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My elder brother told me about the shift process of Daqing Refining & Chemical. A cycle of four days, with eight hours of day shift on the first day, 16 hours of night shift on the second day, and rest on the third day and fourth day. Work 24 hours in four days. Is the salary high? It’s definitely much higher than those who sit in the office at the back, but after all, the front-line work is hard and dangerous, so it’s not too high. So what do I want to say, that is, everyone talks about improving the treatment of workers, but when they talk about treatment, they talk about salary increase, when they talk about treatment, they talk about salary increase. In short, just give you 996 and let you 007. In fact, this kind of person is the biggest accomplice of capital. Another way to improve the treatment of workers is to reduce labor intensity. The labor intensity of some jobs cannot be reduced, so shorten the labor time. Shortening working hours means increasing the number of employees. For example, in my elder brother’s unit, he works 24 hours a day for 4 days. To ensure that the equipment operates 24 hours a day, it means four times the employment. Is China short of labor? Strictly speaking, there is no shortage. Not only is there no shortage, but also very much. If there is a real shortage of labor, there is no need to mourn about any rural reservoir every day. So much inefficient labor, especially intensive farming, is it for economic efficiency? It is not to absorb labor. Where is the problem? The problem is that capital is unwilling to increase employment. Capital would rather give you a salary increase than increase employment, because increasing employment means more things, heavy burdens, and more things other than money. This is why the public opinion system controlled by capital particularly likes to talk about “redundancy” in the state-owned enterprises. It is not that state-owned enterprises have redundant employees, but that the number of employees in private enterprises is abnormally low at this stage. Especially in a place like China, where the employment pressure is extremely high, your number of employees is abnormally low. If you say that he is squeezing, he can still get a salary that is much higher than that of the state-owned enterprise, which not only gags you, but also tempts the unsteady laborers. Does this show that you are efficient? What kind of efficiency is this? Robbery is more efficient. What’s more, even though my elder brother is tired from day1day2 to a dog, day3day4 can eat and drink with his brothers, meet little nurses, date little nurses, drive a hundred kilometers and take the little nurse to Songyuan to listen to the vulgar duo, give birth to a child, and bring a child. , Give birth to a child, take the child, and lead the child on a picnic. What is gdp? This is called gdp. Of course, your annual salary is one million, and after five years, you become half-struck and you pay 5 million to the hospital. This is also gdp.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Hello, I am a nurse in Japan. The night shift in our hospital is 17 hours and 45 minutes. There is 30 minutes for dinner in the first half of the night. 90 minutes of bedtime in the latter half of the night. Last month, I was still on night shift when I was 6 months pregnant. Because our head nurse said that there are not enough people, please ask me to take two night shifts. I said OK. To be honest, it’s very busy. There is no escort in Japan. Our nurses and assistants are in charge of eating and drinking Lazarus. 42 patients, 2 nurses, and an assistant. Japan is a long-lived country, and we have many people with dementia in their 80s and 90s. As naughty as a child. You can play with the nurse bell all night. You can also fall down, pull out the urinary tube and feed your nose. At the worst, count the number of nurses’ bells during the afternoon shift. One in a few seconds. collapse. However, many people fall in love with night shifts, and I also fall in love with them. After all, a night shift costs 700-800 RMB. There are 5 night shifts every month. Will add another 1,500 yuan. If you take five night shifts, you will pay more than 5,000 yuan on the basis of the basic salary. Who will have trouble with money? Our hospital is considered a low night shift. There are also many hospitals with a night shift of more than 2,000 yuan. So I really hope that the domestic wages of our medical staff will also be increased. After all, our country is also entering an aging society. Need a lot of medical staff. If you don’t like to work at a low salary, you can only learn from Japan to introduce nursing staff from abroad in the end.

9 months ago

Our emergency department is a 16-hour night shift. Three night shifts are connected. There is a round of night shifts every nine days. The first shift PN is from 16:00 to 8:00 the next day. The main work is responsible for the reception and treatment of patients in the rescue area in the lobby. At work, you can hand over to rest and sleep at 3 in the morning. The second shift is 120, from 5:30 to 8:00 the next day. The main task is to be responsible for pre-hospital first aid, which is the work of the ambulance. Organize the ambulance to keep it clean and handle the pre-hospital. Patients in the emergency department can go to the duty room to rest after 9:30. The third shift is available on call from 5:30 to 8:00 the next day. It is mainly responsible for the treatment of inpatients in the emergency general ward and night rounds. , You can go to rest and sleep after 10 o’clock, and work with the first PN person at 3 o’clock in the morning, responsible for all patient handling in the general ward and the lobby rescue area, until 8 o’clock to prepare for the big shift. For the first night shift, I will be at home Those who have been sleeping, wake up for breakfast at noon and then continue to sleep, sleep until 15:30 and then take a bath and go to work. After they arrive, they should make up for the stuff, hand over the remaining patients, deal with the new patients who have just arrived, if they often stay up late People may go to bed at 3 o’clock just right

9 months ago

I attended 18-hour classes during my internship in the operating room. In the afternoon + evening, you can sleep at night if there is no emergency surgery after the day surgery. But my face was darker, and as soon as my teacher and I went to the emergency room, I couldn’t sleep at all. At the beginning, it was really difficult. I closed my eyes bit by bit and forced myself to open. Later, I stayed up all night and became more energetic. When you really can’t open it, pinch yourself, but if you pinch too much, it’s useless if you get used to it. It becomes a more advanced clip to pinch yourself, just the kind of big paper clip, and then get up and go out to wash in cold water. Face and so on. I am on tour, so this kind of thing can be done, but the hand washing on the stage is not good. I don’t know how to get through hand washing. It hurts my body. It really hurts my body. It’s better not to wait in the operating room. , If you can’t help it, find a chance to leave, your body is important

9 months ago

I have already resigned. My previous hospital used an average of 24 hours a day for three days. The monthly salary was 1800-2200, and the night shift fee was 20 yuan. If there is no serious illness number at night, everything will be fine. When you arrive at the emergency department, you will not be able to stop the severe illness all night, especially the severe ones that can’t move at all. You must not stop for a moment. Now I have quit my job. I am currently taking Japanese exams and preparing to go to Japan. Currently, Japan has not completed its ban, so I will still go when the ban is unblocked. Because I won’t use my youth to sell this worthless life, because it’s not worth it, and the salary is not enough to drink Chinese medicine.

9 months ago

Send and receive fever patients and report. Take nucleic acid, draw blood, and send it to do ct. After the second nucleic acid came out, he was sent to hospital. One night I heard someone smash the door and open it. Two buses came to me. I made them myself, collected them, and sent samples. Worked for an hour, more than 100 people. It’s half past two. Then people came one after another, working until 8 o’clock. At most, I can make about 3000 nucleic acids in a day. 6 patients with fever were admitted. Most of the time mechanical movement. I changed to eating at noon, and I rarely pee and shit during the day. Because there are not enough people. I was stunned by the day’s work. I have been in this kind of class for a month. There is no overtime pay and no compensatory time off for key M. When it comes to this, the director changes his neck. Head Nurse Corriga has seven nurses, all of them tired as complaints. I have to eat stretched noodles every 24 hours, and I feel like vomiting after eating. Then ride a shared electric car home. A trip to bed is basically the afternoon. Sometimes my brain hurts when I stay up late, so I just take some medicine and continue to work. .

9 months ago

Yes, from 16:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 in the morning, take over the shift and start to record the first-level patient, write the record and then check the blood ticket for tomorrow morning. Check the infusion ticket for tomorrow morning. If there is a Bid infusion in the morning, the evening shift will be shifted. Lock the door in the ward where the patient is not in the ward for basic care. Clean up the treatment room. The duty room has a daytime pump. The infusion pump is almost over from 22:00 to 1:00. Getting up at five o’clock in the morning to take blood and blood glucose. Basic care Write a record of the amount of input and output for 24 hours against all the infusions this morning. Put the liquid used in the day shift in the disposal car. Hand over the bedside handover and then leave the work without receiving new patients. The night shift is actually not that difficult. It is much better than the day shift.

9 months ago

I am also a nurse. I feel happy and sad after reading your description. The happiness is that the night shift fee is so much, and the time of our shift is almost the same as yours at 17:30 until the next day. You can get off work at 8:30, but only 50 yuan for a night shift. The real thing is to slowly feel sad. For the night shift for two months, the night shift fee is only 300 yuan per month. If you don’t bring food to eat on the night shift, it feels like this night shift is for nothing, and you have to spend the night here for nothing. If there are too many night shift operations, it is really going to be running all night. People think that nurses are so white angels, but only we know that we have endocrine disorders, poor skin, and poor memory after staying up the night. We still have to stick to it in order to live. .

9 months ago

From five o’clock in the evening to eight o’clock the next day, it is almost 16 hours after the shift. Because there have been no nights in the small hospital, so these years have basically come here. How to boil it? I’m just trying hard. I’m currently working at a private company for 50 yuan for a night shift. In the past, a public night shift was only 12 yuan, which is a whole night. Fortunately, the patient’s condition is not very serious in a small place, and it is still possible to sleep for two hours in one night. Sometimes when I get busy and stay up until four o’clock, I don’t feel sleepy, but I feel very nauseous, and then I can’t vomit out, so I will retching and regurgitate.

9 months ago

I resigned in June last year and will have a baby next month. I have been working in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a private hospital before, and I am engaged in midwifery work. I work 24 hours a day. Three people take turns, which is equivalent to 10 night shifts a month. The salary is just like that. The night shift fee is 30 yuan, plus a 30 yuan subsidy, which is equivalent to 600 yuan a month night shift fee, and the salary plus bonus is less than 4000. Tired is really tired, physically and mentally exhausted, because the workload is large and there is not much money, I feel really boring.

9 months ago

The business is not completely related, the laboratory in the corner. I personally feel that the night shift depends on the intensity and which department it is in. Some wards are relatively better. ICU and emergency rooms are more traumatic. If you have a fever, you can see the number of doctors. I have a 24-hour duty here. I am busy in the emergency department for 8 hours during the day. Then I was on duty at the blood bank before the rest of the time, and now I’m on duty at the fever clinic. Work can kill time the most, followed by reading books, taking job title examinations, those who are big at night, and finally, there is a mobile phone.

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