On the afternoon of April 16, US Eastern Time, Biden met with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the White House. After the meeting, Japan and the United States issued a joint statement.

The two countries mentioned Taiwan in the joint statement-this is the first time that Taiwan has been included in the joint statement of the Japan-US summit meeting since Nixon and Sato Eisaku’s talks in 1969. Not only that, the statement once again interfered in the affairs of Hong Kong and Xinjiang, China.

The two ended their talks and attended a joint press conference
The Biden administration has recently intensively united with allies to “enclose” China, and Japan has also followed suit, making a historical reversal in Sino-Japanese relations. Last month, the joint statement after the Japan-US 2+2 talks flagrantly slandered China and deliberately discussed China’s internal affairs. At that time, China severely criticized the Japanese side for “suffering from others” and “cooperating with the United States.”

Nowadays, the interaction between the United States and Japan has intensified. Japan’s foreign policy has shown a dangerous trend toward the United States and cooperating with the United States to contain China. The Japanese media worry that this move will be countered by China. Is Japan ready to follow the United States?

According to the latest news, the Chinese Embassy in the United States responded to the China-related content of the joint statement by the leaders of the United States and Japan: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang-related issues are China’s internal affairs. The East China Sea and the South China Sea involve China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, and these issues are related to China’s affairs. Fundamental interests should not be interfered. We express our strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the relevant remarks made by the leaders of the United States and Japan in the joint statement. China will firmly safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests.

The above-mentioned remarks of the United States and Japan have completely gone beyond the scope of the normal development of bilateral relations, harming the interests of third parties, harming mutual understanding and trust between countries in the region, and harming peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific. Obviously it is an attempt to split the Asia-Pacific region and engage in a “small circle” directed at other countries, but calling it “free and open” is really a great irony. Such attempts by the United States and Japan to go against the trend of the times and act in response to the hearts of the people in the region will inevitably proceed with the purpose of harming others and end in harming themselves.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

An obvious signal was released: Yoshihide Suga lives up to the heavy responsibility of being a man, and wants to contract all the “notoriety”. Do you say that Japan does not know how big the power gap between China and Japan is? That is obviously impossible; but the sincerity to American dad cannot be ignored-so one must be offended between China and the United States. But Japan must be clear: when big powers fight, their followers often suffer first; it can’t cure China/the United States, and can’t you cure Japan? At this time, you must sacrifice a back pot man to lick the beauty. However, this matter cannot be done by a family of clans like Abe Aso, because they are Japan’s national capital and the core of Japan’s leadership; their antagonism with China is equivalent to irreversible deterioration of Sino-Japanese relations, so the affair of the family Can’t do it directly. Therefore, as Abe’s spokesperson, Yoshihide Suga, the executor of “No Abe’s Abe Line”, must come forward to do everything that Abe wants but cannot do. So it’s not surprising that this situation is happening today. It was originally Yoshihide Suga’s mission. The Olympics, nuclear waste water, the new crown, etc., are all taken care of.

6 months ago

1. Yoshihide Suga really is a guy who comes up to thunder and backs the pot. Basically, he did everything Abe wanted to do but didn’t dare to do. For example, signing RCEP, discharging nuclear sewage, and this time. Then in September this year. 2. The content of the statement basically did not exceed people’s expectations. Little Japan scratched our bottom line again. The bottom line is the “China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty”, which is good and not aimed at third parties (China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China). But there is no guilty heart, and the 4V stability is replaced by Taiwan Strait stability. Said that he was seriously concerned about our northwest and fishing villages, but did not dare to join the US sanctions on cotton and the cancellation of repatriation. Just stay verbally. Perfectly make a “snarling dog” posture. But again, the “Treaty” was signed when we were relatively weak and eager to break the diplomatic blockage. If Japan voluntarily wants to abandon it, it shouldn’t be said to be unpredictable. 3. The bigger the US bet, the worse it will lose in the future. When gambling, he obviously got a bad hand, but in order to overwhelm the opponent in momentum, he bet the chip to the maximum. In order to scare away the opponent, let the opponent not dare to follow the bet, and automatically give up. Then it just sits and wins. However, the American abacus was wrong. Regarding the island issue, no matter how much the United States holds, we will follow. And we can afford it. And, we know that the United States has a bad hand. What if the United States has pulled more and more Gou retreats, and how about the entire European NATO? On the day when the game is broken, the worse one will lose. Therefore, many people refer to it as “encircling the spot to fight aid.” 4. This statement is more beneficial to Japan. It looks like Japan is defending the United States, but the United States actually gives Japan more false guarantees. This is Japan’s side-jumping under the attack from left to right. The observation of many people is that as long as Japan does not jump back on the RCEP, it means that Japan is actually sucking the blood of the United States. Not the other way around. 5. Japan once again demonstrated its nature as a chicken thief, bluffing, and making full use of the tiger skin of the United States to maximize its own interests. In terms of action, “you must be punished to death. Don’t hinder me from making money.” I don’t know what the European stubborn people think. However, Japan did rub the red line, and it is inevitable to find a place to do it.

6 months ago

No signal was released. At most, the sovereign state had spent some political points to get the puppet state to send a letter of condemnation. Everyone knows that Japan is a servant country of the U.S. imperialism in terms of international politics, especially its speech on China, so don’t worry about Japan’s own will. Because whether Japan wants to be pro-China or anti-China, its mouth is not under its control. “For the first time since 1969,” is it because Japan’s national will has prevented Taiwan from being mentioned in the US-Japan joint statement for so many years? The primary and secondary points are good because the U.S. emperor did not ask Japan to mention it. Now the U.S. emperor wants to take China as an argument. India can hide, but Japan cannot hide. This statement could not release any signal from Japan, it was the style of the U.S. imperialism. Japan’s current situation is very delicate. If possible, Japan will do its best to avoid conflict with China. Especially after China imposed sanctions on Australia, China has already demonstrated its ability to “economically retaliate against political issues.” The long-term “political cold and economic hot” between China and Japan used to be because China sought industrial transfer and investment from Japan. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested the Japanese visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, the local government organized a delegation to Japan to attract investment. It was a “big man who can do anything in the development period.” Now that the situation has reversed, Japan’s demand for China is higher than China’s demand for Japan. Due to the deep integration of the industrial chain, China’s prosperity is Japan’s prosperity; and this industrial system is dominated by China, so if Japan’s technical funds for orders are missing, China may have to slow down; without China’s supply chain and market, Japan Go directly into the soil for security. Not to mention Japan’s national debt ratio and declining birthrates, but only the Suga Yoshihide regime. In January this year, the support rate was lower than the non-support rate (40% vs. 41%). With the support rate of the fourth wave of the pandemic still declining, we will have to host the unmanned Olympic Games that will lose money to my grandma’s house. In October this year, the House of Representatives will elect Suga. If you are still there at that time, Suga, does Japan want Yeqing to start the “one-year prime minister” again? Suga. But Yoshihide Suga is also very helpless. Before that, whether it was 2+2 or other messes, Yoshihide Suga asked Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi to speak. Although I was standing with the U.S. emperor and making remarks about besieging China, if I did not speak, I still had room for ambiguity. Isn’t it Japanese? Lao X Deng directly said a few days ago that he would “urge Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet to issue a joint statement to publicly express his support for Taiwan.” If you want to sit on the fence, the boss grabs the back of your neck: Don’t be stubborn, I have already seen through. You are my little brother. If I call you a platform, you have to platform, even if it will damage your national interests. This is why the Japanese policy circles are more disgusted with Lao X Deng than Chuanhuang. The Emperor Chuan is anti-China, but the Emperor Chuan is on your own. You also break with us from time to time. We are all “forced” to stand aside; the old X Deng is a “united ally”, but he speaks of “unity” afterwards. Just let us do it ourselves. After the epidemic, Japan’s GDP is still recovering, and Japan’s GDP could fall by another 1.2% in February this year. On your sister, I really get a 15% consumption tax. I’m afraid there are members of the Self-Defense Force singing . Don’t think that Japan-US security has no cracks and drips. The biggest rift is actually the same as South Korea, that this is a defensive security agreement. If the intensity of the Sino-US confrontation is so high that it may spread to the Japanese mainland, the rationality of Japan-US security will be subject to unanimous backlash from above and below. Because the whole area of ​​Japan is covered by firepower, the kind of large quantity and enough control. Does Taiwan apply to the Japan-US security agreement? Therefore, the Diaoyu Islands are actually not important to Japan, but the U.S. emperor must stir up the matter. This is to fully enhance the legitimacy of Japan-US security. Next, China will definitely have some countermeasures against Japan, but it should be very restrained, mainly symbolic. At least before the end of the Tokyo Olympics. China has already defined Japan and has no independent will. We know who is holding the rope. As long as the Japanese side does not take any substantive actions, then the Chinese side will not make any substantive actions. The big deal is going back to the atmosphere of 12 years, high-level officials are facing each other, and the private business continues to do. It would be even better if the Sea of ​​Japan could expand and expand its forces. Please use a few more helicopter carriers. We also have to write a project report for Dajian. As for the Taiwan issue, it has nothing to do with Japan a long time ago. The degree to which the political relationship between the U.S. imperialism and Taiwan will be “formalized” is the most prone to cause prejudgment deviation.

6 months ago

One is the largest country in the new crown, and the other wants to discharge nuclear sewage. Both father and son are people who have made “outstanding contributions” to the world. The joint statement is that this is a heavy burden and will continue to work with us, slander and attack. , Interference in our internal affairs, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are really pervasive! As Biden said before, during his tenure, China is not allowed to surpass the United States. For this goal, the joint statement of the two countries mentioned a third country. This is really Sima Zhao’s heart, and the father and son should have said: disgusting. His dad opened the door to Nausea, and Nausea is home! Father is kind and filial, passed on from generation to generation! What the United States has done to Xinjiang can be seen! Undercurrent surging! Xinjiang Anti-Terrorism Documentary! Give you the truth!

6 months ago

No matter how Japan jumps, no matter what the US moves, there is only one, don’t let Australia go. Killing chickens and monkeys, since the target of Australia has reached its current level, then other people can ignore him for the time being, focus on attacking a little, hurt his ten fingers, it is better to cut one finger, you hit you, I hit mine. I concentrate on playing my strengths and avoiding my weaknesses. Therefore, we must understand who is our most important enemy and who is our secondary enemy. The United States is the most important enemy. When it is unable to attack the United States in the most direct way, then Australia is the best target. As for Japan, India, Canada, etc., they were all thrown out by the United States to confuse our vision. I only have one, don’t let Australia go. No matter how the enemy changes, our targets and strategy should not change. Continuous, long-term planning strategies are always better than short-term response strategies. Keep your own attack targets and attack advantages, don’t be attracted by the opponent’s false targets, defeat one, and then consider dealing with the other. Japan is just a secondary opponent. It is not even the Five Eyes Alliance. No matter how it jumps, it cannot enter the core circle of Europe and the United States. From the beginning, it is an outsider. The Five Eyes Alliance will not treat it as A true friend is always just an object of use. Since the Russo-Japanese War, Japan has been a pawn, a dog that has been used but not profitable. Therefore, I only have one point of view, no matter how Japan jumps, no matter how nonsense, as long as 4v declares its independence without flagrantly, then let it go and concentrate on destroying Australia completely.

6 months ago

There are a lot of rhythms in the comments. Of course, Japan is an opponent, but the opponents have to come one by one. Now, what effective means are there to impose sanctions on Japan? How can I beat it up? Back then, they boycotted Japanese goods and smashed Japanese cars, and now Japanese cars are running all over China. Without effective means, is it useful to just shout with your mouth? Now that the United States is besing China, India, Japan, Australia, and the so-called diamond encirclement of the United States, Australia is the weakest link, a country that has no industry, and is completely supported by agricultural products and minerals, and is extremely dependent on the Chinese market. Who? If China is truly invincible, of course it can attack everyone, but is China invincible? What is the main contradiction and what is the secondary contradiction? The main contradiction is to break the siege of the United States and destroy the diamond encirclement of the United States, Japan, India and Australia. Instead of breaking through the weakest link, should we choose a stronger one? For a country like Japan with a strong industrial foundation and no major flaws, China actually lacks effective sanctions, but unlike Australia, it can feel pain step by step by using existing economic means. It’s like fighting in a group, don’t care about everything else, just rush to kill the weakest one. I think many people understand this simple truth, but whether some people have interests in Australia or something else, so I don’t know if I bring the rhythm here. I only know that the use of economic means to target Australia is direct and effective, and can play a role in killing chickens and monkeys. The ready-made methods are not used. Are they reserved for the New Year? Any strategy can’t ignore priority and attack on all sides. Those who try to draw everyone’s attention to other areas, hehe, really don’t know who they are. This is what the United States hopes most. It hopes that China will attack from all sides, with no primary or secondary. We need to understand that China’s only opponent is the United States, and its main goal is to fight Australia. The main goal is to make its allies separate from Germany. If one day, sanctions on Japan can hurt the United States, then of course sanctions on Japan will not hesitate. If it can’t, it will set up one more enemy, then there is no need. Because as long as China defeats the United States, these walls and grasses will naturally fall apart. No need for us to fight. So, once again, we will disable Australia. No matter how the world changes today, just hit Australia to the death.

6 months ago

As a “cultural person”, I only explain from the cultural level why Taiwan is Chinese. Never accept rebuttals. Some people refuted me and pointed out that Taiwanese do not agree with Chinese culture. Whether they agree with it or not, do they have the same cultural genes? Recognition and acceptance of time are two different things. Therefore, refutation is still not accepted. If you think that what Taiwan accepts is Western culture and that the cultural genes are not in China, turn left when you go out. If you want to discuss political issues, go out and turn right. Huntington, a professor at Harvard University in the United States, pointed out in “The Clash of Civilizations”: “The characteristics and differences of culture are more difficult to change than politically and economically, and less easy to compromise and resolve. In the former Soviet Union, communists can become democratic. The rich and the poor can also change their positions. However, Russians cannot become Estonians, and Azerbaijanis cannot become Armenians. As far as class and ideological conflict is concerned, the key question is:’Where are you standing? One side?’People can, and in fact, choose and change positions. The question of cultural conflict is:’What are you?’ This is established and cannot be changed.” This means that our position and world outlook can be changed, and even our beliefs can be changed. However, the cultural background to which we belong cannot be changed. Culture is higher than blood, higher than race, higher than belief. For us Chinese, what are we? The essence lies in culture, not in “species”. Only those who accept Chinese culture can be called Chinese. A person who does not accept Chinese culture, even if he is of the Han race, has the purest Chinese ancestry, and has communist beliefs, he cannot be called a true Chinese. Back to Professor Huntington’s thesis, combining Chinese culture. We have reason to make the following inference: Taiwan, even if it is separated from us, even if its political system is different, or its beliefs are also different. But it doesn’t matter. They have accepted Chinese culture. Our culture has the same foundation. This is an indisputable fact. therefore. We still think that they are Chinese and will return sooner or later. No matter how foolish the Americans and Japanese are, this is an irrefutable fact.

6 months ago

The United States now faces the predicament of third-line operations. In the Asia-Pacific, we want to take away the dull bay. Russia is taking Iran to regain the Middle East. Domestic epidemics The current mutated virus in the United States is also uncontrollable, coupled with problems such as racism and populism caused by superimposed economic problems. He will certainly not be able to fight on the three fronts at the same time, and will inevitably undergo a strategic contraction. The fundamentals of the Democratic Party are healthcare, media, and finance. The base of the Republican Party is oil. Biden does not need to protect the Middle East for the Republicans and plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The EU bet on both sides. Is this to please Germany? It is more inclined to play insidious tricks against China and the United States. Obama himself has failed in his attempt to contain China, so he came out to engage in strategic contraction. It turned out that those companies were reluctant to return to the United States. Changed Biden to continue the containment. Now it is more difficult to encircle China than it was ten years ago. ASEAN and Iran are already in our team. Everyone is optimistic about the Belt and Road Initiative. So Biden only had to play insidious tricks in the match. So unite Japan and India to contain it. Will play various tricks, such as letting Japan dump nuclear waste water. Burma, cotton, nuclear waste water, the climate is wave after wave. China’s best policy is to consume the United States in a dark financial war. China’s economic power has fought a war of attrition. The biggest impact in 2021 is the super-loose currency led by the United States. This 1.9 trillion yuan is only an appetizer for Biden, and there will be 2 to 4 trillion yuan to resume work and production in the future. It is a bit difficult for the United States to harvest the world this time. No one bought the national debt he issued. When he went to Japan, he forced Japan to pay 106 million in military spending. Compared with Biden’s 1.9 trillion, this 106 million is not enough to stuff his teeth. If U.S. bonds cannot be sold, doubling world price inflation should not be a big problem. The United States desperately prints money, so we are carbon neutral, reducing production capacity and raising prices. Carbon neutrality is much higher than that of the environmental protection investigations conducted in the previous two years. This is the original shit basin that the West has held on our heads. Today, while they were zooming in on the water, they backhanded back the shit bowl they made. They can’t have tempers yet, they have to say: It’s so fragrant! Don’t you print the U.S. dollar? In Europe, don’t you print the euro. I won’t be flooding with you. If you print money, I will appreciate. Originally, one U.S. dollar can buy RMB 6 goods. Now that I appreciate, you can only buy 5 yuan. So it’s too fragrant to use carbon neutralization to increase the price of export commodities. Not only can Biden not be able to suck blood from China, he also has to deal with domestic inflation, which is far from simple. The credit base of the U.S. dollar was anchored to gold in the first place. Later, he shamed after printing more and became an anchor to oil. Later, oil couldn’t support the dollar, and it anchored Chinese-made goods. In order to join the world trade in 1949 and 2018, we were willing to endorse the U.S. dollar at that time. Now it’s different. I’m not going to endorse you. I’m going to issue digital currency. Use the digital currency made in China as an endorsement. China has joined the currency settlement system. This means that RMB has also become a settlement currency, and it can be safely de-dollarized in the future. The attitude of Europe is actually to bet on both sides. On the one hand, it passed swfit for China, and on the other hand, it followed the United States to sanction our cotton. It is destined that Europe will not become king again. Now the US treasury bonds cannot be sold at all, and the rabbits are engaged in carbon neutrality and capacity reduction to increase prices, which is really worse for global inflation. Turkey is to demote itself first and be cut as little as possible. It is also reasonable for South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil to declare bankruptcy first. Labor and capital are bankrupt. You can’t cut much wool, so please let it go. That’s what it means. The governor of the Bank of China said today that China does not have upward inflationary pressure, and peripheral prices have risen to the sky. Why do we do not have inflationary pressure? The main reason is that RMB is appreciating. The currencies of resource countries such as Turkey and Brazil are depreciating drastically. Double effect and my country is mainly resource imports. Except for most chips, other industrial products can be produced by itself, so inflationary pressure is not big at all, because we are the seller. Foreign investment. Following the example of the United States during the two world wars, it issued RMB-denominated loans to countries that desperately needed China’s anti-epidemic support to purchase Chinese materials. While supporting the recovery of the world’s economy, it promoted the internationalization of the RMB. Russia can be exchanged with rabbit RMB, he doesn’t use US dollars anymore. This is the strongest way to prevent cutting. His own ruble has depreciated, but the RMB in his hand has risen, and he loses less as soon as it rises and falls. The countries that can buy Chinese vaccines are basically standing in line, and they will give them the exchange amount of RMB as a hedge. This is the benefit of joining the Belt and Road Initiative. The significance of China-Iran comprehensive cooperation does not lie in Iran’s economy and military, but in Iran’s strategic location and massive oil. Iran’s strategic channel in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East is China’s forward position in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. China, Iran and Russia have joined forces to basically control the entire Eurasian continent, while the United States’ system of allies is basically marginalized, not to mention the presence of American countries. Venezuela echoed at the door. Russia, Venezuela, and Iran are all world oil powers. In addition, the Middle East countries have good relations with China. This provides conditions for China to promote the removal of petrodollars and accelerate the internationalization of the renminbi. China, Russia and Iran are already on the way to coordinate de-dollarization. It also shows that China is making comprehensive preparations for de-dollarization. If China suppresses the urge to loose money, the prices of assets (especially real estate) will be controlled, and society can maintain social stability. The biggest bubble in China is in the housing market. The three red lines of real estate, the proportion of housing loans must not exceed 40%, and the cooling of the school district housing concept are all policies to prevent financial risks. That is to say, we protect our vital points and then launch a financial attack (exporting inflation to the outside world). Once the U.S. stock market bursts, it will be fake if the U.S. stock market does not burst. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in the second half of the year, maybe next year. The biggest bubble in the world is there. Former President Chuan Jianguo has 4 trillion US dollars. It hasn’t seen any effect when it hits it down. Let’s sit on the bench and watch the show. Earlier, American pension funds ran A-shares to invest. This news is actually quite big, and my pension fund doesn’t believe that my super bubble is now. This is a sign. Earlier, US stocks fell, European stocks fell, and A-shares rose to 3,000. Everyone felt that Europe and the United States were unreliable. The reason why Chuan Jianguo’s approval rating is so high is related to his desperate efforts to pull the stock index. During the outbreak, U.S. stocks experienced several fuse declines, and they were forced by Jianguo to release water. Assuming that US stocks or US debt collapse and the dollar cannot reap the world smoothly, then the rabbit is the biggest winner this time. Now is the financial battle. Once the financial victory is over, the script of multiple vassals will be launched. A luxury car is parked on the street intact and no one will touch or dare to touch it. Assuming that the car was smashed by the first person, then it is very likely that there will be no more wheels left overnight. It’s human nature. “What you can’t get on the battlefield, never want to get it at the negotiating table.” This sentence is an unbreakable truth. The Chinese strategy is to unite Russia and fight on two fronts. Just like the anti-siege back then, history always repeats. For example, after the United States confirmed the nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015, it immediately focused all its energy on East Asia. Under the leadership of Japan, and under the situation where countries have submitted their names to the United States, we are almost embarrassed in Asia. . From the Myanmar democracy movement to the Thai coup, from the South China Sea arbitration to THAAD’s entry into South Korea. Do you remember Zha Jinhua from China, the United States and South Korea in the last game (THAAD enters South Korea)? Behind this golden flower is the behind-the-scenes contest between China and the United States, and everything that should be guarded is almost the same to prevent a loser in the showdown from being robbed by the other party. Forcing South Korea to deploy THAAD at this time, it depends on the wisdom of Sister Park. In the end, she likes Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun is definitely not playful. Zhao Yun is the captain of the guard, and he is a little more handsome. Lu Meng, Lu Xun, and Zhang Xi are better than Zhao Yun. Sister Park is serious, she knew when she said her idol was Zhao Yun, she didn’t have much wisdom. South Korea’s national fortune is all held in her hand, but she has done stupid things again and again. The small country should never imagine playing “distance close and close attack”, and can only survive in the cracks. But the Americans no longer gave her a chance to survive, and the game of Jinhua began. Forcing the elder sister to bite China, the Chinese endured it at first, without giving a serious warning. After all, she was able to support her under the pressure of the Americans during the anti-fascist conference. When the Chinese saw that the eldest girl had nothing to do, they couldn’t help her anymore, so they took part in a game of Explosive Golden Flower. Before THAAD’s deployment, with the help of strength, the United States’ scissors hands were used to relieve South Korea’s anger. As long as South Korea is rotten enough, there is not much threat. This is the international economic situation, and all military operations are for economic service. 300,000 military exercises between the United States and South Korea, the Chinese people boycotted South Korean companies, and then the US dollar raised interest rates… In the Sino-US-Korea game, Han is a younger brother who was forced to play by his elder brother. The master didn’t want to play, and didn’t want to play well. My best friend came out. My best friend said that you have to fight if you don’t want to fight. I will fight for you… Korea Hanyun went bankrupt, Samsung went bankrupt, and the entertainment industry was also in jeopardy. South Korea’s three carriages: Samsung is the representative of the electronics, entertainment, and ship electronics industries. South Korea has always been the world’s largest shipbuilding industry. Its representatives are the shipbuilding companies Daewoo, Samsung, and Hyundai. In recent years, the market has gradually been eaten away by China. The representative of Han Yun was also killed by the bomb Jinhua. The key consumer market of the entertainment industry is China, which has been blocked. Han saw that the bibs were all lost, only a pair of underwear was left, but the master was no longer there. If he didn’t lose completely, he would not be able to play at the table. Even if he lost, he would continue to play with him. The other two were out of money. The family will lend her to her. This is a convention at the poker table, so many people say that South Korea will definitely lose all this time. Not only lose all, but also lose until it owes a debt… Everyone knows that the big girl went in. Up. The biggest winner of this brand is China. The United States cannot take away the market share of maritime and electronic products. South Korea’s proud LCD product leader can only be replaced by China. The United States does not have this capacity and employees, and the entertainment industry is the largest. The consumer country is us, and we are now just developing our own entertainment products. The situation on the peninsula has been set, 300,000 military exercises, and the hot money in the Asia-Pacific region that is scared of peeing on pants will definitely go to the United States, which has earned a share of the industry and cut the wool in a vicious manner. This time Japan still wants to repeat the old tricks?

6 months ago

There is one more shocking thing. Former Japanese ambassador: The United States is finally determined to bring down China. Japan has waited for this day for a thousand years. According to Japanese media reports recently, the former Japanese ambassador to the United States Ryozo Kato published an article “The Essence of an Alliance with Real Effectiveness”, pointing out that the two parties and society of the United States are now All classes have finally agreed to see China as the biggest “challenge” and are determined to “overthrow” China. This is a “good thing” for Japan, and Japan has waited for this day for a long time. The Japanese government and all walks of life should seize the opportunity to strengthen coordination with the United States, bring together the “democracies” of the world, accelerate the “decoupling” from China, and win the victory with a solid “siege to China” and realize the “millennium” of Japan’s dominance in East Asia. Long-cherished wish”. Another question: How do you think about the former Japanese ambassador to the United States, Ryzo Kato said: I think all netizens who see this news should have a sense of self-consciousness, chat with people in their daily lives, and remind everyone not to have a slight bit of Japan. Fantasy. The future world is likely to be troubled times. It is possible that the bottom line of the world will be constantly broken. We don’t be the first, we lose the place first. Don’t be the last one, it will cost a lot to do the last one. On the issue of breaking through the bottom line, we must have determination. Take a look at the United States during World War I and World War II. We first gather our energy, wait for others to fire the first shot, wait for others to lose their moral status, and then we fight a hard one. Just as everyone remembers that Germany first launched World War I and World War II, and Japan first attacked Pearl Harbor. Who remembers the step-by-step policy of Britain and the United States? Everyone remembers Auschwitz. Who remembers the abuse of prisoners of war by the US and the Soviet Union during World War II? Remember to scold Germany deserve it. Therefore, we must be calm, but first of all we must give up illusions in our minds. Giving up fantasy is the first rule of survival.

6 months ago

I want to press the fast forward button here. I want to see how fast the U.S. economy is recovering or how fast Japan can’t stand it. Yoshihide Suga should be very aggrieved as a tool man. If Japan is finally finished, he may become a national sinner in the history of Japan in the 21st century, even if he was caught. If the US epidemic stabilizes and continues to be its largest consumer market in the world, Japan can continue to export to the US. However, the US has banned Japanese food imports, one step ahead of China. Japan is determined to mix with the United States, at most it will tear its face with China, then tighten its belt and beg with American dad, and then become strangers to the mainland and Southeast Asia. But Japan is currently playing with the United States and I don’t know which day it will go viral. There are two lines here: one line is China’s implementation of economic sanctions. China is also a big export target country for Japan. If China also learns from the United States and bans the entry of Japanese exports, then Japan’s life will be very sour. Just like this, it’s caught between the United States and China. The United States will cheat itself, but it still has to support the United States, because the United States has an army in Japan, and it has to support it if it doesn’t. If you continue to play in this situation, the ghost knows where it will not stand anymore, and Xiao is lucky to have no way to live life before it is fun. The second line is to trigger the parasol tree. Respondent Cao Peng mentioned the state of complete national unity, my country won the first island chain and controlled Japan’s economic and energy lifeline, and Japan will be completely finalized. So now we have to play the Wanchai card, but after playing the Wanchai card, I don’t know if the reunification of China will come sooner. The people who eat melons also want to see what changes will happen to the East Asian landscape if these things happen. Of course, phoenix trees are not likely to appear so easily. Nevertheless, no matter which road it is, the road in Japan will become very interesting in the future. After all, Japan has never won a national gambling game. This time it will be squeezed into a dog between China and the United States, and it will eventually change. What kind of result, I look forward to it.

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