Puyang Education Bureau responded to “bullying incidents in middle school boys’ dormitories”: special rectification activities for campus bullying were carried out throughout the city. On April 16, the Education Bureau of Puyang City, Henan Province issued a “Notice on the Campus Bullying Incident in the City No. 1 High School” on its WeChat public account, stating that on the afternoon of April 14, after receiving a report on the campus bullying incident in the City No. 1 High School, The Municipal Bureau of Education attached great importance to it and immediately established a handling team, stationed in the school as soon as possible, and guided the Municipal No.1 High School to carry out incident handling work. At present, the investigation and handling of the incident, the comfort of students, and the rectification of education are proceeding in an orderly manner.
The Puyang Education Bureau of Henan Province stated that it will use this as a lesson to carry out in-depth special rectification activities for campus bullying throughout the city, find shortcomings, plug loopholes, draw inferences from one another, strengthen internal management, carry out ideological and moral education and legal education, and establish long-term effects Mechanism, resolutely put an end to similar incidents, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of primary and secondary school students.

On April 15th, Puyang police notified a high school student who was assaulted by a classmate: all the persons involved in the case have been present
The police reported that a Puyang high school boy was violently assaulted by his classmates in the dormitory: all the persons involved in the case have arrived
Recently, a video about a boy in Puyang No. 1 Senior Middle School being beaten up by a number of classmates went viral on the Internet. The video lasted for 10 minutes. The boy was punched, slapped, kicked, and asked to “kneel and apologize.” The scene couldn’t help but feel heartache.
On April 15th, Puyang No.1 Senior High School issued a report on the online transmission of campus bullying videos on its official WeChat account. The following is the full text:
School violence in a high school in Puyang, Henan

I hope that the city’s first high school can have a snack. Psychology class lasts three weeks. Psychological activity room can’t go to once a year. You can only make an appointment for psychological counseling. There is only time between large classes. After running exercises between large classes, you will go through several buildings. The steps on the fifth floor, the staff? ? I still feel that it is necessary to emphasize quality education. Shiyi High School has been collecting money and collecting students utilitarianly. The score limit that was once used as a standard has long since become a piece of paper. Teaching management neglects responsibility, blindly cultivates excellence, and ignores students’ psychological education. It was all in vain in the end. Also, I heard that the assaulted party’s father was the vice-principal of the Ninth Middle School and his mother was from the Procuratorate. I just heard that the video couldn’t be reproduced. It seemed to be bought with money. It’s really an awesome bureaucracy. The principal knew about it the day before yesterday and kept hiding it. I don’t know how you are thinking about handling this behavior. It won’t be a compensation of 150,000, it’s a hundred, no, no, no, it’s all this age, can you do something practical? President Guo finally hopes that the victims can come out, live a good life, study hard, be filial to their parents, and learn. protect yourself!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The whole incident, in a video that lasted more than ten minutes, showed only the endless humiliation of lowering the bottom line. For school violence incidents, it has always been a gray area. On the one hand, it is ignored by many parents and schools. On the other hand, if the school really wants to manage it, it may be difficult to get involved in the incident. But in this campus violence, the attitude of a city university is chilling. Throughout the announcement, only what the school did and how the school handled it, but never mentioned the current situation of the students. The attitude of the school is chilling. But the most chilling thing is probably the last sentence in the announcement. The school advises everyone not to spread the video to avoid secondary harm. But thinking about it from another angle, will the school pay attention to this incident without dissemination on the Internet? What will happen to this student’s future study and life? The attitude of the school in this sentence is interesting. Whether its focus is for students or for the school’s own interests to maintain the school’s image, I am afraid it is open to question. As for the school’s attitude of the whole bulletin, I may be more inclined to the latter. From the standpoint of the victim, at this stage, he certainly does not want the video to be spread online, and these videos may indeed cause him trouble. But if he looks back a few years or more than a decade later, he may be more inclined to expose the video. At the current stage, the behavior of these students has risen to this level. If it continues to be delayed, the consequences may be disastrous. And these are exactly the problems of all current gray violence incidents. The perpetrator does whatever he wants, and the victim is afraid to show up. Whether it’s campus violence or sexual assault and rape, this kind of result is unanimously presented in the direction of public opinion in society. The prototype of the movie “Suyuan” is. The victim of the little girl’s father cried in front of the camera and said, “Obviously we did not do anything wrong, why did we not dare to show up in the end.” Under the pressure of huge public opinion, the victim’s family had to choose to move and have lived since then. Life in the shadows”. As for the perpetrator, after a few years, he returned to that small town and continued to be happy. What this movie conveys makes people feel heavy, but it can’t be true. In the face of violent incidents, the school also used words to protect students so that everyone would stop spreading it. Why is this happening? Is it not the victim who did the wrong thing? What is he afraid of? This society keeps conveying this kind of information to us, and it always feels as if it is a shame to be bullied. But it shouldn’t be like this, we should speak out loudly, and we should face the perpetrators. In the end, I want to tell that young man that whether you forward it or spread it on the Internet, it’s all from your standpoint. We hope that in this way, we can support you and strike back against the perpetrators. We also hope that you can look at this matter in a correct way. You are not wrong, and everyone supports you. I believe that after many years, if you look back at this incident, you will stand up and speak up.

6 months ago

School violence is ubiquitous and basically incomprehensible. Because in most cases, it just bullies you, slaps you a few times, kicks you a few feet, but does not hurt you, and there is not a lot of sand. I can take a video to give you evidence. It is not harmful and extremely insulting, which makes you very psychologically stressed, and the impact on your academic performance is almost fatal. It is really useless for you to call the police, and the teacher is really useless. According to the law, the teacher is also afraid that these students will stabb him twice if they impulsively.. Many children are really lawless,,,,, and the parents of this kind of children are almost of no quality, because there are High-quality families cannot raise such babies…Most of them are children of businessmen, civil servants, school leaders and other families. Therefore, communication is ineffective, and the harm to the child is permanent. And even if you finally punish the person who committed the evil, the psychological trauma of the person being bullied is permanent, and the impact on academic performance is also direct. These are all It is irreparable, unless there is a top-down policy to reduce dimensionality, such as the anti-black and evil operations in the past few years, so that campus bullying is linked to the principal’s official hat, and the head of education’s hat is linked to the ruling party. The official performance is linked to,,, I tell you to ensure that the campus environment is harmonious and beautiful…

6 months ago

So many people do this kind of thing publicly in the school dormitory. It can be seen that it is not as simple as once or twice. The school environment has already gone wrong.
Schools and parents who play cover should also be held accountable. They are no longer children in high school. They dare to abuse their classmates in this way, and they should pay the price.

6 months ago

First of all, I hope that this matter can be resolved, and that it will give the victims a stable environment. I also hope that everyone will not consume this matter. When disseminating these videos, you should think about why you are spreading the appeal, and that more people will prevent school violence. I am the second-year student of Xinyi High School. Seeing this, my heart hurts. When I was in the first year of high school, after four o’clock in the morning, I looked at the police car downstairs and heard the noise on the opposite side. But these are just because of the high pressure in the heart, and the psychological counseling done in these years can only be said to have improved, right? It’s been four years in a blink of an eye. In fact, I also experienced this kind of scene when I was in the high school, but we didn’t do it too much. Everyone usually calls people over, and bright muscles won’t actually do it. It will not be like this with hands, which unilaterally insults personality. I remember that in the second year of high school, fighting is also a close, and then the reasoning, the reasoning starts to kick. But for a total of one minute before and after, both sides only moved their hands a little to vent their dissatisfaction. I was very touched by this video. I apologized for the stupid things I did in those years (I didn’t do it that way back then) and comforted myself. Reflected from the video, the alma mater also needs to strengthen the management of the dormitory. Going out the dormitory security to the property is lacking. Usually everyone closes the door, beats the small window, and then starts fighting. Almost no sound can be heard on one side of the building, not to mention that the general dormitory will stay on the first floor instead of staying on this floor. The dormitory room is generally only at the top of the stairs, not in the middle, so that the sound of fighting at the other end of the stairs is not audible at all. Some dormitory buildings are two floors of dormitory management, so they can’t be too busy. Some female dormitories are also irresponsible and don’t care if they see it. I hope that the school will announce the name of the perpetrator and stop disguising it. The tall fig leaf should be gone long ago. It is impossible to protect and condone just because one of the fathers is the principal of the Ninth Middle School and the mother is the court. If you keep doing this, you will never be able to straighten up. Schools that had to publish lists for cheating and violation of disciplines back then, why don’t they publish lists for fights now? Director Pan Zili (I heard that he was promoted to vice-principal later?) once told about the graduation scene of the old one. School spirit and discipline not only did not improve after the change of campus, but it became worse. If it does not change the mentality and quality of the students, then what is the use of changing campuses? When the old principal Yang Hanyu was there, although Yigao had such a situation, there were still some humane methods to deal with it. I hope President Guo Yumin will try his best to solve these problems. Because I know that these problems are fundamentally social problems. I hope that the reputation of the best school in Puyang City will not be stinking. I don’t want the best school in Puyang to become a chaebol school. When the spring breeze blows the earth, I hope to hear from the alma mater that not only has one person recommended to Tsinghua University, but also that the alma mater is safe and the school discipline has become better. Concealed.

6 months ago

The incident happened on March 27, and the case was reported on April 14, but you look at this report, because the WeChat group burst, we found out, and then “immediately” investigate, “immediately” report the case, good guys, originally I think that the description of the problem is still preparing to exaggerate the school. The result is this, that’s it. It’s just that the social development is too fast, and some old people can’t keep up. It’s reasonable. What’s the reason for this kind of student bullying. If you say that graduate students jump off the building, It was caused by the school ethos. It was a family ugly that should not be publicized. However, in the high school education environment, schools will indeed be given unfavorable saliva. However, public opinion is not a big brainstorm about schools. It has been said for many years. Children’s education, It shouldn’t be given to the school. This is the dereliction of the parents. The previous ideological concept was that the school is a place for teaching and educating people. But now, the school is too, but it is not the only one, and it should not be fully responsible. The old people cannot keep up with the times and either study or abdicate.

6 months ago

Just hit it. I was also beaten in junior high school, but I have a long memory. Just remember who is the head. As long as he dares to walk alone, he will catch up with him. Can’t beat the upper teeth, dare he tell the teacher? (The school bullying incident cannot be solved by society, only by myself and by my parents.) He dares to ask someone to beat me once, and I dare to follow him to my home and beat him twice at night. He beat me twice, and I beat him four times at night. (What’s wrong, I don’t believe you are with other people every day) You can also find someone to fight in a group, if the number of opponents is similar, it will be singled out. (As long as you have the courage, he will have to persuade him to face him.) Later, the school knew that I was going to beat people and no one would have trouble with me. (By the way, the person who was looking for someone to beat me in my junior high school is now very spicy.) Also, boys should exercise more. Have you ever seen a strong person who has been bullied? Most people like to pinch soft persimmons. What should I do if I can’t exercise? Then eat more, grow taller, and gain more weight. Let your parents register for classes and learn Sanda.

6 months ago

School violence is angry enough, and the school’s irresponsibility adds to the anger. First-rate teaching signs, second-rate teaching design, third-rate teaching practice, and third-rate teaching management. What happened in late March, there was no response until mid-April. This is the end of the matter. Why should the public be required to treat the incident in Shiyi Gao in a rational manner? Failure to put students first in the work means not letting go. Failure to do things means failure to do things. Failure to understand management means failure to manage. If there is a problem, you will not reflect on it, and you will have to arrogantly admit your mistakes. Under the pressure of public opinion, a ridiculous announcement was made. This handling attitude is full of contempt for the responsibility of teaching, full of superb attitude of irresponsibility to students, and full of ridicule about the great cause of education. This incident is not useless, at least let everyone see their serious implementation of bureaucratic word games. It is not only necessary to clean up the abscesses of school violence, but also to see more clearly that the rotten flesh is causing the abscesses.

6 months ago

As a person from Puyang, it hurts especially to see this. What age is this, and still relying on group fights to solve the problem, or more than one, proper school violence. Do you feel that you are very powerful and awesome? That kick is very exciting? Isn’t it a morality at this age, what is the matter of gang fights alone? Silent, it’s all about dressing up strangely, aren’t boys at this age all young brothers? I thought that with the popularity of the Internet, some boys are full of vigor and vigor. It seems that I was wrong, I was too ignorant. Spending your parents’ money, doing things that are not as good as animals, do you have a little sister like you? I beg you to open your eyes and take a look at other people your age. There are so many good-looking and outstanding boys. What do you look like in society to compete with others? Even if your parents have arranged everything for you, what is the difference between you and the society, it is disgusting to be sloppy and rough, you don’t want to touch you no matter how much others do, the beauty of the world has nothing to do with you. I hope you can be more mature, don’t do everything like this, okay? I hope that a certain school will not use the underage students not to make matters worse as an excuse to quell the incident. If something goes wrong, the school will only cover it up. The reputation of a school is not that it has never had an accident, but that it depends on the school’s behavior after the accident. This is what parents care about most. I hope that it will not end up being mixed with ordinary students and the school has become a chaebol school. (At the top floor). People are doing it, and the sky is watching. I hope that the leaders can be worthy of their conscience and keep a heart of awe at all times! I don’t know how the victim is, whether he continues to go to school, or what his psychological condition is. I hope you can be strong. Whether it is right or wrong, you have to pack yourself and start again. The people who bully you are all mud, they want to drag you to hell, so don’t follow their wishes. Good young people in the new era are qualified to have very beautiful things, and there are many things you can do. I hope you go to school hard, get a better university, get a love, and get an ordinary job after graduation. Everything is to make yourself happy. I also hope that the classmates in the same school will give him more care and not hurt his self-esteem. You are all very good people and hope to fulfill each other’s youth. I’m not very old, and I don’t look at the problem comprehensively. Some words may be misunderstood. Anyway, it means that. I hope this matter will be handled properly. I hope that the campus is a place where all boys and children (no matter how good their studies are good or bad) are carefree and even the beginning of their love. You all have a good future.

6 months ago

When a problem occurs, should we ask the question back when pursuing the blame, why our best campus in Puyang can burst such an unpopularity; middle school fights, youth enthusiasm, youthful vigor, you and I have all experienced it, but this incident , The nature has really changed. Several people forced the child to kneel down and threatened him to call both his parents. Such insulting language, let me ask! Did adults like you and me make it? Such a child, only sixteen or seventeen years old, was originally good at nature, but what went wrong in the link that made them so cruel, so infuriating. I want to ask, is it true that I am really old and don’t understand why this social environment is so good, but the darkest things happen on campus? Why are our Puyang children wearing fashionable clothes, holding advanced mobile phones, daring to spit urine in the campus, and insult the car people without any evasiveness? Who gave them the courage to let classmates kneel down! I want to ask, if this kind of thing is not solved properly, is there anyone who dares to let his children live in school? In the final analysis, I think it is the problem of education. It is that there is no correct guidance of parents in the process of getting along with people. Instead, these basic life skills are handed over to Douyin and TV dramas, so that children can indulge in such things. The world is over, and their distorted view of communication is over and they say, kneel down? In the 21st century, in addition to the New Year, who has kneel down? Will parents tell him to kneel down when he bullies others at home? Would the teacher teach him a man to stand upright in class, and if he is upset, ask someone to kneel down for him? We did not establish good values, and we taught him how to do it. Instead, the current unscrupulous TV series, Douyin Poisonous Chicken Soup, planted bad values ​​in their hearts under the whitewash of the media.

6 months ago

The children nowadays are really big-hearted, and they hit them as soon as they hit them, and they also shoot videos. This is an obligation to save evidence! ~Or do you think that you can be the perpetrator and leave something to your mind? I believe that every adult has had some experience of being bullied since childhood. It’s just that if you want to be bullied, you really have to pay for it, or you can only be eaten to death in the future. If it doesn’t work, you can go to the family for help. Will increase the confidence of the perpetrator!

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