Take the results of the fourth round of the national subject evaluation of the Ministry of Education as an example. For example, I studied oral cavity at Sichuan University, chemistry at Tianda University, civil engineering at Tongji University, journalism at China University, law studies at Fada University, and electronics at Xidian University… How does it feel? Will there be a feeling at the top of the food chain?

Undergraduate study in Automation of Harbin Institute of Technology, a+ subject. When I first applied for volunteers, I regretted the experience of this a+ report. Why did I give up the computer to report this? There are so many and complicated things about automatic chemistry in the University of Technology. I have to learn all kinds of controls, circuits, motors, and mechanical principles. What impressed me the most was the course of automatic control practice. I was exhausted and I still had a lot of credits. In my impression, this course, even if it is a professional, rarely has a score of 90 or more. The metalworking internship in the sophomore year, the electronic technology internship in the junior year and the mechanical principle really don’t know the meaning, but they took up a lot of precious time. I don’t want to grind a hammer, draw drawings, or solder circuit boards, and I don’t want to assemble a radio. I just want to be a programmer after programming and writing code. Unfortunately, I have very few programming courses for undergraduate students. The University of Technology is more popular. There are many other majors who transferred to us in the sophomore year. This directly leads to the difficulty of professional graduate studies, and the internal volume is serious. However, because of the too many majors, even the undergraduate graduates do not have their own core. Competitiveness, programming is inferior to computers, weak electricity and strong electricity are inferior to electrics. Finding a job depends on self-study and grabbing jobs with other majors. In general, the four departments are overburdened, and a considerable part of the courses are for our future. Develop things that are not of much use, which makes it impossible for us to be overwhelmed by the pressure of heavy courses even if we want to learn something more. But if you don’t learn more, you will find that you are not competitive after graduating from a bachelor’s degree. The principle of automatic control, programming is embedded, C language, there is no advantage in finding a job, you can only rely on the brand of the University of Technology, this major can only be graduated, there is no other way to go, I believe I can come to the University of Technology to automate Computer majors are generally more than enough. Listen to my advice. If you are not really interested in control, go to the computer next door. The gap between this major and computer is really big. I didn’t go to Beihang Software Engineering at the beginning. It was the last decision I regretted now. Research has changed the direction of the image, and I should never engage in traditional control in the future, which is a bit of relief.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Graduate student A, Wuhan Polytechnic Materials, A+, desperate for four years undergraduate, so he cross-tested to the University of Science and Technology of China. Graduate student B, Xijiao Dynamic, A+, desperate for four years undergraduate, so he crossed the exam to the University of Science and Technology of China. Graduate student C, Harbin Institute of Technology Environmental Engineering, A+, undergraduate four years is very desperate, so he cross-tested to the University of Science and Technology of China. Graduate student D, Hehaihaili, A+, desperate for four years undergraduate, so he passed the entrance examination to the University of Science and Technology of China. My undergraduate student E, Wusi, A+, was very confused for four years undergraduate, so he crossed over to the School of Computer Science. High school classmate F, Huake Optoelectronics, A+, undergraduate four years is very confused, so cross-guarantee to the school of computer science. Elementary school classmate G, Library and Information Management of Wuhan University, A+, four years undergraduate is very confused, so he cross-tested to the master of law in this school.

6 months ago

I am studying at the School of Construction and Planning of Tongji University, and the assessment of urban and rural planning is also A+, so I feel nothing special. I just met classmates from other colleges, they would say, oh, I heard that your college is pretty good. See the teaching building in the corner of the college: Is this your teaching building? It’s quite distinctive and looks quite strong. My personal feeling is to have access to many resources and opportunities at the frontier of the profession. A+ profession will naturally form the Matthew effect of the head in the engineering industry, and academic monopoly (holding the publishing copyright of the most influential magazine in the industry, and holding more right to speak. And exposure), project monopoly (also owns one of the top design institutes in the industry), the leaders of various research directions are one of the leaders of the industry, and they have cultivated a large number of seniors in the urban planning and construction industry. But it’s of no use to students who want to jump out of this industry…

6 months ago

A classmate studied water conservancy at Hohai University. After studying A+ for a year, he felt boring, so he resolutely transferred to marketing at the business school. Then he asked him once that no one fooled him, so he asked his senior sister to consult and apply for an exam transfer. I knew that water conservancy was so boring. I didn’t report it at the time. Last year, a classmate in Zhihu consulted. I asked him that he didn’t have any special favorites, and I signed an agreement with a pair of first-class majors. Just choose me and say, you don’t have any special hobbies anyway. , I’m a science student again. It’s not A+ to choose computer directly, but it’s also considered a strong major (and to a certain extent, computer is also at the top of the food chain). I told me I regret this year, and I want to transfer to literature or history or economic management. It’s disgusting… Then I was bored and thought that there are still some people in reality, but they don’t even care about “Transcoding of Everything” and “A+ Major”. After graduation, the difference of a few thousand dollars a month is still hard to buy. Happy

6 months ago

Coordinates Peking University’s humanities A+ subject, the boss just passed his 100th birthday, one of the four major nursing homes. Except for the school, no one cares about subject evaluation. The aura of the school is far greater than that of A+. Subjects that are not A+ feel like they are dragging the school back… In the comparison of several hospitals and other lunatic asylums, I feel that I am paddling every day. Teacher Buddha, students are also Buddha. Even if I watch the drama every day, even if I study, I am very happy… Before I studied information major, I can’t write code, I can’t find anyone to ask, and I live in fear every day. Maybe if I force myself to study and enter a big factory, I can earn hundreds of thousands a year, but I shudder at the thought of programming for a lifetime. I am really happy to be able to do what I like every day. Some students may be concerned about employment issues. I just signed the three parties at the beginning of the month and found a satisfactory job. During the autumn recruitment, many high-quality middle schools offered 30w+ annual salary, passed the national examination and selected provinces, in addition to college administrative posts and banks, etc., in the end, they still listened to their inner voice to write a manuscript at Xuanwumen. The monthly salary is touching… …This damn dream! Regardless of unpopularity, A+ or not, hobbies are the best teachers.

6 months ago

Graduated from a teacher’s A+. The experience in a nutshell: At that time, only Tao was commonplace. When I was studying, I didn’t have any experience at the top of the food chain. Undergraduates, it is difficult to have a very intuitive feeling about the academic contributions of the professors. They only know: Professor XX fooled his classmates with the old PPT. Professor XX is very good in class, so it is easy to get points. The test paper has not been changed for ten years. , Professor XX has a very good character, kind, gentle and helpful. When the subject ranking came out, there would be some “cheap” college pride. I was happy for a little while, but when I thought about it, I was the only one who was weak in the place where the big guys gathered, and I didn’t make any contribution to the ranking. Suddenly, the pressure of his peers burst out, and he fell into anxiety and depression again. Who hasn’t wailed bitterly in the corner of the university? Later, after graduating, I realized that the “water class” that I was reluctant to attend at the time was that the lecturer and professor taught outside companies, governments, and schools for no less than five digits. The highly acclaimed textbooks used nationwide, the editor-in-chief has also done a great ten years without changing PPT. Warmly chatting with me, helping me out of my worries and solving problems, the old professor “intimate grandma” who likes to eat Pizza Hut black pepper steak the most, has made outstanding contributions to the country’s earthquake relief. Even the grumpy old man with his shameless appearance and plain clothes was the founder of a certain branch of discipline. At that time, I just thought: “What a fierce professor! Run away! Don’t make things happen and let him catch and scold me!” At that time, he only said that it was commonplace.

6 months ago

Regardless of personal interests, first clarify the standards of a good profession. A good profession should be a profession with good employment and high salaries. In the subject evaluation of the Ministry of Education, for each first-level subject, the top 2% or top 2 of the participating institutions are all rated A+. The A+ rating is only equivalent to the professional level of a certain subject and the ranking in the institution. In some majors, employment is not very good overall, even if a certain school ranks first in the country, employment is not very good. For example, the philosophy major ranked first in the major catalogue, the current employment situation of this major is relatively average, undergraduates can hardly find jobs with their majors, and master students are not easy to find jobs with their majors. There are only two schools with an A+ rating for philosophy subjects: Peking University and Fudan University. In these two schools, the employment rate of philosophy graduates is not high compared with other majors, and the quality of employment cannot be said to be good. . There are fewer schools participating in the evaluation of some subjects, and the level of the level cannot be completely determined by the subject rating. For example, the archaeology rating of Jilin University is A-, which actually ranks third in the country; another example is the systematic science rating of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, but the national ranking is also third; Northwestern Polytechnical University’s weapon science and technology subject rating is B, the national ranking Also third. Due to the rules, some of the disciplines that participate in the evaluation of the institutions are less, and some of the ratings are vacant. Such as archaeology vacancies A grade, system science vacancies A and A-, weapons science and technology are also vacancies A and A-. There are other subjects like this, so I won’t list them one by one. Disciplines rated as A+ are not necessarily good majors as we call them. The quality of employment has a lot to do with the school’s own reputation, professional level, city where it is located, and the background of its affiliation. Some schools do not have high subject and professional ratings, but the quality is also very good. For example, in software engineering, some schools are not on the list in subject evaluation, but the quality of employment is equally good. The correlation between ratings and employment quality is not completely proportional. It mainly depends on the supply-demand ratio between the social demand for this professional and the number of college graduates, as well as the level of profitability of the industry in which this major is located. Therefore, there is no need to blindly believe the A+ rating of the subject.

6 months ago

The School of Applied Economics at Renmin University has no special feeling, and the school does not treat different colleges differently. Because our college was established not long ago, many systems are not perfect. However, the college has very high requirements for both undergraduates and graduate students, and the freshman and sophomores currently maintain 0 deficiencies. (When I came to my junior year, I was still in the original School of Economics) The atmosphere of the college is great! There are not many people. There are about 80 people in the freshman year, and about 40 people in the second year, third year, and fourth year. The college group is very lively and active, and everyone is in close contact. There is nothing else to feel at the moment

6 months ago

Daguang Electric (Yes, the overall feeling of Bobo Optoelectronics is pretty good. Most of the professional teachers are very kind and responsible. They are also very welcome to undergraduates who want to participate in scientific research. The attitude of the instructors on administrative services is also very good. Various notifications It’s also relatively timely; the overall atmosphere of the college is also good. I didn’t seem to be very involved in the training program in my class. I feel that there are still some common problems with optoelectronics. There are too many elective courses, and the requirements are only divided into A and B categories. , If you only rush to study enough credits, you may feel that your studies are too mixed when you are about to graduate. There are still a lot of academics who stay in the field of optics with no professional competitiveness, and there are many great talents, but I really want to say that the students What can we do for ourselves, then maybe it’s honoured. Hh’s industry reputation is okay. No matter whether you are getting a job or going to the Institute of Optics and Mechanics or other universities for optical engineering, you still have a certain degree of recognition. As for the top of the food chain, no As for not, the academy is strong, the members of the academy are good, and they are fishing. It is more important for the individual to work hard. Finally, I hope that the optoelectronics can be better and better. I will be an academician early.

6 months ago

Coordinates northwest, studying A+ major. Because it is not easy to find professional jobs and the salary is not good, most people are engaged in scientific research, so the college has a large number of scientific researchers and the evaluation data is also good, but it is almost the lowest level in the school. What kind of electrical, computer science, software, human intelligence, don’t care what people evaluate, it’s definitely a top-level existence outside of the school…As for normal times, I personally feel that the average so-called academic leaders are not very good at lectures, but the assessment requirements are very special. There are many experiments. As for the research project group and the like, the first 15% of the grades are required to have the opportunity to apply.

6 months ago

If you don’t understand, don’t you know that there are only three colleges and universities in Chemistry A+ in the whole continent. Oh, the big one is chemical engineering. I am sorry to make a mistake of Nicole’s School of Chemistry. . There are also many bosses. There are a lot of classes, and at the end of the term, they are all school goalkeepers. Theoretical experiment grasps both ends, one does not fall. The teachers are indeed very strong, and there are many research groups, so you can join the group in the freshman and sophomore year to follow the brothers and sisters to move bricks.

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