Watch her previous video. . . My skin is not good. How did she become white and tender now, and her eye makeup feels so pure, how are her eyelashes so long?

Sisters who answer the questions later are welcome to add new skills.

But the respondent himself looked at the video from Weibo one by one through the photos, and counted the makeup skills.

Please do not change a few words, or change the description, just treat it as your own answer.


Enter the topic below.
The answerer went to her Weibo and flipped through all the photos that can clearly see the eye makeup, and summed up the following points:

  1. The eyes should have a lovely sense of tears.

The point is that the lower eyelid must have bulingbuling to create a sense of tears~
Focus: Three-point eyeshadow method.

Take out the bulingbuling liquid eyeshadow~
The three points marked in red on the picture: directly above the pupil, directly below and the outer edge of the eyeball

Just apply liquid eyeshadow~

It will not be because of too much application, like glowing eye feces, but at the same time, there will be a hazy feeling of tears when the eyes are flowing~

The follow-up makeup remover is easy to remove~

  1. Thick and velvety eyebrows

If you look closely, you will find that you can’t see the specific boundaries of her eyebrows.

(Her makeup look has always been this kind of hairy misty eyebrows since the upgrade)

This velvet effect can only be achieved by eyebrow powder.

The technique of thrushing eyebrows is still to determine three points first
Eyebrow tail
After confirming, connect the three points with a smooth curve, and then use the eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrow shape
Finally, fill it with brow powder. 3. At the junction of the lower eyelid and eyelashes, draw a dividing line with concealer/white eyeliner!
You can take a closer look at the junction of her lower eyelid and eyelashes
Not all have a white part~Don’t underestimate this one~After the painting is finished, the whole eyes can be clear and agile. And there is also the effect of dropping the eyelids. Really, absolutely! Especially when the eye makeup and the lower eye shadow are heavy, the appearance rate of this one is particularly high. Usually, if you paint lying silkworms that are easy to get dirty, you can try to paint this one. Recommended match: skin tone concealer with concealer brush. (Answer’s personal usage) You can also choose the hard white eyeliner that needs to be sharpened, or try the eyeliner pen (this kind will be better to operate) You can try this, it is said to be good_(•̀ω• ́ 」∠)_Dijia DIJIA Liquid Eyeliner Pen Gel Female Non-Smudge Waterproof White Taobao ¥ 39.90 Go to buy​Specific painting method, be sure to use a small amount and a small amount. Gently apply to the lower eyelid. (The skin tone is better to handle than white.) To remove it, just dip a cotton swab into the eye makeup remover and roll it to remove it. 4. If you are pursuing fine-grained lower eyelashes, you can buy the single-cluster false eyelashes ~ novice and veteran, after using it, it is said that the moon’s princess segmented false eyelashes Taobao ¥ 25.00 to buy​No need so under normal circumstances. Trouble, just use long mascara. 5. For dark eyeshadows (mainly on the lower eyelids), you can choose burgundy eyeshadow to blend with brown eyeshadow, shake the powder, and then use the detail eye shadow brush to smudge on the second half of the lower eyelid~ the eyes are red, as if just crying, It’s the effect of red eyeshadow~Key point: Don’t choose pink, which is swollen, and it is easy for people to lose control of makeup, and instead become a net red. 6. Eyeliner: Ju Jingyi’s eyeliner is also very particular about the long and thin black eyeliner. Even with light hair color, black eyeliner is still chosen.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

What to do if the eyelashes are not long and dense enough? Lengthen, lengthen, but I don’t recommend using eyelash growth liquid, which is really risky. A double-headed mascara brush can solve it perfectly. The brush head on one side is very dense and the liquid inside is transparent and white, which can lengthen the eyelashes. On one side is a very thin dyeing brush head, which dries quickly and will not bloom, and novices can easily brush out sunflowers.

9 months ago

Tenth-level scholars of this Ju School came to answer the questions.

eyelash? Naturally.

How come someone does not have long eyelashes hahahahahaha, no, my eyelashes are very ordinary, but a girl came up and said, “You look so beautiful”, I…

The eye makeup hasn’t been applied, so I rely on my dark circles to hold it up. Yes, I just put on a lipstick every day very quickly, sometimes even forgetting to apply it.

9 months ago

What are you afraid of without eyelashes? The baby has straight eyelashes. Ju Jingyi’s photos before 17 years basically do not show the shadow of her lower eyelashes, but since she started taking pictures of Yun Xi’s biography in 17 years, she began to show her eyelashes from various angles. Fans said it was natural, okay, she started to develop in her 20s. Counted born. But take a closer look at the lower eyelashes, the effect is really good, the eyelashes are dense and long, and the whole eyes flicker and look very delicate. Even if we don’t need to be so exaggerated, we can also consider planting eyelashes at the same time.

9 months ago

First prepare the essentials, foundation (open-shelf makeup is enough to try), loose powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, blush, mascara. For details, please refer to this article ▼Are there any affordable cosmetics that are worth planting for the student party? If there are more obvious blemishes, you can prepare another concealer. There is no need to buy too many makeup brushes, the powder brush is enough, and the sponge egg is used for foundation concealer, which is very replaceable among cosmetics. The reason why I didn’t write eyeshadow, makeup, and highlight is because these are advanced tutorials. After you get used to makeup, the more you look at yourself, the more you think you need to adjust, and then you will buy eyeshadow, trim and highlight. There is no need to rush to get it right all at once. The more novices buy cosmetics, the more they will resist makeup. Because the stall is too big, the process is too much and too trivial, it is easy to consume enthusiasm. In fact, makeup is really not that complicated. After simplification, you only need base makeup, eyebrow shape, and lipstick to improve your complexion.

9 months ago

Small tips in makeup ① It is best not to apply a mask before makeup. Many people really have the habit of applying a mask before makeup. Even celebrities, including celebrities, often see the scene of applying a mask before makeup. (Zhang Meng is even applying it at the airport, but Ruisby applies it before makeup. After the skin is over-hydrated, the makeup is applied. The docile is quite docile, and it is really easy to rot. The same applies to makeup after just taking a shower. It is best to apply some long-lasting moisturizing mask one night in advance. I usually use L’Oreal hyaluronic acid ampoules and pursskin’s high-moisturizing masks. You can’t go wrong with vigorously hoarding them during activities. L’Oreal’s mask paper I don’t like it very much. It’s a bit heavy and has a face, but their membrane-liquid separation design is in my heart! Because the membrane-liquid separation design does not need to add additional preservatives. When using it, squeeze it and mix it together. Pinch the mask paper to fully absorb the essence and you can take it out and apply it. The moisturizing effect is good.

9 months ago

Fixed makeup and uncertain makeup are two worlds
Don’t forget the step of setting makeup for oily skins and oil mixtures.

Speaking of, I don’t know if you have any impressions, there was a way to repost a high volume of WB hot posts before.

After putting on makeup, the paper towel can still rub the powder, but after burying the face in the water, lift it up again. After the drops of water are dry, the paper towel can no longer rub the makeup.

9 months ago

Lao Ju is really good at eyelashes. They are distinct and natural, especially the lower lashes. When Lao Ju 2.0 version, he didn’t care about the lower lashes very much. After upgrading to version 3.0, the lower lashes always said “I see my pity.” It’s a must-have magic weapon, not only to enlarge the eyes, but the eyes also look super energetic. However, Laoju’s eyelashes are already thick, just simply apply mascara, plus some tips for brushing the eyelashes. The wild plush feels very good

9 months ago

As someone who has studied children’s drawing for two years, it really seems like drawing! ! Many people use hairline powder to cover their brains, but Lao Ju has already mastered how to make the roots of the hair distinct. It is super natural and conditional to choose hairline transplantation. No…like me. …. You can use a very thin eyebrow pencil to make a few strokes. If you are afraid of unnaturalness, then…Let’s use hairline powder….

9 months ago

If Ju Jingyi published a book about how she became beautiful, it would be a big hit!
Because she really uses her life to be beautiful~ God doesn’t say how Sister Ju has become beautiful step by step, only that her eye makeup is fresh and refined.

Like a fairy descending to the earth

I am very careful to manage my beauty~ Speaking of Ju Jingyi, it is estimated that most people will think of this retro photo of her, and it was indeed amazing at the time~

The eyebrows and eyebrows turn gracefully, creating an atmosphere of great beauty

Sister Ju that day was definitely the most beautiful person on the red carpet~

9 months ago

Ju Jingyi’s eyebrows are relatively natural and flat.

When drawing the eyebrows, they should be slender and curved

While drawing the plush feeling, also outline the distinct eyebrows

For sisters with few or missing eyebrows, you can use eyeliner to outline the distinct eyebrows
Earth color eye makeup

Use sequined eyeshadow to superimpose the eye area

Eyeliner and tail up
In addition to retro eye makeup, Sister Ju’s usual makeup is mainly gentle and pleasant

Vigor and full of girlishness

It matches the skin tone~

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