Clock in famous scenes. Lu Jin: Golden Light Curse and Lei Fa, let me learn and teach them today! Sorry Xiao Lu, you can’t understand it either. Speaking of which, apart from the challenge of Tang Sect Li Ding when he was young, the celestial master would only use the Golden Light Curse or even thunder spell when he beats the whole character (and fights with Zhang Huaiyi), and never used it if he didn’t intend to kill people. Xilin Gol was just a slap in the face of Lao Lu, and it was useless. Lao Lu is not to blame for crying this time. You said that if you win with a serious one-and-a-half strokes, that’s all. Pressing someone else’s head to faint this operation… don’t you think it’s not suitable Zhang Zhiwei: Master, you see, I didn’t even pull his head off directly! It’s so obvious that it’s “stopping”! Why are you still scolding me? Old Master: Naughty animal! ! (How can this be better than pulling your head directly?) You are also called the end? Zhang Zhiwei at this time is “a false modest, a true madman.” The small details of the reluctant expression: Zuomen Chang’s brows were twisted again when he was watching the battle. Although he showed great magnanimity about the result later, he still minded the moment he saw the apprentice lose miserably. Seeing many friends talking about this point, I add to my own thoughts: This place can only say that the Zuomen Chief still has a mortal heart, but it cannot be said that this is his moral taint. This is just like that of Zhuge Qingyanhong Lao Wang’s little thought, human nature. Although Zuomen Chief was not exempt from vulgarity (of course, the mood swings of Zuomen Chief here are much smaller than that of Zhuge Qing), but he is far from “careful.” Coupled with his generous performance afterwards (regardless of whether it is due to the status of the sect leader or being really open-minded), Zuo sect leader can be said to be a person of good personal character. According to the standards of immortals, Zuo Ruotong did not meet the standards; but according to the standards of mortals, there was nothing wrong with this gate.


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6 months ago

First of all, please stand up! Welcome together, this famous scene we have waited for hundreds of words! Respectfully welcome Lu. I have no time in my life. I have shallow eye sockets. I don’t care. I don’t think about it at all. The legend is invincible. Mi Lao Er’s words really lived up to expectations. It was previously influenced by mobile games, and the elderly Lu Jin’s attitude towards this slap that year was blushing. I always thought it was the young Lu Jin who was caught by Zhang Zhiwei when he was the most frivolous. The mountain was touched. I never thought it was the grievances of such a poor young master from the rich family for the first time. I don’t know how Lu Jin felt when he saw Zhuge Qinghui who was educated by the king on Luo Tian Dajiao many years later (´- ω-`), Lao Lu has become famous since the first battle, and he deserves his name as the biggest treasure in the rivers and lakes. Therefore, I hope that my second uncle will be merciful and don’t give readers a knife in the follow-up Lao Lu plot Lu Wanwan’s words still have some interesting content. First of all, Zuo Ruotong’s attitude towards this competition. Although Zuo Menchi is a decent person, the content of the first few words still hints at his inner arrogance and expects nothing. How will the plots of Gensheng and Sanymen be presented? In addition, I personally feel that the narrative method of Zhang Chulan’s recent visit to a place that triggers a memory is a bit boring. I have already used a lot of memory chapters in the previous section. You can consider giving the stage to the next generations in time, Lao Wang and Bao’er sister The bizarre adventures of Zhuge Qing, the company life of the roots, the growth of the young master, and the overall movement can all be made into transitional chapters like the Beijing chapter. The rhythm of frequent opening and closing is indeed a bit Tired, I most want to see the Heavenly Master give instructions to Chu Lan Lei Fa. Since Ren Xiao Zhang was injured by Ruyi Jin, there have been fewer and fewer fighting scenes, and as a male protagonist, Xiao Zhang has to give Xiao Zhang a little bit of strength. The last thing worth recalling is the change in Zhang Zhiwei’s personality. The young Zhang Zhiwei at this moment is undoubtedly humble and insidious. Of course, it is also because his peers really have no rivals, but they can be seen in the memories of the old Tian, ​​Jiashen. Zhang Zhiwei, a young man before and after the turmoil, is a more stable and responsible brother image, and he has the temperament of becoming a celestial master in the future. Then the question arises. The key figure that caused him to change during this period-Zhang Huaiyi, what did he do? What is the truth about the fact that Zhang Zhiwei, a member of the Tiantong Channel, has been deflated by Zhang Zhiwei’s martial arts team, and how all this indirectly triggered the Jiashen Rebellion, look forward to it, and dedicate the monthly pass to Mier!

6 months ago

Rootless: Hello everyone, my name is Rootless. I have a magic trick and a skill to break all skills. Anyone who competes with me will become a simple basic panel pk, and every one of my items is close to a full panel. Will abuse them, people will give the nickname, Xiaotushan will be red~
Lu Jin: Hello, everyone. My name is Lu Jin. I am nothing good, but I am a decent person. People give me the nickname of “Jade Face”.
Zhang Zhiwei: Hello, everyone. My name is Zhang Zhiwei. I’m just an ordinary person, but the basic panels are all? ? ? But I was still afraid of death. I used all skill points for the Golden Light Curse defense. Later, I found that there were some skill points left, and I filled up the speed and thunder magic points. As a result, there was still more. Shame on this skill, just click it~
Oh, by the way, my nickname is ~ what do you think, I am a cultivator, and people also give me a nickname?

6 months ago

Zhang Zhiwei is really too strong… Lu Jin has realized Zhang Zhiwei’s status, and he has a one hundred and twenty-point spirit, and directly activates the three-fold reversal of the enemy… As a result, Nima, there is no use of thunder method, no use of golden light curse, just It was the first attack with pure speed, and it was just a palm slap with pure power… This should be what it means to drop ten clubs… The strength difference is large to a certain extent, and any messy skills are useless. But I Realized a problem…In the battle on the Xilin Gol Grassland, the first person who dared to stand up to stop Zhang Zhiwei by force was precisely Lu Jin. It is reasonable to say that Lu Jin should be the one who knows the strength of the Heavenly Master the most, certainly not. I think I still have a chance to win. I think there is a high probability that Mr. Lu tried the law by himself, telling the ten guys and the people in the company, don’t think about it, there’s no show, it’s even possible that the two of them passed the anger in advance

6 months ago

What’s admirable in this story is that it uses a few complete words to show the scene outlined in a few words. There are many plots that can be expected in the future, such as Zuo Ruotong who is about to die of rootless anger; such as why Zhang Huaiyi went to the mountain gate; such as the incident of the Lu family. When the Wang family was already in Luotian, the old man Wang Ai followed Feng Zhenghao’s memories. The Lu Family who is also the owner of the Eight Miracles, why did Lu Ci change his temperament, why he changed his hair style, and why he valued his family lineage? This is inseparable from the influence of his brother. How did Lu Dashao die in Yingtai’s hands? of? This paragraph will not be shown now, and it will definitely be shown in the future. Lu Ci, Lu Liang, and Zhang Chulan will definitely have intersections in the future.

6 months ago

Damn, this kind of Zhang Zhiwei, with such a skillful kneeling action, coupled with his unruly appearance, for a moment I thought that Bilian was possessed, how did such an old master teach Lingyu? This kind of stupid, flicker, must be flicker. Obviously you can teach a little devil. It’s a pity. Fortunately, Zhang Chulan has inherited this kind of cheapness, ha
As for Lu Jin, I have thought about many shameful scenes, such as being slapped and fanned by Zhang Zhiwei driving the Golden Light Curse, but it was too unexpected, it was too unexpected, so I rolled up my sleeves, pia, and Lu Jin kneeled. Now, I have no words to describe the face full of cows
And Mrs. Lu Jin, this old man is so happy

6 months ago

The result is already known, and the content of this sentence feels too little. Zhang Zhiwei said “mostly the same as I thought” that he knew the gap between Lu Jin and him. Don’t install it if you know the gap! At least a few meanings. It seems that Zhang Zhiwei doesn’t have that string in his mind, and there’s nothing in the scene—this temperament is really not appropriate to be the face of the Heavenly Master’s Mansion. By the way, the celestial master was talking about Zhang Zhiwei before. “The protection method is a bit too strong.” I didn’t mention the attack method at all, so I think it is not worth mentioning. As a result… one slap has this strength, and then think about the “a bit too strong” means of protection…

6 months ago

Everyone is posting pictures of Lu Jin being beaten and crying, let him rest. Let’s just say something that everyone hasn’t mentioned yet. On the last page, grandma and aunt let her talk when she was young, rushing Minger sister to avenge you! The children in Wanglu’s family were stunned when they saw Lu Jin being beaten up. When they watched the crying buns, they also held back a smile, only that the grandmother was so eager to help. In addition to character, it is estimated that Xian’er is really capable, and after seeing the talents of the heavenly master, he still doesn’t bother him. Looking forward to the unfolding of the Northeast plot in the future. Summarize the personal points of this remark
1. The CP of Tianshi and Lu Jin has been smashed since childhood
2. The crying face passed down by the Lu family
3. The left door chief was a little concerned about Lu Jin being beaten easily
4. I don’t know what is the name of the Kung Fu that brought Lu Jin down, or it’s called “Invisible Curse”

6 months ago

1. Zuo Ruotong is very decent because he is demeanor but not enough to be mad. Everything is forced under that cold fairy face, this kind of talent will have the greatest psychological burden; if Zuomen If you just vent your emotions, you won’t be angry. The rootless growth challenge Zuo Ruotong is probably not just because of the triple rebellion, but the temperament or unnatural emotional management method taught by the head of the Zuomen or the entire Trinity School, which is completely different from the optimistic way of lifelessness. . It is a pity that Wugensheng’s optimistic and natural life attitude changed after a major accident, which eventually led to the Jiashen Rebellion. 2. Since the Tang Sect chapter, some people have doubted whether Chu Lan’s grandfather was rootless or Zhang Huaiyi. When the new words come out, Chu Lan will probably be even more suspicious. And I’m even more curious about Zhang Chulan’s grandmother, (the following is pure nonsense, there is no possibility), Zhang Huaiyi, Zhang Zhiwei, and Wugensheng may not only be brothers like Duan Zhengchun, Duan Zhengming and Duan Yanqing, but similar to Duan Zhengchun and Duan Zhengchun. Fellows like Ma Dayuan and Bai Shijing. (Delete, escape)

6 months ago

Master Lu “I seem to have something broken.” Hahaha, I’m so ridiculous, Zhang Zhiwei should have stunned Lu Jin directly, and halfway through the fight, he found that his strength was too strong and he managed to stop the Golden Light Curse. It didn’t use the Thunder Method, just slapped Lu Jin’s consciousness and qi in the face. He also broke the triple rebellion. He said that it was the same as he expected. It should have discovered the shortcomings of the triple reversal when he watched it. It’s over when you hit you out of breath. So there is still a slap on the prairie. This is talent. Of course, kneeling quickly is also a traditional art of his Tianshifu. In this way, there are still people who believe that Zhang Huaiyi can beat the celestial master. It really is. “I know you have scores, but my brother is not.”

6 months ago

It explains what Uncle Mi means to keep up with the “playing stalk trend”, “What does it mean to be low-injury and extremely insulting~” (doge) Everyone thought that Zhang Zhiwei slapped Lu Jin’s face with half height. Good guys now take a look. Too much… Landing a Tiger is the skill of the Heavenly Master Mansion! Lu Jin: Demeanor must be necessary, that is, tears can flow out without stamina… Looking at Zhang Huaiyi’s entanglement with no roots and developing the origin of Qi, it is basically because he is competitive, but Zhang Zhiwei really can’t compete… Rather than follow the steps, it’s better to go slant with the sword.

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