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It feels like a sad story again. I don’t know the whole story, so let’s analyze it in the worst case. The worst case is that the instructor has not been angry and has started to do so. The first step is to sincerely talk to the instructor and see if I can give it a chance. Try to let go of all dignity. If you can’t graduate, you don’t have to face anymore. Kneel down and beg to see if it works, and No chance? If you are given a chance, you must perform well. In the second step, if you kneel down and your instructor still disagrees, then try to ask the parents to find some middlemen to talk and make peace. If necessary, you have to go up. It can be said that there is no failure to graduate. You can graduate without doing anything. How many on-the-job masters graduated like this, as well as on-the-job Ph.D., so if you directly give the tutor’s research group a project with millions of dollars, it’s really too much to graduate with a master’s degree. It’s easy. If you provide tens of millions of dollars, doctoral graduation is not a problem. If you provide a project of hundreds of millions of dollars, you will be an honorary master, honorary doctor and honorary professor of your school! The third step, within the scope of your parents’ abilities, if you have done all the aspects, you can’t solve the problem. Then I suggest you change to a tutor. There are always poor master tutors in a college. Anyway, the master certificate does not say that your tutor is Whoever can graduate will be done. The fourth step, if the above three steps have no effect, you have tried your best; or you just want to face and don’t want to do any step, in fact, there is nothing wrong with it, just let the flow go, get a little sideline, and physics and physics in high school. Study hard, go to a tutoring agency to teach a student, if you have hope of graduation, work hard, if you are hopeless, rely on getting a bachelor’s degree in school to find a job, don’t rush out of school, the dormitory of the school is much cheaper than renting a house outside. , This wool can be squeezed for as long as possible! Finally, I would like to say whether you can graduate from graduate school or whether you can graduate from graduate school. For the whole life, it’s really not worth mentioning. If you don’t take so seriously on whether you can graduate, no one can help you. Your mentor is even he. No matter how powerful, no matter how famous, no matter how overbearing, a hundred years later, it will be a lot of loess. As long as you live longer than him, you will win! Final advice: No matter what happens, don’t fight with your mentor, so get together and relax, “It’s my gentleness not to disturb, my damn gentleness!”


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7 months ago

I made a mistake at the end of my previous research, and my instructor said so, but I don’t play cards according to the routine. The instructor said not to take me, I said yes, then I will learn by myself. Then the mentor said that you have this attitude, change your mentor, it can’t bring you. I was eager to change tutors, and immediately went online and went to the college website to check relevant information, and prepare to write an application. Then the mentor persuaded, and said you talk about why you changed your mentor. I. . After thinking about it, I said that my level is too bad, you are so strict and the standard is high, I can’t reach your standard. . The instructor said that it is not necessary to change instructors in this case. If you think I am strict, I can be more relaxed in the future. Besides, if you change the instructor, it will affect my enrollment. Your reason for changing the instructor is not valid. After half a year, the instructor was very friendly, but after half a year of hard work, I returned to my original appearance. But I became an old fritters later, and the teacher didn’t care much about it. After all, I graduated. .

7 months ago

In the same research, the instructor often scolds people, and when he gets angry, he says, “Do you still want to graduate”, “If you do this, I can’t teach you”, “Since I brought you, I can be upset. Some time ago, I was so depressed that I wanted to quit school, and I felt that it would not be great for me to lose a degree, but I continued to harm my physical and mental health with this tutor. I told my mother that I wanted to go out to find a job. After hearing my reasons, my mother agreed. She was having a group meeting in the evening and she suddenly sent a message to me and said, “Why don’t you give me your tutor’s contact information? I will educate her. I can’t be forced to stop reading from such a good baby like me.” My tears just fell. In any case, I also came to the graduate school. It’s really useless. Don’t push me away from the college! In the future, if there is a problem with scientific research, I will continue to criticize it. The instructor will always go online. If I say that, I will go back! Can’t bring it, right? Then contact the college to change the tutor, and I will sign and I will go away! I came here to be diligent and pleading for learning and there are no principled mistakes. Why can’t I graduate! Who is threatening one day! I really don’t have this degree anymore. I work, live, drink and eat hot pot! My family and friends are supporting me behind my back, okay! A good baby like my mother can’t always let her hide in the corridor and cry!

7 months ago

I’m a bit confused. The questioner didn’t seem to have made it clear why the instructor said such things. Here are a bunch of ideas. Maybe everyone is preconceived. It must be that the tutor is too harsh, and the student just made a little mistake and so on. But if this student is a bad relationship with most of the people in the group, daily depreciating the research direction of the laboratory; from time to time, he makes actions that endanger the safety of the laboratory and refuses to admit his mistakes. The thoughts of the mentor and others are rubbish, such a person. The instructor doesn’t want to take it anymore. I don’t feel able to take it. I hope he can find another job. Isn’t this a normal operation? Of course, the questioner may not be such a person, but I don’t think it is an appropriate behavior to rush to make suggestions without understanding the whole picture. I found clues from the questioner’s answers and comments from other people. Then I will say more about this issue. I often told a junior of mine that attitude is the most important thing. You can explore a topic for a long time but get nothing, but you can’t just spend time exploring it. On the surface, the results of the two cases are similar and there is no result, but in reality it is not. You have fumbled but you have no gain. At least you know which way to go, which is different from not fumbling at all. In the usual group meeting, you can even show the results of your failed exploration process to the teacher, maybe others will have some good suggestions. To put it bluntly, you have to let the teacher understand that you are doing research diligently, although the results are not satisfactory. I think a really visionary tutor will know that in research, attitude is more important than IQ. We admit that those scientists who have made Nobel-level results are indeed very talented, but they are a minority after all. Most scientific researchers are diligent “tinkers”, perfecting others’ research results and making changes Conditions and so on. But if you choose to go to graduate school with the attitude of just wanting to get a diploma, I don’t think any tutor would want to meet such a student. The instructors also come from the student days, and they understand that doing research is not about working hard and getting results, but the most feared thing is not working hard and thinking about being lazy. If you have worked hard and your mentor knows that you are still unsatisfied, then changing to another mentor is not a good thing for you; but if you don’t work hard at all, or even think about being lazy, you can only be persuaded by the mentor. Said to be blamed.

7 months ago

At that time, a roommate of my graduate student was scolded by his teacher in front of many people every day by pointing his nose to him: “You are just a trash!” But the fact is that my classmate has provided the teacher with a set of equipment from scratch. Months, the other students in his laboratory can only deal with the teacher, the teacher scolds and beats haha, but my buddy can’t stand it, hereinafter referred to as a, so a starts to do things, and often talks back to the teacher. In the end, the teacher just scolds a because he scolds others. Others ignored her and didn’t have the energy to scold her. I remember very clearly that the teacher was pregnant and had a group meeting in the laboratory for a week before delivery. The two of them started working again. That’s right, my classmate is just like this, and I don’t rub the sand in my eyes. In the end, he graduated successfully, because he did have something to say about this. I just wanted to ask you, are you a jerk or are you really bullied by your tutor? Personally, I am very disgusted now that everything on the Internet is a question of the instructor. The instructor is not a person, daily persuasion, etc. I want to ask, are we really okay? It’s really not easy for the instructor. You have to say that he dares not want you, dare, but that is also a last resort, because doing so he also bears a great price, unless he feels that you are really hopeless , Otherwise it’s just to scare you and I think it’s okay to help the teacher everyday, right? Did the teacher really not help you? He helped you when you enter his laboratory. You know those seniors and sisters who also have him directly and indirectly help, and you will most likely need him to help you after graduation. If you don’t help you at this time, do you have to make a whisper? ? I just want to say that there are particularly bad tutors, but there are not as many as you think. I try to restore a little image for the tutor group, and I want to tell students who want to go to graduate school to really not dissuade them because of this kind of thing. necessary

7 months ago

I really don’t take you anymore, and I won’t tell you that I can’t bring you anymore. If you really don’t take you, he doesn’t respond to him when you find him on WeChat. I don’t say a word or say a word or two to you when I meet. He doesn’t respond much to what you say. Even if it is really cold at this time. You have to analyze, why does the instructor say that? Did you quarrel before? Did you offend him somewhere? A red heart prepares with both hands, and also ask the college to see if you are allowed to change tutors. Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed. So your tutor can’t really change students. If it is allowed to change students, then other teachers will be dissatisfied, and a lot of problems will arise. After answering your question, I also read the answers of other respondents. Our thoughts are roughly similar. If you can fight, you can fight, and if you can’t fight, you will give up decisively. At the same time, you should also pay attention, try not to conflict or quarrel with your tutor, it will not do you any good. No contradiction is more important than the success of one’s own graduate students. Don’t dislike your mentor. Generally, when he says that he can’t take you, he thinks you are too self-esteem, and you didn’t listen to his guidance. The first rule for graduate students is to do what the tutor tells you to do, don’t think too much, let alone resist. Generally speaking, the more things you do, the less likely you are to have conflicts.

7 months ago

Obviously there is no way to generalize this. Whether you can graduate depends on, first, the specific graduation policy of your college? Many colleges do not require thesis to be issued for graduation. At this time, as long as you determine your research direction for your dissertation and what conditions are needed to support you to complete the thesis, and then complete it step by step, it will be no problem to pass the defense. And some colleges need to publish papers, or to complete the project itself requires a lot of money, if you don’t have a teacher to bring it, then it’s a mess. Second, it depends on the major you are studying. This is a bit of overlap with the first one. The research content of some majors is mainly their own research content, which is mainly to check information, read books, and then complete the thesis. In this case, you don’t need to worry too much. And some majors rely heavily on laboratories. At this time, you must find a teacher to whom you are affiliated with, otherwise you will not have the conditions to do experiments. Third, it depends on your college’s attitude towards students. Colleges that are more caring for students will generally arrange new tutors for students immediately when this happens to ensure that students’ various work such as opening questions and replies will not be affected. . If you encounter the situation when Wang Fendou was studying for a Ph.D., graduation requirements are high, no one is in charge, and there is no funding, then basically you are done. Finally, it is recommended to read Wang Struggles for Change. It feels like you should also ask for a change now! good luck!

7 months ago

Give you a real case, and then talk about the solution. I enrolled in Ph.D. in 15 years, and I am very content to enter Oxford University, and I am ready to do some scientific research. In the first half of the year, the doctor still stayed in the “honeymoon period” of enjoying campus life, and did not feel anything wrong. Since 16 years, I found that the subject of the tutor was completely different from the one I had just enrolled at that time. I had no experience in the new direction and I was anxious. In the second half of 2016, everyone who enrolled in school at the same time was beginning to be productive, but I did not make any progress. A mentor is a “doer” who only looks at the results but not the process, and basically does not have any role as a “supervisor”. It’s all on your own. In 17 years, my mentor completely stocked me and basically ignored me. My family found that I was slightly depressed and began to persuade me to find a way out. I have tried to travel for 2 weeks, and I have considered giving up returning to work in China, or I can switch to another research group from another school (it is impossible for my school to transfer to another research group). In the second half of 2017, I had an in-depth face-to-face communication with my mentor for more than 2 hours. I still remember what he said: like or dislike the world of children, and insist or not persist in the world of adults. After that, I followed this sentence, on the one hand, pursuing the career I like as a child, on the other hand, insisting on walking the path of choice like an adult, and basically never sleep before 2 o’clock every day. In the second half of 19, I successfully graduated with a Ph.D. with three articles, and at the same time began to pursue a career that suits me. Therefore, personal suggestions: 1. The tutor is also a human being, and comes from the student stage. If you still want to follow him, communicate as much as possible. Mental tutors will not embarrass their students for no reason. 2. There is really no room for communication. Whether you change your mentor or college, whether the direction is suitable for you or not, stick to this path and never fail to pass your own future.

7 months ago

I was scolded for being unsuitable for studying medicine after I graduated, and I dropped out to find a parent. At that time the tutor was still young and didn’t know how to be a tutor. (Actually, until now, I am not sure if I am suitable for studying medicine, but I think she is not suitable for being a tutor in terms of her virtues and the ability to lead scientific research groups.) My tutor is a young woman who became a tutor in her first year. guide. In the past two years, there have been more junior sisters, and she may suddenly find that I seem to be the most obedient and capable of the students, so such harsh words are rare. However, the problems of temperament and the inability to manage emotions in teaching work have not changed. Everyone says that the reason for being scolded is the main point. There are indeed problems with what I do, and there are also reasons for my lack of experience when I just started, but this is not the point. What made me disgusted was that the instructor didn’t say a word when he knew it (because it’s really not a big deal), until the head of the department inadvertently found out, she cursed. And it’s very glamorous to get involved in medical ethics and other major principles. I don’t think she is giving me the necessary education, she just wants to find someone to vent her emotions, she just uses education as a fig leaf. Whether it is professional education or moral education, she has not fulfilled the responsibility of a mentor to me, but instead regarded me as a secretary and instigated. Later, I figured out the pattern. No matter how serious things are, as long as the leader doesn’t know, she is in a good mood. It’s all trivial matters and won’t be scolded. No matter how trivial and trivial the matter is, as long as the leader knows about it, or she is in a bad mood, it is a major matter and will be scolded. No matter how meaningful it is, as long as it does not bring practical benefits to the department/instructor, it is not allowed to be done. No matter how boring, meaningless, and delaying my time and energy, as long as she asks “Do you want to do it”, it means to order me to do it. As a medical student, whether I will be scolded or not does not depend on whether I harm the interests of the patients and whether there is a diagnosis and treatment error, but depends on whether the leader knows. ridiculous. She cursed like a clown. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, I have them, and so do the instructors. What we can do is to find and correct our own shortcomings as much as possible. As for the mentor, I wish her all her life to be unaware of her limitations. It may be a good thing for her.

7 months ago

The tutors you talk to in school and the higher-level leaders who enter the society are actually similar. So, don’t get into the horns, you can’t handle it properly this time, and you will still encounter similar difficulties when you enter the society. Don’t talk about the problem of not being able to graduate, you will be bright in the second half of your life when you get your diploma? So, rationally analyze your situation————1. Following this instructor, can you learn the true skills and persevere within a tolerable range? If you can learn the true skills, as long as it is not killing your life and damaging your body, it is recommended to continue to persevere and learn how to adapt to communicate with this kind of instructor. (People will change) Don’t keep getting too tight mentally, sleep 24 hours a day, 6 hours a day, you have 18 hours allocated to play + study work. 2. What should I do if I cannot learn the true skills? 1) Transfer to a mentor 2) Paddle 3) Be positive and stop learning, go to some projects you like, make some achievements, and even care if no company invites you in the future, or even become your own boss. (Take a long way) In short, your life is responsible for yourself. It is not decided on a piece of paper, nor is it decided by others. You can get better growth through exercise.

7 months ago

Let me talk about changing my mentor ≠ being unable to graduate. Let’s talk to my mentor. Why did I suddenly say something like Miscommunication leads to misunderstanding; first ask what is the situation before discussing other things, but little G has to set a tone first –If it is a tutor PUA, and does not give any solutions, advise the subject to leave as soon as possible, and do not have to be nostalgic to tell the truth. Undergraduate students are not able to deal with many problems in scientific research. In fact, it is more or less normal as a tutor, since I chose it at the beginning This student, indeed, has the responsibility to lead the student to obtain good academic basic training, improve basic academic literacy and skills, and facilitate the continuous efforts to improve the ability in the later period. It is of course possible to make suggestions and rationalize criticism-but PUA, no reason to attack people , Does not give effective advice, is not worthy of nostalgia, it is not necessary, but from the perspective of students, it is also necessary to make certain preparations. First of all, the criticism of the tutor may only be the most gentle way on the road of scientific research. Compared with a state where individuals are fighting alone on the road of scientific research and can’t see any results, the intensity of pressure is basically not on the same level. Therefore, for the criticism of the tutor, it is still necessary to treat the criticism of the tutor in a reasonable manner, self-digest, and learn to actively communicate with the tutor and seek Solution Secondly, before embarking on the road of scientific research, you also need to improve your own scientific research strength in advance. The demand of the tutor is definitely hope, so that students can make better scientific research results with the highest efficiency; therefore, first pass the undergraduate The practice and training at different stages and the acquisition of corresponding skills and knowledge are beneficial and harmless for the upcoming scientific research road. Finally, it is not a big problem to change a mentor, and it is important to confirm whether you are suitable.

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