I met a female college student. She only took my large class five times. She had nothing to do with me and could not provide any benefits. She asked me to give me notes that I had read hundreds of sample essays over the past few years. She said that she was righteous and confident, and even after class, I wanted me to give her. Of course, I just found an excuse to stop her and said goodbye to her. After all, she only attended these five big classes, so we won’t have to see each other for the rest of our lives. A female doll from a university of finance and economics, she only took me two writing classes for a total of four hours. The one-to-one class of the institution is actually the same as the large class, that is, she takes the entire four hours of class. I only make a few hundred yuan, and it is impossible for a large institution to take four hours of classes. The money is too small and only small institutions are willing to take it. Generally speaking, if she only takes two classes, she will definitely change her composition twice. It is free, and the organization has a special essay correction service to buy if the amount of essays is exceeded, because after an essay is changed, the punctuation marks and the structure of the essay need to be changed in place. Coupled with the face-to-face explanation, it is very time-consuming. Organizations need to calculate the cost separately. Large organizations eat, and we make a small amount of money. She was also righteous, suddenly took out a notebook from her bag with dozens of essays written by her in the past few years, and asked me to take it back and change the two female dolls, and when she called others to do things for free, her eyes were calm. Staring at you, there is not a trace of panic, it is so calm that I feel incredible to this day. I don’t know how some parents educate their children. It makes them feel so rightly and confidently that other people in the society should serve them for free. Ppt is also divided into a lot. Some of them are all nonsense, and they are not well-made, so it doesn’t matter if they are given to you. There are some ppt systems, dry goods, and time-consuming production. Even if you ask someone to make ppt outside, you have to pay for it. Why do you have to pay for the bad wages of colleges and universities? Don’t you think that college salaries are high? That was the high salary during the Republic of China, my dear. I don’t bring a computer at all in class, no ppt, and I don’t care about ppt. On the one hand, I have to run to various schools, and some classrooms have no equipment. On the other hand, I ask myself to keep everything in my head. Here, without ppt, students can be impressed by frequent interaction in class, so that they will not doze off while watching ppt in class. Later, I didn’t even bother to carry the book, so I tore the book with a few pages at a time, lest I run around with too much stuff and hurt my knees. After working for a few years, I learned to refuse and cannot agree to everything. This society is not about selfless devotion in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Since there is no intellectual property rights, I have to protect my own contribution. I feel that every discipline is different. In general, people’s knowledge of science and engineering needs to show some graphics and so on. It must be ppt, but as far as my own class is concerned, I think my old director’s words are useful. She criticized us for using ppt in a meeting at that time. She said that if you have ppt students, you don’t need you. What is your role in the classroom? The old director’s original words are, there is you without it, there is it without you, so my lesson preparation process is to constantly reduce the use of ppt to highlight my own role. At that time, I was also communicating with some colleagues in Shanghai on the Internet. I agree with him very much. What he meant is that you need to face different students to be able to write articles on the spot, and write on the spot for his acceptability. This is called ability. So in the later period, I will always improve towards this standard. My own I don’t need to edit a good composition essay. If you ask me why I have not been married, I think I have paid a lot for my career, and it is also worth my effort, because it is my own ability to improve.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

If you can give it, the teacher won’t be unwilling to give it to you. What good is it for him to fail your course? He has to find a way to fish you! Therefore, some teachers will take the initiative to upload ppt to you for fear that you don’t know what to learn if you haven’t attended the class. And some don’t give, it’s really impossible to give it, maybe it involves some papers and published books he wants to publish, and some are only given at the end of the term, for you to take a class and listen for a while, otherwise, if you have a ppt, it seems you have a gold medal for avoiding death. I don’t listen to the class anymore. Some ppts are afraid that you will be uploaded to the Internet, which will affect the competitiveness of the school (mysterious and mysterious, the teacher said). Some courseware are not ppts, which are animated versions similar to flash. You can ask for the results of your labor, just like asking for someone’s bank card. You should be embarrassed to open your mouth. What’s more, you can sell courseware to make money when you take the teacher’s ppt and sell your courseware… and you can use your mobile phone in class. Take a picture. If you don’t get it, you really want it. You can take a picture after class. If you don’t copy, the teacher will generally agree.

6 months ago

1. Because some students use it to study, some students use it to sell money. (True facts) 2. Many teachers’ courseware are the results of their own teaching and research, and they have done things accumulated over many years. The inconvenience of their own labor is all given to students for useless prostitution. (Photographing is still possible) 3. Some schools have regulations. In order to ensure the quality of teaching in their schools, the teachers’ courseware are all important internal teaching materials that are uniformly researched and must not be passed on. (Maintain the quality of teaching) 4. Some professional knowledge content is not suitable for external transmission, especially medical majors. . . (Don’t ask why) There is also a political teacher who reminds everyone not to video and not to take pictures. . . 5. However, the average teacher will share common information with everyone, and some of the ppt that is not innocent will also be given, because no one wants to make up the exam after dropping the subject, and the teacher is afraid of trouble. 6. It is better to spend more time in professional courses, and to review more after class is the correct choice.

6 months ago

Your question is very unfriendly. The teachers did not deliberately shirk, but compelled to make a defense mechanism. As an old green pepper with ten years of teaching experience, I will briefly talk about my views on this matter. At the beginning, I was willing to share PPT with students. It is convenient for students to review after class. Knowing that it is not easy to make a courseware well, it takes at least three times the class hours, but it doesn’t matter as long as it is beneficial to the growth of students and sharing! But I didn’t want to share it anymore. Why? There are two reasons. One is that many students passed the PPT to students from other schools, until one day I found out that my PPT was renamed and uploaded to Baidu Library and other sites for a fee. In fact, this is nothing. After all, his academic achievements are recognized by peers, which is also a good talk! However, one time I took an open class later, and a teacher said that I was not serious and went to download the template online! Wrong! The original author of that courseware was originally me! But someone changed his name and uploaded it to him. This is simply a robbery! After all, it is difficult for me to prove that I am a starter! In addition, I found that if you give the PPT to the students, they will not listen to your lectures carefully, and then print out the courseware to make a temporary surprise for the exam! After thinking about it again and again, I didn’t take the initiative to share the courseware. I would turn it into a picture and give it to the students if I really needed it. No way, it is really a year of being bitten by a snake for ten years and fearing the rope.

6 months ago

When university teachers are unwilling to give PPT, what is the reason? Is it intellectual property? Is it internal knowledge or even personal information? possibly is. But it is also possible that the PPT is all composed of textbooks, without any extras, and the class is also a large-scale PPT study site. Even the PPT is copied and pasted directly from the Internet. What are students thinking when they ask the teacher for a PPT? Is it knowledge to be added? Is it to enrich yourself? possibly is. It is also possible to just make up for the inner anxiety. Or think that when you need it, you will be hard at writing, easy to learn and remember. In the end, after I got the PPT, I lost everything… so is the PPT important? Some teachers’ PPT is the essence of textbooks, and some are dealing with engineering. Some students are striving for excellence in their studies, and some are just doing their best. That being the case, don’t embarrass the teacher or yourself. If you want to listen to the class, listen carefully, don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t want to… When you really need it, the teacher will definitely give it. But dare you if you sleep in get out of class, you will need a PPT after class. Thinking in another place, are you reluctant?

6 months ago

More than just being unwilling to give PPT, sometimes even taking pictures is not allowed. It’s not that you are afraid of studying, but the main reason is that you are spreading. Especially for some PPT involving school internal data and teachers’ personal opinions, you never know which student has slow brains and fast hands. It is posted everywhere on the Internet, and it is a teaching accident if something happens. If you refuse to give a PPT, it is purely because you don’t want to reject it directly. You should also be acquainted. Don’t ask for it anymore. You can’t add your impression points or deductions. In addition, the teacher will send out the PPT for general professional courses before or after class. The purpose of posting before class is to facilitate everyone’s preview, but many students have posted PPT before class, so they will not go to class. So some teachers only post PPT after class. If you really want to learn things, it is not necessarily limited to the teacher’s PPT, the video resources on the Internet, and the library’s book resources are also very rich in content. If it is to focus, it is not necessary. If it is a professional hard class, the teacher will pick a time in the last few classes to make a unified focus; if it is not a hard class (such as some practical classes on physical and mental health), I am sorry, there is no focus

6 months ago

Our teacher once talked about this problem. He mentioned that he used to go abroad for academic exchanges. A foreign scholar mentioned that after he finished speaking, someone asked him for ppt. He was very surprised. In his opinion, this behavior Just like when I took out my wallet in public and took out the money, you came up to the stage and asked if you could give it to me-I am not familiar with you. How could you take the initiative to ask for my things? The reason why university teachers don’t like to give ppt is roughly as follows: students copy each other, and there will always be a naive person who transfers ppt to Baidu Library, etc., and the ppt may contain the teacher’s personal information (mobile phone number, email address, office) Address), improper citations (data, pictures, etc. of other researchers), the teacher’s latest results that have been insufficiently proven (the teacher may overturn this in subsequent research), the teacher’s intention to officially publish but not yet published research results, the above The content should not be made public, so university teachers don’t like to give ppt

6 months ago

It does exist, but ours here is a normal situation. Majors involve certain political views, but because of professional needs, they will be displayed in ppt. However, for some reasons, these ppts cannot be released, so the teacher will be in the classroom The above emphasizes “Please take notes carefully, the ppt cannot be uploaded or shared, please forgive me” or after class, the teacher will tell us that the theory taught in this class is for class, please do not reprint in any form , You can communicate with me privately, and it’s true that some words and ppts can’t be uploaded in the group. I only found a screenshot and proof that they could not be uploaded, but this phenomenon does exist. Some ppts and words are really not shared. To everyone, and the document I sent is indeed for course needs, it belongs to course organization, but it cannot be uploaded to the group, and can only be received and sent by individuals (to add, my word here is still a note taken in class, which is a ppt reduction Reduction in, only some keywords)

6 months ago

He wanted to embezzle the fruits of other people’s labor, but was tactfully rejected. Is this difficult to understand? ! The textbooks I teach are densely packed with notes, the focus of the colorful pictures, and the detailed problem-solving process… I can lend them to students anytime they borrow books. My PPT is generally very simple, mainly focusing on the key points and ideas, but only a guide and emphasis on the key content of my lectures. But I will not send it to students, because it may be posted online in an instant. Money or anything is nothing. The main reason is that one day you will use the results of your PPT to post a paper, and you will find that you have checked the duplicate. Can’t make it, suspected of plagiarism! ——My colleague has encountered this kind of thing, and I have also encountered it. Students who want to study only need to listen carefully, take notes, and ask the teacher directly if they have any questions. It is not meaningful to ask for a PPT.

6 months ago

Because I gave it to the students, they stopped coming to attend the class. If the attendance rate is not enough, I will be asked by the college to talk. There are always some people who think that their self-study ability is better than what I said, but in the end, these arrogant people came to me one by one after the exam to beg for points. This is really thick-skinned. If I don’t speak well, you can change classes. If four teachers are taking this class at the same time in one semester, why do you have to rely on me? PPT is supplemented with new content every year, but most of it will not change. Otherwise, these teachers will be exhausted to do PPT, and don’t want to do anything else. And those classic question types have been accumulated over many years, and the order is arranged step by step, and the best way to find the best way for you to understand, how can you lightly say that you have changed them all? In the next term, you will always be able to obtain materials from the seniors in various ways, and there will be a group of people who think that you can skip the class if you have the materials. In order to make the test rate not so ugly, I will not give it easily! The most important thing is that a colleague of mine found his own courseware on Baidu Library. The name and school phone number were all available, and he was so angry that he complained everywhere. If you say to students that internal information should not be spread out, let alone posted online, some people will not listen to it! So I don’t want the courseware I’ve made so hard to be used directly by others, and there are places where I can’t understand and misinterpret what I mean, and I don’t want to mislead my children. My courseware is easy to use for my students, but not all schools in the country are easy to use, and MOOCs cannot do such high-end. Therefore, there is still a reason not to give a PPT. If you come to class to listen, follow the questions, and take pictures of the places you don’t understand, how can it be so ugly? Of course, there are very good self-study ability, no need to go to class, but there are too few such people. For the grade points of most of the students, and also for us not to be interviewed by the college, many teachers have reached an agreement not to give students the courseware. It is also a long-term peace and stability in all aspects. Some students scolded and complained at the back, so we didn’t even hear it. After all, I can’t satisfy everyone, so I still have to do it in a way that is in the interests of most people. that’s all.

6 months ago

PPT is the work of the teacher. No matter how you say it, there is a labor added value in it. Some teachers give you a PPT for free. That is the teacher’s kindness and distressed that you want you to study and review better. At this time, you only have gratitude, really Can’t ask the teacher to do anything more. And he doesn’t tell you the past, and some teachers talk about the content of his academic achievements, or unpublished papers or knowledge that has copyright itself. If you can disseminate it at will, ask yourself this. Does it fit? It is true that some people will make a profit on the Internet by putting teachers’ things on the Internet. Anyway, it’s the same sentence. It’s duty not to help, and it’s love to help you. You don’t have to think what happened to the teacher because of this. You are all grown-ups, and no one needs to do things according to your intentions all the time. Let me say a few more words about the question in the comment area. The tuition fee only includes instruction and teaching. The textbook fee is paid separately or you buy the textbook yourself. Why does the tuition fee include the teacher’s material fee? Some people say that if there are students taking photos without leaking the rumor, firstly, it is obviously more difficult for rumoring, and secondly, you have said that you can take pictures and why not entangled in ppt. . . Finally, some people say that the phenomenon of undergraduate teachers reading PPT is serious, and an old ppt used for decades has no academic results, etc. Of course, these phenomena exist, but you can’t deny that there are very serious teachers. I am a liberal arts. Professionally, my literature teacher would sometimes show us his unpublished papers when he was telling us a certain piece of work, or when the history teacher was telling a certain piece of history, and told us not to spread it out. I still said that, all grown-ups, is it difficult to respect the fruits of other people’s labor?

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