This question needs to go back to the time of Maupassant. The novel was published in 1883 in the period of the Third French Republic (1871-1940). The reason why eating oysters is elegant and noble, first is that oysters are expensive, otherwise eating snails will give you that feeling? 1. 3 oysters = 60 baguettes = 10 lamb chops = 5 days salary for sewing workers = 3 days daily expenses. From the original text, it should be 3 people (father and two sisters) each ate 1 oyster, total The price is 2.5 francs. ——But I suspect that the son-in-law also ate one, based on the fact that the father “stared at the daughter-in-law who was squeezed by the oyster seller.” 2 francs 1895 (1870-1895) the currency at the time, 1 franc = 20 sou = 100 centimes. “Les Miserables” was written in 1862, about 20 years earlier than “My Uncle Yule”, you can refer to the prices recorded in it [1]. 1 baguette = 1 sou = 0.05 francs; 1 lamb chop = 6~7 sous = 0.3~0.35 francs. 17-hour sewing salary = 12 sous = 0.6 francs. Daily diet = 18~20 sous = 0.9~1 franc The third paragraph of “My Uncle Yule” mentioned, “Sisters make their own clothes, and they often have to argue for a long time on the price when they buy fifteen copper and one-meter laces.” The English version of fifteen coppers is “fifteen centimes”. “, that is, 15 students. 15 centimes still have to bargain, eat 2.5 francs (250 centimes) of oysters and give 0.5 francs (50 centimes) a tip. These 3 oysters actually cost 3 francs, which is equivalent to eating 60 baguettes or 10 Lamb chops or sewing workers are paid for 5 days or 3 days of daily expenses. It can be seen that the Le Havre family does not have much money, and eating oysters is very luxurious. There are two practical reasons for the luxury of eating oysters. First, the economy was not good at that time. From 1883 to 1896, the French economy almost stopped growing, and a year before the publication of “My Uncle Yule”, there was an economic crisis and more than 7,000 companies closed down. Second, the production of oysters was not high at that time [2]. From 1836 to 1847, the French fishing port and oyster center Cancale caught about 50 to 70 million European oysters every year. By 1856, the average annual output had dropped to 18 million, and finally reached the bottom of about 1 million to 2 million per year in the early 1860s. It was not until 1868 that a ship dumped about 600,000 spoiled Portuguese oysters into the sea, and some small oysters multiplied, and the production began to recover. The high price of oysters makes eating it an upper-class social custom. For the poor Le Havre family, watching others eat expensive things that they have not eaten, no matter how they eat it, it feels fresh. 2. How to eat oysters to be elegant? Let’s remember first, how to eat Western food is noble and elegant? The restaurant has enough grades, the atmosphere has to have a feeling, the waiter service is good, the knives and forks have different uses, the dishes are exquisite and the serving size is small, the jazz is served, the diners have exquisite makeup…How do you write “My Uncle Yule”? My father suddenly saw two gentlemen asking two beautifully dressed ladies to eat oysters. An old sailor in ragged clothes pried open the oyster with a knife, handed it to the two gentlemen, and then they passed it to the two wives. Their eating method is also very elegant. One of the exquisite handkerchiefs held the oyster shells and stretched their mouth slightly forward so as not to stain their clothes; then, with a slight movement of their mouths, they drank the juice and threw the oyster shells in. Nautical miles. The makeup, dishes, and service are all available, but the environment and atmosphere are so different. In fact, the wife’s way of eating is not considered “gentle”. The mouth stretched forward and moved slightly, which made me imagine frogs predating. This is mainly to avoid soiling the clothes, rather than being really elegant. Besides throwing oyster shells into the sea, how elegant is it? Then why does this way of eating still make “my father” feel good? First of all, the wife is beautifully dressed, and beautiful people are pleasing to the eye when eating. There is also a “more elegant” eating style than the Le Havre family. How do the Le Havre family eat? I get used to being hungry, and everyone grabs the food as soon as it’s on the table, gorging it, and making noises. In contrast, the wife’s way of tasting food is undoubtedly “more elegant”. Furthermore, the oyster shells were passed from the old sailor in ragged clothes to his wife through the husband, held by a handkerchief, very gentleman and very particular. Behind this represents the style of the upper class, and this is what attracts the Le Havre family the most. What about the truly elegant and noble way of eating at the time of “My Uncle Yule”? From the postcards from the BelleÉpoque period [3], you can see that you should be sitting in the dining room, with oysters paired with Demi-Sec champagne, and using a special oyster fork.


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6 months ago

Because the poor people couldn’t afford to consume oysters at that time, the poor people of course felt that eating oysters was noble. “My Uncle Yule” was published in 1883. In the original text, Joseph’s family spent 3 francs on oysters, and nearly a Parisian’s living expenses for 3 days (including food, clothing, housing, and transportation) at that time. At that time, the living expenses of a Parisian for 1 day were about 0.89 francs. A person’s daily living expenses in the capital is equivalent to a person’s daily income in a small place. In the original text, I might have eaten 3 oysters, 2 daughters and 1 son-in-law, 1 each, 1 bite each (the first two wives ate oysters, 1 bite), and 3 bites. Cerf’s father’s income for 3 days. If you work at least 10 hours a day (Joseph’s father can only go home very late), work 3 days, and the income in exchange for eating 3 mouthfuls of high-end food, then the behavior of eating these 3 mouthfuls of high-end food will certainly feel noble . To put it bluntly, if a working family in this small place like Joseph went to travel, one bite and one ate 3 oysters and spent 3 francs, which is equivalent to the current working family in a small place in our country going to travel, 150 yuan. For 1 oyster, I ate 3 oysters for a total of 450 yuan, and one bite. Joseph used a 5 franc silver coin for payment, not the modern paper currency 5 francs. His family spent 2.5 cents on oysters. Joseph saw that his uncle was poor, so he tipped his uncle 5 cents. He spent 3 cents in total. What is the concept of these 3 cents?

6 months ago

Scarcity. When I was in the country, I would feel noble when I saw people in the city eating KFC. If one day spicy strips become extremely expensive, you can see this description: He slowly pulled out a spicy strip from the exquisite packaging bag, not hurriedly, with graceful posture. He gently lifted one end of the spicy strip with his thumb and index finger, and the seductive juice showed a shiny luster on his nails, complementing the sunlight refracted by the dove egg diamond ring on his ring finger.

6 months ago

Eating oysters is not considered a noble thing. The point is that they are still looking forward to a prosperous life and require themselves to maintain a noble posture. First mentioned in the original text, Djersey Island is the most ideal place for poor people to play. Therefore, no matter how neatly they are dressed, no matter how comfortable they are, they are still tensing their nerves, because this is only a breath of embarrassment. When we know their situation, let’s look at the so-called noble eating method in the original text: my father suddenly saw two gentlemen asking two well-dressed ladies to eat oysters. An elderly sailor in ragged clothes took a knife to pry open the oysters. , Hand it to the two gentlemen and then to the two wives. Their eating style is very elegant. They use a small handkerchief to hold the oysters, and stretch their heads forward to avoid soiling their robes; then they move their mouths quickly to suck the juice. Go in and throw the oyster shells into the sea. Without a doubt, my father was moved by this noble way of eating, and walked to my mother and two sisters beside him and asked: “Do you want me to invite you to eat oysters?” It doesn’t matter if oysters are expensive for them. Something, but my father would ask: “Do I want it?” Then they don’t often eat this thing. In addition, to avoid soiling the robes, first of all, to ensure that the clothes are clean and tidy, and also because the robes are very expensive and are rarely worn in ordinary times, so they are so cautious. The most profound description is that a small handkerchief holds an oyster, which is exactly the same as the smiles of the women we used to pay attention to. The source of the smile without teeth: “The Analects of Women”: “Whoever is a woman, first learn to stand up. The way to stand up is to be pure and chaste, and to be pure and chaste is to be honourable. Do not turn your head back when you are chaste and do not lift your lips… …” Laughing without showing teeth is the category of female virtues, and all virtues are a kind of restraint. The objects of this restraint, regardless of the people targeted by the East and the West, are mainly the nobles, and are people with identities and faces. And this kind of people who travel to Dheersai Island are poor people! ! ! The father is also a poor man, and he also hopes to get the sponsorship of Uncle Yule to become a man again living a good life. Uncle Yule’s letter is the handkerchief that covers his father’s face, and he maintains the last elegance and nobility for his father. Of course, my father was touched, because he saw that there were still many people like him, using the last care to maintain the only dignity deep in his heart.

6 months ago

Because there is a certain threshold for eating oysters. Rich people often eat and know the routines, but those who have no money feel noble because they haven’t eaten it. Just like western food just entered China, knives and forks don’t work, and they seem uneaten and inferior. If hairy crabs were popular in Europe at that time and they were very expensive, the threshold would be higher. Scissors, tongs, knives, forks, sticks and a pile of cutlery could make a whole crab after eating. Poor people would find it even more noble.

6 months ago

This description is not only sad, but there is also an irony in it: Who are the tourists on this boat? Most of them are like Joseph’s family. They live a poor life but also want to go out and watch. Oysters are undoubtedly extravagant for everyone, and the two so-called “gentle” ladies on the boat are actually also Not really elegant, but in the eyes of Joseph and his family, it is completely elegant: if you don’t believe me, try to stretch your neck forward as described in the book, push up your butt, and then suck the oyster and the soup into your mouth. Here, after eating, there will be an elegant gesture of throwing oysters into the sea… Uh, does it make people feel elegant to throw away trash at will? Maupassant’s satirical art is here. Including my father seeing the gentle eating method of the lady, what he asked his family was: Do you want me to invite you to eat oysters? The sadness of the poor are all in the three words “whether or not”. A sigh.

6 months ago

I’m here to get beaten! After looking for the original text, my father suddenly saw the two gentlemen asking two beautifully dressed ladies to eat oysters. An elderly sailor in ragged clothes took a knife to pry open the oyster, and handed it to the two gentlemen, and then they handed it to the two wives. They eat the oysters elegantly. They use a small handkerchief to hold the oysters, and stretch their heads forward to avoid soiling their robes; then they move their mouths quickly to suck in the juice and throw the oyster shells into the sea. I opened the drawing board and tried it (academic school, I can’t paint school x), it can look like this. That line reflects the understanding that it won’t stick to the skirt. In theory, it should not be elegant. Leaning forward should not stand tall and look good. (x But oysters are expensive there, so dad thinks that his own halo is very elegant. Let’s look at it without any doubt, my dad is Moved by this noble way of eating, I walked up to my mother and two sisters and asked, “Would you like me to invite you to eat oysters?” The mother was a bit hesitant, she was afraid of spending money; but the two sisters agreed. The mother agreed. So he said unhappily, “I’m afraid of hurting my stomach. You can only buy a few for the children, but don’t eat too much. If you eat too much, you will get sick.” Then he turned to me and said, “As for Joseph, he doesn’t need to eat this kind of food, don’t spoil the boys.” Father asked is actually very interesting. He said, “Do you want me to ask you to eat oysters”, not “I want to eat” but I want to implement the act of asking you to eat. The reason is that what my father saw was that two rich men (x) bought oysters for their wives. This act of spending money (x) made my father very excited. (Think about you.) When someone else buys, buys and buys, is it also exciting for me? X. When I was looking for the original text, I saw that the encyclopedia had such an interpretation. Although I don’t like this over-interpreted rigid textbook interpretation, it is true that this passage does not say anything. Wrong. This is the fundamental reason why eating oysters is “noble”. Father: I can pretend that I am rich and noble and very high-class gentleman when I buy it. Mother: Give my two daughters to eat, and have face in front of their husbands. I Said: “I gave him a tip of 10 coppers.” My mother was taken aback and looked at me straight and said: “You are crazy! Give 10 coppers to this man, give this hooligan!” She didn’t do it anymore. Going down, because my father gave her a wink at the son-in-law. Oysters represent an illusion in the minds of parents, and the desire for the upper class-eating oysters is like having a wealthy nobleman. The last oyster represents the illusion. Disillusioned. When it was discovered that “the sloppy old man selling oysters” was the biggest reliance of the parents’ fantasy, “Uncle Yule”, the fantasy shattered at this moment. Finally, if you were interested, it was also the story of another Chekhov, one of the Big Four in Amway’s short story. “Oysters”, the title is called oysters. If you are interested, you can go to the original text to read it-the first article of Disillusioned Oyster.

6 months ago

Poor, everything is noble. KFC opened in Shanghai more than 20 years ago. I want to eat it every day. It’s best to live in it, but I can’t afford it. It’s more than once a month. At that time, some children held birthday banquets there, and some even held weddings in KFC. At that time, we all felt so noble and noble, or bluntly said so expensive. What now? Is there any change in KFC’s way of eating? It’s not just holding chicken wings and stuffing them in your mouth. Does anyone think this stuff is tall and tall. Now if you tell your fiancée that the wedding will take place in KFC, the husband will probably bring a knife to ask you what you mean. In addition, I didn’t know that oysters are raw oysters, and I have always thought that oysters should be a kind of extremely delicious and luxurious shellfish shaped like mussels.

6 months ago

I don’t know if there are people with the same knowledge. When I was in middle school, the only knowledge I knew about oysters came from Maupassant’s “My Uncle Yule”. No, it should be said that in my life, what I call oysters and raw oysters will always be based on this article. I don’t need to search, just rely on the memories decades later. I remember that it was an island, there seemed to be a prison, some boats, some twelve pennies, and oysters were eaten. what? Elegant and noble? In my dictionary, I never remembered any elegant and noble words in this article. The whole article was full of longing for the oysters that were raw and dried up in one bite. From then on, there are only two kinds of oysters in my world. One is sold in any market, picked up and delivered to hand by anyone, at any price, eaten raw or cooked, whether it is metal style or seawater style, this is all a stall. The reviews for this stall are all a bit worse than Maupassant’s twelve pence. The oysters of Maupassant, the beans from the soil, the picnic box of the suet balls, the dinner on the lawn of the old squad leader, and only these four are my lifelong yearning. What, noble? Who cares about the noble world in the foodie world. Pay attention to noble today, because today’s foodies are all foodies for the soul of Moder.

6 months ago

This question must have been asked by the boy! Anyone who has had the life experience of eating ice cream in a lo skirt will know the elegance of this matter. Let’s look at the original text: “They ate with a graceful gesture, while holding up the oyster with a beautiful handkerchief, while stretching their mouths forward to avoid leaving marks on the gown. Then they made a very quick little movement. After drinking the juice of oysters, he threw the shells into the sea. “The elegance of eating oysters lies in these sentences. One of elegance lies in the high price. In modern times without cold chain transportation, fresh seafood is expensive; the other is about cleanliness, lightness, and the invisible threshold associated with a relatively generous living environment. This kind of technical work that people who don’t usually eat oysters can’t easily train is a good technical threshold: oysters are watery, and the boat is bumpy than the ground; European ladies wear panties like big bells, and they can be agile. Eat the oysters into your mouth, without dirtying your hands, or dripping down the intricately decorated sleeves to your arms, or dripping onto your skirt. No overturning, just elegance.

6 months ago

At first I saw the author’s question and I was very different, because I remember that it was his father who thought it was not his mother. I read this article in junior high school. Because I had to answer the question, I went to read it again. It turned out that his father thought it was very elegant. The original text reads as follows: “Suddenly he saw two male passengers inviting two fashionable female passengers to eat oysters. An old sailor in ragged clothes pried open its shell with a knife and gave it to the male passengers. They followed. Then they handed it over to the two female passengers. They ate with a graceful gesture, while holding up the oyster with a beautiful handkerchief, while stretching their mouths forward so as not to leave marks on their skirts. Then they used one very much. With a quick little action, he drank the juice of the oyster and threw the shell to the surface. My father was undoubtedly seduced by the elegant behavior of eating oysters on a moving sea boat. He thought it was good style, and again Elegant and noble.” First of all, let’s talk about the price. From the article, we know that the four of them (father, 2 daughters, and a son-in-law) have eaten their lives, and the father solemnly led them to go. . A total of two and a half gold francs were spent. From the context of the text, I feel that everyone only ate one. What is the concept of 2 and a half gold francs? From the book “How much is the value of the past”, if you go to a restaurant, a relatively high-end restaurant can enjoy 1 bottle of red wine, 1 soup, three dishes (optional), 1 dessert, and bread (unlimited) for 2 francs. ). Therefore, it can be seen that two and a half gold francs are really a lot of money, and they only ate four of them. Even now, the price of oysters in France should still be very expensive. As we all know, oysters are more expensive than Haihong. And I saw in a travel documentary that a plate of sea rainbow in Italy along the coast costs more than 30 euros. Wouldn’t oysters be more expensive? Therefore, oysters were high-end items in France in the past. In the article, the mother also refused to let her son eat because of the price, apparently to save money. Secondly, we analyze from the people who ate it. My father was eating the two beautiful women who watched. Their actions are as follows: They eat with a graceful gesture, while holding up the oyster with a beautiful handkerchief, and stretching forward again. Keep your mouth so as not to leave marks on the gown. Then they drank the juice of the oysters in a very quick little motion, and threw the shells to the surface of the sea. It can be seen that the author’s description of the action is very detailed, and for a short story, the description of so many words is undoubtedly extravagant. The point is to highlight that their oyster-eating movements are extremely elegant, and my father thinks that they are elegant and noble when eating oysters. This is also to elicit Uncle Yule, an old man who sells oysters, which is a foreshadowing. In addition, this noble and elegant feeling is in sharp contrast to Yule’s desolation? I feel that the author’s intentions are also here. Yule symbolizes the gray hope in the helpless life of the little people at the bottom of the society; it is hope, but it is impossible to achieve, and it becomes nothingness when touched. It is undoubtedly impressive to use this sharp contrast to shatter this hope. Hope the answer can help you.

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