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The cows, ghosts, and snakes that have been defeated in the 60 years since the New Culture Movement have all been restored. Don’t tell me to revive traditional culture. I think it is just driving backwards and picking up feudal ethics to eat people. In the new era, Chinese young people should strive to look forward and live with values ​​that are in line with contemporary and future productivity development. Of course, you must honor your parents, but this kind of filial piety is a kind of heartfelt emotion based on the equality of personality and respect, rather than specifically in the ritual of kneeling and worship-this kind of feudal etiquette that symbolizes submission and insult. Instead of praising the material and spiritual rewards for raising the elderly, the filial piety to the parents is transformed into bowing. I think this is putting the cart before the horse. Another point is that not all parents are worthy of filial piety. Some parents save money and use day and night hard work to raise children and educate their children, while others have been patriarchal since childhood and wanted to sell their daughters for a good price. They didn’t plan to raise them well. Some even beat and scolded them. Discouraged Domestic Violence-Such parents, even if they use a method more in line with the requirements of the times, are not worthy of filial piety. I don’t know whether the school has party members or not, if they can successfully hold such a worship service, the teacher who organizes such feudal activities should be suspended from office. The incident can also become news, indicating that a large number of netizens are sober. When did kneel worship become commonplace, September 28 became Teacher’s Day, and the compulsory education of elementary and middle schools taught the four books and five classics. That was really the blood of the martyrs. I didn’t expect this casual text to become like this. Simply respond to some questions in the comment area: I am not opposed to Hanfu, and the full text does not mention Hanfu. Some people think of Hanfu for no reason when they see the criticism of feudal etiquette. Both Hanfu and Chinese tunic suits can be worn, but kneeling will not work. Because Hanfu doesn’t have many colors of submission, inequality, and humiliation. Some people say that parents who are affected by physical hair and skin, what’s wrong with kneeling parents? If you are willing to kneel you go to kneel, don’t represent “we” and let everyone kneel with you. In particular, it is intolerable for public schools that cultivate communist successors to take the lead in promoting decadent feudal ideas and views of respect and inferiority. I believe that parents who truly love their children and care about their children’s growth will not have such pedantic and outdated requirements. Some people say that bowing down is my traditional Chinese culture, and the Japanese even bow when they say hello. Then please set an example to carry forward, kneel when you meet the boss, kneel when you meet the teacher, and kneel when you meet the three aunts and six aunts. When you see leaders at all levels inspecting, you have to kneel down quickly—just like the ancients. Since it is purely a kind of etiquette, there is no humiliation. As for opposing the Four Books and Five Classics, and opposing Confucian ethics, some people hurt the history and culture of the Han nation. “At least it’s our own monster, isn’t it?” Who are “we”? Some of our Han people possess the means of production and have a wealth of trillions of dollars in wealth, and some people make cattle and horses for others to earn a thousand per month: So do you say that excellent traditional culture serves the superior or confines the inferior to others? Benevolence, justice, etiquette, wisdom and trust are unique to Confucianism, and the core values ​​of socialism are also mentioned. I think it is more in line with the status quo of today’s China than what Old Master Confucius said. Talented people come out from generation to generation, and culture must constantly adapt to new development requirements. There is no need to hold on to the ancestral family law and dare not change.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The question of the form of Mitzvah I have always felt that if you want to do something like Mitzvah, you can do it well. It is purely Chinese or purely Western, but it does not work well. Even the basic “body is upright and the colors are all” are done. No (the clothes will definitely get wet and soiled in such a heavy rain environment), then it might as well not do it. The reason why a mortal is a human is also due to etiquette. The beginning of etiquette and righteousness lies in correcting the body, aligning the colors, and smoothing the words. The body is upright, the colors are uniform, the speech is smooth, and then the courtesy and justice are prepared. The ruler and ministers, father and son, and elders and children. The emperor and the minister are upright, the father and the son are close, and then the courtesy and righteousness stand. Therefore, the crown is followed by the preparation, and the preparation is followed by the body, the color is uniform, and the speech is smooth. Therefore, it is said: The ceremonial ceremony is also the beginning of the ceremony. It is the crown of the ancient holy king. ——”Book of Rites·Guan Yi”

7 months ago

Being in Nanning, I have to say that some school leaders in some schools in our city are really top-notch in driving history. The second is to give him cold reception or scolding all day long, and even to beat him, making him flinch, like a slave and a puppet, but his parents are called “obedient”, and they think they are the success of education, and wait until he is released outside. Come, like a bird temporarily out of the cage, he will never scream or jump. At last there are painting books printed for children in China. The protagonist in the painting is naturally children. However, the characters in the paintings are probably hooked if they are not violent and stubborn, or even hooligans and excessively mischievous urchins. The so-called “good boy” with a shrugged back, low eyebrows pleasing to the eye, and a rigid face. [1] All the core values ​​of my country’s socialism, freedom, equality, justice, and legal equality are among them. Let me ask the event planner, what is the status of equality in your event? Chinese children, as long as they are born, whether they are good or not, as long as there are many, no matter what they are. The person who gave birth to him does not bear the responsibility of teaching him. Although the phrase “population is huge”, you can close your eyes and be conceited, but these many people are only tossed in the dust. When they were young, they didn’t treat him as a human being. [2] When Lu Xun wrote these words, he was bound to refute the rationality of “Guoxue” and “cultivating” people from the perspective of family education. But he didn’t expect it, but within a hundred years, many things that parents spurned for were picked up by the school! Confucianism has thousands of knowledge, moral values: benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith; code of conduct: gentle, good, respectful, frugal, and lethargic. It’s better for you, learn to learn, and learn to “kneel”. Therefore, Confucianism has been criticized, and I am not surprised. No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. [3] We have no time to pay attention to who caused the avalanche, but please remember who the heaviest snowflakes are. Children can be admired. He often thinks of the realm above the stars and the moon, the situation under the ground, the usefulness of flowers, and the words of insects; he wants to fly into the sky, he wants to sneak into the ant den… so books for children It must be very careful, and it is very difficult to do. That is to say, these two small books, “Looking at Pictures and Literacy”, cover everything from astronomy, geography, personnel, and material conditions. In fact, if it weren’t for a painter who had some practical knowledge from the universe to the flies, it would be difficult for him to do the job. However, we have forgotten how we were when we were children, and treated them as stupid talents, and ignored them. Even if the so-called education has to be given because of the trend of the times, I think it is enough to teach as long as you pay for the stupid. So when they grow up, they really become stupid, just like us. [4] Stop letting idiots teach, Qiu Ligao! It seems that some people still don’t know how much “kneeling” is. There are so many men with long hair on the street, has anyone ever seen them being dragged to cut their hair? What are bad habits and what are not bad habits, I believe everyone has their own measures. Kneel down, speak lightly. But when the legs go down, are these parents happy? Some people are kind, full of benevolence and morality, and don’t talk about the insult to kneel down. The floor just looked clean, but when someone really wanted to kneel down, his face immediately became muddy.

7 months ago

Seeing this situation, I couldn’t help but want to shout out the words Mr. Lu Xun wrote in “A Madman’s Diary”: Save the children!
Children receive modern education in order to have independent personalities, sound hearts, complete dignity, and grow up healthy in the sun, not to absorb the dregs of the past tense, put on the yoke of obedience, and kneel down in a show-like collective.

7 months ago

The inevitable result of “being out of courtesy and seeking the wild”. My courtesy is gone, nothingness. It is inevitable that everyone will go to the people to make all kinds of messy rituals. Some customs are in line with the spirit of etiquette and can be adopted, and some customs are not in conformity with the spirit of etiquette, which is bad customs. But because the ceremony is gone, the spirit of the ceremony disappears, so some people take the vulgarity as the gift. The fundamental problem in those places is that one’s own courtesy is gone, everyone really needs courtesy, and some people take bad customs as courtesy regardless of good or bad. But some people deliberately pointed the finger at the ceremony. Our current problem is not to criticize a ritual that has disappeared, and it is not like some people with ulterior motives that “referring to a deer as a horse” and forcefully calling it a ritual. Rather, it needs to reformulate the present ceremony like Confucius. Gifts are actually an objective need of society. Without Confucius, there are other things. Every country and every culture has its own etiquette. It’s normal. However, if a society does not have a standard of etiquette and does not make rituals, then demons will dance wildly. Just as the use of currency is an objective demand of everyone, but if there is no unified currency, there will be various currencies with different weights and values, and the market will be chaotic.

7 months ago

I don’t discuss the issue of Hanfu, I just said that I bowed down to worship, and there were people who defended this. We have been anti-feudal for 110 years! Is it the opposite? Some people say that kneeling to worship is an expression of children’s love for their parents. I? ? ? I love my parents very much, but I don’t want to kneel at all, unless I make a mistake. Do parents want their children to kneel again? Do so many ways of expressing love have to use this almost humble way? Think about it, the son kneels to the father, the minister knees to the emperor, the slave knees to the master, hierarchical order, and feudal dross comes from this. It’s unreasonable! Others say that bowing to worship is a traditional Chinese culture and a Confucian classic. I? ? Is there really someone who doesn’t even know the most basic dialectics of one-division into two? Is it not clear what is the dregs in traditional culture and what is the essence? Three guiding principles, five constants, three following four, or traditional culture. After so many years of learning Lu Xun’s texts, did you become like this? Sorrow, sorrow, great sorrow! What a shame! Kneeling to worship makes me feel that the blood of revolutionary martyrs is really in vain! The scary thing is not that this school implements kneeling, but that so many people on the Internet support kneeling and they are really shameless, ridiculous and sad!

7 months ago

Okay, let’s all go away. I asked my classmates in May 3rd. This is another typical public opinion incident caused by asymmetric information. I am an ordinary senior high school student in a certain goose next door. Our school also held a coming-of-age ceremony before. I think the coming-of-age ceremony is a sign of 18 years old for us, symbolizing responsibility and responsibility, and it is a very ritual activity. We can choose to wear suits or other clothes we like. Of course, many students wear Hanfu. I don’t have any strange feelings. It looks pretty. Although it’s really not good to force students to wear Hanfu in May 3rd and not give students the right to choose, who dares to say that there is no unspeakable plan in their school? At least everyone had a good time, this activity has meaning, that’s enough. There are also some answers that it is mandatory to wear Hanfu in minority areas. It will not be in 2021. Some people think that Guangxi people sing folk songs and wear Zhuang costumes every day, right? There is no difference between our lives and everyone. Please do not use this to criticize the restoration of feudal ethics. This is simply a punch in the void, thank you.

7 months ago

There is nothing to look at, and you don’t need a long discussion, you can summarize it in one sentence. In the process of building a social system, once the current institutional form and management capabilities do not match the development speed and complexity of development, the most common method is to incite extreme emotions. The more common forms of achieving this goal are-history, ideology, gender, race, traditional culture, etc. The logic behind this is to twist the systemic contradictions into contradictory contradictions within the group, or fabricate contradictions out of thin air and resolve them. This contradiction (The Empire Strikes Back Directly Calls the Expert). So what is there to discuss? No wonder. This kind of thing will happen today, and it will happen tomorrow. Because the pace of social development will never stop, and the system and order will always lag behind development.

7 months ago

Basically, seeing the “Hanfu Collective Maturity Ceremony”, it is almost no surprise that there are moths-under the guise of Hanfu, the clothes are actually studio costumes of some demons dancing; under the guise of etiquette, they are actually playing Taiwan pseudo-reading. The practice of kneeling and washing feet, crying and crying, as a disciple of the pseudo-guoxue filial piety, is not a traditional ceremonial ceremony at all. The summary is a few rituals, a few clothes, a few things to do, and a few things to play after finishing. The result of the common scenes of “Hanfu collective coming-of-age ceremony” in various places is-low-end supporter: Hanfu is really awesome, Chinese traditional etiquette is really awesome, low-end opponent: Hanfu grass mud horse Guoxue grass mud horse, low-end opponents: this The parents of the students who are still on the line don’t have any comments. You are squeaky and crooked, and the low-end opposes the opponents: This Nima feudal ethics persists and poisons the students. Is this much more concerned? We need to look deeper. This phenomenon actually hides another ghost. Basically, there are either a few believers of the pseudo-Guoxue within the organizer, or they have been promoted. As for how to treat it, it is not how to treat it. It should be considered. How to resist, ban, and deal with Taiwan’s pseudo-reading and pseudo-guoxue filial piety disciples, and Taiwan’s pseudo-reading and pseudo-guoxue filial piety disciples in the education system. I have been in contact with Hanfu for just fifteen years. For a long time, the guise of Hanfu has been the fat of various demons. My ten answers and eight scolding fairy costume merchants are just the demons of money, and there is another demonic. , That is, the kind of filial piety disciples in Taiwan’s pseudo-reading scriptures and pseudo-national studies mentioned above. The ghost circles are often people who don’t know much about national studies themselves. They learn business routines for a few months in certain pheasant training classes, and then come. I run various Chinese classics reading classes. The layman looks very good and actually has no teachers. As long as he can read the words, he takes the children to read a few scriptures along with the tapes. The disciples read the Four Trainings and so on, and then form a circle. All kinds of commercials here touted all kinds of masters. Their collective activities are basically a routine. Parents and students sit up in rows, either washing their feet or bowing down, or father, son, mother and daughter cry in a ball. And there will be an organization whose name seems very awesome at first glance, or under the banner of traditional culture or Guoxue, some people who want to make themselves a cultural name will also join in, and Hanfu, Guoxue, and traditional culture will also be added. This is a shield for this group of people, as well as the back-to-back man. The first time I saw that kind of people was a show in the early years when the local Hanfu club cooperated with a local organization of this kind. I ran away. At first I thought the other party was another Hanfu club, but I saw them. I immediately found out that it’s not the same person. I’ve seen too many colleagues in the Hanfu Club. They either waved hello, bowed their hands or said hello from time to time. They were different. They hugged their stomachs as soon as they met, and then bowed 90°. The appearance is also completely different. The Hanfu Club here is a group of young people wearing Hanfu. The young people can do whatever they want, while the people over there are people who seem to be acting in general, so you can see obvious play in a venue. Two groups of less than one piece. Later, I saw the news of that organization again that their female Durban was banned from the news.

7 months ago

Shockingly, educational institutions blatantly violated the principle of secularization and became a platform for feudal dross. Are we cultivating the successors of the proletariat, or are we cultivating the successors of nationalism? Costumes are newly invented, and etiquette is imaginary, but the dregs of the monarchs, fathers and sons are conveyed completely. The problem is not whether the Han nationality or the Zhuang nationality wears Han clothes, but the school, which is supposed to pass on secular values and cultivate the succession of the proletariat, openly engages in this set of disgusting things. Is there someone behind this as a protective umbrella? De-radicalization has a long way to go.

7 months ago

“Book of Rites · King System”: Six rituals are repaired to conserve people’s character. Six ceremonies: crown, faint, funeral, sacrifice, township, meet. Nanning Middle School should hold the crown ceremony in the six ceremonies. Then, I checked some related information. The crown ceremony was very important in ancient China. It means that a man is an adult and can be married, and he will be an adult of the clan ever since. Can participate in various activities. For example, the well-known Qin Shihuang, in 238 BC, Qin Wangzheng held a crown ceremony at the Qinian Palace in Yongcheng. After the ceremony was held, Laiyu could not sit still and rebelled directly, because at this time Yingzheng was no longer a child, but an adult, and he was qualified to control the affairs of this country. In ancient times, the crown ritual was very important to every Chinese. This traditional culture is worthy of our inheritance and development. At the same time, I can tell you very seriously: the focal point of the crown ritual from the Zhou Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty It is “adult”, not filial piety. At the same time, in ancient times, the guests invited for the crown ceremony were very important. Most of them were highly respected or talented people within the family. The crown ceremony involved the continued development of a family and was a very personal matter. In the Qing Dynasty, the Han nationality bid farewell to the crowning ceremony that had lasted for thousands of years since the day of saluting was the time when the hair was shaved. This can also explain why I am a staunch anti-Qing activist, and the barbarians who ruined my Chinese clothes deserve to be frustrated. Personally, if you want to criticize something, you must at least understand what it is. As for the “Nanning Wuxiang No. 3 High School Adult Ceremony Wearing Han Clothes, Kneeling to Their Parents in the Rain”, there are too many slots. 1. The coming-of-age ceremony is not a bad thing for young people in any country, at least it can train young people. The sense of responsibility tells him that he is an adult and needs to bear corresponding responsibilities and obligations. 2. It is best not to make the coming-of-age ceremony in a collective form. This is very nondescript. As mentioned earlier, the ceremony is a very personal matter. Of course, you are Qin Shihuang, which is another matter. 3. With the progress of society, the form of the ceremony or coming-of-age ceremony is no longer important. The important thing is to let the young person know that he is already an “adult” and that he is not a child. Even if his thoughts and thoughts are immature, they are worth it. To be respected and understood. 4. To be a parent, in the crown ceremony, what you need is no longer for your children to kneel down in front of you and crawl to listen to your preaching, but for your children to stand up and tell you that he is an adult just like you. With the fish jumping, the sky is high and the birds fly.” Now, this is a solemn and happy thing. As for me, when my son is 18 years old, I will give him a personal crown gift and tell him that from today, you will be an adult. By the way, don’t look at the “Awakening Age”, you will feel that feudal etiquette is dregs. The new culture movement is not essentially replacing the old culture, but taking the essence and removing the dross from the traditional Chinese culture. As far as etiquette is concerned, the dross is the form, and its ideological core is worthy of our inheritance and development. The greetings in “Rituals and Shiguan Ceremony”, please read it, “Abandon your young aspirations, and you will become virtue.” “, “Respect your prestige, Shushende”, “Brothers are present, to become Juede” translates as: children, have grown up, can’t be naive in thinking, and should look at problems rationally like adults , Don’t dress up, don’t dress up too badly. Be a mature and dignified person, help each other with brothers, and make progress together. Excuse me, which sentence is wrong?

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