The Foshan store responded to the “17 yuan to eat Haidilao” incident: low consumption behavior only happens occasionally in their store. The guests are free to consume how much they want and how much they are willing to consume. As long as the guests come in, they will receive them. “Even if you are alone and only order the clear water pot and one or two favorite dishes, we will serve them normally and will not treat them differently.”
Some netizens imitated the post of 17 yuan eating Haidilao, went to Xiamen Haidilao to order a clear water pot, only ordered a small amount of dishes, only small fruits and gifts, and felt that the waiter did not help with the children after the meal, and the attitude was not positive. What do you think?

I can tell you that there is such a group of people who like to take advantage of others, but they don’t think it is taking advantage of others. They only think that they are winning through cleverness. This group of people has a set of self-evident logic. They can comfort their hearts and make them feel that everything they get is because of their smart efforts, so they never feel guilty or thankful for those who forgive themselves. Let me give you an example. I have an aunt, who is my uncle’s wife. She just likes to use quarrels to solve problems, as long as the people in the village have almost quarreled with her. For example, when our family divided the land, she quarreled loudly, and then we must divide more. In fact, that little piece of land is really not worth a lot of money. I forget it most of the time. This is regarded as my tolerance for her, and the land is given to her. The results of it? She felt that all of this was achieved by herself, and seemed to show how smart she was. She would not think that I was tolerating her. Another example is this year, when there is an unpleasant thing during the Chinese New Year. Her son, my cousin, gave our grandma a red envelope. I don’t think the red envelope is big, at most one or two hundred yuan. But when my aunt saw it, she stopped my cousin. The original saying was, “Your brother can make money so much, what kind of red envelopes do I need to pack?” I was shocked because I think the red envelopes are not just a lot of money? I don’t care how much they give, but can you say this for one or two hundred red envelopes? The key point is that she thinks this is reasonable. Another example is that my grandmother broke her leg before. As a daughter-in-law, she can’t pay for the operation fee. She thinks she shouldn’t pay for it. You will make money only if you make money. My family has no money anyway. When I look back and mention it again, she won’t feel a little guilty about these things. Returning to this question, the protagonist in the title spends 17 yuan to eat Haidilao. This kind of thing is obviously unreasonable in the eyes of ordinary people. Of course, you can say that I have complied with the Haidilao rules, but in fact, in life, the rules are only the minimum requirements for people. Many rules are really more forgiving and more convenient for everyone. There is really no need to block it. Airtight. For example, when a foreign company first entered the Chinese market, the after-sales policy was actually very tolerant, but too many people later exploited loopholes in the rules, which caused the company to be forced to modify the after-sales policy. (I don’t mention the name of this company, but most people should actually know it.) This kind of people who like to take advantage actually have something in common, that is, their logic is completely closed-loop and self-consistent. In the eyes of ordinary people, things that feel shameful, they often feel that they are all striving for. Sadly speaking, we often hope that these people should at least condemn themselves in terms of their conscience, but in fact their conscience is very comfortable, and those who really have a conscience are inexplicably disadvantaged. ——Add a sentence about capitalists. First of all, I personally definitely don’t like capitalists. I don’t usually go to Haidilao very much, because I really don’t think Haidilao has any special attraction to me. The taste is average and serves this kind of thing. I don’t like being served by others. . But capitalists’ nausea is one thing. I’m just discussing this incident. This consumer is not aimed at capitalists. She is more accustomed to getting into the loopholes in the rules and still complacent, and even blames the grass-roots waiters this time. And I just want to pass this matter, expansively expound this kind of personality that takes advantage of it, but fails to recognize the event itself. I don’t wash Haidilao’s past bad deeds, and I don’t recommend that you go to Haidilao for dinner. I think Haidilao’s reputation is already greater than its own value.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is the iron paper. Haidilao’s salary is based on the piece rate system: performance is calculated by the table, but not by the unit price. This means that the commission you get for 17 yuan (small material table self-service) is the same as the 1700 yuan commission for you. And the time you eat 17 yuan is probably faster than 1700 yuan. If you finish eating early and leave early, people will make this table of money early. You don’t have to worry about eating 17 yuan Haidilao at a loss. Even if it loses, it is the money of the losing capitalist, and it has nothing to do with the employees of Haidilao. So you do it well. Eat lunch, dinner, supper, and the proletarians join together to eat a small table of 17 yuan for self-service. After eating the hemp, the hemp slips away, letting people hurry up and earn commission. Of course you can eat 17 yuan for self-help, but please don’t force Lailai to bully your own people. If you don’t know the team, you are not a friend!

6 months ago

When mentioning capital at every turn, without leaving the capitalists, it seems that all enterprises and companies have become the target of everyone on the Internet. Many people are immersed in the illusion that they have defeated the capitalists through the method of “sweeping capitalist wool”. But what was done in the end was nothing more than torturing the people at the bottom, or being used in disguised form by the capitalists. Taobao merchants marked the wrong price, and the merchants were bankrupted. Guarding the special coupons, get up in the middle of the night to grab the coupons for shopping. This time Haidilao used hot pot bottom ingredients to make rice, making it difficult for the waiter. It seems to be “taken” by it? But the so-called “capitalists” don’t care about you at all. As long as you consume, you contribute a natural passenger flow and contribute to the popularity of the Internet. You think you have won, Haidilao takes a look at the bill: store expenses: 50 yuan. Marketing cost savings: 1,000,000 yuan. Go to Zhihu and search for “wool wool”, which is full of business articles, thousands of likes, and tens of millions of reading. All IQ taxes are collected from the “Wool Party”. What’s more, those who keep in touch with ordinary people are ordinary people. You can’t label him as a “capitalist” just because he belongs to a certain company. If you are really awesome, call on millions of people not to go to Haidilao for consumption. Difficult for the waiter, what a thing.

6 months ago

To put it bluntly, the key to saving money is that you have to spend money before you can get the pleasure of saving money. As long as you go to Haidilao, regardless of whether Haidilao loses or loses, you are all creating GDP together. No, no, it’s not just that you spent 27 yuan to be included in the GDP Xiao Gan sister. All costs paid by Haidilao for your services will be included in GDP. It must be more than 27 yuan. Isn’t it embarrassment that you are embarrassed here? what? Who pays for this cost? Of course not Haidilao. After all, there is no such thing as a mortal business in the world. Otherwise, why should beef cubes be cancelled? Who pays the bill? Of course, other customers pay for it! Do you think you are picking up the wool? Little sister Gan, in fact, the sheep don’t hurt at all. Does the atmosphere group know? Do you know the milk tea line up? You have to pay for that stuff, you are free! I thank you for Haidilao, thank you for your hard work. Oh, it’s hard to know if you’re really free, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the GDP has increased and the employment rate has been maintained. For the benefit of the country and the people, you also have the pleasure of saving money by getting the wool. All this only cost you 27 yuan. Do you know how much GDP you created with 27 yuan? So this is a great thing to benefit the country and the people. It will benefit the GDP growth and the employment rate will not drop. Go more, go more. How great! Benefit the country, the people, and profit~

6 months ago

If you can afford the price of Haidilao, you can imagine that the cost plus manual services are definitely not enough. The so-called “you get what you pay for, and you want to get satisfactory service, all depend on the price.” As a business, I must be reluctant to do this kind of loss-making business and want a perfect service attitude. This is too much demand. When I think about it, I think it’s already a profit if I can eat it. It will not be treated differently, this should be a routine. If you lose money by eating 17 yuan like this, and if you give away other food, everyone will experience it like this, you will definitely lose money. It also stated that the price depends on the high-quality service treatment. The price of 17 yuan is not as good as the waiter’s wages for one hour. I still want five-star service. Daydream, I have everything in my dreams. No one will be in a loss-making business. In my impression, Haidilao’s service attitude has always been considered high-quality, and it is also very attentive and considerate, giving consumers a high-level service level, which has also been recognized by consumers. After eating, I feel that I have not spent money in vain.

6 months ago

It is indeed the richest man in Singapore who has grown up locally. This marketing method is really an old sow with a set of bras. How many hot searches does Haidilao buy a month? Originally last month, Haidilao had an average of 110 yuan per capita. Didn’t it arouse heated discussions among netizens? Co-authored this month it became a meal of 17 yuan. According to simple arithmetic, every lady who eats a meal of 17 yuan must have a rough master who can’t get enough for 203 yuan. It is really embarrassing. To this day, I still remember Haidilao’s super-skilled operation that was mad at that time, facing the real hammer that reporters spent four months getting: kitchen rats scurrying around, colander scooping waste oil. Haidilao issued a response, and the most amazing thing is: an employee does not have to be responsible for this, the responsibility is borne by the board of directors. Coupled with a series of flooding, Haidilao suddenly changed from a golden and jade company to a super loving and courageous company. As for the rats and the waste oil, they were quietly submerged. A piece of love in the world. As the old saying goes, whether you are relatives or not, you have to sympathize with Haidilao, are you worthy? People’s public relations expenses are enough for you to spend several lifetimes.

6 months ago

There is a high-level compliment that even opponents can’t black…Four League Four, Nebula hates Thanos so much, but he also said that Thanos can do everything, but will not lie…That means Thanos really does not lie…Jin Yong In the novel, it is often said that these people commit adultery and captivity, but they have a high regard for Xinyi…that is, the person who really values the faith seems to be the service of Haidilao, but it is actually promoting Haidilao’s service… you are all like this. Now, Haidilao’s waiter can still be “relaxed”, and the back service is also in place. This is really not easy. She also helps him make hot and sour noodles, and also delivers steamed eggs and fruits. The key is that she is still doing hand care! ! ! The last black point is that she does not care for Haidilao to watch the children. This is indeed a bit of a bone in the egg… The whole content looks like Tucao Haidilao, but in fact it emphasizes the service advantages of Haidilao again. . Full-point marketing…This kind of action is generally called “small scolding and big help”. It is enough to find places that are not painful, not itchy, or even nitpicking. Just tell the truth in other places, which will magnify those normal advantages…

6 months ago

In fact, what you want to eat in Haidilao is very cheap, and it is okay. Order one grid of pork belly chicken pot bottom/sauerkraut fish pot bottom, and the other three grids point water pot. The steward asks for a bowl of tomato soup for free. In this way, the bottom of the pot comes with meat. Order noodles (5 yuan) and fennel fritters (half portion, 6 yuan), and then order green vegetables (I prefer green bamboo shoots, corn, white radish, and yam). The cheaper meat dishes are egg dumplings and fish fillets. Drinks are optional, only plum soup and lemonade and paid ones, boiled water and chrysanthemum tea are free. The 10 yuan seasoning fee includes beef cubes. Remember to order half of all dishes. In addition, the student discount comes down to about 50 yuan, and the student discount is 70 yuan. For me, it’s already very cheap. If you don’t order meat dishes and only order vegetarian dishes, you can even do it without a discount of less than 60 yuan. It costs 25 yuan to eat a bowl of sauerkraut fish outside, while Haidilao’s sauerkraut fish pot bottom is about 30 yuan. It costs 30 yuan to eat three foods if you want to be full. Haidilao can also be less than 70 yuan if you want to eat cheaply. Compared with hot pot restaurants of the same type, Haidilao is the freshest fruit in my opinion. Some watermelons in other hot pot restaurants do not change for a long time, and there is no beef diced in the seasoning. So there is really no need to quilt the wool to this level. There are also cheaper ways to eat what you want to eat. It should not be too ugly to eat.

6 months ago

From the perspective of “real accidents” and “business marketing planning”, we will analyze two points. 1. A real accidental event. I found that from a very early time, it was popular to eat xx pieces on Shaking Y to break Haidilao and do xx on Haidilao… But capitalists are not fools, and the cost will eventually be spread evenly to all consumers. Since ancient times, when there was a rudimentary market, and when there was no currency, people would take goods to the market for equivalent exchange. Your meat would be exchanged for my eggs, and my rice would be exchanged for your noodles. Everyone felt in their hearts. There is a steelyard, and only when you feel fair and reasonable will you reach a consensus and exchange. With such a developed market economy now, money is used to make the simplest scalar, how much material and labor costs are exchanged for. If we want to exchange obviously unequal money for excess supplies, this kind of economic behavior, if it becomes the mainstream, then each of us will not be able to get the rewards that we should get for normal payments. Everyone wants to pay the least and get the most profit. Under the zero-sum game, whoever is more treacherous than the game, the market collapses. 2. Merchant marketing planning I am of this age group. I have been doing catering for a long time, mainly doing take-out and milk tea. But there are also many dine-in friends around, many of whom have opened dozens of chain stores. This kind of marketing is not surprising. The incident of eating Haidilao for 17 yuan was exposed, and everyone will definitely stand on Haidilao’s side. Knowing that it only cost 17 yuan, but the waiter is still dedicated to his work, and also free tomato soup, and also do hand care. This simply shows Haidilao’s “great conscience” to the fullest. This kind of marketing method can also be seen some time ago. Remember a “Sheep Xiezi” store in Beijing not long ago? Because the waiter was wasted production, the customer yelled “Can you manage it?” This matter was also a hot search. The merchant quickly issued an apology statement. Because this apology statement is too perfect. It was once regarded as a marketing method that merchants directed and performed themselves. This self-directed and self-acted marketing method. To be honest, doing it well is really effective. Let me tell everyone that my advice is to do it cautiously. Don’t take this porcelain job without the diamond, and this kind of opportunity is hard to come by. What does that mean? Food waste and the officially promoted “CD Action” are hot spots that people are paying attention to. People naturally pay more attention to similar popular events. If you come to engage in a similar incident, especially a small store or a new store, if one is not careful, it will be a disaster of extinction. If there is a similar hotspot next, and you can be more than 99% sure, you can give it a try, but it’s messed up, but don’t say it is my suggestion. Because my real advice is, if it is not a last resort, never use similar methods for marketing. Do you remember the “Uniqlo incident” that was very popular in the past few years. At that time, many people suspected that it was the self-marketing of merchants. (Actually, my opinion is still different from those experts. I think this is not a self-marketing event of merchants) July 2015 On the evening of the 14th, the Uniqlo incident broke out. On the afternoon of the 1st and 5th, the National Internet Information Office interviewed the heads of Sina and Tencent, ordered them to conduct investigations, and severely investigated and dealt with suspected vulgar marketing activities. On the evening of the 15th, the Beijing police have taken away 5 people including the male and female protagonists of Uniqlo’s indecent video for investigation. From here, we can see how the country views such marketing events.

6 months ago

I always believe that the understanding of business should not be assigned to the people’s livelihood. This is the moral bottom line for practitioners and researchers. In other words, you can use economics and business as tools to explain events, and you can even raise them to the height of general laws, but you should not justify them from a theoretical level because of the existence of phenomena. ——Too negative, this is not an attitude of development, this is a kind of nihilism. Existence is not reasonable. Many people have said this. Only those who don’t read books and those who rely on the old and sell old will believe that existence is reasonable. After all, they don’t even want to know that “reasonable” is the only way of thinking, not Our Chinese context is reasonable. This kind of overly negative attitude is also the reason why I have always liked to read @曹小灵’s various analyses on Zhihu and b station, but in fact, I don’t fully agree with everyone including him and Ban Buddha. Haidilao needs to propagate, and the parties need to squeeze the wool. This exists, but they are not necessarily connected. This is internal. Things that have no internal connection should not be analyzed bluntly. In the Internet environment, whether Haidilao is willing to expose it with high intensity for a long time is also a question. You see, they won’t even tell you that, under long-term exposure, Haidilao cannot change its business model of being stubbed up like the Pizza Hut Salad Bar at the beginning, and the inevitability brought by this rigidity will lead to them. The loss of the wool can only be passed on to the employees and other people who eat normally. They also won’t tell you the result of this kind of long-term continuous game equilibrium without any regulation and discount. This kind of environmental deterioration seems to have nothing to do with you, but what is spreading over time? What will the externalities of Haidilao’s bottomless service cause? The current involution of the catering industry by itself will eventually lead our people into the same obesity trap and calorie desert as the United States in the future. Why not say that? You see, people are already stepping into this trap. @曹小灵 mentioned the phenomenon of cooking bags in his videos, and Haidilao’s indiscriminate attack is almost the beginning of this phenomenon. This kind of systemic problems that span development economics, health economics, obesity economics, business management, game theory, and media studies should not be summarized as simple business conclusions and packaged as general truths. They will say that this is the law of business. Business law? No, this is just not good at learning. Being fooled by society to think that this is the truth, this is the truth of mediocrity, but it is not the direction in which society should go. Business conclusions are simple and easy to understand but do not have general guidance value Business conclusions are easy to understand but do not have general guidance value Business conclusions are simple and easy to understand but do not have general guidance value Important things need to be said three times. If you ask me what this is, then I can only tell you that knowledge is a weapon, and intellectuals have the obligation to defend the social environment.

6 months ago

Grandstand, jump the clown. The good entertainment, health, and enjoyment bureau, by your experience, has become a torture and devastation bureau. I am a person who usually doesn’t go to Haidilao very much. After seeing this kind of advanced operation, I feel super embarrassed, and my old face is shy and don’t know where to put it. You can’t yell at him as soon as you come up. This kind of behavior is bad fun. Although I may not be able to say it, facts speak louder than words. You did. Four clear soup pots, half a vermicelli, a raw egg, a bowl of rice, and a gift of old fried dough sticks. Once a high school class teacher, whenever we didn’t work hard enough, he would use words to stimulate us. The most frequent and classic sentence: Your face is very thick, and you are about to catch up with the thickness of the city wall. You can make dozens of pairs of leather shoes. And durable. From knowing the problem description, spending 27 yuan is your right, it has nothing to do with your face, and the store cannot drive you out. After all, the customer is the customer who pays, and “the customer is God”. What bad thoughts can God have? The waiter thinks so because he wants to earn money and make a living, and rely on this job to support the family. If she does not do well, she will most likely be “complained”. The result of the complaint can be imagined, ranging from punishing employees to dismissal, even rising to the level of public opinion tying up the entire store, causing unnecessary turmoil. The clerk naturally knew which was more important, how she dared to offend the righteous “God” who spent 27 yuan. And you think so because you think “you spend money, they serve you” is a matter of course. There are two different levels of cognition, but there is a little difference in the bones. And this difference may be a world of difference. Spending money is definitely not just to use others to slap in the face, to sensationalize, to be funny or to have fun, to make fun just to satisfy one’s own selfish desires. Your methods are all right. Your advanced operation of “Wool” “competes” with Haidilao’s consumption process, and successfully drilled loopholes in the rules, but your approach and starting point are really offensive.

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