The leader suddenly notified me of being transferred two days ago, but I disagreed, and then I went to the administrative communication.

Administration and leadership are in the same boat. The two of them talked to me together, and there was definitely no consensus in the end.

Then the administration will say that you do not agree to the transfer, and then give you a notice of dismissal 30 days in advance.

I was a little panicked, so let’s just take a look.

The next day I went to the administration, and I said I still disagree, and then I said that you said yesterday to fire me, that should be compensated for me. The administration just denied it, and then there was still no consensus. I firmly disagreed. When you are transferred, the administration will say how you want to solve it. I said, then labor arbitration, and he said yes.

As a result, the administration made two calls, probably to the Labor Bureau. They were wronged and told me to go back. I said I just didn’t agree, and there was no need to talk, so she said to discuss with the general manager.

In the end, they talked with the general manager for an hour. The result was that I didn’t change the job, but the person who came to my job still had to be transferred. We are equivalent to sharing the same job. His daily work is to copy my work.

I thought that this point was reached. Then I did it and resigned next month. If you don’t trouble me, I won’t hinder you. I’ll leave behind at the end of next month, but the leader came again this morning. I said, saying that I want me to leave my current office position and go to the office next to him, using a laptop, which is equivalent to overhead me

Then I asked the salary in the afternoon. The leader said that I had to share the performance of one person with another, and I would only get one or two thousand. I definitely don’t want to.

In the afternoon, I talked to the leader. I said you want me to leave. I know. Then you have to make sure that my March salary is not deducted, and then say that I can transfer jobs in April. (Because at the time of the talk, the administration said that as long as I agreed to transfer I did not agree to the job transfer without a salary reduction at the time.) But you said at the time that you must do the job transfer without a salary reduction. The leader agreed. It means that you will discuss it with the administration tomorrow, but if you transfer your job, even if you don’t have a salary reduction, it will be 20% off.

I regret it now, and I still can’t do it anymore. I think this behavior is too humiliating. I listened to my friend and I will stay in this company next month, but while I’m looking for a better job at work, I’d better just quit.

There are still many things in the middle, I will not talk about them one by one. Thank you for your suggestions. I have found a new and better job. I will go through the resignation formalities today and spend a few days at home to report to the new company. This The company will never go back.

To be a digression, I have never seen a company as disgusting as this company. The general manager is extremely stingy. It is beyond your imagination. People in the second-tier departments are always looking at the recruitment website. If they have better ones, they will leave. , I had this idea when I was at work before, and I had to worry about being fired every day. It’s good to leave now.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There is no hope for promotion in this company, even if I resign, I still have to get back what I deserve. First, keep the evidence: the job transfer document and the refusal to explain the company’s mandatory requirement for your job transfer. If it doesn’t say that it’s your work efficiency, it doesn’t say it’s the result of your major mistakes. You can speak for yourself within a reasonable range. The chat records or recordings of the conversations that you refuse to be transferred by the company can be used as evidence in court. The same reason. The company administration says that if you do not agree to the job transfer, you will be given a notice of dismissal 30 days in advance. Anyway, you will either agree to the job transfer or you will be dismissed. This is the best proof of mandatory job transfer. Second, normal work: Keep clocking in and signing out for daily work, even if the company requires you to be transferred or fired, you have to clock in and clock out normally during this period. Keep attendance records so that the other party has no reason to deduct. Originally promised not to reduce the salary of the job transfer, and then went back and gave a 20% discount. Newly recruit a person who has not yet arrived, let you share performance with him, and deliberately lower your salary. This series of behaviors must be explained. It is best to record or have a chat record. Third, negotiate with the company: It is best to communicate to solve the problem, if not, go through legal channels. In this company, you are already on the list of leaders to retire, not to mention what a good life will be after the transfer. First negotiate with the company for resignation compensation, and then ride a donkey to find a new way out. If the other party agrees, everyone is happy to start all over again. If the other party makes things difficult, decisively take up legal weapons to protect their own rights and interests. Don’t get used to these capitalists, just because you get used to their arrogance.

7 months ago

Since the company has done the first year of junior high school, then you should prepare for the fifteenth. 1. To express to the company (direct leadership, general manager, hr) that you do not agree to the job transfer or salary reduction, pay attention to save the evidence, if it is an oral expression, record it, if it is WeChat, keep a good record, and ask them to sign for it in writing. , You can send ems if you don’t sign for it, and the remarks don’t agree with the job transfer and salary reduction. 2. What should you do when you go to work? If you arrange for other people to share your work, ask them to notify you in writing to keep it. It is okay to arrange for you to work in another location, but it cannot be insulting, such as corridors, storage rooms, etc. If office supplies are not provided, just sit and read professional books. 3. If the company ignores your opinion, then you can go to labor arbitration; of course, you can also first inform the company that you are forced to terminate your labor relationship with the company due to xx reasons, and require the company to go through the resignation procedures within 15 days to pay compensation, and then 15 Apply for labor arbitration again after days.

7 months ago

I suddenly remembered a leader I met three years ago. I chose to leave at the time. Because of the incompatibility of values, he repeatedly stumbled me. After repeated pitfalls, I completely gave up on this company. What kind of person is he? Time goes back to the failure of the senior leadership strategy in 2017. The middle-level leaders cheated on the top and the bottom, the grass-roots employees slapped their feet, and the entire company called “leaders” were busy fighting inwardly. Big strategies, planning tasks are confused, and small things are ignored. Then you will definitely have questions, what should I do if something happens? Major events make the grassroots employees take the blame, if the matter is bigger, then find a few more grassroots employees to take the blame, anyway, it is in his heart to keep them clean. I remember that there was such an incident, because of this impressive and almost heart-wrenching incident, I was completely disheartened by this leader. Since the leader airborne in June, our subordinate colleague in charge of media planning tasks has kindly reminded him that he will not listen to the geometry of media funding, the geometry of the movement, and the geometry of the layout. In order to create a large number of media reports for the board of directors on the grand occasion of the exhibition, the media planner was forced to invite the local satellite TV channel to report on the live exhibition of this exhibition, but we all know it in our hearts. There is very little remaining media funds for the exhibition, and if a satellite channel is invited, CCTV’s invitation will be delayed. According to the arrangement of previous years, it is almost impossible to apply for special approval from the company again. He didn’t listen to him and was reciting the scriptures, and we were very helpless. (Ps: After all, he is the general. We are small soldiers. We are fighting to kill the enemy. Even if the food is terrible, we must fight with flesh and blood at the end of the crossbow.) Finally, it is the day of the TV interview. I and the media encountered a thunderbolt! The leader did not give any notice and said that the interview in the afternoon was cancelled without any feedback. What about the media deposit! I asked him in unison with the media, and he even said that he didn’t even conduct interviews, so he would just pay 28 yuan for the taxi fare. 28 yuan! Later, each of me and the media pooled a deposit for the reporter of the satellite TV channel. After returning to the company, the financial acquaintance with me told me that this leader did not plan to request this TV report without the approval of the special funds. And asked me to write an apology letter to the president: the content is that the media is not invited enough due to improper planning. I. Of course, I didn’t write this letter in the end, and finally I quit my job.

7 months ago

The company’s dismissal of employees is compensated: the company can be dismissed by the company to require the company to pay economic compensation, pay one month’s salary for every full year, and if it is more than six months but less than one year, it is calculated as one year; if it is less than six months, it will be paid to labor. Those who have paid half a month’s wages, without signing a labor contract, can ask for double wages, and if negotiation fails, they can apply for labor arbitration to defend their rights. So if you don’t want to do it anymore, you can talk to personnel. If you have confirmation on WeChat, it’s best: find personnel to talk and record the sound (in view of the current privacy protection in China, it may not be used as evidence, but it is still beneficial), let HR reiterated what I had to fire you before. Don’t be too smart. Don’t express your attitude towards transfer. After talking with the personnel, it is best to confirm with her again on WeChat, type it to her, and say that you didn’t hear it really well, and ask him if he was like this or that. You have to wait for her to reply on WeChat, then you can talk about it and think about it again. After receiving confirmation from WeChat, discuss compensation with the company. If you do not pay, you can go to arbitration. While working with the company Zhou Xuan, you should also start looking for a job and block the company when you submit your resume. The job is to choose each other, there is no need to be weak or low-brow, everyone is equal.

7 months ago

It’s really difficult for you to get to this point, it’s not easy. It reflects the cruel side of the workplace from the side. When the company does not want to use you, they will not look at it from your point of view, and will not care about your hard work. They will only stand from the perspective of the company’s interests. Consider the risks of things. This can draw a corresponding conclusion from the company’s leaders and administrative departments’ tough attitude and practices towards you. They should not retain you, and the company will not even make concessions in this matter. So, whether you choose to transfer or resign, their attitude towards you will not change. Instead of struggling with them, you really might as well open up and talk with your superiors about salary compensation after resignation. Because according to the relevant labor law of our country, the unit persuades you to resign without justifiable reasons and facts. It also includes, like your current situation, that you have been assigned to other people to take up the job without you being transferred or applying for resignation. They should give you a certain salary compensation in accordance with the corresponding provisions of the labor law. Otherwise, you have the right to go to the labor bureau to apply for arbitration. (For specific legal provisions, please refer to my country’s Labor Law Provisions and Regulations) Today I share this, I hope you will be inspired, and I wish you all the best.

7 months ago

I think the company is shameless to this level. The personnel and leadership are so stupid. In fact, in the long run, this ghost company does not need to continue. It mainly depends on your personality. If you don’t like the optimists who are unhappy because of this ass, and your own financial conditions allow, then just quit your job. But you will come to ask this question, I think you should not be of this type, and can’t swallow this breath. I am not a professional, and I am currently having trouble with the company and the leaders. I haven’t solved it yet, so I can only give you some personal suggestions. 1. No matter who talks to you, be sure to record and record! ! ! Whether they talk to you in person or on the phone, they must be recorded! ! All chat records are saved! 2. Regardless of the final negotiation or arbitration, you can first learn about the materials required for your local arbitration, such as the original contract, attendance records, and some evidence that you need to prove that you work for this company. It’s better to prepare in advance than to get all your communications from work suddenly shut down by the company and you can’t get any evidence. 3. The company still insists on putting another colleague in your position to work, in fact, it wants to force you to resign! Sister, hold on! ! Do not quit your job even with average performance! Do what you arrange, and don’t be caught by evidence that you don’t go to work well or work wrong. 4. You said that another colleague who was put in did the same job content as you, and shared the performance equally with you. I don’t know whether your performance salary is fixed or free. Is there a performance salary clearly stated in the labor contract? If it is fixed and it is clearly written in the labor contract, then you have a recording or chat record when your company said this paragraph to you, then you can sue the company for deduction of wages! Pay cuts in disguise! Collect good evidence sisters! (What do I mean by fixed? For example, your contract is clearly written, how much is the basic salary, how much performance is, although performance is linked to performance, but as long as you have evidence of what she said, you can say that the company has declined in disguise (Salary) 5. Don’t have a burden in your heart. The company has done so absolutely. Please put aside your personal feelings and don’t think that I have been here for too long, have feelings for the company or anything. Give up this idea and the company will not shame you. Now, talk about the feelings of a ghost! 6. From now on, don’t gossip about your affairs with your office colleagues. Most people don’t think it is too big to watch the excitement. Few people really care about your grievances and sympathize with your experience! Shut up laxly! Don’t tell others about your plans and progress! Don’t be betrayed by others, it’s not good for you. 7. The company’s job transfer requires your own consent. If you don’t agree, the company cannot force you to transfer your job! In addition, if you have to transfer someone to your job, there is no problem with the company’s internal structure adjustments and job changes. 8. If you do not agree to transfer, as long as you do not resign yourself and you have made no mistakes in your job, the company fires you because you do not transfer, it is an illegal dismissal. You can ask for financial compensation, which can prove that the company fired you because of you Disagree with the transfer, 2n compensation will start! ! So sisters must collect evidence at any time, even if you are really fired, you must ask clearly the reason for the fire, and record! ! Your company’s personnel should not have much experience, so you will make such low-level mistakes. As long as you do not resign by yourself and you have made no mistakes, the company will be expelled and compensated by arbitration. Not fired, but everything disgusts you. It doesn’t matter. Just do it if you have a job. If you don’t arrange a job, just go to work and go to the company to play! See who consumes it! If you are given more work and you have to work overtime, you should keep the evidence of overtime, and you need to pay for overtime. If you really arbitrate in the later period, you can claim that the overtime pay should be returned! Talk about evidence in everything! ! Keep good evidence! ! ! Don’t be afraid, it’s just a not-so-difficult job! ! You didn’t make a mistake, how come you have to lose some money before leaving! ! Don’t resign yourself!

7 months ago

Prepare with both hands, resign when you find a suitable job, and go to work normally before finding a suitable job. The thing about the job transfer is that you don’t agree, and the salary cannot be lowered. During this period, different response measures were flexibly adopted according to the actual situation. If the wages are forcibly reduced, they must express their disapproval in writing and ask for the difference to be made up. The company will continue to express its disagreement if the company ignores it. Later, the company can unilaterally change the contract and resign and arbitrate for economic compensation and return the wage difference. If the company is forcibly dismissed, it must be notified in writing, not verbally, and then taken to arbitration, and the compensation must be dismissed illegally.

7 months ago

Such a disgusting company will definitely not be able to stay; but I think it’s right to get your own compensation if you leave. The specifics can be done as follows: 1. Find out the contract and see if there are any terms at the time Constraints that are more beneficial to yourself or unfavorable to you, use the constraints that are beneficial to yourself as much as possible, and avoid unfavorable constraints at work as much as possible to prevent the company from saying things; 2. See if the company pays you according to the regulations Five insurances and one housing fund, if it is the best option, but if not, then we should seize this point and go to labor arbitration. In this case, the arbitration department will definitely stand on the side of the worker; 3. As far as job transfer is concerned, the company It is not entitled to unilateral notification. This must be approved by the worker. Therefore, the subject can be rejected completely. As for salary reduction or performance reduction, it is even more impossible to talk about it. If the company must do so, the subject You can apply for labor arbitration. At this stage, you should go to work, and you should do the work arranged by the leader. If you deliberately arrange some difficult tasks, you should report and ask for more instructions in the form of text. Those who need support resources should also directly ask the boss. The reason why you need to report and ask for instructions is to keep good evidence; 4. If the other party asks you to talk about dismissal and does not want to pay compensation later, it is recommended that the subject prepare a voice recorder to record all the content of the conversation. This is also for Evidence left by arbitration. The last thing is that you should look for a job yourself. Don’t spend too much time in this kind of company. If you get your own interests, you should withdraw as soon as possible.

7 months ago

If you disagree with the job transfer, the employer generally cannot unilaterally transfer you. You are still working in your original position, and another person shares a position with you. Your salary is reduced. You can terminate the labor contract and apply for labor arbitration on the grounds that the employer has not paid the labor compensation in full, and ask for full wages and economic compensation. . Do not resign for personal reasons, otherwise you cannot claim financial compensation. It is not necessary to continue working in this work unit. You can start looking for a new job while preparing for labor arbitration, but you must be careful not to violate the rules such as absenteeism, and avoid the employer dismissing you on the grounds of absenteeism.

7 months ago

01 Be rational. Don’t lose your mind and do things that are out of control when you are being used by the company for routines, job transfers, and salary cuts. The more this time, the more the company will stimulate you to do irrational, emotional things, and then you will be caught by the company, and eventually have to take the initiative to leave. The more rational at this time, the less you will be disturbed by the company, and the more you can gain the initiative, the company will be unable to do anything about it. Therefore, when you are overshadowed by the company, you must calm down, analyze your current situation, and then work out a counterattack strategy. Don’t be afraid at this time. Often the company will use some things to make you afraid. For example, if you continue to make trouble, when you look for a new job, if the new company conducts a background check, your current company will give Your bad reviews, etc., don’t take these words too seriously, because they don’t even know what job you are looking for in the future. Besides, whether the new company will conduct a background check is another matter. Almost most companies do not conduct background checks. When you can enter those companies that do background checks, the original company doesn’t dare to do this, because people of your level are also quite powerful elites in the industry, and headhunters will often come to dig you. 02 Retaining Evidence When you are in the company’s routine, the most important thing is to retain the evidence for subsequent arbitration. When you have evidence, it is very convenient. If you do not have evidence, it is more difficult for you to fight for your own interests. Many people do not have the habit or awareness of keeping evidence. This must be avoided. Keep the evidence, and when it comes out during the arbitration, the company has to obediently give you the compensation. And when you have no evidence, of course you will get nothing. These evidences include proof that you work in the company, whether the company personnel are forcing you to leave, whether the company has violated regulations, etc. 03 Use legal weapons to protect your own interests Of course, some companies may bully you, not compensate you, or even humiliate you, embarrass you, and force you to resign. Then don’t be afraid at this time and take legal weapons to protect your own interests. Someone encountered this situation at that time. The company wanted to force him to resign, threw all his belongings out, and cancelled his access card authority. When he came to work at the company, the company even arranged for security to not allow him to enter. The company, he was not afraid at the time, but took out his mobile phone and told the security guard that if he was not allowed to enter the company to work, he would call the police. In the end, the security guard was also afraid of making trouble. After reporting to the leader, he obediently let him enter the company. He also restored his access card. Later, the company repeatedly tried to make him resign, but he did not. Instead, he obtained his own benefits through labor arbitration. Therefore, don’t be afraid of being caught by the company’s routines and the company’s shame. You must fight for your own interests reasonably and legally, and you must dare to fight to protect your own interests. During this period, you must be sensible, rational, and refrain from impulsiveness.

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