Seeing that someone compares the album sales data of Cai Xukun’s several major platforms with the data of Jay Chou and Lin Junjie, I conclude that Cai Xukun is not a lot of passersby. Let me talk about my opinion of Lin Junjie who entered the pit in 2005. 1. Cai Xukun’s passerby is really not that big compared to Jay Chou and Lin Junjie, it can be said that it is much worse, and it is not even comparable. Not to mention Cai Xukun, the singers who can surpass Jay Chou and JJ Lin in the Chinese music world are in my heart the gods of the older generation. 2. The sales volume of a platform album only represents the rate at which users of the platform pay for the album, and does not mean that these users are fans of the artist. For example, I bought it on QQ Music, but I am not ikun. I just think that the concept short film is made with care and the style is very suitable for my taste. The mobile phone only has the QQ Music app, and the price of 26 yuan is suitable. 3. Album purchase users scattered on various platforms instead of focusing on a single platform can only prove that the user who wants to buy the album his usage orientation has nothing to do with the passerby disk. Jay Chou and Lao Lin’s album sales are evenly dispersed on various platforms, which only means that the music platform that users who bought this album they are accustomed to use is not concentrated on QQ Music. Just relying on this to determine that the size of the passerby disk is not appropriate, because there is no data to prove whether the users who bought on other platforms are not fans of Jay Chou and Lao Lin, just as there is no data to prove that the users of QQ Music who bought the album of Cai Xukun are fans of Cai Xukun. . 4. Album sales have nothing to do with passersby. This is the most important point. Regardless of whether the album sales are based on the sales of a single platform or the sales of all platforms, this does not determine the size of the artist’s current passerby. This can only prove how many people are willing to pay for the work. Zhou Dong and Lao Lin’s album sales are lower than Cai Xukun. Is it because there are fewer people who like them than Cai Xukun? of course not. As mentioned in the first article, the popularity of Jay Chou and Lao Lin’s songs and passersby are all levels that Cai Xukun can’t reach at present. However, the album sales are lower than Cai Xukun, which only proves that there are not many users willing to pay for the works of Jay Chou and Lao Lin. The works of Zhou Dong and Lao Lin are so good, why are they not willing to pay? Because most people are not very aware of copyright payments. When early physical albums such as Lin Junjie “Le Walker”, “Jiangnan” “Numbering” “Western World” and other early physical albums are on sale, the original version is 40 yuan/piece, the original version is 80 yuan/box with albums, and the pirated version is less than 20 yuan. The online mp3 format is free. After searching a lot, most people would choose to download mp3 instead of buying a genuine album at that time. Because the music charts in the music industry at that time didn’t know how to make data, at least I didn’t feel the competitive awareness of the current fan clubs in Lao Lin. Payment is all consciously. The weekly music chart rankings are based on the paid genuine ones. The sales volume and CRBT download rate rankings, when the hottest time is estimated to be unable to keep up with the current sales of Cai Xukun’s album. Because everyone’s awareness of paying is too weak, then the classmates around me who like Jay Chou’s Laolin are buying genuine albums at the most. There are too few members like me who buy albums and open Migu ringtones. At that time, the payment of copyright was completely determined by personal preference. It didn’t cost a penny. There were songs by JJ Lin in the mp3, and every song was like a few treasures. It can be said that JJ Lin is a fan. That’s why fans continue this habit to the present. Faced with the data, singers from Jay Chou and Lao Lin from the same era to the present do not care about the data, and their fans don’t mind. The album sales or data does not affect their performance at all. The location of the music scene. For example, Lin Junjie’s first English ep is now online, and he got one place for all the data when he shouted and hit the list, standing on top of the internal entertainment traffic, no! often! Yung! easy! But the fans of Jay Chou and Laolin would not do this at all, and these data will not affect the spread of the two works in the slightest. But Cai Xukun needs, this is the barrier between flow artists and professional singers. When Cai Xukun came to the position of Dong Chou Lin Junjie, he needed to experience the transformation from traffic to producer, and then the transformation from producer to professional musician. During this period, there will be countless works that have a singing degree and passers-by are willing to pay for it. The road is really difficult, after all, the barrier between traffic and professional singer circles is very high. Cai Xukun is still in the stage of transforming traffic to a producer. This is also the reason why I personally feel that there is no need to compare with Jay Chou and Lao Lin. It is completely a younger generation who has just stepped into the Chinese music scene and has not yet landed, and there is still a long period of time. The way to go. I watched JJ Lin’s “No Filter” and “Exchanging for the rest of my life” on utb, and I didn’t spend any money to buy it, but as long as there is a nearby concert, even if I buy a high-priced ticket, I will go there. The same goes for Jay Chou and Eason. ; Cai Xukun’s electronic book is 26 yuan, I bought it, but I may not go to his concert. According to the theory that the sales volume of QQ music is the purchase volume of fans, shouldn’t I be ikun…? But I am not. I am just a passerby. Seeing that there is still persistent music in the current traffic, and an artist who has been working hard to continuously innovate and integrate his own ideas into his works, I feel that 26 yuan is a recognition of his hard work and persistence. And QQ Music does specialize in promotion and marketing for Cai Xukun, which is one of the factors that make sales higher than other platforms. Let’s return to the question, how do you think the daily sales of “Mystery” exceeded 65 million. Same as above, sales are data and resource positions for flow artists, but for a foothold in the Chinese music world, it still depends on the degree of vocalization of later works. In other words, as a flow artist, the single-day sales of “Fan” is very impressive. As a music producer, you still have to look at the quality of the entire album and the degree of vocalization of the work. At present, there are only three “Fans”. I originally thought Zhang Yixing’s new 78888 limited marketing was hungry. Cai Xukun’s new song may starve to death when it is released. The marketing is quite good. It depends on the later announcement and stage. . The following are my feelings about the three songs of the album: “Fan” is the main title of the album with the same name (not sure if it is the main title, please correct me in the comment area if it is wrong), the chorus part is quite brainwashed, and there are memory points, “guess” a few I personally like the eighteen bends of the mountain road hahaha. “#0000FF” I like the processing of the voice very much, which is consistent with the black and white texture of the picture. It is because of this concept short film that I have the idea of ​​buying a professional. The moment the sea water poured into the cabin and the despair and suffocation of being spied on by the several small monitors after the lens was zoomed out made me very surprised and loved. What surprises me the most about the song “Silent Film” is the sound effect that appears against the background sound at around 3 minutes and 05 seconds. The very small sound is similar to the noise of an old film tape during playback (refer to the 1927 “Sunrise” silent film The title) is also similar to the noise of a record player (refer to the beginning of Zhou Xun’s version of “The End of the World”). This sound is so graphical that the countdown to 321 at the beginning of the black-and-white movie can immediately appear in my mind. Judging from the first three songs, it is indeed a work made with heart. I did not make saliva songs for the sake of popularity, but I still insisted on myself. Looking forward to the next new song online.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I don’t know about Cai Xukun, I only know that he is a hot idol who has made his debut in recent years. As for which talent show he made his debut through, I don’t know if I don’t check Baidu at this time. The thing that impresses him the most is to rap. Playing basketball, as well as the phrase “you are so beautiful” that went out of the universe. Netizens caught all kinds of spoofs and became the object of ridicule. The reason for him is nothing more than his reputation and so small strength. The handsome actions and sultry music of the fans can only be regarded as funny as a clown performance in the eyes of others. In this era of mass output of idols, it seems that as long as they are good-looking enough, the capital behind them is willing to spend money to pave the way for exposure. , He will not be short of fans. Today, the newcomers are star-studded, and tomorrow, the old ones will be eclipsed by no one. He has no strong strength, and the speed of being replaced is scary. Some idols, I don’t know how long he is. What’s the matter, he’s already confused, but if this idol has the ability to fight and has the real ability to be handy, then it’s a different story. I listened to Cai Xukun’s lover passively some time ago. Why is it passive? Because apart from listening to Eason Chan’s songs and some classic old songs by other singers, I would not take the initiative to listen to the songs of those idols now, but thanks to his strong traffic, this song flowed into my ears and listened to it. After that, to be honest, I think it’s pretty good. The melody is memorable. It’s not a song that I forget after listening to it a few times. From this point of view, he must be talented. The current Chinese music scene is not picking up, and plagiarism is becoming more and more. Boldly, the tailor’s skills are becoming more and more adept. The fast-food music filled with vibrato short videos makes people listen to their heads. The Chinese music scene cannot only rely on the support of those predecessors, and inject fresh blood at any time to ensure sustainable development. I am quite optimistic about him. He can take advantage of this release of the album to prove himself. If the quality is not bad, it should change the attitude of many people towards him. He is recognized as an idol and a strong idol. In addition, he is new. I didn’t buy the album, and I didn’t listen to it at all. The current result is really surprising. If it is destined, I should hear it.

6 months ago

Good music works need to be paid to promote the sound development of the music market, and good money drives out bad money. Whether it’s the quality of the eleven songs in this album, or Cai Xukun’s serious and responsible attitude to shoot 16 times in a MV shot, it’s worth paying for it. Good songs should be appreciated together. Welcome to listen to the new album “Fans” by original music producer Cai Xukun. ADTAG=erweimashare (Automatic identification of QR code)

Last edited 6 months ago by helpyme
6 months ago

I saw a hot search on Weibo and bought one. After listening to me, I think “Silent Film” is the most suitable for his timbre. I prefer this song to be the main feature of the whole album. The melody sensitivity is better. The style of the whole album is not clear, and I feel weak after listening to the three songs. The melody has no memory point in “Lover”. I am only talking about melody here. His previous “Home” sounds good to me. Warm. The melody is not bad. How to say it. A bit industrialized. The new generation is the writing camp model. Taylor Swift has transformed into a big fire. It has also abandoned personal writing and turned into a creative camp writing. From the red one, it has been a joint collaboration song, and folklore is also a joint collaboration song. I think it’s a bit early to define him as a singer. In essence, he still belongs to the category of idols. His singing skills are really out of reach. This is an essential thing. Why is the average singer fan sticky? Just like actors rely on works, the same is true for singers. The difference is that actors attract fans by acting roles. The singer is through his works. Originality builds a bridge between the singer and the audience. It is a deeper spiritual communication. Generally, many singer fans are not active. But concerts will definitely go. Most of these fans are long-lasting. The entertainment industry is changing so fast, I personally prefer singer-songwriters. Singing skills, timbre is too good. Substitution is too strong. Good works reflect the three views, values, world views, and ideological patterns. I think this is a bonus. I think I need to correct a little. I have seen many people say that all-inclusive is very powerful, all-inclusive ≠ great ≠ all-round. As long as there is a good work, no matter which part one is involved in, it is a good singer/idol. In fact, I think. Hey, a common phenomenon now is that many idols themselves participate in writing lyrics, composing, making music, and so on. Fans will say how powerful their idols are. I think it’s very natural that the direction has changed, and more should be discussed from the work itself. TikTok hot songs mostly emphasize melody, and a large number of shoddy, wholesale-produced “net celebrity songs” flood the entire network, just to satisfy the auditory aesthetics of most users. To put it bluntly, it lowers the public’s music aesthetics. So I often pay attention to some musicians, hoping that they can produce good works, and the traffic they carry can be used for promotion. Wu Qingfeng’s “Spaceman”, Zhang Huimei, and Zhang Huimei’s 17th album “amit2” are really good, and Hua Chenyu’s “New World” last year, etc., are all worth listening to. (It seems to be off topic) I think he needs to work hard to change from idol to singer. But why not play all 11 songs? Confused. Why don’t you sell ep if you don’t put it all at once. Hope the next one will surprise me. Another thing I am confused about is why I am discussing sales every time I swipe it… I have seen several forums discussing sales, especially fans. I haven’t seen a few people discussing the quality of the song. I hope he can continue to make music, and if he persists, he will gradually be recognized more and more. There were a few singers that he liked all the time to act. There are so few people who insist on making music. Hey, this is also the status quo of the world. Oh, all the above are personal opinions.

6 months ago

The last time I heard Cai Xukun’s song was “Lover”. I heard someone sing this song in a variety show, and then it entered my playlist. Cai Xukun’s “The Lover” Music This semester I opened a Japanese elective course. Before the class, I gave the students a cover version of “The Lover”. After the class, the students asked me what the song was and said it was very good. There are two girls on the side who said it was Cai Xukun’s song. I think he is still very influential and popular among young people. The cover version of “Lover” Cai Xukun has been famous for a few years ago. Becoming a flow means that it has to be on the cusp of public opinion, and of course it will be watched by many people. When I look at traffic, it’s nothing more than a way out. When I go to acting, I may transform after filming, or I may disappear after filming. But Cai Xukun seems to have been struggling with music all the time. During the period, I heard about “Soundlessness in My Breast”, “Home” and “No Accidents”. It can be heard that he is actually making music seriously. It’s just that some people like him because of traffic, and some people completely deny him because of traffic, but few people are talking about his music. In terms of facts, can we use sales to determine the quality of a song? –I don’t think so. Sales can only show that his fans support him. If people are willing to spend money, that is not our responsibility. Should we deny a person’s work because of traffic? –Nor, at least you should listen to the song quietly before evaluating, otherwise the evaluation is just a deep-rooted prejudice. The album “Mystery” is paid for 11 songs at 26 yuan, and currently there are three released. The pricing is reasonable compared with other albums on qq music. It is a common operation to release the album first and then fill in the songs gradually since the emergence of electronic albums. Overseas called pre-order. Intro has mv, which is free. The scene looks a bit like Tadao Ando’s design, but it should not be. The actual scene of the waterfall is very beautiful, and it has a movie texture with lyrics and music. Judging from the production of intro, the production of this album is excellent. Share the video Singer: Cai Xukun’s “#0000FF” Music I want to wait for all the songs to be released before deciding whether to buy one to listen to. (Looking at what I have said so much, maybe some fans are willing to send me one to listen to it haha)

6 months ago

There are 11 songs (1 intro+10 new songs). From the three released in the first wave, the singer himself has a high degree of participation. It sounds like there is no brainwashing patchwork of drooling songs, and the atmosphere/lyrics/arrangement/singing are unified under the psychedelic theme, not abrupt or patchwork. Even in the lyrics, it can be seen that it has improved to the naked eye compared to “1” two years ago, which can be regarded as a sincere work. In this era, there are not many singers who are willing to make complete albums seriously, and good works deserve good results. Looking forward to more songs released in the future.

6 months ago

Ye Di, was it not enough that Jay Chou was beaten up by Jay Chou last time? Fans even rushed in to wash, and delusional to bring [Zhou Wang Tao Lin] to give you the data, still don’t understand the reason for being beaten last time? How many passers-by can’t understand your brainlessness under the flow of traffic. Do you still want to do it again through this wave of Jay Chou’s warning, and build a wave of fans of the previous generation of singers? Don’t come out if you don’t have the strength. Let them bring out a few songs that can be heard and out of the circle. Can the fans come out and talk?

6 months ago

Waiting for a fan leader of Kun Kun online, so he will inspire younger brothers and sisters to buy albums and apply for sales here. Fans with incitement and rhythmic ability are very welcome to apply for me. No jokes or black, really so awesome. You can get the highest commission, or you can be a Taoke. You have the money to buy albums with data and rhythm to make money. You can also buy more Kunkun albums. Why not? What

6 months ago

Listen to the new song to comment! As Teacher Yang Kun said, who doesn’t want big traffic and strength! Obviously he did it! In 2018, Fault Giant C made his debut. It has been more than 3 years and the traffic is still so large. The fans are long-lasting, rich and willing to support him, indicating that he is excellent and attractive. Comment on his new album: beautiful melody! Very high class, it suits my appetite! I have seen his “pull up” MV before, which is high-level, sexy and charming. So this time the new song’s MV is also very much looking forward to!

6 months ago

Sorry, this year is still very popular. Top flow is top flow. Passers-by friends can also come and listen if they like! No loss if you buy it! A total of 11 songs are 26 yuan, an average of only 2.3, and it is the highest sound quality of HR, super cost-effective! Li Zhongke should not come out and talk about cutting leeks. It costs a lot of money to compose a song, record a MV, etc. Fans recognize his attitude and ability, and really feel the goodness of this song, and are willing to pay for him. What’s the point for buying a few? Didn’t break the law? Didn’t you collect zi? No fraud, right? Didn’t force you to pay money out of your pocket? And comparing him with JJ Lin and senior Jay Chou… You are so funny. He is 22 years old this year. If you compare him with seniors, do you expect him to be particularly high? Hope he can continue to improve and catch up with his predecessors in the future? You really love him. There are also sj super talking and big fans. To be honest, you see more than I see, so care about Cai Xukun? Isn’t it Cai Xukun’s deep cabinet? You don’t know the sensitivity of the entertainment industry to sales. What are you still pretending to understand? Big fans will indeed drive sales, but are you trying to do your best? For the Student Party, we have been admonishing to support him within the scope of our ability and not to affect our normal life. Does this have to be said? Does this also need to be managed? Why don’t you take care of so many illegal collections? I believe people with a strong sense of justice like you will not let them continue to gather zi?

6 months ago

I didn’t spend a penny, can’t comment. But I am very happy that the spending power of Chinese teenagers is really strong. It shows that their lives must be great, their families are rich, and they have the need to listen to music. It’s much better than we used to, and there’s nowhere to buy a genuine copy. Of course, just like our post-90s playing non-mainstream and Martian essays, after that period of time, we will be more sensible. After all, we have to do one or two 2b things in our life before we can talk about 13 on the Internet in the future. Come on, everyone is living their lives reasonably and legally. good luck.

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