Nowadays, programming has become a trend and is gradually being included in the exam. Various programming training courses are vying to open the door. Programming seems to have gradually become a compulsory course in the minds of parents. The era of “full-staff programming” seems to be coming quietly.

I am a high school student. I started to teach myself programming in junior high school. I know python, c, microcontroller and some simple things. Although I am a leader among my peers in terms of programming, I have vaguely felt the push back of the back wave.

I know a second grader. I have been coding for six years. Although I learned some simple things for children’s programming at the beginning, now I can play python, js, and Android very well. The single-chip microcomputer is even better, much better than me. More children are receiving programming education.

Classmates, teachers, and parents have already acquiesced that I would go this way, and I thought so before. However, this road seems to be a long one… I am at a loss and don’t want to take this road anymore (although this is still my hobby, even if I choose another job, I will not give up programming). No matter how good I learn it, in the current era of competition, I have a high probability of being a code farmer, that is, writing programs for people’s 996 drawing circuit boards.

My friend, with all due respect, you have this problem, which shows that you don’t understand the essence of programming. What is the essence of programming? It’s not mathematics, and it’s not all the programming languages ​​that “I will appear on the stage”! The essence of programming is to model reality. OA is to model the enterprise. E-commerce is the modeling of transactions. AI is modeling the human brain. … Therefore, for a professional programmer, facing a specific need, the first thing to consider is not architecture, not coding, but thinking about how to use abstract computer language to build an abstract model to express the specific human world reality. Then, you come to think again, why do programmers keep chattering, endlessly arguing which computer language is better? Putting aside the hustle and bustle of business, what are the essential differences between different programming languages? What is the difference between C and C++? What is the mission of a scripting language (such as js)? Why was Matlab born? Looking at the essence through grammar, the essential difference between different languages ​​is the way of describing reality, that is, the way of modeling. C is a process-oriented language. It believes that the world is composed of countless processes. The essence of data is storage and the result of the process. But in C++, everything is an object, and data and functions depend on the object to exist. Choosing the C language means choosing to use the process to model reality, and choosing C++ means choosing to use the object to model reality. The scripting language, as the name suggests, is to operate specific elements on a specific platform to make them “moving”. For example, the original intention of js is to manipulate specific dom elements in the browser to make them “moving”. In fact, in the early days of the web, js used most to implement various “special effects” in the page, including floating ads, scrolling subtitles, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the status of js in front-end development today is completely the result of unintentional intervention and a “betrayal” to the original intention. The reason why Matlab is favored by algorithm scientists is that Matlab’s programming paradigm is particularly suitable for modeling mathematical problems. The reason why we talk about concrete languages ​​in a big circle is to prove that the fundamental purpose of a computer language is to describe the concrete world in an abstract way, that is, modeling. This is the same as writing. In a sense, professional programmers and professional writers are a kind of people, one writing in natural language, and the other using computer language. For writers, the soul of writing is not to make sentences, but to express the thoughts after the sentences. Therefore, those children who apply for composition classes are not more likely to become professional writers than those who read comics. For professional programmers, the soul of programming is not code and syntax, but the model it wants to build. Therefore, on the way to becoming a professional programmer, those children who are exposed to programming languages ​​earlier do not have an essential advantage over other children.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

If all the people can write, would you give up writing? Even if we enter the era of writing by the whole people, not everyone knows the big V, it is more of a small transparent like ours. As a small transparent, a post-75s father who was born as a programmer, he saw the obviously inexperienced big V provoking words, turning black and white upside down. I don’t vomit or feel bad. I hope my friends can put me on top and let more friends see? @吉力Justin’s public account is updated with joy. Welcome to Jili talk privately, and be useful, interesting and warm people together.

9 months ago

The threshold of codewords is low, but the threshold of programming is very high. The threshold of programmers is not low! Otherwise, there will not be such a high starting salary. All “21 Days to Learn XXX Programming Language” are marketing gimmicks, mostly collecting IQ taxes from outsiders. I am very ashamed. In 21 days, I have to learn to print “Hello world” in many programming languages at most, or copy all the scripts in the book and run through it. This is at best a brick move, not programming at all. I am a programmer by birth. In addition, he applied for a national patent in a Fortune 500 foreign company and was the first author; he also won the company’s annual patent contribution award that year.

9 months ago

Balanced mentality: Always find a balance between “improving yourself” and “letting go” and contented people, Chang Le! If you don’t “let yourself go”, you will lose the ability to be happy. Those who are not satisfied always make progress! If you don’t “improve yourself”, you will be eliminated by the current trend. There is a post-it note on my mirror: “Please give me peace from heaven and let me accept what I cannot change; please give me the courage to change the things I can change; and please give me the distinction between the two. The wisdom of the person.”

9 months ago

Yes it is. National programming means that all walks of life are beginning to transform their business into information services. His core is not the information service itself, but the business model. If you can only write code, you cannot make a good system. The good business model is the more decisive factor. Therefore, I suggest that you can better learn your hobby industry and let others realize your business in the future.

9 months ago

The programmer corresponds to the typist of the last century. Know how to write code = know how to type. Thinking of not learning typing is no good, thinking of making a fortune by typing is no good. Typing fast is just a top tool in special situations. You have thoughts in the back waves, but there is no need to limit yourself so early, for example, think about how to overturn existing companies. It is said that there is little hope of changing the current pattern after 00, but such kind of fire is still necessary.

9 months ago

Since the emergence of WannaCry ransomware virus in 2016, a lot of concepts have suddenly impacted all of our vision… Bitcoin, blockchain, deep learning, artificial intelligence, distributed computing… There are too many of us at this time “Traditional industries” are naturally unwilling to lag behind. They will follow new concepts to develop their own set of rules. That’s right, the “traditional industry” I’m talking about are those who sell courses. They write soft articles on the Internet all day long, first create anxiety for you, and then tell you how easy Python is and how efficient it is to use Python for office. Learning Python means learning machine learning is learning artificial intelligence, and then fast forward to them. Buy a course worth 9999 at a price of 9.9 there. As soon as the leader above turned on the phone, well, it was all about learning how good Python is. Watching the overwhelming advertisements made by the video of the class seller, he also confused himself in it, bang! Pat your ass, Python is about to enter the classroom, from high school to elementary school, all let me learn Python! In fact, in the end, the mastery of a skill does not mean that you can learn it after two operations. Even those who have written C++ for more than ten years dare not say that they are proficient in C++, but now the demand for computer practitioners is just To reach the level of proficiency in a certain aspect, or to be able to cover more aspects of the business, with stronger processing capabilities. Therefore, just “programming for the whole people” cannot achieve a large number of high-level computer talents. Programmers, like many other industries, eat “youth meal”. What you need is to constantly learn and understand new technologies. It is still not enough to learn traditional languages ​​such as Cpp and Java. There is a big trend in every stage. The development of the community; such as the increasingly active rust community, or kotlin and gradle with stronger business capabilities, or golang, which was a little hyped due to the leak of the back-end source code of the b site a while ago. No matter which aspect, you must always study to ensure that your knowledge reserve is effective and fresh enough. I started contacting some electronic enthusiast communities in the fifth grade, and learned a lot of knowledge about circuits/microcontrollers. After junior high school, I came into contact with more computer programming. At that time, Java was still the mainstream on the Internet. But after so many years, I personally think that I am still a waste, because I have not been involved in large-scale projects too much, and I have not accumulated enough experience. Even the small partners who worked with me on the project have discovered more or less. Compared with the vulnerabilities in the products of other large companies, I am the younger brother of them. Therefore, the relationship between the length of contact and the level of a person is not absolute. Everyone has different understanding and mastery abilities in this respect. Therefore, like is one aspect, and the extent to which one can improve also needs to be considered. One’s destiny, of course, depends on self-struggle, but one must also consider the historical schedule. I never knew that one day Python users would suddenly cover my field of vision, so that I would use Python to open an answer at random. So later on, I felt that we should put our mindset on the right, accept the gap between ourselves and others, learn from the big guys, try to contribute to the open source community, and slowly improve my vision and knowledge level in this process. Of course, a class seller who creates anxiety all day long is best able to roll as far as possible.

9 months ago

Just don’t play if you can’t play it. This is obviously for utilitarian purposes, not by interest. If it’s fun, it doesn’t matter what others are playing. For utilitarian purposes, middle school students might as well spend some time making friends, falling in love, doing unmarginal things, and enjoying youth without affecting their studies. In the future, you will have to work and make money, so why bother at this time. When the top of your head gets cooler and cooler in the future, you will be full of envy and nostalgia when you see young boys and girls in the rainy season. The youthfulness of that time, the beautiful spring. In contrast, nowadays, wages and status are a little bit more than a little bit less so, it really doesn’t matter that much. The important thing is that it is not necessarily useful to start a run faster than anyone else. It takes at least two points to make a run to be useful. One is the time attribute. One is linear progress. On an open online platform, can junior high school students who are very good at programming become famous? not necessarily. Because age is not important here, it depends on whose skill level is high. I’m already strong in junior high school students, but I’m still a rookie compared to other technical talents, so it’s useless. On the contrary, the time point of the college entrance examination is in the third year. If a junior high school student has finished the third year of high school, you can predict that you will fail him. The second is linear progress. The college entrance examination questions are linear. Generally speaking, the more questions you brush, the stronger you are. Similarly, there are sports competitions, so it is difficult to become a professional athlete unless you start practicing at a young age. And many professions are not linear. What company you have joined, what master you have followed, and what platform you will show up on are all important and can allow you to leap forward in a short period of time. If you don’t catch up with these acceleration points, then the time to rush ahead is meaningless.

9 months ago

Don’t worry, if you enter those top technology companies in the future, the junior you mentioned in the second grade will probably be your younger brother, or even your younger brother’s programming knowledge that you learned in school. And the programming knowledge that you usually learn in your spare time can only meet 10% of the amount of knowledge you need to use in your work, or even less. The rest are to learn while working after entering the company. Moreover, most of the things like stacking code are given to young programmers with relatively junior qualifications and less than 3 years in the industry to do. High-level software engineers (different from programmers) do much more than that, writing code only accounts for 10 to 20% of their daily work

9 months ago

You have taught yourself programming from junior high school, which means you should like software development very much. It is so strange that since you are still so young, there are endless possibilities in the future. Why are you worried that you might become a code farmer in the future? First of all, we must clarify the difference between programming, code farmers, programmers and software developers. To say that the concept of code farmers should have started in India. India was a big software outsourcing country in the 1990s. At least at that time, their outsourcing work was very simple, such as re-implementing based on “pseudo-code” and the requirements for practitioners. Very low, it belongs to the out-of-pocket coder. In China, the term “code farmer” also began with the rise of the Internet economy, because it requires a large number of ordinary programmers to maintain the system, quickly iterate and update content, and provide external services, but this does not mean that there are enough software developers. I remember that there is a question about the status and number of programmers on Zhihu. One of the highly praised answers is roughly: the high-end is extremely scarce, the middle-end has a gap, and the low-end is very saturated. If you have the time and interest to do a search, you will find that at least in the last 15 years, the vast majority of practitioners in the software development industry chose this industry for very utilitarian reasons such as high salaries and easy employment, not because of them. Like and love programming. Since you are learning because you like it, as long as you keep this like, you will definitely not be a code farmer in the future. In addition, it should be clear that programming not only requires learning programming languages, but also a lot of related knowledge, such as basic aesthetics. You are even required to be a perceptual person, otherwise you can’t do well in interface design. I am 51 years old and I am still writing core code. At the same time, I spend more time on design, including product form, interface, and even process. I also studied software development when I went to university in 1992, and I haven’t been out of this industry for 30 years. It’s hard to imagine such a choice in the past 30 years. In fact, the reason is very simple. I can stick to it until now because I like Coding and Design. I would like to encourage you with the above, and I am very happy to see some young people learning programming because they like it, and the waves can be expected!

9 months ago

According to your logic, now that we are all going to get rid of poverty, should you spend your wealth and take the initiative to return to the pre-liberation period, because no matter how you mess, the front row of the Forbes ranking is still far away. Why don’t you want to do it when all the staff have started programming Do you just want to walk the single-plank bridge? If you really want to do something that many people can’t do, you can consider taking some high-tech majors at university, such as aerospace, nuclear power and other majors. Even if everyone is doing one thing, the result is 369 grades, just like so many people in the office are writing code, but the code written by some people is good code at first glance, while the code written by some people is really good. Full of bugs. You have such a good foundation, you should make good use of it instead of giving up halfway because everyone is doing this. Even if you don’t develop in the direction of programming in the future, programming will be very helpful to you, because although professional Different, but for many things, the idea of ​​solving problems is the same. The improvement of problem-solving ability should be the greatest help programming can give you. Don’t think about things that take too long, because you can’t figure out what your future looks like. As long as you choose the right path, I believe this path will become wider and wider in a few years.

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