The following is the content of the machine translation: “In the end, because there are a lot of things I want to describe, I added it from the usual 45 pages, but Mr. Isayama said there are more things I want to describe in the booklet.”
Was this decision to add pages premeditated, or was it made temporarily after seeing the final comments? What could be the content of the additional page?

Conclusion: The added content is likely to be some details and polishes, which will not change the trend and ending of the plot. Let’s take a look at what the original words say: Jian Shan Chuang said: In the end, there is a lot of content that I want to draw, so it is more than the usual 45 pages. Furthermore, there is something I want to draw in the booklet. There are only two key messages: do you want to add 45 pages to the booklet? Not really. What Isayama said is: The final response is “more than the normal 45 pages.” That is to say, the final back of the serialized version-the content of this version we saw has 51 pages (including 52 pages of the editorial department’s message). Six or seven pages more than the average 45 pages. Is it adding “large” content? Probably not. Isayama Chuangyuan’s words: (One more point). It is an adverb that expresses a small amount of degree. Therefore, “additional pages” and “additional content” are rumours of incorrect translation, and there is no such situation. Let’s talk about the addition of pages in a separate book. This is actually a normal operation. Most cartoonists will make some corrections to the serialized version in the single-line book, such as redrawing the lines, changing the storyboard, adjusting the composition and so on. Give a concise and easy-to-understand example. The draft style of the serialized version of Hunter Ants was a major topic of the year. After the release of the pamphlet, Fu Jian Yi Bo revised a lot. The additional pages of the leaflet are also a manifestation of the above-mentioned “correction”. Due to the limit on the number of pages in the weekly magazine, the manuscript submitted by the cartoonist may be partly removed by the editorial department, deleted and deleted, and published in the magazine without affecting the narrative. Then this part of the content removed by the editorial department can be added to the readers by adding pages in a separate book. A very recent example is the addition of pages to the final volume of “Blade of Demon Slayer” (14 pages added). After the final war, Tanjiro and others returned to their hometown to clean, worship, and remember the deceased, and other plots were added to make the ending more full and smooth. Of course, there is another situation in which the author has added newly created content to the pamphlet. (Looking at the literal meaning, obviously “Attack on Giant” belongs to this kind of situation) A reference case for this situation is “Volleyball”. The final volume of volleyball has additional pages (about 30 pages added). Not only modified some pictures and storyboards, but also added some scenes of the game and shots of various characters and so on. But no matter what kind of situation, it just adds a lot of details on the basis of the original story direction and ending, and it will not change the story direction, let alone change the ending. Therefore, “Attack on Titan” has a high probability of adding a page. It may add some psychological activities of Alan, Almin and other characters to make the logic look more smooth; or add other scenes of many other characters to let the ending look. It feels fuller. It is also worth noting that the 30 additional pages of “Volleyball” are called “Large” (a substantial addition); the 14 additional pages + 25 free pages of “Demon Slayer” are called “luxury” (luxury book Below) Using this as a benchmark, how many pages will (and one more point) be in Isayama’s wounds? It is worth thinking about. In summary, the outcome of the reform is basically unlikely. As to whether the impression will be improved after the (small) addition of pages, whether the ending can be made more convincing, it depends on the specific content.


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7 months ago

This is a pie drawn to readers, which is cheating money. After the final words were released, the giant’s reputation took a foreseeable turn. But the publishing house is still going to eat, Jianshan Chuang may think, “Anyway, it has been broken, and I don’t plan to get involved in this industry in the future, so I can just do another vote and make a fortune”, so in order to save the precarious sales of the single line , It is better to release the news now, saying that the teacher has decided to add meals to readers and friends, after all, I am not a demon. But we also know with our hips that with the character and three views of Mr. Jian Shan, how can it be possible to do good deeds for no reason? Of course, we must borrow this satellite, and then fiercely hit the chest of readers and friends, and add more Unthinkable details. No matter how strong Jian Shanchuang’s narrative ability is, the established ending cannot be changed. It is impossible to find a supplement, and it does not conform to his usual style. I wish the last single book sold (fast-forward to the village entrance toilet without paper), and the teacher’s Tang Muyi (Wallace next to it) will have a prosperous business~

7 months ago

The comic booklet will be released in July. “Information” collected in Tieba: 1. “The editor said that the original draft of the page was added, so there is no new plot, so don’t think about it.” 2. “Even if you add it, you can’t add anything good. It’s better to reduce the previous disgusting lines. Minus “3.” Wouldn’t there be a Minnie’s wedding? Then the bouquet was thrown to Pique, and Pique and Jean looked at each other with a smile, and in the distance, a bird came over with Mikasa’s blessing and said: Two people’s Love will be passed on forever by Malai and Parady Island. “4. “This is what I mean. I have been swearing for so long, but I still have expectations.” 5. “The addition page is that Mikasa Kazuo and Amin are together ten years later. “Ani has a picnic at Ellen’s grave together.” 6. “I feel comfortable. Let those marketing accounts who disrespect the works, and some site owners and people who don’t look and think carefully and follow the trend, get Chuang Ge’s heavy blows. Seats to watch.

7 months ago

Just as you read Eromanga’s single-line book, you will find one or two more short stories than when it was serialized in the magazine. Buying a BD will have a bonus video, a small theater, a bonus novel, and a peripheral accessory. It belongs to the addition of a dessert after the dinner. Category. Most of the time, this thing is a gimmick to promote sales. Only when you have a gift, you have the desire to buy. Otherwise, consumers are not willing to pay the bill just by looking at something that has already been read. Of course, it is not ruled out that JSC’s conscience finds that it will meet the readers’ expectations, but everyone understands it. No matter how sugar is added to the chocolate-flavored X, it will not change the fact that it is X. And if the ending of the JSC big change is equivalent to a slap in the face of the publisher and the people who read the magazine serials, it means that if you don’t pay for the book, you don’t deserve to watch the true ending and only watch the X ending, which is even more disgusting. Lower your expectations, calm your mood, and look forward to nothing worse. Holding this mentality may be the most correct posture to see giants.

7 months ago

In fact, some people at station B have made similar changes. For example, the most criticized episode of eating mom was directly modified to “At that time, Xiaobei could not die. I could only try to interfere with her and ask her not to see Xiaobei. I didn’t expect it. Because of obsession, she went straight to…” When saying that it will take Mikasa at least a few years not to forget him, add the sentence “Otherwise, what I did seriously after seeing the ending would be meaningless.” In the end, the bird took off the scarf and flew away instead of putting it on Mikasa. But my opinion is that since it has been unfinished, and it was originally painted by Isayama! Then, there is no need to modify it again, because the twisted melon is not sweet. Kanyama or most Japanese people think like this, we already know it.

7 months ago

The additional content will be taken from one or more of the following directions: 1. Pa Island decided to discharge the sewage from ice blasting rocks to the sea, and Almin took the lead in bowing and apologizing to the world. 2. Almin and his party were sunk by a torpedo newly developed on Pa Island before they went to the island. Allen resurrected and gave birth to a child with Mikasa: You are free. 3. Almin and his party were pulled into a row and shot. 4. The happy life of war criminals: the wedding of Almin and Ani, Reina’s hand to the queen after arriving on Pa Island, Mikasa was widowed for ten years, let him pick up the dish at the grave, and finally promoted Kanshan’s hot spring shop. 5. It turns out that there is really a “edited version of Aidao”. Diming is still going on, and Almin behind him is smirking. In the end, the Salvation Squad was destroyed, and Allen hugged Mikasa’s head and kissed. 6. The additional content is all Black Allen’s, which wipes Ollie more evenly. For example, I told Almin that I had arranged for the group leader to raise his hand! 7. Rounded out eating mothers and weird worms. 8. Mingren’s married life, picnic in front of Allen’s grave, the head of the grave was dancing. 9. Describe in detail how Mingren persuaded him to land on Parady Island. 10. Let’s go to the tomb-sweeping together: We are all thanks to you for the life we ​​have now. 11. Grandma jumped up and punched Alan in the face, shouting that the old lady is not doing it! ! ! 12. Mingren touched Parady Island with a talk. Parady Island also attacked the mainland and bowed and apologized. 13. Everything is Almin’s dream. The real Ellen is on the road. The bird is a signal to Mikasa, telling Mikasa that he is still alive, and then Alan takes Mikasa into the road, and the two live forever and together forever. 14. Allen is not dead, Almin is dead, Allen and Mikasa go to the grave for Almin. 15. Fake money and marry Falk. 16. Adding pages means adding a few posters to give you. 17. A few years later, Malai went to war again on the island of Pa. The first shell was hit on Allen’s tombstone, awesome! 18. Histria’s trainee husband died, Lena finally realized his dream and lived happily with Histria. 19. The body fluid of the weird worm is discharged into the sea, and the power of the giant is resurrected again. 20. Linkage next door 21. It is the personal postscript of js. After finishing the testimonial, finally introduces his hot spring in detail, and comes with a hot spring experience card.

7 months ago

1. With the mediation of Almin and his entourage, the queen issued the “Edict of the End of the War”. The expanded army was disbanded, and the Eldia reached a reconciliation with the world. For his great achievements in saving the world and rebuilding peace, Almin won the Holos Peace Prize. He bought a sea-view villa in the capital of Malaya and lived happily with his wife Anni and father-in-law. Many years passed, and Almin IV was living in the same house, and he was very old. But deep down, he always felt that such happiness would come too easily. At this time, the sea washed a mysterious man ashore. The bodyguard brought the man to Almin, who felt that he was a bit familiar. Seeing the pistol found from the man, Almin asked, “Are you here to kill me?” The man took out a leaf, and Almin suddenly remembered that this was the leaf he had shown Jike back then. “I’m back to find you.” The man’s voice was familiar and frightening. “Remind you something…” “No, I am a hero who defends world peace!” Almin’s voice choked, “This is the real world.” “If you feel pain, you can continue to stay here.” The man said calmly, “Almin, you are free!” Looking at the young visitors, and then at the leaves that never fade, Almin stretched out his hand. To the pistol…2. During a peaceful visit to Pa Island, Almin was assassinated by a young Ai ethnic group. With this as the fuse, the world launched a war on the island of Pa. The army on Pa Island once achieved a tactical victory, but due to the annihilation of the navy, the island’s internal and external forces were in trouble. The Yapai Military Headquarters formulated a plan of “100 million total jade pieces”, but an atomic bomb that exploded in the capital completely destroyed the high-level will to resist. Histria issued the “Edict of the End of the War”, announcing unconditional surrender and resigning as queen. The remnants of the military who were unwilling to fail, dumped the mined radioactive ice blasting rocks into the ocean, polluting the entire sea, known as “Hai Ming” in the history… Passing away with a smile, adding a page of giant city walls turned into nothing, adding a page of weird worms struggling to death, and adding a page of Armin’s grave head. As for the ending? Don’t do that kind of thing! I hope that readers will still remember me after the comic is over. At least ten years of disgusting gritted teeth!

7 months ago

If it is to modify the ending, I personally expect him to be more malicious, Chuang Ge said that he likes the ending of “Watchmen” and “Watchmen”: the bottom-level mob Rorschach, the big capitalist Pharaoh and other superheroes do not make any sense. , The naked eye can see that mankind will once again fall into the end of the split giant: what the bottom mob Alan did is meaningless, you think that the power of the giant is eliminated, history is over, in fact, the naked eye can see that the war will start again inside and outside the island. The keynote of The Watchmen’s entire comic is panic, confusion, and nothingness under the Cold War, emphasizing the struggle of human beings. The massacre, the climax scene of this whole article after violent restraint, after Manhattan’s sentence “will never end,” an infinite sense of disengagement. The keynote of the giant has always been epic, and the selling point is all kinds of foreshadowings. As a result, the last sentence overturns the whole story, and the perception is too fragmented. It makes readers not only get rid of their strength, but also want to go to Chuang Ge’s hot spring to get rid of their dung. Brother Chuang means the so-called protagonist that readers hate, who can never end the struggle of mankind, but is only temporarily peaceful, and clowns like Allen are just like that. You (readers) still place your hopes on him, and bring emotions, laugh. It’s dead. If he intensifies his efforts in the final plot of the current serialized version, expressing the sense of emptiness of “the character has worked hard, but everything is in vain”, and at the same time, it can smooth out the sense of fragmentation with the previous 138, it would be quite expected.

7 months ago

Since we are going to hurt the readers, of course we have to carry it through to the end! Add a page to have a Minnie wedding or something, it’s not irritating… In short, it should be the form of discussion in the future. Everyone has their own lives, and an era is over. Don’t let Pa Island be besieged by the world/Pa Island crushes the world, Ellen, look at what you have saved…or Ellen had expected that only Ellen is truly free, and the future generations have endless disputes. Wonderful, wonderful~ In short, politics in the giant world is the most unreliable, and I am not optimistic that Almin can talk about peace. The “giving up the heart” implemented by the Investigation Corps with life and body back then can never be the slogan used by a group of stunned people and some idealists to vent their obsessions. Pa Island still has a long way to go, and Allen’s road, or the road of giants, has reached the end of freedom.

7 months ago

At the end, insert a page with traces of Allen’s face after transformation, and note the line “This way you should be satisfied, Elmin”. Then in the next frame, the camera turns to Almin’s coffin grave. The camera zooms high. It is the coffin grave of countless people, including the Salvation Squad, the Queen, Mrs. Kiyomi, Xiao Hei, Ani’s father, Lena’s mother, and everything Humanity. In the distance is a super giant stepping on the world. All annihilated. Ending: All the Ai people enter the unlimited monthly reading, and the death of the non-Ai people is only Alan.

7 months ago

Is there really another reversal? ! Is the director’s cut version popular in this era? It depends on whether the cow dung can bloom or not. How can I think that the only thing that can reverse the word of mouth is that the previous ones are dreams. Then Alan woke up and found himself under a tree with tears in the corners of his eyes. Mikasa stood next to him and asked him to eat and then two weeks of eyes At the beginning, but the dream ending is not very likely. If it is not the dream ending, the word-of-mouth will improve. The possibilities are basically as follows: 1. Join Allen and see countless parallel worlds, especially when you and Mikasa escape and live in seclusion together. A picture of the parallel world where the life of the mouth is happily married. This only needs to add a page of paper. It can be similar to Doctor Strange to explain that the history of eating horses is the only option, and at the same time it more or less makes Allen’s giant baby behavior more convincing. After all, he and Mikasa are really married in the parallel world. 2. Reiner’s obscene behavior will be corrected later, with a more serious expression to save some word of mouth. For example, watching the queen’s family happy and happy from a distance, showing a slightly sad and blessed smile, can save some word of mouth. 3. A little more explanation of the reasons for Ymir’s behavior can be combined with the history of Mikasa and the Ackerman family. Filling up a few pits like this is much better than Allen’s sentence I don’t know. 4. You can come to the development of science and technology in Pa Island. For example, thanks to Allen who bought time on Pa Island, Pa Island used ice blasting stones to make weapons with amazing lethality (power comparable to nuclear bombs). Realized self-insurance. This makes the ending more reasonable. 5. Add a little bit of war to the people and bring a lot of suffering to the people. In the true sense, let’s be a clear-cut anti-war content. Doing the above points does not say word-of-mouth reversal, but it is possible to improve the perception a little bit, and there is no need to draw too many pages, basically adding about 5 pages of paper is almost the same.

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