I am a 95-year-old female, and my income is not bad for two years after graduation. But the job is partial to the sales post, and it depends entirely on performance. Recently, I changed a job without a sales nature, but I was very uncomfortable with the daily dry-wiping work, coupled with the team atmosphere, overtime and other bare resignations. I’m very confused now, I don’t know what I want to do. I know that my heart is a stability-seeking person, so I want to try the career editor, but I have been hesitant. I hope that the seniors who have gone ashore can give me more suggestions. How to prepare for the test landing, do you need to prepare for the test full-time, and how long it will take to land.

When you are confused and don’t know what job you choose to pursue, you might as well try the exam editor, career editor or civil servant is ok, because the road of exam preparation will gradually make you out of confusion and gradually find a path that suits you. Career exams have more opportunities than civil service exams, so there are more choices, so how do you prepare for the exam? The first is to clarify what type of career editor you want to apply for, and determine the application goals; the second is to formulate a review plan (review time), and consider self-study or enrollment; the third is to strengthen practice, adjust your mentality, and go all out to review and strive for Go ashore at one time. 1. Determine the goal and clarify the direction of the test. Before determining the goal, answer the questions of the subject, which is about whether you need to prepare for the exam full-time? At this point, it is not recommended. Although there is plenty of time for full-time preparation for exams, the learning effect is not necessarily better than on-the-job, because exams are a protracted battle, and it is difficult to concentrate on one go. If you don’t want three minutes of heat, it’s better to do a long-term review. ready. This is because many contract staff in our unit are preparing for examinations during their employment. On the one hand, it is to have a certain income to maintain their own economic level; on the other hand, they can accumulate work experience in the agency and accumulate materials and experience for future interviews. Although preparing for the exam on the job is a bit hard, compared to preparing for the exam full-time, if you fail to land successfully in the end, you may end up hitting your self-confidence even more and making yourself more restless. But if you really decide to prepare for the exam full-time, you must have strict constraints on yourself and be able to keep focusing on review. Back to the topic, how to prepare for the exam. Since you choose to apply for the career program, you must determine your own application goals, because the types of career programs are still relatively detailed. Specifically, there are five categories, namely: comprehensive management (category A), social science expertise category ( Class B), Natural Science Specialty Class (Class C), Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Class (Class D), Medical and Health Class (Class E). For example, the career editor of the examination agency, or the teacher’s editor, or the professional career editor of the research institute, etc. How to determine which type of examination you want to apply for depends mainly on your own profession and interest. Medical professionalism is very strong. If you are not studying medicine, then the E category can be excluded, but other categories, as long as they have the opportunity to apply for the exam, can sign up. So clarify your application direction, which category it belongs to, and then determine your review direction. Although there are several types of institutions, there are basically two exams, one is “Occupational Ability Orientation Test” and the other is “Comprehensive Application Ability”. It’s similar to the civil service examinations, but has its own characteristics. This is the difference between the career examinations and the public examinations. If the teacher prepares the exam, the review thinking will also be adjusted. After all, the content of the exam is different. 2. Develop a review plan, purchase review materials, and determine whether it is necessary to register for classes. Once you have determined your application category, you can start buying the corresponding review materials and start reviewing. So how can review be more efficient? The review is either self-study or class registration. Which way to choose depends mainly on yourself. When I applied to the public institution, I was mainly self-study because it was less than a month away from the exam and the time was tight. The main reason was that I bought the real exam questions and exam training materials from previous years on Taobao, and then did the real questions and the summary questions. Type and problem-solving skills, repeated learning, repeated reading, the final written test first, the interview first landed. But I used to intern in a public institution for a long time, so I took a part of the advantage, such as in official document writing, such as in interview skills. These are some early accumulations, which is very big for me to be able to land at one time. It’s helpful. If there is no such accumulation in the previous period, I think it is still a bit difficult to go ashore at one time. Combining the subject’s situation, the previous sales industry, and the confusion about the work, in this case, in fact, there is still a lack of experience in preparing for the career exam, so it is necessary to systematically understand your shortcomings, including formulating Review plans, report classes, etc. Pure self-study is not impossible, but it is more difficult for skill-type questions to study the rules by yourself, so if conditions permit, you can register for an online class, you can get problem-solving skills in a short time, and the learning time is free. Do not take up your own working time. It is suggested that the subject of the question can also do the following two aspects: First, find the real exam questions in previous years, do one or two sets of them first, and see your own correct rate, so as to have a bottom line for yourself, if the correct rate is too low, you can try to report Class; if the accuracy rate is good, then you can study by yourself, supplemented by necessary textbooks and online video lessons; second, if the real questions in previous years are not easy to find, then go find someone around you to take the exam. The content of the exam is around In which respects, whether the test question type is similar to the test and the argument, such review will not be blind. (Ps. There are many types of public institutions. Some research-oriented units may organize their own entrance examinations, with their own questions, which may only test the application theory, or only test the test, which is hard to say.) As for the review time, 2 months are recommended. The preparation time will be sufficient. If you are on the job, the cycle may be longer, but the earlier you prepare, the better. 3. Adjust your mentality and go all out. After you have done the first two basic tasks, the rest is focused review. Regardless of full-time preparation for the test, reviewing is bound to be boring and lonely. Taking the A-type public institution as an example, it mainly examines the “Occupational Ability Orientation Test” and “Comprehensive Application Ability”. “Xingtest” is actually the same. It examines common sense, speech understanding, quantitative relations, judgment and reasoning, and data analysis. If you want to improve your scores, in addition to mastering the problem-solving skills, the most important point is to brush the questions, which is inevitable. The land will encounter setbacks, especially the quantitative relationship, judgment and reasoning, and common sense modules. Sometimes you may even doubt whether your review is useful and question yourself, but the more you come to this time, the more you have to believe in yourself, and cheer for yourself, because The road to exam preparation is full of frustrations. If you give up, you will also fail, so you must adjust your mentality. In addition, for the review of several major modules, there must be some choices, such as common sense and quantitative relationship. There are many inspection points. If you really can’t finish learning and time is limited, it is recommended to give up directly. Focus on reviewing judgment, reasoning, and data analysis. The module for scoring. In addition, “Comprehensive Application Ability” mainly involves the typical tasks of management positions in public institutions, such as view summary, data classification, drafting letters, meeting arrangements, emergency handling, contact notices, etc., so be sure to review how to draft various official documents, pay attention The format, and the various elements of the official document, so as to capture the points. Compared with the preparation of civil servants, the preparation of public institutions is still less difficult. Determine the direction of preparation, determine your own goals, seize the time, review well, and the opportunity to land ashore is still very large. Of course, the premise is that you have to take the right Kung Fu, don’t blindly prepare for the exam~~


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6 months ago

The scope of public institutions is relatively large. Teachers, doctors, government departments, etc. belong to the business department. I think the career is a very good job. Of course, the specific treatment is also related to your area. I once worked as a business editor for a county tourism bureau in a certain province. Then go to university counselors, all belong to the nature of career. The first job salary is 3.8k*12+3w, the cash in hand is about 7w, the provident fund is about 1.6w a year, and the total is about 8.6w. The second job is 4.8k*12+4w, and the annual cash on hand is almost 10w, while the provident fund is almost 4w, so the total is about 14w. However, in the area where I currently work, the total salary of local business editors can reach 16-17w, and there are more civil servants. On our side, the difficulty of the system’s career compilation examination is much lower than that of the civil service examination. For example, I have seen one of the professional examinations of a certain bureau before. At that time, the number of applicants for the civil service examination was 100+, but compared with the same period, there were only more than 60 applicants for the business editors of other units! Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of career editing is still very high. I have participated in the county-level career editor examination, with about 50 applicants, 70+ written examinations, 81 interview points, and successfully won the position. I have also participated in the civil service examination. Since I can only apply for posts that are not restricted to majors, the number of applicants is as high as 300 people. In the end, I couldn’t even enter the interview. I would like to advise you to choose travel management carefully as a major… I also share with you some channels for receiving free materials. I have used it and found it to be very helpful; you can also watch live courses, which are available every day; you will need the students who are taking the exam. , It’s free, I hope I can help you~

6 months ago

It depends on which province you have. Of course, it is not easy for which province to go ashore. Is your current state of mind? Before preparing for the business unit, you feel that you are a job and its unstable sales, good or bad work performance, the whole person is very tired and exhausted at work, and sometimes I especially want to have a relaxed and stable Work, so the idea of ​​taking an examination of a public institution was born. is this correct? Then I struggled for a long time, and finally convinced myself to resign bravely, and then prepare to prepare for the public institution full-time. Ok? The public institution examination is also called the career compilation examination. Unlike the civil service examination, there is currently no unified national recruitment examination. Most of the examinations are organized by public institutions in various cities. Of course, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces still have unified recruitment. I have determined the subjects for my own examination, and each province has different questions. Some provinces take a comprehensive ability test, and some provinces also add an administrative vocational ability test. When preparing for the examination of a public institution, I also choose a position in advance, and then determine what subjects I need to prepare for the examination according to the position. Before preparing for the review, it is still necessary to look at the corresponding examination syllabus required by the public institutions in the province. Through the examination syllabus, you can understand the important and difficult points of the examination and the knowledge points of the common exam. I also understand that the subject of public foundation includes politics, economics, law, management, technology, history, and official document writing. It is still very important. Develop a simple review plan. A review plan does not need to be so complicated and too detailed, but it will put a certain amount of pressure on the review, and the gain will not be worth the loss. It is better to make a general review plan, so that the review will not be too tiring and will not learn to complete the plan, but at the same time it can play a role as a spur. Review time: 60 days Wake up time: 7:00 noon, find a quiet place, take a nap, and fall asleep at 24 o’clock in the evening (if it is a full-time exam preparation) Day 1-20: you can register for a class, online, online You can download it, mainly to memorize the knowledge points of the public foundation, and grasp the basic knowledge of the public foundation firmly. You can choose the online course that is taken on the public examination together. When listening to the class, you must copy the important and difficult points that the teacher particularly emphasizes in a notebook, which is convenient Deepen the impression of your own memory. During the period, you can use free chalk, a public test, a certain public, a certain picture and other apps to brush the exercises of the relevant modules to consolidate the memory in time. Day 21-50: Review the real questions, correct the related wrong questions, analyze the questions, and remember the knowledge points involved in the wrong questions. When reviewing real questions, start with the correct rate, and then slowly transition to efficiency in the later stage. The main thing is to scan the real questions of the province, understand the direction of the question, and work hard, work hard, and work hard. Days 51-60: Mainly look at the knowledge points related to the set of error-prone questions and error-prone questions. Print out the admission ticket to prepare for the exam. For review, I follow my own review plan. In the early stage, I will follow the tutoring teacher to lay the foundation. Learning is actually like building a house. After the foundation is laid, the building above will be stable. So laying the foundation is very important. After the foundation is laid, it will be much smoother when you follow up with the questions in the later stage. When I brush the questions, I mainly focus on the real questions. When I go to the questions after the lesson, I will arrange the time more freely. The early-stage brushing is only about the correct rate, not about the speed. After finishing the questions, I will do a comprehensive analysis of the test questions, especially the wrong questions, correct them, analyze the reasons for the errors, and memorize related error-prone knowledge points. In the later stage, I will start to improve my own questions while maintaining the correct rate. Speed, start to brush the questions according to the time required on the test paper. In this case, the accuracy rate will be improved and the speed will be improved. Even when it comes to the actual test, it will be able to cope with ease and stabilize the situation. The review process of the written test will stop here, and you will come back for the interview after you enter the interview.

6 months ago

Compared with civil servants, there are more recruitment exams for career editors, and more people are recruited. In terms of the difficulty of landing, it is much easier than taking the national/provincial exam. Of course, we often see some news that try not to take the career code exam and directly test for civil servants, but if the exam is more difficult, it is a good choice to be admitted to the career, whether it is the job itself or continue to prepare for the civil servant exam. As for the questions from the subject, please reply briefly. It is difficult to enter the system now. Whether it is for public examination or professional examination, the competition pressure is quite high. Although the professional examination is relatively large, the number of applicants is also large. Therefore, you cannot decide whether you can pass the exam. It also depends on the level of candidates for the same position. Like the civil service exam, this is a competitive selection exam. The high test may not necessarily go ashore, and the low test may not necessarily fail. Go ashore. As for whether to prepare for the exam full-time, absolutely not. Full-time exam preparation is too stressful. If you have a better mentality, it is really good to go ashore once or twice. If you fail for a long time, your mentality may collapse. As for how to get ashore, you can only study hard, but whether you can get ashore or not is really difficult to pack a ticket. Except for a small number of great gods who can crush others, most of them are based on the “faces” of other candidates in the same position. But how to review it or how to review it, you have a greater chance of being admitted if you work hard. As far as the public institution examination is concerned, there are currently two examination modes. One is to directly test public basic knowledge and large composition. Public basic knowledge is common sense, which involves all aspects. It is complicated and of course relatively standardized, although the content is relatively large. , But as long as you learn it, you will definitely be able to use it in the examination room. We often see Gongji Great God who scores 80 in the test, probably because of this reason. The other test mode is similar to the civil service examination, namely, conduct test and application. This is also the most common way to test at present. Of course, this test method is similar to the civil service examination. As far as the review content is concerned, the two are basically similar. It’s much simpler to test and apply, and it’s not as difficult as the civil service examination. In fact, the review rhythm is the same for the two test methods, so let’s just talk about it briefly. I don’t really recommend that you study by yourself. The efficiency may be a little low. No matter what kind of exam you are taking, it may be better to go directly with the class. As for the number of classes, there are currently many institutions online. Choose a few days to listen to the open classes of each institution to see which institution’s teacher’s teaching style is more in line with your taste, and then learn step by step. As for the study time, on-the-job My classmates have less time, so let’s use the evening time alone to study. As for whether to study at noon every day, it depends on personal circumstances. If you have time, I would recommend that the subject review the topic during the day, or read more handouts. Knowledge points first. Of course, after understanding the knowledge system and framework, that is, after listening to the basic class, find a time to organize your thoughts and understand the entire knowledge framework. It is best to memorize it. The teacher has been in the public examination training together before. Emphasize this aspect. If it is an exam for the public foundation, then a lot of memorization may be required in the later time, and if it is an occupational exam, it may need to scan more questions to continuously consolidate knowledge points. As for writing questions, current classmates are not the same as others. You can use them when you are paid, or you can use them when you are fishing. In short, when you finish the work, try to brush as many questions as possible to save the evening review. time. Later, you must do your real questions, especially the real questions you want to test in the province/prefecture or city in the past three years or the past five years. If there are real exams, it would be better. Try to listen and understand the characteristics of the questions. Grasp the direction of the question. Finally, let me talk about the mentality of review. Whether it is full-time exam preparation or on-the-job exam preparation, the pressure is quite large. The on-the-job exam preparation pressure may be less, but the time is indeed very small, so try to make more time for yourself to review, of course. I don’t put too much pressure on myself, just do my best to know the destiny. For most people, the examination and editing are not accomplished overnight.

6 months ago

I have been at work for almost a year, and I have also experienced a secondment. Now I am back to work in my own organization. Let’s talk about my test experience during this period for the reference of students who plan to test for career organization. Start preparing for the exam: Actually, when I was in my senior year, I started to get in touch with the public examinations. That year I was also reviewing the postgraduate entrance examination. Of course, I was in a state of reviewing because I was studying at a university in Beijing and I happened to have my registered permanent residence. In the school, I took the Beijing Civil Service Examination in the year I graduated. I must remember that it was in 2017. The score of the naked test was 126 points. I can’t remember the specific results. I always remember the position. The management of Chaoyang District Jiu San Academy The committee is a three-unrestricted position, and the minimum score for entry is 144 points. Then I went home to recuperate due to physical reasons. From the time I graduated to the first large-scale examination, I took 7 public institution examinations in 10 months, and systematically studied one Jilin Province business establishment examination. , A total of two interviews were conducted. The written examination rankings for the two interviews were tied for second and third respectively. The results of the last two interviews were second (the first one did not come for the interview) and second overall. After the first stage of the exam: I was forced to kneel after repeated tests in the first stage. On the one hand, the pressure at my family was too great. They didn’t understand the public office exams, so they thought they could just learn, and just learn to death. In fact, there is a lot of luck in the public examination. On the other hand, it is difficult for my major to meet professional counterparts. The major is too unpopular, and it is too difficult to find a suitable position. Three unlimited positions still existed at the time, but one is that the position is not good, and the other is that the competition is too fierce. After ten months of exams, my mentality really collapsed. I returned to Beijing and started looking for a job. Finally, I returned to my internship unit, PCPOP, and started working as a media editor. After working in the media for a period of time, it was still due to health reasons. There are some problems with the body, so I can only resign and continue to cultivate. Buddhism public examination stage: After returning home from Beijing, the state was preparing for the Buddhism examination. In 19 years, I took a civil service provincial examination course in the local ground class. I participated in the 19 years Jilin Province provincial examination with a score of 130.2. I did not enter the interview. The test is also three unlimited positions. I participated in the military civil service exam in the same year. I can’t remember the specific scores because the content of the test is too wide. The review time and the provincial test crashed. The test was not very good, and I participated in other places later. The public institution examination in the urban area was passed in a public examination announcement in May 19th. In fact, the luck factor was greater. The year 19 coincided with the reform of public institutions. The districts and counties under the jurisdiction of all cities I was given the opportunity to issue a separate announcement for the recruitment exam. The public institution announcements broke out that year, but the three unrestricted positions were significantly reduced. I didn’t want to be too exhausted to run around and gave up the three unrestricted positions exam. It just so happened that the announcement in this district in May had a positive I applied for the corresponding position directly, and the number of competitors was very small. The first in the written examination and the first in the interview, I was directly admitted. Entry job: I joined in September 2019, seconded to work in the district department, engaged in some comprehensive personnel, labor and office writing work, and was also responsible for some performance inspection work. On the whole, the district department should be busier. Learn more. In May 2020, my district began to reform the township and sub-district organization. My own post belongs to the establishment of the township enterprise. According to the requirements of the document, all expatriate stations are assigned to the township and subdistrict to which they belong, and no longer belong to the corresponding business department. All of them were transferred to the corresponding township and township streets. The district department only assumed the role of business guidance. The staff left with the staff and returned to their respective staffing cadres within a time limit. I took this opportunity to return to my staffing post. To sum up: the examination for public institutions is simpler than that for civil servants. In Jilin Province, we also need to systematically study the types of knowledge points, including structured interviews. But a good test is not as good as a good job selection, so I said that luck is very important. If you can catch up with a counterpart job where there is little competitive pressure, if your major itself is unpopular, I advise you to apply for the test first. There will also be civil service examinations in the follow-up. As long as you survive the probation period, there is no problem in taking the civil service examinations during the service period after the conversion. Unless the public institution in your area clearly stipulates that you cannot apply for the civil service examinations during the service period, follow the public institution management regulations. There is no problem in taking the test normally and hiring civil servants or participating units. Or you can try the advanced organization, and then transfer to the administrative organization to change your organization step by step. This is also a plan and a method, and everything can be tried.

6 months ago

1. Application policy Now the teacher establishment has different application conditions for each region or different districts of the same city. The better the place, the stricter the application conditions. Before preparing to apply for the teacher establishment, you must carefully read the local recruitment in previous years. Announce to see if you meet the requirements for applying for the exam. So choose the subject and place where you have the greatest advantage to apply for. Maybe two people have the same test scores. A chooses place A, because there are many applicants in place A, and A is brushed down, while B chooses place B because there are fewer applicants in place B. Successfully landed. The teacher’s preparation test is a selective test. The one with the highest score will be awarded. It is not only based on the test takers’ scores, but also on the number of applicants in the local year. Therefore, this is a comprehensive choice. You must refer to the local examinations in previous years, such as The number of applicants, the number of recruits, local policies, etc. 2. Exam experience The following content is the test taker’s real test preparation experience sharing, knocking on the blackboard, and highlighting the key points. As a person who has successfully landed ashore, I would like to talk about my test preparation experience in this article. I hope it will be helpful to you who are applying. This article is divided into three aspects: application, written test and interview. Reading time ten About minutes. 1. Application articles Many people are always struggling when choosing a position, what position to apply for, the selected school is afraid of not being able to pass the test, and the poorly selected school is unsatisfactory. I liked a school very much. When I saw that it only recruited one position, I lost my confidence. I chose a school with a large number of recruits but not very satisfied. Generally speaking, schools with good teaching quality and good geographical locations will have more applicants, and the interview scores will be higher and competition will be high. This is undoubtedly, but this does not mean that you will not be able to pass the exam. Schools that are close to a point may not necessarily have low scores. In recent years, the highest scores in Nanning’s civil servants, public institutions, and teachers’ public recruitment examinations are not directly affiliated to the city, but some township units have scores that are ridiculously high. I think that once you pass the teacher exam, it is a lifetime thing, so you must carefully consider the choice of school. 01. Geographical location If you have a family, the best school you choose is close to your home or residence. For you, the transportation is convenient. Once you get accepted for many positions, it means that you may work there for the rest of your life, which is difficult. Mobilized. If the place to work is too far from home, it will be your life’s distress. If you are not married and feel that there is no problem anywhere, then choose a school with more convenient transportation for you. 02. Don’t just report it to which school you like. My point is that I am willing to work for a good school that I like for one, two, or three years… I don’t want to be admitted to a school that I am not satisfied with and complain for a lifetime. Of course, this mainly depends on the local and personal circumstances. Some townships are more popular because of the high subsidies and loose supervision. Don’t worry about urban schools as much as you need to check by the Education Bureau from time to time. 03. Don’t worry about probability. Think that schools with more recruits have a higher probability of being admitted, and schools with fewer recruits are less likely to pass the exam. Although it is said that “a good test is not as good as a good report”, luck is a factor that is difficult to control. Weiner’s attribution theory tells us that only effort is the internal controllable factor and the internal cause that promotes the development of things. Therefore, it is meaningless to entangle these probability issues. If you enroll in a good school, then you will make corresponding efforts. This is the truth. In fact, after so much talk, I just want to say: Which school in China and Italy is bold to sign up, don’t be persuaded! 2. Written test experience 01. The test syllabus must be compared with the recommended test syllabus for the past three years to see if there are new knowledge points. Generally speaking, new knowledge points are the focus of the examination and should be focused on. In addition, the test syllabus has listed the test points, and the knowledge system and mind map can be established according to the test syllabus, and the review can be compared to check for omissions. 02. Choose a set of suitable materials. I bought a set of live video courses online, presented textbooks and test papers, etc. The teacher will summarize the test points, the frequency of questions, and teach the recitation of formulas. In addition, you can also search the Internet for the knowledge framework, study notes, review materials, key points, etc. of pedagogy and educational psychology. Compared with the comprehensive development of exam books, this kind of generalized knowledge points can greatly improve your Review speed. It must be emphasized that the exam books must be reviewed together with the exam syllabus. 03. Brushing questions is the necessary way. The course I bought was given as a free copy of the real questions, and I have done the real questions several times in recent years. You can use a pencil to answer, do it several times, summarize the key points, and strengthen your memory. When doing real questions, you need to calculate time and conduct actual exercises. Usually you can download some APPs for brushing questions and do special exercises to achieve the purpose of strengthening. Now the APP has complete functions and powerful resources, and it has everything for admission information, knowledge points, real questions, and special practice questions. 04. Master a certain learning method (that is, the cognitive strategy of educational theory). It is necessary to actively use various learning strategies to improve their learning efficiency and reduce the burden of memory. Such as outlines, abbreviations and compilation of tactics, homophonic joint ideas, key words, etc. To give a few examples, the six principles of learning strategy training are condensed into a six-word formula: “Boiled peanuts, special effects”, you can remember it all at once (there are many ready-made memory formulas on the Internet that you can search for yourself); In class hours, behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and humanism were silly and confused at the beginning. Later, I made a comparison table by myself, and searched the relevant knowledge points of each learning theory genre separately, referring to the memory on the Internet. Knack, compose your own formulas, and then get this piece of knowledge. 05. For me, listening to books uses trivial time, it is difficult to take a whole time period to review, and it is easy to get distracted while reading, so I chose to listen to books as a way to make up for it. Many radio apps, such as Himalaya, have a lot of test-related resources. I listened to them when I was doing housework and eating at home, making full use of my spare time. I can’t remember the knowledge points I usually can’t remember, use voice recording, and listen to it over and over again. This effect is much more effective than just reading a book. 06. Regarding the suggestion on whether to register for a class, I personally think that there is no need to register for a written test. It is enough to buy a live video course, and the price is only a few hundred. If you have a teacher to study, the effect is better than reading a book by yourself. If you don’t have enough time to review or feel that your review is not motivated and has no atmosphere, you can consider enrolling if you want to make it fast, especially for non-teacher 0-based students. Here I recommend the brand Yishixue under the National Teacher Qualification Examination Network ( Focus on teacher qualification certificates, teacher recruitment courses training). 2. Interview Preparation Experience If you successfully enter the interview, congratulations, you are halfway through, and if you work hard, you can successfully land ashore. First of all, you have to be clear about the interview format in your city, whether it is a lecture or a trial lecture, and prepare in advance. Each urban area has its own set of interview rules. Generally speaking, there will be no specific interview format and process on the interview announcement in the urban area, and each person may not have a specific process on the interview notice. If you want to know the specific format of the interview, you have to ask the candidates who have interviewed in the last year in the city you are testing. For example, I participated in an interview in the high-tech zone last year. The interview notice only mentioned the form of lectures. I only knew the specific process on the day of the interview: first go to the waiting room and wait for the exam (you can’t bring any materials when you go to the waiting room. ), when it’s your turn, you will go to the preparation room to prepare for your lesson. The staff will give you the test questions. You have 20 minutes to prepare for the lesson. After 20 minutes, you will wait for the interview in front of the interview classroom and have a 10-minute lecture. After the interview, I came to the waiting area and announced the scores and rankings on the spot after everyone in the same examination room had finished the interview. The interview process in Nanning is roughly the same, but the format of the interview is different. This is the interview format found in Nanning in 2016 (as far as I know, the same in 2017). In addition, there is a potential in the interview. According to the rules, given the current imbalance in the ratio of male to female teachers in primary and secondary schools (more women than men), if there are men in the interview, men will generally be admitted first. So if you are a lady and there are men among your competitors, then you have to put in more effort. Regarding the interview, I think it is seven points outside and three points inside. The examiner for the interview is generally composed of the staff of the Education Bureau + teachers of the profession + teachers of other professions, so there are only two or three professionals, and the others are laymen. In addition, the examiner has been listening to the test takers’ lectures or trial lectures all day, and it is easy to hear fatigue, and each examinee is not caring about what they are saying. It is actually very difficult for them to identify the professional qualities of the interviewer in about 10 minutes, so external performance is the kingly way. The so-called being born from the heart, a person’s personality can be seen from the outside. You can basically tell what kind of person you are from a person’s clothing, appearance, mental outlook, temperament and aura, manners and conversations. Then let me talk about how to make myself look like a strong person. 01. Prepare a suit that suits you. My experience is that it is not recommended to wear a professional black and white suit that is too rigid, because the most indispensable thing in the entire examination room is black and white. Packing yourself beautifully can make you stand out among many candidates and make the examiner shine. You can choose the interview dress according to your own subject characteristics. The Chinese teacher can follow the classical style, the English teacher should be lively and beautiful, and the physical education teacher is young and energetic. Girls should paint light makeup and take care of their hairstyles, and boys should be attentive and clean. The overall dress should be dignified and decent. 02. Remember to smile during the interview, look at the examiner, and be confident and generous. If the speaker’s voice is too low and the speech is stuck, no matter how wonderful his speech is, it is no use. The speaking volume during the interview must be loud (originally my voice was also very small, but I deliberately trained for a while before the interview to amplify my voice), do not rush, try not to freeze, and even if you say something wrong, you will be wrong. Go on boldly and confidently. The tone of the speech must be up and down, not from beginning to end in a single tone. Remember to make eye contact with the examiner, smile, smile, smile! 03. It is necessary to rehearse many times to improve the process of entering the examination room, knocking on the door, bowing to say hello, introducing yourself, starting to answer questions, and thanking the conclusion, etc. The whole set of processes must be rehearsed many times to ensure that you do not make mistakes. During the rehearsal, I used my mobile phone to record my entire process, and constantly corrected it to achieve perfection. When I was practicing, I was leaning against the wall and facing the mirror to practice, recording and videotaping myself, and always keeping the corners of my mouth raised when I spoke. 04. Prepare a universal template Whether it is a lecture, a trial lecture, or a defense, you must prepare a universal template. Because the time from when you know the test questions to the preparation time is very short in each district, the only way is to apply the template and fill in and change appropriately according to the test questions in order to easily get into the battle. Whether it is talking about a class, a trial lecture, or a defense, a universal template must be prepared in advance. Talking about lessons: There are good and bad ways of talking about lessons. The advantage is that you can recite the template in advance, but the disadvantage is that the framework is too dead, the space to play is small, and the gap between the players is not big. There is a complete set of procedures for lectures. You have to prepare a universal template, which is subdivided into narrative articles, prose articles, novel articles, poetry articles, explanatory articles, classical Chinese articles, etc. The memorization is thoroughly familiar, no matter what you get during the interview The questions are easy to deal with. The general process of talking about lessons is about teaching materials, teaching goals, important and difficult points, teaching methods, teaching design (subdivided into introduction-new teaching-summary-development-exercises), writing on the blackboard, and teaching reflection. You can use idioms in one link, but each literary genre is different. For example, the most important and difficult point of prose is generally to understand the emotions expressed in the article and taste the beautiful sentences. Then the new teaching link of teaching design should have analysis of key words and sentences, and the new teaching link of teaching design should have analysis of key words and sentences. Taste the beautiful sentences and stimulate students’ emotional resonance. The most important and difficult points of poetry are sentence meaning analysis, emotional rendering, and recitation guidance. Teaching design should also be developed around these three… In short, the teaching process is basically fixed, only speaking Difficulties and teaching design should be prepared according to the genre of the article, but it is also inseparable from the original. As for how to make your template more colorful, it is recommended to find more high-quality textbooks, refer to the highlights of others, adapt the design according to your usual way of speaking, and design the template language more gracefully. Trial lecture: I have not participated in the trial lecture, but I have heard the experience of a senior who successfully went ashore. The biggest feature of the trial lecture is to perform. No matter what kind of quiet and introverted person you are, you will start your performance when you are on the podium. It must be lively and lively, full of excitement, turbulence and frustration, and exaggeration throughout. Think of the examiner as your own student, and open eye contact with him. You can make your own jokes. For example, when you ask students to answer questions in the trial lecture, you should start to cheer yourself up: “Ask student Fan Bingbing to answer this question”, “Andy Lau, you are awesome”… If you can win the examiner’s laugh, the first place is you. In the trial lecture, the interaction with the students is the most rewarding item. You need to prepare a few more interesting and lively encouraging sentences, take turns to exaggerate, and add actions. There is as much exaggeration as it is, but don’t pass it. That’s it. The preparation draft for the trial lecture can be prepared by referring to the lecture template mentioned above. The teaching links should be complete, more interactive links, and more encouraging sentences. Reply: The reply is generally combined with the lecture or the trial lecture. The reply is nothing more than two directions. One is to ask questions about the content of your lecture or trial to examine your understanding and familiarity with the teaching materials. The other is the regular essay questions, with intentional questions such as “Why do you choose to be a teacher”, and handling emergencies such as “If you are a class teacher, how do you deal with a certain problem in your class” and so on. Do your homework in advance, design the answers in advance and keep them in your mind. After the examiner asks the question, it is best to answer the question calmly after a few seconds, with a firm tone and full of confidence. The answer must be divided into points, it seems logical, remember not to memorize the template, the wording should not be too official and rigid, and a little bit of your own characteristics should be added. Suggestions on whether to report to the class. If you are an on-the-job teacher, you can ask a colleague to help you sharpen the lesson before the interview. You can ask experienced teachers for guidance, especially those teachers who have served as judges for teacher recruitment examinations. If you have such good resources, it is not necessary. Report to class. If you are not an on-the-job teacher, have no teaching experience, and do not know the specific format of the interview, then it may be necessary to register for a class. In the interview class, the teacher will train you, guide you to complete your own template, and conduct exercises. The effect is immediate. Of course, if you know a teacher on the job, it is also a good way to ask him to give you guidance. Finally, I will give you a big trick in the lecture or trial lecture: one is to add the topic number when writing the topic on the blackboard, and the other is to add a sentence after the lecture or trial is finished, the above is the content of my lecture/trial lecture today, but In the actual teaching, I will change according to the specific teaching situation.” This is the winning trick summed up by many people who have successfully landed ashore. Being able to do these two points shows that you are a person with teaching experience. In conclusion, hard work is a must, please always smile, be confident, believe that you can do it, come on!

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Preliminary judgment is that what you can test should be the management post of the institution, so doctors, teachers, etc. are excluded, and the content of these special department exams is also different. Then let me talk about the public institutions I understand: 1. Unified examination (usually municipal organizations, some provincial), each prefecture-level one-year-old examination; special units and special talents are recruited separately or directly exempted. Written test into the interview. 2. There will be more positions recruited than civil servants. For example, referring to my area, there will be more public examination positions than civil servant examinations every year. 3. The content of the test, according to your own test place, we still test the public foundation and conduct the test. In some places, the theory has been reviewed and tested. Or set up different papers according to different positions, and the line test remains unchanged. Then analyze how to prepare for the exam, provide personal opinions, and share my learning experience first. I participated in our local public institution examination and landed in 2019. I have graduated for more than three years. I didn’t know the public institution before and thought it was not very good. I didn’t apply for the public institution at the beginning. I have not been admitted to civil servants for issues such as luck, so I slowly learnt about institutions. After consulting and understanding, I learned that the institutions are also good, and at the same time, it will not affect the future application for civil servants. Therefore, in 2018, I took the unified public institution exam organized by our local organization. , I watched the public basic knowledge for a week, and the test is the basis of the civil service test. I took the first place in the written test. Because I had just joined the new unit for less than a year, and the unit treatment was 85% of the public institution treatment. The job is in a township, so I don’t want to go, so I didn’t prepare for the interview. During the interview, I did it according to the interview of civil servants, so I didn’t notice that the total time was 15 minutes (the civil servant interview was minutes), which caused the last interview question to be overtime and the total score was low. I only scored more than 60 points. I was counterattacked. . Of course, I don’t want to go. It costs too much to go to the township, and I can’t save money. I am not in my own township, and I am used to the feeling of working and living in the city. In the second year, the public institution examination organized by our city in 2019 was later than in previous years and was held at the end of the year, that is, the end of last year. At that time, although I still didn’t really want to test public institutions, there was an overall organization that would be better than the current situation at that time. Public basic knowledge is the basis of 2018 (I bought it in 2018, I didn’t read the book in 2019). The line test is to check after get off work hours, mainly writing questions, writing speech, logic, and data analysis. In the end, the total score was more than 140 points. Afterwards, I realized that I was the first (6 into 2). I didn’t register for the class during the interview, because I had training for civil servant interviews in 2016, and the old textbooks and exam models remained unchanged. I also felt that it would not be worthwhile to apply for classes again. After all, the salary of the public institution is not very high. The income is gone. At that time, I took a three-day public holiday, plus five days on weekends. I learned some old textbooks by myself. My girlfriend came to practice with me when he had time. I was an examiner and returned to my unit to practice in the evening (the unit’s conditions are good). , The table at home is poor), in the end it was about three and a half days of practice, the interview was second, and the total score was the first (6 into 2). After that, there were medical examinations, political review, and early resignation reports from the original unit. At that time, I was on the last day of work at the original unit, and immediately went to work in the new unit the next week, seamlessly. Physical examination is very important. It is best to search the Internet for the physical examination standards of civil servants and institutions, and go to the hospital to test in advance, just in case. At that time, I was still very nervous and cautious.

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1. Do you know the public institution (including industry, position, benefits, examination content, items, format, etc.) If you already understand and are sure to take the public institution, then you should prepare well. 2. If you do not quit your job to prepare for the exam, do you have more than 1.5 hours of reading time a day, whether there are weekends, and if you meet the above conditions, I suggest you can prepare for the exam on the job. After all, this is a single-plank bridge and you can only pass by one person. Success requires not only strength but luck. , I can’t pass the exam and continue to work. I have experienced resignation. It was only a momentary pleasure. I don’t recommend a long on-the-job preparation for the exam. If there is still a long time to start the exam, then buy the textbooks in advance, and generally regard learning as a habit, slowly look first, and focus on review 3-4 months before the exam. Here I think you are someone who has never studied the content of the exam. 3. If you are preparing for the exam full-time, my suggestion is 1.5-2 months, devote all your heart and mind. 4. The content of the exam is related: we got the public foundation and the line test, so I can only analyze these two subjects. (1. The public basic test is: official documents, philosophy, economics, management, common sense, law, etc., you can buy textbooks suitable for local examinations. These are very basic knowledge, and the test is relatively simple and easy to take However, the opponent is also the same, so you have to accumulate and learn more. Many people have good common sense and have good scores on naked exams. Here are mainly textbooks for learning official documents, reviewing the philosophy of middle and high schools, and economics of high school and university studies. Management, etc., study law. Official documents account for a relatively high proportion, so we must focus on it, of course, we must take high scores, and none of them can fall. (2. The test is: speech, data analysis, logical judgment, common sense, quantity Relationship. The test is your speed and correct rate. For many people, it is impossible to complete the questions in a limited time, but I influence him to get high scores. Taking myself as an example, I only learn words , Data analysis, logical judgment, the correct rate in the front of the test is about 75%, common sense 50%, the same number of answers is equal to the time spent on the card, and time is left to the first four items, usually this way down My scores are all 70-75 points. If you are fast, you can also learn more about the quantity relationship. There is no problem to improve 5-8 points during the exam. (3, the focus is on preparation: although I did not pass the exam. Civil servants, but I really worked very hard when I first studied the application theory and the test. That year I had to write a graduation thesis. I wrote the thesis in less than two months, went to another place to take the first formal exam, and study. After applying for the test, the overall study time was only more than a month, but the learning efficiency was really high at that time, and I entered the interview with a good score. Therefore, everyone should really devote themselves when preparing for the test. Three days of fishing and two days of surfing the net, don’t give the results to luck and opponents. 5. Interview: Enter the interview and discuss again, the total score = written test + interview. This is the case for us. At that time, my written test was 10 points higher than others. , It’s easy to get the first place. Even if the written test in some places can be 10 points higher, then there is a total score advantage of 5 points, so the written test is very important. There are many details that can’t be analyzed and shared at once. You can comment on the details and chat privately. , I can provide my personal opinion, I hope to help everyone.

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Generally speaking, we do not recommend that you blindly quit your job to prepare for the exam, because even if you are employed, you can go ashore as long as you prepare for the exam with your own efforts. Since you want to pursue a stable job, I suggest you take the career editor. Undertakings are currently divided into public welfare category 1, category 2 and category 3 according to whether the financial allocation is fully allocated (it has been changed to enterprise), and are also divided into general category, education category, health category, etc. according to professional category. We take the comprehensive career editor as an example. Most of the comprehensive career editors take part in the examination of public foundation and writing. The public foundation mainly includes major policies, laws, current affairs and politics, economics, science and technology, humanities and history, etc. Because it involves a wide range of subjects and the content is relatively trivial, it is relatively not that simple to learn. Many students need to remember when they see so many knowledge points, they directly choose to give up or fantasize to improve their grades by betting on the question. In fact, although the preparation for career preparation may seem trivial, there are many rules and techniques. For example, current affairs topics are basically related to major scientific and technological time and national policies, and these current affairs topics are all based on background. Even if you are not familiar with this event, sometimes you can deduce it based on common sense. If we want to learn current affairs well, we must be a caring person in life, and pay more attention to current affairs politics and some major policy documents issued by the country in our daily lives. For these content, we must learn to use fragmentary time, such as waiting for a bus, waiting for someone, or between meetings. Welcome to private message for more questions and free test preparation materials.

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If you want to pursue stability, it is still feasible to test your career, at least you don’t have to worry about the risk of unemployment. However, it should be noted that there will still be intrigue in public institutions, but it should be much better than outside the system. In addition, no matter where the unit is, newcomers are always the target of exploitation, so once they are admitted, they must be prepared to endure hardships in the first few years. Let me briefly introduce the public institution examination. The public institution examination is an external recruitment examination for public institutions. Here can be divided into several types: 1. Unified examination. For recruitment examinations organized by provinces, prefecture-level cities, or counties, the papers are issued uniformly, and the time is fixed on a certain day, and interviews are conducted according to the ranking of written examination results. The interview is generally organized by the unit, of course, it may also be organized in a unified manner. 2. The unit recruits and takes the exam by itself. This form may still exist in some public institutions affiliated to state-owned enterprises, but it is very rare now. You need to always pay attention to the personnel examination network or the human resources and social security website in various places, register by yourself, and the unit organizes the recruitment. 3. The way of talent introduction. This method has become popular in recent years, mainly for high-educated fresh graduates or past graduates who have not graduated for a long time, generally with a master’s degree or above. 4. Examinations for special institutions, such as hospitals, schools, etc. Hospitals are generally recruited by themselves, like the administrative posts of hospitals, there are external recruitment, which may be put together with the recruitment of doctors, or a separate announcement may be issued. Schools generally organize the recruitment of candidates by the Education Bureau, including teachers and administrative positions. Regardless of the above forms of recruitment, we must meet some of the rigid requirements for recruitment by institutions, such as majors, working years, academic qualifications, etc. Among them, I think the most important thing is the major. The examination in the establishment of public institutions attaches great importance to professionalism. If the majors do not match, then the subject will not even be eligible for registration. In addition, academic qualifications are also very important. Like provincial public institutions, people with a master’s degree or above are generally required to apply for the exam, while ordinary institutions only need a bachelor’s degree. For some professional and technical positions, some certificates may be required to qualify for registration, such as the first construction and second construction certificate. The above are some suggestions for applying for the post. Here are some suggestions for preparing for the landing. Take the unified exam as an example. There are mainly two subjects to be tested during the exam. One is comprehensive application ability, and the other is public basic knowledge. If the full scores of these two courses are 100 points respectively, then the interview will usually take more than 135 points. In some positions, even the great god will get 150 points because the examination of public institutions is relatively loose. I had tested a provincial public institution a few years ago, and I had the opportunity to interview by constantly brushing the questions in the “Together Public Examination” and having a high score in my comprehensive application ability. If you are not particularly outstanding in either, or if one of the exams is smashed, then there is no chance to enter the interview. Therefore, in the written test, we must get a high score. Well, this is just a written test. Next, let’s talk about the interview. Since most public institutions are organized by themselves, there are some opportunities to take advantage of the loopholes, especially the pre-approval interviews in various places. This form of talent introduction does not have a written test, but instead relies on inspection interviews, so there will be a certain amount of room for operation. But, the subject doesn’t need to care too much. Nowadays, interviews are basically fair, even if it doesn’t matter, as long as the overall results of the written interview are ranked first and the unit only recruits one person, then you will be admitted. However, the interview is a metaphysics after all, and no one knows how to get a high score. Sometimes, you think your answer is good, but your score is particularly low. Sometimes, you think your answer is bad, but your score is not bad. This kind of erratic feeling will give you the illusion that it is difficult to test a business unit. Therefore, we say that the landing of public institutions is a combination of luck and strength. You can prepare for the exam full-time or on-the-job, it doesn’t matter. But I still suggest that the work history should not be interrupted, especially for some self-recruiting institutions, they may be very interested in your previous resignation experience, because some institutions do not receive high salaries and they are particularly afraid You quit. Of course, if you have enough savings now, you can also be full-time for one year and prepare carefully. If you fail to pass the exam, you can make plans. good luck.

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First of all, public institutions are an enduring topic. If you can eat national food, why not? Below, I have summarized a few related issues related to public institutions. If you are full of dry goods, remember to like, comment and collect. How to prepare? 1. Adjust your mentality and attach importance to this exam. First of all, everyone should focus on preparing for public subjects. Because general public subjects are more difficult, the preparation time is longer, and the difference in the final exam is also large. Therefore, the review process needs to systematically sort out relevant knowledge points. Master the overall knowledge system, and at the same time firm knowledge points, conduct a large number of test questions simulation training. The closer you get to the exam, the more you should review the materials, the thinner and thiner you should read, and try to read as much as you can to sort out your previous knowledge, summarized notes, and accumulated wrong question sets, etc., quickly browse and recall related knowledge points And related exam questions. Especially the key points and difficult points must be mastered in place. On the contrary, for the unpopular knowledge points, you can temporarily put them aside to ensure that the basic points are not lost or made mistakes. 2. Understand the content of the exam. 3. Plan the review time and method according to your own conditions. If you know the scope of the review, you can arrange the review according to your actual situation. For example, for candidates who have a good foundation, strong self-control, and excellent in all aspects, they can review by themselves. The following review suggestions can be referred to: First, do and meticulously master each question type, especially the characteristics and answering rules of the test questions And method to do serious study. Second, consolidate the answering rules and methods you have mastered by doing exercises, sum up your own answering experience through continuous exercises, and ensure that your answering methods save time and have a higher accuracy rate. Here, it is recommended to read a few more sets of test questions and go through the typical test questions and answering skills in each content. In addition, you can also find several sets of simulation questions for practical exercises, fill in answer sheets, allocate time for various types of questions, determine the order of answering questions, etc., to feel the real test atmosphere, so as to reduce unnecessary points lost in the on-site test. Studying together can achieve healthy competition. If you don’t understand the problem, you can always seek help from teachers and teaching assistants. 4. Re-adjust your mentality. You don’t need to do a lot of practice in the few days near the exam. Instead, you need to adjust your mentality to keep yourself in a good, positive, and relaxed state of mind. Do a review of policies, laws, etc.; let yourself enter the examination room easily and calmly. The second big question is what is the job selection period and how to define it? General college graduates who are enrolled in a unified national enrollment have not confirmed their work units when they leave the school and during the job selection period (the state stipulates that the job selection period is two years), and their household registration, files, and organizational relationships remain in the original graduate school or graduates at all levels Graduates from employment authorities (graduate employment guidance service centers), talent exchange service agencies at all levels, and public employment service agencies at all levels can be treated as fresh college graduates. Second, how to define the status of fresh graduates? There are clear criteria for the corresponding college graduates in the guidelines for the recruitment of civil servants for the 2020 examinations of the central authority and its directly affiliated institutions: ordinary college graduates who are enrolled by the state are leaving the school and during the job selection period (the state stipulates that the job selection period is two years ) The work unit has not been confirmed, and its household registration, files, and organizational relationships remain in the original graduate school, or in the graduate employment authorities at all levels (graduate employment guidance service centers), talent exchange service agencies at all levels, and public employment services at all levels Institutional graduates can be treated as fresh college graduates.

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