On the 14th, R1SE member Ren Hao posted an article about the controversy caused by the Fukushima nuclear waste water in Japan, which he subsequently deleted. Just now, he responded, “If your cynicism can arouse everyone’s attention and call for the protection of this earth’s oceans from being destroyed, then I feel very happy to scold me. I’m not a scientist, I just live like you. Thank you for seeing the dust on this planet.”

Are you Japanese? It’s not. Are you Chinese? Yes. Do we discharge nuclear waste water? It’s not. Is it emitted by Japan? Yes. Then you don’t let him govern and let me govern? Because you are a good person. What kind of shit is this tm? Just because I’m a good person, should I take my life to wipe my ass? If this matter is not about the overall situation, it is also that Japan and the United States do not have an overall view. If Japan has tried its best, but still cannot solve this problem, and all mankind will be finished, no country in the world can change the world on its own, then I believe that all countries are willing to put aside everything and work together to save mankind. But at present, this is not the case at all in nuclear waste water. Does Japan have no money and no ability to deal with it? People think that it is expensive, and it is expensive to govern the lives of the people. Just like the toilet of your neighbor’s notebook is broken, it is too expensive to change the toilet on the Internet, and it is easy to splash when changing the toilet. So the book thought of a trick. From now on, I would go to the street to urinate and defecate. This matter was seen by Benzi’s father, but Benzi’s father was not willing to spend money to change the book, so he encouraged the book to continue on the street, but he was forbidden to enter the house in the future. At this time, you stupidly ran over, took the money to change the toilet of the notebook, wiped your butt, and the notebook? When you change the toilet, Benzi uses the money saved to soak your wife and daughter, buy sticks and sticks to beat your parents, and then beat you and scold you with Benzi. Do you think you are not a sword?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Quite anti-intellectual, so does he think he is not wrong? At first, I felt something was wrong. Then I took a look at the protagonist. It was quite normal and he deserved it! Risby! I have to say something that is unpleasant. The Chinese people have heard the goose heart and the Japanese are also very uncomfortable. The last sentence who does the thing and who is responsible for the money, China is not obligated to wipe the bottom of the above, the last one is attached. Duan A Japanese child looks out at the ruins of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. He asked his grandfather: “Grandpa, was this a nuclear power plant before?” “Yes.” Grandpa sighed and patted the child on the head. “Has the leaked nuclear radiation been dealt with?” “Yes.” Grandpa sighed and patted the child’s second head. “Yeah” The child took grandpa’s fourth hand.

7 months ago

Why does Ren Hao feel that the Japanese do not flush their shit and ask the Chinese to wipe his buttocks, otherwise it is not enough to show my Chinese might and responsibility? It is nothing more than generosity, “measure China’s material resources, and tie up with the country.” If Ren Hao bears the cost of building the cover, do you think he would say this? Just as the Germans used to protect Syrian refugees for love, peace, and kindness. Now that they have to bankrupt their property and pay for the guarantee, they start to regret and even ask if they can send the refugees away. At the end of this report, the reporter wrote: If it was because of temporary “kindness”, the current behavior has gone far beyond the boundary of “kindness”. Regardless of accepting refugees, it should not be at the expense of human rights in the country and at the expense of existing values. I also don’t ask Ren Hao to bear the full cost of Fukushima nuclear wastewater treatment, after all, it is tens of billions of yuan. Just donate all of Ren Hao’s current personal disposable assets, and after deducting the monthly minimum living allowance from future income, all the rest will be donated until the Fukushima nuclear wastewater problem in Japan is completely resolved. I don’t know what Ren Hao wanted? After all, this blue planet is the common homeland of Ren Hao and the Japanese. If Ren Hao is willing to go bankrupt to help the Japanese solve the nuclear waste water problem, the whole world will understand what a high-quality idol is. If Ren Hao is willing to donate naked, and if Ren Hao’s fans are willing to donate with his brother, it will be calculated at 500 yuan per person. A lipstick can always be paid for, right? Or, the rich contribute money, and the powerful contribute. At the time the Soviet Union dealt with the nuclear leak, but sacrificed many people. If Ren Hao expressed his willingness to leave the entertainment circle for the time being, receive training, and enter the nuclear power plant to participate in the actual wastewater treatment work, since then his fans can walk sideways in the entertainment forum: My brother is for the earth. , Do not hesitate to bankrupt your family, repay grievances with virtue, and give up your life for justice!

7 months ago

Dormitory version translation. Prerequisite: I have a bad relationship with my roommate, and I have had a fight. Recently I piled up 30 pairs of smelly socks in the dormitory without washing them. I can’t stand the smelly socks myself. Regarding the hygiene of the dormitory, if my roommate helps me wash 30 pairs of smelly socks. If the roommate is willing to help me, the people in the entire dormitory can understand what my roommate’s magnanimity and helpfulness are. We will never forget the contradiction, but this dormitory is our common home. Then I was scolded by my roommate and sent space. If your cynicism can arouse everyone’s attention and call for the protection of the fresh air in this dormitory from being destroyed, then I feel very happy that my roommate scolds me. I am not a cleaner, I am just a student living in this dormitory like you, thank you for seeing it.

7 months ago

Ren Hao is more than educating the public, he is educating the country how to do things! If the artist insists on commenting on a political event, please directly forward the statement of the delegation’s Central Committee or the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson or other reliable Chinese official media and express support. No matter how few words are in your statement, please remember to ask the agent to check whether the typos, punctuation and emoticons are used correctly. If an artist has to make his own original remarks on a political event, then even if there is no time to read the relevant materials on the matter, at least call his political teacher for advice, okay? Artists have to step from the entertainment circle to the political circle, the steps are too big and easy to get involved*! Interlace is like a mountain. You think that the inter-bank remarks are “a mountain is higher than a mountain”, maybe it is “a misstep is a hatred of the ages!”

7 months ago

Regarding Ren Hao’s question, the Chinese policeman has something to say: when the soldiers on the border after 00 wrote “clear love, only for China!” with their lives, as a public figure, they should clearly realize that it is a matter of national security. Don’t be smart, otherwise will definitely be inevitable! Today is the National Security Education Day for the whole people, study hard, make progress every day, and don’t do anything wrong! ​​​

7 months ago

My third-year representative of the MUN can’t write such a nt rule. You said that I am willing to go to Japan to mediate diplomatically. Everyone just said that you have a secondary illness. Maybe some people think you are very cute. Compared with the idols who take selfies every day. Concerned about the situation in East Asia, the following is the outline I listed for Ren Hao: 1. Japan can’t, but the nuclear sewage needs China to solve the solution. Put a cover on it. I don’t know why it is a bigger cover. I don’t understand who is going to install this cover. Regardless of where the money came from and where the money was written by the representative in the MUN, I have to write it clearly. I open the history committee and the information must be detailed to the model ratio of the guns used by the infantry in the xx country. Ren Hao’s cover fell from the sky. It is also confusing for a while to see that everyone here does not understand what it means. 2. The nuclear sewage treatment plant is a cover for the nuclear sewage treatment plant? So what does it mean to close it and build a nuclear sewage treatment plant? 3. Let a gdp second to help gdp third, crying poor and hanging, blackmailing is not as troublesome as you. There are no representatives on the MUN field that Japan and China want to help play? The main point now is that Japan can’t do it? 4. The following sentence has a language problem. Is there a high school student to correct it? 5. War problem Is this a topic caused by a war problem? Co-author Do you think netizens oppose Japan’s nuclear waste disposal because of the war of aggression against China in the last century? What is the relationship between nuclear waste water and war issues? 6. It is our common home. But before you think about the Japanese, you have to think about China and the Chinese people. Your unselfish love can make you a long earth ball. Every move has a low-educated and well-known taste. Other countries (especially capitalist countries) have made mistakes. It is not intentional. China wants to be tolerant and helps China emerge from the epidemic. Chinese people xx….. China… I It is suggested that the United States can accept him as a spokesperson. There is no need to publish an anti-intellectual pure water theory, and there are fans to help empty the bottle to wash the floor. It is estimated that if he says that the water can be drunk, the fans will wash it.

7 months ago

I don’t know since when, black and red are also red has become another famous routine in the entertainment industry. It is some celebrities who have no talents, masterpieces, and no audience, relying on hype negative news, mentally handicapped remarks and other behaviors to increase exposure and increase popularity. Then it will receive commercial performances, commercials, and variety shows. There are many celebrities of this kind, and many celebrities rely on the “negative news” that bursts out from time to time to maintain their popularity and popularity. Fans are mindless to accept. Although passers-by were criticized at the time, there was traffic, and Internet memory was limited. Negative news will not follow them all the time. Afterwards, the team issued a draft to clean up. It gives people the illusion that this person is very popular. This is not the first time that Ren Hao has done this: For example, during the epidemic, when he reposted a Weibo tribute to medical staff, he directly put several candles on it. Then I don’t know the so-called Weibo, saying that love is not his turn, so pneumonia is also not his turn. He is fighting the virus and is completely nonsense. The logic is completely nonsense: there is also a Weibo saying that he is “yellow.” Throat” spoke. Anyone with a little bit of common sense knows that yellow throat is an organ of domestic animals and is a kind of hot pot ingredient. He directly said that he has yellow throat: to be honest, I would not think that Ren Hao would be “mentally retarded” to this level. Even if he is really a Nine Leaky Fish, as an official debut artist, he also has a professional team to help him. Therefore, there is reason to believe that Ren Hao and his team are deliberately taking the route of negative hype, to such so-called “idols” who make mentally handicapped comments on hot spots regardless of time. Please be sure to beat it to death.

7 months ago

In general, it should be a cover? (Probably referring to things like Chernobyl’s sarcophagus) The land is locked up and turned into a sewage treatment plant, but China has to pay the money, and China has to put aside the memory of war to assume the responsibility of protecting the earth. Yes, it is correct to protect the earth, so China has never allowed Japan to pour directly into the sea. The point is, it seems that this method is not feasible if you leave it alone. Why should China pay for the money? A few days ago, the answers to the master also said that other methods are either not available or too expensive. The reason why Japan adopts the direct dumping method is because the Japanese government evaluates that the cost of other methods is dozens of times higher than this. If their own government is unwilling to pay, why should the Chinese people pay the tax to Japan? To be taken advantage of? Ren Hao, do you pay for your fans? The key point is that this person not only feels that he is right, but also writes a Weibo to talk back-“It is not my intention to delete”. If nothing else, you really look like a grain of dust.

7 months ago

Let me sarcastically interpret “Weibo is not deleted by myself.” It means that although you think I am stupid, I don’t think it, and I believe that I don’t evade what I say, but the company is bigger. Although the second paragraph is ridiculous and ridiculous, you treat me like a clown. But a lot of my adults don’t care. After all, I am an idol, earning more than you and having fans. But if it can arouse everyone’s attention? Call for the earth and ocean not to be destroyed? The focus is on these two sentences. In the first sentence, he thinks that he has done meritorious deeds, and everyone will pay more attention to this matter because of him, but the fact is that he used his stupid speech to wipe out the enthusiasm of this matter. And the second sentence, can the appeal resolve this matter? The appeal cannot be, but we support the correct appeal, but obviously his appeal is useless except to show his innocence and stupidity. “Then I feel very happy to scold me”? I’m so magnanimous, I don’t care about being scolded, I don’t care about cynicism, I don’t even care if my ideas are reliable? Is it feasible? I only speak out because of this, hoping everyone can love the earth? If I can let everyone love the earth because of this, that would be a good deed and merit for me? The last paragraph, am I not a scientist? Is it dust? But you are an idol, you can speak or not, you can understand a thing better and then radiate your feelings, fraternity, love or pattern? Instead of ignorantly evaluating imagination and understanding? Saying something irresponsible, still feel that I am right, my original intention is very good, but a lot of them are too harsh and harsh to you? His meaning is obvious, but anyone who has a certain understanding of this matter and the world structure can’t say such a thing! But anyone who is a little humble will not respond in this way. The following original answer is too confident, I don’t know what the purpose of his speech is? heat? Show your attitude? Build a better persona? Or give pointers? Then he should learn from Huang Zitao, at least a normal speech that can resonate with many people? Although it is not nutritious, it is sometimes stupid, but at any rate it is vulgar truth. It feels that he doesn’t understand things enough, maybe the mask theory is a “statement” he heard? Then I felt very right, and came up with the idea of ​​calling for China’s help, inexplicably simple. Not to mention will you accept it? Think that China’s help can reflect the idea for the whole world? It can be seen that his knowledge of the world is very simple. It doesn’t matter if you are simple or stupid. In fact, this kind of male trainees are not well-known on the Internet because they are not well-known. In reality, there are few people who know about it, and there are some active fans on the Internet, but they are also a so-called “idol” at any rate. As for being so unable to find North? Such remarks are meaningless except to make people laugh and make people ridiculous! But he thought it would bring him a good impression? There are not many things worthy of evaluation, but this kind of behavior seems to be some evidence of the current era? It’s not a taste in the end

7 months ago

Nuclear drinking water, fans eagerly snapped up, the story behind it is heart-warming#First of all, as a public figure. Don’t express some self-righteous superficial opinions. What you said is good. Put a lid to cover the place. Show the power of China, show the creation of China. Then gain international respect? For this so-called compliment? We are going to spend billions, tens of billions for the Japanese. To help them solve the things they did themselves? It may even pay the price of life. A light thank you. Change you to bear the pain of all kinds of diseases? Oh, it’s not you who suffer anyway, you are a big star, glamorous, so you don’t need to do these things. It’s what our poor people should do. Your words have pointed the way for us, you just need to enjoy the flowers, and let us bear the other sufferings. You have such a big face. I don’t know how many catties I am. Spoiled by fans, can’t understand the simple truth? China’s creation, China’s power. Vulcan Mountain, Thunder Mountain, aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, Shandong ship, Type 055 054 destroyer, Dongfeng missile, anti-epidemic fighters, border soldiers, and servicemen. Which one here does not show the power of China more than this, created by China! Is this what you said with a single mouth? This was created by the country with tens of thousands of sciences dedicated to the country. This was created by the country with the youth of millions of soldiers. This is created by the state with hundreds of millions of people’s tax revenue. It’s enough to do my own thing. I pay taxes for the country, don’t evade taxes, and don’t make dementia speeches indiscriminately. That is to do a good job of a citizen’s due responsibility. Come to do reading comprehension. Weibo is not deleted on my own initiative. Understand: I was right, but someone with ulterior motives reported it, and the fans supported me! Get back the justice that belongs to us. If your cynicism can arouse everyone’s attention and call for the protection of this earth’s oceans from being destroyed, it would be quite happy to scold me. Understanding: Everyone is talking on paper, don’t look down on anyone, I am for the earth’s ocean environment, so you deserve to blame me? md, how come so many people scold me, if you have, I scold myself, you can’t scold me, let me bear all this, I’m really a white lotus. I am not a scientist, I am the dust on this planet like you, thank you for seeing it. Understanding: Although I have millions of fans, I am also an ordinary person. This time the hot spot is not good enough, please don’t scold me, please don’t scold me, you see you scold me, I thank you, I’m so generous , Come and fan me, I am unreasonable.

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