I couldn’t find the admission ticket when I checked the score, and I received a text message when I was in a hurry. It was originally estimated that both sets would be 28.5 or have a full score, and the result was 30 double kills. The answer I remembered at that time was 776876. I didn’t have many problems with the online answer options, but I really panicked when I found that the number was not right. I wondered if I had painted the wrong card countless times. 30 is actually expected, but to be honest, I regret it a bit. Because the school really wasted too much time on listening. From one set a day to two sets a day, and then four sets a day, six sets or more. I listened to class in the morning and listened to the evening. I listened to nearly 20 sets a day before the listening test. Even the card points were scanned for admission on the day of the test and before the test. Still listening… Horror is real horror. It’s vomiting alive. When I was in the third year of high school, my mentality really burst because of listening anxiety, especially when I made seven or eight mistakes in Bailang’s set. Later, I heard two or three mistakes in the real exam questions, oh, that’s okay. I did not finish listening to the college entrance examination after I had to finish my listening test. It was inconvenient at school and I didn’t bother to listen. The following are some suggestions for the younger students, don’t waste too much time on this thing, it’s not worth it. The school’s unified listening was played in the morning, and I was very sleepy at six o’clock (I knew it all), and I went to sleep too many times when I couldn’t hold it anymore. I can listen to it honestly for two days seven days a week. I think that if the basics are good, two sets a day or one set will grind my ears every day. It is enough to hear the college entrance examination. Do not entangle the first five questions over and over again, just don’t understand the last one you hear in the blind selection. Memorizing frequently used vocabulary (must be issued by the school), meditating in your heart while listening, and trying your best to repeat it can reduce the chance of distracting. Don’t worry about the answers for too long after each practice, unless you encounter unusual words and phrases and just remember them. Daily practice is to sharpen the ears, the answer is not important. The closest practice question is the real college entrance examination question, Bailang. Bailang speaks faster and has a larger amount of information, which is more difficult than the college entrance examination questions. Don’t be afraid to make too many mistakes, and keep your mind steady. The other exercises are rubbish, don’t listen. This year’s listening to the anchor is indeed a bit caught off guard, if I change the audition next year, it would be nice to adjust the status in time. Listening + reciting retelling silently, you must substitute the context to guess the answer when you encounter questions that are not inaccurate. You can be nervous before the exam, just relax in the exam room. Don’t let the first test affect the second game mentality. I simply slept during the intermission (it was really sleepy, it was too late to play on the phone the day before yesterday, wrong demonstration). Regardless of good or bad, just let go of the things that have passed the test, leaving 720 to be the highlight. See you in June.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Most of the classmates are in the good state of the second test. I made smart changes in order to comply with the six-seven-seven principles. I really regret that mathematics is super scum, English is one of the few relatively excellent subjects, at least I am confident that “yes” I really don’t expect anything else to pass the exam, but I don’t know why I die in English every time I take a big exam. The most proud thing in junior high school is English. In the end, the lack of brain is really a fatal blow. Hope you all point me and I want to die now. I have all my hearts (just kidding, life is priceless) and there is one thing I don’t understand why some people are not as high as they are in the exams, but they are relatively stable when they get to the college entrance exam. Or why some people are very unstable. ?

7 months ago

The lowest score for high school is 22.5. The high-intensity training test started during summer vacation with full score. A few days before noon, in order to practice a few more articles, there is no lunch and mid-term sleep test. The listening comprehension is the same as the whole province. The listening comprehension is the same as last year’s two sets. I didn’t look at the people who sprinted for a few days. [Curious] This is really a joke, but it can’t beat me. I’m going to step on the face of 720 points to earn those points.

7 months ago

I felt that I would get full marks when I posted my answers online, and I was a little looking forward to it. After seeing the results, I made a mistake. Think about it, in the first year of high school and the second year of high school, listening is very poor, 4 start, high school for a period of time to improve, but failed to persist, until two or three days before the test began to panic, began to regret “Why not early I found that my hearing is so poor.” It’s normal now. I am a little envious of seeing 30 per capita on Weibo. I have never reached the state and intensity of practice required by the teacher, so I feel that I am worthy of my own dedication if I make a mistake in listening. Going to study, everyone~

7 months ago

Surprise joy. I was a repeater of the 20th college entrance examination last year. Last year, my listening score was 30. As a result, I failed in the college entrance examination or repeated the exam. In the past six months, I sometimes suspected that I was taking the repeating course. I also collapsed at night and watched my peers enjoy in college. Happy time and I have to go forward under the pressure every day. I said that when I sent it to Zhihu, I felt that my friends might not be able to understand my feelings. The memory of last year is still fresh, and there is a listening test in the class group. It’s not ideal. In the end, they all went to university, nothing. You can gain confidence if you do well in the exam. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t do well in the exam. Keep a good attitude and cheer together (ง •̀_•́)ง

7 months ago

Uh… I felt like I didn’t get the test well when I came out of the exam room. After all, for a junior high school student, I just want to get too many points in my other subjects because of my English scores. How can I have an advantage in other subjects? Ah, now the results are coming out, as expected (sad) half and half… (own grade) ah, ah, how come there are so many full marks, the big guys caught a group of them, and if you don’t say it, it’s full of tears. , Shandong candidates are not desperate. Brothers, come on! The points lost in English must be captured in other subjects. Come on! Go on college entrance examination!

7 months ago

I never dreamed that my first article had a higher score than the second article… When I painted the answer sheet in the first article, I painted it vertically, and when I reacted it was almost ringing, and I panicked the answer. I changed it back, and I made the answer sheet very black (I think it was a problem with the eraser, the more I rubbed it, the darker I was in the college entrance examination hall), I thought the first one was about to be finished, so get ready After listening to the second chapter, I was distracted. Although the second chapter is obviously simpler than the first one, I still circled two or three uncertain questions. After the results came out, I found that the first one was higher than the second, and I was stupid.

7 months ago

When I finished the exam, my classmates all said it was difficult. My first one was really dazed. The exam room was also very cold. I caught a cold immediately after the exam. I did not practice less before the test. In order to practice ears before the test, almost all of my listening errors were within two errors. I woke up in the morning of the test and listened to a set specifically to get used to the test, and I went to the test center after I got the answers deliberately. As a result, the sound in the examination room really stunned me. The seats are in the last row of the examination room. The man’s voice is still clear, and I really don’t understand the first article of the woman. The highest score is 24, which is the lowest around. It can also add up to 110+ at the end of this time. The classmates said that they couldn’t close the gap, but they were really sad ≥﹏≤. Space is all about show results. I feel really inferior. I am embarrassed to say that the college entrance examination is going to 211…

7 months ago

Basically it counts down in our school. The answer was correct on the day of the exam. Although looking at the large-scale double fullness of the space and 28.5, I have mixed feelings, but after thinking about it, it is in line with my own level, and I have not passed all the exams. The so-called mental imbalance is just because of the gloomy psychology of getting full marks for some classmates who are not as good as their usual. 4.5 points are more, say less, and on average, it is only 0.8 points for more than one. After reading around and answering, I found some students who also did not perform well. What I want to say is that I have friends who have a final diagnosis (not including listening) test 600+, but they still do not have a full score in listening, but tell the truth, what can this open? What about the gap? As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is just a matter of 0.8 points for a koduo, so there is no need to complain about yourself, so that you feel that 211985 is hopeless. Frustration in listening may give us more enlightenment for taking the test-the adjustment of mentality, the quality of the test process. Hearing can’t open the gap-there is still 720, not to mention the thirty is not without a point.

7 months ago

Qingdao Jimo, in fact, before finishing the test or even checking the scores, because everyone generally said that it was difficult to get high scores, I also stupidly believed that if I got 25.5, it would be fine. The result was a complete result, and the teacher asked it to be sent to the group. I stepped on a horse and realized that I was a idiot! ! ! ! ! ! I am in a normal class. In our class, I only saw 7.8 scores lower than mine, with a lot of full marks, but I wanted to hit the 211 school. Lord laughed, really. So sad…X﹏X sad want to sleep, want to escape, not in the mood to study.

7 months ago

Before you get the results, let’s know that the big guys spit out this year’s English listening

Can’t give me joy

I thought there would be very few full marks

This makes me happy

Feel like doing it again

After the results

Good guy

30 per capita…

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