Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their health. In recent years, “light food” has suddenly become popular in China, whether it is in the streets and alleys, bustling commercial centers, or takeaway ordering platforms. You can see light food everywhere. But what exactly is “light food”? Many people have their own knowledge and understanding, and everyone has different reasons for eating light meals. As a result, many people will inevitably misunderstand “light food”. Misunderstanding 1: Light eating = diet Many people think that light eating is a weight-loss meal. There are many young people, especially eager to maintain a good figure, so they think that a light meal is a weight-loss meal, and only a little green vegetables each time is enough. Often when I finish eating at noon, my eyes will turn black when I am hungry in the afternoon! Misunderstanding 2: Light food = eating grass. Many people think that light food is completely vegetarian, not eating meat or staple food at all. Eat only vegetables and fruits. Focus on it! This view is completely wrong! The concept of light food ≠ vegetarianism. Vegetarian food, as the name suggests, means not eating any meat and not sticking to it. If one of the above two concepts is consistent with yours, you can only regret to tell you: “You are wrong.” What is “light food”? “Light food” is not a specific food, but a form of arbitrary food. Light foodism = simple + moderate + healthy + balanced “Light” is not only the food, but also the state of the eater during the eating process: enjoy food in a relaxed mood without burden, no pressure, and mind and body; here, ‘ Food is of course gourmet. Balanced nutrition and healthy selection of ingredients are indispensable. Light eating is not only a dietary habit, but also a balanced, natural and healthy lifestyle. “Light food” has three meanings: 1. Low-calorie, clear but not light food; 2. Eat small meals with balanced nutrition; 3. Organic green ingredients, restore the original taste of the ingredients. The simple summary is: “Light foodism” pays attention to health, advocates organic, advocates light, and respects balanced, unburdened eating methods. Namely: Promote the use of natural ingredients and stay away from irritating foods; Promote the consumption of whole grains instead of polished rice and white noodles; Promote low-salt oil and use natural condiments for seasoning; use more steaming; boiling; stewing; roasting cooking methods; advocating eating less and more meals. As a light foodist, I can sum up the following points: 1. Light taste: choose natural laws to let the food return to its own taste. 2. Light weight: reduce the weight of each meal, so that the appetite is relaxed and unburdened. 3. Time is light: simple cooking methods are adopted, and good food can be eaten without spending too much time. 4. Light weight: When “light eating” becomes a life habit, and when you no longer worry about “garbage in the body”, your fat will decrease, and your weight will naturally become lighter. In short: light food ≠ weight loss meal, because light food is very different from weight loss meal, light food is a life attitude, it pays more attention to the quality of ingredients and high-quality nutrition, and can be freely matched with meals under reasonable and restrained conditions. And weight-loss meals are often through dieting to reduce the intake of calories and nutrients. Light food ≠ vegetarian, because in light food catering, you will see a lot of ingredients with meat and vegetables. Light food will use healthy cooking methods to make dishes. For the vegetarianism that only eats vegetarian food, does not eat meat, it is more in line with the human body needs of modern people.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Some time ago, I ate for weight loss for a week. It feels like people are boring alive. It feels like I was sucked by a ghost. Others say that eating light food will make my body feel lighter, and my whole body has become erratic. I am exhausted and have no energy to finish eating, as if I have not eaten, there is no taste in my mouth. Even if I have a full stomach and want to eat something spicy, I really lost a lot of weight after a week, but I haven’t spent that weekend. I have a hot pot, a grilled fish, and a barbecue. You can have two more bowls for each meal Rice suddenly feels that life is full of hope

6 months ago

I have eaten light food for four years. I eat brunch as usual and light dinner. Food structure: The staple food is basically: roasted sweet potatoes, steamed corn, roasted potatoes, protein: eggs, shredded chicken (boiled chicken breast is too disgusting to eat, and light steaks for take-out are basically minced meat, which will not give you Put all the lean ones, not low in calories, and limited in nutrition) It is best to buy them for frying or grilling, and boiled shrimps are sometimes eaten with salads, and most of the time, fruits are eaten. My 165 measurements 94 63 93 have kept my weight at 52KG for many years. If I get sprayed, I don’t find that the body of the circle of friends is better than me. Experience: Recently, I have a little doubt whether the calorie intake is not enough, which leads to a decline in basal metabolism. I deliberately found a nutrition consultant at Dr. Chunyu. After listening to my daily diet, he felt that my calorie intake was low. I suspected that it was less than 1500 calories, and my basal metabolism might have declined. Asked my mother, my mother said it was okay. I eat a lot at noon and I am a drier! At present, I want to take a more professional physical fitness test to see what the basal metabolic rate is. At the same time, he also felt that I might have insufficient intake of vegetables, and suggested that I eat more vegetables for dinner, such as cucumbers, small tomatoes, and broccoli, and strive to dry one catty. Haha There is another problem with long-term light eating. Once the rebound of my normal diet resumes, I ate normally for a month last year and gained 3 pounds. Health effects: No malnutrition is found in the annual physical examination. Summary: Do not eat lightly under the condition of insufficient calorie and nutrient intake. Maintain basic metabolism and ensure nutrient intake. Consult a nutritionist.

6 months ago

Because summer is coming soon, prepare in advance to reduce weight. I have eaten lightly every day (that’s it) for more than half a month. Male, 178 and a half months ago, 71.9kg and half a month later, 69.9kg is basically a daily record of calorie intake and exercise consumption. The biggest feeling is: no strength. I took a bodybuilding class this semester. Before I lose weight, I used bench press and squats like a live donkey, and I did all four sets of exercises. During the weight loss period, the first group was still normal, and the second group was a little weak at the beginning. I felt my heartbeat increased significantly and my arms were shaking. The three groups are probably the limit. The next day, the muscles didn’t feel much. Later, the strategy was changed. If you want to exercise that day, you must eat 1-2 taels of staple food at noon, add meat, and add salt. Feeling improved. Another change is that the hands and feet are particularly easy to get cold. I don’t know if it’s because of the recent cooling in Beijing or the lack of calories. There are too many variables, and there is no discussion value. Today, in order to celebrate the success of the previous stage, the instant noodles eaten in the morning are also eaten at noon and evening. That night, we all became Splatoons. (For personal reasons, eating instant noodles and chili will cause diarrhea, try Bailing, but the mouth is cheap) There is still a bit of fat on the stomach, for the summer, it has to be reduced. Will be updated, light food effect. Second, my light food: try to replace the staple food with whole grains, even if you eat rice, try to be within one or two. In the morning, only stuffing is eaten for steamed buns, in order to ensure a certain amount of salt. Eat some vegetarian food at noon. Eating corn is similar to eating at noon. Or if you don’t eat it, you will jog at night the next day. The heart rate is controlled at 160-180 for about 1 hour. I am definitely not light enough, and I still eat snacks at night.

6 months ago

Is the long-term food here made by yourself, or is it a takeaway? Many people eat some food outside or find that in order to save costs, the most popular are base vegetables, lettuce, and a little layer of other vegetables, meat, beans, and eggs. In order to let you eat the lettuce that has no taste, the merchant will give you a sauce, and you will also give the merchant a note, the sauce is a little more, and finally you can eat and the merchant can be happy. Now, the meat on your body is also very happy. The little sauce is very high in calories. If you make it yourself, it may not look good on the outside, but you can reduce the lettuce, add more meat, and add some vegetables. If you give fruit, you can eat a bag of skills, and it can also make you eat less calories. You can lose weight by doing light meals by yourself and proper exercise. Summer is coming soon. Let yourself stick to it a little bit every day. Only when summer comes can you wear beautiful skirts and small clothes. I hope everyone will keep exercising, eat less snacks, and lose weight healthily.

6 months ago

Apart from other things, the vegetables in the light meal are much more than usual fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, dumplings and hamburgers. Whether it is a regular meal or as a snack, it is a good choice for a balanced meal. (Anyway, less oil, less salt and low gi value) (You think you can add chicken breast, egg, milk, etc. if you have less protein, add a little oatmeal if you have less B vitamins, no conflict, eat a vitamin tablet if the minerals are low) (I eat all the vegetables inside, such as kale, celery, and yam with the skin. I eat it with vinaigrette, not with it. Generally, there is half a box left after eating.) The cafeteria has been updated with light meals. Although it is much more expensive, It tastes really good. Finally, to make a digression, this judgment may not be accurate, but it is indeed more practical. To judge whether you have eaten enough or not, you can actually tell by looking at the amount of stool. Under the premise of normal daily metabolism without constipation, every time you have a brisk bowel movement and only a fist-long section, you will eat almost the same. If you have to come here for a few festivals, or if a few bananas are as long, then you are indeed eating too much. Then eat more to reduce your dinner intake, and eat less to increase your breakfast intake. (Here refers to carbohydrate and protein, not snacks and fries)

6 months ago

How about people who have been eating light food for a long time? How are the people who eat light meals every day? They are all out of money! I usually work out, so I like to eat light meals. In addition, if I get busy with work, I don’t have time to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables and make my own fitness meals. I am used to ordering light food delivery, but light food delivery is really not what ordinary people can do. Long-term affordable, generally a chicken thigh salad costs nearly 20 yuan, and the cheapest all-vegetarian salad also costs 17 yuan. This price is still barely affordable for the working party, but for the only income As far as the student party of living expenses is concerned, it is basically regarded as a luxury. I usually have one or two eggs and a cup of meal replacement milkshake for breakfast. I don’t bring hungry people all morning. I put a bucket in the company, and 3 scoops are enough for four or five hours. I also keep a few buckets at home. Occasionally, when I am hungry at night, I will make a cup of full stomach when I want to eat supper. Just press the hand of the barbecuing handy. When I eat at the company, I will choose light food to take away. Meat and eggs are not only high in protein, but also satisfying. If you have dinner, you will eat less, the amount is equivalent to a sweet potato plus a glass of milk, plus a little fruit. There is another benefit of eating light food for a long time: eating less refined carbohydrate, gastrointestinal pressure will also be reduced, pancreatic islets do not need to secrete a large amount of insulin every day to control blood sugar, even the constipation caused by prolonged work can be improved! Eating more whole grains and more light foods can improve your complexion. Although you may not be able to lose weight, the nutrients of light foods are relatively balanced, so supplementing with a certain amount of exercise can continuously improve your body shape.

6 months ago

I used to fast for about half a month in order to lose weight. I lost seven or eight catties. The first three or four days were okay. After a week, I couldn’t hold on. Watch the video and see one or two points. Two weeks later, I was directly uncomfortable and died. Every day I boiled shrimp with purple cabbage and broccoli, chicken breast, and vomited directly for me! Seeing the barbecue hot pot Japanese crayfish posted by other people’s friends, I was too greedy. Two weeks later, I really reached the limit of my body. I called my best friend at 11 o’clock in the evening and we went straight to eat Haidilao. After the big meal two weeks later, I have to say: It’s so cool! Isn’t it fragrant to dry rice? Life has only been a few decades, why do you embarrass your stomach so much! ! But girls, love beauty, in order to lose weight and maintain a figure, I still have to take some measures, but I am a foodie, so I asked on the Internet “how to eat thinner” haha, since then, I have been in major weight loss blogs The main broadcast room and Taobao have collected a lot of delicious low-calorie foods. The calories are really super low. I have been eating for almost two years since college. Now I weigh about 95 kilograms. I have to say that they saved me. Recommend to everyone, if you need to pick it up~

6 months ago

I have insisted on eating light meals for dinner for nearly seven years. For me, eating light meals for dinner is more comfortable for my physiology and heart. Eat brunch normally. If I insist on eating light meals for dinner, I don’t gain weight easily (one week) I exercise five or six times for 30-40 minutes each time), but I really don’t get used to it in the early stage, my stomach is astringent (less oil and water), especially in winter, I feel unsatisfied, I feel hungry, like I didn’t eat anything It’s easy to be greedy and overeating. Later, I got used to eating and I feel good. If you eat a little high-calorie at night or eat a little bit more, your stomach will be bloated and indigestible. If you can’t eat breakfast the next day, you will also feel in your heart. I have a strong sense of guilt, so I prefer to eat light food for dinner to reduce my mental and physical burden. My light food is mainly a variety of fruits, vegetables (mostly eaten raw), eggs, and milk. There is very little meat recently. I also ate light meals for breakfast in the first few months, and dinner is similar to breakfast, except that the staple food is usually removed (the staple food will not be removed in winter, and I can’t bear it)

6 months ago

I lost almost 30 kilograms, what else can I do. Forget it, I’ve been eating light food for 11 months. From the beginning, it’s difficult to swallow and I’ve become accustomed to it now. Light food is no longer a diet food for me. It has become my daily eating habit. It is a daily life that does not require patience and restraint. The light food really changed me a lot. For example, I started to like to eat vegetables. I am no longer used to heavy oil and heavy salt foods. I hate eating sweets and milk tea. I rarely drink beverages. I even eat my own boiled vegetables every day. It will feel delicious on earth, after all, it is the most primitive taste of vegetables. Finally, I still want to say that my fat-reducing meals are all made by myself. I never order takeaways. First, takeaways are not hygienic. Second, it’s a sense of accomplishment to cook by yourself. Third, I can control the amount because I call takeaways. Can’t help but eat it all at once. Another advantage is that I have never overeated since I lost weight because I cooked the meal by myself!

6 months ago

People who eat light food for a long time will get better and better with appropriate fitness exercises. Of course, light food cannot be vegetarian. Light food emphasizes balanced nutrition and rich nutrition. The freshness of the ingredients should be controlled and less oil. There are many kinds of less salt. I wish you all good health.

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