Let me share a story with you first: I have a tablemate in the second grade [I call him A]. His mother has a girlfriend, and her son’s grades are not good, but he is a little older and more confused. That girlfriend wanted to send her son to a vocational high school. After my mother at the same table knew, she felt that her son’s grades were also poor, so it was better to go with the baby’s child. So I witnessed a tragedy. [For the sake of remembering, that The older child is called B for the time being]. I was a relatively shy and introverted boy at the same table. Although I didn’t get good grades, he didn’t know how to play around. B is different. He is proficient in smoking, drinking and fighting puppies. After going to the vocational high school, I quickly met a bunch of friends and continued to smoke, drink and fight… Both A and B’s mother thought that B had more social experience and asked him to take care of A more. Slowly, the people and things A contacted were different, and he also started smoking, drinking, fighting and skipping class. After all, there is no game fun in class. It is interesting to learn some car repair skills and go out to drink with friends… A few months later, A is like a different person. Presumably when her mother sent him here, she didn’t expect that a shy and introverted child would become a “social elder brother.” It’s not that they didn’t study well in the vocational high school, but the proportion is really small. Maybe in middle school and high school, there are only a few students who can’t study well in a class, but when there, more than half of the students in a class may not study. In this environment, not every student will stick to the original intention, not every student has the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and may go astray. The environment does not necessarily change a person’s life, but it will affect the direction of your life. Girls should be quiet and open in a good environment. Now that everything is still in the dust, why do you want to consider this issue? Shouldn’t it be hard work? As a teacher who has taken several high school entrance exams, I would like to say a few words to you who are confused. I hope you will finish reading it patiently: 1. Be clear about your lame subjects and use the weekend to calm down and do a set of provincial and municipal high school entrance examination questions. Answer [If you are lazy and don’t want to do it, you can directly use your previous mock test results]. In this way, you can immediately know what your weaknesses are, how far you are from getting into the general high score, and how much effort you need to put in. In the days to come, you will have something to do, and you won’t be confused anymore. 2. Use personal experience of counseling books rationally: Don’t follow the trend of using counseling books, but prescribe the right medicine! For example: if you have a good foundation, you can use “Five Three” to brush up questions to achieve the purpose of raising points. If your grades are not very good and your basic knowledge is not solid, don’t follow suit! You need a tutorial book with complete test sites and detailed explanations for self-review in your spare time! You can use “Four-round Review of Senior High School Entrance Examination”! 1. This book contains all the testable knowledge points for the senior high school entrance examination. You no longer have to worry about sorting out the knowledge points, this book will help you directly! And its explanation is very detailed, which is super suitable for independent review! 2. It also draws out the key points according to the test proportions of the high school entrance examination over the years, so that you can clarify what the focus of review is. If your time is really tight, then you can directly overcome these key points, help you reduce the burden, and also allow you to increase points. 3. This book also has a matching exercise book! After the review, you can practice directly on the points, absolutely not letting you brush the questions blindly. Make every step of your review meaningful, and finally achieve the goal of raising points. 3. Daily must-do 1. Daily excerpts: here are mainly good words and sentences in the language. The content source can be very wide, and it can come from online novels, reading comprehension, poetry, classical Chinese, etc. As long as it is a sentence that makes you feel very touching. 2. Everyone knows the importance of memorizing words every day, but there are really very few people who can persist. If you want to get 110 in English for high school entrance examination, you have to memorize vocabulary! Of course, it is not realistic for you to memorize the thousands of words in the senior high school entrance examination in dozens of days. However, it does not mean that you have to give up words. In the world, someone will help you figure out how to get the words for the high school entrance examination. Flashing the English “High School Entrance Exam Vocabulary Flashing” can help you a lot! It not only collects all the words, but also draws out the key points based on the proportion of the actual exam questions in the past years. Clearly list the key words for you, and you will be done by memorizing it~ Let you quickly get the words for the high school entrance examination in a limited time. If you don’t use it anymore, it will really be too late! 3. Daily questions. Almost every student in our class has made a review plan for themselves! Specify how many real questions you need to do every day, so can you! Arrange a certain amount of real test exercises for yourself every day, not only to consolidate knowledge points, but also to keep yourself feeling in answering questions. PS: If you don’t know what real test paper to choose, just use the matching real test workbook in “Four-round Review of Senior High School Entrance Examination”! 4. Daily recitation The recitation mentioned here refers to the liberal arts [history, Taoism]! Maybe you always confuse the historical timeline, so you can write out the knowledge points of each chapter in the way of mind maps. Then read it, write it, and memorize it. This is not only clear, but also very suitable for quick review before the exam. Although only four simple points have been said, I believe that if you persist in doing it, you will definitely gain something. The dream is the persistence of picking up the pen in the early morning, the shining of the lamp in the dark night, the unhesitation of lifting the quilt at dawn, and the hope of seeing the sunrise in the early morning. Therefore, in the days that can turn things around, don’t get lost, let alone worry about things after the high school entrance examination! What we need to do now is, don’t wait, let alone regret, just do it!


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6 months ago

Children, this social degree is more than just a stepping stone. If possible, it’s better to go to high school and study hard. In the future, even a bachelor degree will be 100% better than 99% of people who have not studied in this society. Times. There is no other idea, this is the reality, you are willing to be a factory girl in a small city in the future, or have your own ideals to develop yourself in a more controlled world. It all depends on your academic qualifications. Now, if you have an education and don’t find a job, it is the gap between heaven and earth, unless you have a mine at home. Otherwise, just study honestly. Reading is afraid of hardship. Once you are out of life, it will be a hundred times harder waiting for you. Vocational high schools say that it’s better to learn technology, but it’s actually just messing around. When the time comes, the school will sell you directly to the factory. Your whole life will pass without any accidents, and then you will complain about the unfairness of life and envy others every day. All kinds of fancy life. Spicy Chicken is a bachelor’s degree even if it is Spicy Chicken. Don’t say anything that the current social degree is not as good as a dog. When you don’t have a diploma and you encounter various interviews and are looked down upon by people, you will understand the importance of academic qualifications, it is too late! Don’t squander your youth, you have to be rebellious, and don’t narrow your life. This is the most terrifying. Finally, I will send you a word, all dreams need to be built one by one, and castles in the sky are always illusory. Cherish your youth and be grateful for your youth.

6 months ago

Girl, if you can go to a good general high school, you must go. Do not go to a vocational technical school, because most vocational schools are mixed because no one is in charge (except for some strict technical secondary schools). You can still participate in general high school. Even if you fail to enter an ideal university in the college entrance examination, you will learn more knowledge than vocational college. This social knowledge is very important, especially for girls. Don’t go to vocational schools. Although vocational schools have good ones and love to learn, they are really rare. (Secondary schools are not technical schools. There is a difference between the two). Now there is time to work hard and do your best to take the high school entrance examination. If the final grades really can’t make it to high school, you must consult a good secondary school (divided into three years and five years). Now the country focuses on training Technical talents, so now secondary vocational schools will also receive national attention (publicly run). It is well known that many high schools are private, but it is better to go to public schools for secondary vocational schools. I hope you have worked hard on the high school entrance examination and then went on. A good high school or a good high school! Girls, don’t even think about running to a technical school, be sure to cheer

6 months ago

Little boy, I really have to listen to my parents this time! In fact, whether it is a boy or a girl, it is recommended to go to Pu Gao for such questions. Three years of high school is a very valuable experience in life, and it is also a period of amazing knowledge reserves. You may find it hard to be in the environment at that time, but you will really miss it in the future. Having read high school, even if your grades are not satisfactory, the high school stage will enrich your knowledge system, which is unmatched by vocational high school. Because the former lies in the theory of knowledge, while the latter focuses on skills. But real skills can never be acquired through practical lessons in school. So what you learn in a secondary school is better than nothing. To be more realistic, you can look at the recruitment website, now the basic education is college and above, so it is recommended to take the high school entrance examination. Even if you can’t go to school, step into the society. When you want to improve your academic qualifications, the foundation of high school will also make you a little easier. I’m doing academic improvement, and I have more contact with it. There are young and old people who have improved their academic qualifications. There are different reasons, but they all have an academic qualification, so academic qualifications are still more important. There are some things you can’t understand right now, but you will gradually understand when you grow up and get beaten up by the society! So, let’s listen to the parents this time! It’s a good idea to go to a junior college if you go to high school, a full-time diploma.

6 months ago

Let me talk about the situation of going to a vocational high school. Those who go to a vocational high school are usually mixed days. When they are too old to work, they can start their part-time career directly, or go to a 3+2 adult education university and then come out, in the daily life of the vocational high school. It’s just sleeping, playing, smoking, smoking and fighting with someone, because it’s too idle and nobody cares about you. After graduation, you will be a waiter or an electronics factory. Your vocational high school education and major will not be useful for the future development. You will rely on you to re-establish yourself in the society. came.

6 months ago

I can’t give you a clear answer, after all, I chose the road myself. But I can give you some advices about what you might face. At that time, I thought the same as yours, and my parents opposed it, but I was very determined, so I went straight to the vocational high school. I don’t want to study continuously for three years in high school. From morning to night, my little head can’t bear that kind of high-load operation. In the vocational high school, learning is really easy. Many teachers don’t care. I can sleep on my stomach unscrupulously. If I can’t sleep, I can also play with my mobile phone secretly. I very much hope that all teachers will leave it alone, so that I will be more relaxed. In fact, many teachers speak very well, but they don’t listen or learn. Of course, most of them don’t learn. After a semester, there is no writing on the book except for the name. Come to school every morning, sleep, listen to classes, play games, and so on. But in fact, in addition to learning, other aspects are in charge. Every day, you have to stack your quilt, run exercises every morning, and wear school uniforms between classes to do exercises, and go to evening self-study at night, which is not as expected. free. Of course, there is no such chaos from the outside world. Thinking about it now is really a waste of time. I haven’t learned anything in three years. You can find a job you can find after graduation without a degree. I regret it a little bit. Although Pugao is a little tired, it is fulfilling. However, I may still regret going to Pugao, and I will be tired if I can’t keep up with the rhythm. Let the host consider it for yourself

6 months ago

Depending on your own situation, you must first ensure that you will keep learning wherever you go, and you will be the same wherever you are lazy. Second, look at your abilities. If you have a strong learning ability, you can go to a vocational high school if you have a strong practical ability. However, it is still recommended to go to high school, because the two are essentially different paths. High school is very important to shape your three views and improve your scientific literacy. The people you come into contact with are also completely different groups, and different environments shape differently. Choose carefully in your life. Hope to adopt

6 months ago

My brother has not got good grades since he was in junior high school. I told my mother that it’s better to send him to work in middle school for some skills, and he can also have the ability to eat. My mother was silent for a long time, so she said she would send him to a private high school. I didn’t quite understand it at first, but I can actually understand her thoughts after thinking about it. What if the child suddenly realizes that he should study hard in high school? What if he can still be admitted to university? My mother always holds a lot of hopes called “In Case” for her brother. Xiao Q is my friend, three years younger than me, when she was studying in the job. I asked her if she could learn anything in her job. She said she could learn some, but in fact she was not good at it. Many of them are taken to the factory for “internships” after learning a little bit of fur. In fact, they are cheap labor. This is not the same as the job I imagined. I think even if students are not willing to learn, the school can still teach something. I told my mother about this when I got home. My mother was more determined to send him to a private high school. Vocational school is just across from our school. During lunch breaks and around five o’clock in the afternoon, there are always many people standing on the flyover that connects the two schools. Those people are young faces, and they are all children in the job. Smoke was looming between them, and they looked at the people they were going with, and when they saw the beautiful sister, they started to whistle. The existence of Xiao Q gives me hope in my job, but she is only one in ten thousand. What can you do after vocational high school? Do you have to work in the factory for decades? If you go to the general high school to get a diploma, it is better than when you are in a job. It’s not to look down on the job, but to get out of the mud and not get infected, it’s really too difficult. You can’t imagine the impact of the environment on people. A quiet girl, three years in general high school and three years in high school, do you think it will be the same? Even a single piece of snow will not remain white when it falls into the ashes of plants and trees. After it melts, it will no longer remember that it is snow.

6 months ago

Depending on your personal situation, if you have good grades, you can go to general high school, and you will have a wider choice of colleges in the future. If your grades are not very good, you can go to a vocational high school and advance to a junior college while learning technology. The difference is: general high school: the entrance examination of high school must reach the score admission line to enter. Mainly to cultivate theoretical knowledge, wide range of majors, high pressure, difficult to find a job after high school, tuition fees, scholarships can be applied for. Vocational high school: easy to be admitted. Mainly study technology and theory. After graduation, you can get a job directly because you have skills. It is a relatively easy and free learning environment for the counterparts to enter a higher education, tuition free, application for bursaries and scholarships. It doesn’t matter if you are a general high school or a vocational high school, it is best to finish college, because girls still have to read more to see the wider world.

6 months ago

After reading many answers, I personally think that girls still have to have a certain cultural foundation. It is said that “women are rich in virtue, and men are poor.” Girls must pay attention to self-cultivation and connotation. Generally speaking, technical secondary schools are more about imparting technical knowledge, and not too much about cultural courses. Although the country has been vigorously developing blue-collar technical schools recently, the high school entrance examination split will also cause nearly half of the candidates to be unable to attend high school, and the high school entrance examination can no longer participate in the repetition. If the subject of the question can be on the joint recruitment line, there is no need to consider the vocational school, unless you really have no other way out. Choosing a vocational school does not mean “mature”, it does not enter the society in advance, and it will not be higher than the general education. Classmates are “successful” (I think they are still studying and you have already started to learn technology to make money), these are you must be clear.

6 months ago

Which type you choose to continue studying depends on what you want to do in the future? Do you plan to continue your undergraduate studies in the future or do you plan to find employment as soon as possible? In ordinary high school, you may be able to pass the college entrance examination. It is possible to test a very good full-time unified recruitment college. You must know that when applying for a job, the difference and treatment between key colleges and two colleges and three colleges is still very large. Key colleges and universities may be directly selected by large companies like IBM after graduation, but the second college may only be able to enter some small private companies. After graduating from a vocational high school, you get a college diploma. You can indeed learn some skills. You can start working after graduation. If you want to improve your academic qualifications in the future, you can take a self-study exam while working and take a bachelor degree. If you really want to choose a vocational high school , It is recommended that you can choose computer-related majors such as design, and technical talents are not afraid of not being able to find a job at any time. I hope I can help you! If you want to hear the truth, just read it. If you want to hear the lie, you should not say it. Go to high school as much as possible, because we have to receive a complete basic education. It’s really impossible to choose a public school! Attend a technical school <three schools: technical secondary school, technical school, vocational high school, and the collective name of training institutions. The students themselves say: they are illiterate when they come in, and they say what skills they learn to get you a good job, and what they say is that everyone’s salary is 1,000. More than more, in fact, those are all bullshit. First of all, the technical school study time is short, the most is three years, and the other year is for you to practice internship. In fact, it is two years. There are many courses to learn, and each course only allows you to contact. Some furnishings, and those courses are useless. The second is that the registration fee is surprisingly expensive, and the fees are unreasonable. Many technical schools are privately set up, and the learning equipment used is pitiful, and The quality of the teacher’s lecture is really not flattering, and the teacher’s academic qualifications are not high, and the character is not good! Internal news: IFC online education is now under preparation, and there is no tuition. Their aim is: how many students there are, how many rich people will be achieved! Please pay close attention! If your studies are not bad, you can continue to high school; if your home conditions are bad, you can also choose a secondary school. Don’t be influenced by others, work hard! As long as you are the best, you are sure to succeed! After all, the state provides living allowances for 2 years. Choosing a school is very important, you need other help before contacting! Wish you a happy study

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