As a marriage counselor, I can also make you a little bit more entertaining from the perspective of psychology. Xiaopoling has already produced a lot of grain. Today we will start with the 7 nails on Zhou Zishu, and try this beautiful two-way redemption. What is salvation? Hebrew has a word with a similar meaning, which is “release”. In other words, free yourself from the prison that trapped you. Where did the cage come from? From trauma. The image of a nail is a metaphor for Zhou Zishu’s trauma. Do you still remember the episodes of 13 episodes and 14 episodes of “Mind Girl Being Robbed” and “Lieutenant Girl Protecting Clothes”? When being picked up by Ye Baiyi, he will be full of anger; when being picked up by Wen Ke, he will be ashamed and angry. The old double standard is strange. Graphic… irrelevant? However, apart from kdl, do you have any doubts: Why does Zhou Zishu care about “showing nails to others”? If you still have an impression of the previous plot, you will find that Wen Kexing has mentioned his internal injuries countless times, and Zhou Zishu’s attitude is consistent: don’t mention it, you can’t look at it, and his mouth is as hard as a dead duck. , Pretend everything is fine. Why is he so stubborn? Because these seven nails are not only physical trauma, but also a metaphor, suggesting the major trauma suffered by Asu. What is “trauma”? Psychology believes that trauma is “an event beyond the experience of ordinary people.” In recent years, the concept of a native family is very popular, but in fact, trauma does not only exist in childhood. After adolescence and adulthood, some sudden and irresistible major changes will have far-reaching effects. Although psychological trauma is invisible and intangible, it is more difficult to deal with than physical wounds. Because trauma is our inability to cope and to heal the pain. You can use a dagger to debride the wounds. But what about the nail buried in the heart? How to do? Unable to face, unsolvable, only buried. Unlike Wen Kexing, who stayed in his nightmare when he was 7 years old, he was fifteen-year-old in the book propped up Four Seasons Villa as a child. At the age of eighteen, he met the prince He Lianyi and was aroused by a youthful spirit. He was twenty-three years old. The “skylight” was built with one hand. Zhou Zishu, who was the knife after the prosperous age, is different. Asu in the play has had two major traumas (2000 layers of gray warning). The first time was when he was 16 years old when his mentor suddenly passed away and entrusted Four Season Villa to him before his death. However, the young master was too young to be deceived, and those uncles who treated him as a nephew who loved and cared, went to death one after another to protect the villa. The second time was after joining the king of Jin. Those brothers who regarded him as their brothers, loved and worshiped, followed him up and down in the quagmire of power, and consumed the ideals of the country for the people. In the meaningless power struggle, there was nothing. The meaning fades one by one. If Wen Kexing has been in a nightmare since he was 7 years old, then Zhou Zishu hasn’t been in a nightmare for more than ten years? Zuishengmengsi is what he cultivated for his own use. At night, you can use drunkenness and dreams to help you sleep, and how can you survive the long day? How to deal with and parting after another, losing one after another? Had to distort the cognition and take the blame. Cognitive distortion means that there are wrong, unreasonable, one-sided or paranoid elements in cognition. Personalization and responsibility for the upper body means to attribute negative incidents to one’s own fault, without being able to objectively analyze the cause of the problem, and being responsible without seeing others. The Four Seasons Villa has fallen to this point, are others not responsible? Does Master Qin Huaizhang have the responsibility to put the burden on a 16-year-old boy? Was King Jin responsible for using PUA to abduct Zhou Zishu into the court? The black road and the white road are all looking for trouble, is there any responsibility in this world? The pot he was carrying, he took the initiative to carry it. If he shouldn’t carry the pot, he still has to carry it. why? Why punish yourself like this? Why are you thinking about your “crime” so that you can’t forget, don’t want to forget, don’t dare to forget? For example, you will understand. Imagine a child who was abandoned by her mother when she desperately needed her. At this time, the child will instinctively hate his mother. I need you so much, why do you abandon me? Hate is devastating. And there are two ways to deal with hatred: attacking mother, and self-attacking one will bring fear: attacking mother, will my mother not want me even more? Because of fear of losing love, children tend to turn their attacks on themselves: it’s all my fault, it’s all I didn’t do well. The advantage of self-attack is more security, but the disadvantage is long-term self-loathing and depression. Even if the price is unlovable and self-suffering, Zhou Zishu still can’t forget, dare not forget. He constantly uses self-suffering to strengthen and consolidate these memories, and uses self-punishment to prevent anger from throwing anger on these loved ones, avoiding his own hatred, to protect lost emotions. After all, loss is the most painful life experience. Once you let go, you will find that you are empty-handed. Once we say goodbye, we must face the emptiness that swallows everything like a black hole. So staying in the past, you don’t have to face the ugliness and nihilism of reality. Wandering around the world, buried immediately after death So, how to repair such a deep wound? How to reconcile such a huge loss? In the night when they slept side by side at Four Seasons Villa, Asu and Lao Wen both woke up from their nightmares. In this place full of memories and expectations, memories that I thought I had forgotten for a long time suddenly emerged. When Asu talked about the past and the pain in tears, the barrage all over the screen was “distressed” and “Wen Kexing, can you do it?” But as a consultant, I smiled relievedly. Because, if one day, the memory of deliberate avoidance suddenly comes to the door, it means that the time to truly let go has arrived. Remember what I said before? The real trauma cannot be touched. When it found it again, although it was accompanied by the sharp pain of cutting open the old scar, it was actually telling myself subconsciously: I was ready to let it go. Asu’s sky is about to light up. Next, the plot enters the 28th and 29th episodes of the abuse. In order to collect Qi Liulijia’s life for the owner of the village, the old Han Ying was in charge. Many people think that the treatment here is just to highlight the loyalty of Korean and English, or to add a good CP. However, only to this level is a waste of the screenwriter’s painstaking efforts. Come, we continue to look down: “Fortunately, Xingming has given me a cover. Although we have never been lucky enough to join Four Seasons Villa, I, like all the predecessors, are willing to go through fire and water for you.” Has GET arrived? At this moment, the shadows of the elders who went to death one after another to protect the villa, the dead souls of the old ministries who followed the leader, went through water and fire and withered one by one, appeared one by one behind Han Ying. Even if he lied to Jiu Xiao to drink drunk life and dream of death, the junior fellow resented him and left angrily. It was discovered that the brother still gave up his life to save after being trapped in the lonely city. Even if he escaped from the skylight, his bones were broken, and there was no “use” or “value” for the old ministry, they were still willing to die for him. They didn’t blame him, they hated him. They trust him and love him, not because he is the omnipotent owner. What they thought before going to death was: Although I am dying, but I can help you, I die without regret.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It’s really painful for me to watch this drama. Every time I watch a new episode, it feels like a withdrawal reaction. The whole person is very anxious and full of characters in the drama. I want to watch the next episode if I don’t want anything. . Then I kept reading the microblogs of the two male protagonists, editing at station B, history, and of course, the novel was too sleepless to finish reading, because waiting for the next episode is too heartbreaking, it feels like a bunch of spiders in my heart lightly. Climbing, rushing can not be driven away, there is still a little itchy and it should be that the happiness threshold brought by the two male protagonists is too high, other entertainment is dwarfed, and can not cause any fluctuations in yourself. What I paid attention to some time ago, Chuang 4 has been completely lazy. I’ve seen it, I don’t bother to open the UP update of station B that I have been following for a long time, and there is no trouble after eating a big meal, but I am the one who wants to write the paper! In the face of schoolwork, I have to keep suggesting that I force myself to work, but I can’t concentrate on it! Since I started chasing mountains and rivers, I have lost more than one hour of sleep every day! I’m so tired

6 months ago

I am also the one who had his mind before going to bed every day. After waking up, it was him who picked up the phone and checked Weibo! He is so good-looking. The role of Zhou Zishu is lifelike. In reality, he is an athletic all-around sunny boy, contrasting with the charm of Max. This kind of people with first-class business ability and strong personality are really too top. But if the top is above the top, we also have our own lives. We can’t hold back our favorite people who are so good. Zhang Zhehan is a persistent boy. You must try your best to do what you like, whether it is basketball, golf, acting or other things. To like a person, not only do you like his appearance, but also learn from his unique qualities. Only by getting better and better can you like it. People come closer! Hee hee we have to work quietly and save money to meet him and meet lp

6 months ago

Zhang Zhehan, use his strength to compare those pseudo-hardworking actors with idols, so you can’t see others at all. Both Gong Jun and his commentary contained one word, which is stubbornness and perseverance. He likes to maximize his interests. For example, playing basketball or golf, then I will practice vigorously, and practice whenever I have time, even if I get up at four or five o’clock in the crew. He really implemented it, why go to bed early during his lifetime, and sleep forever after death, this kind of hard work can only be found in a madman. Ordinary people, three minutes of heat, like this today, like that tomorrow, or if you like something you don’t need to work hard, you can persevere, such as buying, buying and buying. Go to sleep if you are too tired, don’t work hard. Although Zhang Zhehan’s hard work is very precious, and even your friends around you hardly have such almighty people, but it is really not suitable for many people. After all, we are just ordinary people, and we can have a foundation by focusing on doing one thing well. Speaking of acting. To be honest, some actors used to market themselves into the drama and sacrifice empathy. I really sneered. What kind of stuff do you need to be in the play? Zhang Zhehan said that he was in the movie. I didn’t believe it at first. I thought it was marketing again. Until later, I saw the cut that Heizi cut his actor and asked him to be in place. He said that after filming the sex scene, he told Zhao Wei directly. Kiss the pillow. A group of people below say wretched? ? ? At that time, I felt that this stupid straight man really dare to say anything, and he really entered the scene. How can you shoot lust because you don’t mobilize lust? Some veteran actors have skills and experience, so they can drive less. He hasn’t filmed before, so he can only use it into the scene, and add his previous erotic experience to make a sex scene. It’s a normal reaction! ! What a real actor, and person. Of course, objectively speaking, the wife’s acting skills are far from good. It’s more than enough. I hope that I can go down to the theater to practice, or find a great director to tune up. Don’t use skills to polish away the light in your acting skills. . Singing again, it is obvious that I have a solid foundation, but the lyrics are written… The first few words are really strange, but after turning around, I write better and keep improving. After finishing talking about Zhang Zhehan, what do you know about our brother’s hard work? This group of people, hard work does not mean excellence. If you work hard, you will be better, but long-term hard work will not see people who become outstanding. It is not obvious. Fudge people? ? ? Zhang Zhehan just threw out an excellent report card and told you what I did, that’s why it is so attractive. As a new fan, I sincerely take Zhang Zhehan as an example. Seriously, it’s not a wife, not a husband, but a single arrow friend who sympathizes with each other. I also want to be like him, extremely self-disciplined, extremely desperate, to make achievements in the professional field, to develop achievements in personal interests, and still persevere in the face of great blows, and can work hard when encountering difficulties. He has been realizing each of his dreams step by step, and I also want to realize my dreams. And looking at him, I will reflect, am I also really working hard to fight for my dream? Hope that Zhang Zhehan will realize his dream and be sincere, always the first aspiration of his youth. me too. Update: Today, during the meeting with my wife Youku, thinking about the meaning of fans, I feel that he is constantly thinking about progress. let’s work hard together!

6 months ago

Like me, go to bed early at night, haha ​​of course, kidding haha, I graduated a year now, and I did a job that I particularly disliked and was particularly unsuitable for, so I have been muddled a while ago. Confused, I don’t know what to do. I said resign, but I didn’t dare. Then I was bored and chased Shanheling and met Gong Jun. I saw a comment from a fan saying that if someone said that he was 20 this year, she too. Letter, saying that Gong Jun’s mentality is too good. I was a little unspeakable at the time. Others lived out the feeling of 20 when they were 30 years old. I am a 20-year-old person, but I live like a middle-aged man crushed by firewood, rice, oil and salt. . Then as the plot of Shanheling deepened, I slowly fell in love with Zhou Zishu, and I went to get to know Zhang Zhehan. The biggest shock he gave me was the dynamic when he injured his leg, which probably means, if I can’t live freely , I would rather lie in the coffin. It was really shocking to me at the time, so I couldn’t help but think of knowing him more deeply. I learned that he was deceived when he was filming, and I learned about his persistence and hard work on things I liked, and I learned that he was chasing after him. I also encountered many setbacks on the road of dreams, but just like the lyrics in his album “Light”, “The detours I have walked have become the most dazzling past.” Then I saw Zhu Yilong filming for one. The camera rolled downhill seventeen times, and at the end it was just an understatement that I just ate a mouthful of dirt. Seeing that Lao Hu used eight years to perform an opera in order to improve his transformation, how can I say that they are regarded as successful people in the eyes of our public, but they still work so hard and don’t need a career to sell badly, then I am now This is not a setback, what is it in a setback? So, I have resigned now, I have a new job I like, I have my dream, and I have my own direction of struggle. I have been thinking that after I have been striving for five years, I must meet these people in my life. Hikari, Mika Nakajima said, “In the darkest part of my life, I pulled myself out of the abyss. Without that person, I would be that person.” And I was lucky. I met that person, so this might be the idol. Meaning. So sisters, come on and live your life well and make yourself better. This is the greatest gratitude to them.

6 months ago

I have calmed down…Well, I think I am calm (but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Zhang Zhehan!) After thinking about it, he wants his acting skills to be recognized, so I decided to call him Teacher Zhang from today, although I have only watched a play by Teacher Zhang, but it is enough to convince me in my heart. At least for me, Zhou Zishu is no longer a character in a book or play, but a man of flesh and blood with a clear personality. (Thanks again to Teacher Zhang for giving me a beam of light) Teacher Zhang’s song is also very good, but I like his “Say Okay” the most. The single looped for two days, and it was this song that made me start from I got out of the initial state of being unable to control myself, and I can settle down and like Zhang Zhehan carefully, feeling that he has become my salvation again. I really like Zhang Zhehan so much

6 months ago

I’m finished, really finished, I’m going to die in the lake of Zhang Zhehan. What to do… He cried, I shed tears faster than his tears, he laughed, and I couldn’t help crying and laughing. Now when I think of Zhou Zishu’s seven nails in his body, Asu is always uncomfortable, I feel uncomfortable… It turns out that Asu he didn’t hear was the 100th sound, which up master is so good at Sword, I shed tears! Such a gentle person, I can’t hear you who are still smiling softly, how can I not like him? Actually, I came into the mountain with a still photo of Toshiko in a red dress, but the wife is really beautiful, and she is completely covered. Captured. Wen Kexing said that Zhou Zishu was his light, and Zhang Zhehan also became my light. I didn’t know Zhang Zhehan before I saw Ling. I felt that although my life was plain, it was quite complete and beautiful. After I fell in love with Zhang Zhehan, I suddenly felt that a corner of my previous life was missing, and was finally filled in by Zhang Zhehan. The whole person’s mentality was completely different. In the past, I occasionally thought about the boring life of the world, but now he sees the screen of the phone and he feels that everything is good. Wouldn’t it be too hypocritical to say “salvation”, but it is really different because of him, even if you know him I like him for only ten days. I like him so much.

6 months ago

Me too, come on. Chasing a drama has never been this way before. At the beginning, it was directed at Wen Kexing, and even Zhang Zhehan’s ugly makeup gave me a little bit of persuading me to leave. But then I found out that it really smells so good. The more you look, the more you look, the more you look at it. Even the previous beggar’s outfit is like a beauty filter. Now I see how beautiful his mind is, especially this Weibo. A picture posted by a favorite blogger, this head tilted to kill me. Mine is too high, I am giao! I am now waiting for the update every day and I am afraid that what I have not watched after reading it all at once is the same as being poisoned. There used to be one Weibo in ten days and now ten a day. Before, I just wandered around at station b. Now I am looking for clips at station b. Now my Douyin is not spared. I look for photos everywhere like I sucked du, and chat with others everywhere. The shark is crazy. . It’s too top.

6 months ago

By the way, you have to be obedient, earn money, dress yourself up, look at the people around you, and don’t be addicted to him if you can. Because chasing stars is also considered a peach blossom, which will affect your peach blossom luck. Affect your relationship in reality. Young girls still have to cherish their youth. There are good boys around, after all, they are better than others you can’t expect. No matter if the other person is an immortal or someone, not being able to eat a mouth is a little equal to nothing. He tells you what a good life might look like. Don’t lose the action of chasing ideals and miss the possible goodness because of indulging. … Zhang Zhehan was mentioned twice: “Why do you call your wife?” Then he didn’t say anything, he didn’t reject this name, but he seemed to have no idea how to respond. In fact, this is a very well-answered question. They are just fans of the authorities. They seem to think that because of the role they played, it is easy to think that he is a relatively passive role in it, so they are called “wife”. But in fact, this title does not correspond to “husband”. But: all those who are full of illusions and expectations for beautiful love. Up to now, the most intuitive feeling of those who like Zhang Zhehan should be: I feel pity for them. You want to get close to him, care for him, and indulge in his gaze. In gender discourse, what kind of role is easy to have this trait and satisfy this need, of course, is a “wife.” Zhang Zhehan’s interpretation of Zhou Zishu has a kind of maternal tolerance, divine compassion, and paternal responsibility for the vastness and security; the fairy is beautiful, and the child or animal is weak and fragile. His all-round aesthetic shaping is slowly stacked up through episode after episode. In the sixth episode, he seemed like a fairy descending from the sky, with brilliance, and directly penetrated everyone’s inner alienation with his beauty; in the eleventh episode, the battle damage beauty is both strong and fragile. I somewhat understand the kind of “get up early in the morning and vomit half blood to see the flowers.” “It’s a strange aesthetic. You just want to hug him and don’t want to hurt him. You’ll feel that Wen Kexing goes crazy and kills every time he is injured. It’s totally reasonable; then in the twelfth episode, sitting in the sun Underneath, Wen Yan and soft words soothed Wen Kexing, who was cautiously tentatively ready to jump and flee at any time, so that everyone was attracted by the warm halo and completely indulged in. Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three… Episode 27 stands in front of Wen Kexing to protect him, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty… How could there be such a person in the world, It’s so perfect that one can’t find all the adjectives. He is principled and has a bottom line, and he does not reject others thousands of miles away. He has a good education, and his actions are elegant and refined. He can be strong and act coquettish. The beauty of the combination of strength and softness is so scarce and precious. This is a completely ideal personality shaping. You are willing to be a good enough person for him. Maybe many people have been begging for that mellow gaze all their lives, looking at you infinitely and tolerantly, saying: “Stupid.” If Zhou Zishu is a woman at this time, then there must be a lot of men calling her wives. . Not only you are in the play, Zhang Zhehan is also in the play. For a long time after this play, he was full of a taste of being pampered and pampered with others. There is a weak and fairy light. I went to see his first concert later. Putting it together with the editing that he thought Gong Jun would inevitably go, and said that “coming is the first step”, the heart is really mixed. He had not considered that Gong Jun would not come. I was a bit sad about his status at the concert. Well, some people say that being an actor is a profession that is not very rewarding. I think it might be right from a certain point of view. You have to continue to play and enter the play. In fact, your whole life has to go through an experience that others have experienced for several lifetimes. In the set, according to Zhang Zhehan’s experiential performance, you don’t know whether it is true or not. That is very hurt. This is a too good and good character, a relationship that is too perfect and perfect. There is too good and good self in it. Who is not addicted? If there are homework in life, others will slowly experience it all their lives, others are just a few hundred degrees of firewood. But you stepped into the gossip furnace at once, rotating back and forth to smoke and roast. Fortunately, I will look at the new interview later, he has come out after all. And he summed it up very well: he absorbed a good part from Zhou Zishu’s body. This is probably the value of experience. His Weibo account is: “Zhang Zhehan Crazy”, which probably means “If you don’t be crazy, you won’t survive.” In fact, Zhang Zhehan is very pure. He has been striving for a better version of himself. The first song will be called “I meet me”, you should know what he meant. Such a pure person needs to plan carefully and choose some scripts and environments that can nourish them. I hope he can cooperate with Yang Zi. They can have some beneficial influences on each other and achieve each other. You like him, you are not wrong. It’s not about being in the play, but he is really worth it, really good. You just need to transform it and turn your appreciation of him into a motivation to become a better self. Come on, love rivals. To be worthy of Zhang Zhehan, the best wife in the world.

6 months ago

Good people are attracted by themselves. Although the standard of excellence is a bit subjective, my personal standard is still very high. When friends meet, I might make a joke. It’s so excellent. It’s worthy of you. But in fact, it’s all nonsense. Is the research excellent? excellent. Is the president of the student union good? excellent. Is the canteen lady cooking delicious? excellent. But what does it matter to me? If everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are 6:4, Zhang Zhehan is 8:2, which is really good. The face is good-looking, and the person who is 90 is brushed off with a slap. Then look for someone from the current beauty circle, exercise the machine, and swipe most of the circle. Some people may have a unique aesthetic, but I never chase the three-dimensional, because the real face is very awkward and ugly from a certain angle. Let all of you idols roll your eyes, who can do it better than my wife. Looks good! (Shut up) Well, there is too much mess in the celebrity circle. There is such a positive person not from CCTV and moving China, but from domestic entertainment, my God, I never thought of it in this life. And after watching his variety show, he was really conquered by his personality charm. How can there be a second Jibei in this entertainment circle (needless to say), a strong man (there are few hardcore male stars), and a team (please Look at the speed of forward and drag one), the sound is good (voice control means that you have picked up the treasure) all in one? I’m definitely not going to fan him just by looking at his face, his face is much better, but why is his voice so manly? It also brings a kind of authenticity and funny attributes that are rare in the entertainment industry (for the representative, please see Xiaosa, etc., but from CCTV, and “prosperous beauty” I don’t seem to agree). After so many points are gathered by one person, I think Good guy, I’m a fan, but why does he exercise so well? A shot of him charging and raising his eyes on the basketball court is too stiff and heroic! I personally have an inexplicable dislike for men. Maybe the aesthetic standards are too high. There are not many humans with online appearance and voice IQ, let alone male humans. BUT, now I can answer questions from my own soul many years ago. Me n years ago: Your requirements are too high, you are an orphan. Now I: I found it, but it is indeed possible that I will be an orphan… Anyway, Zhang Zhehan has grown up on my aesthetic point. I love him whatever others say, just like the glory of the party is in my heart. All haunted houses are paper tigers.

6 months ago

The world is me, and I’m really full of Xiaozhe now. As a star-chasing Neptune, apart from a natal, he likes more than 30 stars, and almost all of them are gold. But I found that the deepest Gu my Gu is always Taurus… (My life is also Taurus, I have loved Taurus for 10 years), is it that Gemini is easier to worship Taurus? Anyway, I have been very busy recently and have a lot of things to do , Such as writing a graduation thesis, such as studying TOEFL, but I just can’t stop with Xiaozhe, staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning…I hope I can control myself after writing this answer. After supplementing some materials, I feel that someone can really live so wonderfully. Cycling to Tibet, trying to practice basketball mvp, turning the tide for the Chinese team in the China-Korea Dream Team, golfing half a year with a hole in one, and Olympic champion The competition, the diving certificate, there is no sports that he can’t learn… The singing is good, he can also play the piano, and he speaks very well in English. In contrast, I feel really useless. So inspired by Xiaozhe, we must cheer up, can’t stay up late, can’t delay, can’t be a salted fish. Finally, I hope that Xiaozhe can get better and better. I will do data in my free time to supplement his past and look forward to his future. Oh, yes, and buy endorsement products. Arden powder glue is really good. It was sampled on Tmall U before. It is suitable for dry skin moisturizing, and it does not feel greasy. The skin is soft and tender the next morning. This time Xiaozhe endorsed and placed the order immediately.

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