Chapter 1005 Title: “Son of the Devil”

Following a word, Black Maria urged Sanji to call Robin out.

The existence affixed by the royal charm can not only share vision, but also convey sound.

Sanji was beaten motionlessly by Black Maria.

Hei Maria’s subordinates had a reaction of “Even if Sanji was beaten up to this point, he would not betray his partner, right”.

Sanji: Save me, Robin Sauce! This is the 3rd floor! Became a hostage!

The reaction of the characters who heard this voice through the lord’s charms varied.

Among them, Nami’s reaction: It seems that the enemy that Sanji is facing is female.

Robin “struck in all colors, strike” and attacked Black Maria.

Brook froze Black Maria’s line to rescue Sanji.

Robin said to Sanji, thank you for relying on me.

The animal with the royal charm is Kaido’s reconnaissance unit (with the team name), not a creature but a robot.

Black Maria’s subordinates are also called otherwise.

Yamato and his party were discovered by Kaido’s men.

Jack goes to deal with the samurai Akasaku.

At the end of the story: Black Maria VS Robin and Brook (that is, the intelligence division self-drawing).

The next story will not stop.

“Slightly–I won’t take you away anyway. Can someone like you become a pirate?” “Of course! One day, I will find a partner who can’t lose to you people and find the world’s number one partner.” Treasure, I definitely want to be the King of Shanghai Pirates!” Before that straw hat fell, Luffy on the dock swore loudly to the group of red-haired pirates who were about to leave. And this time, Sanji’s help was not only a sublimation of him and Robin, but also an announcement that the Straw Hat regiment had completed the “teamwork” comparable to the Redhead Pirates. I used to wonder, why Sanji’s script on Cake Island is so similar to Robin, and what does Oda Tsai’s intention of having a clearly symmetrical hand? Is it just because of obsessive-compulsive disorder? It was only after this sentence that I was pleasantly surprised to find that these two seemingly different characters, Sanji and Robin, originally had very clever similarities: first, they both have an ideal that runs through life, and they are not affected by the external environment. Content. (Sanji loves cooking, but he is not allowed by his status as a royal family. Robin loves to interpret history, but he has to be obstructed by the whole world.) Second, he lacked the nourishment of emotion and companionship in his childhood, and was disgusted and disliked by his peers, but both A mother who loves them. (Sanji faced the disgust of the native family, while Robin faced the neglect of the foster family, and because of the devil’s fruit, he would not invite peers to see him.) Third, they met a person who redeemed them in their childhood (Lei Jiu and Sauluo), and this man told them that the sea is so wide that no one will be alone forever and will find a partner who cherishes himself. Fourth, the opposite is that after Sanji went to sea, he was fortunate to get to know the red-footed philosopher and made up for the missing family affection in his life, but for this he also voluntarily gave up the right to pursue his dreams. After Robin went to sea, he has been pursuing his dreams, but he has not met anyone who truly accepts her, so he can only repeat his betrayal and escape. This kind of similar childhood experience makes two people inevitably have the greatest common ground-loneliness. And the resulting lack of sensitivity, lack of security, and the seemingly mature shell formed to conceal these. Whether it is a knight alone guarding the team. I would rather sacrifice myself and ruin the world, or exchange for the son of a demon whose team set sail safely. In contrast, Lu Fei had Essabo in his childhood, Kapu Da Dan, red hair and villagers from Windmill Village. Sauron had Guina and Koushiro in his childhood. Nami’s childhood had Belumel, Nochigo, and Uncle Windmill Hat. Chopper had a quack doctor and a doctor woman in his childhood. Usopp has Keya and three younger brothers. Frankie has Master Tom, Bingberg, and Granny Coco. Jinping and Brooke also have partners in their respective pirate groups. For Sanji, Lei Jiu couldn’t maintain too much close contact with him because he also had to protect his position. Although Robin gets along well with the scholars of O’Hara, it is more of a kind of like-mindedness, and it only takes a few days to get along with Sauro. People who have been emotionally lonely for a long time will want to have a home, a harbor like home. At the same time, they are more afraid of losing this than anyone else, and even doubt whether they are really qualified to have it at some point. This kind of mentality is projected on two people, and it is embodied in the following behavior: Faced with the threat of the four emperors, go to the cake island alone, in order not to hurt the Philosopher and his companions, you can give up everything including dreams. Under the intimidation of CP9 and Demon Slayer Order, he went to Judicial Island and surrendered. As long as his companions can continue to move forward, even the world will be destroyed together. On the surface, the two are both extremely high and mature people, and they get along well with the team. But in fact, the more such a person, the harder it is to truly trust anything from the bottom of my heart. Whether it is cautious or afraid of injury, the so-called “mature” shell is actually extremely fragile, even though its formation is accompanied by unimaginable A heavy price. And “true partners”, this gift from the vast ocean, for two people who are eager to belong, will also be subjected to a psychological burden far beyond ordinary people when they accept it. Because I cherish it too much, I am unwilling to make my partner embarrassed, unwilling to involve his partner in danger, unwilling to cause trouble to his partner, or even dare not let his partner endure even the slightest test for himself. “Luffy, the opponent is the Four Emperors. You can’t let everyone… ah, let Miss Nami be in danger!” “No matter how open-minded you are, one day you will treat me as a burden, betray me, and give up. I’m leaving, this is what I don’t want to see the last!” This cautiousness has actually become the only remaining looseness before the iron wall of the Straw Hat Pirates is completed. And now, with Sanji’s call for help, the two inner yokes fell to the ground. The steel nails are driven in and the iron wall is completed. The lonely knight lifted the inner barriers, and this time, his wholeheartedly guarded companion would become his strongest armor. The son of the devil no longer stood under the shelter, she truly stood beside the redeemers, her jet-black wings faded, revealing her guardian wings. “Everyone can’t do things, I will do things you can’t do, and you will do things I can’t do.” If a good team is able to consider each other, just like Black Maria The subordinates thought: “Even if he is killed, he will not betray his companions, right?” At this time, the cohesion of the straw hat group has far exceeded these people’s imagination. The despair of Chambord Island once was carved into everyone’s bones, spurring them to span the two years of their respective lives. Now they are reunited again. Any hesitation towards their companions is denying the other’s consciousness and growth during the two years. So even though he already knew how important Robin was, when he heard of Black Maria’s attempt to Robin, Sanji’s reaction was only with that steadfast and awe-inspiring expression: “You are not allowed to underestimate Nicole. Robin!” Yes, all your conspiracies about Robin are just idiotic dreams. That is a companion who has experienced 3D2Y. You don’t know how strong she is now, and it’s impossible to beat her. If you don’t believe it, that’s fine. I will now ask her to prove my answer: “Robin Sauce, save me!” “Ahhh, it’s not the second floor, the third floor, the third floor.” As a Robin fan, I feel very beautiful recently. The handsome drama, as of the end of January, is also the number one female role in the popular vote. That sentence thank you for being able to rely on me, it is so crisp in my heart, it also proves that the intellectual Yujie is really the most beautiful existence in this world! Looking forward to the next Royal Sister War! Robin Sauce said: I heard you have a lot of feet? It’s a coincidence that I have more hands, and all eight legs are broken for you! The thought of Black Maria might roll her eyes and she was a little excited! Good you Black Maria, you will be shirtless if you don’t agree with me! Do you… dare to turn around and fight me for three hundred rounds! Regarding some controversies that have already appeared in the comments, and more similar controversies that will appear in the future, I would like to reply. The straw hat group is a highly idealized team, and the level of mutual trust among the crew is far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. We hardly see such an ideal partnership in real life, so when I first saw Sanji’s call for help, I felt that it was unexpected and normal. But speaking to slander it seems…puff, um, harmony. Please note that Sanji’s request for Robin’s help was not a problem in the team. Nami directly expressed her understanding. Robin Chan, who came to the rescue, even said that she was very happy to be relied on. The parties are beautiful. As an outsider, you said: You are not happy, you can’t understand what Sanji is. emmmmm… This can only explain one thing-high emotional intelligence statement: your personal characteristics are not compatible with the straw hat group, but it doesn’t matter, everyone has a group that suits him. Low EQ argument: The reason why Straw Hats can become an ideal team is because there is no such person as you.


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9 months ago

Sanji’s words can be said to perfectly correspond to Judicial Island. Judicial Island, Sanji vs Gabra. He told Usopp that everyone has what they can and can’t do, which is equivalent to passing on his belief in saving Robin to Usopp. In the end, Usopp shot Robin from the air and became the biggest one. Meritorious man, and this great credit is attributed to Sanji’s appearance and confusion. Sanji not only rescued Usopp and exchanged opponents, but also untied Usopp’s knot and made Usopp understand his position. Then when the werewolf Sanji fought, the werewolf pretended to be Robin’s brother, invisibly pulling the bond between Sanji and Robin again. In the Judicial Island chapter, Robin relied on all the members of the Straw Hat regiment, and Sanji played a key role as the main combat force and a surprise soldier. In Chapter 1005, Sanji’s situation is very similar to Usopp. He faces an enemy he is not suitable for. At this time, Robin’s appearance is like the words Sanji said in the Judicial Island article. Sanji shouldn’t be trapped. In this kind of place, there are more important things waiting for him to complete. At this time, his and his own roles have changed, which is also a symmetrical relationship. The gentleness and sensibility that Sanji was molded into, his tough side has been buried for too long, and this is also the “most Sanji” side, which is the heart of Sanji. But well, the more Oda conceals it like this, the more unable to hide it. As the saying goes, if you want to rise first, Oda suppressed Sanjiichi’s entire new world, and it was time for him to rise. Sanji in the new world seems to have a knot, and it has not been solved, and the cake island chapter is the chapter where Sanji solves the happy knot, which indicates that Sanji will inevitably do a lot in the ghost island chapter. , The big watch version should not run, the main question now is whether it will participate in the battle against Kaido.

9 months ago

Sanji two years ago: I said that Kalifa’s six types of tricks were death tricks. It was not easy to use. She was not convinced. I said that your two legs are used to clamp one of my legs, and she can’t do it. She said that you are useless, I said mine is useful, it is kinetic energy, Zhefu’s leg exercises are about four or two and a thousand catties, and the four hundred catties of Alabastan shemale can’t take one of my toes. She insists on trying with me. , I said yes. As soon as I said she slapped, she stood up. Soon, she came up with a left forward kick, a right whip leg, and a left jab. I was all guarded against going out. After guarding, naturally The chivalry demeanor ends. I put my right foot on her head and didn’t hit her. I smiled and prepared to retract my legs. Because at this time, according to the chivalry order, she has already lost. Li, kicked her head with a kick and cracked her head. She didn’t hit her on the head. She also admitted that I kicked her in the face first, ah, I won’t hit her when I retracted my leg. She stabbed her left leg. Kick me underneath, I was careless, there was no flash, her leg rubbed me underneath, but it’s okay, I will go to Shemale Island to report later, I said Miss Sister, you don’t speak martial arts, she said mountains I’m sorry, I don’t understand, I kicked, and then she said that she had practiced for three or four years and she seemed to have come prepared. This young lady does not speak martial arts, come, cheat, come, sneak attack, I An old knight with more than 20 years of qualifications.

9 months ago

I feel that I have watched One Piece for so long and Oda painted female characters the best. The protagonist of this story is really not Sanji, Robin Sanji is a partner before Cake Island. The role that stood up to rescue in a crisis, Cake Island showed his weak side, and Robin’s most popular plot was that the Judicial Island was rescued. The two roles were reversed, and it was the best. If two years ago and two years later, after such a long adventure, the roles of the two people were still the same, that would be a failure. (Ps I’m a fan of Sanji, and I really like this. I’m really curious why so many people who don’t like Sanji always want Sanji to kill indiscriminately. In my eyes, I like Sanji because he is not just A tough guy like Sauron who doesn’t say a word, he’s even more of a flesh-and-blood person with weaknesses)

9 months ago

I’m really in tears here. Not only for the trust and dependence between the Straw Hat group partners, but also for the transformation of the cook-he can finally break through the psychological barrier and rely on his companions. A cook with a dedicated personality no longer bears everything alone. Robin’s sentence: “Thank you, and you are willing to rely on me.” It’s also because the cook is finally relieved that he can no longer hold on. I can have weaknesses, and my companion is my armor. Nami and Robin also once “resolutely not ask for help” because of their psychological shadows, and finally they were melted by their companions. This time it was finally the cook’s turn. Everyone in the straw hat group is like a ray of sunshine, stubbornly shining into the darkest corner of the other’s heart, dispelling the dark clouds entrenched there, warm and bright. Uncle Bingshan’s name is really good, and the Thousand Miles Sunshine is not deceived.

9 months ago

After the second wave of intelligence updates, it was confirmed that Robin had not lurked around Black Maria in advance, but came from a distance. And it is clear that Sanji is indeed going to stop Jack. In fact, what is curious is, why does the plot here form a 2v1 situation of Robin + Brook vs Black Maria? Of course, it is not ruled out that if two people arrive at the same time in a short time, Brook will leave afterwards. But on the premise that the Black Maria arranged a “trap” in an attempt to ambush Robin, Robin was still hit by a “huge tree”. This combat power is not very good. Of course, in terms of ability restraint, Brooke’s restraint on spider silk is more pronounced: because spider silk is characterized by toughness and viscosity, typical polymer material characteristics, but these characteristics will be reduced at low temperatures. Therefore, Brook’s ability to produce localized low temperature is restrained. ## However, Baidu Encyclopedia says that although spider silk is a polymer material, it is still resistant to low temperatures.

9 months ago

I don’t understand why Oda designed Sanji’s combat power like this. Although it is reasonable in the logic system of One Piece comics. But from the perspective of the entire comics industry, it is quite unreasonable. Direct feeling is the three words of violation and feeling. Although you can find a reason to explain it, it just has a sense of violation. I am not a black fan. It stands to reason that Sanji spent two years on the Shemale Island, hiding in Tibet 24 hours a day, and he should have trained a certain speed. Oda can start from this point and design a shadowless, teleporting speed mode for Sanji. The result is not only lack of speed, but also power. Cake Island uses combat uniforms to make up for the strength gap, but most readers do not accept the strength bonus from this combat uniform. It’s better to eat a fruit to increase your strength to a level.

9 months ago

There are currently five known groups of the Four Emperors: The Red Group basically inherits the structure of the Roger Group, with one captain and one deputy captain. The remaining 7 cadres are not classified or grouped (there may be a clear occupational division of labor), and there is one new cadre. In addition, there are a large number of miscellaneous soldiers, which are large teams. The White Regiment has a captain and 16 captains in charge of 1,600 people. An additional 43 non-staff fleet was established, which is a large-scale team. The black group has a captain and admiral, and 9 captains (4 of which have a clear occupational division of labor). One additional non-staff fleet and one cooperator were added. Suspected of being a small team. Auntie regiment implements a dual system, which is both a pirate regiment and a country. As a pirate group, there was one captain and three general stars. The remaining 80 cadres were not classified or grouped, and there were two additional non-staff fleets. The total number of people in the whole group is countless, and it is a large team. As a country, there was a king, 34 ministers, and the remaining 40 cadres were ordinary members of the royal family. The citizens were distributed on 34 islands. The Kaido regiment has a governor and captain, and the rest of the ranks have 3 big Kanban (disasters)> 6 flying six cells> 10 real fighters. There are N numberers, N givers, N hilarious people, N waiters, and countless miscellaneous soldiers. Incorporated 3 pirate groups, as a large team. There is also a straw hat group that has been hyped as the Five Emperors by the media. The core team has a captain, and the other 9 cadres are not classified or grouped, and have a clear division of labor. 7 additional non-staff fleets were added.

9 months ago

We must know that Kerby has only really started learning fighting for a year, and he has awakened in a big battle. It can only be said that Karp’s systematic teaching has a significant effect. The so-called following a famous teacher is equivalent to taking a shortcut. It’s really hard to imagine that this year, with other generals, can improve so much. The green pheasant rode out to sea everywhere when he was okay. When Huang Yuan’s office lay down, something happened, the speed of light went over to solve the speed of light, and he continued to lie down, completely unable to feel that he could have this kind of improvement after electing them as teachers. He may be able to train hard every day with the Akahound, but if there is a disagreement in the three views, he will be cut and wiped out. It is terrible to think about it.

9 months ago

It took about 3 years to go from an unsophisticated miscellaneous soldier to a domineering colonel. Just ask Kerby who doesn’t envy this kind of “diaosi counterattack”. Although Kerby is far behind the Luffy regiment or other high-ranking navy generals, don’t forget that Luffy Sauron has been training since they were young, and they have long established solid basic skills. Those senior navy generals do not know the number of rounds of the Grand Kerby. Kerby has no pedigree talent, no combat foundation, and a short fat man when he plays. Became a colonel in just a few years, learned domineering, and hasn’t relied on the fruits. He is a classic case of working hard to exercise the final counterattack under the guidance of a famous teacher. As an ordinary person, without the blessings of various bloodlines and auras, he wants to counterattack without eating good fruits. Who else can I choose if I don’t choose Karp?

9 months ago

I simply don’t like the style of Wano country. (I don’t know how to describe it, just use the style.) When I was a child, I watched One Piece anime and just serialized it in Shampoo. After the update was completed, I started to follow the comics intermittently. The manga has been chasing, but it was not until this year that there was time to make up the animation from Murloc Island to Wano Country. I like Dresrosa and IWC very much, just as I liked East China Sea, Sky Island, Judicial Island, and Champagne Land when I was a kid. The Murloc Island chapter was afraid that the animation would be embarrassing, so I skipped it at the beginning, and I think it’s okay to watch it later. But it was the first time for me to see One Piece but I was moved. It’s not a matter of style or plot rhythm. I simply can’t empathize with my retainers for the worship and dedication of Mitian and Momanosuke. On the contrary, my eyes were attracted by the Kang family and Dashe, Kaido and Dashe. The character Mitian did not attract me like the protagonist in the previous chapter, even if he got on the boat of Baibeard and Roger and came back and sacrificed in a pan. I’m no longer interested in the emotional storyline, just wait for Oda to make Kazoku the founding of the country and fill in some emotional scenes after this game is over. As for the play, it’s not easy to comment. After all, the peak has just arrived. I hope Mr. Oda can handle this paragraph well.

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