On the one hand, the big players begged me to come in and help you, and on the other hand, the new players can’t bother me if they are so annoyed. Isn’t it great to be a guild social system, which is convenient for players in need to shake people, and it is also convenient for players who grow grass to help others? You can also publish some guild missions and add game content, and the technical level is not difficult.

The guild looks very beautiful, especially the guild in the anime. Everyone is happy to help and help each other. Everyone in the grassroots guild is the backbone of the big guild, because the big guild has a lot of miscellaneous fish. In fact, the real guild has changed its flavor. The basic real guild is like the background board guild in anime: a few kryptons with a lot of miscellaneous fish (non-derogatory, just saying that they have no right to speak), the whole thinks Do things with pvp. In particular, the Chinese have a fine tradition: they like to group together, so the Great Sanhedrin has no worries about no one to join, and Krypton also has no worries about being able to pull the team together. Basically, several big guilds have been familiar with each other before (unless there is someone who thinks that he can crush the other kryptons and want to become bigger and stronger by himself), and eventually a monopoly will be formed, and then the big guild will maintain the funds, and they will Will think of ways to make money, including but not limited to selling quotas, selling numbers, engaging in scientific research, acting on behalf of, cheating money, etc. Anyway, it is a miasma. This is not something you can do if you grow up. If you don’t engage others, you will Can’t become a big guild. Then a small guild of more than a dozen people, since there is a big guild, the game must focus on them, such as guild upgrades and high-level guild rewards. Your small guild has no rewards when it starts, and if you play for a long time, it doesn’t improve. Deserted. The best state is a few like-minded people who are very passionate about it. They have filled up the money for this game. There are skills and characters. Several people who have experienced 95% of the content are in a group, but whether there is a guild in this kind of circle. It doesn’t matter, the group has already been pulled, and the guild is nothing more than multiple ways to receive rewards. Most players have seen through the guild nature of Chinese games, just like me, don’t like to communicate with others, hate the guild nature, hate pvp and all kinds of Amway to teach you to play games. Now the random match is pretty good. Everyone meets each other, you are willing to take me to a boss, I say thank you, and then everyone parted ways. To make a digression, I used to be the captain of a 4399 online game and served the top three teams. Thanks to the low living standards of the people who had a low standard of living ten years ago, and the low-age group games like 4399, I had a total of 1w. I mixed into the head player group, and added an ordinary game group from the bottom to chat with everyone. Later, I pulled a few acquaintances and built a group by myself. The fortune was good, and the captain of the third team wanted to retreat. Hand over to the deputy captain, because the deputy captain is his friend, and the deputy captain himself doesn’t care about things and just wants to play games. I know from the group of deputy captains that they have a good relationship with me, so I want to give me the position of the captain and feel that I am capable. Yes, then I accepted it. Following the fine tradition of Baotuan, I got in touch with the captain of the second team and became familiar with it. The captain of the first team, Shenlong, can’t find the head and the end. It seems that he is also a rich man and a liver emperor, and he deserves it. The number one player. But after all, the children didn’t think about commercial operation. As a head player, the fun of the game was basically refreshed. Every day, they cross-group pvp. It made a mess and exploded several groups. Later, I slowly retreated to play tx games. If someone cheated on a hacking account, the group disappeared. So I am too familiar with the game from the Chinese Game Association, and I have played several of the next few games in the group of top players, all of which are just like birds.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The problem raised by the subject is objective, but the solution given is not in line with the game ecology to persuade the core players. This objective problem actually doesn’t need a “guild system” to solve it at all. Adorable new people who want to help will not refuse others to come to their own world. Those who refuse, obviously don’t need it. This 9+ game is not so difficult and needs help. There are very few who have this need, and among these very few, there are urgent needs, and you can find help in the game group of Miyou Club Tieba Station B. Adding a guild is just an extra in-game channel, and this approach does more harm than good. The subject also said that some people find it annoying to pop up other people’s applications to enter their own interface in the game, so why don’t these people feel annoyed that they see the guild interface popping up in their own world? Just as annoying, even more annoying. If you want to say that you are not interested in not joining the guild, the subject has said that there is a guild mission, which is to force you to join the guild in disguise, otherwise the Lone Ranger player will inevitably have less benefits than the players in the guild. Why? Stand-alone players are originally the main body of the game. Why do they increase the extra social burden of a large number of core paying users because of the very few needs of very few people? Although Yuanshen is out of the circle, it is essentially a two-dimensional mobile game. The game type is partial to single-player, and the core players of the game are partial to home. This is the basic game of the game, and the natural social attribute of the basic game is the trend. For self-entertainment, I prefer to have an immersive experience in the game. I will attack the second creation community outside the game. The addition of any popular in-game social gameplay is a test of its core payment to players. The “guild system” reduces the gaming experience of core paying users in exchange for a small number of unknowable potential new users and a small number of “helpful” players who are actually for the material and the game experience of players who meet the demands of pretensions. The gain is not worth the loss.

6 months ago

No, because the subject of the title you made a mistake about the nature of the original god game. Do you think Yuanshen is an MMORPG, a high-quality online game. Therefore, the guild system is needed to deepen the social needs. But Yuanshen is actually a two-dimensional immersive stand-alone game. Allowing players to enter the world online is only limited social interaction. The game operating mechanism is more to protect the independent space of the two-dimensional house. If you join the guild system, this quiet and independent space will not exist. This game is not far from the yellow drop.

6 months ago

If you really want to socialize with the guild, you can add a QQ group or WeChat group, not only can you find a big guy to ask for it, but you can also chat and collect pictures. And you can talk about more than one game. I have played many social games. The chat system of most games is cumbersome and difficult to use. After using it a few times, I have become the world of advertising brothers and Mengxin animated emoticons. Finally, I output a personal opinion: It is best to use a dedicated app for software, chat only with a chat app, and play the game honestly. Software that does a little bit of everything will only become more and more bloated and dilute the core users. For example, Yuanshen’s small and medium-sized games are rarely excellent, and the sound game and the big rush pass feel bad. Shooting and flying game mobile phones can be called disasters. The only widely acclaimed tower defense game also has the defect of insufficient late-stage play elements.

6 months ago

The social mode Yuanshen wants to do is that of Dongsen, where everyone can play, but there is no official channel for you to engage in guilds or large groups. Your social networking is based on your personal preferences. As long as my audience is wide enough and the community atmosphere is strong enough (the influence of the original Shenguang at station B is enough to add up to several head two-dimensional games), then we have found many ways to be the same, I have now fooled me The two roommates plowed every day. The two-dimensional audience is a bit autistic in general. The core two-dimensional games are mainly social, and the social two-dimensional games such as YYS and Hokage are actually not for the core two-dimensional users. Normally you don’t seem to see a few people playing Yuanshen, but a single linkage can paralyze KFC. This kind of community-based social model is actually more comfortable for our house. Even if the Primordial God came out of the guild one day, it would not be a competitive guild, at most it would be like Sanbangzi.

6 months ago

Unions, teaming up, seeing these things is annoying. . When steam first came out of Destiny 2, I also came down to play. There is nothing to say about the optimization of the picture and the shooting feel. Later, I looked at the guide and said that raid or pvp is needed in the later stage, and then I also gave up on the need to buy an accelerator. I really give up games that are not friendly to lone wolf players now. More than ten years ago, I was in the best tribal union in Wow US Shattered Hand, and I even became the president of the strongest union in US Service Mabinogi. But as I grow older, I really don’t want to play games. Socialized in. For me, the game is like sleeping when my baby is asleep, and when my work is over, my wife is playing vibrato. When I have nothing to do, I turn on the computer to do tasks, collect resources, and brush my books. You want to tell me, I have to go online on time to form a team? I make a ball. . Yuan Shen can be so successful, in itself shows how many gamers are not social. I believe Mihayou knows this, so I never worry that they will come up with compulsory social interaction.

6 months ago

No union! No union! No union! Don’t contribute to the system! Don’t contribute to the system! Don’t contribute to the system! Don’t force socializing! Don’t force socializing! Don’t force socializing! Don’t be so friendly to the system! Don’t be so friendly to the system! Don’t be so friendly to the system! Do not marry brothers and sisters to have a baby system! Do not marry brothers and sisters to have a baby system! Do not marry brothers and sisters to have a baby system! Don’t cooperate with the team! Don’t force the team to cooperate! Don’t force the team to cooperate! Don’t turn the original god into an MMO! Don’t turn the original god into an MMO! Don’t turn the soul into an MMO! At this stage, the social system of all MMOs is essentially for money. Once it is out of the union, the street, or the copy, it will become a playground for the Krypton Kings, and all of our other players will gradually become the Krypton Kings. The pendants and accompaniment play have become one of the many data that highlight them. As long as social content and pvp content appear, Yuanshen will fast forward to mmo. Which domestic MMO is not a Kryptonian game? Finally, there is a game like the original god that is more important and less social. Don’t guide it to the perfect world of Tencent NetEase. Do something different. The topic is only to see the benefits of the existence of trade unions, but there is no free lunch in the world. As soon as the guild was opened and the World Channel was opened, a few more bosses who had to be teamed up to kill would drop some of the equipment that couldn’t get around, and the original god became Tivat Chuliuxiang who could breathe in seconds. (Of course it’s not Hei Chu Liu Xiangha, each has its own way of playing)

6 months ago

There is no need for the essence of a guild to be a social place. As long as it is a social place, you know, no matter how good your initial intentions, there will always be disputes, conflicts, and all kinds of miasma. The best game made by the guild system is nothing more than World of Warcraft, I am a 12-year-old player of Warcraft. However, the guild of Warcraft is only engaged in the game when there is demand. Because Warcraft is an RPG online game, and online games are essentially social, it is reasonable to set up a guild in Warcraft. Despite this, many Warcraft guilds have deteriorated too much now. Most of the current Warcraft guilds are a kind of “community of interest”. For example, in the same guild, I play a copy and you also play, so we team up, but If most of the people in the guild are playing in the 7-8 level secret realm, and suddenly a cute new can only play the 1-2 level, then what should I do? If this guild is more loving, it may help him upgrade his equipment, and then play 7-8 layers together. But in most cases now, it is to give him a strategy, tell him how to improve, then fend for himself, and wait until he can play 7-8 before adding him together. And most of the new ones will be persuaded by the guild to quit at the stage of “fostering and destroying themselves”. why? It’s because letting someone who can play 7-8 layers play 1-2 layers will not get any benefits, and no one can guarantee that this cute new player will stay after he can play 7-8 layers, in case he takes it with him. No, the others are gone. Didn’t it take the time to raise a new person? Therefore, the current World of Warcraft guilds are often related to interests. We can brush our money together, and only in one guild, there are fewer and fewer guilds where masters can promote new people for free, because such guilds will also become other guilds. Resources used by the guild. For example, our guild has a newcomer, and I don’t want to bring him, but I know that a certain guild can bring a newcomer, so I told the newcomer, go there, upgrade the equipment to level XXX, and then withdraw, we will take you to play together. . As for whether I’m afraid he won’t come here? Generally not afraid, why? Because it focuses on bringing new guilds, the progress of high-level dungeon strategy is often weaker than those focusing on high-end strategy. For example, a guild that brings new people for free every week is absolutely impossible to get the first kill of a certain epic group, and those who get the first kill will not deliberately bring new people, after all, people’s energy is limited. After the newcomers are brought to the high-end level by the new guild, they will find that the guild that brought their own starts to be weak in the high-end strategy, such as being stuck by a certain BOSS for a long time, and it takes a day to pass a certain BOSS. At this time, I contacted him again and told him that this BOSS we played casually, as long as he comes, we can divide the equipment, as long as he is more utilitarian, it is likely to come directly. So those who bring new guilds are equivalent to helping us provide a person for free. Even if he didn’t come, there was no loss to me, because my guild didn’t pay anything in the process. And people’s patience is limited, especially when newcomers enter the game with enthusiasm, but after falling under the same BOSS dozens of times, they will soon wear off their enthusiasm, and then either come to our guild with the longing for the original. Or it is very likely to abandon the pit directly. And there have always been a lot of conflicts in the guild. For example, if you want someone to lead yourself, and then join the guild, will you find that no one is taking it? Will it be uncomfortable? Another example is that you are not familiar with the people in the guild. After you come in, you want to make a few lively sentences but nobody pays attention to it. Will it be embarrassing? I have seen too many similar things, and then I will return to the game environment of Yuanshen. Yuanshen is essentially an online stand-alone game. From the game environment, it can be compared to “Diablo 3” (really online I think the original god should refer to Diablo) Diablo 3 also has a guild system, and everyone knows what it looks like now. It has proved that the guild is really meaningless for this kind of game. There is no need for the original god to engage in the current social mode of the original god. It is good to get the consent before the boss enters. If you don’t want people to come in, click on it. X is fine, they are not embarrassing to each other, if you need it, click √, you should ask for help, you should help

6 months ago

Those who like guilds already have a lot of other games to play, so please let go of this little clean water. As a middle-aged social animal, I personally think that the best thing about Yuanshen different from other online games is that he is extremely friendly to social fear players. I worked hard for 996 days to serve my boss and clients. I really didn’t have the energy to serve the guild bosses and manage the relationship between brothers. Most of the time, when you enter the game, you just walk around and play, even if you need to go to the company toilet to clean up your daily tasks and physical strength when your work requires 007. If there is an activity that needs to be online, it will rely on automatic matching. The boss will kick me out of the room immediately when he thinks I have the most food. Unlike other games, I may be chased and scolded or even broadcast scolded. Match it a few times, and there are always big guys willing to help the poor. If the team of strangers cooperates well, add friends to each other, and usually do not need to talk to maintain the relationship. If the operation is always very dishevelling and embarrassing, anyway, there is a high probability that you will be far away from this room and never see again. Hupen Huanyou can have a great time. You can also get through all the relevant cards and get all the activity rewards by working alone. Such a world is really good. So when the middle-aged social animal recalled the hard-earned money he had thrown into the pool, he could confidently say that my krypton is not the emptiness of LSP, my krypton is the utopian order of peace, equality, and freedom in my youth’s dream.

6 months ago

The subject of your first few appeals, QQ groups or WeChat groups can solve the truth, the so-called guilds in real games… It’s really hard to say bluntly because small groups are serious, and the grassroots have no sense of existence and become labor unions. Don’t be fooled by the atmosphere in the online game animation where everyone is happy to help each other. If it’s a guild mission, guild rewards or something, it involves the distribution of benefits, look at the PCR next door and take the previous very popular Maple Guild. In reality, you only see all kinds of awesome guild members, and you don’t see many grassroots players who want to come in and are rejected or come in. There is no chance to play at all and they can only become guild contribution workers.

6 months ago

The guild model has not been able to adapt to modern online games. The fundamental reason is that the era of mobile games does not require online rates like the era of client netizens. The existence of guilds is mostly linked to the gangs in the game, and most gang tasks are more complicated and profitable. An online game has the highest profitable copy after a certain stage. At this stage, most people directly choose the highest profitable copy to play. The relative tasks attached to the gang are not in the interests of most players and will cause partial centrifugation. In order to avoid the loss of players, the socialization is gradually weakened in the design of the game system. Another reason is that many entertainment software are competing for people’s attention. The increase in the form of entertainment has led to the reduction and fragmentation of the game playing time. This is contrary to the fact that some leading guilds require online time and KPIs. (Not to mention that guilds don’t need it, high-level guilds also need resources to maintain in the game) and a game has a lifespan, and the loss of players in this type of game over time and the decline of the guild promote each other. In contrast, the absence of a guild will give players a more relaxed atmosphere and extend the retention time of this game on mobile phones. In the final analysis, most of the current mobile games are basically weak social games, and friends can fully meet the needs of social games.

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