Guangxi New Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. 2021 Social Recruitment Announcement

In any of the following circumstances, registration or employment will not be accepted:

  1. Failed medical examination;
  2. Those who have received criminal penalties;
  3. Within the period of influence of party discipline or political discipline sanctions;
  4. Suspected of violating discipline and law, are being reviewed by relevant departments and have not yet reached a conclusion;
  5. Persons who have been expelled from the original unit and terminated the labor contract;
  6. Active servicemen;
  7. Full-time students in school;
  8. Persons who are restricted from competition as stipulated by national laws and regulations;
  9. Those who have lodged labor arbitration with the original unit;
  10. Other situations that are not suitable for participation in recruitment.

Why refuse people who have been in labor arbitration? Because all capitalists just want a group of tool people who have been squeezed and dare not resist. Who gave them confidence? 1. The previous company will always be the dominant party in labor relations. He can arrange unreasonable jobs, deduct the wages you deserve, and still hold your right to back-adjust your next job? Do you dare to sue me, that’s embarrassing, I just said bad things about you when I was back tuned! If you trouble me, then I will trouble you. 2. Faced with various unreasonable arrangements in the workplace, do ordinary workers like us dare to resist? In other words, do you dare to use the legal rights granted by the law? In many cases, we dare not. Because we are afraid of trouble, the arbitration time is too long, the last company is too cunning, and the back tone is hacked… To a large extent, the last company just used our “fear” to become more rampant and more confident to intensify. Squeeze the next batch of laborers. A vicious circle arises from this. 3. Why does the next company (similar to Guangxi Power Grid) such as Guangxi Power Grid reject people who have conducted labor arbitration? Because they are worried that such people will: (1) Disobey the company’s arrangements (then how do we force you to work hard for the company?) (2) Dare to defend their rights (and dare to take up legal weapons, who knows you) Will you be unhappy and sue us?) This rule is simply absurd, and it is tantamount to signing an overlord clause “No matter what the company treats you, you can’t ask the company for trouble” precisely because of the existence of this unspoken rule , So many people dare not choose arbitration, we do not have the right to negative reviews. Labor arbitration is a right granted to us by law, but in such a situation, how many people dare to use it?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I feel that this is not bad. I won’t waste each other’s time. I was unemployed in labor arbitration for more than two years. In order to find a company that abides by the labor law, I wrote directly in my resume that I resigned from labor arbitration. Eight hours, five days a week, overtime work is usually double wages. There are five insurances and one housing fund. In the month when I joined a company that did not deduct wages during the Spring Festival holiday, my savings were less than two thousand. It was only after opening Huabei that I survived the first month.

7 months ago

Labor arbitration is a basic right granted by the law to citizens, and it is one of the statutory remedies when the rights and interests of workers are violated. How can it become a major stain when recruiting? On the other hand, what kind of company is afraid of employees to file labor arbitration? What kind of leaders are afraid of employees to protect their legitimate rights and interests? At least, companies that do not want to violate the law, leaders who do not want to violate the law, will not be afraid at all. Going one step further, what kind of employment environment is it for state-owned enterprises like Guangxi Power Grid to dare to write illegal tendencies in recruitment? In private, the industry dares to violate the law, the industry tacitly violates the law, and dare to know that it is illegal. Each layer has a qualitative difference. The Guangxi Power Grid and others are reaching out to the third layer and slowly testing the boundary.

7 months ago

This is employment discrimination! In order to eliminate employment discrimination and guarantee the equal employment rights of workers, Article 58(2) of the “Regulations on Employment Services and Employment Management” prohibits employment information released by employment agencies from containing discriminatory content. In practice, “employment discrimination” also involves factors such as disease, gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, household registration, height, marriage and childbirth, and so on. If the employment information released by the employment agency contains discriminatory content, the human resources and social security administrative department shall order corrections. If there is no illegal income, a fine of less than 10,000 yuan may be imposed; if there is illegal income, the illegal income may be imposed not exceeding the illegal income. Three times the fine, but the maximum shall not exceed 30,000 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, the department of industry and commerce shall be asked to revoke the business license according to law. I would like to remind the majority of corporate managers that it is important to recruit outstanding talents, but we must ensure that it is carried out in accordance with the law to avoid getting involved in unnecessary recruitment disputes. As for your hard work, if you encounter such discriminatory recruitment behaviors, you must learn to use the law to protect your legitimate rights and interests from infringement. If you have legal problems, you can also ask me for help.

7 months ago

Some time ago, Zhihu had a hot list, saying that it was why there were no recruits for the gold three silver four. After seeing this, I finally understand why you can’t hire people anymore. They want the horses to run, but they also want the horses not to eat grass. It is estimated that the demographic dividend gives you confidence. Hiring an employee, the salary is three or four thousand, but you can ask for anything. Make rockets for interviews and screw the screws at work. Use the high standards of recruiting employees to conceal their inattention to management. Defending your own interests in accordance with the law will turn you into a white-eyed wolf. This is illegal, or take the lead in breaking the law! 996 can’t cure him for a certain cause; if you cure the Guangxi power grid, everyone can’t cure you?

7 months ago

It is unreasonable that if the company is stubborn and does not hire anyone who has filed labor arbitration, then it is very likely that labor arbitration will exist in name only when the cost of arbitration is extremely high. The company makes any unreasonable demands on employees, but employees dare not resist. I hope you will be vigilant. I think this may be a throwing stone by the capitalists. If you don’t respond much, China’s labor market is likely to slip into a bottomless abyss. The only thing I don’t understand is that the power grid is not a state-owned enterprise? How could such a recruitment requirement be written?

7 months ago

It is reasonable and not illegal. If a worker submits a labor arbitration to the original unit, there is a high probability that the resignation process will be unpleasant. This unpleasant resignation process may bring losses to the original unit. Whether it is not handing over, or contradicting the leadership, or going to the society to talk nonsense, this will have a bad impact on the unit. Even if it did not cause losses to the original unit, after the arbitration is filed, the unit is bound to respond to the lawsuit, to appear in court, to go to court, and to face enforcement. Each of the above matters is an additional cost incurred by the unit. We are a state-owned enterprise, and all assets of our unit belong to the state. Because you alone caused the company to spend more money, is this a loss of state-owned assets? Does this count as theft of state property? Did all the taxpayers pay for this money in the end? The Constitution stipulates that socialist public property is sacred and inviolable. Do you use the labor law against the constitution? As a state-owned enterprise, even if my unit violates the labor law, such as asking you to work overtime without paying money, does the output value created by your overtime enter the pockets of the company’s leaders? No, the income you create is owned by the state. In the small part, this is an investigation of your master’s spirit; in the big part, this is a test of your overall awareness and alignment. Labor arbitration seems to be an economic issue, but it is actually a political issue. It seems that your awareness still needs to be improved, and it is not suitable to work in our unit for the time being.

7 months ago

It can only be said that the person who formulated the recruitment regulations is too straightforward. Since there is the last item “other circumstances that are not suitable for recruitment.” There is no need to write down the “person who has filed a labor arbitration with the original unit.” As long as you greet the person in charge in private, and those who have had labor arbitration belong to others, you can definitely achieve the same effect without being pushed to the front line of public opinion. Any laws, regulations, regulations, etc., as long as there is one of the “other” and “special” items, it can basically administer the air in the middle of the world. You can count as “other” as long as you want to do it, and as long as you don’t want to do it, you can say that you are in a “special” situation. The right to interpret is in the hands of others. There is this all-encompassing basket in the stipulation. How to play. The reason why he was caught up for criticism was because his emotional intelligence was too low, and he regarded a reasonable and legal power as a standard for getting his neck stuck. It can only be said that the inbreeding of state-owned enterprises is too strong, and such simple and easy-to-understand power techniques are not understood. It is recommended that they write documents to find a law firm for internship, and learn what is dripping.

7 months ago

Not only unreasonable, but also illegal. If there is a labor dispute between the worker and the unit, both parties have the right to apply for arbitration. This is an equal right granted to the worker and the unit by the law. At present, it seems that “Guangxi Power Grid’s recruitment not to hire “persons who have submitted labor arbitration to the original unit”” violates the labor law and the arbitration law. Labor Law: Article 77 If the employer and the employee have a labor dispute, the parties can apply in accordance with the law. Mediation, arbitration, and litigation can also be resolved through negotiation. The principles of mediation apply to arbitration and litigation procedures. [1] Arbitration Law: Article 2 Contract disputes and other property rights disputes between citizens, legal persons and other organizations that are equal subjects , Can be arbitrated. [2] Our country has always attached importance to the employment rights of workers, and absolutely does not allow discrimination against workers. The company’s actions also violated the Employment Promotion Law and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the State Council. Employment Services and Employment Management Regulations. Employment Promotion Law: Article 3 Workers shall enjoy equal employment rights and independent employment rights in accordance with the law. Workers shall not be discriminated against because of their ethnicity, race, gender, religious beliefs, etc. Article 6 Employers recruiting personnel and occupational intermediary agencies engage in occupational intermediary activities shall provide employees with equal employment opportunities and fair employment conditions, and shall not implement employment discrimination. [3] In the Employment Service and Management Regulations: Article 20 The recruitment briefs and recruitment advertisements issued by the employer must not contain discriminatory content. [4] If your vital interests are involved, according to the law, you can report to the labor administrative department, and the labor department will make your report. Verify processing.

7 months ago

Article 3 of Chapter 1 of the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China clearly states: Workers have the right to equal employment and choice of occupation, the right to obtain labor remuneration, the right to rest and leave, the right to obtain labor safety and health protection, and the right to receive vocational skills training. The right to social insurance and welfare, the right to submit a labor dispute settlement, and other labor rights stipulated by the law. When recruiting, Guangxi Power Investment Group did not have a legal purpose in law, but based on the applicant’s prior right of lawsuit, it took measures that violated the right of equality, such as discrimination and exclusion, which violated the right of the applicant as a worker. According to Article 26 of the Employment Promotion Law, employers recruiting personnel and occupational intermediary agencies engaged in occupational intermediary activities shall provide employees with equal employment opportunities and fair employment conditions, and shall not implement employment discrimination. In 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, the All-China Women’s Federation, the Supreme People’s Court and other departments, formulated and issued the “Notice on Further Regulating Recruitment Behaviors to Promote Women’s Employment” (Renshefa [2019] No. 17), which clearly stated that employers The “six must not” in recruiting with human resources service agencies: “Sex must not be restricted or gender priority is not allowed, gender is not allowed to restrict job search and employment, refusal to hire, not to inquire about women’s marriage and childbirth, and pregnancy test is not to be used as an entry medical examination item , Do not use restriction of childbirth as a condition of recruitment, and must not differentiate and raise the recruitment standards for women”. The “Regulations on Employment Management” also clearly stipulates that the recruitment brochures or recruitment advertisements issued by employers shall not contain discriminatory content. In short, Xiaoe hopes that workers should keep their eyes open when choosing a unit. Above, I hope it helps.

7 months ago

Isn’t the normal operation to pull a list, mark that this person has submitted labor arbitration, and then HR rejects the resume on the grounds of professional mismatch/skill mismatch…
I won’t refuse to hire a married woman who has not given birth because of sex discrimination, but there’s no way for her to be professional, right?
Learn a little…..

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