[96-year-old grandma who set up a stall was watched by more than a dozen anchors, and the police rushed to persuade the anchor to leave.]

On April 11, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, after a 96-year-old grandmother set up a stall accidentally became popular for 30 years, various anchors went to the grandmother’s booth to live stream traffic. Dozens of anchors surrounded the grandmother’s booth and some people persuaded the grandmother to increase the price. Witness Ms. Zhang said that a passerby called the anchor to interfere with the grandma’s work, and finally the police rushed to persuade the anchor to leave.

[96-year-old grandma set up a stall and stopped going out, too tired and needs rest]Recently, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, after a 96-year-old grandmother set up a stall unexpectedly for 30 years, dozens of people from various broadcasters and netizens surrounded the stalls for the elderly. Because there were too many people, the old man looked very tired. Faced with the popular grandmother, she said that she was too tired because of the number of people. He is now adjusting his waist and has stopped working. A netizen said: “I hope everyone will stop disturbing the old grandma and let the grandma enter a normal life again.”

To be honest, I think it’s a bit too much. In recent years, there are many examples of the sudden exposure of the general public that attracted a large amount of traffic. Many country singers and rural anchors have been trafficked by all kinds of traffic after they became popular. However, many people actually look down on others in their hearts, but just consume them. You came here with the purpose of rubbing traffic, and say a few words that seem to be very ethical and humane, are you that kind of person? Are you a good person? Just flaunt yourself as a positive energy, and who do you play? No, it is impossible to distinguish between the true and the false in the anchorman’s performance, but I am afraid that the first and the second will take the lead. This is a great damage to social customs and will attract a large number of bad Internet celebrities. Learn. Ignorance, ignorance, entertainment to death of the Internet celebrity culture. Take the recent Shandong Ramen brother and the 96-year-old grandmother. You persuade people to increase prices. It looks like a person, but in fact, they are 96 years old and come out to set up a stall. Buying cakes, is this a few dollars missing? How superficial and disrespectful it is to save others by oneself, ask me to say, a kid next to me, buy a cake and say: Grandma, I wish you good health, better than This group of people is thousands of times better. The Internet celebrity ecology that does everything for money, it’s time to rectify it. Don’t let this impetuous various anchors disturb the grandmother’s cleanliness. Let her be more peaceful. She doesn’t understand your virtues and has enough broad-mindedness to not care about you. People do things down-to-earth, live a down-to-earth life, and appreciate it. Life is hard and difficult. When you choose this kind of life, don’t you force others to go against your original intentions? This is simply naked exploitation. Of course, I am touched and gratified to see some people taking the initiative to help, but I just want to say: as the elderly are getting older, no matter how healthy they are, they are already in their twilight years. Let the elderly spend their old age peacefully. Don’t bother the anchor. Let it be upset. Let those who seek peace be more peaceful, let them enjoy their happiness in peace, and chat with the people who come to buy cakes to not be lonely, watching young people eat happily is happiness, what other extravagant hopes can grandma have? ? Do you expect that you anchors will go to the funeral after she leaves, or how many years later you will go to the grave to look at her, probably this is completely impossible, and no one can expect it. So far, there is only sadness and sympathy.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Another version of Shandong Ramen’s “tragedy”, the old grandmother said that they “taste the buns are fake and see the truth”. A group of blood-sucking “mosquitoes” come by smelling the “money”, but they are just taking the opportunity to earn traffic to realize it. Because of this, the popularity has increased, and the number of people who buy buns has increased. This sentence is very boring. A 96-year-old lady still expects to sell more to make more money? The old lady in Zhengzhou has bought buns for 30 years without rising prices, and she has been constrained by internet celebrities Heathcliff’s video 5142 broadcast this is just an attitude towards life, a joy of self-reliance. The old lady said that there are too many people and it’s tired. Some people say you wait and rest, but she said, “That person What to do? What to do if you come to eat buns and rest.” She is a very responsible person, so too much attention makes her sick. Many people also persuade the grandmother to increase the price, if she wants to, how can she persist for 30 years! Do you remember Ramen? “People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong”, but the hot Ramen brother “has a home and can’t go back”, “I don’t want to be popular, I really don’t want to be popular. Others say I am famous, but I really don’t want to be famous. The current situation does make me famous. I am very troubled, but it is more comfortable to live an ordinary life…” Brother Ramen: I don’t want to get angry! Heathcliff’s video. The 19,000 broadcasts of grandma and Ramen are caused by these unlimited influencers. I hope everyone will resist these eye-catching influencers and resist this unhealthy trend.

7 months ago

I’ve seen the young man shoot the grandmother in the first place. I think the grandmother is very clear and transparent. To be honest, I admire her. The family is as old as a treasure. After the grandmother’s unpretentious views became popular, it was no accident that there were a bunch of delicious and lazy anchors around the traffic, just like parasites. In fact, the phenomenon of filming grandmothers also reflects the current ecological status of my country’s anchors in the industry, and also reflects the impetuous and fragmented society of this society. An anchor with such a high traffic flow will never become popular. People all fantasize about getting rich overnight, and at the same time being lazy. It’s best to lie down and make money. The popularity of some anchors gives many people the illusion that if you have a mobile phone, take two shots and you have a chance to get angry. Opportunity, wealth and freedom, as for the bottom line, there is definitely no. But the reality is that the so-called “anchor” with this kind of thought may never become popular. Because they have no ability to output opinions and high-quality content, they can only output curious ones, which is still the “curious curious” with the least core competitiveness, because the grandma’s booth is there and anyone can shoot. There are more than a dozen people around to take pictures of other people’s grannies. , Why should the audience just watch you shoot? The top of the anchor food chain is to output high-quality content and output opinions. Generally, such anchors have accumulated a lot of accumulation and have unique insights into a certain industry or an event, and they have accumulation. What is lacking is an outlet. For example, the explosion of the grandmother in this incident (although the grandmother is not the anchor 2333) is because everyone admires the grandmother’s transparency. The middle level is good at discovering and capturing high-quality information in life. This kind of people do not output opinions, but have excellent discovery capabilities, just like scouts; for example, this type of anchor was the first to photograph the grandmother in this incident. . He started out of curiosity at first, and then slowly outputted a more three-dimensional image and point of view through a short video. The bottom layer is the so-called hunting and eyeballing. This kind of anchors is the main body of the live broadcast industry. Open your Douyin fast hands. Most of them are like this. Therefore, Guo Degang said that the crosstalk industry is also applicable to the anchor industry. The core success secret lies in “full Set off by peers”. Because the underlying anchors really don’t have the ability to output their opinions, and their professional knowledge or experience is not enough to resonate with the audience; they also don’t have the ability to create hot spots, but they often want to make a funny video because the video content is not funny enough and it looks very “funny”. . Such anchors are practitioners of the idea of ​​”just have hands”. They are impatient and want to eat this bowl of rice. When the parasites chant. On the one hand, I firmly believe that there is only one opportunity for me from the explosion, on the other hand I am very honest and will not invest any energy in learning, how fast I can come. On the last side is a 96-year-old grandmother who sets up a stall selling vegetable buns late at night, hoping to live a more meaningful life; on the other side is a group of 2,30-year-old boys, holding their mobile phones, idle around the grandmother’s booth to take pictures, hoping to upload a video Later, I earned today’s meal money through rewards. How ironic? Have this time to do the whole thing.

7 months ago

Do the local market managers also care about it? Ramen brother is just so old, and very young and wealthy, although the photographer shoots Ramen brother, but there are guardrails on the periphery, the photographer does not affect the normal life of others. How about these old ladies? People’s stalls are all fenced up. They make food. Don’t customers dislike it if you are so close? How to ensure food hygiene? Some young people are also idle and do nothing. They really need to listen to philosophies and life experiences. There are many lessons for parents, relatives and friends. The old lady is 96 years old, and they want to do business normally, buy cakes if they want to eat, and do what they should do after eating, do they need to be surrounded like flies.

7 months ago

As early as 2019, I saw this old grandma’s video on Kuaishou. At that time, her business was not so good, that is, some local food broadcasts and food shows would take turns to film, so overall it won’t Cause too much impact on the grandmother. The media interviewed in the 2019 video at the time. There was nothing wrong with her family’s financial situation. The family also advised her not to go out to do it, but she couldn’t stay idle. As she said in the video, she felt that people only need to live. If you can move, you can work, not idle. If you follow the exposure of the normal food category from the media, it will not bring too much burden to the grandmother. But since Ramen went out of the circle this year, this type of “simple” stallholders suddenly became a source of traffic at the level of breaking the circle. What is the breaking circle level? The typical representative is Shen Yan, who wandered in Shanghai and picked up garbage. What is the performance of the traffic at the breaking circle level? This has to be said about the platform of Kuaishou. In Kuaishou, if you want to quickly increase your followers, in addition to buying various official traffic, it is to appear on the discovery (recommendation) page with high frequency, which is equivalent to what we often say “hot”. The reason why Shen Wei attracted so many people to shoot him back then was because at that time, as long as the person Shen Yan was in the short video works, he would almost certainly be popular. This is obviously not the result of the algorithm, but the guidance of the platform. Similarly, the popularity of Ramen this year is also due to the guidance of a certain power of the platform. As long as you shoot Ramen, your work will be popular. Popularity means increasing fans, and increasing fans is about making money. Before Ramen this year, Zhou Binglun, who sold egg-filled biscuits in Xiong’an New District, had a similar effect this year. However, Zhou Binglun’s bad luck was that he had just become popular and had just registered the Douyin Kuaishou account. Ramen brother got up over there. The popularity of the platform is coming and going fast. Zhou Binglun has been on fire for two weeks before and after. Two weeks ago, he collapsed on the tricycle and said that he was too tired. The live broadcast will be launched two weeks later. The live broadcast room There are less than ten people. Because at that time, the heat has completely shifted from Zhou Binglun to Ramen. In fact, I also saw the video of Ramen Brother on Kuaishou a year ago. It was shot by a young guy who also set up a stall in Feixian Daji, but at that time the platform did not “select” Ramen Brother, so The fire won’t rise. Until this year, a Xuzhou food anchor took a picture of Ramen, and was suddenly “selected” by the platform, and then became popular. Then this female anchor who was not the first to photograph Ramen also got the title of discovering Ramen by the way, and it went up. Hundreds of thousands of fans. In the Ramen incident, many people are reflecting on why so many people go to join in the fun. In fact, this is the result of the platform’s guidance. If it weren’t for the popularity of ramen and the fans, who would shoot? Now these people who make money with traffic have gone to Zhengzhou grandma again. Whose fault do you say this is?

7 months ago

The self-media under the current “traffic is king” atmosphere is getting more and more ugly. I found that as long as there is traffic, it is really all-you-can-eat. Little Jack Ma, Brother Ramen, and now 96-year-old grandmother. Anchor netizens from all walks of life surrounded the stalls of the elderly with dozens of people. Because there were too many people, the old man looked very tired. Facing the popular old grandmother, she said that she was too tired because of too many people. He is now adjusting his waist and has stopped working. It’s really sad, these self-media have seriously affected the normal life of the old grandma. There are even people who ask the grandmother a question like checking their household registration. I don’t know when this kind of abnormal Internet freak started. Consumers of the elderly, earn a lot of money from the media, and then patted butt and left without leaving a single person. On the contrary, the old woman was exhausted physically and mentally and disrupted the original rhythm of life. This ethos must be cured. Isn’t it just traffic? Let’s just stop watching or even boycott. When encountering this kind of consumption of an individual in order to earn traffic and income, it will be blacked out, or even complaints. Then the supervision and handling of the video platform must also keep up. Since the media can’t find the sweetness in this area, naturally they won’t go. The key is can we as viewers do it?

7 months ago

Isn’t this another Ramen brother? Don’t worry! This is just the vanguard force. The large force is still on the way and can reach the battlefield at night. What is the heat? Heat is flow, flow equals money. Can a group of hungry wolves smell the blood without rushing over it? In this age of laughing at the poor but not at the prostitution, a group of people have no bottom line for getting money. First it was Da Yi, then Ramen, and now even the 96-year-old is not letting go. It’s almost inhumane. Let go of this 90-something old man! Ramen brother, a strong and sturdy man, is exhausted by you, and an old man in his nineties can’t stand your toss. The old man set up a stall to find something to do, to do something meaningful, not to make money, let alone to make money, so don’t disturb the old man’s peaceful life. Whether it’s the Ramen brother or the old man’s stall, they are so popular because they have the kindness that we have lost in them. And those anchors happened to stand on the opposite side of them, showing their greedy and ugly side clearly during the live broadcast. We should resist this behavior and don’t give them the soil to breed “guilt”.

7 months ago

Under the stimulation of traffic, these anchors used “cannibalism” to gain fame and fortune for themselves, continuously creating topics and fun, whether they were criticized or watched, and finally through Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu, Kuaishou Douyin Platform media such as articles, short videos, messages, etc. are finally presented in the mobile phones of our visitors. Including us at this moment, after all, we have become providers and consumers of traffic.

7 months ago

If you encounter a mosquito, be sure to stay away, because there will probably be filth next to it-even if it doesn’t, then it’s probably empty stomach. If you want to be full, I have to go around you. I don’t care about dirty mouthparts, but I want to harm the unfortunate. Passers-by who don’t want to cause harm can’t be swayed away or driven away, even if they are caught in the palm of their hands by luck, they will still be contaminated with blood. However, there is no shortage of people who are competing to fight for life and death, slap the top and the bottom, exhausted. For fear that in the end, the mosquitoes will get their wish and “buzz” away. In short, it is a loss, why not avoid it in the first place? Because I can’t avoid it, I always think that I am clean, free from silt, and not touched by flowers and grass, so I feel that the world is invincible. However, the mosquito can neither see your noble conduct, nor the contempt of your face. Its purpose is to drink blood from beginning to end, until death. “Vampire” is a term derived from folklore, and it is probably from Eastern Europe. They rely on drinking the blood of humans or other creatures, so that they can survive for a long time. Although people have never seen a real vampire, they have long dreamed about it. Fear of the sun, fear of garlic, fear of the cross, with strong teeth, pale face, wearing a suit… This is probably a common impression. However, in addition, it has a trace of human qualities-even if it shows its teeth to people, it can never be denied that it cannot be a person above a real concept. Its madness relies on its human-like body and intelligent head. However, I haven’t heard of it for a long time, and it is probably extinct. If it is weak and stupid, it seems to be no different from a mosquito, but it also lives by sucking blood. We can’t help but wind, but sooner or later it will be inexhaustible. Some people’s positioning is particularly suitable to arrange between mosquitoes and vampires. It is also sucking blood, but has a body stronger than a mosquito, and weaker than the force of a vampire, but the strength of sucking blood is not worse than the two. Compared to physique, they will rank second, second only to vampires. Compared to dexterity, they will also rank second, second only to mosquitoes. But compared to the strength of sucking blood, they must be ranked first. Compared with the painless sucking and straightforward death, exploitation and oppression are particularly tormented. Their names are countless, but they fall into roughly two categories. One is called capitalists, and the other is called self-media. A capitalist is like a vampire, one dominates the world and shocks the world. The people who pass by are not alive, and his legend circulates everywhere, but no one can see it with his own eyes. Maybe he is dead. The self-media is like a swarm of mosquitoes. A single mosquito can be wiped out with one hand, and a mob that spontaneously rises cannot be persuaded by a few words. Even if you can’t suck blood, it can disturb people’s irritability. Mosquitoes and vampires. As for people, one type can be ignored, and the other type is almost extinct. Naturally, they will not be prepared for danger in times of peace. However, some people in between have never disappeared. They have inherited the power of vampires, but have learned to multiply like mosquitoes. I am afraid they will not be extinct.

7 months ago

People from Zhengzhou came to answer. This old grandmother has been in the media several years ago. This is nothing new. It’s just that the development of TikTok from the media has not been so popular before, and there has not been such a big exposure. I don’t know if the anchor really just discovered this grandma, or if he knew it a long time ago. It’s 96 now, so old. Grandma said she was not happy because she was so tired. I believe it is true. If I remember correctly, the old lady was on our local TV. She seemed to be 87 years old at the time? I don’t remember it clearly. It’s been a long time. At that time, the reporter asked her about the situation at home. She had children and daughters, but she couldn’t be free. Because she was already very old at that time, we also said that she was still so strong and capable at such a young age, so she was a bit impressed. The current onlookers should be a burden to her, right? After all, she herself said she was tired.

7 months ago

In 2011, Dayi became popular on the Avenue of Stars and became a representative of farmers’ singers. With the huge flow of live broadcasts and short videos, many people went to the door of Dayi’s house for live broadcasts. The door of Dayi’s house became an Internet celebrity attraction, and some people even kicked the door live, kicked the door open and broke in. Brother Dayi could only take a group photo with a wry smile. As long as the phone photographs Brother Dayi, there will be traffic. If there is traffic, there is money to be made. This also created shameless rubbing traffic behavior. Regarding legal liability. The “Civil Code” has clear provisions on personality rights. If others exceed the apparently reasonable limit, it may constitute an infringement. “Civil Code” Article 1032 Natural persons enjoy the right to privacy. No organization or individual may infringe the privacy rights of others by spying, harassing, divulging, disclosing, etc. Privacy is the tranquility of a natural person’s private life and the private space, private activities, and private information that are unwilling to be known to others. The parties can completely request the infringer to stop the live broadcast, apologize, and compensate for the losses. Article 1167 of the “Civil Code” Where an infringement endangers the personal and property safety of others, the infringed person has the right to request the infringer to bear the tort liability for stopping the infringement, removing the obstruction, and eliminating the danger. Let go of other people’s traffic! Observe life a lot, and there is no real content output of rubbing traffic, it is destined to be a short-lived!

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