I know the whole ins and outs of the homeless (homeless), my former colleague. It is actually a technician with a salary of more than 1,000 a week and a formal job. Although I did not graduate from the Ivy League, it is also a decent university graduate. Innocent, the Coast Guard retired. Work as a technician in the factory. Work 40 hours a week, 35 yuan an hour. This guy usually drives a pickup at work, and his uniform is always clean. He has big long legs and tall, blond hair and white skin, and he looks like Beckham. The conversation is also very formal, and he is a serious white man of native origin. Who can contact him can be related to the homeless. I was quite surprised when I knew he was homeless. I once asked him for help and borrowed his truck to pull the goods, but this buddy took me to the gas station for 5 yuan! I was stunned at the time. I said how many miles your car can climb with 5 yuan of gas? I wondered in my heart if I moved close, or from the mountain to the mountain, 5 yuan is enough. Is it possible that he was reminding me to cheer for him. People who are usually shy must be embarrassed to say. Originally, according to the rules, I should also fill the person with the trustee, right? I bought him 100 yuan aside, and then told him that after I finished my work at night, I would fill it up for him and then go to the town to eat the man steak. , He smiled awkwardly and said nothing. Working behind, there was nothing to say. When I went to dinner at night, he suddenly said that I have something to tell you. In fact, such a formal beginning is not often heard in the United States, so I quickly wiped my mouth and sat down and listened to him. He said that he added five yuan to oil because he was bankrupt and is currently homeless. A local white man who graduated from college and worked in a listed company with a weekly salary and medical insurance. He didn’t take drugs or drink (we both ate steak and he ordered the soda). He was always on the job and had to take part in temporary overtime work. Can one go bankrupt? No, you must kidding me. But it is true. He told me that in 2005 he retired from the Coast Guard, married a nurse, and bought a house with a down payment on all his savings. The wife didn’t go to work after marriage. He usually goes to work, and then does a part-time job as a forklift worker, and his income is decent. Later, his grandmother passed away and the house was given to him. All this was originally beautiful. Then there was a subprime mortgage crisis, and then his wife divorced him. Then grandma’s house owed the government land tax, which was gone. In this way, the speed of light lost everything in less than a year. Also pay alimony for the ex-wife. He didn’t dare to change jobs, because once he resigned, it was basically impossible to find a formal job under his circumstances, and he could only do hourly jobs, which would be completely abolished. Then we went to see where he lives. It is no exaggeration to say that it is really homeless. Go to the truck gas station to take a shower, or take a bottle of cold water. When sleeping, the roof tent is opened. The traditional red neck area is fine, but he also sleeps with a gun every day. According to the speed of repayment, it was 2016. He said that in 2020, if he could repay all the money (or the personal bankruptcy broke due), he should be able to live in a motel at that time. 2020 new crown, I didn’t dare to contact that buddy. This shows that you must never marry the wrong wife or buy the wrong house.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I remember that in a class at Manchester University, the teacher who admired Big Beard Ma asked us a question: What do you think of the middle class? Some replied: The social stability force has a house and a car in the ticket warehouse. The teacher sneered coldly and yelled at us: The middle class is a lie! Do they own the means of production? NO! They are just a group of hired employees who are more valuable to capitalists, and they are also proletarians. Just because they are more valuable, capitalists are willing to spend more money to buy their labor. Once they have no value, such as illness, industrial adjustment, overburden, any element of slapstick depreciation of their labor, or any capitalist feels that it is not worthwhile, the capitalist will relentlessly stop writing his checks. Cut off the deal, and the middle class will return to their original state—proletarians exploited by capital.

6 months ago

To talk about homeless people, I have to mention San Francisco. San Francisco can be called the homeless dominance, and the homeless situation is terribly scary. The picture below may have a smell, high-energy warning. San Francisco has a prosperous side. It is a world-famous tourist attraction and the fourth most populous city in California. San Francisco is close to Silicon Valley, a world-renowned high-tech industrial zone. It is the world’s most important high-tech research and development base and the most important financial center in the western United States. It also has its devilish side. There are so many homeless people. The bustling streets may not be separated by a few streets. Streets where homeless people gather, needles used by drug users are randomly placed on the streets by drug users, and there are few public toilets for homeless people to go to. As a result, there are feces everywhere in San Francisco. It’s not uncommon for homeless people to solve the emergency situation on the street without paying attention to walking. They may step on the papa and win the jackpot. The homeless people on the street here can cost nearly US$3,000 for a one-bedroom, one-bedroom house. The cost of survival is very high, the house price is extremely high, and of course, the salary is also high. But for those who have no job, owe money, or have no credit, it is a disaster. Some people commented on San Francisco as: San Francisco, shit becomes a mountain. Selling gold caves, slums. Rich heaven, poor hell. When walking on the street, you should always pay attention to whether there are any needles under your feet that have been used by drug addicts, so as not to accidentally step on them. The smell of marijuana, garbage, shit, and needles have long been synonymous with the homeless area of ​​San Francisco. Why is the problem of homeless people only in San Francisco so serious? Housing prices and living costs are also high in several cities in the United States, but only one San Francisco has become like this. One may be due to the climate. San Francisco has a good climate all year round. The climate is mild. It does not return to zero in winter and less than 30°C in summer. Homeless people will not live in the streets too uncomfortably. The second possibility is that the city is developed and the population density is high. Homeless people can have things to pick up. Even if they can’t get government relief, they can live by picking up things by “eating decay”. There are many hiding places under bridges and corners. The third possibility is that the government policy is good, and the people there are also tolerant. The government has policies to relieve the homeless all year round, and has also opened many relief stations to distribute food. Many people are also tolerant of homeless people, asking for money, asking for a meal, and homeless people can’t die. Many homeless people gather at the door of the institution, waiting for food to be distributed. There are many reasons for the formation of homeless people. The general process is that they lose their jobs due to various problems, have no deposits, cannot pay the rent/house, lose credit, and cannot find jobs. Become a tramp. There is a large category of drug addicts/drug addicts. Drug addiction is a big terrorist killer. The doctor only prescribes medicine, and if you are sick, you will also prescribe painkillers. If you become addicted, you will not help you withdraw. The smell of cannabis and needles all over the street are also normal. I don’t care about the family, it is normal operation if I become addicted, lose my job, and become a homeless person. Born in a slum, there are all kinds of people who are naturally addicted to drugs. The answer below addresses the problem of drug addiction. Will drugs drive the United States into desperation? In addition, Gao Zan’s answer also mentioned that he was impoverished due to marriage and was forced to become a homeless man. I won’t elaborate on this. In addition, people with mental illness and alcoholism are not a minority among the homeless; there are also many veterans among the homeless, who have psychological problems such as post-war syndromes, and are forced to become homeless; lonely people who have lost their loved ones; after bankruptcy The middle class who cannot face reality again may be the reason for the formation of homeless people.

6 months ago

An open letter titled “The Disgrace of Massachusetts: Alimony of Fear” chronicles the torture of the Massachusetts divorce law on men, forcing men to support their ex-wife for life and sending men to hell forever without turning over. http://www.massalimonyreform.org/PDFs/Horror_Stories_MassAlimonyReform.pdf The letter lists 41 real cases, which catalyzed the reform of the Massachusetts divorce law. The new divorce law partially stopped life alimony, and the new law was obtained in 2011 Passed and will be formally implemented in March 2012. The following are the real people listed in the open letter. 1. The businessman went to jail for 90 days, from September 8 to December 7, 2008. The man must pay $900,000 in arrears in U.S. alimony. Before going to prison, his salary was 48,000 US dollars per year. Because of his imprisonment, his company went out of business. A wealthy businessman in Essex had to pay his ex-wife $200,000 in alimony every year due to a no-fault divorce. By 2003, his investment business collapsed, and he informed his ex-wife that his income had fallen. He had to lay off his two sons who worked for him. He went to court in 2003. He hoped to reduce the alimony to his ex-wife, but was rejected by the judge. He had to do his best to continue paying his ex-wife, sometimes $100,000 a year. His ex-wife was in good health, was 47 years old at the time of the divorce, and was never required to work. Since the divorce in 1995, he has successively received alimony payments totaling US$2.2 million. By 2007, even though his business had completely collapsed, the judge refused the man’s reduction in the final judgment in 2008. The judge does not believe that his audited tax return is true. This report proves that his current annual income is US$48,000. Although he was not charged with tax fraud. The judge did not accept the testimony of his son, who was his employee, but the judge said that his son was an “unreliable” witness. The judge ordered his passport to be revoked and asked him to sign a statement requiring him to pay every penny, including tax refunds, to his ex-wife until the debt of 900,000 US dollars was paid. On September 8, 2008, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail because he was still $250,000 less than the $900,000 owed. Before he went to jail, he had been doing everything he could to pay for his ex-wife’s health insurance. After he went to jail, his ex-wife no longer received alimony and his health insurance was also suspended. However, the judge still believes that the man earns $500,000 a year and therefore must pay his ex-wife more than 200,000 a year, even if he has no income in prison. In fact, the longer he stays in prison, the less chance of his employment. His second wife, who had been married for 13 years, dragged two children, and her life was completely disrupted. The three grown-up children born to his ex-wife are caught in the middle of this endless divorce lawsuit. His appeals have been rejected, including the state Supreme Judicial Court’s appeal. If he is released after serving his sentence in December, he may receive a subpoena to go to court. Based on the existing debt, he will be sentenced to more than 2 years. 2. A 60-year-old Asian, once wealthy obstetrician and gynecologist, moved to the United States in 1978 and now lives in a welfare housing, relying on his daughter who graduated from an Ivy League school to pay the rent. Essex County. A husband who is a doctor and a family with three daughters divorced in 1997. It was an irreconcilable divorce. Although the woman was allocated more than half of the marital assets, high child support and alimony, although the woman has a job as a real estate agent, this extremely conceited ex-wife has ruined everything about him, and litigated for more than 10 years. The family court always met her growing needs, even though the man paid for her and the children and sent them to an Ivy League school. He is now 60 years old, suffering from cancer, unemployed, and living on the transitional period of public assistance of 177 yuan a month. His daughter paid the rent for him. He summarized the case into 10 pages and sent it to the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Agency. His lawsuit is still going on in the Court of Appeal. He can’t afford a lawyer. He wrote: “I was ransacked, no pension, no retirement subsidy, no stocks, no property.” Unemployed but no relief, because DOR’s Taxation Department did not approve it. Except for an 11-year-old car, I have nothing, nothing. Both financially and spiritually, I was crushed by my self-taught “lawyer ex-wife”. Her Boston lawyer once turned an ordinary divorce lawsuit into a complex charge against 37 judges, clerks, former law firms, and the state attorney general, and has gone through five state courts. As “pro_se”, that is, on behalf of myself, I am helpless and hopeless, like an egg hitting a rock. What happened to me can happen again to other members of our alimony reform group. This is modern slavery, which tortures hard-working husbands and innocent wives for life. The harder the husband works, the more the ex-wife needs. This encourages the ex-wife to sit back and enjoy the benefits at home, litigate, make demands, and take money. Even though my ex-wife knew that I had undergone severe right kidney cancer surgery and that the left kidney also had other complicated medical problems, she still issued a subpoena for “criminal behavior” against me without any hesitation. I have been through it for 25 years. I was looted. She is like a meat-eating monster, after sucking up her blood, she wants to chew on her bones again. “3, 27 years after the divorce, the retired man was chased by alimony. In 2007, in Norfolk County, a 67-year-old pensioner received a letter from his ex-wife’s lawyer. When they divorced 27 years ago, the couple agreed to give up. No one supports anyone for alimony. But now, this woman is out of money, and the house and pension left to her at the time of the divorce are somehow gone. This man now has a loan of 30,000 yuan, but in 2008 In May, the court ruled that the man should pay the woman $312 a week, plus attorney fees. Now, the woman is asking for half of the man’s pension. The man has already spent tens of thousands of yuan in court. Even his second wife, People who have been married for 15 years and have their own pensions should also follow up with this man. The man faces personal bankruptcy, and if he does not pay alimony, he will talk to prison. The man is currently taking antidepressant drugs to adjust his blood sugar. He has never been before. No such drugs. 4. An 80-year-old man suffering from cancer and heart disease. His investment in Florida is depreciating, but he is forced to pay alimony to his ex-wife. She is a retired psychotherapist. He wrote: I am 80 now. Years old, her ex-wife filed for divorce in 1979. She moved out in 1975 and took the children away. I paid alimony and child support and sent our children to private colleges and universities (including Ivy League schools) Reading. They are all grown up, married or have children. Before divorce, I paid my ex-wife through graduate school. She became a social worker and specialized in family therapy. She worked for others first, and then opened her own business for about 25 years. In private practice. After the children grow up, I continue to pay alimony of $10,400 per year… If the check is sent a little later that month, she will call immediately. Although I have a prosperous 40 years The development of leather tanning companies has declined in the past ten years, due to the movement of shoe production overseas to Asian countries. I can’t even sell my business. In addition, my health has declined. I have a triple bridge, I have undergone two operations to highlight the disk and spinal stinosis, have out-of-control diabetes, have a pacemaker installed. My second wife who has been married for 23 years has passed away, and she has suffered from lupus for the past 15 years. I have lived for four years. I remarried before. My current wife had cancer surgery. Needless to say, my current investment, which is my survival, is rapidly declining. I think this is unreasonable, and I continue to pay for support at this stage of my life. Fees until you die of old age.

6 months ago

How did American homeless people become homeless people? How did Japanese homeless people become homeless people? How did the English tramp become a tramp? How did the French tramp become a tramp? I really should have said that, the interesting soul is one in a million, and the good-looking skins are the same! According to the definition of homeless people (homeless families) defined by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Administration, homeless people are divided into four categories: 1. People who do not have a place to live. 2. People who will soon lose their place of residence. 3. Wanderers who meet other federal standards. 4. People fleeing domestic violence. Because there are many reasons for the formation of homeless people, it is difficult to say what specific culture there is!

6 months ago

Last year, there was an article on NPR about a self-sufficient waitress becoming homeless. She is an adult and unmarried. After giving birth to a child, I was surprised to find that I was born with something to support, and my income could not afford the nanny or day care, so I quit my job to take care of the baby full-time, so I couldn’t pay the rent, so I became homeless. Then I just moved into a homeless shelter. I was pregnant again later, I got pregnant, too. The highest praise in the comments is: Stop getting pregnant.

6 months ago

The highest vote answered how the middle class degenerates into proletariat due to divorce, then let me talk about how proletariat becomes bankrupt. Let me do some calculations for everyone: Calculate from the city where I live, suppose A was born in an ordinary American family, and his parents are also struggling, but they are not able to give him much shelter, and they can’t even go to college and leave home without graduating from high school. Worked alone, with a minimum wage of $12 per hour, working 36 to 40 hours a week, deducting about 20% of the tax a month, about 1450 and finally got it. A position with minimum wage? Fast food restaurants, retailers, cleaners, sales clerks, newly hired workers, TAs from some universities, etc. It’s so sour. The rent for the current Shidao apartment is at least 1200, and the big house has three rooms at 1600. Of course, one or two roommates can sub-rent, and the monthly cost of living is between 600 and 700 per person. If the individual is not wasting, the monthly utility and grid waste and miscellaneous fees will also be close to 70,80. If you can’t eat a better restaurant, if you eat fast food and cook it yourself, you will have to eat 300 to 400 a month. I don’t need to buy many clothes, so I’ll spend 50 per month on average. You have to have a car for life and work in the United States. Mr. A can only bite his teeth and buy a four-big North American car (Civic Corolla Accord Camry) that can only bite his teeth and drive (Civic Corolla Accord Camry). It’s more than 100 a month. The cost of gas, the license plate fee, etc., is 20 to 30 per month. In order to save money, I don’t buy insurance. Otherwise, I have to spend more than one hundred and two hundred dollars a month. Of course, if the police find out that the insurance is not purchased, the fine is five. One hundred and one thousand weights must be squatting. To sum up, the reason why Mr. A can survive is that he has enough hard work and hard work + rent prices are maintained well + no speeding tickets and the police do not know + no school, no tuition expenses + no marriage, no fear of wife cheating and splitting family property or Work hard with my wife and dear + No children + No sickness and good health + Spend money only on the blade to survive + No credit card or credit card debts + Clean yourself and avoid pornography, gambling and drugs. In this case, it is already very difficult for Mr. A to save a little money every month. And Mr. A can only be a male with no taste and straight male cancer. If a lesbian spends a little carelessly, he is already in debt. The United States does not know how many people like A are there, and many people are no longer as young as 18 years old. There are many people in their 30s and 40s, or even middle-aged and elderly people. Look at the poor Americans’ low savings rate. Sometimes it’s not because they spend money lavishly, but because they don’t have much money left. Why did so many Chinese and smugglers come to the United States in the past and like to work in restaurants? In addition to the lack of such high cultural and technical education requirements for restaurant work, restaurants can include meals. Long working hours = more income and higher tipping income when the market is good. Long working hours will make you have no time and energy to consume randomly. The housing requirements will not be too high (just take a bath and sleep), and you can tolerate housing with low rents and a worse environment. As for the bankruptcy of the middle class, there are more fancy, housing loans, car loans and school loans, once the capital chain is broken, the profit will not turn over, all kinds of car and housing medical insurance, diseases, children’s college tuition, company layoffs, divorce, and lawsuits and many more. Divorce is the biggest nightmare of all middle class, especially men. Once the property is divorced, the property will be divided up abruptly. If you have children, you will have to pay alimony every month, and it will be directly deducted from the salary by the company before giving it to you. of. If you match the above items to a combination boxing, the original annual income of more than 100,000 is enough. In these respects, the Zhihuer, who has a million-dollar annual income, knows the poor middle class much better than I do, let’s not talk about it. I would like to advise everyone to distinguish clearly what are their assets and what are their debts. Many times I think if I were this Mr. A, what a terrible thing it would be. If I don’t have the support of my parents and I don’t have a college degree to find a better job, I’m afraid I will have to wander on the streets. I am afraid that most of them know er, especially the young female compatriots who are very moisturizing to buy and buy all day long. Female compatriots manage to manage themselves well, maybe marrying a wealthy person will make the class leap, but men don’t have this option. People living on the streets are not necessarily lazy or self-willing. In many cases, they may have tried their best but still want to live on the streets. Once they are on the streets, they may not even have the opportunity to make a comeback to earn the minimum wage. Even if a person does not have a diploma, as long as he works diligently and cleans himself up, he should be able to meet the requirements of food, clothing, housing, and transportation. This basic need of common sense is now gradually becoming a dream in the most powerful, rich, and plundered country on the planet. , Every corner of the entire society is absorbing the blood and sweat of the laborers pervasively, even if they go bankrupt, they will also get into debt. This world should not be like this. In the end, you are paralyzed by the middle class, paralyzed by straddling classes, paralyzed by the annual income, paralyzed by consumerism, and paralyzed by capitalism.

6 months ago

I read everyone’s comments. Many people said that the minimum wage can also be used to buy a car and live in an apartment. The students who came to exchange said that 1,000 yuan can also survive, and some said that they earn 2,000 yuan in China and work 70 hours a week. What can I do, let me reply to these three points here. The first point is that the United States is a country on wheels, and it is incomprehensible to many people who have never been to the United States. For example, shopping malls such as Costco and Walmart or even Safeway and Fred Meyer, the parking lot area is just as big as some districts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The main cities are all interstate highways, and many of them are four-lane one-way. There are many independent houses with gardens, apartment buildings or apartments, if not in the city center, the height is usually six or seven floors. what does that mean? The U.S. Imperial Land’s rare earth resources will not be as compact as in Asian or European countries, but they will be planned as they are. Under this circumstance, do you let those who work do not buy a car? Planning to get people to walk one or two hours one-way to work, buy groceries or even go to a bank hospital? You can check how much time the American people spend driving every day on average. My original answer also shows that the cars that people like Mr. A generally can afford are the four great cars with a maximum of 30 to 40 million miles. The mileage is hundreds of thousands of miles, and they are all at least ten years old. How many hands, knees at every turn, insurance is more expensive than a car, if you don’t buy insurance, the police will find the high price of the ticket, envy it. Don’t take the domestic thinking into the US, not to mention the cities in the country, or the general townships, are more convenient than many urban downtowns in the United States, and the downtown rents are not generally expensive. The second point, I replied to some exchange students saying that 1000 can survive in one month. I only talk about how an ordinary worker in my city went bankrupt and became a homeless man. Many of the classmates who came to exchange were for one or two years, and it was not surprising that they lived near the school without buying a car or walking to school. , I did the same in college before. But again, for ordinary local workers who have lived in the area for a long time, can they not buy a car? And if something happens, such as a broken car, unemployment, sickness, a ticket, or even a credit card, you can become indebted by spending a little more money, and if you do, the debt will snowball. Exchange students can of course ask their parents in China to lend a helping hand, but the parents of these locals may be in the same situation as him. To be honest, 1,000 yuan a month is just to meet the basic living expenses. If you buy something inadvertently, you are already overspending. And are you sure that this kind of life can last for three to five years? The third point is how you can earn the domestic minimum wage. The lowest domestic wage is nothing more than factory workers and restaurant waiters, but many of these occupations are covered in food and accommodation, and transportation depends on legs and buses or company pick-ups. , And the United States is not! Have! of! Three meals and lodging are borne by themselves. The occupations that provide food and accommodation in the United States are probably fishermen’s rig workers and soldiers. Or you can understand better by converting money and commodity prices into RMB. The following figures are all in RMB. Mr. A’s income is about 10,000 RMB after tax, which is great, isn’t it? But the cheapest rent is 4000 in not-so-good areas. If you don’t buy a car, the monthly bus card will cost 800 to 1000 per month. If you drive a broken car, the cost of fuel and repair costs will cost more than 1000 per month. Add insurance and add 1500 to 3000. In terms of eating, ordinary vegetables are 7 to 14 yuan a pound (1 pound is about 8 taels), pork is about 18 yuan and beef is 24, which seems to be cheaper than many cities in China. But it’s different when you eat out. The lowest-end restaurants—Golden Arches Convenience Fast Food—a meal cost at least 50+ or ​​more than 80 90. The average tip for Chinese restaurants is 70+ or ​​above, and the tip is at least close to 20. American restaurants with ordinary consumption levels are similar. 200, a stomach-filling sandwich or a cup of milk tea and coffee on the street should be at least 35+. The above are all conservative estimates. There are also many cheap items in the United States, such as clothing and electronic luxury goods. Everyone likes to buy them, but they don’t live their lives by looking at them. Some people say that people who have come from China have turned and attacked. I analyzed them in the original text, and I admire them. Many overseas Chinese of the older generation are like this. But their lives are the exchange of their lives for money for the first half of their lives, and the rest of their lives with money for the rest of their lives. Many people have been here for decades and may not even have visited the mountains, rivers and lakes they can see. They have not left their cities or even lead the way. Chinatown didn’t dare to leave. There are not only generation gaps but also cultural barriers between children and children, and they are all in tears. As for some people who say how to work 70 hours a week, how to advertise hard work, and that an average of 40 hours a week is a slacker, I am really surprised that this kind of brain circuit, the boss must really like this kind of cow that only grazes and milks. Have you paid for overtime work other than wages? What’s more, the boss had already completed the exploitation before the salary was paid, and the extra 30 hours were given to the boss for nothing. Just be happy.

6 months ago

According to the definition of homeless people (homeless families) defined by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Administration, homeless people are divided into four categories: 1. People without a place to live. 2. People who will lose their place soon. 3. Wanderers who meet other federal standards. 4. People who (trying to) escape from domestic violence. Regarding the absence of a place to live, the definitions of various housing sub-bureaus may be biased. Some places believe that only those who live in a shelter or spend the night on the street and have a police record are called homeless people. In other words, those who temporarily live in a friend’s house or in a motel are not considered homeless. Wanderers are divided into many categories. I have not studied relevant academic materials, so I can only talk briefly about it from my past experience of helping homeless people. Because there are many reasons for being a tramp, there is no specific single culture. I guess that the homeless people the Lord is referring to are the kind that everyone sees walking on the street every day. Said to be homeless people, although many people walk on the street during the day, but some people still return to the rescue station at night. Especially in places with bad weather, it is impossible to live in outdoor conditions. Some of the relief stations have better conditions, similar to youth hostels. There is a lobby where you can watch TV, three or two meals, a public shower room, free washing machines and dryers, a room for several or dozens of people, with upper and lower berths. It sounds good, but the problem is that everyone is in a bad mood and has a bad temper, so it is easy to get friction. The drug problem in the rescue station is also quite serious, so some people would rather sleep on the street than go to the rescue station. Some people were banned from the rescue station for a long time because of violent behavior, so they had to sleep on the street. Some rescue stations do not accept drugs because they have not reached the standard for the number of days to stop drugs. Many welfare agencies give free food, the government gives food vouchers, social agencies give free clothes, rescue stations have beds, rescue stations have social workers to help apply for benefits, rescue stations also provide free employment training, and there are free doctors and nurses from street rescue organizations. There is also priority right to jump in when applying for government housing. It doesn’t seem to be that bad, and if you are willing to accept help, it seems to be fine. However, no one should enjoy wandering life. Many homeless people go to the park every day, looking like they don’t care about anything. These people look fierce, speak upright and confident, think they are particularly cool, and some may even sing loudly on the street, but in fact, most of these people are particularly vulnerable in their hearts. These people basically have various degrees of mental illness, from schizophrenia, long-term drug use to depression. Even if you don’t have depression at the beginning, you will get depression after a period of wandering. Some people behave fiercely, but they are actually very nervous and easily mentally collapsed. On the basis of numerous rescue projects, there are still many people who cannot escape from the nomadic life. Although there are many welfare and social assistance projects, they are all voluntary. Many people cannot get help. This inability does not mean that the society has not given enough resources, but that these people cannot get help on their own because of their own shortcomings. This is more difficult to explain. As mentioned above, some people are unwilling to go to the rescue station for various reasons. Because they do not go to the rescue station, they do not have a fixed address to get letters, food benefits or housing benefits. They often have to fill in forms and submit information. If the government does not receive a reply, the benefits may be gone. Some people’s parents have not taught common sense since they were young, their thinking is severely limited, they have no self-management ability, and cannot execute simple commands. For example, the social worker says that you can get free clothes when you come here tomorrow morning. But this person will not put this matter in his mind, and will not feel that if the weather turns cold next week, it will be cold. There is no way to plan systematically, as long as I do this and that, my life will be better. Even if these people get government housing, they are likely to end up in arrears in rent due to their inability to manage consumption. They will be driven out and wander again. Or they were kicked out of the government room because of drug abuse and trafficking. As for those with drug addiction, they continue to smoke after entering the drug rehabilitation center countless times. The vast majority of self-management skills are extremely poor, and there is no way to meet social workers on time, food stamps are used to exchange drugs, and girls rely on going to bed to exchange for drugs. For this type of person, even if the government wants to help, there is nothing to do. Among drug users, some were born in a bad family, and some were born in a wealthy family but learned badly in middle school. In the end, the family was desperate and left alone. These people who stop and go on the street during the day and gather and roar in the garden park at night, speaking of wandering culture, are probably people with schizophrenia, often excited; the rest are depressed and anxious every day. There are also a small number of homeless people who are temporarily wandering because of life forces, and want to wait for their lives to change for the better. Some of these people have lost their source of livelihood and their shelter because of sudden disability. There are land taxes in the United States, and many Americans do not like to save money. Once the economy goes wrong, they are likely to lose their houses. In very, very few cases, there are people who have managed to get rid of drugs for a long time, get a house, study or work, and start a new life. For these people, wandering culture is to endure the poor life of the rescue station, apply for various social benefits as much as possible, and find opportunities to leave the rescue station. Whether in rich or poor countries, wandering life is terrible. Although the life of a homeless man in the United States is not so bad compared to people who are struggling and living hard in China, as long as they are willing to get help, they can take the help step by step to get a house, treat illnesses, and want to work, have free training, and live. Stable living. But because of the limitations of their thinking, most of this idealized step does not appear in reality. In the follow-up, I felt that there was no point in helping these homeless people, so I changed my job.

6 months ago

Jack London wrote “The Wanderer”, I happened to read it, and I will quote… Source: The Wanderer (Jack London, 1905) The cause of the wandering is created by the capitalist society, capitalism Society needs an army of surplus labor. The recent case in San Francisco has confirmed this particularly surprisingly. A sympathy strike spread throughout the workers of the union federation. Thousands of people from all walks of life stopped working, including freight wagon drivers, sand truck drivers, porters, dock stevedores, warehouse workers, fixed engine operators, It is difficult to list all the firefighters, waiters, cooks and sailors on board. The scale of the strike was so large that all seaport cities along the Pacific coast were involved, causing all coastal shipping from San Diego to the Puget Sound to be paralyzed. The strike occurred at the time of economic prosperity. The Philippines and Alaska had absorbed the surplus labor from the Pacific coast. It was also summer, when the demand for agricultural labor was at its peak, and the floating population in the cities almost came out. However, there is still enough surplus labor to replace the strikers, whether it is a cook on a ship or a fixed-engine operator; whether it is a sand truck driver or a warehouse worker; idle workers of any type of work are at your fingertips. These idle workers not only respond to the job at any time, but also wait for it in an impatient mood. They did not hesitate to fight for a job opportunity. Many people were beaten to death, their heads were broken, the hospital was full of injured people, and there were countless abuses and attacks. Even so, there is still no way to stop the surplus labor, known as “workers” from going to replace the strikers. People can’t help but wonder: where did this second team of workers, which replaced the first team of workers, come from? One thing is certain, the trade unions have not betrayed each other; another thing is certain, the industry in the Pacific Rim has not been affected at all by workers leaving their jobs to replace the strikers; another thing is certain, agricultural workers are not in groups Teaming up to replace the strikers in the city, it is worth mentioning that these agricultural workers are full of grievances, because a small number of strikers go to the countryside to rob them for non-skilled jobs. So there is no way to explain the origin of this second team of workers. A surplus labor force originally existed, and even in 1901 AD, the most prosperous era in the American Yearbook, it never disappeared. What is it like to be a tramp? (1) The lineup of the homeless is strong and organized, and the society is helpless; (2) The homeless are “poor and shabby”, “ragged”, and “homeless” unfortunate; (3) the number of the homeless” Many”; (4) The vast majority of homeless people are reluctant to do proper work; (5) Those homeless who are willing to do legitimate work have to work hard to find a job; (6) Homeless people are not welcome of. Jack London described the homeless man who once lost his job but was not yet discouraged and walked on the “road” helplessly, wandering from one big city to another in search of work, he once wandered and laughed in the verdant countryside. Lie on your back and listen to the chirping of the birds, not worrying about the factory sirens and the stern commands of the big boss.   The most important thing is that he survived, this is the key! He did not starve to death. Not only did he live a carefree and happy life, but he also lived happily! This idle but still alive experience gave him a new concept of life. The more helpless and tragic experience he has towards workers’ lives, the greater the temptation for him from the “Broad Road”. Finally, he confronts the society as a challenger, resists all work, joins the wandering ranks of the Wandering Kingdom, and becomes the world’s today Gypsy. Finally, Jack London said that although their deaths are regrettable, they are destined to die. Therefore, when wandering wanderers fall on the highway, obstructing traffic, or blocking the steps outside the kitchen door, don’t blame them, not only Approve the demise of this form, and promote its realization. We can strictly enforce the police regulations, but we must never persuade the homeless to go to work. It is not only too harsh but also a hypocritical lie, because we clearly know that there is no work for him. As a scapegoat for our socio-economic and industrial crimes, or the established process, we should affirm his role and let us be fair. He is only a product, a product of society, and is involuntary.

6 months ago

So far, I have seen so many kinds of people who are alone/have a bad relationship with the family/the family is unwilling to take care of them. This is a prerequisite for all homeless people. The middle class before the financial crisis, all kinds of advanced consumption, suddenly the financial crisis, the loan could not be repaid, the company also collapsed. Then it filed for bankruptcy with the US government, and the penniless people who passed it were gone. If they didn’t pass it, they would hide their debts. The veteran who has been on the battlefield suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). The symptoms are so severe that they cannot take care of themselves. They do not have a skill, and their family is unwilling to take care of them, and the VA Hospital cannot stay every day. I don’t care about the group of people who have not received any formal education since childhood, or dropped out after 12 years of compulsory education. Retired old people, the kind who didn’t save much of their pension before retirement, and in the end the house did not keep alcohol and drug addicts. Family changes, the death of a family member who suffered a divorce, or a physical disability due to a car accident, etc., are more miserable. However, not every city has a very good welfare system. Take my village as an example, there are indeed homeless shelters, but there is a limit on the number of days of the homeless shelters. Generally it is 3~5 days, if the circumstances are special, it can be as long as 30 days. Then someone will assess the situation of the homeless. If you decide that you don’t need to keep it and there will be no major issues, then decisively blast out. If you need to continue to stay, then continue for 30 days. And most importantly, the rescue station does not accept everyone, only “what they think is acceptable.” As for how this rule is determined, it varies from station to station. Homeless Shelter can only guarantee the basic survival needs, nothing else. Most rescue stations are private and not operated by the government. A city may only have one rescue station operated by the government, and the others are privately operated. And there is an evaluation system, it is difficult to be accepted after being bombed out.

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