Fresh graduates, spring recruits are out of play, I want to wait until August and autumn recruits to try again, I hope the seniors who have entered the industry will give some suggestions (Is there any problem how to improve it, can I save it?).

In order not to look too much like a party, I will try to think for myself:

Disadvantages: too few design elements (material pattern decoration weapons), not enough character expressions, and few attack skills special effects. I asked the modeling partner that it is easy to wear molds and bind.


①The worldview is as detailed as 3000 characters (now only 500 characters), and as detailed as food, clothing, housing, transportation, cultural beliefs, personalities, occupations

②Collect and sort relevant data while refining (this is not easy to quantify? Confused)

③Attack skills and special effects plan to learn “Jicheng Yao Animation Special Effects Performance”, then collect and sort out the skills and special effects of popular games, model blender (you can build a table mouse, understand the bound bones), and learn about unity (knowledge) Game production process and restrictions on art, etc.), typography also wants to learn, ah, I always feel that time is tight.

It’s a lot of verbosity, thank you for seeing here, if you can answer me some suggestions, it would be better, I wish you good health and baldness.

By the way, the world view is probably a utopia of abundant resources, advanced magic technology, various religious beliefs and ethnic cultures?

(Later, the cracks in time and space increased sharply, strange creatures and races emerged, resources were scarce, and fights broke out. The protagonists had to collect 7 sacred objects and summon God to ask him to fill the cracks.)

To put it simply, it is the future version of Dragon Ball + Nuwa to repair the sky, and it turns out that the Nuwa you summon is like Taobao customer service haha


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It’s all about doodles. It is recommended to find a good master and practice for two or three years, starting from the basic structure. Or, instead of looking for a character drawing job, you can spell ui first, while practicing well. It’s straightforward, no wonder, but I think it’s the best to say it straight. I’ve seen doodles for several years. In the end, if you can’t hang on, you can only leave the scene sadly. Practice basic skills. It may be a bit heavy to say doodles, but it is based on the requirements of professional original paintings. As far as ordinary people are concerned, it is quite acceptable. I will not waste time to answer the real rubbish. But you must never continue this way, otherwise you will not be able to get rid of the accumulation of wrong habits. Hurry up and find a good master. Update the second one. The second one is better than the first one, but it’s the same. It’s too random and the details are not detailed. In my understanding, this is called doodles. Of course, it’s okay to entertain yourself. It depends on this. A trip to Miha is probably choking.

6 months ago

Just write a few sentences, I hope it helps. 1. The functions within the game company are clearly distinguished. The original character painting is the original character painting, and the original scene painting is the original scene painting. The character setting, story background, and world view structure have nothing to do with the original painting. The subject can think about these and make suggestions, but finally determine the role design. The setting, story background, and worldview are the copywriting team. If the subject likes these, you can do the copywriting. 2. Professional skills must meet the standard. One aspect of proving one’s abilities is past experience, on the other hand is personal work, both, especially the latter must be above a certain level. Taking the picture currently released by the subject, it is a little difficult to work on the original painting of the character. 3. The concentration of the second element should not be too high. Work communication is mainly face-to-face dictation. Not everyone in the second element game company is a second element. From an industry perspective, Mihayou is indeed a good company, but if you really want to be in the game industry, you should pay more attention to the entire game industry. Miha Tour is not for everyone.

6 months ago

I don’t know if it’s possible to enter Miha with this kind of school recruitment, but I can say a few points about your problems. The first one has some problems with the human body, and the second one is not bad. You can have more pictures based on this quality. The following settings have several major problems, cluttered tailoring and missing design elements. I’ll post a few good designs for your reference. You can see that the tailoring of these three pieces of clothing is very sensational, and the density distribution of the design points is also relatively reasonable. These two points are relatively basic in the design. You can Study hard, you can buy some books and tutorials online to take a look. wish you success.

6 months ago

You think it’s complicated. The design of modern video games (especially two-dimensional games, realistic games are relatively better) is extremely spliced ​​and lacks historicality. They pay more attention to the pure visual design (the first impression of pre-image analysis, what character posture, movement, rhythm composition, what assassin draws tall and thin, and the flesh shield is drawn, these parts of perceptual psychology,) + classic symbol reference (For example, when Tizibad painted the motherhood of Guan Yu, he chose the green system as a whole, because the modern classic Guan Yu image is all green. Steampunk is brass tube + gear, cyberpunk is mechanical prosthesis + projection, or the wasteland is not a reference Radiation should not refer to Crazy Max. The counter-example is “Apocalypse of the Fantastic Book”, because the idea of ​​personification of the book is too nt, the book itself does not have an image, there is no image symbol to quote, almost completely lost the relationship between the prototype and the character , And even become a re-creation of the classic characters of the original book, which can never be guessed by people who don’t know that it is an anthropomorphic book). The characters in the two-dimensional game are externalized to the image. One person has a small world, that is, you know at a glance what kind of character, background, and profession it is (at least the impression is like this on the surface. If the character has internal and external contrast, the appearance is even more misleading ), personality, occupation, etc. are just looking for references and deciding what shape to use. If you are looking for a job oriented, you only need to give a few key characteristics to draw a character. To write a worldview on your own, it is better to strengthen the basic painting skills, design ability and knowledge reserve. Depending on your world view and personality, I suggest you look at how “Seventh Capital” is stitched together. If you want to make a set of character settings with continuity, in addition to transcending text settings, you must have a set of continuity design language. Generally, realistic games will take this into consideration, such as “Horizon: Dawn.” Supplement: The subdivision of work types leads to the suppression of personal creativity. Some respondents regard the phenomenon as a rule, and feel that a certain type of work can only do their own work. Don’t think too much, but this is where this collective game creation model fails— — Make the individual narrow and improve the overall efficiency. Under this vision, there is no game art, only various tool people, and the company likes this (but within the team, different people have different opinions, there are The director of the company will still want to give full play to the subjectivity and strive for the autonomy of fine arts). You need to take the arrangement longer and don’t think too much about the realization principle of the downstream links.

6 months ago

Don’t learn fgo. . Mihayou’s overall painting style is two-dimensional. Don’t be busy with rendering, draw the line drafts. The line drafts are not for smooth lines, but for expressing structure. No matter how smooth the lines are, there is no rhythm, no tension, no structure, and no meaning at all. Your design is generally thin and thin, and it feels like a piece of no thickness. If you can draw the line draft well, the second element is basically your world. And for good standards, the company you want to go to has a lot of posters, and you can understand it by comparing it yourself. If you really don’t understand, please report to the class. If you said that another 3 months of training is 3 months of registration and training, then there should still be hope.

6 months ago

Let’s join in the fun, I’m an ordinary player, and I’m pretty good-looking in terms of my aesthetics, so I’d like to comment, and it’s no wonder that I’m wrong~ From the perspective of individual players, I feel that the character of the subject is a bit like some animals, right? But it feels that there are no details that strongly echo the characteristics of animals. For example, if the characters have wings of bee insects, the clothes can also reflect the stripes of bees; and if the subject has a preset world view, do you think about it? The climate and customs of different regions are better reflected in the appearance and clothing of the characters? For example, the white-haired elf has thick and long hair, which makes me feel that she lives in a cold place or in a plateau or other areas, but the clothes feel basically the same as other characters. They have a very urban feel. Her clothes, the same red-haired nun, the flame crest, the high hat, maybe in a hot place? The black silk doesn’t match well, because the black silk with the small wavy collar usually reminds me of the Western-style maid outfit, which does not blend well with the seriousness of the priest; there is another area I feel I need to improve. , It means that the character’s characteristics or personality is not strong or not good. It is not recommended to use red hair for characters with relatively high cold. It is recommended to reduce the brightness if you have to use red hair. It will feel better with dark clothes. In addition, the cute loli character’s skirt is a bit rough, and a closer look will weaken the cuteness of the character a lot. If she is a pastry chef or likes desserts, then it feels that the elements on the skirt are not enough, folds The texture is too flat. If the subject wants to express the changes of the moon, the painting is too general, without the mystery of the moonlight, and the three bows on the waist are redundant and meaningless. I feel that the subject can Find more pictures of cute lo skirts in reality and compare them carefully, and look at how the girdle is designed. Probably that’s it~

6 months ago

The original god who has only played Miha You, discuss this on the basis of this. Because in my opinion, the gameplay of mobile games, including the original gods, is very ordinary, whether I play mobile games or not really depends on the character settings. How about the artwork of the original god, even if I played Zelda first and felt that the original god’s gameplay was very general and it was very expensive, I took a few more glances at Grandpa Lu and was tempted into the pit (it’s very superficial to me) Watch face players). I don’t need to play, and I give dl to my daily playbook exploration, but I have to have a number to lick, which is like this level, and most of the characters of the original gods I have such a high degree of favorability. And your role setting, let alone 648, 8 yuan for ten draws, I don’t want to move, let alone getting into the hole for this, I feel that I have been perfunctory at both eyes, and my favorability is basically negative. This is the idea of an ordinary Yan value chef.

6 months ago

The suggestion for you is to directly submit your resume, choose some works that you are satisfied with + a one-page resume (the resume should not be too complicated, the game company mainly depends on the works)
Then wait, if Mihayou sends you a test, just follow their test. If there is no reply, you may be cold. However, the reply cycle of these big companies is generally slow, so be patient.

6 months ago

Don’t ask on Zhihu, you won’t get the answer. When I just graduated from university, I saw too many ghosts and monsters. Later, I made more than 10,000 yuan a month and entered NetEase in a year. The group of people who sprayed me don’t know if they are still working in the outsourcing company and get four or five thousand wages. Don’t expect others to teach you, learn your own hard work, think about the reasons, and enroll in the study class. Another thing is that I am currently working as an original artist in NetEase, but I really envy the planner. The main thing is that game art can only be used as a tool person. There is no right to speak. The superiors who are aesthetically ugly will have to paint every day. In fact, it is also very tortured. of. The road is still wide, take your time~

6 months ago

I remember an up called “Huajiu” on station B said about what kind of painting Mihayou needs, you can go and see it, it seems that they need a very uniform style of painting (li painting), and then the characteristics, you painted This is nothing special. I’m talking about the kind of characteristic that feels at a glance what this person might be doing. Your coloring works well, no problem.

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