Many times, I am annoyed afterwards: It would be great if I could say that at that time! Because I didn’t turn my mind fast enough or prepared, the truth was concealed. This is a very painful thing…

Leave a short silence before answering. Don’t talk nonsense in order to answer the conversation. A brief silence will not only give people a mature and stable impression, but also allow more time for the received information to pass through the brain, instead of rushing to say what you regret. 2. Develop the habit of expressing thinking. When you encounter a problem you are interested in, you have to try to think and express it in your own words. This kind of language organization through the brain will become your expression material library. 3. Pay attention to the big Vs with strong thinking and expression ability on Zhihu, look at the content and structural logic of their works, learn the advantages of their language expression, imitation has always been an important way to improve efficiently. If you don’t know how to find it, you can look at the list I left in the comment area. This is the first level; the people that these creators follow are the second level; and so on, you can easily find a lot of valuable Creator 4. If you encounter a beautiful sentence you like, move your little hand to write it down. When it is difficult to express it in rational language, the perceptual description is a highlight. 5. Repeat what the other person said. This action will give the other person a sense of identity, and you will be able to understand it again, and you will have more time to think. 6. Discuss issues with others more often. In the process of discussing issues, it involves thinking, language organization, and communication. The ability of listening and speaking will be greatly improved, and the ability of listening and speaking is the basis of rapid response. 7. When you read this, please click like and mark it first, which will make you have a deeper impression of the content. 8. Learn some knowledge of communication psychology. A person who understands communication psychology better understands the message conveyed by the other party and has stronger anti-interference ability. 9. Think about the other person’s purpose before speaking. If it is a trap that is playing you, then you must be defensive; if the other party wants to talk about something, you have to talk about the node, but only if you know the other party’s purpose. 10. Prepare some small commentary paragraphs. For example, if someone is talking about a good or bad point of view, you can first say “reasonable”, and then organize your own language to express what you want to say. If you agree with it, then just follow it directly, if you oppose it , You can add a twist, so that it does not hurt others. 11. Say it by listening. When you can’t organize your language to express your opinions quickly, you can ask a question to get more information and time for thinking. 12. Guide the other party’s expression. The first chapter of “Guiguzi” is “scheming”. In terms of conversation, it is a combination of speaking and listening, guiding the other party to express, obtaining the information they want, and achieving the purpose of persuading the other party. 13. Develop the habit of aftertaste. That is to think multiple times to achieve deep thinking. In many cases, I don’t think about it when I speak, and if I don’t remember it afterwards, I’m still not thinking about it next time. And afterwards, you can clean up a lot of silly logic and correct your subconscious mind. 14. Learn to observe words and colors from the perspective of God. If you occasionally hear other people’s conversations, take your time, avoid making his mistakes, and learn from his strengths. Every time you surpass someone. 15. Learn to use your eyes. Looking at the other person, his attention will be distracted from you, and then he will be stuck thinking, this is your extra time. 16. Use categorized discussions to concretize the problem. When faced with questions in a conversation, some questions are too general for us to give appropriate answers. At this time, we only need to make the questions specific and give the answers in different situations, because the specific questions do not need to be summarized by us, so we don’t need to summarize them. A lot of language organization costs. 17. Occasionally watch high-level debate matches. A high-level debate is definitely not boring, you will feel the power and shock of language expression in the fight of thinking. An excellent debater can take you to a higher level of thinking and expression experience through his language. What impressed me the most was the 2018 International Chinese Invitational NPC VS UM. The topic of the debate was probably “should not be criticized for being a celebrity”. The experience was excellent, it was really shocking, quite interesting, and of course the final was more exciting. Oh 18. Use your own perception to receive your own thinking. Human perception generally includes touch, hearing, sight, and smell. Most people use their brains to think, while unusual people express their thoughts through speaking, writing or other ways to deepen their own perceptions and re-reception. I like to express my own thinking. Do you have any good ways to express your thinking? You can type it in the comment area for your reference~ 19. Find the right method for training. When you find an effective method, you must first collect it (of course, remember to like it), and then practice it. This point is listed as a reminder to act and not to dream. 20. Retreat as progress. When you basically don’t know the answer to the other party’s question, measure the cost of risk and possible benefits. Fooling around is not a good choice, and sincerely acknowledging the insufficiency will give the other party a good impression. 21. Use two-way descriptions to blur right and wrong to promote communication. Ju a gift, when you feel that you have misunderstood but did not understand the other party’s meaning, no matter what the other party’s purpose is, you can reply with “Can you be more specific, I don’t quite understand”. You sing, this sentence not only said the other party, but also described yourself. It did not clearly say who was at fault, but it clearly conveyed a message-“The communication is not smooth, and you need to speak more clearly.” Use two-way descriptions to guide the other party to speak more clearly. As for the other party’s unclear or poor understanding, it doesn’t matter. Communication is the purpose of communication. 22. The process of presentation takes the other person to think with you. One point that makes people feel dissatisfied with your speed of speaking is that you let the other person wait! ! Waiting intently must be boring. When you can’t give an opinion immediately, you can’t let the other person wait in a daze. Instead, you should speak out your own thinking and take the other person through the thinking process together. 23. Be fully prepared for important conversations. If it is an important meeting or negotiation, it is very important to make comprehensive and adequate preparations. Just like fire drills or military exercises, you need to drill all possible situations in advance. 24. Don’t guess blindly. When you find that the other party has more than one way of understanding, but you don’t know if you don’t understand it well or the other party didn’t make it clear, but you are inconvenient to ask the other party, then you give one with the same multiple understandings Respond in a way, instead of guessing a possible meaning to understand. 25. Use keywords well. This refers to conjunctions such as because, but, though, and so. Each conjunction is a rest stop where you can pause for a few seconds. Appropriate use of conjunctions will not only make your expression more logical, but will also give you more time to think and organize your language. 26. Move your mouth when it’s time to move your mouth. Don’t be silent when you should talk. Every time you move your mouth is a training session. I am deeply impressed with this point. I used to be very slippery when I talked a lot, but now I have grown up and matured a little bit less talk. Although the height of blowing water is increasing, the boat speed is not as fast as before. Normally following the above methods to exercise, you can very well improve your instantaneous response ability. Some points are the training direction, and some points are to ensure that your brain is used in every conversation. Only by repeating this thinking mode of thinking first and then expressing It can be transformed into your practical ability. Low-level logic: objectively improve your speed as much as possible, subjectively let the other party not feel you are slow. If this answer is helpful to you, I hope you can take 0.1 second to click like, and the platform will push more dry goods to you because of your action. I always think reading is the most cost-effective way to grow. We can At a low cost, you can obtain the experience and cognition that others have confirmed through countless life journeys. If you want to learn relevant skills systematically to improve your expressive skills in an all-round way, it is recommended to refer to this book. This is a summary of your many years of experience. Still has a good reference value


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7 months ago

I’ve heard the course offered by Mr. Li Xin, the founder of Fresh Squeezed Comedy, on Getty. It is very good. There are some methods that may help you. You must have heard this story in “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Cao Cao wants to assassinate Dong Zhuo. So Cao Cao ran to his room while Dong Zhuo was asleep. He didn’t expect Dong Zhuo to wake up suddenly and saw Cao Cao standing in front of him with a knife in his hand. At this time, Cao Cao was particularly powerful. He suddenly knelt down and said to Dong Zhuo, “I’m here to present the sword.” Instead of you, have you encountered similar situations in your life that require you to respond on the spot? For example, two colleagues said they were stiff when they were talking. How can you help round it up? Or if you inadvertently send your private WeChat to the group, how can you recover from the embarrassment? Quick response is an indispensable skill for us as a social person, so how can we respond quickly? What is impromptu comedy? Impromptu comedy, called Improv Comedy in English, refers to a group of actors who create plots and characters based on the audience’s on-site suggestions without scripts and prompts to complete a complete comedy performance. Does this situation resemble our lives? Our lives are scenes without scripts and prompts. Two mentalities of rapid response. The first mentality is mistakes and accidents. Don’t take time to be shocked and entangled. You should accept mistakes quickly and treat accidents as a gift. In life, when an accident occurs, the first reaction of many people is to be annoyed, angry, angry, and unacceptable. It will take a long time for him to digest this thing. But if you accept it when others are still shocked, your reaction time will be shorter than others. For example, once the performance team of a fresh-squeezed comedy invited an audience to the stage. The actor said to the audience with a crying face: “Dad, I broke up, and he dumped me.” However, the invited audience was always laughing on the stage. Without getting into the situation at all, the actor went on to say: “I broke up, and you still laugh so happily, are you my dad!” You are on the stage. Cleverly caught the mistake and turned it into a part of the character’s character. In life, if you can catch a mistake like this and resolve the crisis, interpersonal relationships may be one step further. For another example, the leader is about to clamp the big elbow in front of him, and you turn the table around. At this time, you can calmly say: “This shrimp is very fresh. Lead you to taste it.” The above is to react quickly, you need to have the first mentality, to accept mistakes quickly, and treat it as a gift. The second mentality, believing in your own heart, will definitely have an answer. In other words, don’t panic, you can definitely answer it, but this is not thought up with your brain, but felt with your heart. In other words, your heart is faster than your brain. The key to quick response is not in the brain, but in the heart. It has been proved countless times on the improvisational stage that when your mind is still fascinated, your heart has already reacted. The simplest example is what is often said on the Internet that “the mouth is unwilling to be upright”, but the body is acting honestly. You have to control your mouth and open your legs 100 times in your brain, but when you see a delicious snack, your hand will still reach out and take a piece. Two techniques for quick response The first technique for quick response is called Yes, because (yes, because). “Yes, because” is also called a “rationalization technique”, in the words you are familiar with, it means to make mistakes. An accident has occurred. You have to explain why the accident is reasonable, and it is better if it is better than the normal situation before. For example, just now the leader wants to eat elbows and you turn the table. What you need to give is that I turn the table because I want you to taste a better dish. I remember one time at the nomination for the Golden Horse Awards, the host asked the actor Huang Bo, “Today Leung Tow Wai, Andy Lau and Jackie Chan are all dressed very grandly, but are you wearing pajamas?” Huang Bo replied, “Because they are guests. And he has been here for the Golden Horse Awards for five years, and he has regarded this place as his own home, and of course he has to dress more comfortably when he comes home.” Huang Bo’s reaction logic is, yes, I wear pajamas for a reason, why? At this time, you need to think of one thing that makes the organizers of the film festival more happy than wearing formal clothes, that is, “I treat this place as home.” The second technique for quick response is called interjection guidance. Assuming that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, and you just walked in, I want to tell you an unexpected situation. Please answer me in three different ways. Suppose you just walked in, I told you, I looked at your phone. What would you say? Maybe you would say, “Oh, that Xiaoli who sent the text message is actually my elder brother.” Maybe you would say, “Uh, the ten thousand yuan is the interest of Yu’E Bao, really not private money.” Maybe you would say, “Yo , Have you finally guessed the password?” Isn’t it a bit challenging? Especially for the latter two, how can we easily come up with three ways of reaction? You see, every time I answer, there is a modal particle in front of me. I will say “Oh, uh, yo”. This is not added casually. This is for you to mobilize your emotions and your heart, not yours. Mind, let your emotions find a way to react quickly for you, let your heart tell you whether you are sad or happy, whether you are surprised or surprised, and why you are like this. The enlightenment of this technique is that, from the perspective of receiving a conversation, when we hear a sentence, we should also respond to emotions first, and then to the content. He may not be like our example just now, with a modal particle in it, but his sentence may be emotional. The two abilities of quick response are called listening ability and memory. You can increase the speed of reaction just by listening carefully. If in life you lower your head and swipe your phone while listening to others, you often don’t know what the other person is talking about. Therefore, the CIA in the United States teaches audiences how to deal with emergencies. The first is not to look at the mobile phone in public, but to observe and listen intently to find abnormal situations that are different from the usual baseline. In the movie “Schindler’s List”, in a Jewish concentration camp, a German military officer said to a dozen people: “Whoever steals the chicken should confess to yourself, otherwise I will shoot you one by one.” Wait a few minutes. In seconds, no one stood up, and the German officer shot one person to death. At this time, a little boy stood up tremblingly, pointing to the person who had been shot just now, and said, “He stole it.” After he finished speaking, everyone was safe. In a real concentration camp, the little boy certainly does not have a good memory. If we regard the scene just now as an impromptu performance, the little boy’s technique is called delayed interpretation. So you also need to train your memory, remember the details of the scene as much as possible, and use the details in conjunction with your predicament when encountering emergencies.

7 months ago

The following answers require a lot of practice, without exception, it is recommended to like and collect. 1. There must be goods in the stomach. Read some articles, magazines, news every day, look up more related to your environment, and then think about it, and summarize it in your own words. 2. Cultivate creative thinking, break the limitations of thinking, set a theme question every day, such as the relationship between men and women, and ask why women hate drinking hot water? The answer is not only limited to one aspect, but also requires a multi-faceted analysis. 3. Cultivate self-confidence. Self-confidence allows you to respond well in areas that you are not good at or afraid of, without stage fright. The most important thing is to calmly face the problem you are most afraid of and solve it. He will find that your spirit will be much higher, and there are few problems that will make you want to escape. 4. Cultivate the ability to accept mistakes. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You can choose scientific research issues that you feel difficult, or comments that you didn’t dare to raise before. If you stick to it, you will feel that the topics you were originally afraid of are nothing more than this. 5. Cultivate the ability to have vision and wink. It is to prepare in advance. For example, if you know that your negotiator has a bad stomach, you have to think about it in advance, consider in advance which light and soft rice, and avoid spicy food. 6. Cultivate concentration. When chatting with people, look straight into the eyes of the other person, quickly extract the key points from the conversation, and then organize the answers in the brain according to the key points. 7. Cultivate a suitable speaking rhythm. If your speaking speed is very fast, and sometimes your brain cannot keep up, you can reduce your speaking speed appropriately; if your speaking speed is too slow, try to speed up your speaking speed appropriately. 8. Communicate with friends more often. At the beginning, just like ordinary chat with friends, gradually increase the difficulty, so that friends can ask questions from strange angles and exercise their ability to adapt to changes. Supplement: ①The human brain has a large number of neurons. These neurons determine the level of our own abilities in various aspects, and through a lot of exercise, we can directionally determine the neuron abilities we need. ② There is no shortcut to the instantaneous reaction ability, only continuous practice and subtle changes. Finally, get to know, I am “Dawn Whale”, a university senior who likes to “read” and “write” and share “dry goods” from time to time. After “detachment”, Fang is “growth”; after the “dark night”, enjoy the “dawn” for the first time.

7 months ago

Make mistakes, replay, think, observe, practice. Friends who have this need must feel that they often make mistakes. Depression has no meaning. After making a mistake, you must review the situation. Think about the situation at the time, the deep meaning of the other party’s expression, and the point that you did not respond well, and think about how to come back How to say once will be better. After the process of making mistakes, reviewing, and thinking is over, you should consciously observe the so-called high EQ people around you to see how they react to certain situations, think about where they are high, how you will react in the same situation, and compare Insufficient, then imagine if there is a better way. The rest is a long practice. This skill cannot be practiced in ten and a half months. At the beginning, the reaction will definitely not be so fast. In the face of the situation, I would rather slow down than follow the instinctive response. There are not so many imminent moments in life and work. Deciding things, slowing it down, at most, feels slow, and the instantaneous instinctive reaction is often punching and then fainting. Compared with a wrong reaction, the loss is much less, and the slower is left to yourself. Time to think. With the deepening of practice, the speed of response will become faster and faster. Of course, one of the most critical points is to put aside the “I”, think about the problem from the other side’s perspective, understand the other side’s demands, rather than just indulge in self-righteousness. For example, when I just worked that year, there would always be some activities that have nothing to do with the actual work of the department for employees to participate in. No one likes these activities because they waste most of the day and delay their own work. For people who distribute jobs, it’s the fairest way to take turns to participate in various departments, but those who distribute jobs naturally don’t want the so-called fairness. She feels that she can use this little right to buy the favors of older employees, so she put these Arrange for the newcomer. I am the newcomer. Although I am a rookie, I can see the way. I readily agreed to it the first few times, because this is the workplace, so it’s okay for the newcomer to suffer a little loss. In the face of small disadvantages, my principle is to happily accept and do not care, because it is unnecessary to have unpleasantness with others in trivial matters, and secondly, to be too caressed and seem petty, and for trivial matters, it also affects interpersonal relationships. Since I have been arranged too many times, it’s okay to continue to accept it, but I obviously feel that if I accept it again, I will become a workplace trash can, which will make people feel dull and bully, and will give me any rubbish work. , So I thought that next time there is such a thing, I must refuse it. Although it is a refusal, there are skills to refuse. It does not affect the interpersonal relationship but also shows your own attitude. It didn’t take long before this person came to arrange for me an unreasonable job. She always slid her head. This kind of thing is annoying. She also knows. Of course she won’t offend people and say that she arranged it for me. When I see it, I will say , Look at this there is another activity, the leader said that you should participate. She did all the bullying, but I gave it all to the leader. I’m not stupid. I’m sure that the leader will not worry about who participates in the activities. Why should the leader and I have no grievances and no grudges? Keep staring at me and let me go there again and again, who knows how to use a sheep’s wool. Because I was prepared for a while, I still happily told that person that I was free the first few times, but this time I didn’t have a few jobs and I couldn’t spare the time. I’ll explain to the leader. Let him arrange others. Because the leader naturally has not arranged specific personnel to participate, if I really go to the leader, the end is to let the leader know that she is behind the leader to arrange the work, by the way, let the leader know that all recent similar tasks have been assigned to me. , This is bullying newcomers, the consequences can be imagined. She hurriedly said at that time, don’t go to the leader. I told the leader that she should arrange for someone else. I took this step down quickly to express my gratitude to the other party and sincerely said that it was causing her trouble. She’s not stupid, she even said a few words to me that when everyone is caught off guard and can’t be busy, it’s normal. Since then, she has never dared to use me as a bun, and I have never wasted any time on such trivial matters. She would bypass me even with this kind of work, because she knew I was not a bully rookie. From the surface of the matter, it is the old employees bullying the newcomers. If I think so, then it is to turn the cunning of human nature into a personal conflict between her and me. In essence, we never had a holiday, and she didn’t do it specifically to fix me. It was her usual style to do this, but it just so happened that I was in the role of a newcomer. In the past, newcomers did nothing but two ways, either blindly enduring it in exchange for a worse ending, or in exchange for the label of the newcomer disobeying the arrangement to avoid work, how the newcomer was devastated. At the end of the development, the newcomers have a bad reputation, and the relationship with the old employees is also grievous. The most important thing is that it is not worthwhile to cause such a small thing to negatively affect oneself. I don’t want to be willing to suffer and I don’t want to tear my skin. I can only calmly analyze the pros and cons and think about countermeasures. In the end, I will treat my own body with my own way. You suppress me with the leader, and I use the leader to counter you. If I remain attached to “I”, then it is indeed me who suffers, and it is her who suffers from me. In order to defend my own interests, I will confront each other. As the result of the confrontation has been said earlier, it is still me who suffers. But when I put me down and think about the problem from her standpoint, I know where her demands and weaknesses are. It is naturally more appropriate to use her way to solve her problems. Of course, you must let go of your emotions when you don’t think of a solution. When emotions occupy the high ground of your brain, you may not find the right way to cope at the moment, but it must be wrong to follow your instinct. The old saying goes, knowing and doing are one. There are many people in this world who understand the truth, but few who actually do it. Knowing is not the same as doing it. It is not difficult to understand the truth. The difficulty lies in the continuous practice with thinking.

7 months ago

No one understands this problem better than me. The above sentence is the classic language of the United States, and it is a versatile routine that adapts to various scenarios. Regardless of what the other party said, you just need to squeeze out this sentence, and you will be able to pinch the scene to death. Not only can they show their own reflexes, but they can also seal the opponent’s rebuttal. Because anyone who is a bit decent will be helpless about this. The answer is revealed. Some friends regard the above answer as being clever. Then you are so wrong. Knowing Wang’s words are not simple, they are not used to make fun, but a combination of the two strategies of “brilliant generalization” and “shuffle cheating” in “The Perfect Art of Propaganda”. Glorious generalization: to associate something with a good word, so that people can accept or approve of it without verification. “Understand” is a good word. “No one understands better than me,” Trump associates himself with “understanding.” Shuffle cheating law: choose to use facts or lies, illustrations or irrelevant materials, reasonable or unreasonable statements, to explain as good or as bad as possible a certain concept, plan, person or product. Obviously, “No one understands better than me” is a lie. It is logically unreasonable. Knowing Wang is often used to answer non-questions, but this is a very effective propaganda strategy, which makes the king sit on countless fans. Don’t underestimate Understand King. Although it is not good to know the king to govern the country, it is a master to know that the king engages in propaganda. Let’s return to this question: how to improve the instantaneous reaction ability when speaking? When talking to people, if you don’t understand, or feel that you have lost the initiative, you have a tendency to be led by the other person. Just say this: no one understands this problem better than me. If you really can’t say this shit, you can also express it in other ways: I have seen through the problem, and everything is within my grasp. For example, while smiling confidently, gently shaking his head. If the other party is not a fool, he will definitely rearrange the language and repeat his previous meaning at a slower rate. At this time you have time again, and react quickly. There are people outside, and there are heaven outside the sky. No matter how we train our reaction ability, we will inevitably encounter opponents who react faster and are better at handling language than we are. Therefore, our strategy is to block the opponent, so that the opponent has to slow down, so as to adapt to our rhythm. Remember, don’t do “smile confidently while shaking your head gently” on multiple questions to the same person in one day. Because if the other party is not a fool, he may see that you are a fool.

7 months ago

Many answers that “accumulate knowledge and improve logical thinking skills” are useless. The deeper the knowledge and the more rigorous logical thinking, the slower the reaction when speaking. Because it is necessary to search the knowledge organization logic and language in the brain before speaking. However, we know that in real-time conversations, the transfer and advancement of topics are often very random, and will not give you enough time to think. That’s why I often suffocated my stomach after arguing in the morning, and after a day of anger, when I took a bath at night, I suddenly remembered the annoyance of “It would be fine if I said that at the time.” If you want to improve your immediate response ability during random conversations, it is not knowledge and logic, but routines. Because random conversations emphasize timeliness and need to react immediately, and routines do not require thinking, only instinctive reactions. As long as you practice a few routines, you can perfectly deal with all situations in your work and life. For example, if you are late to check in in the morning, the beautiful HR manager says to you “Why are you late again? You will be deducted for this month’s performance if you are late.” You only need to respond to “What performance deduction, deduct me directly, look at me.” Doesn’t look like performance.” There is a problem with the code running, and the bald project manager finds you, “Your code seems to have a bug? Would you like to check it again?” You can answer without thinking, “Where is the bug? I see. You look like a BUG.” When you got off work at night, your gluttonous girlfriend called and said you wanted roast duck for dinner. You can instantly react, “What kind of roast duck? The man who sells ramen downstairs looks like roast duck. Just eat him.” The real instant response masters rely on routines.

7 months ago

First of all, you must correct an inner point of view. If you try to improve your ability to speak and respond by looking at Zhihu’s answers, it is undesirable and impossible. This is a long-term accumulation and practice process. It is impossible to do it without accumulation for a period of time. There are several specific improvements. 1 One reason for the slow response is that there is no stock in my mind, which is terrible. So to accumulate, what to accumulate? First is the topic, second is the speaking skills, and finally keep repeating the two points. 2 Talk to others more, let yourself invade more in the environment of speaking, let the environment force people’s survival adaptability. 3 Use some tools to practice, such as playing cards, write a topic on each poker, and practice continuously.

7 months ago

Imagine you encounter the following situation: You go to a party and meet a customer asking about your company’s products. At this time, your friend or colleague came over, whether it was a joke or an unintentional mistake, and casually said: “He doesn’t understand anything, what’s the use of asking him?” Faced with this “disclosure” situation, How should you deal with this problem cleverly? It depends on your thinking ability, whether it is agile enough! In oral expression, quick thinking is very important. No matter what the situation is, people with good eloquence can adapt to the situation and solve problems skillfully. This is due to their keen thinking response. This kind of “restraint eloquence” is a practical skill that everyone who learns eloquence should master. However, this kind of speaking skills is not innate and requires accumulation and training. If you want to become agile in your thinking, you need to be targeted to improve your ability to cope. Coping with the basic requirements of eloquence If you want to improve your eloquence coping ability, you must first understand the agile coping ability and its characteristics. To put it simply, the characteristics of coping with eloquence mainly include the following aspects: 1. It will be sent out on the spot, once it touches an external signal, it can immediately construct a language response; 2. It is the key to the answer, and it can be lean. Briefly, say every sentence on the idea; 3, be flexible and free, not stick to a coping style, know how to adjust according to different situations; from these points, it can be seen that the ability of agile thinking can be summed up in one sentence as ” Quick, accurate, and ruthless”, through a proper response, the “providers” can be speechless. Give two examples. In a waiting room, a young man spit on a white wall. When others saw this, he said, “This big brother, don’t you know that you can’t spit anywhere?” “I know, but I’m vomiting on the wall now, not on the ground.” The young man quibbled. “In that case, it seems that I can hold the trash in my hand and throw it to you. After all, I don’t throw trash anywhere.” The young man was speechless. There is also a famous joke about Goethe. One day, Goethe was walking in Weimar Park. On a narrow path that can only be passed by one person, I meet a critic who has made sharp irony of his work. The critic said very arrogantly and rudely: “I never give way to fools.” At this time, Goethe stood aside with a smile on his face and said: “I am just the opposite.” If you say, the first story is The counterattack of language skills, then the second story combines some action elements as a quick response. In other words, keen thinking reaction requires you to express it through language and behavior. Only in this way can you deal with different difficult situations. To do this, you must first develop several abilities. The ability of agile thinking requires that you want to use your agile thinking effectively, and you’d better master some basic abilities. There are about four kinds of abilities that play a fundamental role in agile thinking. First, enough self-confidence. The importance of self-confidence is self-evident. When you are not confident, you will have a tendency to avoid or shrink from what is happening outside, and it is easy to passively accept bad things. On the contrary, a confident person, when they encounter problems, will definitely take the initiative to think about coping strategies. This is the core requirement of agile thinking. Regardless of whether you want to become a sensitive person, cultivating self-confidence will benefit you without any harm. Second, stable willpower. The ability that allows us to focus on our goals and to properly adjust our actions and self-psychological expectations according to the goals is often willpower. In the contingency thinking, willpower allows you to deal with the problems you encounter in a more active and proactive manner, sustaining high and tenacious emotions. If you have been in a negative and slack mood, indecisive, and always in a state of psychological pressure, it will be difficult to focus on the goal as a strain. Third, focused attention. Being able to mobilize our attention and focus on the problem that needs to be solved is the first step for us to successfully solve the problem. When you are mentally lax and thinking disorderly, it will be difficult for you to eliminate the interference from your surroundings and even your psychology. Through effective thinking, you can make effective judgments and feedback on external information, thereby adjusting your own response measures. As long as you are in a state of very keen awareness, you will have active thinking to support your sudden needs. This is the importance of maintaining attention. Fourth, smart creativity. Strain expression is a creative language activity. Since it is necessary to “strain”, thinking must be in a very active state. Only in this way can you allow different forms of thinking, such as logical thinking, associative thinking, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, and reverse thinking, to work together harmoniously, allowing your brain to burst out clever answers. The agility, fluency, originality, flexibility and other characteristics of creative thinking are precisely the important characteristics of adaptable thinking. That being the case, how do we cultivate them. The training method of contingency thinking training contingency thinking, there are “soft way” and “hard way”. The so-called “soft way” is to accumulate a certain degree of thinking experience through thinking about different IQ questions, or thinking questions, so as to improve thinking. And since in daily life, chatting with others is the place where we use strain thinking the most, then training our own language skills to improve strain thinking is a more practical “hard way of training.” We can use the method of training debate to train our thinking and reaction ability. Among them, the four practical training methods are: 1. Question and answer by yourself; 2. Quick answer and answer; 3. Shunyu cross-examination; 4. Misinterpretation; use these four methods to train your own language response ability, basic You can deal with most of the conversation problems encountered in daily life; using self-question and self-answer active thinking so-called “self-question and self-answer” is to ask yourself some weird questions, and then try to answer them in different ways. The usefulness of this method is to activate thinking by constructing language barriers for yourself. When you can adjust your thinking to answer these questions, or even “out of” the conventional answering method to answer questions, you will naturally be able to collide with the spark of thinking. For example, try to ask yourself some “unfriendly” questions: Do you think you are an ugly person? Your IQ is so low, how do you survive in this world? As a poor person, do you have no ambition? Why should you ask yourself these questions? Ordinary and ordinary questions, we have become accustomed to a certain way of answering. The human brain tends to act in the most time-saving and trouble-free way, so ordinary and ordinary answers, the brain will naturally use our fixed way to answer questions. And these “unusual and unfriendly” problems leave the comfort zone of the brain, so that the brain will force itself to use new ways to deal with the problem, thereby activating our thinking response. This way of self-questioning and self-answering can play a role in training one’s thinking. Training requirements: 1. The question must be able to “test” yourself, and you can ask yourself from the easy to the difficult, from the shallower to the deeper; 2. Give yourself a time limit for answering, such as answering the question completely within 30 seconds, so as to improve Speed ​​of response to problems. 3. It is best to record your answer with your mobile phone, and improve your answer by listening repeatedly until you are satisfied.

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What is instantaneous response capability? Can it be understood as being able to cleverly respond to each other when speaking, saying words that are beneficial to both parties, or words that are beneficial to oneself. If it is this kind of ability, there will be no one in the world. The human brain has two systems, a fast system and a slow system. This is determined by the continuous evolution of human brain structure for tens of thousands of years. The so-called fast system means that without thinking, relying on intuition and instinct. For example, put you on a barren grassland and see a man in black slowly approaching you. You must run away and run away quickly. The so-called slow system is to think rationally, using logical derivation to think about problems. For example, the math problems done in school are based on the steps step by step, and finally the answer is derived. If you want to occupy a favorable position when speaking, you need to develop a slow system and gradually transform the slow system into a fast system. This process takes several years, decades, and even a single sound to build. And the coverage is impossible to see that everyone can use the fast system, so it is impossible for the world to have any instant response ability when speaking. Face a specific person, then progress to one type of person, and then to another type of person. Face a specific occasion, then progress to one type of occasion, and then to another type of occasion. Slowly advance, keep in contact to make it plain, that is, playing different roles on different occasions decides to say different things. For example, classmates gather for dinner. The role played is a classmate, which belongs to the relationship between peers. Party and dinner belong to the scope of entertainment, eating, drinking, chatting and chatting. What you need to do at this time is to chat casually, talk about the other party, talk about yourself, don’t involve your personal interests, and don’t depress the other party, understand that the purpose of this kind of occasion is to exchange feelings. There is no instantaneous reaction ability, only continuous thinking progress

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I remember when I was very young, I called “Uncle” to my father’s boss, and the other party immediately made a face to my father, saying that he was a boss and was older than a worker. My dad has a weak personality and never thought of rebutting, so he repeatedly emphasized “Children’s Words Wuji”, but the awkward expression made me as a child see through everything. So I smiled politely and said: Because my dad often mentions you in front of me, you are very [elderly demeanor] in my heart~ just blurted out [Uncle]. Later, all the people present burst into laughter. But to be honest, after that time, I secretly decided not to “lie” anymore. Many people say that this is a kind of “white lie”, but I felt that the other person’s breath was not a kind of “goodwill”, and when I said that, the essence was just “compromise.” Lying = incompetence-I think so since I was young. However, if the words are wrong, the consequences are naturally very serious, and I have known this since I was a child. Later, for a long, long time, I was exploring “how to be gentle and tell the truth”. What: You want to suppress first, bullets, yin and yang lead the teacher… Either, it is not the original intention, you can’t escape the deception; or it is ambiguous, which means you did not say it; or, it is vague and ironic, the other party will think that you are shooting a cold arrow . At least when others use these methods against me, I never feel comfortable. Later, when I worked and thought that I would never escape the proposition, I found out that those who I didn’t want to offend, in fact, they would trust me quite a bit, and never throw the proposition. Once I had a casual chat with my colleagues and said that my greatest fortune was that I had not been tempted by the leader. Then she had a dumbfounded expression: “Originally thought you were clever, and you had a great reaction on the spot. Many people said that you want to learn from you, but you are really stupid?” She gave an example: Once, President Jiang cursed someone. Everyone in’s can’t listen anymore, it was you who brought a glass of water to President Jiang and said, “Regenerating Qi will cause liver cancer.” Then he stopped scolding. All of us said that you are awesome and dared to curse the boss for liver cancer. As a result, people really stopped scolding, and we will try to control ourselves and stop scolding in the future. Another time, at the annual meeting, a new employee of you was drawn the first prize by Boss Wang. What did the old employees say about you in private? Say you are young and beautiful, and boss Wang is an LSP again. Have you ever wondered why everyone coaxed “Kiss one, kiss one” when only you received the award? You won’t really think you are popular, okay? Old employees use this method to wear shoes for you to watch jokes~ When I was squeezing sweat for you, you were fine, and I blew a kiss to everyone, and then happily stepped down~ Seriously, that on-the-spot reaction , Really convinced the crowd. What’s more awesome is that Mr. Zheng, chatting with you on Wikipedia every day, you really rush to talk hard, throwing some difficult questions every time. Reverse generals. People like to show their knowledge and are asked every time. Run away, don’t know who harassed whom in the end. In the company, Mr. Xu is not the big boss, but he is the teacher from the big boss to the fourth boss. He is a technical consultant. He is highly respected and does not care about salary. He cares most about the “respect” of others. Whoever sees him does not treat him as the “elder of the cabinet”. Holding? It would be nice for you…for a young leader to take office as a new official, to prevent the old leader from dismissing his power. People who bluntly said “You are not qualified to talk to me” are angering you. Take it seriously. You were absent during the meeting and asked your leader to bring you Mr. Xu’s words. As a result, your leader became the eunuch who spread the word… Although I know your leader It really deserves it, but I have never seen subordinates kicking thankless things to the leader, which is an eye-opener. Are you really “stupid” plus “head iron”? ? I don’t believe it~ Mr. Zheng is stalking you, don’t you feel it at all, do you? During the team building, he couldn’t wait to put the wine bottle in your mouth. You stubbornly took the wine bottle and filled all the female leaders with wine. The sentence “Zheng always wants to toast everyone”, 4000 yuan of foreign wine , You didn’t drink a sip, you gave it to others Huo Huo… You didn’t even see Mr. Zheng’s distressed expression. It was at that annual meeting, a young employee of yours took the first prize and stepped down with peace of mind. Many people behind the scenes arrogantly argue that you “do not know the heights of the sky and do not treat guests to dinner.” As a result, the work started in the second year, and you pulled a suitcase over. We thought you were going to carry the bucket and run away. You brought everyone together: give gifts to all the bosses, and they are all handicrafts. Guess The kind that doesn’t have a price. Co-authoring other winners to invite employees to dinner is for nothing. How can you directly “give back to the boss”? It is useful to give gifts to your boss, and you give it clearly… Did you know that you are the only person who has taken a full month of paid sick leave since the establishment of our company? When you take a long vacation, everyone said, “This time it’s really a bucket run away.” Tie Hanhan actually came back? ? ? ……The company has newly entered 3 internships, no one takes them, no work, you just happen to be convenient for yourself? Don’t you have any ideas when you know that your internship is older than you and older than you? “I have it~ I think it’s an individual talent. I can’t delay others. I must cultivate it quickly, so I specially let them participate in the difficult cases in my hands.” You! Do you dare to say that you have no selfishness? Why did you hit a difficult case on your young man? Why do you share the burden of the internship with Poxia Donkey? “Actually, I have it~ I want to prove that younger internships are more useful than my leader. I told them the same.” Well, you are ruthless. It really proves that your leader is a vain person. They have 5 years of service. My daughter is almost 7 years old, so she has to buy a school district house in Shanghai and go to school in Shanghai. As a result, the boss did not increase her provident fund, the points were not enough, and the plan to buy a house had a miscarriage. For the children to go to school, the family rolled back to their hometown… So, you know how to calculate this way, you pretend to be stupid and tell me that you are Tie Hanhan;

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A more embarrassing situation is that after speaking calmly, you find that everyone does not understand the same thing or the same meaning. Then we can follow along to understand what is the purpose of improving the transient response capability? The purpose must be to solve the problem, so it is very important to clarify the problem first. It must be ensured that everyone understands the same meaning. So to improve the ability of instant reaction is to ask clearly what the core concept is. That is to ask clearly what the other person is saying. You can ask the other person: What do you mean by this, can you make it clearer?

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