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The relationship between people and pets, sometimes with children and parents, is very similar to the relationship between bosses and employees. Such as keeping a cat. Some people keep cats and buy them at a high price, but keep the most expensive cat food but ignore its nature and needs. Going to the table to scold, grind his claws and beat, it is too troublesome to pee. To prevent it from being mischievous and locked in a cage. The owner was happy and wanted to touch it, but he resisted. The owner slapped his backhand, cursing, “I spent that much money, you are not good, how can there be a cat like you, worthy of the money I spent”. Does it look like some parents treat their children and bosses treat employees? If you eat mine and take mine, you should be at my mercy to make me comfortable? The cat has everything needed for food, clothing, and a cage. Is it happy or unhappy, loved or unloved? Is there a choice? It is just a cat that was bought back. I know a cat that has been raised so much. When I met him, his eyes were full of vigilance. I adopted it. Because its former owner thought it was “unfamiliar”, he threw it to a young lady who had no choice but to rent a house. I have seen many stray cats, and I am still surprised that cats also have this kind of “bored” expression. It doesn’t know how to gurgle from its stomach, or how to step on milk. If you hold other cats, it will shrink into a ball and watch. If you feed the canned food, it doesn’t grab it, and waits for the other cats to finish eating. You tease it with a toy, but it ignores it, as if it has never been interested. Never actively approach you, you touch it, it does not resist, but its eyes are full of boredom. Keep away from me, I’m a good cat. It eats my hair, tears at the paper, bites my clothes, and occasionally doesn’t bury the shit. Sometimes I will be yelled in anger, threatened by it, and scratched by it. But most of the time it stays with a cat and ignores everything, including me and the other cat. And I only let it do what a cat wants to do, bask in the sun, nap, and sharpen its claws. Where it likes to grind its claws, I will put a scratcher on it. Wait until it likes the scratcher, and then slowly move the scratcher to a place that is convenient for me. When I want to kick it, but it doesn’t want to, I just lie next to it and look at it, soak up the sun and take a nap together. When I sleep, it eats my hair and bites my feet. I push it away and hide it with a quilt before going to sleep with my head covered. When he saw it eating paper, he confiscated the paper and hid it, and checked his poop the next day. We keep this distance, respecting each other for almost two years. This year’s epidemic, I spent more time at home. I found it suddenly acted like a baby, and it became more and more sticky to me. When I work, it rubs against my computer screen, and when I reach out to touch it, it uses its small head to arch my palm. I learned to play with cat sticks, and I will sit down when I open the snack door. The expressions have changed from “bored” and “vigilant” to more and more “dumb” and “tiger-headed”. The place to sleep has also changed from a cat climbing frame far away to a position next to my pillow. The sleeping position changed from crouching and leaning forward. From the snarling in my mouth, until I heard “Ouch”, I stopped and licked me. Oh, it still grunts, grips its claws, and rolls over after being scratched to sleep. I still don’t know if it is fortunately happy, or if I love it very much. It does not look like a “pet” that should be entertained, nor does it follow the instructions of the “master”. It is like a clumsy child slowly and gentle, and I also learned patience and respect because of it. I never think that humans are the same as beasts, because beasts have no choice, let alone take responsibility for their choices. I like this cushion very much recently. I don’t even go to bed with it…maybe my feet are more fragrant? (Witty) It’s the first time to get so many likes, thank you for your likes. Sending a warm double orange overwhelms the welfare of the kang.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Take them to see a doctor when you can’t get medical insurance. Keep a pet and keep your mind at ease. Don’t expect to raise a snail girl or a gratitude crane. It is an animal, not a species from humans. Obviously eating, drinking, and medical treatment are so different from you, why do you expect it to become more refined than you are? What about feelings? The requirement for pets is to be acquainted with each other. If they are unfamiliar, it will be difficult to get along. As for the way it is familiar with you and its performance, it is up to it to decide. Forcing it is absolutely not happy for itself.

7 months ago

The yoga mat was too cold in winter. My cat didn’t know when he started to use the yoga mat as a nest, and occasionally went to sleep on the yoga mat. The weather has warmed up in the past two days and I am ready to resume exercise. When laying the yoga mat, it Suddenly I rushed over and bit my right wrist with my hands and feet. My wrist bones were relatively thin, and it bite to death easily. When I broke its head with my left hand, I could feel that it was really deadly. . Fortunately, my strength is still not slow to react and I haven’t suffered much damage. The photo is a bit invisible, and there is a small pit on the left and right sides of the wrist, and it is also swollen. The most important thing is that after I broke it apart, it kept trying to attack me, holding my calf and chewing on my ankle, jumping up and grabbing my thigh. Although there are no cuts and bruises all over, there are really many wounds on both legs. I didn’t put any small cuts in the photo, too lazy to take it. Finally, I couldn’t help but grabbed it when it attacked me again. It put it in the cage and locked it up for a moment of tranquility. And it kept biting me desperately during the process of putting it in the cage, and I doubted whether it hated me. After thinking about it, it might think that I moved its nest, but I am also its owner no matter how I say it. Even if I moved its nest, it shouldn’t attack me so desperately, right? It was like this again today. I lay on a yoga mat and stretched. It suddenly rushed over and attacked me. In the process, one of its nails caught the fleshy skin of my left middle finger, and I found that it didn’t stop at all when I was struggling. Thoughts even opened his mouth to bite me. The more I thought about it, the more angry I hit it for the first time. It was said that hitting it was actually just a few slaps on it. It’s 12:30 midnight, and I’m still thinking about it attacking me. Normally, it will often suddenly rush over to bite my ankle. In the past two days, it has treated me as an enemy. I suspect that I have raised my eyes. Wolf. I’m really good enough with it. I took it home a month old and raised it until now. Vaccines, snacks, canned food, cat litters, cat toys, etc. What you want, but it still treats me like this, it’s really chilling, and I sometimes feel that it is unfamiliar. This is probably the last time I have raised a pet. I don’t even want to raise it anymore. I even regret raising it. The small wounds on my hands and legs have not been broken since I raised it, and there have been new wounds and old wounds and even scars. Sometimes I want to send it away, but when I send it away, I am afraid that it will hurt others and can only torture each other with it.

7 months ago

During the epidemic, on the seventeenth day of the first month, I went downstairs for a walk. Met a milk cat, Sanhua. No companions, no big cats, wailing in the flower bed. I sat there and waited for more than ten minutes. No mother cat was looking for her, and no humans took her away. After asking my husband for instructions, I took her home. There is a big white cat named cod in my house. He was three and a half years old. He also picked it up. He never grabs furniture other than the climbing frame, and he doesn’t steal food. He sleeps with me face to face every night. He is very nice. I thought kittens in the world are so behaved, but then I found out that I was wrong. She would use cat litter for the Xiaosanhua, but she prefers to pee three or four pieces on our quilt in the dead of night. I thought it had a sick bladder, so I took it to the hospital for an investigation, but nothing happened. She can eat canned cat food, but she prefers to jump onto the dining table and grab human food with her hands when people are not paying attention. She doesn’t eat just play. She knows how to use climbing frames and grab boards, but she loves to grab sofas more. I bought a stretch sofa cover and she broke it too. She ate my succulents, Qi Gen bit off Lulu, and took the newly born cactus ball onto my bed. She bit off the power cord of the TV, bit the data cable, and bit a blood hole in the ear of my big white cat and cod. After educating her, she didn’t count the times, spanking, closing the cage, spraying water on her nose did not work. I made up my mind to give her away in July 2020. During the day we go to work and close the bedroom door. Come back at night, open doors and windows for ventilation, and then cook. There was a strong wind during the cooking process, so I came to the bedroom balcony to close the windows. As soon as I entered the bedroom, she found that she was pulling Baba on the bed. When she saw me, she immediately lowered her head and raised her butt on the ground and barked her teeth and snarled in an offensive state. It really scared me. I didn’t move, so I looked at her and she sprang from the bed. Come down and ran away. I thought she was gone. I went to the balcony to close the window. It was closing. She ran behind me quietly, bit my heel and scratched my calf. That night, my husband and I sent her to my father-in-law’s house in the village. Bought her cat food and cat litter box. Tell my father-in-law, if she is willing to be a domestic cat, then keep her, so as to entertain, I will buy cat food and cat litter. If she doesn’t want to have a home, then go be a stray cat. During the most difficult winter, I fed her. She didn’t think about the good of human beings, so no one could help. My father-in-law has a good heart, and there are stray cats at home to eat every day. My father-in-law’s grocery market deals with dead fish that are sold at a high price. They are cooked and mixed with cat food. Several cats will catch mice or birds and put them on my father-in-law’s window sill. But Xiao Sanhua, may really yearn for nature more. After only staying at my father-in-law’s house for one night, she went to search for poetry and the distance. . Add a little bit more. . In November 2020, I was 4 months pregnant at that time. One day I was watching TV and wiping the floor at home to prepare dinner. I heard a meow in the corridor. I opened the door and saw that a five- or six-month-old Sanhua was squatting rightly at my door, with a little mouse under his feet. I asked her, do you want a home? She was not polite and swaggered into my house, lay down beside the shoe cabinet, rubbing my feet with her belly exposed. I thought to myself, such a relative, don’t be a cutie who runs away. I asked the owner for seven days, but no one reported that she had lost the cat. I think she was honest, so she left it, and had one more cat to eat. She named it Lao Wu, she always belonged to Wu Lao Wu. call. . Strange to say, Lao Wu didn’t recognize birth at all. Take her to the hospital for a physical examination and get a vaccine. I hold her and she is not afraid. When I returned home, I met my big white cat at first sight. I saw my husband, smelled his feet, and started snoring on his belly. From the day she came, my morning sickness began to improve and my appetite improved. I urinated frequently during pregnancy, and went to the bathroom three or four times at night. She was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes. She had to go to the bathroom and patrol around, then squatted at the bathroom door and looked at me. It is April 2021 and I am eight and a half months pregnant. During the day, Cod and Old Wu stay with me at home, wherever I go they will follow. At night, when I took a shower, they sat on the washing machine and looked at me. I sleep, the cod sleeps by my pillow and my face is close to my face, Lao Wu sleeps next to my stomach, with his back against me. My husband is very jealous of the cat’s love for me, haha

7 months ago

As a cat owner, I think this is a problem. If you expect your pet to be “not just a beast,” then it is purely that your expectations of pets are too high. Take cats as an example. Their IQ is only that. Because you are good to them, you expect them to be well-behaved, sensible and obedient. It’s not that they don’t want to, but that they can’t do it with that little brain capacity! Besides, even if you raise a child and treat the child well, the child may not listen to you. If there is any reason to be good to others, they must be obedient. Don’t have expectations when you give, and you won’t be disappointed. Isn’t keeping pets just to be happy? My cat also demolished the house every day, and I was forced to leave the house to live a minimalist life, because if there were more things in the house, they would be destroyed by them. And, of course, I can’t control them at all. But I don’t care. I raise them just to make them look good, I just look at them pleasing to the eye. As for how they behave, well… as long as they look good, it doesn’t matter. Come and expose my cat.

7 months ago

Cough, I think there is a cat training rule that everyone knows to raise cats and dogs… In the early stage of raising a cat, don’t give the cat too much food, let it follow what you want to eat. You can put cat food one by one. Pellet feeding is easier to establish authority. When the cat is hungry, it sticks around you and rubs it around, isn’t it sticking? I have never kept a non-sticky cat. Thinking about it now, I guess I knew this when I was in elementary school, and the cat also knew this rule. We will get along in harmony later. But many people may not know it, so they will really make cats their masters. You see, when the beast rabbit is about to eat, it can be cute. Animals can be trained and tamed. Untamed, it means that you have no consciousness and no ability.

7 months ago

It’s all cats, is this just my dog? It is just a beast when it’s pulling randomly. My dog ​​is my diehard, full of spirituality, and only recognizes one master. Black and white are distinct. Unlike other dogs, it is good for everyone. It will not fully accept people’s attitudes. Treat it well, and it rewards you well. It’s not good, put on a bad face. High cold, a look too lazy to care about you. Treat it kindly, repay me, and protect me. If someone talks about me, they will help me. It sensed that I was being bullied, and even rushed to bite. One night, my husband and I quarreled in bed. Originally it was sleeping on the ground. With the high decibels and the quarreling momentum in the air, it suddenly rushed to the bed with an arrow, rushed up and took a bite, and then stood in front of me. My husband was scared and clever, shouting: “My wife, I was bitten, it just bit me!” Bichon has short legs. Its legs are shorter, especially cute little short legs, long and bulky. Many times I will not jump into bed for a while, and I need to pull it up. But that time, he quickly rushed to the bed. I don’t know how afraid it is that I will be bullied, so I am nervous enough to overcome the skills that it is not good at. Afterwards, he took a closer look, and through his pajamas, there was no biting or bleeding. The example that helped me is not once or twice. Every time I quarrel, it will always help me slap him, help me, bark. My husband has a speechless face. Including my family. Mouth me, fierce me, it will also be angry. My mother fed it to no avail and only recognized me. If you bully it, you will hold a grudge, and if you bully the owner, it will also hold a grudge. The dog’s heart is clear on the notebook. Having it at home, including going out, driving at night, and taking it with you will feel very at ease. Although it is only a bichon, it has a very domineering aura, big hair, special personality, and protects the lord. Like a little patron saint. Many times, like a small person, he understands with just one look. The dog’s body resembles a soul living in its body, with its own thoughts and own opinions. No one else can tempt it. Will not listen to people other than me. Only the male dog’s urination by raising his leg and pulling it indiscriminately can’t be changed from life and death. I’ve been raising it for nearly ten years, and I still drop a drop here and a drop there, just lift my leg. Every time I sigh, I really am a beast, and cannot be too demanding. There are also thresholds for being human. Then, the diapers got out of trouble. Everyday, wearing diapers all year round. Yesterday, I bought a lot through live broadcast, which can be used for half a year.

7 months ago

This is a cat that I bought from a relatively well-known foreign cattery before the epidemic. I have not actively rubbed me or heard her snoring since I bought it. This is the only front face photo, and you can see that she is still guarding me lying on the floor. The eyes are full of alert. Because of a severely timid personality, he would refuse to embrace human beings. Forcibly holding her will cause incontinence. But it retains one of the characteristics of the puppet cat and will not hurt people. She has never lost her temper because of trivial things like feeding medicine, cutting her ears, trimming her nails and getting injections. She just couldn’t get close to me. I once doubted whether this cat was severely abused, but I found no evidence. After all, when I received her, she was still quite fat and there were no wounds on her body. Her breeders have always been very enthusiastic, and she doesn’t seem to be someone who doesn’t love cats. As a cattery, the most basic purpose of buying a breeding cat is for the breeding plan, but I have not yet figured out whether this cat is caused by man-made or congenital reasons. If it is congenital, then this cat is a personality defect and is not suitable for breeding. So nearly two years old, she has not participated in any breeding plan and has been under observation. (Explained here, severely timid cats have very poor anti-stress ability and belong to the type with higher feeding risk) To be honest, I also blamed her in my heart. I also considered transferring her to sterilization. Especially every time she sees me avoiding far away early, watching my every movement carefully, until I close the door and stay a few meters away from her before returning to normal… That kind of disappointment and resentment will instantly overwhelm me. . As a breeder of puppet cats, there must be more than one hundred puppet cats delivered or introduced. I have never seen a cat with such a character. It made me understand why many people resent the cats they raised themselves and feel that they hurt themselves deeply…but! Here I still want to analyze it rationally for everyone: the feelings of all pets and owners who are close, trusting, and stable are incomprehensible to animals. In the animal world, there is only cooperation and independence, surrender and domination. So obviously, even if this cat is an outlier from the puppet cat in my eyes, her attitude towards me still belongs to the normal category. So keep pets-if you are lucky, you will cherish each other’s love. If you can’t, like this one in my house, you can only understand or look forward to a certain day in the future. After all, in addition to small animals, sometimes even high IQs such as humans still have “unfamiliar white-eyed wolves”. Letting go of the full stomach is actually letting go of yourself.

7 months ago

A child of the owner wants to go to school and has no energy to raise a cat anymore, so he sends a raising message on a certain platform. There is no photo, no introduction, a simple sentence: Because the child is unable to raise a cat at school, I am eager to find a kind person. I accidentally saw such a simple introduction, which made up some of the original owner’s bad treatment of the cat. I had never had a cat before and adopted a cat that was too redundant. When I arrived, I found that it was a big adult cat. It was tied up. The rope was very short, and the range of movement was more than one meter in diameter. After two steps, the rope strangled his neck. I strengthened the owner’s idea of ​​being bad for cats. I bought all the cat’s stuff at the pet shop that day and paid a large IQ tax. After I brought the cat back, I didn’t put it in the cage. I wanted to get used to it first, but I wanted to give it enough freedom. I don’t want it to be confined to a small area. A few days ago, there was nothing wrong with it. It was not noisy or noisy, as if it was a roommate with me, and was politely alienated. Four or five days later, it was restless when I was eating. Start picking up food and get started directly. I had to put it in a cage while eating. I shut it in whenever I eat. Once I was a little hungry, so I went downstairs and bought a steamed bun. I ate half of it when I came up. Unexpectedly, it jumped directly on my body, the nail hooked and hurt, so I patted its paws, but it still couldn’t go down, so I had to use a little force, but I didn’t expect it to also force, the hind legs jumped and the front paws rushed towards me的roujiamo. But I reacted too quickly, for fear that it would scratch me, so my meatballs fell on the ground and it was empty. Then it quickly pulled the Roujiamo on the ground, and I kicked the Roujiamo abruptly, and I didn’t dare to touch it. It was looking at me and Roujiamo who did not move, nor did I move. Then after dozens of seconds, when I squatted over and was about to throw the pork bun, it jumped on my squatting thigh and bit down hard. It was the kind of retaliatory bite, two blood holes and a row of small teeth marks, two blood holes like zombie bites. It’s also like an injection. Then I slapped it aside with a slap. Then I calmed down, picked out the green peppers from the pork bun, and passed the meat to it, then I walked aside and didn’t look at it to eat. Because it should be mad at me too. As a result, it sniffed, licked it, and did not eat. The marinated meat is in line with human taste, the cat may think it is too salty and too strong in taste. Then I put a little bit of minced meat on the meat sandwich cake and fed it to it. This time it was able to cope with it. It sniffed it very quickly, turned its head and ignored it, and went to eat its own cat food. Now I am completely angry. The raising time is not long, half a month. I immediately set out to find its free adoption job, and explained that this cat is very skinny and needs to be locked up. If you want a gentle cat, it may not work. I was so soft when I was looking for adoption and almost deleted the post. Since it was locked up in a cage and howled all night, I couldn’t bear it anymore. Because I didn’t turn it off before biting me, it was used to me. The cat is too vengeful, and my heart hardens again. Then I found a couple, they were together at university, and they lived together after graduation and went to work together. They looked very gentle. I also agreed to send me photos of cats and videos with me from time to time. After disturbing them for two or three months, I suggested that I no longer need to show me videos like regular reports. In the video, the cat doesn’t seem to be active in my house. It’s jumping like a monkey in my house, howling like a wolf, and eating like a pig. The video looks very cold a few times and always gives me an ass. Funny cat stick attracted for a short while, and then I closed my eyes. The photos look good, and it is estimated that the hostess will look for angles. I do not regret giving it away. I took the tooth print at the time, but it didn’t work out, so I deleted it. Because the cat’s teeth are quite small, the hole in the cell phone that I pierced looks like a mosquito bite. It’s just a little red, like a red pen on my leg. Looking at my scar map, I deleted it immediately. I hurt so so much, and the photos gave me a serious injury, and I got angry just looking at it. Later, I bought a small orange cat that had just been weaned and raised it from a little bit to a big orange pig. It has never hurt me because of food, although it will always salivate at the food. Seeing how greedy it is, I feed it and eat it too. It feels like an orange pig that eats everything, so it’s so good to feed it. I dared to eat it when I took the photo. The next second after the photo was taken, I raised my hand to frighten it. It was immediately frightened by the palm wind and its head came out, the ears of the plane jumped to the ground, as shown in Figure 2. Cats are greedy, but they can’t protect their owners. If it wants to eat human food, I give it to it. Anyway, I don’t give it too many times. And after eating it a few times, cat food is more fragrant. After all, I’m used to eating cat food, so I should change the taste of the cannibal food, and I’m not happy to eat it all the time.

7 months ago

It’s not that I said, there are really many scenes with pets. I watched a video on station b. The hostess was menstruating, and her cat happened to be pulling the drawer (my cat also likes pulling the drawer, without him, pulling it eight hundred times a day is just curious), and put her in the drawer The painkiller came out and played all over the floor. In my opinion, my own cat, which I shared with my previous friends, meant that the poop in the litter box was picked up and played all over the floor. The hostess was so moved that she cried and called the cat like Boyfriend… I just feel that IQ has been insulted. What a lack of love this is. When you are sick, your family pours water and cooks for you, but you don’t drip too much, and the cat makes so many scenes on itself by making some unintentional movements. Cats are just animals. If you have taken care of little babies, you will find that they also like to hit and bite, and they are quite unreasonable and have a lot of energy. I have never raised a dog, and a cat is just a fluffy baby, eating and drinking, meowing, scratching and biting when it’s upset (of course, a good-tempered cat doesn’t bite). The owner of an animal whose IQ is not as high as that of a three-year-old kid expects a boyfriend. If that cat knows what you are thinking, he must run away with the train overnight. Raising a cat but doesn’t know the skills, and if he is bitten by a cat and doesn’t think about a solution, he just keeps pressing human moral standards on his head and obeys it. When did you discover that your cat is a brute? what? You only discovered it after raising it for three or five years? Isn’t it the first day you should know this?

7 months ago

After working all day, he dragged his exhausted body home, and found that he demolished the house again, turned the trash can, pulled the cat litter to the floor, and occasionally pulled Baba outside. I was really angry. I could only scold and clean up. In the endgame, he was still angry, and he was not allowed to touch or hold him, and told him to ignore me. I felt that this was a waste of care. Keeping a pet is actually a test of patience. When I took him home for two months, it was with ear mites and keratitis. I ran to the hospital twice for three days and took medicine for a month. During that time, I did not have a serious epidemic. At work, I stayed at home with him for more than a month. The kitten caught and bitten. After I finished playing it, I was sometimes aggrieved. I lay on the bed and cried, thinking why I could not raise a white-eyed wolf. Now my cat is one year old, his personality is gradually stable, his temper is getting better and better, I don’t have any problem with rua, he can’t stretch his paws if I make him anxious. Behind my ass, the little sticky person, you must sleep next to my pillow, snoring while sleeping…It takes time and energy to raise a cute and docile cat. Anyway, if you want to keep a pet, you must be cautious and cautious. .

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