In particular, Ryze has a pretty good brushing mechanism. Surging q damages high wild monsters and will not hide. Aoe is full of skills and has a short CD. The equipment of the S11 version fits a lot more than before. The ew stabilization control is very violent. Disgusting. Fighting also has the ability to manipulate and pull, r can do a lot of things, and the upper limit is also high. I think the potential of Ryze’s jungle is comparable to Lilia’s Death Songs and others, and it also has its own characteristics and is completely worth developing. (Specifically, for example, Ryze’s aoe is not punished by the aoe of blood-sucking skills. Brushing f6 seems to be able to recover blood. The single wild monster Frog Fei Ryze has a high basic magic resistance, and the red open front lacks blue cookies to deal with? Phase electrocution or even aftershocks, rapid pace? I feel that many sets of outfits are pretty good. It’s easy to make up for tears. The output is half meat, exaggerated or even out of the turbo alchemy pot. The r3000 distance transmission is used to steal the wild, and the time is reversed. Unexpected The arrest of people, change the battlefield, and go on? I roughly compared it, starting at level 6, Ryze’s dps of wild aoe is already higher than that of death song. Even the whole picture wandering, the imprisonment of various monsters and ghosts are in line with the official background character settings. and many more)

Are there any shortcomings in Ryze’s jungle, or is there a deviation in my understanding of the game? Why can’t you see Ryze in the jungle hero?

If you consider bp, maybe Ryze playing online would be a better choice. There are many good heroes in the jungle, but since Dead Song junglers are so strong, why hasn’t Ryze jungle been developed?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Don’t tell me, I really played Ryze jungle once. As for the source, it’s because I played too many other jungle heroes and it didn’t mean anything. Then I tried Ryze jungle once and matched it. Tu Yile, but that Ryze jungler is the only Ryze jungler so far. Ryze was really slow in the early game, and it was particularly hurt. It’s a bit difficult for me to reach level three. At the first level, the teammates helped to play the blue, but it was better. The second level playing the frog concubine was really miserable and was punished. After fighting the wolf, he was promoted to level three and knocked a bottle of medicine with half blood left. In this state, normally a jungler comes to the red zone to counter our field. Didn’t I directly gg Smecta, the only counterattack ability is QEWQ and then drive away. This pair of lines is an excavator. Fortunately, the opponent is not that smart, and it is more casual in matching. It didn’t come against me, so I swiped the red f6. I have to hand in eq four times to swipe f6. This bird poked me really blood, and I feel that I am about to be single-killed by f6 and become a small doinb. Avoid the excavator and go to the crab, use the second punishment to return to the state. Luckily, his teammates like to change blood. On both sides of the next road, I and mine, I walked over and raised my head, and I felt good about it. By the way, I helped my teammates push a wave of lines, went home, and smashed to level four and a half. Going home directly kills people or adds tears to the goddess, starts a career as a scholar, and then is miserable, Zach is not that miserable. (Why don’t you talk about Dragon Turtle? Because after the actual test, the Dragon Turtle’s savagery is not complaining. It has been mourned. Suddenly I found that today’s version of Dragon Tortoise is updated. I tried it specially, but the savagery is still slow… (Parts) If it weren’t for catching more people and making the economy stronger, it is estimated that the brushing will be slower. But I have to say that the stray ability to catch people is really strong. It’s too simple. Walk around the wall and catch the opponent who is given a chance. You can start catching at 70% blood, chasing a, and then qeqwq combo, triggering electrocution. 20% of the blood left in the fight (the damage is terrible). (At this time, someone asked: Why didn’t you bring the phase rush?) Ryze’s early damage was so low that he didn’t rely on electrocution, so he grabbed the head when he took a gank. But as long as Van Ritz can gank around and get people, you can change to any other jungler. If Ryze passes from the front, the speed of movement is slow, and the opponent will slip away when he is seen. Fortunately, this one went smoothly. Looking at me from the other side, Ryze’s jungle defense was relatively low. Basically, I went around the back and grabbed a standard, updated equipment, and the brushing speed was indeed higher after the sixth level. At least it’s a normal jungle level. By the end of the game, 14/2, the total output is the highest and the replenishment is the most (it is so shameless). I would like to call it a French male gun. In short, Ryze’s jungle play is just fun. You can still grow up when you encounter opponents who can’t play. The early game play ability is poor and hurt. Although there is ew fixed-point control to catch people, I am careful. Think my scarecrow is not much better than this? Sweeping the wild quickly without hurting, Q fixed-point control, the ultimate move and the ability to start a group and find opportunities. I played a clubbing, Ryze jungle, Gan, tortured monsters tortured myself. (Unless the fist adds a monster damage bonus to Ryze’s skills in the future) I admit that Ryze with Luden is really strong in farming ability, but as a jungler, how do you get the first big piece of equipment? Even the missing chapters and the tears of the goddess, where did this 1700 come from, Bank of China? So I still want Ritz to play as a BP? Impossible, passersby can’t afford it, let alone the game. Ryze is selected as a jungler. One is that the wild area is used as the back garden on the opposite side. The other is that your opponent is at level 5 and you may be at level 3. You can’t control a single crab. what? Even ask Giggs? Are you sure that using Giggs as a jungler will not call the client directly to a Giggs store? If Giggs can jungle, then I declare that Xerath can also jungle, creating a new type of jungler with hemiplegia. Go home three times in three minutes and 15 seconds. Death Song can be developed to play wild because Q’s high dps damage guarantees quick play, so it won’t hurt. W has the ability to retain people, passive ability to explore the field of vision, and the existence of E and big moves can ensure that the lower limit of the death song in team battle is very high, and the position is good, and the team has a huge output ability. In the early stage of the rock bird level, when the magic power is not up, Q’s wild speed is indeed slightly lower, but at least it has a strong gank ability, passive movement speed is high, running fast, and supporting gank online is not wrong. W has a strong ability to catch people, can break the crab shield, WE damage is high, Q has the ability to cross towers and extremely strong ability to brush wild. R also has the ability to break back, break lines, card positions, and support. Is this what Ryze and Giggs can compare to the two above? Anyway, look at Morgana (Master only uses W to brush the wild is much faster than these two). Because I haven’t played Ryze jungle for a long time, I went back to the training mode after seeing this problem and played…In addition to playing blue and cj for a long time (switching without cd to simulate teammates to help open), swipe after level 3. The wild speed is quite satisfactory, not too bad, but the biggest problem is not only the field damage, but the tm hitting and hitting all the blue, a set of skills hits the wild monster, the blue buff is added to the wild knife. The blue effect can’t come back! When the blue is gone, I will grab someone and fight each other.

6 months ago

When you play Ryze jungle, it’s a wild that anyone can come against you. The arrest is mostly a double kill and there is no equipment support in the early stage, the damage is low, and the game is slow. It depends on one hand ew? Then why don’t I play Pan Sen?
Player: I heard that you have high damage in the early stage and strong gank ability, so you can go to the wild
Ryze: I am not, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense

6 months ago

In the past, when Fu Neng Echo (that is, the wizard jungler) was still there, I went to the golden game to get the clockwork jungler, the fire male jungler, the fire girl jungler, and the wandering jungler. Personally, I feel that the fire man> the fire girl> the clockwork> the bald fire man is stupid before level three and cannot trigger the passive. After the third level, the qualitative leap can add passive percentage blast damage to large monsters. The fire girl is the master of the flesh. Relying on the e to fight against the wounds to disgust others. Strictly speaking, the winding is actually the most comfortable of these. However, it is too blue. The previous rune echoes have a lot less blueness than Luden. , It’s not enough at all, the level and equipment are super efficient and non-injury, and the shield of e is pulled by w to resist injury. For the bald, it seemed that during that time it was a version that had to be double-e to spread. Return to your question, bald jungler… Only e, q and w can be learned at the first level. CD is too long and it is not recommended to learn. The second level can only learn q. Compare with eq, the efficiency of brushing wild is much higher than w, and the qCD is shorter. Bald e early CD3s, qCD6s, the main skills have no ad bonus, and the basic attack power is only 58 and not high. There is a three-second gap period for the second level of wild qeq, and only a is left. The wild monsters can chisel half blood for you. Bomberman will not say, the CD is longer and you can check the skill mechanism of the dead song q1sCD play Single unit can also crit, e switch 0.5s, range damage. The existence of the first brother in the wild area, 3.07 the big brother in the wild area, can only be compared with the leopard, ud, sagittarius. I won’t record the training camp videos for the two heroes you listed for their efficiency. Otherwise, I will find a chance to record a wave for you to see how cruel it is to compare. Can the Bald Bomberman play wild? Can play, in my strange jungler, it seems that there is nothing that can’t be jungled. Before Thain increased the damage bonus of q to monsters, I mixed him in the diamond-ranked jungle, but it was easy to be invaded. So is the big bug. The level is as invincible as the flesh. But relying on the identity of the same master to touch the porcelain version of the death song of Fahe No. 1 is a bit wrong. Oh, by the way, the dead song’s ultimate is automatically locked, regardless of distance, the bomber’s ultimate hit rate is not high, and as the distance increases, the flight time is longer, not sure, as for the bald, one with a q40% damage increase The small group tp is nothing more. The accelerated development of the death song’s big move is also the reason why he is a wild core

6 months ago

You can’t just make up for it with your brain. If you have this idea, open a practice mode and try the speed of these heroes. I think Ryze may be more reasonable. The Bomberman is unlikely. The Bomberman’s q is definitely not short in the jungle. Your so-called scouring speed is based on the equipment level. The problem is that the level is equipped. Who is unhappy in the wild? The jungle itself is to play rhythm, the early sweeping speed and the degree of injury will greatly affect your mid-term level. And the Bomberman is most proud of his long-handed poke, and the jungler will ignore this advantage. The jungle speed of the dead brother jungler is the only one in the jungle, but the recovery ability is also very poor. It must rely on the jungle speed to quickly open up the level difference and poor equipment, and it is difficult to get started.

6 months ago

Is the subject serious…Is there any misunderstanding about the high damage and the fast scouring…Mage single heroes, basic attack power, and armor are far weaker than normal jungler heroes, so most of the wizards are There are natural disadvantages in maintaining the state in the wild time, not to mention the strength of the lead time. The basic damage of the skill is high, the CD is short, there is a recovery (blood/blue/shield), and the AOE is the core issue of whether the wizard can clean the wild (I miss the era of the purple jungle knife when everyone can clean the wild)… Recommend a few A recreational and entertaining jungler hero 1, Morgana, you can have hands and blues. As long as the mid laner doesn’t need blues, it is still very comfortable. This version may have Yongshuang, otherwise it will be easy to soy sauce… 2. Bright moon, yes. The output can be meaty, the main w fast pace is not too hurt, it is relatively slow. 3. Rambo/Nicole, the speed of scouring is good, level 6 is very fierce, but scouting is a bit hurt. 4. Timo, he can pull the wild and brush the wild with almost no damage. The program effect is perfect. It is pure entertainment and easily leads to the ridicule of 9 people… 5. Ike, it is put here because it is half the mainstream… Others Like the Golems and the Big Insects, they can play wild with any genre. There are also jungle murlocs. A few years ago, they were able to entertain the jungle, but now I don’t know if they can… In general, most of the melee mages who can jungle (to be continued)

6 months ago

As long as my teammates drag your teammates on the line and don’t let them help you, I will directly choose Olaf, I will let you not eat any monsters in the wild area,,, come on, let’s slash, ,, I am level 6 and you are still level 3, believe it or not? I don’t want my own wild area, and let my teammates brush, I will brush your wild area. My personal understanding is that the jungle you choose, or you can play the opposite side Jungler slash, even if you can’t beat the opposite side, you must have the ability to escape, the ability to move, and a living and developed jungler to do things… you choose a Ryze, and I will go straight after playing the red buff Three wolves are waiting for you, go home to fill up the equipment and continue to your red buff waiting for you, your round is basically gone,,

6 months ago

Do some people think that as long as they have played a group of wilds, they can be considered jungle? Other heroes are like mantis, leopard and female spiders. They can’t develop on the line before they have to move to the battlefield. There is no way to hell, you break in, or the truth is practiced by those words, there is a kind of you to choose and try on the other side of me

6 months ago

The core is the blue consumption problem, as long as there is a little thought about whether it hurts or hurts, you can give it a hand when people come to oppose the wild. How can there be so many masters in the passer-by bureau that will turn the wild and the end from the beginning to the end. Ryze’s ability to farm wild is very mana-consuming, which means that you have to open the blue, and you must try to get yourself more wild monsters within the first blue buff duration. If the first blue buff duration is due to It hurts too much to go home once and waste Lan’s time, then you will be too slow to equip it. In the case that you have to open the blue and maximize the spawning, your spawning route is too easy to infer. No matter how you open the opposite side, as long as you take the first buff and go to your F6 bushes to make an eye, you half of the wild zone No, you are still at level 3 and a half after mid laner is level 6. Give you the crab on the side of your blue buff and you can’t get up. Even if there is an ew catcher’s big move around, your equipment level can’t rise, the mid laner is level 6 and you are level 3 and a half, which is useless. In case the crab hits the opposite side, it can only be let, because there is not enough amount of blue to kill, the qeqwq set will be half of the blue. The blue cost of Dead Song’s jungler is much less than that of Ryze.

6 months ago

Are you sure that the Bomberman and Ryze had high damage in the early stage? The two of them are level up, the bomber has a full-level Q, and Ryze has an EQ to spawn his troops quickly, and the early bomber Ryze has a high continuous damage with a hammer. The former wizards like Death Song and Rock Sparrow can play wild because their CD is very short and their continuous output ability is very good. The reason why you think these people hurt almost the same is because in the early days, everyone did not change blood frequently online, and just left. If you make everyone stand still in the early stage and throw skills face-to-face, Death Song and Stone Sparrow (ignoring the impact of the stone throwing ground) will be able to deal with the bomber Gareth’s damage in one minute.

6 months ago

Bomberman’s early blue cost is high and CD is long. In the current version, it is not suitable for jungle, unless the fist strengthens the skill or passively damages wild monsters. But Ryze is indeed feasible. Huya’s high-scoring anchor Sally played several Ryze junglers when he played the low-segment (diamond) fish last season, and the results proved to be really good. The efficiency of clearing the field is fast, the ability to catch people is strong, and the field can be played and run. I would like to call it an ap male gun. However, due to the season update equipment changes, the problem that Ryze’s jungler faces is the lack of blue in the early stage, and he relies heavily on blue buffs. But the good thing is that Goddess Tears is only sold for 400 yuan now, and Yongshuang is a super-attribute outfit. Ryze’s equipment will be formed much faster than last season. So this season, Ryze’s jungle is still feasible. As for why no one uses it? Compared with mainstream jungle heroes, Ryze does not have any dominant features. He has not been strengthened, nor is it highly compatible with a certain version of the powerful equipment, which is not very cost-effective compared to other heroes. After all, Ryze is a mage who needs to develop. In the pursuit of the early combat capabilities of the wild area, the same economy is full of other people’s output and Ryze will spend 400 more to buy Goddess Tears. Of course, the above are all my speculations. Maybe tomorrow Hanbok will start to see Ryze’s jungle craze?

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