For those who are engaged in writing work, the leader’s requirement at the time of entry is to have original ideas every week. It has been 4 years since I have been doing this, so seeing Riki is quite sympathetic. As creators, the first step in creation is to choose the topic, and the second step is to accumulate materials. Before each article is written, it takes at least two days to collect, consult, and verify the information, and sometimes related writing papers, so After writing for so many years, I have developed the habit of not having more than 10,000 characters and not dare to write, which is almost obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a senior choreographer, Riki has almost become his daily and instinct collecting materials. This has actually been revealed from his earliest issues of the Oshima Diary: He himself said that what he usually likes to do is ” “Human Observation”, observing people’s modality and actions, these can become a material library for him to express different characters, different images, and different emotions. Of course, he is not only learning and imitating humans, animals, especially insects, but also the material objects he uses to enrich the database. A real strong person is always humble, because he is deeply aware that no matter who he is, he has something to learn from. Although these people may not dance as well as him, they are more or less good at things they are not good at. This can be seen from his first issue of the Dadao Diary, where he learned Mongolian dance from Xu Shaolan, and from Hu Yetao and Xue Bayi’s dance poses on the stage at the beginning. It shows that he has been observing the stage since the beginning and which dance moves he thinks are comparative. Fun, learning, and then digesting it into your own dance language, and finally completing a choreography. Riki’s Oshima Diary, apart from being a ghost in that issue, can almost be said to be his study diary. Whether it’s learning singing from Andy, or learning cello and guitar from Ren Yinpeng and Zhang Jiayuan, he has almost always been in the camp since entering the camp. A state of learning, this is rare among campers, so he has been growing, but it is not so obvious that he is covered by his own strength. When making the reaction of “Bi”, the master of “up” said that some small details Riki did but the other brothers did not do it. It was not that Riki did more, but based on his years of dance experience, he subconsciously filled in, so that the action was The connection between the two appears to be more coherent and reasonable. The other up thinks that he has very good dance logic. For example, the kneeling motion of ak “kicks” him, the sequence and bounce of different parts of the body, visually conforms to the natural movement pattern. Without years of choreography experience and extremely rich dance language, it is difficult to realize these things, which is why his dance is full of texture. Yesterday’s Oshima Diary made me even more aware of the gap between him and other students. The essence is that when other students may still be stuck on the level of how to accurately complete the actions, he has reached the level of creation, interpretation and interpretation of roles. He does not necessarily understand and understands the meaning of the lyrics and the allusions behind it 100%, but he can build an image of a king and a clown based on the melody, rhythm, atmosphere, and his bold imagination. And his understanding of the clown, the clown’s innocence, coldness, and the joke that likes to mock people, is also quite accurate and three-dimensional. He has the artist’s innocence, the artist’s imagination, and the artist’s selflessness-he often has practiced dance and practiced too much. I saw the shadow of Zhu Deyong in him: creators should maintain a simple life, and people should learn to control themselves. This is a very rare quality. His language skills could not allow him to express his ideas completely and clearly, but his ability and talent surpassed the limitation of language and were finally conveyed to the brothers in the camp and off-screen. Of us. Riki Kondo, an artist born for dance.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The charm of the brain-controlled man: all the rules are broken, everything is at your fingertips. Through Riki’s Oshima Diary Vlog on April 14th, I was able to get a glimpse of a corner of the Riki dance world-in his dance world, all the rules were broken, and everything came in hand. As long as the music plays, Riki, who is usually gentle and easygoing, becomes the king of absolute control and the omnipotent god in the world of thinking. In Riki’s dance world, time and space can be reversed, and all up, down, left and right can be broken. What an incredible object can appear next to you, and there can be piano keys above and below your head, and maybe there will be fish from the sky and flying in the water. Birds, clocks that are turning in chaos… The most wonderful thing is that he can be transformed into a completely different protagonist in performing dances, with detailed settings for identity, occupation, age, and height. The protagonist of this story has his own sorrows, joys and wisdom. When the music starts, enter Riki’s body and start dancing, or use Riki’s body to talk. Riki’s powerful thinking extension makes his world extremely exciting, unconstrained and full of artistry. The personality of an artist usually means abundance and madness, but Riki’s powerful ability to control thinking gives him a strong sense of stability. This point can be reflected in the evaluation of his brothers in the camp: AK and Xu Shaolan like to chat with him when they say that they are unhappy. Zhou Keyu said that Riki gives people a sense of security… This sense of security is definitely not only from Riki. Strong business ability comes from a sense of stability and tolerance at the level of personality. He swims in the world of thinking, so he sometimes looks “stupid” in the real world. But he does have a strong ability to control thinking, and he has the leeway to make thinking work for him, for music and dance. Every choreography of his movements is precise and meticulous, with no extra expressions, no uncontrollable catharsis. Everything in the spiritual world obeys his command, and everything is used by him. I like Professor X very much. Riki is a bit like a brain-controlled man like Professor X. They have strong extension and precise control. When you feel his powerful thinking extension and see a corner of his spiritual world, it is hard not to be impressed by his rich and powerful personality. Similarly, his powerful thought control is also admirable. In this era of spreading procrastination and collective decline in concentration, people who can control their thinking are truly strong. They are gentle and powerful, keen but tolerant, desire, disappointment, jealousy, greed…all burdens have come to his world. , Will not accumulate and spread, only lift the weight lightly. Riki said, “I use dance to build my worldview.” Thank you Riki for participating in the creation camp 2021, showing me a part of his rich spiritual world-even this part is enough to make me believe in the beauty, purity and purity of art. Its soothing effect. In fact, for such a strong man, no matter what the next schedule and journey, he will be the brightest star. No one or anything can take away the brilliance of his soul. It’s just out of my selfish intentions, I want him to be happier, more confident, and more praised by everyone. Regardless of the result, I hope he can find happiness and joy in every journey of life, and always have new inspiration and motivation!

6 months ago

This is a natural ability. Riki himself also said that he uses dance to construct his worldview. It can be seen how rich the world is in his brain. Most of the ideas of art are wild and unconstrained. You can also get pictures in your brain and use your own language (this Refers to skills, styles, etc., expressed in the language of expression internalized by him. This is also the difference between artists and ordinary people. They have enough skills but can’t create. They can only be a very good dancer. Riki is not. Riki not only has the ability to dance with the gods, but also has the talents of internalization and externalization that the artist possesses. Humanities such as painting, arranging, choreography, writing, etc. are all artistic categories, which can be better understood by painters or novelists. Don’t worry if you can’t understand, rational thinking people are not good at imagination, but logical thinking is strong (Maruguchi shows that he is unclear in his speech. Halimaru is a genius, an artist, and deserves everyone’s respect and applause.

6 months ago

In his world, it is like the world in Alice in Wonderland, colorful, the piano is not fixed in the world, the keyboard can float in the air, and there are all kinds of plants and insects. All kinds of characters come to dream, and each character has a clear appearance, small habits, personality, and even the relationship with the surrounding people, as well as their home. This is just a part of him letting you see his heart. I saw his evaluation of himself through archeology. A weird person, in fact, he is no stranger! I also suddenly understood why the ins is so hot, it’s not exactly him, it’s the character in the song. Nice work, Riki, you and your imagination are so amazing, as long as the music plays, you can become a person in the music! So I got an artist! !

6 months ago

I’m doing content work, and I have always wanted to make content that is generally acceptable to the public, and has rich connotations and worthy of recollection. In my daily work, I often need to cooperate with other content creators. After these years of social beatings, I can say with the courage that I usually see a partner once, and I can know if the partner is trustworthy and if there is any information. Because everyone who has a passion for content and story creation, when they talk about their ideas, they have light in their eyes. Riki is such a person. I think what I really appreciate about him in this issue is that he usually seems to be introverted and not good at expressing himself, but when he is on the stage, he is very clear who he is expressing to. He puts the audience first in his creation. Not arrogant at all. Rather than let people see his dance skills, he hopes that others will understand the content of a dance. These few seconds of video can particularly reflect his character, and he is also very clear about what he wants to say, and he can put imaginative things to the ground. The first part: He talked about how he created the image of joker. How to express a spirit concretely is a problem I often face. Teacher Riki did the following steps. The first step: Refine the theme, find the joker spirit that runs through it, and grab his joking smile. The second step is to extract other elements that can enrich the “joker’s laugh”, such as joker’s irony, tragedy and childishness, enrich the character’s personality, and let the character further strengthen its edge. Step 3: Concretize abstract concepts. 1. Taunt actions that correspond to cynicism. 2. The tragedy corresponds to the sad look and body language. 3. Childishness corresponds to the fourth step of playing on the sofa: it is also the part that I feel most admired. The imagination is full of power and the output ability is extremely strong. He imagined joker playing the piano in a different-dimensional space full of pianos. Imagine a door creaking shut, being pushed abruptly by it, joker jumped out of the darkness to trick the audience! In just a short dance, you follow him and you can freely shuttle in five, six, seven, eight dimensions and one space after another. To achieve this, both free nature and professional accumulation are indispensable. It seems to come at my fingertips, every time my brain opens up is the result of talent and hard work. The second part: including when he talked about lotus, it is also the creative habit of many authors and actors to make biographies for “the king”. According to the iceberg theory, although only 10% of the content can be displayed on the sea surface, there must be 90% of the content below the sea level. Even if this level is achieved, he will still be a little unwilling because his own physical condition is not consistent with the character image he conceived. As a creator, a lot of pain also comes from this. Every time you create, you have to rush for a hundred points, and then peel off layer by layer. With good luck, you can leave 60 minutes of effort for the audience to comment. I have never seen an art creator or content creator say to myself: I’ll take a 60-point test today! Only work hard, enjoy the process, and try not to think about success or failure. This is why Riki’s Oshima diary touched me. Although the results may not be satisfactory, such as not supporting the king, time is limited and no further polishing… but it is not important. In this process, he gained freedom in his five, six, seven or eight dimensions, and brought a resonating audience into the world he constructed. ps. Once again, I deeply feel the gap between myself and outstanding creators. Thank you Mr. Riki for the master class.

6 months ago

This is an artist. Wu Hai said: Mr. Riki’s choreography needs to be in a corner. Xiao Xu said: Mr. Riki does not look in the mirror, but wears headphones (brainstorming). Zando said: Riki is such an artistic person. Focusing on Riki to reveal the tip of the iceberg of the spiritual world, these words slowly formed a complete impression. People who work hard often have them, but talented talents are not often available, and they can realize that their talents can be transformed into skills and even extended to art. Such balls are worthy of protection. Really! Fortunately, his insensitivity is strong enough, and the more he grows up, the more he understands that insensitivity is really too important. In such a materialistic world, caring too much tends to lose its authenticity. Zando said “I don’t want him to change”, I think so too. Let him continue to use dance to build a worldview! He is a child loved by the gods, there will be applause of flowers, best wishes to him, and look forward to his works!

6 months ago

Ever since he said that he would be very excited when he heard music since he was a child, and unconsciously move to the beat, I knew it! I got a genius! This issue of Oshima Diary is a real master class. I have been in the Academy of Fine Arts for four years, and my understanding of creation is nothing more than careful observation, in-depth experience of emotions, and then expressing it in the most suitable way as possible. Maruko’s creation is based on this, so his choreography is so close to the music and accurately conveys emotions. Joker has only five days of choreography and rehearsal. Taking into account the characteristics of everyone in the team, he also has to design movements for those who are not proficient in dancing. It’s such a wonderful and spiritual stage under this hell difficulty. It’s really my baby! awesome! My balls! It’s the undisputed artist! The most powerful thing is that he can use such a cute method to lift heavy weights, explain his creative ideas clearly in an easy-to-understand manner, and is excellent but modest. It is really a jade-like character! Finally, with ak, Toto and Peng Peng’s part, the smashed meatballs are also incredibly cute! A sister at station b said that Maruko seemed to have spent half of his soul in exchange for his dancing talents, and she looked dumbfounded at ordinary times, and she was very smart only when she was dancing. In fact, I feel like he is very wise and foolish. He feels everyone very keenly. The younger brother of the Lian group, Peng Peng is speechless and not good at dancing. Yi Han is very introverted, and Shao Lan’s younger brother is surprised (cute kind hhh) , Brother Luo Er is smart and careful. Brother Luo Yan is like a child. The characters of these brothers are reflected in the story line with Maruko. Maruko is always able to tolerate and appreciate everyone’s differences with the most gentle heart. . I really love him. I have only met him for just a few months. I can already believe that he will never let us down. I never chased stars before, because Mr. Li was right, no one is perfect. Idol’s many rules make me feel a little unreal. But Maruko is Maruko, he is a respectable idol, as long as he wants to be a day, I will wave the flag for him, thank him for coming to China, thank this show for letting me know him, I and njjc reconciled. Finally, I would like to say to those people who can’t find black material and hard black in db wb. First of all, you will never find convincing black material in your life. Second, our meatballs are powerful people, and they are neither afraid of getting fat nor getting old. , Because the appearance of the attacking people is very bad, not to mention our balls are very handsome. Thirdly, ak milk can always be possible, you can always believe in K-child. Fans of () who responded with the highlight of the K-zi create camp: I can’t dye white with ink! Step on the stage you can’t climb! Sweat and blood make up the cards in my hand! welcome No matter where you come from!

6 months ago

“What do you want to express is not equal to how others interpret you.” “It is impossible for two parties with different worldviews and values to try to persuade each other”. After reading this issue of Oshima Diary, I called out that I got a talented artist! ! I was really surprised, is this the artist! ! Every detail, every action, every piece of music, he has his own imagination! It feels like he is in the music, immersed in the music! ! Absolutely! Especially when talking about lotus, my God! The image of that character is so specific, I can make up the picture by myself based on his description! ! I’m so excited! Mu Qiangp is so happy! ! Goose you are not worthy! You do not deserve! It’s really the words of Li Luoer: “It’s only a matter of time before such a person succeeds.” I watched it many, many times, and sighed with emotion. I’m so happy! btw, when I just watched the beginning, I was really at a loss, hahahahahahahahaha, it’s too silly. Finally put two handsome photos of her husband!

6 months ago

I’ve got a real artist, but I’ll always eat meatballs. The inner world is really strong. I’m glad that he came to this show and met him in the spring of 2021. I don’t have this issue of Oshima Diary. I really don’t know that JOKER choreography is so awesome. Can you let the practice room out? When I cried on the piano, I was really shocked to the point that you can always believe that Riki Kondo, and the ball should have not gone INTP. This time, the Linmo Oshima Diary will be very interesting. Hope the two kids will be able to do it later. It’s really fun to be friends

6 months ago

I think Riki’s dance is full of texture. Just like his whole person, it has thickness and appeal after the years have been washed and settled. I think Riki is a talented talent who works hard. The most important point of this is talent, just like others. The “artist” mentioned in many answers thinks that he is artistic. This is undeniable. Whether it is style, style, or beauty, people who want to stand in the pyramid position must have talent. This is not just for ordinary people to work hard. It can be achieved. Your talent determines your upper limit, and your hard work determines your lower limit. This is why many people like to brag about being a genius. It seems that there are some biases, but what I want to express is , I think the reason why Riki can achieve this level today is not only because he is older than others, and has practiced dance for a few years longer than others, but because he has an extraordinary talent, just like this one. At the beginning of Oshima’s diary, there are countless characters running in his mind, interleaving in several languages. This explains why he always mixes Chinese, Japanese and English. As he himself said, he is “crazy”. , But apart from all this, he is the innocence of a boy and the tenacity of a dancer. His eyes are very bewitching. When you see his evil and firm eyes on the stage, he wants to suck you in. , He became an innocent and innocent person, always looking at you innocently and confusedly. I think the magazine photos of boys and idols he took before are in line with this.

6 months ago

A former fan of the god summer circle answered, I think he choreographed and danced like god Xia Li Afu’s thinking palace. The latest issue of Oshima Diary Riki explains how he created the choreography part, and thinks of the Mind in Sherlock. Palace Afu’s thinking palace and the brainstorming people lined up in the Inside Out of the mind agent team, it turns out that the world of geniuses is so interesting. There is also his famous saying: Choreography is like life, if you are always lucky, there will be no fun. From a certain angle, it also reflects his outlook on life. He knows that life must have ups and downs and will not be smooth sailing, and the joy of life is also here, always full of surprises, as he said The choreography must have surprises, Zhang Youchi, and full of flexibility. Seeing his choreography, he really got genius thinking and vision, which is not something ordinary office workers like us can get. He has a very rich heart. He has a small world with all five internal organs, and he is completely self-sufficient. It really reminds me of Van Gogh thought of Sherlock Holmes (just think of it, not saying that he has reached this state), and hoped that the inner universe of this talented dance artist would continue to shine. In the last ten days of this creation camp, there will definitely be ups and downs. Although it cannot be smooth sailing, but I always believe that the final end will be full of Surprise, whether it is good or bad. I don’t know, but an artist’s career. It’s a long time. I don’t care about these two weeks or the past two years. I hope Riki’s fans can keep walking with him, watching him use choreography to deconstruct the world in his eyes and in his head.

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