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[Didi responded that the driver’s order was cancelled for not helping with luggage#: subsidies and penalizing the driver] On April 13, the Shenzhen No. 1 online car-hailing driver did not help passengers with the luggage and the order was cancelled#, saying that he drove 40 kilometers to pick up passengers, but also Waited for half an hour. On the 15th, in response, the passenger cancelled the order after arriving late and immediately paid the driver 21 yuan as compensation. The platform has no mandatory requirements for express drivers. Taking into account the long empty distance of Master Zhang, the platform will issue relevant subsidies to Master Zhang. In addition, the platform receives reports from passengers on the driver, and will carry out corresponding education and punishment in the follow-up.

Recently, Shenzhen, Guangdong. Some netizens broke the news that the online ride-hailing driver ran 40 kilometers and waited for 30 minutes. In the end, the order was cancelled because he didn’t help the female passenger to put the luggage. The driver crashed and roared on the spot: After running 40 kilometers and waiting for half an hour, why not cancel the order early.
The female passenger canceled the order on the grounds that the driver did not help with the luggage, thinking that the private car should help with the luggage

The driver said that you were not taking a special car, but an express train. I ran for 40 kilometers and waited for half an hour. Even if you say something, I will help you carry your luggage.

The passenger canceled the order without saying a word.

This is my account. I just opened it and took a look. I made a hundred orders. The income is 2294.76 yuan, and the score is now 4.7. Although I am a female driver, I have been driving for eight years. The technology cannot be said to be very good, but it should be considered as smooth driving. At the beginning, I wanted to provide good service and make the holiday come to a perfect end, but in the end it was only 4.7 evenly. I also know who gave me a point, which led to the final 4.7. There was a beauty, similar to the one in the news, and made me wait for nearly twenty minutes. Because I am not a sports car professional, I don’t know how to cancel the order, I just wait. Later she was late and finally came, and we set off. In fact, Didi follows the navigation throughout the entire journey, so it doesn’t make any detours. But on the way, she asked me to go another way, saying that I had taken a detour with the navigation. When I saw it were all red and traffic jams, I told her that Didi traffic jams also jumped the price. She didn’t let me go the way she chose. However, she feels that she suffers a lot by following the navigation, so she is very unpleasant along the way, all kinds of talks! I can only endure it, thinking she got off the car as soon as possible. When she got to the place, she wanted to change places, but I refused. I think I have finally delivered it, so I don’t want to continue. Just tell her you get out of the car and then change to another car. She was indignant and gave me a bad review. After that holiday, I found this online car-hailing bar. Some people really regard themselves as gods. There may also be people, such as me, who are not suitable for Didi, because if they don’t fall short, they will easily receive bad reviews.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

To be fair, if the female passenger really took a special car, the driver would definitely take the initiative to help with the luggage. When I took a taxi to the train station at more than 1 in the morning, because it was too late and there were no express trains, I had to take a special taxi, but I got a Mercedes-Benz GLC. Good guy, I don’t know if he really ran Didi or another. There was a purpose, but he still diligently sent me to the train station. When picking me up, he saw that I was carrying my bag and carrying my luggage. He also took the initiative to get off the car and help me put the suitcase on the car. During the period, I didn’t dare to talk to him much. After all, I was poor 13, but I asked him a question: Brother, why are you running Didi so late? He said: Oh, can’t sleep at night, just run and play. This old man looks very young, around 30, driving a Mercedes-Benz GLC should be the top of the Didi driver’s food chain, but as a special car driver, he will still politely carry luggage to me, a poor student, including the other things I’ve called before. In ordinary special cars, the driver will also take the initiative to carry luggage, so if this woman is really in a special car, there is definitely a luggage service. After learning that she was taking an express train instead of a special car, the woman said: Even the taxi driver would take the initiative to help with luggage. In this way, the driver in the incident was morally suppressed, but I do not agree with this view. At least in the taxis I have called, no matter how much luggage I and my colleagues, I did not take the initiative to help carry the luggage, but if you request If you are a taxi driver, they will usually help you. A small number of people with a bad attitude may not kill you. The driver’s master is not willing to take the initiative to help with luggage. I think it is because the previous woman’s non-punctuality made the driver’s master a little emotional. For Didi drivers only, what is the time? Time is real money. It can be half an hour or an hour longer, and maybe you can run more orders. The driver’s master arrived near the hotel at 7:38 and made multiple calls to the woman. The woman didn’t answer it until more than ten minutes later. He asked the driver to enter the hotel and changed the pick-up time to 8:10. I think that during the half-hour waiting period of the driver, the woman may not have gotten up to wash. Then think about who is the master driver, there will be small emotions. When people have small emotions, it will be difficult to take the initiative. Then go to provide customers with additional value-added services, such as the service of helping to carry luggage without the customer’s initiative that is not required. Putting aside the little emotions, can the driver get a reward for helping with the luggage without the customer’s initiative? For customers who can compare their hearts, I think it is possible. The return is not money, but praise on the platform, which may increase the driver’s future order rate. But for the woman in this incident, judging from the attitude and tone of her speech, she believes that this kind of service to help with luggage without the initiative of the customer is a service that should be expected, and it is foreseeable, even if the driver takes the initiative to provide this service. For this kind of value-added service, women may not give good reviews to the driver’s master, at most not bad reviews. At the same time, the driver master also paid half an hour’s time cost before! The hostess of the incident may think it is not important, but for the driver master, one less order may be run this day. One order may earn five or ten dollars, but this is also labor income for the driver master, at least it can be Give yourself an extra drumstick at dinner. Finally, the passenger reported the driver through the platform because of this incident, hoping that the driver would be punished. Didi’s response is that according to the platform rules, the driver will be given corresponding publicity, education and punishment. The benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom.

7 months ago

11 years ago, I helped my uncle sell second-hand home appliances~ A girl asked for a washing machine. The price negotiated on the phone was 650. I rode an electric three-wheel drive and sent it to the fifth floor with my bare hands (walking the stairs, It’s okay to turn on the test machine when she gets home. The girl said: Give her a maximum of 550. I said no. The girl said: If it doesn’t work, forget it. If you don’t feel tired, you can carry it back. I just carried it back without looking back~ I never got used to this kind of person.

7 months ago

Seeing that the driver is still being educated by Didi, I laughed. Tell me about the last time I complained about Didi. It was about one kilometer from the hotel to the client’s company. I saw a coffee shop on the side of the road. I asked the driver to pull over. I was a heavy coffee user, and I felt dizzy the next day if I didn’t drink coffee. , The same itinerary, but I have had coffee…Who knows that Didi’s artificial intelligence suddenly came online, telling the driver that it has arrived, and the driver closed the bill. I’m burying my head in the code Zhihu on my phone, and when I look up, how come this is here? I said to the driver: Master, you see, the address is in front. Is there one kilometer left? The master replied: Didi has said it, and you didn’t say a word again. I’m checking out, so get out of the car as soon as possible. I took the next order. I was going to be late for the meeting. I was angry and helpless. I didn’t want to argue, so I got out of the car and ran. The first thing after the meeting is to complain. Without saying a word in the complaint, Didi’s customer service said: We will punish the driver accordingly. Don’t worry. We won’t send him an order within x days… I quickly said: Wait a moment, listen to me. The reason why he threw me there was prompted by your app. It should be a problem with your system. Don’t punish the driver. I don’t like this driver. I will block it, but this is your system. The customer service of Didi who understands the ins and outs replied to me, okay, it will not punish the driver, but will give me a replacement ticket. I was relieved. There is a root problem: now the core indicator of customer service is: complaint response rate, complaint resolution ratio, customer satisfaction. Therefore, sometimes, for customer satisfaction, for the sake of their own KPI, customer service will go to extremes, which is clearly the wrong place for customers. In order to appease customers, they did not protect their employees. Oh, in fact, the driver and the takeaway guy are not regular employees either. Frankly speaking, Didi defines itself as a platform. For the platform, drivers with cars are obviously a more important resource. Regarding this, foreign countries have done better. The late boss of Southwest Airlines in the United States used to directly blackmail unreasonable customers in order to protect the victimized employees. Herb Keller, nicknamed “The Jobs of Aviation.” His values ​​are employees first, customers second, and shareholders third. As human resources practitioners, it is hard not to like him. He has a famous saying: Happy Employee, happy customer. If employees are prioritized, they can only serve customers when they are happy. Only when customers are happy will they repurchase and shareholders will be happy. There is nothing mysterious about this, this is the right way of doing business. For all business owners, Didi, in the final analysis, is the rudimentary form of the “sharing economy” for ordinary people who take a taxi. Although we don’t often hear this term, the driver is not the kind of high-end car hire master driver. He serves you one a day and opens and closes the door all the way. The price is also unaffordable by the working class. Didi Express A single business deals tens of yuan, deduct the gas money, and Didi splits it. If the car is not your own, it really won’t make much money. When you buy high-end services, you are God, and you pay a premium. If you take the express train, it is the sharing economy, and the premium is not much. You have to thank the master for taking you on a journey. As a result, the driver couldn’t get in touch after more than half an hour. Not only did the driver fail to overflow, but he also suffered a loss…

7 months ago

In the past, public opinion about Didi was based on the interests of passengers, and often ignored the drivers. The rules of the platform are like this. The platform allows passengers to cancel orders, and passengers can cancel for any reason, as long as they pay the liquidated damages stipulated by the platform. The behavior of the female passenger is incomprehensible from an ethical level, but she canceled the driver’s order, but in accordance with the rules, she was responsible for the liquidated damages that had to be paid to the driver for cancellation, and acted in accordance with the rules of the platform. The driver was right. He drove 40 kilometers and waited for the passengers for 30 minutes. As a result, the passengers got on the bus and cancelled the order. Everyone would get angry when this happened. This is the loophole of the platform rules, the current rules are more focused on passengers. No matter how many kilometers the driver drove to pick up the passengers, and no matter how long the driver waited for the passengers, as long as the passengers click to cancel the order and pay the penalty, the passenger is allowed to cancel the order. To put it harder, this is the Overlord Clause. The platform takes the phrase “customer is God” as its starting point, but ignores the interests of drivers. This is the way Didi eats. I made my money and threw the conflicts to the passengers and the driver, and finally caused conflicts. It depends on whether Didi is willing to make strong changes to the rules, otherwise there will always be countless conflicts similar to this incident.

7 months ago

This matter is basically a contract dispute, but in the dispute, the human nature is fully displayed. From the perspective of the contract, the platform rules have no mandatory requirements on whether the express driver helps to carry the luggage, which means that in this order service, the driver’s service does not include carrying the luggage. The passenger cancels the order on this ground, which is a breach of contract and should be liable for breach of contract. responsibility. According to Didi’s official description, the driver’s “waiting 38 minutes” cannot be entirely blamed on the passengers, because the agreed time between the two parties is 8 o’clock and the driver arrived at 7:39. It was due to his own reason that he arrived early, and the passengers did not. Getting in the car in time is not a big problem. Later, the two parties negotiated to change the boarding time to 8:10, and the passengers were still late, and the cancellation time was 8:17. According to the rules of the platform, the passenger paid a cancellation fee of 21 yuan and assumed responsibility for breach of contract. There is actually no problem with the above, and it is also a situation that everyone usually encounters. The point that caused public attention is that passengers took the request of the driver to carry luggage for granted, and therefore canceled the order, which would make people feel that A kind of arrogance. But in fact, the matter is far less serious. If the two parties can communicate in time and understand each other, if the passengers can politely ask for help, and if the driver can also ask and provide help, the result may not be the case. It’s just that any emotions and behaviors of people may be biased under certain circumstances, so we say, “impulse is the devil.” Looking at it later, it’s totally unnecessary. Of course, the response and handling of Didi as the platform side is remarkable this time, and it has fully fulfilled the platform’s responsibilities, and it is very humane to deal with the matter from the standpoint of both the driver and the passenger. Regardless of whether it is a rule or a law, it is actually to guide and regulate people’s words and deeds, not to punish them. This society is not either black or white, or either. If you look at and deal with problems with empathy, everything will be beautiful.

7 months ago

I can only say that the platform is shameless. The driver was given a subsidy of 21 yuan, which seemed to protect the rights of the driver. However, he accepted the passenger’s complaint and punished the driver for abnormal behavior. The typical is standing and standing again. It seems to have the best of both worlds, but in fact it is in harmony with the mud and does not delimit the boundary between the driver and the passenger service. In the future, other drivers will see similar situations. In order to avoid complaints and wasting time, they can only be squeezed indefinitely. So a vicious circle, waiting for the outbreak of the next contradiction. The country really should strengthen supervision of the two giants Meituan and Didi to ease the contradictions among the people.

7 months ago

The customer is God, I don’t know which brain invented this sentence. I don’t know why there is wisdom, and will take this sentence as a classic. In fact, the so-called customer is God, and the sentence of serving customers well is quite silly in itself13. The customer spends money, buys services, buys goods, and buys convenience. These are all things he deserves. There is no need to hold the customer up and then kidnap him with morality. Because the essence is that he uses money in exchange for time cost and enjoyment. This does not exist who is high and who is low. This is equal. But the so-called customers are gods, profiters, and often not the majority of customers. On the contrary, those who are anti-human and violating moral standards are profiting. The prerequisite for their profit is to use the money of other customers who abide by the rules to satisfy their interests. Take Haidilao as an example. I believe that 80% of people don’t need those so-called services. We just come to have a meal. You clean the meal and the taste is right, and it’s done. However, their prices are not low. (This is why I hate eating Haidilao.) These services are equally shared by every consumer. It does not matter whether you use it or not, it charges a fee. Ordinary people are not embarrassed to ask for these services at all. Sometimes I brushed up to dozens of dollars, and my first reaction to the strategy of eating Haidilao was that I was a fool. If you look at it this way, it’s easy to understand. Drivers need to help customers with luggage. At least, during many taxi rides, I did encounter a driver helping with luggage. However, this is very rare. It is not safe for the driver to open the door, because his side is often facing the lane. The last one who helped to get it was still in Changchun, Jilin. Because the road was covered with snow at the time, I carried two boxes and moved Haw forward. Because my shoes are non-slip! The master saw that I was too slow, so he helped me carry a box. Then there is the chatter that you like to hear and hear. I remember now that the master told me that he once ate a fish head with chopped pepper in Hunan. The next day, his asshole was so hot and sore. I personally think that if it is not for the additional money, just take a taxi. The driver’s willingness to help is a good thing and not willing to help, which is also reasonable. Because the service you spend money on is only delivered to your destination. I don’t know why, if you take a taxi, you can hit an adult master. I am a merchant. When I was a real entity, I met many people who tried a lot and had fun. I generally dare not speak. Because, according to a lot of irony logic, this is what we deserve, and my salesperson should serve him. Of course, there will be a classic saying, don’t do it if you can’t do it. They never consider that once the transaction does not occur, those people are not my customers, and my clerk has no reason or obligation to serve them. The coolest thing in my life was when I closed the store. Don’t be too satisfied with the happiness of the last dozen days. When I came across a dozen or so items that I didn’t want to buy, I just said, “Why don’t you go to someone else to buy it.” Some Tie Hanhan will ask me angrily, what attitude I will smile and say, it’s up to you. Some are anxious, and want to make trouble, I said, there is a kind of you smashed my shop today! ! ! There are also those who like to bargain, I just cut a pair of scissors, put a hole in the clothes, and tell them so that they can sell you at this price. Then they will walk out in a dying manner. And meet the kind of easy talking, or old customers. I just don’t care how much they give, or just give it away. Because at the time, my physical store was doing business with middle-aged men, so those uncles liked me quite a bit. There is even an uncle who wants to introduce me to his wife. There is also an aunt, I caught a cold at that time, she often buys clothes for her family at my place. Then, it was raining that day, and she took her grandson to take shelter in my store. I gave his grandson a Coke and mentioned in passing that after such heavy rain, the pharmacy will be closed later and she will pick up when she learns that I have a cold. Her son brought me a cold medicine from home. I didn’t do it later, and the aunt often managed me buying clothes on WeChat. (Later I did Taobao.) Because her son is very fat. His son is also very nice. When I closed the door, I gave them a hot pot and a baking jio. I planned to send a washing machine, but they didn’t want it. They contacted me with a second-hand one. , And then I sold it. People, it’s not easy for everyone to compare their hearts. I am a dog, hope you are happy

7 months ago

Helping you with your luggage is a sentiment point, and not helping is a duty. This woman is obviously princess disease, making trouble unreasonably, and the driver angrily asked, “You said it earlier, it doesn’t matter if I put it away for you”, but the woman did not take the initiative because the driver did not take the initiative. Baggage and cancel the order. The driver drove 40 kilometers and waited for half an hour and was cancelled by the female passenger! Heathcliff’s video 1286 played Didi’s response, “The driver picks up passengers who are driving far away without knowing it”, but the driver told the woman at the scene. After knowing it, it was obvious that she was indifferent, not to mention that she was still late. After half an hour, it was long overdue. The platform thinks a lot for passengers, but the driver is really aggrieved and helpless, hoping not to punish too severely. To analyze objectively and rationally, the driver quarreled with the security guard three times while waiting for the customer. He drove nearly 40 kilometers and waited for half an hour. The combination of these factors caused the driver to collapse a bit. This is a normal emotional reaction. Even if the woman is late, it is understandable that there is a corresponding subsidy, but the driver only compensates 21 yuan for running so far? How to protect the rights and interests of drivers? Should this woman be included in the dishonest list? In fact, it’s not a big deal. A woman can take the initiative to ask the driver for help and compare her heart to heart, so that this kind of thing will not happen. It is not easy to understand each other!

7 months ago

Who taught the child, so ignorant, ah, no, she is not a child anymore, who is so cute? Just kidding, I have no hostility. This matter must be said, because this is a general psychological and social phenomenon. There may be regulations for private cars to get off the car to help passengers with their luggage, but what happens even if you forget it once, this is the key. Some people often come into contact with the lower-class society, understand that it is not easy for the poor to seek life, and understand that people have empathy. They feel that it doesn’t matter if they don’t take it. It’s not easy and they can’t hold it. Why don’t you do it yourself? People who have not been in contact with the bottom society too much feel that there are regulations. They must be followed. If you don’t meet the regulations, I have the right to protect my rights. Is there anything wrong with me? To compare this little analogy, let’s take the case of Haidilao wool. It seems that it’s the wool of the whole store, but in the end, the employees are actually involved. When the uncle who buys furniture and delivers furniture comes to deliver the furniture, no It seems that it is right to help because this is his job, and it may not necessarily help because it is not his own responsibility when it rains. Look, these are different values. I don’t say right or wrong, because there is no right or wrong in this matter. It’s just that the position is different and the position remains the same. The feelings of capitalists towards people in the village are also completely different. The essence is the same. Some people choose to take care of themselves, while some always sympathize with the weak. By the way, my dad rented out, and my mother sold vegetables. It hasn’t changed for decades. In the ranks of civil servants, I have strengthened my feelings of serving the people. My belief is communism. Although it cannot be realized, I have my own ideas. I believe in populism. I always stand with the working people. So my position is to serve the people, so when encountering this kind of thing, my attitude is self-evident. Taxi masters are not easy anymore. If there is nothing serious or cheating, please don’t embarrass them. You can just explain it. There is no need to cancel the order without saying a word. To understand them better, I am grateful for the ordinary working people.

7 months ago

When a man dared to be so hypocritical when he was a child, he had long been unable to find Beibei by a few big slap fans. Some people are really interesting, pretending to be confused. Whenever you encounter such unreasonable things about women, they say that men and women are the same. Everyone knows exactly what is in life, and there is no need to pretend to be foreign guests. What annoys me most now is the kind of women who are near the passing line. Every day I think I am the number one fairy in the world. If I am a man, I must hold her. I have to guess her mind clearly, and I can’t guess a little. Quasi, it’s Pu Xinnan, it’s a little sling Normal men are like this. You can only be regarded as a slave if you are a man driving a car. It’s really annoying. Girls who are good or a little short have very good personalities. In fact, what I hate the most is not the kind of girls mentioned above, but just hard licking when I see pretty good girls. Thanks to them, such a batch of giant babies has been cultivated.

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