I have graduated for almost 5 years. I haven’t turned over yet, and I don’t know if I will have a chance to turn over. If you want to see the secret to the success of turning over and inspiring, then there is no need to read it. I just share some life situations of ordinary people who have no money or background after graduation. For people who have no money and no background, they first need to survive in this society, and Mr. Chen wants to turn over again. He is also a person without money and background. My parents are farmers who face the loess soil and have their backs to the sky. They can support me to university, which is quite remarkable. Because we have four children in my family, our parents only try to let us study more so that we have the opportunity to get out of the countryside, but after we get out of the countryside, we need to make trouble on our own. They have more than enough energy. I remember that when I graduated, I went to Beijing with my target. Two people with no money and no background depended on and supported each other. After working for less than two years, his family needed to build a house. He took out almost all of his savings, plus debts to build two floors for the house. In this way, it was so hard to save a little savings and it was gone. We have no intention of starting a business, and starting a business is not suitable for us, because we have no capital and dare not start a business easily. Therefore, you can only earn money by going to work honestly. After staying in Beijing for almost 4-5 years, I know that it is impossible to develop here for a long time. For one thing, there is no financial means to buy a house. If you keep renting a house in the future, you will not be able to enjoy the dividends of this city. Secondly, I was not used to the weather here, so I proposed to develop in the South, so we went to Shenzhen to work. Although Shenzhen has high housing prices, it is still possible to settle in Shenzhen, at least not as difficult as Beijing, and the climate in Shenzhen is what I like. As for the house, I won’t consider it for now. Because there was a new house purchase policy when we came last year, even if there is no new house purchase policy, we could not buy a house based on last year’s house prices. Buying a house is too difficult for both of us. Both parents cannot help and can only rely on themselves. You can only take a step forward and see one step at a time. So if you have no money or background, what can you rely on to stand up? Maybe someone can do it, but it must also have a strong ability. Ordinary people can only take every step in front of them steadily. Take care of your family, work hard, and develop sideline jobs to increase income. Otherwise, there is only salary income, and it is too difficult to save money in first-tier cities. Housing prices are high, renting is expensive, and prices are high. Except for expenses every month, there is only a small amount of money left to save. In fact, I have also thought about how to turn over and become a rich man. Why don’t we have a few houses just like in a TV series or a movie when there is a turning point? Or as smart, bold, and capable as Su Mingyu in “Everything is Good”, but after all, such TV plots rarely appear in reality. The probability is too small. Another possibility is to win the big prize. Otherwise, with the wages of two ordinary workers, you have to take care of your family, and you want to rely on your own efforts to gain a foothold in the first-tier cities. It is not ordinary difficult for farmers to turn into landlords. So, I want to open up now and accept myself as an ordinary person. Is it a sign of maturity to accept oneself as an ordinary person or to bow your head like destiny? Maybe I want to open it. Of course, I will continue to work hard, but I will not think too much. However, we will develop and plan in these directions. 1. Work hard to earn money, in addition to your own job, do side jobs to increase your income. 2. Insist on saving money, there is no backing behind us except ourselves. 3. Invest in yourself, whether it’s learning skills or improving other aspects. 4. Pay attention to health, always put the body first, the body is the capital of the revolution. We still work hard, live happily, save money regularly, and face the days to come optimistically. Regardless of whether you have your own house in the future, or whether you can turn over, live every day down-to-earth, and let time witness whether you can turn over.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Society is simple, but people are complicated. Therefore, if a young man with no money or background wants to stand up, he must read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” said in the beginning of the chapter: soldiers, deceit. To put it in human terms: the way to success lies in change and surprise. Young people must remember this sentence when they enter society. This is your methodology for success. So the question is, how does the specific change happen unexpectedly? “The Art of War of Sun Tzu” says: so it is able to show the inability, the use to show the useless, the near shows the far, and the far shows the near. To put it in human terms: hide your strength and intentions, and confuse your opponents with illusions. If you understand this one, you will have the opportunity to make changes that will surprise you. Some friends will say that they have no money, no background, very weak strength, and nothing to hide. If you think so, you are wrong. Weak strength needs to be hidden. Don’t let your opponents easily figure out your hole cards. This way you have a chance to be surprised and win. Some friends will also ask, why can’t you be frank and frank, and you have to hide it? “Sun Tzu Art of War” answers this way in the Miao Gong chapter: He who knows the enemy and himself will never end in a hundred battles; if he does not know the enemy, he knows himself. One win and one lose. To put it in human terms: if your opponent gets all your hole cards and you can still win, then it’s not your opponent’s idiot or you are daydreaming. Some friends may still ask, I just do my own thing steadily, can’t I stand up if I don’t compete with my opponents? “The Art of War” is answered in the military chapter: the good fighters of the past are invincible first, waiting for the enemy to win. To put it in human terms: silly boy, it’s okay if you don’t compete with your opponents, you are high-minded, and you are harmless to humans and animals. But the premise is that you have to be invincible first. Because you cannot guarantee that your opponent will not compete with you. In short, young people must hide their strength and intentions in society and in the workplace, and confuse their opponents with illusions. Then wait for the opportunity to make changes unexpectedly, to take what you deserve, and to succeed in compliance with the law and ethics. It’s not an old man, I’m long-winded, I have to say a few more words in the end. Sun Tzu said: Soldiers, deceitful ways. Mencius said: There is more help when you get the right way, but the little help if you lose the way. The previous sentence is our methodology for success. The latter sentence is our methodology of life.

6 months ago

With the current urban-rural gap, rural children have a job in the city, even when they are salesmen, they have achieved “turn over”. At present, “big country craftsmen” pay low. Children of workers’ families can “turn over” after they graduate and can sit in the office. Children with better families are more miserable. When your parents arrive at this position, there are already quite high factors of “time, luck, and fate”, and you may not have these things. But you have parents, you are born to be a master, and you won’t be worse off. “Time, luck, fate” comes from the famous “Han Yao Fu”, “Humanity is precious to me, but it is not my ability. This is time, luck, and fate.” Lv Mengzheng, the prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty who lived in the cave, expressed emotion. Friends who are interested in this topic can find the original text and read it. This is the feelings of a rich and powerful man from a poor background towards life in his later years.

6 months ago

I am not the second generation of rich, nor the second generation of officials. I change my destiny by knowledge and education! There are still people who change their destiny by marriage! A girl who grew up in an orphanage with a beautiful appearance. She became a worker after graduation. She was introduced to a soldier. Later she got married and had children. Her husband rose step by step and became the director of the Public Security Bureau. She was married and filial. If you find a second-generation rich second-generation female classmate in the university to marry, you can also achieve a change in your destiny…that is to say, relying on your own longboard, you can also achieve a successful career and a happy marriage!

6 months ago

It depends on whether you are really capable. School work, ability, and even temper are counted. It is very easy for a capable person to join a society or industry that appreciates the true ability. Be sure to jump out of a strange thinking circle. Countless people around you will tell you “no money, no house, no background, no background”, “there is no shortage of talents”, and “there is no way to use it.” . Once you really sink into this kind of thinking, it’s really hard to stand up. Even if you lie to yourself, you must firmly believe that in these same society or industry, there will eventually be one who will appreciate the warriors rather than the nobles.

6 months ago

Studying, there is a relative who studied mechanical engineering with a monthly salary of two thousand and is still in Hebei. Later, I read an on-the-job graduate student in Beijing. I took the train back and forth every week and studied hard. I really learned something. Later I moved to a certain bank and I am doing very well now. For those who have no money, no background and do not want to eat soft meals, they can only learn to counterattack. 1. Choose an industry that makes more money. Of course, if you don’t care about money, you can pursue something else. 2. Look at the threshold of this industry. If it is an academic qualification, try to mix up an academic qualification, if it is experience, learn more from people who come over. Remember, don’t lie to yourself, you must learn the truth. There are many in-service graduate students, but many people just get a diploma and have not learned anything. The work is similar. Some people have fully mastered all the necessary links after two years of work, and some are still ignorant after ten years of work. 3. To enter the industry, first analyze each direction one by one, and then find a direction and work hard.

6 months ago

The old saying goes: Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles. Traveling thousands of miles is not as good as reading countless people. Reading countless people is not as good as guiding the way by a famous teacher. This sentence tells us: It is not enough to have an idea. You need to practice everything yourself; it is not enough to have someone give directions. The master will bring in practice and look at the individual. So, if you are desperate for success, the most important thing is to choose the right line and follow the right person. First, there are a lot of predictions for popular industries, just look at the industry development forecasts in the next 5 to 10 years; second, people’s choices are much more difficult, in a nutshell: find one A good master who is willing to take you into the industry and grow up with you. It may take a long, long time, but it is worth it. Finally, remember one thing, Fan ask beforehand if he can bear the consequences. This is also the truth that I later realized by myself. In this world, risks and benefits coexist. You do a lot of things, and you may not get rewards if you pay. Except for math problems, nothing is 100%. The so-called intentionally planting flowers will not bloom, unintentionally planting willows and willows. As long as you are willing and able to withstand the consequences of pursuing something, then give it a go and try it boldly.

6 months ago

It is too difficult to turn over in the short term. If you want to be in the middle of a large company, have money and status, have a house in a second-tier city, have a wife and children, this should be considered a turnaround. However, if I want to have the above, I don’t have more than ten years of struggle, I don’t put in effort several times more than others, I didn’t grasp the big opportunities that could change the trajectory of my life a few times, I didn’t meet a few noble people, and I wanted to fight alone on my own. , Running rampant in this society, will only leave a scar and a sigh. Some people were born with a golden key, and the green light all the way in their lives, some people forced their lives for 20 years, and finally caught up with the demolition of their hometowns, and their lives have been opened since then, and some people have studied hard for more than ten years and stepped into the society with fear and trembling. , Cautiously, but still very tired and struggling. For ordinary people, if they want to stand up and become a master, then opportunity, hard work, and noble people are indispensable. Take me as an example. I came from a small place. My parents are ordinary working-class people. They didn’t dare to fall in love or play games when they were in school. They studied hard and got admitted to a 211 college. After graduation, they entered a central enterprise construction unit. Two thousand a month, seven or eight years of work, after several twists and turns, now he enters the real estate circle, 20,000 yuan a month, married a wife, and bought a house. My situation can basically represent a part of the group, but I still can’t afford a house in the city where I work. The city where I buy a house is an hour’s drive from the city where I work, because I can’t go home every day, in the city where I work. I rented a bachelor apartment and bargained with the landlord when I was looking for a house. The work pressure was huge. Overtime was a commonplace meal. I got home but I still stayed with my wife. When the price of gas dropped, I rushed to line up to refuel. High-end shopping malls have consumed luxury goods, fly back to their hometown, and have to grab the cheapest Spring Airlines. As long as they are not particularly in a hurry, they would rather carpool than take a taxi. They can cook at home and rarely go out to eat. Entertainment venues like KTV and bars , Unless asked by others, I have never taken the initiative to go. This is the status quo. You can live a good life, but it’s definitely not exciting. The salary has doubled more than ten times in the past eight years. Looking back on the experience along the way, I have been working hard and working hard after graduation. The other newcomers who joined me will leave work when they arrive, but I take the initiative to work overtime in the office and ask if I don’t understand. The master who signed a mentor and apprenticeship agreement with me was transferred to another place as a project manager. I followed it together. As the boss’s confidant, I did a few projects. Later, I wanted to escape from the environment of the construction company, so I made a few investments by myself. Ten resumes, but all fell to nothing. In the end, a friend of the old leader in the south introduced and pushed, and only then entered a Top10 real estate. Hard work, I have been working hard, I have seized a few opportunities, nobles, my master, and my old leader are all my nobles. Without their help, I might still be on a construction site every day. At night, I watched the tanker on duty to play concrete, or I had already switched jobs to do other things. I am already like this, and there are so many people who haven’t met noble people, haven’t seized the opportunity, and haven’t worked so hard, what should they do, how can they stand up. In the workplace, most people will be eliminated if they fail to reach the middle level before the age of 35. Most people start their own businesses and do business without resources, backgrounds and connections. Soon they lose everything. Many people want to change careers and get rid of the status quo, but they don’t. Someone helped me recommend it, and I wanted to get out of the pit but stayed in the pit for too long and couldn’t get out. It’s too hard to stand up, try to do your own thing, wait for opportunities, and find ways to seize them, make more friends, maybe sometime, some humble person among these people will be when you are critical Help you. What I think now is that I’ve lived much better than my parents’ generation. This is turning over. And I have been working hard not for how beautiful I can be, but I can give my children a good starting point. , He can live better than my generation, that is the icing on the cake.

6 months ago

Always keep an upward heart, study hard and you can stand up. Especially in medicine, time will give you the answer. Here is a special argument for why medicine can make people turn around steadily. We use the universe machine as our opponent and we will not bully the biochemical environment. The first step is the college entrance examination. Let’s not talk about the eight-year college entrance examination of the Concord University. We will talk about the various two schools and three medical schools. No matter how much college you are, you can be guaranteed to enter the door of medicine. It is estimated that the Internet below 211 is the life of a screw or repairman in a small factory. For the second postgraduate entrance examination, the medical and Internet postgraduate entrance examinations are not difficult. It is 50-50%. After passing the national line, you can basically go to a postgraduate who can still make do with the school. After entering the postgraduate medical postgraduate, the one who got a little bit of graduation is a four-certificate graduation with a Chinese hydrology graduation, and a little bit of a computer is to work for the boss for three years, and then get lucky to enter a big factory, but the luck is bad to enter a small factory, here is a little bit of medicine. If you lose a lot, medical students of this level can’t get into the top three, it’s okay to get into a small top three or a local hospital.

6 months ago

Work first, solve food and clothing, have capital, consider starting a business. For people who have no money or background, the biggest problem is not money and background. The biggest problem is insight. The highest threshold is not being able to lose. If you look at the answer to this question, I have probably looked at three. One is a student with a keen mind, and runs errands for others to make money in college. When I saw the shop, I knew it was going to open a café, and when I tasted the milk tea, I knew that the shop could not be opened. I lament that I just don’t have money, otherwise opening a store is definitely not worse than them. This is all madness, ignorance of entrepreneurship, and no fear of operational risks. I’m also a big brother, focusing on e-commerce. I have been doing it for a long time, but now I am not getting better. The track is not well selected. E-commerce is already a red sea. It has been divided up by giants. Now you are alive, can you still live in 5 years? My comments on them are relatively straightforward, because I am starting a business, taking the route of a technology company, and discussing these things every day. If you have relatives doing business at home, at least you know how complicated the matter is, and what you need to consider. However, there is no chance for Shuangwu personnel, so they can only explore it by themselves. This is the problem. Either I have not dared to do it, or I am confident to do it blindly. Therefore, on the one hand, we must work to accumulate capital. On the other hand, we must also pay attention, think, and try. We must first adjust our thinking and be prepared.

6 months ago

Those who are beautiful will turn over by their looks. If you have the courage, you can turn over by courage. Those who are wise, rely on their brains to turn over. Willing to work hard, turn over by luck. The essence of turning over is to obtain more resources than others, and the essence of resources is the comprehensive replacement of all conditions! So, calculate what resources you have and what you can trade for! Then, figure out the rules of the game for the replacement thing you choose. For example, some people rely on knowledge, technology entrepreneurship is good, some people rely on marriage, resource replacement, and strong alliances are good. There are more opportunities to stand up. The key is that you First know what you have and how you can exchange it for the greatest return!

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