[Attorney Liu Xin said he believed in the judgment of the Japanese courts Attorney Liu Xin said that the judgments of the Japanese courts shall prevail]
At 9 am on April 15, Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin’s right to life dispute was heard in Qingdao Chengyang District People’s Court. The defendant’s lawyer Liu Nuanxi (formerly known as Liu Xin) defended that the case took place in Japan and believed that all the evidence provided by the Japanese police to the Japanese court and the judgment of the Japanese court shall prevail.​​​​
[The defendant’s lawyer argued that Liu Xin was also a victim and should not be responsible for the Jiang Ge case]
At 9 am on April 15, Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin’s right to life dispute was heard in Qingdao Chengyang District People’s Court. Jiang Qiulian, Jiang Ge’s mother, claimed 2.07 million from Liu Nuanxi (formerly Liu Xin). The defendant’s lawyer argued that Liu Xin should not be held responsible for Jiang Ge’s case. @城阳区 Court
[Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin’s appeal is announced, Liu Xin once prevented Jiang Ge from calling the police]
On April 15, Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin’s right to life dispute was heard in Chengyang District People’s Court in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The court announced the facts and reasons of Jiang Ge’s mother’s lawsuit.
[Lawyer claims that Liu Xin’s fault caused Jiang Ge’s death: “Chen Shifeng was the one who killed Jiang Ge, but Liu Xin was the one who killed Jiang Ge.”]
At 9 o’clock in the morning of April 15, Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin’s right to life dispute case was heard in the Chengyang District People’s Court of Qingdao City, Shandong Province. @中国新闻周刊 learned at the scene that Huang Leping, Jiang Qiulian’s attorney, appeared at the door of the court at 8 o’clock in the morning. He told the media, “Chen Shifeng was the one who killed with the knife, but Liu Xin was the one who killed Jiangge.” Huang Leping previously stated that the main reason for the prosecution was: Although the defendant Liu Xin did not directly participate in Chen Shifeng’s intentional killing of Jiang Ge, Liu Xin had an inescapable and serious fault in Jiang Ge’s death. Jiang Qiulian claimed from Liu Xin for death compensation, mental damage compensation, and other nine expenses totaling more than 2.038 million yuan.
[The lawyer of the plaintiff in the Jiang Ge case alleges that Liu Xin is suspected of transferring the risk: she concealed the murderer’s injuring attempt]
On April 15, Jiang Qiulian’s mother Jiang Qiulian sued Liu Nuanxi (Liu Xin) for infringement cases in Qingdao. Jiang Qiulian and his defense lawyers appeared at the door of the court before the trial, and Liu Xin had not appeared as of the time of publication. The plaintiff’s lawyer stated that Liu Xin concealed the murderer’s injuring attempt from Jiang Ge in 2016 and was suspected of transferring the risk. Jiang Ge’s mother told Litchi News that her current main appeal is that the court have a fair and just judgment. (Litchi News)
[Live video: Jiang Ge’s mother sued Liu Xin in court] Jiang Ge’s mother did not wait for Liu Xin to appear in court
At 9 o’clock in the morning on April 15, Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin’s right to life dispute was heard in Qingdao Chengyang District People’s Court. In November 2016, Jiang Ge, a Chinese student studying in Japan, was killed by his girlfriend Liu Xin’s ex-boyfriend Chen Shifeng at the door of his apartment. Jiang Qiulian believes that Liu Xin was unshirkable in the Jiang Ge murder case. Reports will continue to be followed up at the court hearing.


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6 months ago

The first instance of Jiang Ge’s mother Jiang Qiulian v. Liu Nuanxi’s right to life dispute opens. On the morning of April 15, 2021, the much-watched Jiang Qiulian v. Liu Nuanxi (formerly known as Liu Xin) has a right to life dispute in Chengyang, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The District People’s Court opened the first instance. Chengyang Court consisted of 3 judges and 4 jurors to conduct the trial. The plaintiff Jiang Qiulian and his agent ad litem and the defendant Liu Nuanxi’s agent appeared in court to participate in the litigation. The trial lasted three hours. fifteen minutes. Nearly 50 people from National People’s Congress, CPPCC members, media reporters and people from all walks of life attended the trial. The official Weibo of Chengyang Court conducted a live broadcast of the entire trial on Weibo. The plaintiff claimed that the only daughter of the defendant Liu Nuanxi and the plaintiff was a classmate and friend of the victim Jiang Ge, a Japanese language school. On September 2, 2016, Liu Nuanxi could not bear the harassment of her ex-boyfriend Chen Shifeng and asked Jiang Ge for help. Jiang Ge agreed to live in the apartment she rented. On the afternoon of November 2, Chen Shifeng went to Jiangge’s apartment to meet with Liu Nuanxi and asked for a reconciliation. Liu Nuanxi was afraid and asked Jiang Ge to accompany him. Jiang Ge asked to call the police when he realized the danger, but Liu Nuanxi prevented him from living illegally. Later, Chen Shifeng followed Liu Nuanxi to the ramen shop where he worked. During the period, there was coercion, language violence, etc., and the two sides once again aroused conflicts. At around 11 pm on the 2nd, Liu Nuanxi again asked Jiang Ge to wait for her to return to Jiangge’s apartment. In the early morning of the 3rd, the two returned to the apartment from the subway station. After they found Chen Shifeng who had been waiting beforehand, Liu Nuanxi, who was walking in front, used the key. Opening the door and entering the room, Jiang Ge, who followed him, was locked outside by Liu Nuanxi. After being unable to reach Liu Nuanxi, Chen Shifeng completely lost control and stabbed Jiang Ge 11 times, resulting in Jiang Ge’s death. Then Liu Nuanxi started calling the police and asking for help. During this period, Liu Nuanxi never opened the door and did not give any assistance to Jiang Ge. He did not open the door until the police showed up. After the police arrived at the scene, Jiang Ge was sent to the hospital for rescue. At 2:20 am on November 3, Jiang Ge died due to excessive blood loss. The plaintiff believes that although the defendant Liu Nuanxi did not directly injure people in the murder of Jiang Ge, there was a serious fault, and that his fault was directly causally related to Jiang Ge’s death. Request to order the defendant to compensate the plaintiff’s funeral expenses, death compensation, mental damage compensation, lost work expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, visa fees and economic losses totaling 1,514,426.33 yuan, and bear the attorney fees paid by the plaintiff to deal with the Jiang Ge murder case in Japan The total litigation expenses such as translation fees, appraisal fees and notarization fees totaled 312,075 yuan, and a total of 218,908 yuan in attorney fees, translation fees, appraisal fees, and notarization fees paid by the plaintiff in this case, and the litigation fees in this case. The defendant replied that after Jiang Ge was killed, Liu Nuanxi was not a witness to be protected by the Japanese police at the beginning, but was held as a suspect for about two weeks. Finally, Liu Nuanxi participated in the trial as a witness, and the police passed the scene. The investigation, combined with Liu Nuanxi’s words and deeds, and the information obtained by multiple parties after the investigation of the case, the final judgment was made. After the murder, Liu Nuanxi used intimidation to report to the police. The police filed the case with the crime of intimidation, and then imposed compulsory measures against Chen Shifeng. The Japanese criminal sentence sentenced Chen Shifeng to intimidation and homicide for 20 years. Liu Nuanxi was the victim of the crime of intimidation. Liu Nuanxi’s confession to the Japanese police was objective and truthful. The report was a normal response and he intended to minimize the loss. After the report was reported, the police asked him to lock the door and do not leave the house. They all acted in accordance with the police’s instructions. After Liu Nuanxi and Chen Shifeng broke up, they have done their best to achieve reasonable safety protection by inviting people to accompany them and avoiding quarrels and intensifying conflicts in a soft and rational way. Liu Nuanxi and Jiang Ge live together. Because Liu Nuanxi neither knows how the Japanese law stipulates or how Jiang Ge negotiates with the landlord, so she doesn’t want to be out of touch with the landlord, so she asked not to call the police. Both of them are adults with independent judgments. People, whether to call the police in the end does not entirely depend on Liu Nuanxi. The evidence provided by the plaintiff could not prove that Chen Shifeng had violently intimidated and harassed the defendant. There was no evidence that Chen Shifeng broke into the Jiangge apartment for pre-murdering Liu Nuanxi. There was no evidence to prove Chen Shifeng’s motives for the murder and how to premeditate, and there was no evidence. It proved that Liu Nuanxi “locked the door quickly.” The defendant believed that the plaintiff claimed that the defendant Liu Nuanxi knew that the murderer Chen Shifeng had violent tendencies, but from the Japanese court trial and all the evidence submitted in this case, it could not prove that Chen Shifeng had a tendency to kill before the murder occurred. According to the plaintiff’s evidence, the defendant did not constitute an infringement. Request to dismiss the plaintiff’s litigation request in accordance with the law. The collegiate panel summarized the evidence submitted by both parties to prove their claims, and both parties fully expressed their opinions on whether the plaintiff’s claim for tort liability was established. After the trial, the collegiate panel announced an adjournment, and the case will be sentenced at a fixed time.

6 months ago

As a bystander, I have no stand to evaluate a mother who lost her daughter. What can’t be spared, Jiang’s mother has not violated the law or morality. It is the right of others to sue and not to prosecute. As a person with a conscience, I condemn the cold-blooded Liu Xin family. But Fanning sincerely accompanies Jiang’s mother, and things will not develop to this day. (What I mean by this sentence is that I think Mama Jiang is a very rational woman. Judging from the video of the earliest interview, Mama Jiang just wants the truth. If Liu Xin is not so cold-blooded, full of lies, and even Sprinkling salt on Mama Jiang’s wound, Mama Jiang would probably not hate Liu Xin’s family so much, and finally came to the point of prosecuting.) I don’t think this matter has anything to do with the law, because I think it’s known that it will not win the case. case. First, I guess that Jiang’s mother should not have sufficient first-hand judicial evidence. The reason is that the case took place in Japan. It is more difficult for the Japanese police to provide evidence and cooperate with the Chinese judicial department. For example, in the case of the Japanese ogre Sagawa Kazumasa, Sagawa Kazumasa was a direct murderer, but the Japanese and French police have been arguing for a long time, resulting in Sagawa Kazumasa’s acquittal. Second, the amount of compensation is too high. As a loyal viewer of today’s statement, there is probably a number of how much money should be paid for murder or injury. Judging from the verdict, the compensation for the death of the victim is basically not as high as two million, not to mention that Liu Xin was not a direct murderer in law. In fact, the compensation for disability of the victim is higher than death. So basically Jiang’s mother knew that it was not meaningful to win the case, but she still chose to prosecute. Perhaps the court will eventually consider Liu Xin’s moral deficiencies and make her lose money humanitarianly, but the result will almost certainly not match Jiang’s expectations. Morality should not be judged by the law, and public opinion should not hold up the judgment. Those who abide by laws and regulations are likely to be scumbags, such as Liu Xin. Jiang’s mother condemned Liu Xin in a legitimate way, so that she would never forget the sins Jiang Ge and herself had done in her life. Give an account and I will pay. —Answers to the replies 1. Questioning which side I am on to tell the truth I am very contradictory. I hope Liu Xin will not be xx, but on the other hand, I don’t want the justice of justice to be challenged. I think I’m cold-blooded and I admit it. Maybe it’s because I’m a bystander that I think about judicial justice and social impact. 2. Regarding the answer to the “seemingly fair” post of Liu Xin’s changes, more than two years have passed since Jiang Ge’s case. As Jiang Ge’s “best friend” Liu Xin, he treated Jiang Ge’s mother on the Qingming Festival. What do you think? I just want to say that this seemingly fair post just illustrates Liu Xin’s moral corruption. Let me tell you how a Chinese would deal with a friend’s death because of himself-the saint would just wipe his neck and go down to accompany her. Ordinary Chinese would walk up to Jiang Ge’s mother, kneel down and bang your head three times, tell her, whether you recognize me or not, anyway, I recognize your mother. In your next life, I will raise it. And Jiang Ge’s mother and the public’s request to Liu Xin is only to apologize sincerely, and would rather not speak when shutting up. Ning took a look at Jiang Ge’s mother’s text messages, every word of blood and tears. I really can’t imagine how Jiang’s mood was when she wrote it word by word.

6 months ago

When I started to pay attention, it has been 5 years now. Even if what Liu Xin said was the truth at the time, she did not deliberately shut Jiang Ge outside. But the benefactor’s mother who saved her is not full of guilt, not grateful, but endless abuse, hurt, and attack! This is not what a normal person does. But if you judge from a legal point of view, many lawyer friends predict that the chances of winning the case are not great. In this tragedy, we need to know how important it is to be cautious in making friends, and not to put friendship above family love. The only ones who are willing to guard you with all their strength are family affection.

6 months ago

To correct it, there is no “defendant” as the subject of a civil lawsuit, and it should be the “defendant.” I seriously suspect that the plaintiff’s attorney did not want to win this case at all, and that the lawsuit is about a violation of the right to life, and the basic legal relationship is tort: 1. The attorney believes that the infringement is “preventing the report” and “requiring to go home together is violence Intention to pass on to the other party” “close the victim’s life channel”? If it is true as he said, then he is a accomplice of deliberate homicide, and a civil trial is still needed? And there is no evidence to prove what he said. 2. If Liu Xin was fully responsible for Jiang Ge’s death as he said, wouldn’t he admit that Chen Shifeng, who intentionally murdered, was not responsible? Can’t understand this lawyer’s idea of litigation at all. Is he to be famous? On the other hand, the defendant’s lawyers are the real masters by bluntly refuting him. 2.07 million litigation fees are still more than 23,000

6 months ago

Jiang Ge’s mother is so pitiful. Perhaps asking Liu Xin for an explanation is the only motivation for her to live. “(After I received the news of the court session) I couldn’t fall asleep in bed, and tears couldn’t stop streaming. Say no. What kind of emotions are in my heart? The 1620-day experience of Ge’er being killed is as vivid as a movie. Heartache, warmth, grievance, touch, suffering, hurt, love, hope, and other complex emotions are intertwined in my heart.” Jiang Ge Mother v. Liu Xin is in court! Liu Xin did not appear in court! Heathcliff’s video 5260 played Jiang Ge’s murder. In the past few years, all of her life has been to seek justice for her daughter. In fact, she wants to ask some questions in front of Liu Xin, “I don’t know her Whether to appear in court or not, let’s wait until she can appear in court.” However, Liu Xin did not appear in court in the end. It focused on the detail of Chen Shifeng raising a knife and Liu Xin didn’t lock the door. Liu Xin’s confession has changed many times, which is very important. Jiang Ge’s mother wrote in her public account today: “Geer was forced to leave her mother for 1624 days. I went to visit Ge’er in another home of ours. Please go with her mother to the Chengyang District Court to witness the trial of Liu Nuanxi. (Liu Xin). May the solemn Chinese law return me Jiangge justice!” Chen Shifeng was the one who killed Jiangge, but Liu Xin was the one who killed Jiangge!

6 months ago

First of all, Jiang Ge’s mother exercised her rights in accordance with the law, rather than lynching Liu Xin, so Jiang Ge’s mother’s behavior was reasonable and reasonable. Even if she loses the lawsuit, she will still be defeated. Of course, why Jiang Ge’s mother has been obsessed with asking Liu Xin for an explanation? In the Jiang Ge case, Liu Xin’s failure to help Jiang Ge indirectly caused Jiang Ge’s death, of course, must bear part of the responsibility. But the main reason that Jiang Ge’s mother refused to let go was Liu Xin’s “hunting down.” After the Jiang Ge case happened, Chen Shifeng was punished by law. Sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, Liu Xin was not punished. Instead, he changed his mind on Weibo, became a well-known big V, and even received rewards from many fans. By insulting Jiang Ge’s mother through the joint big V, taking the black and red route, attracting fans to reward themselves. Had it not been for Liu Xin’s account to be blocked, it is estimated that this road would still go a long way. So the reason Jiang Ge’s mother can’t let go is very simple. It’s not that she doesn’t want to let it go, but that she can’t let it go. Liu Xin doesn’t need Jiang Ge’s mother’s tolerance, because if he is tolerated, the end of Jiang Ge’s case also means that his enthusiasm is completely over. Now Liu Xin has a high probability of not violating the law, so it has enough room to provoke Jiang Ge’s mother. You cannot expect humanity in animals.

6 months ago

I don’t want to respond a bit, because every time I feel very uncomfortable thinking about it, so the beautiful future is ruined, and then the culprit gets no retribution. What do you think? For Mama Jiang, his daughter is all his hope. Now The daughter is gone. What he can do is to get justice. It’s not about the law, because this incident was probably a time before the murder. My parents also regret that this incident did not violate the law, but he violated morality. It violates the mutual help and mutual assistance that people abide by, and makes people afraid to believe that when a person has emotions that do not represent justice, emotions can represent something that cannot be done by understanding the law, and morality can

6 months ago

From a moral point of view, Liu Xin does have shortcomings, no doubt! But legally speaking, it is still relatively difficult to go through this lawsuit. The following is the trial transcript released by the Chengyang District Court. Thanks to the court’s open and transparent live broadcast, judicial openness, and judicial self-confidence are the correct way to deal with major public opinion cases. Since it is an infringement dispute, we will generally attack the basis of a claim. Because the plaintiff Jiang Ge’s mother went through a dispute over the right to life and compensation for tortious damages. From this point of view, there are two important points. The first is that the defendant Liu Xin has infringement, and the second is that Liu Xin’s infringement has caused Jiang Ge to be damaged. In fact, these two points are hard to say. The plaintiff claimed Liu Xin’s three points of infringement. Liu Xin blocked the report. Liu Xin asked Jiang Ge to accompany her home. Liu Xin locked Jiang Ge outside. I won’t talk about the second point, but the first and third points are worthy of scrutiny. First of all, in the face of homicide cases, if the records and materials of the Japanese police are used as evidence, then the proof is quite strong, and there is official document endorsement, which is why the defendant’s lawyer is quite tough. Even the Japanese police tried for a few weeks, but they didn’t pull it out. Isn’t this plot the best endorsement? Secondly, it is Liu Xin’s act of closing the door, which is also indescribable. It can be said that it is a normal behavior of ordinary people. After all, it is a state of emergency. Of course, if the defendant presents more favorable evidence, such as chat records with the Japanese police, it will be even more difficult to say. Emotionally speaking, I also sympathize with Jiang Ge’s mother, an orphan and a widow, who is standing alone. However, in terms of the effect of the rule of law, such a lawsuit is still more difficult to enforce. We have spurned morally many times. But it is still difficult to go to law. Perhaps it can remind everyone of Liu Xin’s black spots, and the social effect of this case has been achieved.

6 months ago

I don’t know if everyone feels that way. When he was a kid, he said that after watching the movie villains who had conspired by exploiting loopholes in the law, he was interviewed by reporters outside the courtroom. I believe that the law is fair and I am a good citizen. Every time we get itchy with anger! People like my mom would even wipe their tears secretly! This is the case in Jiang Xin’s case. Although you are itching with anger, it is difficult to punish her with the law! I sympathize with Ms. Jiang Qiulian. After all, young and divorced, it is not easy to bring older children alone. Seeing that the child is about to learn to return to the country, he is miserable, and he is killed in a foreign country! Perhaps seeking justice for her daughter’s death has become the spiritual pillar and belief for her to survive. Just now, the bigwigs in the legal profession have analyzed that the law can hardly support Jiang Qiulian’s demands, after all, the murderer has already committed the law in Japan. Murder and set fire to the gold belt, repair the bridge and repair the road without corpses. For people like Liu Xin, as long as I have a low enough sense of morality, it is difficult to use morality to sanction me. Therefore, it is difficult for Ms. Jiang to get the justice she wants. The law is about evidence, and the current evidence is obviously not good for Ms. Jiang. I hope Ms. Jiang can come out as soon as possible and start a new life. I wish good people a safe life!

6 months ago

What a bad luck to run into such a capable roommate. Liu Xin didn’t do a single thing right from start to finish, he was convinced. First, I met some weird people, broke up and got into an affair with others, still called Jiang Ge to pick her up when they knew it was dangerous, and finally left Jiang Ge alone at the door. All the reasons are on her, but now she is making a lot of money by colluding with a group of people who hate the country.

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