In October 2020, the Swiss Better Cotton Development Association (BCI) announced the indefinite cancellation of guarantee certification for all Xinjiang cotton enterprises, allowing Xinjiang cotton products to enter the “blacklist” of international trade. After the Chinese people condemned and boycotted member brands such as BCI and H&M this year, BCI secretly removed the statement that caused an uproar.

In the early years, many media were keen to spread rumors that Li Xuejian was dead. Later, Li Xuejian became angry and said something. I think it is the right time to respond to BCI. You pooped in front of my door, I shoveled away, you pooped again, I shoveled away, and then you rode on my neck and shit, if I tolerate any more, it would be tantamount to tolerating rape, not only to me I am irresponsible, and even more irresponsible to the society. As an old Communist Party member, I cannot watch this evil spirit pollute our social environment. Why did BCI attack China before? Because it saw that Western countries began to besiege China on the Xinjiang issue, and launched a general war of public opinion against China, it wanted to grab the first-hand merits, and quickly joined this ugly farce. It will be more advantageous to start business in the future. Why is it now withdrawing this statement? Because it sees China’s tough counterattack, the public is united on this issue, while Western countries quickly lose stamina on this issue and cannot make many waves. They are tending to reach a political compromise. Western countries will not charge alone because of it. And to appreciate its loneliness in the world, it would only sell it, so the secretly removed the statement and began to pretend to be dead. This is called speculative anti-China. For this kind of despicable villain who tends to be inflamed and has fallen into trouble, you must not let it go, you have to use all means to kill, and to all other things. This certification, the association, this organization takes the warning, kills the chicken and the monkey, let them see This is the end of being a victim of abuse, and I can clearly say that the textile certification industry is highly involuntary. We defy the BCI, and other institutions will only have fun in their hearts. As the saying goes, peers are enemies, you The Swiss Better Cotton Promotion Association has been rectified by the Chinese. What does it matter to my Swiss Blue Label? I’m so happy it’s too late. It is to toss this kind of villain who fires the first shot to the death to deter others from speculating and opposing China in the future. As for the impact of its withdrawal? Sorry, it has no effect. If you make a mistake and bow, it will be fine. It is Japan. China does not have this rule.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

When the dirty water was poured on Xinjiang, the western media covered all over the world, but now it is silent when trying to recover the dirty water. In fact, last month, BCI quietly deleted this statement, but foreign media just didn’t report it. I searched for a long time, only to find a report from March, a news on the website of an unknown textile industry. On another U.S. news website, their reporter sent an email to BCI and asked whether they have changed their perceptions and there is no such forced labor in Xinjiang. The BCI spokesperson is still stiff, just saying: We do not comment on this matter now. See it, you thought they were subdued, but in fact they didn’t. Their hearts were very hard. The statement was temporarily withdrawn due to pressure, but there was no apology and no reports. To put it bluntly, BCI issued a statement and withdrew a statement, all ordered by its owner. Like other NGOs raised in the United States, BCI is just a white glove, a political tool, and the owner will bite whoever bites it. In 2009, six institutions co-founded BCI. The largest funder was the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), followed by the International Development Agency of Germany and Denmark, and several European consortia. The US Agency for International Development was established by Kennedy in 1961. It is responsible for more than half of the US government’s foreign aid and is under the orders of the US President and the National Security Council. The Agency for International Development provides economic, developmental, and humanitarian assistance around the world to support U.S. foreign policy goals. It is the most important agency for the United States to implement external democratic infiltration and the largest provider of funds for the United States’ overseas democratic infiltration. Since 1990, the Agency for International Development has carried out democratic infiltration projects in more than 120 countries around the world. From 1990 to 2005, the amount of funds used by the Agency for democratic infiltration reached US$8.047 billion (calculated at the constant price of US dollars in 2000). From 2006 to 2008, the Agency for International Development implemented democracy projects in 88 countries around the world. The Democratic Infiltration Project implemented by the International Development Agency is rich in content and covers a wide range of fields, including support for independent media, labor, judicial reform, local governance, strengthening of legislative institutions, and elections. It is characterized by the large amount of democratic funds at its disposal, a large amount of funds occupied by a single project, a long project execution cycle, and the most prominent effect of democratic aid. Another BCI funder father is Laudes Foundation, which is the richest in the Netherlands. One of the foundations of the Brenninkmeijer family. The founding institutions of BCI also include GIZ. GIZ’s own website clearly shows that they are an organization exclusively controlled by the German government. Danida in the founding organization is an organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Other sponsors include the Swiss Development Cooperation Corporation, the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and so on. Understand that, BCI is actually a white glove created by European and American governments and large consortia. It uses the beautiful rhetoric they are familiar with to control global cotton. It is essentially a politicized institution. For such political thugs, don’t be soft-handed and directly list BCI as an illegal organization. Any product with a BCI label is not allowed to be sold in the Chinese market. BCI, borrow your head to use it, and look at other NGO thugs.

7 months ago

I replied in another answer. BCI responded to the email from The Economist reporter that it was “temporarily offline due to DDoS attacks”. Their attitude “has not changed” and they will “repost relevant information” after the attack is resolved. How do you view the statement of “Boycott Xinjiang Cotton” on BCI’s official website? What information needs continuous attention in the future? So it’s certainly not because of our protests, let alone pressure from us, we don’t need to be complacent. Right now is the best time to take advantage of this pitiful anti-Chinese costume. How could they give up this opportunity? Don’t be too optimistic, everyone. Some students asked if ddos is an excuse, I think it is possible. However, the official website of bci has been updated once, and the fact that the US Agency for International Development (usaid) is its own funding partner is placed on the homepage. I think this is more like an oath: I have my father backed up, don’t bully me

7 months ago

It is recommended that during the next National People’s Congress, legislation on this issue should be established. Similar organizations, groups, for-profit or non-profit organizations are deemed to have initiated or cooperated with national-level fiction, slander, and differentiated treatment… The State Council should organize the entire industry in accordance with the law. Sanctions at the chain level. Taking this case as an example, the correct approach is to directly impose a series of sanctions on institutions that still provide membership fees to BCI and refuse to remove the BCI certification, from raw material transactions to market bans, until the termination of the relationship between them and BCI Any association so far.

7 months ago

You don’t have to “icing on the cake”, but please don’t “fall into trouble”. Resolutely resist when the storm is on the cusp. If you have suffered, know that you have corrected your mistakes? We don’t need BCI, we don’t use it for a lifetime! The Internet has memories, and I hope everyone will resist it forever! We must not “just discuss the matter” and let the people who slander us earn our money and smash our bowls! I have never seen such a shameless organization fabricating out of thin air the lie of “forced labor” in Xinjiang cotton production to block Xinjiang cotton. At that time, it was bad intentions! The villain specializes in secret affairs and announced a high-profile boycott of Xinjiang cotton. Now he has secretly removed the statement from the shelves. What a villain! Support Xinjiang Cotton!

7 months ago

There is a saying that if apology is useful, what the police do. It’s the same when used here, not to mention that I haven’t apologized for removing it secretly. If you don’t believe me, I’m going to interview BCI about the withdrawal of the statement. He must have said vaguely that although we do not publish relevant content on the website, we support everything in the world. The original intention of the interests of cotton producers has not changed. Just like you interview hm, they also said that we have always been responsible cotton purchasers. The implication is that if there is a problem, then if there is no problem, I am not wrong at all. If you are okay, let me give you a reminder. Anyway, cheap is always his. It’s not that easy. Stand up and publicly acknowledge your previous mistakes, indicating that the previous statement was misguided and wrong. Xinjiang cotton is no problem, otherwise this page will not turn over. It is said that he is not the only one in the world cotton industry, it is the industry association. Now other organizations should not be happy. Simply we go to promote the other one.

7 months ago

In so many countries in the world, we can talk with the Americans, we can talk with the European Union, and even Japan can talk, but Australia, for no reason, must be beaten to death. Nothing else, just because he jumped out and shot the first shot when others were about to move. Thinking of the role of demonstration and taking the lead, he had to go to death. If he didn’t do it, he didn’t understand what it meant to be far away! With so many companies in the world, we can talk to Uniqlo, and we can also talk to Zara, but Nike, for no reason, must suppress it, and it should be suppressed by the government. Nothing else, because in the Xinjiang cotton incident, Nike took the lead in announcing the ban on the use of Xinjiang cotton, giving other companies that are still waiting and ignorant, a strong support, and giving others anti-China influence with their strong international influence. Reassured. Others can stay, Nike must be grateful! In the same way, there is no reason for this cat and dog association. It is just to kneel and kowtow and twitch one’s mouth. If you apologize, it will do. Japan will not laugh. What’s more, people quietly put down a statement because it was released for a long time. Hold you down for an hour, and you can’t fight anymore. Do you think it’s because God found out? To be vulgar, some people, if you don’t do what the fuck, they can’t call you dad!

7 months ago

For “Zhihu” and Zhiyou, this is an excellent opportunity. As a more professional knowledge-sharing website, why do you want to shout like a “news media” website? Can’t you use your own advantages to do something? Zhihu has a large number of legal workers, gathered a few masters, formed a team of lawyers, and played with BCI together. A friend from Xinjiang contacted the cotton farmers and organized a delegation to act as the plaintiff. Other friends who have the money to contribute, and are able to contribute, we sue BCI in a Chinese court. As for “Zhihu”, you are listed anyway. Although in the United States, don’t be afraid. The U.S. stock market has risen above historical records, but your stock price has gone that way. Why? Because capital questioned the value of your number of users. So show them the value of your users.

7 months ago

Can we regard this kind of operation as “giving up the stubborn clamor and quietly admitting counsel”. There is a kind of grass in the Chinese market called Qiangtou grass. It has no opinion, likes to join in the fun, malicious suppression. Wherever the wind blows, its branches and heads lean to which direction. Don’t ask right or wrong, and don’t discriminate against indiscriminately. When it comes, it is fierce, and when it retreats, it is as gray as the low tide of the sea. It likes to preach and fabricate momentum, but it never feels that it has a problem. It said that all this is the cause of the wind, what a funny and ridiculous sophistry. So for thousands of years, we have not left a good impression on this kind of grass. But it is also a member of the natural scene. It is its destiny to grow on the wall. If there is no attitude, it may be its attitude, and we will not blame it. Because rumors and slander will be self-defeating, if the blame is useful, the saliva would have flowed into a river and swarmed.

7 months ago

If you are familiar with the habits of these international standards organizations, then this matter is obvious: 1DDoS attack is an excuse 2 Now we are negotiating with the relevant Chinese authorities to discuss the private plan 3 If the benefits are in place to achieve private, you can do it. Explain to China on paper, explain to the United States on the other hand, and then nothing happens. 4 If China’s benefits are not in place and the pressure on the United States is relatively high, then this statement will be restored. Although this type of organization is supported by the United States, it is also an independent organization. For its own interest needs to maintain its current status, its business is mostly concentrated in developing countries (China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc.). It is very simple to write reports on the cotton industry issues in these countries every year-it is time to pay the dues. , Or how do we survive. This is the consistent style of the so-called “standard-selling” industry organizations. It requires you to recognize my status, and then look at the proportion of funders’ investment, and give a report that meets the needs of the funders in proportion. This kind of thing is also very common in China. The various reports of many seemingly well-known organizations all follow the same model. The public relations funds of individual provincial capitals in the South are not spent at all. It’s just that most institutions in China have no influence in the world and can only earn domestic money. BCI is not a tool that many people imagine that the United States is the only or completely American. It must be remembered that it does not stand with the United States forever. Many people use the inertia of some organizations in China as an analogy, which is not appropriate. BCI is also facing the issue of a number of large companies withdrawing and a number of companies riding the fence. If so many companies don’t take it seriously, how can they maintain their image of industry authority in the future? Even with the support of the United States, an organization that has proven to have limited influence in the industry will continue to step aside. The most important thing for any organization is to survive and have a stronger influence. The BCI series of incidents are China’s initiative to launch an offensive against BCI after six months of preparations. If you find it difficult to understand, you can directly compare why China has to hold Australia. But whether it’s going to be private, it’s hard to say. After all, China is not monolithic. Some organizations are very eager to let this happen quickly. Some organizations simply don’t want to let it go. The final decision is the result of coordination among various departments, so just observe and observe. Whether to restore this statement after two months is enough. Update: It must be said that “all are the pots of American imperialism.” If you say that it is the pot of American dominance, it is fine. So? Can we surpass the United States today? Enter the customs as soon as you enter the customs? Do you feel realistic? Since it is not realistic, will all walks of life in China have to deal with organizations like BCI for a long time to come? Is it necessary to understand the working methods of such organizations, find ways to fight back, and learn how to compete for the right to set standards? Rather than incompetent anger, “the American emperor perishes my heart is not dead”? You really regard the American order as a monolithic one, and all resources are working hard to deal with China. Then there is no rescue. Let’s surrender collectively. Because it is not monolithic, it has a chance.

7 months ago

BCI’s announcement of the cancellation of Xinjiang Cotton’s indefinite guarantee certification shows us that the supply chain of China’s consumer market has a solid foundation. This is also an important case of profound education of domestic brands. We have never considered that one day Western brands will be sanctioned due to fictitious reasoning. When the U.S. emperor was extremely lacklustre, my heart would not die. Although the times have changed in the textbooks of American and European countries, the crimes and reflections of the colonial and imperial era have never been mentioned. BCI quietly canceled its statement on banning Xinjiang cotton without any explanation or apology. They wanted to use time for space to allow Chinese consumers to continue to consume their arrogance and prejudice. We are not so forgetful and materially lacking. This incident triggered the hypocritical business spirit and moral bottom line of the western brands that we are familiar with. The bottom line is basically the collapse of the whole line. Nike and Adidas, Uniqlo core Muji, etc. are all the temptations of the next door Pharaoh. We have not been dazzled by patriotic and nationalist sentiments and lost our minds. The relevant state departments have not stepped in to challenge the boycott of foreign brands of strong cotton. Everything is exchanged and communicated within the scope of Chinese law. Foreign brands that do not violate the law can continue to expand. In China’s market and supply chain, only mature Chinese consumers have a mature value of choosing products. Chinese brands such as Li Ning and Medsbonwe have announced their withdrawal from BCI. I believe that more brands with independent judgment will withdraw from this organization controlled by the US government. NGOs in all fields of the world should truly get rid of politics and pursue their own values ​​to promote fairness. And justice.

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