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The older you are, the less you believe in love? Many of my friends around me are confused: I start dating with TA in the name of love, meet every weekend, chat regularly, and say good night to each other… After contacting for three or two weeks, I understand everything that I should know, but that’s it. There is no feeling of heartbeat yet. Love seems to start from the heartbeat at a certain moment, but many people say that they don’t know what it feels like to be “heartbeat”. What is the feeling of heartbeat? Let’s visualize your heartbeat first. The following phenomena indicate that you may be experiencing heartbeat! There are endless topics to talk about together. I want to share any boring little things with each other. Will think of each other from time to time. There will be physical movements together, and will not repel each other to approach oneself. As long as you think of the other person, there is a feeling of strength in your mind. Will think of the very distant future, doing a lot of things with each other. Will inadvertently reveal expressions and actions of love. Occasionally, I don’t act like myself and say things I can’t say. When seeing each other, the eyes are full of love and appreciation. No matter how busy, I want to get back to the other party’s information in seconds. Regardless of whether you realize that you are already on the path of “heartbeat”, your body will be very honest. When you like someone, the rise of norepinephrine will cause blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels to increase, making people feel heartbeat; Phenylethylamine will make your heart beat faster, your palms will sweat, and your complexion will turn red. The sensation commonly known as “calling” makes people extremely excited and tireless; the large amount of dopamine secretion greatly improves your happiness and pleasure; at the same time, under the stimulation of hormones, you will want to have more body with each other Close contact. And this series of chemical reactions is usually called love by us. The above mental and physical states can be used to determine whether you are falling in love. Can love be cultivated? First of all, to clarify that most “heartbeats” are not generated at the first time, and “love at first sight” is only a small probability event. The whole process of two people from being unfamiliar to acquaintance and then to deep friendship may produce or make attraction disappear to different degrees. Research on the theory of interpersonal attraction shows (McCroskey & McCain, 1974) that interpersonal attraction mainly includes three different levels of attraction: physiological, social and task. Physiology, that is, appearance attraction is almost instantaneous, and other aspects of attraction will not be so obvious. You can increase the attraction by adjusting the mode of interaction with the other party and strengthening the positive, positive and competent performance. Love at first sight VS Love at first sight Love at first sight or love at first sight is just a form of love. Different people have different emotional perception systems. Some people are relatively easier to fall in love and can often experience the feeling of “heartbeat”; while some people need to get along and observe for a long time to confirm that the other person is trustworthy, sincere, and honest. Only by being close can you gradually have that kind of “special” feeling, no matter how good-looking or attractive the other person looks to others. Therefore, love can be discovered slowly as you get along. If the other party is not your first Mr/Mrs. Right, under the condition of not repelling the other party to continue to understand, strengthen the depth and dimension of getting along with each other, and observe whether the other party’s deep characteristics have something you admire and admire. As the understanding deepens, your psychological and physical responses will naturally give answers. Of course, the feeling of heartbeat cannot be forced. It is feelings rather than feelings that can be cultivated. Even if two people who appreciate each other, trust each other, and have complementary abilities, even if there is no sparkling love, it will not prevent having a love for each other.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

You like a person, he just likes you, that moment is love; you look up at the starry sky, see a shooting star, cut through the sky and suddenly illuminate your dimness, that moment is also love; love is a very magical Elf, it will suddenly appear in your life inadvertently, awaken your long-lost youth, let you feel the beating and vitality of life, and make you crave the warmth and beauty of the world;

7 months ago

When chatting in the group, I want to send a picture.
Open the folder, there are many pictures in it,
There was a folder that caught my attention, and I clicked it subconsciously. It contained chat records with a person…
So while discussing which clothes to buy with my roommate, I looked at the pictures,
At that time, every time I chatted, I would take screenshots and record them, and then put them all in a folder.
Later, I blocked it once and added friends again, but the chat history is very few, but fortunately I have a lot of screenshots.
So looking at the content of the past chats, I laughed silly from time to time, and felt sad after laughing.
After careful consideration of some of the words the other party had said, I also realized what the problem was at that time…
At the same time, many words have influenced many of my outlook on life and values…
I can only say that his influence on me is too great,
Everywhere in life,
Do one thing often, or read a book, say a word,
Can think of him immediately.
In other words, I am also a teacher and a friend, but now I can’t tell if it is love…

7 months ago

Scientifically speaking, love is a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This brain secretion is mainly responsible for the lust of the brain and transmits excitement to us. And love is the result of people we meet prompting our brains to produce large amounts of dopamine. At the very beginning, love is romance, it is heart-stirring, and you can see the most beautiful appearance of love at a glance. Psychologist Jung once said that everyone has two kinds of personalities, “dominant” personality and “recessive” personality. When a person meets the opposite sex with his own personality, he will like it in 0.2 seconds. The other party, which is what we call “love at first sight”. When we have ignorant expectations for love, this person begins to exist in our hearts. At the very beginning, he is just a shadow, a shadow similar to our personality, and slowly becomes the person we are looking forward to. Until I met him in love at first sight. Just like what Jia Baoyu said when he first met Lin Daiyu: I have seen this sister. Just like Darcy’s dodge eyes when he saw Elizabeth at the ball, it was love at first sight. Love at first sight is the person you meet. In fact, it has always existed in your heart. According to Jung’s words, what we fall in love with at first sight is actually someone who is like us. Slowly, love became chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. With the passage of time, people will change their romantic and love performances, and we have to consider the weakening of love. Love at first sight is blind to a certain extent, because passionate lovers usually idealize each other. Everything in contact between the two parties is fresh, and the intimacy will continue to rise. At this time, even if you know that the other party has some minor problems, you will feel harmless. When the relationship enters the marriage, these small problems will be infinitely magnified by reality. After a few years of marriage, the husband and wife will not do anything sincerely for each other as before, and they will not be as obsessed with each other as before. And working hard for the family day after day will accumulate distracting thoughts in my heart. At this time, the brain can no longer provide you with dopamine continuously, so even if the other person is still as perfect as before, love will change. But this is not bad news, let’s double-click the screen and look down. In the end, love sublimated into family affection. Husbands and wives can stay together for more than decades. It is usually the companionship that is at fault, and the love that can go to the end is also the companionship relationship, which we call family affection. At this time, the relationship is not romantic at the beginning, but it goes further and more stable than romantic love.

7 months ago

1. Love is a chemical love. Those slamming and complex emotions are essentially neurotransmitters. Heartbeat signal-Phenylethylamine When you see Ta’s figure, or smell Ta’s smell, your heartbeat starts to speed up unconsciously. When you get along with him, you will unconsciously “beautiful in the eyes of the lover”, magnify all the advantages of him and ignore all the defects of him. This is the effect of phenethylamine (PEA), which is a kind of human brain. The secreted nerve stimulants can make people fall into a feeling of extreme excitement. The clinical response is accelerated heartbeat, shortness of breath, and dilated pupils. When men and women fall in love, they dare to go to the moon for nine days and go to the oceans to catch turtles. Those alliances and sea oaths are not deception. They are indeed the real feelings of the moment. This is also the side effect of phenethylamine: people lose their rational thinking ability and become blind. Addiction to love-dopamine The role of dopamine is to convey information of excitement and pleasure. People’s addiction to some things is mainly because dopamine is addictive, such as alcoholism, smoking and other behaviors because the receptors will stimulate the brain to secrete when they do these things. Dopamine forms a reward circuit, making it more and more difficult to extricate itself. Usually the secretion of dopamine is suppressed. When encountering the opposite sex, it can not help but secrete a large amount of it, which makes people feel excited and delighted. Tireless-serotonin Serotonin (5HT), also known as serotonin, is an important neurotransmitter that regulates the mind and emotions. It is a messenger that can produce pleasant emotions. When the serotonin secretion in the brain is insufficient, people will feel fatigue and depression. On the contrary, when serotonin is secreted more in love, people will not tire of sticky love. Cold knowledge: The essence of many aphrodisiac drugs is to increase the concentration of serotonin. The higher the concentration, the longer the sex. Love will eventually become family affection-endorphin phenethylamine makes people fascinated, dopamine makes people excited, and serotonin makes people tireless. It is a pity that these neurotransmitters will not be secreted for a long time. The human body has a strong self-regulation ability and always tries to balance the neurotransmitters in the body. When these chemicals are reduced, we will come out of the fanatic state, the passion in love will fade over time, and the follow-up will be shown in a new form-intimacy and commitment. This chemical substance, called endorphin, is similar to morphine. It is a natural tranquilizer secreted by the pituitary gland. Unlike dopamine and phenethylamine, endorphins give people a sense of well-being. And a long-term feeling. Dopamine is instant gratification. It is the excitement after drinking Fat House Happy Water. Endorphins are the satisfaction of a reasonable diet and regular exercise. Of course, there are many people who can only enjoy dopamine and phenethylamine. Get enough endorphins to settle down. They can only wander in love one after another, greedy for the feeling of passion over and over again. 2. Love is the logic of love in psychology. Many philosophers and psychologists also try to give their own explanations. The philosopher Plato believed that love is spiritual and should exclude physical desires to pursue pure love. He even thought that pure love only exists between the same sex, which is the so-called “Plato’s love”. Psychologist Gary Chapman divides love into these five types in “Five Languages ​​of Love”: positive words, elaborate moments, acceptance of gifts, acts of service, and physical contact. Another psychologist, Helen Fisher, believes that a woman’s love includes sexual attraction, romance and motherhood (attachment), and these three different desires correspond to different areas of the brain. Up to now, the most recognized by academic circles is the love triangle theory proposed by psychologist Sternberg in 1988, which believes that a perfect love consists of three components: intimacy, passion and commitment. Sternberg drew a triangle to show the love relationship corresponding to these three components. Passion is the romantic, sexual attraction and emotional fascination in love. This part can be understood as physical attraction. Although it may seem superficial, it occupies a very important proportion in the relationship between the sexes. The divorce of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2015 The survey report pointed out that nearly 70% of divorce cases have the attribute of “sexual incompatibility”. Intimacy is part of the harmony of the three views of both parties. Even if the relationship between the lovers is separated, they are also close friends. Intimacy is a warm experience. When the two parties reach a unity in the worldview and values, or when they have common interests, they will have an experience of closeness and belonging to each other, including understanding, support and sharing of the partners. Commitment refers to the mutual expectations, plans, and mutual responsibility of both parties for future life. If you want to maintain a relationship for a long time, it is indispensable to have a commitment to intimacy. It represents the motivation to work hard to maintain even when a long-term relationship or marriage is lacking, based on a sense of responsibility for the role of the relationship. Each stage will be dominated by different neurotransmitters and hormones. The passion stage is phenethylamine, testosterone and progesterone, the intimate stage is dopamine, and the commitment stage is endorphins. According to Sternberg’s theory, different combinations of these three factors constitute different types of love. No love, that is, none of the three elements are included. Such a relationship is a more casual and general acquaintance. Love that contains only one element includes: liking, only intimate love. This emotion of liking is mostly expressed in friendship, and when getting along is comfortable but no more extravagant hopes. An important criterion for judging friendship is whether you feel a strong sense of separation when the other person is away from you. Infatuation is only passionate love. When we are attracted by the voice and appearance of a stranger, and desire arises, it is a kind of infatuation. Empty love, only promised love, many empty marriages, two people have neither passion nor intimacy. The only reason for maintaining the relationship is to make do with each other, and is limited by secular morality and dare not divorce. Two elements of love include: romantic love, which includes intimacy and passion, but lacks commitment. There are many similar emotional models in student days. Companionship love, the combination of intimacy and commitment is companionship love. In Sternberg’s view, long-term happy marriages are generally companionship love, because the passion that burns in youth is often time-limited. Stupid love only has passion and commitment, but love lacking intimacy is undoubtedly ignorant. This is the reason why many flash marriage cases have ended rashly. The love that contains three elements includes: perfect love. When intimacy and commitment are both present in a relationship, perfect love can be shown. Sternberg believes that perfect love exists in a short time, but it is difficult to maintain for a long time. 3. Love is literature. When you love a person, you will give birth to a sense of responsibility and mission for no reason, a heroic complex that wants to make the other person’s life warm and bright because of me. My favorite explanation of love is the passage in The Little Prince: To me, you are just a little boy, no different from thousands of other little boys. I don’t need you, and you don’t need me. To you, I am no different from thousands of other foxes. But if you tame me, we need each other. To me, you are unique in the world; to you, I am also unique. The sound of other people’s footsteps will make me hide underground, and your footsteps are as beautiful as music. In the eyes of Saint Exupéry, love is such a domestication of each other. I know that human nature is flawed, greedy, and unsatisfied, but we met each other and domesticated each other, making us the only eternal one. Shen Congwen’s phrase “I have crossed bridges in many places, seen clouds many times, drink I have had many kinds of wine, but I have only loved a person at the right age.” That’s probably what I mean. I know that there is no one in this world who must be inseparable from someone, maybe everyone is an island in the end. However, we are fortunate enough to meet the roads we have traveled together, the joys or sorrows we have shared together, the moments you waited for me in the wind, the sacrifices and compromises we made for each other’s lives, all made us the only ones who transcend the world. . So please fall in love with me; so please tame me; know that you are coming at four o’clock, and at three o’clock, I will begin to feel happy. Above, I hope to help you.

7 months ago

I talked about love with my mother that day. She said that if you like someone, get along with friends first. You can care about each other like a couple and encourage each other to stay with each other even if the relationship fades later. You are still good friends. Don’t lose a feeling because of an immature relationship. People are not old enough to be responsible for the future. We don’t need to be afraid of losing each other and rush to fall in love. There is no need to confirm the relationship to prove that we are in love. Leave a space for each other in my heart. After all, it’s not too late

7 months ago

Love is when you are asked this question, your eyes look at the emptiness on the upper right, and in joy and sentiment, you see the face of the person you like. Love is something that cannot be hidden in your eyes. When you close your mouth, it will come out of your eyes. Love is that even though grandpa has been away from us for nearly 30 years, when grandma talks about him, she still tears. Love is that when grandma was seriously ill and was hospitalized, grandpa, who was already confused, would still not forget to lay a quilt for her before going to bed. The father said, in case grandma returns today. Love is that after grandma comes home from the hospital, grandpa will hobble over to look at her after a while, touch her head, and tuck the quilt for her, exactly the same as fifty years ago. Love is the code hidden in every love song. It’s strange, why every song has its own story. Love is, even after a big fight, I still want to hug you. Love is, although we have been together for many years, we still hold hands when we sleep. Love is, when you wake up at night, you will be in a daze, to cover you with a kicked quilt. Love is when two people are together for fifty years, getting fat together, getting old together, smiling together and don’t dislike each other. Love is when you look at the photos of two people when you are not together, suddenly laugh out loud, and then suddenly fall into silence. Love is the battle between heaven and human in your heart, and finally you hold her hand for the first time. It is obviously deep winter, but the hands of two people are wet. Love is in the late autumn of falling rain. She hides in your arms and puts her head on your shoulders. You suddenly feel peaceful. Love is a cup of wine, a cigarette, a thought, a difficult late night and early morning in every long-distance relationship. Love is, even though I am ragged and bleak, I still want to give you everything I have. For example, I want to love you with the youngest child in my body, love you with my degenerated tailbone, love you with my extinguished eyes, love you with my broken nerves, and use my sick taste buds To love you, to love you with my clumsy hair roots, to love you with my collapsed chest, I want to give you everything I have. Love is, that year I cycled 20 kilometers just to see you. Love is, I practiced 1,000 times that year, just to say hello to you. Love is when you are standing on the stage, with water-sleeved smoke and drums, you are waiting for someone to come, waiting for someone to cry. Love is, Wong Kar Wai. I always feel that this weird uncle wearing sunglasses will shed tears in his own movie once. Love is the tear that Zi Xia left in Zhi Zun Bao’s heart during Journey to the West. Love is, in a boastful journey to the west, supreme treasure puts on a golden hoop and landed as a Buddha, thinking from the bottom of my heart, those years of red dust, just forget about it. Love is, Zixia said before she died in Journey to the West, “The person I want is a hero, and one day he will marry me on the colorful clouds. I guessed the beginning, but couldn’t guess the ending.” Love Yes, in the boastful Westward Journey, after Zixia died, the stinky monkey had a splitting headache, and in the curse, it was the love, hate and obsession of the past few generations. Love is unforgettable and unforgettable. Love is, in the forest of Chongqing, Jincheng Wu used a tie to wipe off that tired high-heeled shoe for Brigitte Lin. Love is, happy together, Tony Leung said, I finally came to the waterfall, I suddenly think of He Baorong, I feel so sad, I always think that standing here should be the two of us. Love is, among the masters of a generation, the second Gong Er who describes the withering, said, Master Ye, I have you in my heart. It’s not illegal to like people, but I can only do so until I like them. Ye Wen didn’t answer. What upsets me at this moment is that I have no destiny in this life and stay with me in the next life. Love is a bad future, Sun Bai said, she knows all my tricks but never exposes them, she sees through all my lies but never exposes them. I turned all my bodies into bad guys and missed every clue to avoid tragedy, but even so, she told me that if we can see you again next time, let’s start again. Love is a bad future, Sun Bai said. After many years, I can’t remember the expression on Zheng Xiaoyan’s face at that time. I just thought it would be great if we all died on the train at that time. Love is a change from cowardice to courage, and bursting to tenderness. Love is a moment of radiance, and a moment later, like falling into the abyss. Love is when you pick up someone for no reason. She once asked you to have expectations for tomorrow, but she did not appear in your tomorrow at all. Love is that many years have passed. You have walked many places, crossed many bridges, and drank wine from many places, but only loved a person of the right age. Love is the ashes in the bottom of your heart. Love is, you just forget that person from a distance, and you will understand in your heart that this is a calamity you can’t avoid. Love is, you know that it is fire, you have to pounce on it. You know it’s a wall, so you have to hit it. So the jade was burned, and the blood was broken. You say, it’s not a pity, is it. Love is only in front of that one person, super childish ghost. Love is a perish without a shirt, and it is a desperate effort. Love is to open one’s own door of light, to destroy one’s own dark canyon. Love is as strong as an iron man in front of others, but only one unfeeling word from her can bring you back to the original. Love is a desperate courage, you are willing to fall into the abyss with her, even if it is over, it is better than not being with her. Love is the magic of time. When we are together, we go fast, and when we are apart, it makes people want to commit suicide slowly. Love is a little-known old song that you liked very much in the past. Every time you laboriously sing one of its high notes, the girl who was with you would make you shut up with a smile on her face, you go Catch her, she screamed and ran away, and finally fell into your arms. This is a trick that you never get tired of. After you were separated for many years, you, like a wreck, were carried forward by the rapids of life. One day you passed an old street, a dying record store, and you reunited with it. When the pitch was high, I didn’t know why, I suddenly saw her face. Love is, when you don’t see her, you are full of her. When you saw her, you were still full of her. All your sharp and brilliant looks, in front of her, all collapsed into a weak paper man in a thick shadow. Love is, for a moment, you are willing to forget yourself for her. Love is, for a moment, you are willing to give up yourself for her. Love is, although you haven’t been able to be with her yet, in the bottom of my heart, you have already passed your life with her.

7 months ago

“If “Rabbit Run” shows a truth about love, it is: how easy it is for a person to misunderstand one’s contempt for oneself as a need for love. Mr. Rabbit hates his banality, so he keeps making love The bubble…. The great thing about love is that it can cover the emptiness of a person’s existence, and the insignificance of love is that it can only cover the emptiness.” “I think the reason why so many people are always busy getting love Losing love, complaining about love, nagging love, in addition to great chemistry, but also because love is a drama with a small cost and a low’barrier to entry’. If you want to build a business, create a work of art, solve a scientific problem, and save A species that is about to go extinct…To prove itself, it requires too much talent, will, perseverance, resources, and luck. To create a love or something that looks like love, only two people and a little hormone are needed. . So love has become a refuge for mediocrity, so love is mass-produced as a labor-intensive product. In the final analysis, it is too difficult for a person to change oneself, and it is even more difficult for a person to change others. The only thing left to change is oneself and others. The relationship. Together, break up, reconcile, break up again, the third, the fourth… Ah, the lush love, let a negligible and replaceable existence that can be erased without being noticed, It looks almost like life.”

7 months ago

Love is the last delicious potato when you eat grilled fish and share it in half.
Love doesn’t look at how greasy it is when it is sweet.
Don’t look at how passionate it is when you are passionate.
It’s whether you can still consider the other party when arguing, swallow the words that hurt people into your belly, and when you want to leave home for a while, you can resist holding the hand that has been placed on the doorknob.

7 months ago

Loving you is the only thing that matters to me, Miss Lester. Some people think that love is sex and marriage is the six o’clock in the morning kiss is a bunch of children, maybe that’s true, Miss Lester. But do you know what I think? I think love wants to touch and withdraw its hand. -“The Heart of Broken Story” Salinger The Heart of Broken Story Justin Hoganschlag, a printing clerk with a weekly salary of 30 dollars, almost 60 strange women pass by him every day. It can be calculated that in the past few years when Hogenschlag lived in New York, about 75,120 different women had to pass in front of him. Among the 75,120 women, about 25,000 are between 15 and 30 years old. Only 5,000 of these 25,000 weighed between 105 and 125 pounds (note: about 47.6 to 56.7 kg). Of these 5,000, only 1,000 are decent. Only 500 have a certain charm; only 100 are quite charming; only 25 can attract a long, slow whistle. But only one made Hogenschlag fall in love at first sight. Generally, there are two kinds of women who can be called “fatal women”. There is a deadly woman who can kill, and there is a deadly woman who is not a killer. This woman’s name is Shirley Lester. She is twenty years old (eleven years younger than Hogenschlag), is five feet four inches tall (note: about 1.62 meters) (about the size of Hoganschlager’s eyes), and weighs 117 pounds (note: about 53 Kilograms) (as light as a feather). Shirley is a stenographer who lives with her mother, Agnès Lester, and she wants to support this old Nelson Eddie fan. When it comes to Shirley’s appearance, people always say: “Shirley is as beautiful as the person in the painting.” One morning, on the bus on Third Avenue, Hoganschlag was next to (slightly overlooking) Shirley. Lester stood, almost a dead crab. It’s all because Shirley’s mouth opened in a wonderful way. Shirley was reading a cosmetics advertisement on the wall of the car; while she was reading, her jaw relaxed slightly. In the short moment when Shirley opened her mouth and her lips slightly opened, she was probably the most lethal woman in Manhattan. Hogan Schrager found a cure for loneliness in her. This huge lonely monster has been lurking around him since he arrived in New York. Ah, how painful! Looking down on Shirley Lester, it was painful to not bend down and kiss her slightly opened lips. Unspeakable pain! * * * The above is the beginning of my novel for Collier Weekly. I plan to write a gentle and moving romantic story. This is better, I think. The world needs stories like “When a boy meets a girl”. But I really want to write about it. Unfortunately, the author first has to deal with how to make boys meet girls. I can’t write anymore. I don’t know how to make it reasonable. I can’t get Hoganschlag and Shirley to meet in a routine way. Here’s why: Obviously it’s impossible for Hogenschlag to lean over and say these words sincerely: “Excuse me. I love you so much. You drive me crazy. I know this well. I will use it. Love you all my life. I am a printing assistant and earn $30 a week. Damn, why do I like you so much. Are you free tonight?” This Hoganschlag is stupid enough, but not really Big idiot. It was possible for this kind of people to live in the past, but they are definitely extinct today. You don’t necessarily make Collier’s readers swallow such crappy stuff. After all, people also spent money. Of course, I can’t just give Hoganschlag a shot of slippery serum, an old cigarette case by William Powell (note: American actor, known for his sophisticated image) and Fred Astaire (note : American actor, a generation of dance king) old top hats mixed. “Please don’t misunderstand me, miss. I am a magazine illustrator. This is my business card. I have never wanted to portray a person so much in my life, but I really want to give you a sketch. Maybe we can all get it out of it. Yeah. Can I call you tonight? I hope the sooner the better. (Short, hearty laugh) I hope I don’t sound too impatient. (Laughs again) Maybe I’m really a bit, um .” Ah, boy. The above passage should be said with a tired, but a little cheerful, and a little rash smile. It would be great if Hogenschlag could speak like this. Shirley herself is naturally also a fan of the old Nelson Eddy and an active member of the Keystone Mobile Library. Maybe you are beginning to understand the problem I am facing. Yes, Horgenschlag might say something like this: “Excuse me, aren’t you Wilma Pritchard?” Shirley will answer indifferently while looking for an undisturbed one on the other side of the car. Standpoint: “No.” “This is weird,” Hoganschlag will continue, “I also secretly swear that you must be Wilma Pritchard. Is it possible, you Is it from Seattle?” “No.” —It’s colder than before. “Seattle is my hometown.” An undisturbed foothold. “Great town, Seattle. I mean it’s a great town. I’ve been here-I mean New York-only four years. I’m a printing assistant. My name is Justin Hoganschlag “I’m not interested at all—I have.” Well, with this kind of opening remarks, Hoganschlag can’t even think about it. He didn’t look good, he didn’t have any charm, and he didn’t dress decently. Fortunately, Shirley was interested in this situation. He has no chance at all. And, as I said before, to write a wonderful “when a boy meets a girl” story, it is best to let the boy take the initiative. Maybe Hoganschlag would faint and try to grab something to stabilize himself: it might be Shirley’s ankle. He might tear someone’s stockings, maybe even a beautiful silky thread. People will make room for the hapless Hoganschlag, and he will stand up and mutter: “I’m fine, thank you,” and then, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry, miss. I put Your stockings are torn. Please make me pay. I don’t have enough cash now, so please leave me your address.” Shirley won’t give him the address. She will only become embarrassed and stammer. “It’s okay,” she would say, wondering why he didn’t die. Not only that, the whole idea is very offline. Hogan Schrager, a Seattle guy, never dreamed of grabbing Shirley’s ankle. At least not on the bus on Third Avenue. It is more logical that Hogenschlag will take the risk. There are still some people who are willing to take risks for love. Maybe Hogenschlag is one of them. He might snatch Shirley’s handbag and rush to the nearest car door. Shirley will scream. People will hear her and think of “Border Town Heroes” or something. Hogenschlag’s rout, let alone say this, was finally stopped. The car stopped. Patrol Wilson-he hadn’t caught anyone in a long time-questioned the scene. What happened here? Officer, this man wants to steal my wallet. Hogenschlag was dragged into the courtroom. Shirley, naturally, will also participate in the trial. They reported their respective addresses; therefore Hoganschlag learned of Shirley’s sacred residence. Judge Perkins-he couldn’t even drink a good, fragrant coffee in his home-sentenced Hogenschlag to one year in prison. Shirley bit her lip, but Horgenschlag was taken away. In prison, Hoganschlag wrote a letter to Shirley Rice: “Dear Miss Lester: I really didn’t mean to steal your wallet. I did it because I love you. I just want to know you. Can you write to me if you have time? I am very lonely here, I love you so much, I hope you can come and see me if you have time. Your friend, Justin Hoganschlag Shirley showed this letter to her friends. They said, “Ha, this is cute, Shirley.” Shirley agrees that this is also cute in a way. Maybe she will reply. “Yes! Reply. Give him a chance. What will you lose?” So Shirley wrote back to Hoganschlag. “Dear Mr. Hogenschlag: I have received your letter and I am sorry for what has happened. It is a pity that we can’t do anything to this day, but I feel sad to think of this tortuous secret. Fortunately, you His sentence is not long and will come out soon. Good luck. Your sincere Shirley Lester” “Dear Miss Lester: You don’t know how excited I am to receive your reply. You Don’t be sad at all. It’s all my fault, I’m crazy, so you don’t have to think about it at all. We can watch movies here once a week, so it’s really not bad. I’m 31 years old and I’m from Seattle. I have been in New York for 4 years. I miss that town only when I am lonely occasionally. It is a great town. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, even if you count Seattle. I hope On which Saturday afternoon can you come to see me, the visit time is from two to four, and I will pay you for the train ticket. Your friend, Justin Hoganschlag” Shirley will still give her this letter All of my friends have a look. But she will not reply this letter. Everyone could see that this Hogenschlag was a fool. In the final analysis, that’s how it is. She has already answered one. If she replied to this stupid letter, it would really be endless years. She has done her best to this man. And what kind of name is this? Hogen Schrager was just a moment away. At this time, Hogenschlag in prison is suffering, even if they can watch a movie once a week. His cellmates are Hunting Bird Morgan and Slicer Buck. These two men live in the back room. They think Hoganschlag looks a lot like some Chicago chick who has betrayed them. They have been convinced that Ratface Ferrero (note: rat also means a traitor) and Justin Hoganschlag are the same person. “But I am not Ratface Ferrero,” Hogenschlag said to them. “Fart,” said the slicer, knocking Hoganschlag’s little food to the floor. “Doui tumor,” said the hunting bird. (Shanghai dialect, hit his head) “I told you that I came in only because I stole a girl’s wallet on the Third Avenue bus,” Hogenschlag defended. “It’s just that I don’t really want to steal. I’m in love with that girl, and only then can I know her.” “Fart,” said the slicer. “Doui tumor,” said the hunting bird. One day, seventeen prisoners tried to escape. While letting out on the playground, Slicer Buck tricked the guard’s niece, eight-year-old Lisbeth Sue, and held her tightly. He hugged the little girl’s waist with his eight-by-twelve big hand and raised it up for the guard to see. “Hey, the doorman!” cried the slicer. “Open the door, or I will kill the kid!” “I’m not afraid, Uncle Bert!” Lisbeth called. “Put down that kid, slicer!” the guard ordered, extremely weak. But the slicer knew that the guard was under his control now. Seventeen older men and a blond child walked out the gate. Sixteen older men and a blond child walked out safely. A guard on a high tower thought he had found the perfect time to shoot the slicer headshot, and as a result, the formation of the entire prison escape team was destroyed. But he missed the shot and successfully hit the small man who was shaking behind the slicer and killed him with a single shot. Guess who it is? Since then, my plan to write a novel about “When a Boy Meets a Girl” for Collier Weekly—a tender and deep-seated love story—was aborted because of the death of the hero. Well, if it wasn’t for Shirley’s delayed second letter that caused Hoganschlag into despair and panic, he would never be one of the seventeen desperate men. But the fact remains that she did not reply to his second letter. Even if she waited for a hundred years, she would not return. I can’t change this fact. What a shame. What a pity that Hoganschlag didn’t write the following letter to Shirley Rice in prison: “Dear Miss Lester: I hope my words will not bother you or embarrass you. I write this down, Miss Lester, because I want you to know that I am not a thief in the ordinary sense. I want you to know that I stole your bag because I fell in love with you at first sight on the bus. I can’t think of any way to do it. Knowing you, in addition to doing this indiscreet-or stupid to be exact-behavior. But you know that people in love are always stupid. I fall in love with the way your lips are slightly open. You uncover it for me The mystery of everything. Since I came to New York four years ago, I have never been unhappy, but I have never been happy. Speaking of which, I am no different from the thousands of young people in New York, they are just alive. I I came to New York from Seattle. I wanted to become rich, famous, stylish, and stylish. But four years later, I realized that I would not become rich, famous, stylish, and stylish. I am an excellent printer, only That’s it. One day the printer was ill and I would work for him. I made a mess, Miss Lester. No one listened to me at all. When I called the typographer to work, he giggled. I don’t blame him. I’m stupid when I order others. I think I’m just one of the millions who never thought about giving orders. But I really don’t care. My boss just hired a 23-year-old. He’s only 23 years old, and I’m 31, and have been in the same place for four years. But I know that one day he will become a printing supervisor, and I will still be his little worker. But even then I will It doesn’t matter. Loving you is the only thing that matters to me, Miss Leicester. Some people think that love is sex, marriage is a six o’clock in the morning kiss is a bunch of children, maybe it’s true, Miss Leicester. But you know how I do Do you think? I think love is about touching and withdrawing the hand. I think it is important for a woman to marry a man who seems to be rich, handsome, smart or popular by an outsider. I even talk about popularity No. No one even hates me. I’m just—I’m just—Justin Hoganschlag. I never make people happy, sad, angry, even bored. I think people think I’m a good person, just That’s it. When I was a kid, no one ever said that I was cute, sunny, or good-looking. If they had to say something, they would say that my legs were short and strong. I don’t expect you to reply, Miss Lester. Although your reply is what I want most in this world, I honestly don’t expect it. I just want you to know the truth. If my love for you only brings me to new pains, that’s also I deserve it. Maybe one day you will understand and forgive my clumsy admirer, Justin Hoganschlag.” And the following letter is naturally equally impossible to send. “Dear Mr. Hogenschlag: I received your letter and I like it very much. I feel guilty and sad to know that this is the case. If you speak to me instead of stealing my bag, you should How great! But if that’s the case, I would probably just ignore your talk indifferently. It’s lunch time, and I’ll be alone in the office to write to you. I want to be alone at noon today. I think If I have to go to the cafeteria for lunch with my female colleagues and listen to them chatting with something in their mouths as usual, I will scream out loud. I don’t care if you are not a so-called successful person, or if you have no money, Unknown

7 months ago

It is three trees. The first tree, the loquat tree. The second tree, the peach tree. The third tree, the crabapple tree. The loquat tree belongs to the Ming Dynasty writer Guiyouguang. The ending of “Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi” reads: There is a loquat tree in the courtyard, and it was planted by my wife when he died.
The translation to the effect is: there is a loquat tree in the courtyard, which was planted by her hand in the year my wife died, and now it stands tall, with luxuriant branches and leaves like an umbrella. In the whole sentence, no word is written about love, but every word is a lost love. The second tree is the peach tree of Tang Dynasty poet Cui Hu. “Ti Capital City Nanzhuang” writes: I don’t know where the human face goes, but the peach blossom still smiles in the spring breeze. Once, a scholar named Cui Hu went to Chang’an to rush for the exam. He lost his name to Sun Shan and went for a walk in the southern suburbs of Chang’an when he was down. I met a young woman and fell in love at first sight. The woman’s yard was planted with peach trees and opened just right. At the Qingming Festival the following year, Cui Hu’s longing for this woman had deepened into her bones and walked to the woman’s house again, but the woman was no longer there. Only the peach blossoms in the yard were blooming as well and beautifully as last year. Last year, people no longer knew where they went, only the peach blossoms in the yard were still blooming in the spring breeze. This peach tree is Cui Hu’s lost love. The third tree is Deng Yingchao’s crabapple tree. “Remembering from the Begonia Flower in the West Flower Hall” wrote: In the early days of liberation, you happened to see this courtyard in full bloom. Come to live in the courtyard of Begonia flowers. You have lived for twenty-six years, I lived longer than you, and it is now thirty-eight years.
Deng Yingchao is Zhou Enlai’s wife. The “you” refers to Zhou Enlai. In April 1988, 84-year-old Deng Yingchao wrote this “Recalling from the Begonia Flower in the West Flower Hall” when the Begonia Flower in Xihua Hall of Zhongnanhai was in full bloom. The whole passage seems to be about the crabapple tree, but when the brush is changed, it is actually saying that Zhou Enlai has been dead for twelve years, and Deng Yingchao still lives in the original crabapple flower yard and misses him. This crabapple tree is Deng Yingchao’s thoughts of love. Three trees, loquat tree, peach tree, crabapple tree. They all seem to be telling a kind of love: I finally lost you.

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