At that time, I liked a star, I would only go to watch his TV show concerts and buy his tapes and CDs. Now, with the development of the traffic era, like idols have become less pure. It seems that my emotions have been hit on the charts and gold. As measured by the data, how did the rice circle become like this step by step?

The so-called fan circle, that is, the fan circle, refers to the fan group. Specifically, the fans of a certain star are called “fans”, and the fans form a group together to form a fan circle. Seeing your question, I suddenly thought of a post in 2019. I can’t remember where to read it. The post said “Jay Chou’s Weibo data is so bad, why is it difficult to buy tickets for concerts?” The question is extremely funny. My first feeling at the time was that Jay Chou was so good and famous, almost to the point where everyone was well-known. Do you still need data? The seemingly funny problems have already reflected the deformities of the current meal circle: 1. Fans’ “playing” and “Ranbo”: in the current period of traffic, fans’ “control review” and “playing” seem to have become a reality. A job, a performance that must be completed. Good-looking data = high position = great influence = easy for capital to see market value = easy access to resources, which greatly reduces the requirements of “entertainment culture” for the strength of “stars”. 2. The group is young and low-intellectual, and is led by fans. “Where to hit it”: I believe that the 227 collective report incident of a certain top-ranking is not unfamiliar to everyone. In fact, the people above guiding the fan circle to attack public opinion have already appeared. Since paying attention to celebrity entertainment gossip, “tearing fans”, “bringing other dramas in one drama”, and “ripping the rice circle phenomenon” have become commonplace. It is nothing more than “tearing” to produce “heat” and the people above play Marketing is nothing. 3. Fan circles are mostly organized by celebrity agencies for fans who hold their celebrities: organized, premeditated, do what they do, control reviews, butcher version, step on each other, hang gangsters, collective human flesh, cyber intimidation… .. If there is no such thing as the “strike” and “initiation” of the black water army, the disagreement among ordinary fans is at most “enclosure and self-advanced”, and it is difficult to get out of the battle. 4. The determination to empty the wallet for idols made the public even more jaw-dropping: Judging from the sales of a top-flowing music album after the 227 incident, it is enough to make people see the crazy of its fans. 5. Containment of illegitimate meals: In December 2018, 4 fans boarded a flight to South Korea in Hong Kong. After successfully taking pictures of their idols, they asked to get off the plane and get a full refund, which caused flight delays and was even more embarrassing. Go abroad. In addition, hype, such as the public sale of medical supplies used by celebrities, is also shocking. All of the above can be seen in the harshness of the rice circle today. In 2020, the National Cyberspace Administration of China decided to launch a two-month special rectification of the “Qing Lang” summer network environment for minors. The special rectification period will be from the beginning of July to the end of August. Focus on rectifying information and behaviors that induce minors to chase stars without a bottom line and tear up rice circles and other bad value-oriented information and behaviors. Severely crack down on the behaviors of inducing minors to assist in ranking, scrutinizing, and making large-scale consumption in key areas such as social platforms, audio and video platforms’ hot search lists, ranking lists, and recommendation positions. Vigorously rectify the celebrity topic, the interactive comment link of popular posts, inciting to instigate the young fan groups to antagonize, verbally abuse each other, and search for human flesh. Strictly check and deal with “fan circle” professional black fans, malicious marketing and other illegal and illegal accounts. Thoroughly clean up information that promotes unhealthy values ​​such as comparing and showing off wealth, extravagant enjoyment and so on. Idol worship has existed since ancient times, and there is no original sin in the act of chasing stars.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This has always been the case, but the era stars who sell CDs and tapes personally urge sales. What on-site autographs, meetups, hardcover, commemorative and collector’s editions, what do you think it is for? Some points are more restrained in face. For example, Luo Zhixiang directly shakes hands and hugs five times. Now these dirty tasks are done by the support club. You said that fans play the rankings, do you think the stars don’t do it by themselves? Hong Kong celebrities now come to brag about their dedication and not for fame or fortune. In fact, they often do things like you appear first and I am the finale. Why? Isn’t it ranked higher than anyone else, in today’s words, it’s a coffee or a fan. What’s more, your gold master (not limited to men and women or gender combinations here) will send roses to my film crew, and I will also ask my gold master to present bigger ones, which is not the same as before. The single benefactor of yours is broken into pieces and turned into many fans and then raise funds for support? The so-called actor has always been played in the same way, but now you see a lot of it on the Internet.

7 months ago

No one does not love Andy Lau.

You see, the “Hot Blood Choir” starring him was released recently, although it only scored 4.8 points on Douban.

But the blockbuster one-star and two-star in the comment area are all scolding movies.

But no one said that the leading role of Andy Lau is not good.

He became the only bright spot in this “bad movie.”

7 months ago

How did you chase stars before? CCTV has personally demonstrated it. It was September 1, 1993, the 35th anniversary of CCTV. 65-year-old Zhao Lirong, with 31-year-old Cai Ming and 38-year-old Guo Da, lined up the finale in a skit “Star Chaser”. Cai Ming, who was still a “Xiao Ming” at the time, played an innocent girl. It was the star-chaser girl in the eyes of people at the time. The Dawn poster on the wall is covered with photos of myself. In current words, Dawn is Cai Ming’s destiny.

7 months ago

Some people may want to say that this is a movie by Xing Ye, which is too exaggerated. No, no, these are actually true portrayals of the star chasing scenes at that time. In reality, battles between fans are simply commonplace. The most intense conflict was in 1993, when Ming Pao held a singer award. The two top contenders are Liming and Andy Lau. As a result, before the award ceremony arrived, there was a gossip that broke the news that “Andy Lau was appointed by default.” Caused the Liming fans and Andy Lau fans to fight. Thanks to the old man Jin Yong, the founder of Ming Pao, who personally came forward. The award was awarded to Jacky Cheung, and the situation was calmed down.

7 months ago

Star chasing itself is not wrong. This era respects individuality and advocates freedom. Anyone can support their favorite idols in a reasonable way. But it does not mean that we can disregard social order and legal ethics. From the early years of Tan and Zhang’s struggle for hegemony, to the later competition between the kings of heaven, and now to the mutual tearing of rice circles. In fact, they all reflect the irrationality of some fans to varying degrees. And this kind of irrationality is increasingly magnified and deformed today when the entertainment industry in the Mainland is rapidly expanding and social networks are increasingly developed. Star chasing with them becomes a kind of vain sustenance, or a kind of shield to do whatever they want and vent their emotions. More extreme illegitimate meals can cause serious intrusion to the private lives of others.

7 months ago

The current meal circle is just cursing on the street, doing data, buying gifts, watching a concert, nothing more.

Back then, the meal circle was so troublesome that you wanted to die by yourself or let your opponent die (physical meaning).

As for what they are doing now, standing in the C position, playing hard, and working hard, these are the ones that the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment circle was tired of playing in the 8th and 90’s. There is really nothing new.

Obviously one generation is not as good as one generation.

7 months ago

Because the Four Heavenly Kings and Zhou Wang Lintao didn’t have a list of apps at that time. You said that the Four Heavenly Kings were not fans of fans? At least I haven’t heard of a fan of fresh meat who forced his father to sell his house and take money to track idols all over the world just to propose to him. You said Zhou Wang Lin Tao is not a fan? You won’t really forget the Zhou Wang Zebizhan, Zhou Lin Zebizhan and Zhou Pan Zebizhan on campus, do you think the people of the last era were very sensible, but they didn’t have the so-called “data-making” at that time. “This concept, they did not have “weibo” at that time, there was no “fan group”, and when the Internet was just starting, there were no digital albums, only physical albums. You can buy hundreds of digital albums, anyway, it just adds one to the number shown on the Internet. You buy so many physical albums and there is nowhere to put them at home, and you will be sprayed to death by your parents

7 months ago

It also costs money to buy a disc! How come this is not krypton gold. In fact, it has always been like this. Not only the rice circle, but even the paper people will tear up the post bar at the beginning. The Maigu Maiduan is also a kind of concretization of love. It’s just that now that the Internet is developed, there are more opportunities for people to communicate in the Internet, and there are disputes where there are people.
Fanquan has also begun to worship the ancients. Is it to restore the mine field system? Really smiled for me. It has always been like this, it has never been pure. The moral bottom line of the star chasers in the early years is not higher than that of the post-00s. Post-80s chasing TVXQ, SJ is no different from post-00s. There is no shortage of security illegitimate meals to cheat money and xenophobia. Facing the celebrities, the same fanatical, the same playing the rankings, the same torn apart, the same humble. To say the difference is that the public opinion environment has changed, and the rice circle has actually begun to be patriotic? ? ? Do you know how embarrassed it was when I saw the goose group punching while Azhong’s brother?

7 months ago

Because of the advent of the Internet era, 4G, 5G, and Mr. Yuan are all to blame, making everyone’s internet speed faster and eating too much. In the past, it was one-way to learn from TV, newspaper, tape, and CD. This is the age of the four kings. Later, with the Internet, Weibo and blogs appeared, and everyone could communicate in two ways through these. Yao Chen and Xu Jinglei received a large number of fans in this way. This is the era of Jay Chou, and it is also the era of super girls and fast men. Li Yuchun and Zhang Jie have almost completely gained fans through the Internet. Later, I want to talk about a key point-Lu Han’s rice circle CCTV Spring Festival Gala canceled Lu Han’s show in the fifth round in 2015, but what did fans do in the post bar? Some people in the post bar started to make emotional posts, and then let the host take the lead and call for everyone to calm down, and then it really stopped. Yes, if you read it correctly, it stopped because there are many things like this (the concert meeting will be canceled) Etc.), the rice circle is extremely crazy and extremely rational. I was shocked when I saw it. In fact, this is not the first event to call everyone to calm down. In 2014, there was relevant information on Baidu, calling on Lu Han fans to stay calm and not fanatically chasing stars.

7 months ago

It has been 10 years since our country has officially entered the Internet era. If Jay Chou and the four kings come to this era, there will be no shortage of rice circles. why? On the one hand, this is a problem of probability. The population base is large, and there are all kinds of people. It is not that they did not exist in that era, but the network information is asymmetric; on the other hand, some people are gradually moving towards a well-off life, and entertainment time is obviously more than that. too much. Of course, with the acceleration of the enlightenment of the whole people, the number of such people will gradually decrease

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