Ask a few questions:

  1. Will 2021 be the first year of mass production of high-level autonomous driving?
  2. Polar Fox Alpha S started at 250,000. If you buy an electric car in 2021, should you choose new forces such as Weilai and Xiaopeng, or Tesla, or a product launched by an established car company such as Polar Fox?
  3. Is it worth spending tens of thousands to buy Huawei HI version?

Let’s sort out the important information of this car first. 1. It is equipped with 3 96-line car-gauge semi-solid lidars, distributed on the front of the car and under the headlights; 2. It is equipped with a Huawei chip with a computing power of up to 800 Tops; 3. The world’s first A mass-produced model equipped with Huawei Hongmeng car operating system and application ecology; 4. The cruising range can reach 708km, which is the highest endurance of a mass-produced car in the world; 5. It supports overcharge technology, charging for 10 minutes, and can travel 197 kilometers. It can charge half of the vehicle’s electricity in 15 minutes. 6. It can realize L2.5 automatic driving assistance and RPA remote sensing parking; 7. Huawei HI basic version supports highway automatic driving, the pre-sale price is 388,900 yuan, and the high-end version supports urban road automatic driving, the pre-sale price is 429,900 yuan ; Let’s not discuss how worrying BAIC is, and just discuss Huawei’s version of the autonomous driving solution ADS. There was a test version of this program on the Internet a few days ago, and it is said that it has reached the L4 level of experience in autonomous driving. About ADS Autonomous Driving Solution Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Solution ADS currently has NCA, ICA and ICA+ modes. Among them, the ICA mode is fully automatic, a bit like the experience of Robotaxi. The ICA mode has a pre-made high-precision map in the car. ICA+ does not have a high-precision map, but the car will automatically learn the map and draw the key points according to the environment in which the car or the other car has driven. In this mode, the car will learn the entire traffic environment and self-composition maps. As long as you have driven, or your neighbors have driven, the car will automatically learn the road conditions and compose the picture in real time. You can understand it as a sweeping robot, after scanning it once, it will remember the real-time map. NCA mode is a fully automatic driving mode, similar to Tesla FSD. The maturity of the ADS autonomous driving solution will be open to four cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen when it is mass-produced at the end of this year. A batch of new cities will be opened approximately every three months. Note that Huawei will open a number of cities every three months, covering first- and second-tier cities across the country. In the online test version of the previous two days, according to Huawei President Su, the algorithm completion rate was only 30% (he said it was not compiled by me). At the same time, he also said that if such a complex software system is like this, don’t talk about software maturity. It will never be 100% mature (well, this idea is worth learning from our traditional manufacturers, don’t always think about perfecting the functions before listing). The ADS scheme is iterated every two or three months, and the iteration is quite large. (Personally, this solution is not perfect at present, but it will continue to be improved by OTA. The version bought in the early stage may only be version 01, as a guinea pig). For the hardware part, Huawei has self-developed millimeter-wave radar and 96-line hybrid solid-state lidar that is indispensable for autonomous driving. As for the camera, it is estimated that no one will question the strength of this veteran company that has been in the field of smartphones for many years. The ECU of the ADS solution uses a specially customized super central supercomputing ADCSC with a minimum starting computing power of 400 TOPS and a high-end computing power of 800 TOPS. It was installed on the test vehicle last year and is the industry’s strongest mass-produced computing power. This hardware supports further upgrades of computing power in the future while maintaining the same size. The key point is that the ECU is only available in the ADS full-stack solution. The cooperation model with BAIC BAIC focuses more on the mechanical system and chassis system of this car, which is relatively traditional. Huawei helped him deal with the computerization of the entire car, including autopilot, cockpit, and back-end cloud. Huawei’s car business plans for Huawei and BAIC not only for this one car, but other models will come out later. At the same time, BAIC is also cooperating with Changan and Guangzhou Automobile, and more models will be released in the second half of next year. At present, Huawei’s autopilot department has more than 2,000 people, of which 1,200 are working on algorithms, and it spends about 1 billion US dollars a year. (Introduced by Huawei President Su) The last suggestion for buying the Huawei version. This car is just to experience the L4 level of autonomous driving. However, in law and regulations, he claims that he is only L2, which means that the autopilot mode is not responsible for the manufacturer. , The driver is responsible for this.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The regular version of Alpha S is similar to the price range of our p7. From the perspective of smart driving and smart cockpit, it is the Alpha s Huawei Hi version that started to use Huawei’s autonomous driving solution (lidar, 5mm wave radar including 400t computing power chip) and Huawei smart cockpit (Kirin 990A and Hongmeng Ecosystem) . According to the observation of the configuration, the normal version of Alpha S’s self-driving solution and cockpit intelligence have nothing to do with Huawei. It uses Bosch’s solution. Like other Polar Fox models, it uses Bosch’s latest third-generation 2 million ultra-high pixel camera and The fifth-generation radar. You cannot directly observe the price of Huawei’s hi version and the basic version to get the price of Huawei’s solution, because the hi version should be different from the normal version on the battery and electric drive. The hi version is a 50% fast charge in 15 minutes, while the normal version takes more than half an hour. The hi version does not mention battery capacity and battery life? This is quite confusing, I really want to know if the 400w chip plus the sensor equipment on the car will affect the battery life. In addition, if you use the Huawei solution, you don’t need the Bosch Family Barrel, so the Bosch Family Barrel’s money has to be removed. It can be observed that the software of Huawei’s L3* high-end autonomous driving solution adds money, that is, the high-end hi version minus the basic price of the hi version, which is about 40,000 yuan. The basic version of the hi version has all the hardware, the only difference is the high-end software. The software function of the basic version of the hi version is about the same as our ngp, which is the navigation assistance of the highway. It has up and down ramps and automatically selects the best lane on the highway. Wait for L2.999 function. The answer to the main question is: 2021 will not be the first year of high-end autonomous driving. According to my irresponsible estimate, 2022 will be the first year of Huawei’s high-end autonomous driving, Tesla fsd ​​beta, and our company’s xpilot4.0. Polar Fox Alpha S is also very cost-effective. In the era of new energy vehicles, manufacturers like to show their parameters and fight for strength, but it is still recommended to experience the store. After all, what you can experience in the end is the most suitable for you. It’s the same thing as buying a mobile phone/headphone. The data party may be more suitable for buying pure electronic hardware such as graphics cards/cpu. Spend tens of thousands more to buy the hi version, and I suggest buying a high-end driver if you buy it. Otherwise, there are so many lidar, radar, 400t hardware, so much waste, hahaha, I feel distressed when I look at it. At present, Huawei has only released a 7-minute video. It is recommended to learn about the actual delivery date of the software and the actual road test performance before starting. However, from the current 7-minute video, ta is the strongest self-driving mass-produced car (assuming that it can be bought right now, And Tesla is still in beta status). As for the 429,900 people feel the value of high-end driving in urban areas, from the hardware, this set of guesses that I am not responsible for costs 80,000, how can the software be worth 30,000, plus the 3.5s acceleration and four-wheel drive of the hi version , 15min fast charge, I think it is worth it. Finally, there is a reminder that when using all the autopilot functions, please remember that all current driving responsibilities are still borne by the driver alone, and there are many edge scenes on the real road that the system cannot cope with, so you must be vigilant. , Don’t test the capabilities of the system. It’s okay to experience the autopilot function. Safe driving is the first.

7 months ago

How much it sells has its rationality. In particular, the release time is selected after extremely krypton, indicating that the price has been adjusted as far as possible. Whether consumers buy it or not is another matter. But this conference was a failure. The conference is over, I only know the name and price of the model, (the mileage is in the name, but even the price of this model does not have a complete lens). Other battery capacity, in-car configuration, wheel size, intelligent driving configuration, chassis configuration, whether front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, etc. None at all. It’s equivalent to a mobile phone conference. After the release, it didn’t even say the screen size.

7 months ago

Magna is okay, Huawei is okay, and BAIC’s problem is so big. . I know a few people who came out of BAIC, and they don’t have a good word for BAIC. So why are there so many people from BAIC? Because BAIC is one of the few companies in Beijing that can solve the hukou problem of a large number of graduates. . . I think that since Huawei wants to build the role of a T0.5 supplier, it must have undergone careful research and repeated discussions before deciding on this strategy. Keep watching and see what is going on with Huawei and Changan.

7 months ago

One word of advice, for now, don’t spend money on autopilot when buying a car. It is best not to touch any of them. The entire autonomous driving engineering technology itself is not yet mature. At present, everyone is still in the development stage, especially in the complex road conditions in China, there are still a lot of problems that have not been resolved. Today’s autonomous driving and 5G are a type of thing-when the technology is barely usable, put it on the market, harvest R&D funding to achieve a virtuous circle, and promote the iterative improvement of technology. (Of course, 5G is more a matter of application scenarios, and autonomous driving is a matter of technological maturity) However, 5G mobile phones are not available for spending money at most, and autonomous driving is closely related to life. For autonomous driving, the importance of iterating on the market in advance is extremely prominent. In autonomous driving, machine learning algorithms account for a large proportion. This algorithm itself is almost all data-driven, throwing in huge data containing a variety of rich scenarios, and then continuously optimizing the model. Where does this data come from? The scale of the dedicated road test is always small. To obtain more comprehensive data, it must be put into daily use and collect a large number of users’ daily driving data, especially data before and after the accident. So you will see that Tesla continues to have various accidents, because the characteristics of machine learning algorithms determine that model optimization cannot be achieved overnight. And every time an accident occurs, Tesla can obtain a copy of the accident data to further optimize its own control model. Does this gameplay look a bit wrong? This is essentially treating all users as guinea pigs. Tesla continues to have various accidents, so can Huawei do better? From the level of algorithm principle, it is determined that this is impossible. Failure to enter the market means that there is no collection of huge daily data and accident records to optimize the model. It is impossible to achieve a sufficient safety factor by relying on only a little bit of laboratory data. The users who purchased in the early stage are bound to become the first batch of guinea pigs, and use accidents to help automakers optimize their own models. So, unless you don’t need money and just want to buy it for fun in your own yard, you must not touch autonomous driving now. Otherwise, you will probably make an “indelible” early contribution to consumers who will use truly reliable autonomous driving in the future. Things like 5G can’t be used at most, but autonomous driving is closely related to your wealth and life.

7 months ago

Many people said before that Huawei does not build a car document with a three-year validity period: it is because Huawei’s technology is very strong and it has a Hi mark, but you can’t stand the cooperating car company. These 80,000 options are similar to Tesla’s fsd. Autonomous driving in urban areas should not be completely full (interview with car BU on Weibo), and at least the responsibility must lie with the car owner. And for autonomous driving, Tesla owners have very few options. After the election, how many people will buy it for BAIC? Why don’t others wait for Xiaopeng or Wei to come? Although Huawei wants to be a supplier similar to Bosch China, its high-end brand image has special value in the minds of many Chinese due to its achievements in communications and mobile phones, as well as the impact of the Sino-US trade war. A few days ago, BAIC posted a video of autonomous driving, and it was directly searched on Weibo, and the stock price rose at a limit. Therefore, in the future, Huawei inside will use Huawei’s cooperation to market the traffic, but to be honest, many veteran car companies in China are too slack and may ruin the Hi brand in vain. Even if Huawei’s autopilot system supplies are good, if the cooperating manufacturers design and position the hips, and continue to consume Hi brand value under the sign of Huawei’s cooperation, Huawei will end up personally when it can’t stand it. This day should not be too far away.

7 months ago

Huawei’s autonomous driving solution is very amazing from the video effect. It can basically be said to subvert the audience’s imagination of other competitors’ autonomous driving solutions at this stage. And the pricing of Alpha S equipped with Huawei’s autonomous driving solution is also very amazing, subverting the audience’s imagination of the pricing of Huawei’s complete set of autonomous driving solutions. This subversion in pricing perception actually comes from Alpha S’s strange product strategy. Generally speaking, each autopilot kit is provided as an optional package, which means that no matter what type of endurance configuration you choose, you can select the autopilot kit before ending the configuration. This time, Jihu launched a separate model equipped with the HI version, and the detailed parameters announced were very few. Of course, you can say that this approach is to highlight the uniqueness of the HI version, and at the same time re-emphasize the power of Huawei’s autonomous driving solution. However, in general, I still have one. The HI version and the other versions are essentially two cars, but they look the same and have the same name. And if you want to avoid this feeling, I think either you need to design a new model for the HI version alone, or release it at a different time period. In addition, according to the current practice of simultaneously publishing and putting both the HI version and the normal version on the same leaflet, it will give me the illusion that Huawei’s autonomous driving solution is priced at nearly 140,000 (from HI basics). The price difference between the 525S version and the 525S version), and then there will be a kind of Huawei’s plan, although it is strong, but it is too expensive to sell. In any case, the first car equipped with Huawei’s autonomous driving solution was officially announced. What I am more curious about now is whether other cars equipped with the HI scheme will be more expensive than the Alpha S in the future, or whether there are cheaper options. In short, I still hope that Alpha S will not be the lower limit of the price of the HI program~

7 months ago

1. Will 2021 be the first year of mass production of high-level autonomous driving? If the high-level is talking about L4 and L5, L4 passenger cars are unlikely, but commercial vehicles are a little bit possible. There is no hope in L5 for ten years. 2. Polar Fox Alpha S started at 250,000. If you buy an electric car in 2021, should you choose new forces such as Weilai and Xiaopeng, or Tesla, or a product launched by an established car company such as Polar Fox? Everyone has different preferences, so I suggest you watch and compare. If it is limited to the field of autonomous driving, I personally feel that Xiaopengwei in China is more reliable than Tesla and BAIC. 3. Is it worth spending tens of thousands to buy Huawei HI version? Whether it is worthwhile to differ, the more people who understand the current status of autonomous driving technology, the less dare to use the new function. The new function will inevitably have many corner cases and false triggers. I personally think that ACC, AEB, TJA and lighting lane change assist are basically enough at this stage. Of course, those who like to experience new features can go to the Huawei HI version. Like Tesla owners, they are obliged to debug the system human flesh and it is also considered to be automatic. Contributed to the development of driving technology.

7 months ago

1. No, because the demand is not high, and the car hasn’t been created yet, it’s easy to get eggs when the steps are too big; 2. No, I don’t want to buy it anyway, this car is worth 15w, who will give it Is your courage so expensive? How many of them are not for Huawei? 3. It’s not worth it. Just as the first point, the demand is not big, so let’s talk about it when the cost drops. I’m very curious about this price, who are you going to sell to? If the version with Huawei is placed in the 20-30w range, I think it is more reasonable.

7 months ago

The price of the high-performance four-wheel drive model of BAIC’s basic model is 340,000, and the HI version is also a fully upgraded version of the four-wheel drive motor power vehicle system radar system charging system automatic driving system and the price is only increased by 40,000. Some people think Is the HI version expensive? Compared to the basic model of BAIC, it can be said that it is not expensive at all, but the basic price of BAIC is too high to make the total price of the HI version too high.

7 months ago

Now when the media is giving a presentation, their hands are off the steering wheel, waiting to take over at any time. But this violates current traffic laws. When driving a Huawei inside model, users still need to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times, unless there are changes in regulations. Another problem is that if driven by such advanced autonomous driving technology, although the driver is holding his hands, he may not fully control the vehicle but trust the machine. What if an accident happens at this time? Is the responsibility a human driver or a machine? After Huawei’s explosive test video was released, there were surprises and doubts. If it is Zeekr 001 + Huawei Inside, it must be bought.

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