like Martina!

7 months ago

Recommend a game “Dragon Quest 11S (DQ11S)”, the playing time is definitely more than 100 hours. DQ11S is a very traditional turn-based JRPG, without any real-time elements, the plot is also very king, if you can accept this fighting style, it is a good game. See if you like this type of game. There is a trial version on switch, and the trial version archive can be inherited to the official version. You can download the trial version and try it first. The game time of the trial version It can last about 10 hours.

7 months ago

Dragon Quest: The Creation of Little Player 2 is not in the entire region. It is recommended to buy the Hong Kong version, which contains 40-70 hours of plot content, to build a sandbox game Stardew Valley pixel wind casual game Ranch Story: Olive Town and Hope A cute casual game with earth painting style. Hades is a simple and easy-to-use meat pigeon game, with a background of ancient Greek mythology, a 2D pixel-style easy and simple meat pigeon game with dead cells. The plot is weak but the plot is quite complete. Pokémon Sword/ Shield weak plot (refers to one-day clearance) Pokémon Egg Hatching Simulator Monster Hunter: Rise of the ordinary brush game, you can fight against Lysa’s Alchemy Workshop 2 ordinary alchemy girl brush game

7 months ago

The best plots are “The Witcher 3” and “The Elder Scrolls 5”. The Elder Scrolls 5, as a game 10 years ago, is still very good to play now! Then recommended “Hades” unlimited reopening can play for a long time, “October Traveler” and “Wind Flower Snow Moon” can only be said that the plot is okay, not very good. But Bafang music is great! Be sure to bring headphones to play, and you have to go through the hidden plot, which is quite playable. If you don’t watch the guide, you can play for a long time. It’s easy to get stuck. Civilization 6 is not recommended because it will take another billion rounds. Its daybreak

7 months ago

I’m a lone ranger who has bought a member but doesn’t connect to the Internet. Directly recommend my game, Zelda Mario, you have it, Rise of Weird Hunter, Weird Hunter gu, Reversal Referee 123, Assassin’s Creed Rebels Collection, Hollow Knight, Cross Road Traveler, Hades, these are basically the ones I have been playing for a certain period of time, and it’s fun to play by myself

7 months ago

“Diablo 3” This recommendation can be seen from the high price of the physical version. The transplant quality is excellent. It is very happy to brush on the handheld. “Divine Realm: Original Sin 2” takes a certain time to get started, and the system feels more cumbersome. , The plot is also more complicated, but once you are familiar with it for more than ten hours, you will fall in love with this ultra-high degree of freedom game. Of course, the difficulty personally feels relatively large. After all, there are too many things to explore, and the combination of various character skills can be easily achieved Two hundred hours, other people have recommended it, haha, you can refer to the subject

7 months ago

1. Diablo III. It’s also very interesting to play too much in the plot. Last year, I played it for three months after the epidemic. 2. The Witcher III, plot direction, you can not play without it. 3. The rise of strange hunting is especially suitable for novices to enter the pit. , It takes a lot of time 4, Octopath Traveler, eight main lines are enough to play for a long time 5, Teacup head, this is purely because of difficulty, if you are a person who does not give up Samsung, this game can even be played for several years 6, dead cells , I thought about this for the time being

7 months ago

Xenoblade is not suitable for most players, and I am not used to the logic of automatic combat. Excluding Mario Odyssey, it is necessary to play. How do you say the difficulty? In all the cards, high, middle and low difficulty are mixed together, which is very good. The most interesting thing is that the same level can create different challenges for you. Of course, the really awesome and harder Mario 64 has been re-enacted, 3 in 1 (64, sunshine, galaxy?), you can enter both. Zelda is absolutely value-for-money. A lot of content gives me a shocking feeling. I really do it with great care. Of course, try not to look at the strategy. It’s fun to grind it by yourself. If you like the plot story, you can consider playing Final Fantasy 7. The picture quality is very bad, and the HD reset should not be on swtich in the short term. How to like the game of brushing, Hades is very fun, I think this game is almost as fun as Diablo 2. Ma 8 is boring not to play with friends, this rule out. If you like hunting, you can join monsters to abuse people: Rise is really awesome. It just kills the time specially, and the difficulty is relatively high. Moreover, the chance to join forces is more fun, and fighting alone is really not great. Like strategy games, Civilization 6 is also a good choice, but time flies too fast. The Witcher 3 is a game with a particularly good plot design, but fighting to pull the hips is not necessarily suitable for everyone. In fact, you see that I have said so much, in fact, what I really bought are Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Kirby of the Star.

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