In the game where the Warriors upset the Nuggets, Curry once again let go, 53 points, in a way that does not require his proof to continue to expand the scope of public perception, and activate a series of milestones, of which the most historically significant Naturally, surpassing Chamberlain to become the Warriors regular season scoring leader. As Curry himself said, any record related to Chamberlain seems inaccessible. But from this perspective, one can think of it this way: Curry has already reached the height where he has the capital to surpass the legend. Just as Chamberlain binds regular-season scoring and Zion’s monopoly on field goal percentage, Curry dominates the three-point line. He can find the only historical data in this area by giving examples. For example, the number of double-digit three-pointers in a single game has so far been more than the sum of all players with more than one in history. There is a high probability that Curry will be the first person in the history of regular season three-pointers to complete his mission in the same way as to meet the obsessive-compulsive disorder around his birthday next year. Curry is so crazy on the three-pointer, reaching the level of phenomenon, very rare, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is equivalent to the birth of a new Jordan James O’Neal. Relying on three-pointers to get high scores is rare, because the two identities generally do not overlap. Even a scoring champion who is good at using three points, such as Harden, cannot reach this level in terms of use level. However, such as Allen, Miller, Thompson or Korver, factors such as restricted times, tactics and roles cannot be based on the library. Follow the process like that to produce three-pointers. Curry is the only player in history who has unified the two identities of the scoring leader and the three-point shooter, and his level is super giant, and the three-pointer has changed from a basic skill to an epoch-making method. In fact, Curry let go of difficulty at least the first gear of active duty! Starting from the recent dynamic analysis, that is the impact of the Warriors lineup on Curry this season, more specifically damage. Basketball is not dualism at any time, so it is very unscientific to directly judge the combat effectiveness of the Warriors lineup based on the most expensive luxury tax. Unless you play in the rice circle that has nothing to do with basketball, this is not only for Curry or the luxury tax. Green, Wiggins, and Oubrey are not to the point where they are completely dragged down, but they do add to Curry in terms of providing space. One piece of data is the spatial ranking of the stars, which is about the defensive containment that teammates can provide in non-junk time. It shows that Leonard is 99% first, the Nets Big Three, Jokic, Antetokounmpo And Embiid these stars are basically above 80%, James 23%, and Curry only 5%, the only single-digit ratio, the only level in the league. Since it is data, there is a certain error, but at the same time it also reflects the characteristics of the star’s lineup and play style relatively objectively. Curry’s league’s bottom space approval rate shows that he has to work hard every time he makes a shot, and this is obvious to all. Although Curry’s game has not been exaggerated to the point that he is double-teamed in every round, it is necessary to discuss whether he accepts the strongest defensive treatment in history, but in reality he is often double-teamed by even more than two opponents. The one-on-five round even prompted Popovich to arrange a double-team double-team when Curry helped his knees in the backcourt during the halftime countdown. Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue and Raptors coach Nass have made the defensive Curry the ultimate, staring at the quadruple is the masterpiece, and defensive Curry must double-team has become the consensus of most coaches in the league. In this context, many of Curry’s three-point shots are very difficult. In passing and dribbling to find the pick-and-roll to deal with the defense, sudden jumps and shots can be maintained, and they can maintain a perverted and accurate shooting rate. Moreover, the fault tolerance rate is very high. Any process problem in the middle can be adjusted by Curry based on experience and talent. In theory, he can change the three-pointers that are difficult to nonexistent for other stars. In addition to the opponent’s blessing, Curry’s challenge was his own personal injury. Green was vented and he dared not shoot for almost the entire half. The quality of pick-and-rolls Wiseman could provide and Ubre’s inability to digest the Warriors system for a while, finally Derive the Warriors’ record in the qualifying match and pass the goalkeeper position and the difficulty of Curry’s release is at least the first gear in active service. I gave my opinion earlier: Cole kept Curry from letting go to protect him. The most obvious task is to maintain sustainable development. After all, Curry is not yet at the age of his retirement tour. Such an approach will hurt the Warriors’ hard-working system and increase Curry’s offense. In addition, with the old-school coaching thinking inherited from Phil Jackson and Popovich and his own personality decision, Cole is not very comfortable with the so-called “this is a bad shooting choice” when Curry first officially cooperated with him. There was resistance, but was finally conquered. Curry’s personality and style of play contain a certain amount of conflict, and it is also increasing the difficulty of letting go. But for Curry who is so strong that he has announced that he wants to surpass Jordan, he is capable of fulfilling his hypothesis.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

There is nothing to say about the game. Let’s just talk about the name of the guest who explained the game Zheng Cheng. He was not here to explain, it was purely disgusting. He threw two points of view in the game, 1 libraryis not ranked in the top in history 102. Curry does not have the ability to lead a single-core team. Point one, as a fan of Curry, I don’t have any opinions. Different people have different opinions on this. How many outstanding players in NBA history? I don’t care if Curry is in the top 10. But as far as point two is concerned, he is talking about platoon. Not in the top ten is because Curry has not led a single-core team to prove himself. When I say this, I think he is really no different from those Internet smashers and ball blindness. 15 years of championship. First of all, the Warriors are around Curry. Take it as the core. Isn’t this proof? In addition to Clay, what scoring ability can the team compare to Curry? This is not a single core, how can it be considered a single core? What about 73 wins in the 2016 season? How to prove it? If that’s the case, James wouldn’t rank among the top ten in history? Stronger than James, he doesn’t have Wade, Bosh, Irving, Love, Davis, how many titles can James now have? Even if the basketball god Jordan doesn’t have Rodman, Pippen will have a few more championships. So I think the so-called single-core team is a false proposition, and every champion is inseparable from the team’s efforts. So this commentary is really very ball-blind @ TencentI really don’t want to find this commentary to disgust the audience in the future.

6 months ago

At the end of the first half, the Thunder trailed by 21 points. Looking at the technical statistics, Curry scored 18 points and made 5 of 10 three-pointers. Well, this game trend, Curry played in the third quarter, and won’t be in the fourth quarter. It is estimated that the score is less than 30 today. Let’s take a look at Bill next door’s condition today. So I closed the page and went out to move bricks a few times. Come back, open the live broadcast and take a look at the data first. what? 42 points? what? It only took 20 shots and 3 free throws? what? 25 points in the third quarter? what? 11 of 16 three-pointers? Wouldn’t it be 6 of 6 shots in a single quarter? what? Averaged 39.8 points in the last 7 games? 20+ in a single session, this scene seems to have happened the day before yesterday. 10 + three points in a single game, this scene seems to be the day before yesterday. As the driver said: as if playing a video game. This is not good, this is not good. In the future, the threshold for watching the ball is getting higher and higher. What can I do? Tang Tang: Coach, hold Curry to me. According to statistics from Statmuse, the record of three-pointers in players playing less than 30 minutes is: 14 Klay Thompson 12 Tangyell Marshall 11 Stephen Curry

6 months ago

What else can we say, when the Warriors did not perform well, we Kupzy even made a mistake in breathing, let alone make a noise. Now that Curry has become Ku Hao again, we can also raise our heads. Who wouldn’t eat dumplings during the Chinese New Year. But this time I have eaten three meals, a bit…reluctant to stop! ! ! Once saw the Bulls with Jordan, once saw the Lakers with Kobe, once saw the Rockets with Yao Ming, and now it’s great to see the Warriors with Curry~ Don’t let anyone come out and talk nonsense again, let’s watch it for a few years. , Have to cherish the days when Curry was there.

6 months ago

1. Curry punched in three quarters today, played 29 minutes, scored 42 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists on 14 of 20 shots. Three-pointers made 11 of 16 shots. 2. In the third quarter, they made 8 of 8 shots. 6 of 6 three-pointers scored 25 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists. 20+ in three consecutive games. For the 30th time in his career, he scored 20+3 in a single quarter. He hit 10+three points in two consecutive games. Curry is the first player in NBA history to hit 10+ back-to-back three-pointers multiple times. He has hit 10+ back-to-back three-pointers today and in 2016. Except for Curry, only Harden made 10+4 back-to-back three-pointers in 2019. There were only three free throws in this game, with a 70% shooting rate and a true shooting rate exceeding 100%. 5. Leading the team to three consecutive victories, In the past three games, averaging 44.3 points, averaging 9.7 three-pointers, 29 three-pointers, a total of 49 three-pointers, and the shooting rate is as high as 59.1%. Since 6.4 months, the game has scored more than 30 points. Can contribute 30.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 6 assists, 1.26 steals and 5 three-pointers in 33.9 minutes. The three hit rates were 49%, 42.4% and 92.5%. The true shooting percentage is 65.5%, and players with more than 20 points are second only to Durant and Zion. 8. And all this, Curry is done in the space provided by 5% of his teammates. The star with the smallest percentage of space available to teammates in the league. The top three are Leonard 99%, Booker 93%, and Jokic 90%. You can understand the concept.

6 months ago

Still the same sentence, who is missing, continue to be embarrassed, Curry does not need so much work now, just two people Curry and Green pick and roll, and then Green rushes in, and then distributes to the outside, Curry threw it, and it was over. Then if they are all around Curry, according to the Thunder’s perimeter defensive ability, they basically can’t block the other open positions, so they can hold them, Wiggins and Baezmore, and then add Poole from the bench. And Anderson, brother-in-law, just throw in what should be thrown in. Oklahoma City’s inside and bench is not very strong, except for Bradley who can rebound more inside, and then Brown’s rebounds and guards may make the Warriors lose some, but it does not mean that Green and Rooney’s confrontation is much worse. , The key. Today, the Warriors’ bench and Curry let go of their shots. They are in good condition, and when Oublay is not there and Baezmore is perfectly replaced, when Wiseman, the colander for defensive inside and outside lines, is gone, forcing the Thunder to force the Thunder. Go outside to shoot and try to interfere with Bradley and Brown’s second offense and pass. The Thunder’s offensive system is not strong, so it can only be caught with nothing. The current Warriors, if they can improve the team’s defense to At this level, all the people are soldiers, and then the projection stabilizes. Green and Curry pick and roll to create the best space for others. Now it is like a warrior for 15 years, replacing a bunch of bandits. The main force is to rely on Curry and Curry. For Green’s pick-and-roll, a few people from outside can make a shot (don’t be too inaccurate anyway, half of Clay will do). When Curry wants to kill you with a shot, you can’t change much.

6 months ago

Still need to discuss? Curry scores 30 points is commonplace, and is usually done in three quarters, averaging 5 three-pointers per game, when the outside line is not allowed, he can make a clever inside breakthrough, break through the ball, draw a layup, and face 2-3 opponents. Flanking always finds a way. I think Curry’s greatness is undoubtedly the man who changed the league’s style of play. Finally, I would like to say to those sunspots. Many opportunities for Curry are based on his own continuous running, second running and pick-and-roll. Have you ever seen such a strong off-ball play? Curry’s data is not without other stars, but how high is the possession and occupancy rate of those stars? The so-called, I think Curry is the greatest shooter in history, a historical-level point guard and scorer, a super ball-handler, and a top long-distance running enthusiast.

6 months ago

Although it is not very authentic…but without Wiseman, the Warriors’ tactics have become much smoother.
Bazemore is good, really good. Now because of defense and talent, Oubrey is able to start. But when the God of Tang came back, could Oublay’s position in the second team be higher than that of Baezmore.

6 months ago

Outside the three-point line, Curry is the strongest! After scoring 10 three-pointers and scoring 53 points in the previous game, this game was even better. 11 three-pointers scored 42 points. It’s incredible, too strong, I can’t remember how many times Curry was single. Make more than 10 three-pointers in the field. Elementary school students are going further and further on the road of tridimension! Simpler than offense, if the basketball god Jordan rulers are within the three-point line, then Curry is absolutely qualified to be the ruler outside the three-point line! Well, three points are one point more than two points. just kidding. The question is, Thompson’s record of 14 three-pointers in a single game, when will Curry break it, will it be this season?

6 months ago

“The situation is not bad, but there is a ghost in the match.” This should be the new voice of the majority of Ku Secret this season. Although Buddha was injured before the game, Ubre was unpredictable, but as the season progressed, the Warriors gradually found some I feel that this trend develops, and it is not impossible to directly enter the playoffs, but at this time the management began to be a monster (I feel that Cole is also back), vacillating about competing for the playoffs and accumulating for next season. Uncertainty in the trading market also affected the team’s second place in the league. He had to practice with tears. The result was that the good situation could not be sustained, and even the insiders were panicked. The team’s results all the way out, and finally fell to the edge of the play-offs. The second place in the rankings is injured, and the value of Curry is strong. The team has not rushed all the way to the lottery. Now it is more or less on the right track or the previous sentence. If the management does not be a demon, Curry is competing for mvp this season. It is possible, and the probability is really not low, so play and cherish it

6 months ago

At 8 o’clock in the morning Beijing time on April 16, the Warriors will head to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers they are familiar with. Of course, you don’t have to have something to watch in the battle of Qi Yong, but Stephen Curry’s magic will definitely make your eyes inseparable. Curry has made at least 10 three-pointers in two consecutive games, and his magic is still far away. More than that. Live address: WeChat Official Account Tribe Golden State Warriors VS Cleveland Cavaliers at 8 o’clock in the morning on April 16; the Warriors beat the Thunder in an away game, where Stephen Curry scored 42 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists in 29 minutes, including three He made 11 of 16 points. After recovering from Curry’s tail vertebra, we can see just how strong Stephen Curry is from the data. In the past eight games, he scored 32 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists against the Bulls, 36 points and 11 rebounds against the Heat, 37 points and 5 rebounds against the Hawks, 41 points and 6 rebounds against the Bucks, 32 points and 6 rebounds against the Wizards. Facing the Rockets with 38 points and 8 rebounds, facing the Nuggets with 53 points and 6 rebounds, facing the Thunder with 42 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, scoring 30 points in 8 consecutive games, of which two made 10 three-pointers or more and five hits. 5 score more than three points. Of course, using data to explain the greatness of Curry can write more. In the third quarter of the game against the Thunder, Curry scored 25 points. This is the 30th time Curry has scored 20+ in a single quarter in his career. Curry made 10 three-pointers or more in the Thunder and Nuggets game. This is the second time Curry has done this back-to-back. The only player who has done this back-to-back is Curry. In the past three games, Curry made 29 of 49 three-pointers, shooting 59.1% from the field, close to 60% of the three-pointers, what a terrible thing. Looking at the entire season, Curry averaged 30.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 6 assists, and 1.3 steals per game. The average 30.7 points per game is the highest average of Curry’s career. Curry, 33, has scored 50+ three times and 40+ six times this season. In terms of scoring ability, you have no angle to pick this smiling assassin. After the game with the Thunder, Curry once again completed a performance of 10 three-pointers. This is the 19th time in his career that Curry has completed such a game. In the ranking of 10 three-pointers in a single game, Thompson was second in “only “There are 5 games, and Curry is up to 19 games. Curry’s efficient and magical performance, fans chanted “Dream back to 2016”, in fact, from the perspective of these few games, Curry’s efficiency is more efficient than the all-vote MVP season. From the perspective of the overall environment, the teammates around Curry are more than one grade worse than in 2016 and 2017. One aspect of why Curry can contribute to efficient performance in these games is that Curry feels good in his own hands. The second is that the Warriors’ lineup has changed. The important reason is the injuries of Wiseman and Ubre. It is not that Oublay or Wiseman has a negative effect on the field, but they are currently outside the “Curry Center” system on the field. Wiseman’s pick-and-roll effect is not good. Ubre prefers singles more often, while Rooney, Baezmore and others are more accustomed to handing the ball to Curry, whether it is handing or running without the ball. Curry is also the most central core of the Warriors. I believe that when Curry’s great performance is not over, he is only 0.3 points away from the Bill’s leading scoring position. The champion and MVP have no chance with Curry this season. It’s time to win that damn scoring leader.

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